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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 11 Recap

DoMiMy Beautiful Bride’s 11th episode may not have appeared as the drama’s most exciting one and it’s the drama’s fault partially. We had gotten used to tremendous amounts of feels, a form of extreme yet well-expressed tension and an intriguing sense of action that were taking My Beautiful Bride to a brand new level of a watching experience. All this wide variety of internal and external explosions were making My Beautiful Bride an ongoing minefield for our eyes only and this sudden tranquility wasn’t that welcome even though it was expected. However, a greater explosion feels near and the 11th episode was more down to earth as it had only one task. It was story-progressing to the fullest as the drama starts paving its ending pathway.


The fire brigade arrives on the spot and they find Do Hyung who’s unconscious. He’s being transferred to the hospital and on his way there he’s in shock as he relives the memories at the factory with the ceiling collapsing upon Joo Young. Nothing changes inside the hospital either, unclear visions of Joo Young are more than alive in his mind.

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Yoon Mi keeps investigating the tunnel case and she tries to find more Glove-oriented information. The pictures she received were more than helpful as she made a more direct connection. She gets informed on Do Hyung’s condition and arrives at the hospital. One of the usual useless cops informs Hyeong Sik who rushes to the hospital to find out Yoon Mi’s already there.

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Joo Young’s brother and Yoon Mi get informed that Joo Young passed away and at that point Do Hyung can’t hold back his tears. President Kang is not pleased to hear the news from Jin Gi who nearly lost a finger as an example of what could happen to him in case he’s lying. Jin Gi informs president Kang that Joo Young was the informant who helped the police force catch Hak Soo three years ago and he points out that he was after her to avenge Hak Soo. Everything president Kang asked Jin Gi to do weren’t accomplished and he orders his underlings to help him meet his creator. Once secretary Kim informed president Kang that Joo Young had passed away during the fire the end for Jin Gi’s torture had arrived. Jin Gi’s been transferred at his office and his shape doesn’t represent his usual darkening grandeur.

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Do Hyung’s mother’s assistant is at the hospital while Joo Young’s brother and his wife are holding her funeral. Yoon Mi’s there as well and she can’t believe what had happened. Inside her car she can’t hold back her tears. She tries to find out whether she used or helped Joo Young back in the days as Joo Young’s words keep echoing. Jung Hwa can’t believe Joo Young has passed away, but Joo Young’s brother reassured her that he recognized the body.

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Jung Yeon delivers the fire incident files to Yoon Mi who considers an autopsy essential. Do Hyung’s mother is by his side at the hospital and he’s been transferred to a VIP room. She gets informed on the funeral details and the whole insurance process. She wants the autopsy warrant to come out after Joo Young’s cremation.


Yoon Mi gets more information on the condition of the body and the fact that her face could not get recognized makes her more thoughtful. The prosecutor moved on with Do Hyung’s mother’s request and Yoon Mi decides to take the situation in her own hands urging her brother to ask for an autopsy. He doesn’t agree and he brings ethical aspects on his dirty table making Yoon Mi ask him if it’s all about the insurance money he received, but he doesn’t comply. The cremation’s taking place with Jung Hwa mourning her friend’s loss and Jin Sook staring from a distance. The world moves on and Joo Young is officially among the deceased and not a missing person anymore.

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Do Hyung’s condition deteriorates and another shock takes place, just like when he was inside the ambulance. Do Hyung eventually wakes up and his mother’s assistant informs him on the details and the fact that he took care of everything concerning the ruckus he caused. Everything’s meaningless except for Joo Young and Do Hyung keeps asking about her and her condition to get informed that she didn’t make it. It was something that shattered Do Hyung’s world and very essence.

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Joo Young’s brother and his wife received enough money to move on by opening their own restaurant! Do Hyung appears and he doesn’t give a damn about everything Joo Young’s brother has to say. All he wants is Joo Young’s belongings and once he gets a hold of them he returns back to the living room which is filled with memories.

