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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 9 Recap

HyungManThe trails of the underworld start gradually coming to the surface and the more our main figures keep searching for Joo Young the more the pieces of the shady puzzle come together one after the other. Do Hyung has found himself in the middle of the storm as he’s surrounded by the Shadows, a useless police force, a corrupted cop, Yoon Mi’s trust and the urge to find Joo Young and put an end to the Shadows once and for all. The ratings of the 9th episode weren’t that strong, 0.690%, but My Beautiful Bride keeps the tension alive! Who needs Batman when Do Hyung’s here?


Do Hyung returns back home and finds out someone had taken care of his clothes. He receives a phone call by Joo Young and he can’t believe he hears her voice again. She’s on a building across the apartment staring at him and the emotional heat rises. He’s willing to go to her right away, but she tries to demotivate him stating that both of them were pretty different since the very beginning.


We go back to the moment Do Hyung wanted to introduce Joo Young to his mother who was negative as she was the one in charge of choosing of the lady by Do Hyung’s side who would fit the family. If he was to get married to a woman then it had to be one from the list his mother had carefully composed.


Another flashback pops up and we get to know how Joo Young got to know Jin Sook who was accompanied by Hye Jung. During the audition Jung Hwa and Joo Young were the ones to get picked by Jin Sook who made Joo Young the central face of the luxurious cabaret.


Joo Young’s regretful for everything and puts all the blame upon herself, but Do Hyung thinks otherwise and another flashback takes place. It was back when Do Hyung’s mother was about to get married again, but Do Hyung wasn’t pleased with her decision. There were feelings Do Hyung had never cherished and these feelings overran him for the first time with Joo Young.

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He was so happy gently lost inside his own bliss and he couldn’t hold back his laughter during a company meeting! The reason behind all this explosive happiness was that he was in love! What makes him miserable isn’t her presence in his life, but her absence. Joo Young tries to change his mind, but it’s not something she can achieve for the depth of his feelings is unfathomable.

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Joo Young states that his face is rough and she wouldn’t like him to feel that way. At that point he becomes aware that she was staring at him all this time and spots her exact location! She can only be apologetic for not being there for him, but Do Hying notices that she’s being chased and urges to run away as he’s rushing to her aid.

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Joo Young tries to escape but she gets trapped. She informs Do Hyung to search towards the garden’s direction and throws away the recorder! Do Hyung runs like a hurricane, but he can’t find them ad calling Joo Young on the phone isn’t helpful! The gatekeeper had lied to him in exchange for some shady money and Joo Young’s once again in Jin Gi’s underling’s hands. In times like these yet another heartrending scream on Do Hyung’s behalf feels essential!

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Jin Gi’s pleased with the sudden turn of events and for one more time he’s cautious and doesn’t reveal any further information to Hye Jung. Yoon Mi goes to visit Jung Hwa and she wants more information about Redstart, but Jung Hwa has already told her everything she knows and makes her aware of his vicious methods. Yoon Mi notices that Redstart isn’t new in the business of the underworld and meets with the rest of the officers. The useless cop informs her that Jin Sook’s traces have disappeared.


Jin Sook’s back home but Joo Young’s nowhere to be found. Yoon Mi, judging from the descriptions, assumes that Joo Young must be with Jin Sook for the time being and she doesn’t invest in further details in order not to reveal the couple’s background. There will be an excessive investigation on all the files concerning the Shadows’ case back from 3 years ago and the whole team’s back to work!


Hyeong Sik becomes aware of this, but essential information seems to be missing! Yoon Mi tries to find out more through Hyeong Sik and something doesn’t feel right. Some of the files missing are the reports Yoon Mi wrote personally! Of course, Hyeong Sik took care of all these files and made them disappear! Yoon Mi can’t help it but think that a rat is lurking inside the police force!

 bscap2100bscap2098 bscap2108bscap2105bscap2106 bscap2109

Yoon Mi meets Do Hyung who informs her on the recorder Joo Young left behind for him at the garden. The information inside the recorder must be quite helpful and they have to recover it. Jin Gi visits Joo Young and she’s not glad seeing him again! His ironic and forceful attitude is being inflicted upon her. I wanted her to spit on his face, but “saekki” worked just fine for me too! However, she made him angrier with even nastier intentions. Hye Jung’s there to pick up the girl I consider to be president Jo’s daughter.


Tae Gyu who’s hurt pretty badly gets transferred in front of Jin Gi who wants to use him as a scapegoat by presenting him as the one who murdered Hak Soo. In order to force him into this awful situation they play with his girlfriend’s life and he can’t do otherwise but comply. Tae Gyu’s brought in front of President Kang who’s always talking in an allegoric tone related to food! Tae Gyu confesses he killed Hak Soo because he loved Joo Young. President doesn’t seem that pleased, but he wants Jin Gi to turn him in.

