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Are you spending your summer time well? It has been a really hot summer in Greece and the heat has made me dysfunctional. All I wanna do is lay on the beach and sleep on the water if that makes any sense. But seriously I spent most of the time on the beach or else I wouldn’t be able to afford the degrees and the rest of the time I’m mostly sleeping. I thought summer would be all dramas but it seems like the weather makes it even harder than the time I had exams.

Anyway last week was Orange Marmalade’s last episode and it seems like the drama had to get interesting in the last 3 episodes. I mean really what took them so long? The beginning was just ok, then we got the Joseon era which I enjoyed, but it seemed like a drama got into a different drama and then the last episodes when we got back to the real time and we were given some quality episodes from a romance/fantasy drama.

contains spoilers

The cliches of course happened like Jung Jae Min’s memory loss, but it didn’t seem so off, cause it actually happened because of a reason and it made sense, from medical perspective. That helped the development of the tough romance between him and Baek Ma Ri, which I mostly enjoy in kdramas, because it helps to showcase the emotions. Plus in the last episodes Baek Mari actually became the lead I was hoping for her to be, stronger and more determined, Seol Hyun based on the character change improved her acting.

Since I started with the things I liked from the ending. It was very nice how they didn’t make a fake happily ever after. As I have said in another post before “Orange Marmalade” the webtoon and the drama, didn’t create vampires as supernatural monsters who only exist and torment humanity. Vampires in “Orange Marmalade” symbolize the different people and the outcasts of the community and that was well delivered. At the ending of the drama there is a change, more vampires come out to the open showing people they are not a threat and it seems like a beginning of a new age. Not everyone accepts them and that seems realistic, even in the last minutes a drunken guy wants to stop the performance of the band, a band that got kicked out of the tv program because of the two member’s identity. But because of the other band members acceptance and some people rooting for them, they want to go on living for who they are.

Yonghwa and Sungjae idol vampires

About the acceptance, it seemed to me a bit off, how when Jae Min got back his memories he immediately made up with Ma Ri. There were the scenes when Jae Min helped Ma Ri, even when he didn’t remember her and the school was bullying her for being a vampire. But still Jae Min seemed to be against them like there was not tomorrow. That part seemed somewhat rushed, that is why in my opinion, if the drama had more episodes they could develop the story line of the ending without the time pressuring them.

We could have more scenes between Han Shi Hoo and Jo A ra too. I mean Jo A ra was really annoying in the beginning, but after the joseon era he became more likable and really the romance between her and Shi Hoo had a lot o potential. The chemistry between them was strong and they would make the perfect couple for my second lead syndrome. They hint a possibly relationship in the last episodes but I wanted moreeeeee. They reminded of Nana and Sunwoo couple from Monstar which I loved.

Nana and Sun Woo / Monstar

The acting was ok. Yeon Jin Goo (Jung Jae Min) skills definitely saved the day, I mean since Seol Hyun (Baek Ma Ri) acting is not so strong for a main lead for me, a worse acting male lead could lead to a disaster. Lee Jong Hyun (Han Shi Hoo) was a surprise, his acting was nice and he delivered his character decently. His aura is really strong, he was definitely an impressing bad boy. Gil Eun Hye (Jo A Ra) I haven’t seen her in anything else but I hope I will. She only showed some of her acting since her role was small, but she is for sure pretty especially when they changed the terrible hairstyle, they were giving her in the first episodes.
“Orange Marmalade” was not a waste of time from me but I can’t guarantee someone would like it.

Many people dropped the drama because of its difference with webtoon, but if you take the drama alone it is not terrible at all. I said it before, if they stepped up their game like they did in the last episodes it would have been even better. I would rate this drama with a  7/10 without being too nice. I mean there were other famous dramas, that I found my self struggling watching and this one was definitely not like them.

Did you watch “Orange Marmalade”?

p.s The title of the band ” Orange Marmalade” is really sweet, if you think it’s meaning, of different people being together like when you make marmalade you need both the peeled part and the inside of the orange.