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Eclipse enriches the ambiance with its tunes as Do Hyung goes through Joo Young’s belongings. He opens up her purse to witness one of their pictures and he can’t hold back his tears. The picture of the ultrasound with their unborn child was the final blow that made him collapse. Days and nights pass by and Do Hyung’s still lying back on the sofa until he receives a phone call from Tae Gyu.

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They eventually meet and Tae Gyu’s camouflaged since everyone’s searching for him! Tae Gyu thinks for a while that Do Hyung has lost his mind whereas everything has to do with his silent mourning and Joo Young’s loss. Tae Gyu wants to find out if Do Hyung saw Mi Sook inside the factory that day, he understands Do Hyung’s pain but he wants to know what happened to his girlfriend as well. It’s something that makes Do Hyung thoughtful, but he states that he never saw Mi Sook inside the factory and the fact that Tae Gyu hasn’t found Mi Sook makes his flow of thoughts more intense and he leaves right away.

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Do Hyung’s back home and tries to figure out whether the body they found was Mi Sook or Joo Young’s. Yoon Mi leaves flowers on Joo Young’s memorial and it’s Do Hyung’s turn to appear at his loved one’s resting place with due respect. Yoon Mi wants to talk to him and she tries to tell him that Joo Young could actually be alive, but Do Hyung is negative on any further investigation. Yoon Mi can’t comprehend Do Hyung’s sudden change of heart and he lets her know that both of them are being watched, so everything will have to go under the radar without an official investigation.

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The fact that he lost consciousness inside the factory but he was found outdoors points out that Joo Young helped him and that she’s still alive. The fact that everyone believes Joo Young has passed away is to her own benefit since had they known she’s still alive they would had kept searching for her. Do Hyung intends to hunt down the Shadows on after the other and put an end to them once and for all in order for Joo Young to be able to come to the surface as a living person once again.

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Yoon Mi has already given Joo Young’s recorder to Do Hyung. The moment he hears Joo Young’s voice had an emotional impact upon him, but then he notices Jin Gi’s voice. It was all about Jin Gi’s own ambitions and Hak Soo was preventing him from accomplishing his goals. Do Hyung finds Yoon Mi and lets her know that Jin Gi must had known that Joo Young was her informant. Hyeong Sik notices them and pays attention to their conversation. It’s either Yoon Mi or Joo Young who made a mistake and Jin Gi found out everything.

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Hyeong Sik’s not in the mood for anything as he feels the menacing vibes. Of course, it was him who informed Hye Jung about Joo Young being Yoon Mi’s informant after she gave him the money for his mother’s hospital bills. Yoon Mi tries to uncover the rat’s identity and everything starts pointing towards Hyeong Sik’s direction. She met Do Hyung right away and gave him a picture of Glove along with further information. Even if he intends to hunt them down and even though he may commit a crime Yoon Mi intends to stand by his side all the way to the end. Do Hyung promises in Joo Young’s name that everyone who turned her life into hell will be removed from the surface of the earth.

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He meets Tae Gyu and tells him that Glove was the one who took Mi Sook. He wants to know everything lying behind Seryo Construction, including Jin Gi who’s with president Kang and gets ordered to move on with Seryo Construction. Do Hyung tries to find more information through Tae Gyu, but he’s too drunk at the moment and he can’t be of great help to tell the truth. However, he finds out something important, Jin Gi’s not the head of the Shadows.

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Do Hyung promises in front of their portrait that he will be back and moves on with his plan. He meets his bank colleague who he can’t find anything about Seryo Construction. Do Hyung’s back at work and he wants a list of all the companies involved with Seryo Construction. He goes to visit the bank director to find out Jin Gi’s inside the office!

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Thoughts: ‘Tis the time of Do Hyung’s collapse, he’s already been through a lot. The fire at the factory was enough to send him back to the hospital and the shocks he went through were probably due to his inability to be of any help towards Joo Young. His body may had been at the hospital, but his conscious mind in this subconscious condition was overworking itself since it never ceased transmitting and receiving Joo Young oriented information from the surrounding environment.