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President Kang wants the case to be investigated by same police department that dealt with Hak Soo’s case 3 years ago. Secretary Kim complies without being pleased and of course President Kang didn’t believe Tae Gyu. President Kang thinks that Tae Gyu will tell the whole truth at the police station even though he lied in front of him.


Jin Gi talks to Hyeong Sik via Hye Jung’s cellphone. Jin Gi wants him to close the case of Hak Soo’s murder as soon as possible and lets him know that will send the murder weapon along with Tae Gyu. All Hyeong Sik has to do is to take care of the case so nothing will go wrong.

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Yoon Mi’s pretty much aware that someone else was involved and the Shadows were so fast to find Joo Young’s location and it was no other than the gatekeeper! Both Do Hyung and Yoon Mi arrive at the police station and she can’t believe that the man who killed Hak Soo’s is actually turning himself in.


Jin Gi’s underling informs Tae Gyu that there should be no mistakes or else both himself and his girlfriend will suffer in front of each other’s eyes. They put his fingerprints on the knife and for a while Tae Gyu thought of fighting back, but he didn’t do anything after he took into consideration his girlfriend. They left him in front of the police station and you could sense his immense fear through the whole course! Both Do Hyung and the police officers notice him as the Shadows keep watching, but Tae Gyu after saying how much he loves his girlfriend decides to run away letting Do Hyung know that he saw Joo Young! Literally everyone’s after him and Do Hyung manages to help him escape! The Shadows and the police force are after them!

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Tae Gyu tells Do Hyung everything he heard and Do Hyung finds out that Jin Gi’s behind everything. The Shadows trap them inside a tunnel and since they are only three Do Hyung asks for Tae Gyu’s help. If they get Jin Gi’s underling they will find the exact location! They are so afraid of Do Hyung! Tae Gyu started running away and Do Hyung turned Jin Gi’s underling’s leg into a steak with the pen after he cracked it first! Do Hyung doesn’t care about anything and even if Jin Gi’s underling tries to dishearten him he can only make Do Hyung even more determined even though he’s gradually being devastated.

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The police force arrives and Hyeong Sik show what a great cop he is, so much diligence and sense of duty! Do Hyung lets Jin Gi’s underling go and he gets arrested by the useless police force. He informs Yoon Mi that these guys were the Shadows and tjat they know where Joo Young is. Hyeong Sik’s not pleased seeing them talking and fastens Do Hyung’s transferring procedure.

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Hyeong Sik’s doesn’t like anything Yoon Mi has to say and once she referred to the Shadows he became even more negative and started saying that she shouldn’t talk too much to Do Hyung about the investigation since he’s not a cop. Yoon Mi wants the name of the hospital Jin Gi’s underling went to and a further investigation takes place, it’s something one of the useless and bored officers doesn’t like and informs Hyeong Sik right away.


Do Hyung wants to know where Jin gi’s underling was taken to and the cop doesn’t cooperate with anything he has to say. Once they let him know that there’s no way to let him go he takes the situation in his own… head and headbutts both of the useless cops! Hyeong Sik arrives to find out that Do Hyung had just escaped and chases after him! He informs the nearby police stations and Yoon Mi that Do Hyung escaped!


Do Hyung jumps from one rooftop to the other and hides from Hyeong Sik who rambles about righteousness, justice, wealth and power while he’s a dirty cop, but all he can do is ramble and ramble through his immoral and unethical mouth. On top of that he has an inferiority complex! A grandma is pissed off with him shouting and at that point Do Hyung finds the chance to escape by jumping to another rooftop as Hyeong Sik points the gun at him!

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Thoughts: At the very beginning there was an emotional collision with Joo Young unsuccessfully trying to dishearten Do Hyung from longing to reach her by trying to differentiate themselves as day and night. No matter how hard she tries or how many tears she sheds it is impossible to convince him that such a lie would turn to life before his very eyes.


There’s a difference between a breathing organism as a manifestation of existing and a living person choosing life over senseless breathing. Do Hyung found life by Joo Young’s side, there was happiness and there was love, there was laughter and there was bliss and for the first time in his life he could actually dive himself in the well of emotional intelligence.


Do Hyung’s relationship with his mother was already buried in the ice since she was taking every decision in his own life. Choosing to get married again without consulting him first if he wanted someone else to take his father’s figure away as a step-father and by not approving of Joo Young were just a glimpse of the ice between them. She would be the one to choose which woman Do Hyung would get married to and Do Hyung would eventually take her out of his life as we’ve already witnessed.


