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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 12 Recap

JooYoonHyungThe 12th one was the 11th episode’s natural continuation in story-progressing terms as the pieces of the puzzle gradually come together to form a more visible picture with My Beautiful Bride’s best ratings to date, 1.146%. It was also shyly re-introducing the action factor to prepare us of what will follow, the explosion of explosions in the last man standing confrontation that lies ahead. Loan-sharking “business” will be the standing point through which many of our figures will enter the world of the Shadows to silence it once and for all or get devoured by the void it preserves.


Do Hyung’s back at work and he finds out that Jin Gi’s inside the bank director’s office! The introductions weren’t really necessary! The meeting was short-lived but essential for Do Hyung’s progress! Jin Gi wants another loan and the director is quite thoughtful. Do Hyung recalls his previous interactions with Jin Gi and finds out he’s the one he’s been searching for all this time, Redstart.

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Do Hyung calls Yoon Mi and heads towards Jin Gi’s direction as he wants to introduce himself anew now that he knows who he really is. The direct eye contact between the two men was intense and Do Hyung intends to accompany Jin Gi to his car. This silent tension between them keeps lurking and lurking until Jin Gi refers to the tragic rumor that Do Hyung’s fiancée has passed away. Do Hyung could barely hold back his anger and was thankful towards Jin Gi’s condolences.

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He doesn’t intend to let it slide and Do Hyung starts following Jin Gi’s car while he’s in contact with Yoon Mi who gets informed on the car’s course. Inside a parking lot, Do Hyung witnesses Jin Gi alongside Glove, but Yoon Mi doesn’t want him to proceed on his own even though he’d like to exterminate them instantly.


Jin Gi expresses his concern about Do Hyung’s attitude, even though his loved one passed away he can work just fine! It’s been ten years since the Shadows came to life and Jin Gi’s pleased to find out their “efforts” are gradually leading him to the top. Hye Jung doesn’t want to deal with people’s lives anymore and Glove will be in charge of that aspect from now on.

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Yoon Mi is glad that Do Hyung didn’t strike immediately since it would be pointless because they have no palpable proof yet. On top of that, the Shadows must never find out that Joo Young is still alive whereas they should catch them before they find out the truth about Joo Young. Do Hyung lets Yoon Mi know that Tae Gyu and Jin Gi are involved with the bank, but he can’t let her know more before he hasn’t uncovered everything yet. The fact that they know where the Shadows are stationed was very important and Yoon Mi will move on with the investigation factor.


However, they were caught on camera and Jin Gi becomes aware of their moves. Jung Yeon informs Yoon Mi that she managed to recover the file she was searching for and it’s Hye Jung’s file. Right before leaving Yoon Mi gets surrounded by Jin Gi’s cars as an indirect threat that they know what they’ve been doing. Jin Gi calls Hyeong Sik right away and he warns him that Yoon Mi could pass away any time. He wants Hyeong Sik to remove Yoon Mi from the whole investigation and the fact that Hyeong Sik gets enraged doesn’t help.

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Jin Gi’s at president Kang’s place and as expected, he’s eating again! He’s allegoric once again and brings eels and their offspring into comparison with people and their actions, the first ones doesn’t want to show the exact location of their eggs, but the second ones always want to show off about their actions. Jin Gi points out he’ll be as transparent as possible! The bank director eventually agreed to give them another loan, president Kang’s not that pleased with the sum, but it’s better than nothing. Once everything flows as expected Jin Gi will be able to open up his own savings bank and live under his real name, Lee Ki Soo.


Jin Gi meets secretary Kim who’s not that pleased since they are not in direct contact anymore. Secretary Kim thinks that Jin Gi’s ambitions have started prospering because of him and he reminds Jin Gi of the dreadful past. Jin Gi’s thankful, but secretary Kim doesn’t care about words, he wants actions. Secretary Kim would like to have half the amount of Hak Soo’s secret account, but Jin Gi thinks it’s not the right timing since president Kang may find out and both of them will be in lethal trouble. It’s all about patience according to Jin Gi, but secretary Kim wants the money, even if it will come straight from Jin Gi’s account.