President Kang assigns tasks to Jin Gi but he’s unable to accomplish them for a wide variety of reasons whether they have to be his personal ambitions or absence of luck. It’s something that made president Kang become more frightening and violent, it nearly cost Jin Gi’s life this time. The more Jin Gi suffers and secretary Kim witnesses it the more direct the moment of their retaliation feels near.


Jin Gi had always been an underling filled an ill-natured sense of ambition and a grandiose inferiority complex. He can’t stand the stares of people looking down on him out of pity or disadvantage. All that matters to him is reaching the top of the underground pyramid so that he will be respected and nobody will ever look down on him. His inferiority complex makes him ultra violent as he’s ready to perform the most abhorrent actions in order to become “someone.” If other people will get to respect him or be afraid of him is of no importance as soon as he will have the upper hand by any means necessary, at all costs.


People who were close to Joo Young were shattered one way or another. We witnessed Yoon Mi’s devastation even at the thought of Joo Young not being among the living anymore, but she never lost her courage and tried to find out whether the body belonged to Joo Young or not. Jung Hwa was breaking apart as well and Jin Sook’s silent presence pointed towards the direction that she was actually caring about Joo Young; probably.


I can’t say the same thing about Joo Young’s shameless brother though, the fact that he received the insurance money to open a restaurant seemed more important than his sister’s loss even though it was his own fault through debts and wrongdoings which tormented her in the first place. Do Hyung’s mother played her cards well in order to close the case once and for all, it’s something that will intensify the ice between her and Do Hyung to a wider and irreparable extent.


Ever since he regained consciousness he was feeling quite lost, he became aware that Joo Young had passed away and he lost his whole world. Every time he found himself in a conversation it didn’t matter to him, he was always losing himself in memories and a shattering sense of distant hope. Inside his living room he was breaking to pieces in front of Joo Young’s belongings and if her burned ID and their picture weren’t enough to dislocate his whole existence, the ultrasound of their unborn baby was the quietus.


“Days and Moons” were passing by as he was laying back on the sofa until Tae Gyu’s phone call brought him back to reality, a reality that had already devoured him. That shattered and distant hope started burning brightly once Tae Gyu asked him if he knows anything about Mi Sook and the belief that Joo Young could actually be alive became stronger. It was Do Hyung’s awakening from this fictional yet devouring reality he found himself in.


Neither Yoon Mi and Do Hyung intend to give up on Joo Young since both of them are aware that she’s alive; somewhere. They’re also aware that they are being watched, especially Yoon Mi. Joo Young put her life on the line to save and protect Do Hyung from the flames and once she made sure he’d survive she had to hide so that everyone would believe she had passed away. It will be better for her now that she won’t be chased by everyone, but it will also be better for Do Hyung who will focus on making this world a place where Joo Young will be able to appear and live anew without fear.


If things must progress, both of them will have to work off the record since there’s a rat in the police force and everything starts pointing towards Hyeong Sik who was involved in this case for years now and he never changed department. Could it be that he needed money for his mother’s condition and then he couldn’t get out of all this mess he found himself in? Nevertheless, if that’s the case his arch desperation doesn’t live up to his actions’ weight.


Yoon Mi and Do Hyung are ready for everything, she will neglect her duties and he will move on with his own plan to clean the surface of the earth from the Shadows so that the sun will shine again over Joo Young as a living person. Yoon Mi put her trust upon Do Hyung and Do Hyung put his trust upon Joo Young’s absence in order to turn it into permanent presence as soon as the storm has passed.


Do Hyung meeting Jin Gi at the bank director’s office will make things more complex, but also easier for him. The 11th episode was the calm among two storms, the one that passed and the forthcoming one which will be fiercer as both men intend to see it to the very end. Do Hyung for his beautiful bride’s well-being, Jin Gi for his own ambitions. Either the Shadows will prevail or the sunlit world will re-embrace life.


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