Do Hyung and Joo Young’s dialogue was followed by two different types of surprises, the first one was when he found out she’s nearby, but horror followed with the second and most unwelcome turn of events once he noticed she’s being chased by the Shadows. No matter how hard he tried to find her his attempts weren’t successful and yet another heartrending scream the Do Hyung way made time stand still only for him in the crowd.


Yoon Mi progresses the investigation when it comes to the Shadows and the recorder Joo Young left behind will play its own part. As much as the investigation moves on the more Yoon Mi notices that many of the files have vanished and she can’t help it but think that a rat crawls inside the police force covering the Shadows’ traces.


 Jin Gi’s attitude remains gruesome and women mean nothing else to him but forced pleasure and exploitation. It’s apparent in the way he treats Joo Young that he’s a beast in the shape of a human being, he couldn’t be anything else anyway since he’s a part of that underground organization. He wants to end the Hak Soo case once and for all so that president Kang will finally leave him alone when it comes to that matter. He presents Tae Gyu as a scapegoat by forcing him in this position by directly threatening his girlfriend’s life.


President Kang is the epitome of mistrust and he would never believe that someone with such frightened eyes as Tae Gyu’s would ever dare to take Hak Soo out of the picture. He’s pretty certain the truth will come to the surface sooner or later and secretary Kim doesn’t seem that pleased with the turn of events. Hyeong Sik will be the one to deal with the whole case in order to bury it once and for all in a fast forward pace so that Tae Gyu won’t be able to reveal the truth.


Hyeong Sik won’t be able to keep hiding his corrupted reflection forever and his time feels near. His omnipresent negativity towards everyone who dares search for the Shadows will eventually betray the fact that he was overstepping his duties all these years. I think he’s cooperating with that site that steals articles from dramajjang and other sites and blogs by presenting them as its own. Yoon Mi is highly representative as a detective and it won’t be that tough for her to read through the lines and discover the whole truth. Something tells me Hyeong Sik could had been involved in her parents’ death as well and that could make the whole tension even greater.


Tae Gyu even though he knew his girlfriend’s life would be in danger he couldn’t turn himself in and Do Hyung helped him escape as soon as he found out Tae Gyu knew about Joo Young’s location. Do Hyung managed to take care of Jin Gi’s underling and through the whole scene we could witness the threnody carved upon his face even at the thought of Joo Young’s life being in danger. He was prepared for everything and he was determined to find out her location, but the useless police force with Hyeong Sik taking the lead for obvious reasons prevented him from proceeding.


Or at least they thought so since he managed to deliver more than welcome information to Yoon Mi who doesn’t intend to stand still. At this point i can’t say he didn’t warn them, he did! They deserved every headbutt and kick they received right before Do Hyung managed to escape! Hyeong Sik isn’t only a corrupted cop with blurry judgement, he also suffers from inferiority complex and it was omnipresent through his words that he was resentful towards Do Hyung and wealthy his background.


On top of that, Do Hyung could easily uncover his past and this would mean that he would lose Yoon Mi and his freedom. It’s something Hyeong Sik can’t afford and since years have passed he can neither stop cooperating with the Shadows nor let anyone get closer to them because it would mean the whole truth would come to the surface. I enjoyed the 9th episode and except for the feels the action was quite impressive with all this running on Do Hyung’s behalf along with his beating up techniques and acrobatics that are bound to turn him into the new super hero of dramaland!

Who needs wings when you’re Do Hyung?


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    “I think he’s cooperating with that site that steals articles from dramajjang and other sites and blogs by presenting them as its own.” I love you! I’m reliving the tension and emotional overload of this episode and then I read that and burst out laughing. Do Hyung, when done with the evil of the Shadows, must next fly on to destroy the Evil that is that trash with a z and a k followed by a “pop” and really blow it up. Even with the moments that I need to suspend belief in reality (they would both have been killed long ago) I will take the thrill of watching him do this role in sequel after sequel. Korea’s Clark Kent, he will become an undercover agent and right wrongs season after season. Though I don’t know how Kim Moo Yul can physically continue in this vein. This show alone must have nearly killed him. Excellent Recap as usual.

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      XD XD I am glad it delivered laughter out of nowhere in the middle of feels’ revival! XD He should do so and truth be told it would be a piece of cake for him! In the 10th episode recap which i’m working on right now was good as well, i am referring to him as BirdMan and the personification of Rooftop Prince literally XD Moo Yul is doing a great work as Do Hyung, but i will have to agree, i think he’s surpassing himself with all this action and difficult scenes! Thanks a lot once again!!! 🙂

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      Thanks a lot for your words, hopefully enough everything will get resolved soon with the stolen recaps! Thanks a lot so much and you are very welcome!! 🙂 Sorry for the late reply, the previous days were overburdened!

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