Do Hyung meets the bank director who wants him to finalize the next Seryo Construction loan. Do Hyung points out that the papers were falsified and that Seryo Construction is a ghost company without financial statements and accounting papers. The bank director disagrees and thinks that Seryo Construction is a healthy corporation and he’s actually enraged with Do Hyung’s investigation. Even though he tries to convince the bank director it’s pointless.


Do Hyung’s bank colleague becomes aware of Seryo Construction’s murky background and Do Hyung wants to audit Seryo Construction while his friend will keep an eye on the branch manager. They will have to look into Seryo Construction’s accounts and everything must flow secretly without letting anyone else know about it.


Do Hyung arrives at Seryo Construction to find out the company’s headquarters are in Manila! At that point he notices his mother’s assistant and he meets her right away. He wants to know how much involved she is with Seryo Construction, but she faints ignorance. He doesn’t want her to proceed in any way and if she does he will have to stop her on his own.

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The assistance Yoon Mi asked for never arrived and she gets informed that Hyeong Sik had something to do about it and there he is. He wants them to leave this instant from this place and he lets her know that he knew everything about the Shadows due to his investigation. Yoon Mi can’t believe he never told her anything and he warns her that something bad could happen to her if she keeps up in this pace. He simply wants her to comply because he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

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Everything related to the Shadows will be turned over to the homicide team and Yoon Mi isn’t pleased at all. Hyeong Sik’s spending his night with alcohol and Hye Jung arrives. He’s not pleased that Jin Gi doesn’t pick up his calls and lets her know that he will kill him if he touches Yoon Mi. Things have just gotten real!


Jung Yeon doesn’t have Hye Jung’s file anymore since the whole case has been passed over to the homicide team, but Yoon Mi points out that the insurance fraud was on the missing persons team. She wants the file back immediately and there it is.


Do Hyung meets Tae Gyu who refers to the pyramid structure and the loyalty to the ones above. Tae Gyu mentions that he met president Kang once, but he can’t be of great help since he doesn’t know much about were the loaned money went to. Do Hyung wants to know more about the “art” of loan-sharking whereas Tae Gyu wants to find Mi Sook!


Joo Young meets someone named East Gate and her own nickname is S Loan Shark! East Gate wants her to leave behind the loan-sharking field, but she negotiates as she’s willing to pay him taxes. He doesn’t want to comply, all he wants is to get his “customers” back, but Joo Young won’t go down so easily and urges him to stab her since she’s not willing to live and she enforces him to do so taking him by surprise! She managed to earn part of his trust and further negotiations will take place in the future.


Tae Gyu takes Do Hyung to meet someone named Hammer Head who used to be his rival. Hammer Head is actually East Gate, dude, choose one nickname, please! Hammer Head can’t believe Tae Gyu’s still alive and even though Do Hyung took care of his underlings he still wants to cooperate with him and do loan-sharking business by investing in Hammer Head’s “company.” Do Hyung’s well aware that he cooperates with Jeonju, he doesn’t want him to cut ties with Jeonju but he also lets him know that the interest of his investment will be the same as the bank interest. If things get awry Do Hyung will support him.

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Tae Gyu tries to prevent Do Hyung from entering the loan-sharking world, but Do Hyung’s determined to live up to his promise which is no other than destroying the Shadows to get revenge for Joo Young. Hammer Head will be the missing link between Do Hyung and the Shadows and he’s willing to see it to the very end. At that point Do Hyung notices Glove and his underlings and follows them. Glove progresses the people-selling “business” and Do Hyung informs Yoon Mi that he’s after them and she’ll be there soon. Hyeong Sik was eavesdropping once again!


Do Hyung finds Yoon Mi who came alone making Do Hyung worry about her. As soon as she reassures him that she’ll be fine they progress. Hyeong Sik arrives as well. Do Hyung will approach them from behind and Yoon Mi will take the lead on the front. They gather all the missing persons since Yoon Mi appeared and she’s teaching them a lesson by showing them a piece of her grandeur! Do Hyung appears in front of Glove and the rest of his underlings and he takes care of them easily since none of them is a match for him! Hyeong Sik’s timing was perfect to save Glove as Do Hyung escapes.