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  1. July 28, 2015 at 5:51 pm — Reply

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  2. July 29, 2015 at 1:25 am — Reply

    I thought I was the only left watching this drama 🙂 It turned out that I liked the Joseon episodes the best even though I was cringing when I first heard about it. It was interesting to learn that Shi Hoo was human back then and how he turned into a vampire. I liked the plot about the human vampire conflict and how they reached a pact that carried to the modern days.The love story between Jae Min and Ma Ri was cute but nothing spectacular. In fact I felt Jae Min’s love was kinda selfish. I was mostly invested in Shi Hoo’s story though it was a bit convenient how they brought him back to life in the present day. I did like the chemistry of the second leads and as usual it was a bit rushed in the end. Overall, it had its moments but definitely lost a lot of fans from the misleading advertising, inconsistent storytelling/pacing and the modern to historical jumps. Oh well, I am glad it didn’t suck and it definitely wasn’t a complete waste of time 🙂

    • July 29, 2015 at 8:57 am — Reply

      I couldn’t say it better myself. Your comment make one nice review and I agree with it ;P Although I was surprised with the Joseon era, I think its the part where most of the viewers dropped the drama, I ended up liking it. It was most intresting than the first epiosdes, but then when they came back to the present the episodes got better, I wish they were like that from the beginning. Like I said “Orange Marmalade” could have had 16 episodes so mny thing wouldn’t be rushed, like our second lead romance^^ I forgot to include the Shi Hoo part, but it made an impression to me. As much as I loved the scene where he dissapears, it was a great scene, I didn’t get how they got him back, like it was not planned from the beginning. Even though it seemed like it would be a bad drama, it wasdefinetly not a waste of time.

  3. July 29, 2015 at 2:42 am — Reply

    I didn’t watch the drama, only because I was afraid it was going to be exactly like the webtoon. Hearing that it’s different kind of makes me want to watch it though. I know this sounds weird, but one of my major problems with the webtoon was that it was too slow and didn’t seem to be going anywhere at most points. The ending also felt rushed.

    I might just have to check this out.

    • July 29, 2015 at 8:51 am — Reply

      I’ve read not all the chapters of the webtoon, but most parts of it. They have kept many things from it, but I think based on that, they made their own drama. I think you should give a try, you wont regret watching it. The first episodes are less strong than the others, but they are only 12, it’s not a waste of time ;P

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  5. ghizuu
    July 30, 2015 at 1:05 pm — Reply

    Yes! Shi Hoo and Jo Ara!!! I really wish we got a lot more of them they were so much more interesting than Jaemin and Mari 🙁 I’m probably one of the few also that continued to watch it all the way to the end and ended up really enjoying it. I personally think I saw or well interpreted the drama a little deeper and different than most would have.
    By the end of the drama I personally thought that the use of ‘vampires’ was more like a metaphor for homosexuality to be viewed across a very conservative and public channel like KBS. Moments like “vam-ming out”,
    being outcasts & that guy screaming in the middle of their performance b/c of his hatred were huge clues to me for interpreting the drama that way. I’m not sure if the writer intentionally did this but it’s definitely extremely clever because if you think about it a few writers and PD’s are starting to give a bit more exposure of homosexuality into dramas but KBS being a public national channel I think they didn’t want to put too much risk so they used the theme of vampires as homosexuality AFTER they decided to drift away from the webtoon. I’m sure they changed up a lot of the script as they went into he sageuk part.
    I also talked to another person on twitter who thought the use of vampires was a metaphor for racism.

    Hanakimi91 did you interpret the drama in any way similar or just saw the drama as it was itself incomparable to the webtoon? I’d like to know your thoughts XD

  6. July 31, 2015 at 12:09 pm — Reply

    By saying “outcasts” I meant all the people who are not accepted in the comunity, including homosexuality racism etc, but I like your theory. In the beginning I couldn’t help but excpect things from the webtoon story, but when I realised it was different, I watched as a drama alone^^ Shi Hoo and Jo ara = LOVE FOR EVER, I wish he had more scenes, what is your twitter?

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