Yoon Mi appears and he has no other choice but to arrest them. Yoon Mi considers the missing persons case as her own, but Hyeong Sik doesn’t intend to comply as the Shadows are involved. Hyeong Sik receives a phone call from Jin Gi who wants him to let everyone go. He threatens him with a few pictures of Yoon Mi who could be in danger if he doesn’t do the “right” thing and Hyeong Sik causes an accident so that Glove will escape. Yoon Mi rushes to the hospital but Hyeong Sik was already leaving by then and he didn’t want a face to face confrontation.

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Do Hyung meets Yoon Mi who lets him know that these were the lowest part of the Shadows’ pyramid and that Glove escaped. Do Hyung kept wondering why is she always one step behind and they never get caught. The answer is the fact that someone’s leaking the police force’s information just like it happened three years ago when Jin Gi found out Joo Young was the police informant. Do Hyung wants Yoon Mi to take care of the lurking rat before helping him any further.

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Yoon Mi follows Hyeong Sik at the bar where he always meets Hye Jung. She can’t hold back her tears as this goes against her emotional world and she can’t believe the person she trusted and admired all these years is the rat.


Hammer Head is affirmative and he wants to meet Joo Young right away. She’s not alone into this, she has Jin Sook and Jung Hwa by her side as a backup! Glove appears and he’s enraged with Hammer Head while Joo Young’s on her way with Jin Sook’s men. Glove becomes aware that Tae Gyu and Do Hyung were there and leaves as Joo Young and her men were hiding.

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A girl with a bicycle falls on Do Hyung and Glove was waiting in the shadows to stab him with a knife and put an end to him, but a car took care of him as Do Hyung protected the girl. It was Joo Young’s turn to help Do Hyung as she was aware of Glove’s plans.

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Thoughts: The sudden realization that Jin Gi is the one Do Hyung was searching for all this time was tremendous. Even though he had already introduced himself he had to to do so anew in order to deliver the message that he’s actually aware of his real identity and everything he’s done so far.


It was a powerful scene where Jin Gi’s arrogance and faux superiority were shining, but one could easily feel Do Hyung’s blooming rage, all these silents explosions and the restrained temperament of exterminating him with his stare as his fist was shaking impatiently. All this enchained rage wouldn’t let him stand still, it’s something that led him to Jin Gi’s hideout.


Jin Gi noticed that Do Hyung wasn’t his real self, the one mourning for Joo Young’s loss, he must have actually thought that he differentiates his work life from his personal matters as a successful bank account executive. He’s glad that everything progresses as planned loan-wise and he segments the business factor among his most faithful assistants.


Yoon Mi’s insightful thoughts and Do Hyung’s self-restraining mechanism for the higher cause were essential, they can’t do anything to the Shadows without any palpable proof and they have to be careful until the day of revelations arrives. They weren’t the only ones watching, the CCTV footage betrayed their moves and Jin Gi became aware of their presence and possible intentions.


Jin Gi always has a way of pushing away Yoon Mi with her investigation process and a direct threat about her life towards Hyeong Sik always works indirectly for the time being. Jin Gi can’t afford to lose the progress he made throughout the years and if the Seryo Construction plan is successful he will be able to have his own savings bank. He’s pleased, but i can’t say the same thing about secretary Kim who’s left back in the shadow of Jin Gi’s growth. He demands his own share for the help he offered and the relationship between the two men starts crumbling.


As expected, the bank director and Do Hyung’s mother alongside her assistant are not that innocent. The bank director may be after more wealth and power while preserving ghost companies’ plans with loans, but Do Hyung’s mother’s involvement could be Joo Young oriented and if it appears that she was behind the ongoing witch-hunting instead of more money this will be the final blow upon the already distant umbilical cord between mother and son.


Hyeong Sik wants to protect Yoon Mi from the mess he created by informing the Shadows all these years. They didn’t only preserve their status, they emerged stronger and more vicious under new parameters and overambitious figures whose sense of loyalty can easily get questioned when it comes to personal gain. He can’t necessarily explain her the reasons why she should step back, but he tries the most of the minimum he can do to exile her from any further investigation for her own life’s sake.


That’s why he makes strategic moves by transferring the whole investigation process from the missing persons department to the homicide one so that Yoon Mi won’t be able to get involved. He also lets Hye Jung know that he intends to take Jin Gi out of the picture if he dares touch Yoon Mi, such is his love, but such is his darkness as well.


Joo Young’s return under Jin Sook’s wings and with Jung Hwa by her side was pompous. Her relentless temperament and very specific danger unawareness in order to protect Do Hyung at all costs managed to convince Hammer Head to work with her with Jin Sook’s monetary background. Loan-sharking is the intermediate step of approaching the Shadows who are the problem solvers behind the first step of the hierarchy. Do Hyung is well aware of it and he intends to become a part of the “business” so as to be able to reach Jin Gi and president Kang and find all proof necessary.


Yoon Mi and Do Hyung progressed with a mission to capture Glove and get more information, they were close since both of them could handle his underlings and he would never be a proper match for Do Hyung. Hyeong Sik’s timing is always spot on and saved the situation. He had no other choice but arrest each and every one of them since Yoon Mi appeared, but Jin Gi’s threats against Yoon Mi’s life made him cause an accident in order for Glove to escape. There’s no way back for Hyeong Sik, he’s way too much in these murky waters to be able to escape.


Do Hyung urges Yoon Mi to find the rat before helping him any further since it would be an immense obstacle in their investigation. She can’t truly help him if the Shadows are always one step ahead due to the rat’s information leak. Hyeong Sik knows his time is near and he will be exposed as he “works” with emotion over rationality due to Yoon Mi who follows him at the bar where he usually meets Hye Jung.


It’s more than she can bear and her tears prove it, her tears which have a different weight under the sudden realization of everything going against her emotional world. She can’t believe the person she loves, the person she trusted and admired all these years and had his own impact in her police career, is the rat she was trying to uncover.


Glove seeks revenge and i think the bike girl was president Jo’s daughter who was used as bait. However, Joo Young had overheard the conversation between Glove and Hammer Head and she became aware of Jin Gi’s underling’s revenge plan. It was her own turn to save Do Hyung and that’s what she did, just like he always did ever since she entered his life. It’s not payback time, it’s unconditional, but what makes it more magical is the fact that it’s mutual, both of them put their lives on the line for each other. The slow motion car trunk opening never felt more relieving as we all know it awaits for Glove’s body! I’m rather curious about how My Beautiful Bride will progress during this week’s episodes which will prepare us for the swansong week!


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  1. bmore
    August 1, 2015 at 8:22 pm — Reply

    Despite the few hiccups/ott moments (his poor head!) I am loving this show to death. Suspend reality!!!…Do Hyung has a head of steel and can FLY!!! It makes perfect sense to me!

    • August 1, 2015 at 11:30 pm — Reply

      Even though there was slight action on the 11th ep, but more action on the 12th one, i kept loving this drama, its vibes and ambiance are so worship-able! I definitely get what you mean to the extent of feeling guilty for feeling lost during the very first eps XD I’d wish that more people were watching it :/ Lee Si Young’s stare always kills me, i’d give my life for such a stare in real life! Ya, fanboys do exist and they give their lives for their noonas too 😛

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    This will forever remain a cult line, I mean come on.

    I liked this episode, it progressed the stories on many fronts and I can’t wait to find the real motives of some of the characters; it’s getting to the finishing line and it’s gonna get nasty next episodes, bring the action on!

    • August 3, 2015 at 5:34 pm — Reply

      Yush, epic line, badass bride… XD A piece of Do Hyung’s hair! XD I hope that the 13th ep’s subs will come out today, i can’t wait, something tells me the action is gonna be intense and Do Hyung will introduce some new acrobatics! A commenter just mentioned that president Kang could actually be Do Hyung’s stepfather and it feels so right!!

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