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EunDongaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahGiven the most unwelcome circumstances and with due respect to all the people who shared the same passion for My Love Eun Dong, expressed themselves through comments or read my recaps after my first impressions article, the only thing that felt more than right was to give a personal closure to this drama journey with yet another recap. The 15th episode achieved the drama’s greatest ratings, 1.833%, which is strong enough for a cable channel! The curtains fell with 1.505% and My Love Eun Dong bid us farewell with a warmer ending and not with a tearjerker assault of negativity, also known as old school drama ending. However, the ending was a bit more new school than expected.


bscap1865What the hell, a nightmare within a nightmare while she was living in a dream within a dream up to the 14th episode! Eun Dong saw that Jae Ho passed away at first, then it was both Ra Il and Jae Ho the deceased ones and she rushed to the hospital to find out Jae Ho was still there, yet unconscious still. However, she found Ra Il on the floor and it was due to exhaustion and the emotional shock he had to go through. Eun Dong can’t hold back the tears and stays by her son’s side. Hyeon Soo appears as well and he’s quite worried, but Eun Dong reassures him that everything will be fine.

bscap1866 bscap1867bscap1868bscap1870bscap1871 bscap1872

bscap1873Hyeon Soo wonders if he can be a good father to Ra Il as he realizes Ra Il’s deep feelings for Jae Ho. If only Ra Il could redirect all these feelings towards Hyeon Soo everything would be more than fine, but it’s that “if only” factor that is usually hurtful. Hyeon Soo wonders if Ra Il could get hurt in the process if he keeps trying to approach him, but Eun Dong points out that Ra Il is his son, it’s something that brings a smile upon his face. He’s thankful towards her for raising Ra Il well and Eun Dong wants him to take charge of the situation when it comes to raising Ra Il!


bscap1878Jae Ho gradually wakes up to find out he’s still among the living. He doesn’t look pleased, but on his right side he notices Ra Il sleeping and he can’t hold back his tears as he’s trying to utter his name. Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo visit a restaurant to eat and the climate isn’t friendly, both customers and personnel aren’t pleased to be close to them and the waitress paraphrases their order in an insulting tone! The marginalization forced upon them is immense and it would had been better for everyone had they never appeared at the restaurant.


bscap1882It’s Jae Ho’s turn to be by Ra Il’s side and as Ra Il wakes up he’s glad to find out he’s awake. It’s an emotionally fortified scene and Eun Dong alongside Hyeon Soo witness the caring essence of the moment. Hyun Ah can easily realize how difficult this period may be for her brother, especially now that everyone’s talking about him in such an unjust way. Ra Il and Eun Dong are the greatest victims of the whole incident and she lets Hyeon Soo know that people don’t believe him that Ra Il is his own son. She’s willing to make a public statement to let everyone know of the whole truth, but he doesn’t think this is the right timing. She’s willing to inform the reporters and show them the DNA test since she can’t stand all these people badmouthing Eun Dong while at the same time she takes into consideration how hard it will be for Ra Il as well. Hyeon Soo would never want to hurt Ra Il and he doesn’t want her to move on with her plan. Even though Ra Il’s characteristics may derive from Hyeon Soo as his biological father, Ra Il’s heart belongs to Jae Ho and he’s fully aware of it. At this point he wonders whether it was wrong appearing in Eun Dong’s life anew, all he ever wanted was to be good to her and fill her with happiness. Instead, it feels like he’s inflicting more pain upon them. Hyun Ah lets Hyeon Soo know that Ra Il already knows about him being his father and he rushes to the hospital to find out Jae Ho’s not there anymore.


bscap1889Hyeon Soo’s by Ra Il’s side and caresses his face as Ra Il opens up his eyes and asks him directly if he’s really his father while wondering why didn’t he come to him earlier. Hyeon Soo’s apologetic and deeply regrets not being by his side all these years, but Ra Il pleads him to not separate him from Jae Ho. Ra Il heard everything from the nurses and that Jae Ho tried to kill himself because of Hyeon Soo. Ra Il declares his hate towards Hyeon Soo because of this, but also because of the fact that people badmouth his mother and for being hated by his grandmother in addition. Hyeon Soo can only be apologetic, but Ra Il’s words strike him like lightning as he tells him that he was really happy before he entered their lives. Jae Ho witnesses Ra Il in tears with Hyeon Soo by his side and a conversation between them feels essential. Hyeon Soo wants Jae Ho to take care of Ra Il, but Jae Ho’s in a like-minded spirit, he’s willing to finally let go of Eun Dong. Hyeon Soo wants him to let both of them go and he will leave as well so that both Ra Il and Eun Dong won’t experience pain any more. Once again, Hyeon Soo can only be thankful towards Jae Ho for raising up Ra Il.

bscap1891bscap1893 bscap1895bscap1894

bscap1897Hyun Bal’s back at the office and he can’t believe things turned out this way. Dong Gyu lets him know that Seo Ryeong intends to help him so that he won’t go to jail, but Hyun Bal’s aware that everything she does isn’t for free. Hyeon Soo has handed over the company to her and that’s probably the reason why she appears helpful, but now that Hyeon Soo’s about to leave the company has no meaning to none of them. In addition, they could never hate Hyeong Soo for anything at this point and there he is! There’s a farewell-oriented atmosphere floating in the air and all three go out to drink like friends.


bscap1900It’s an emotionally fortified moment with all the necessary feels and the music is quite helpful as they make plans for the future which seems quite uncertain, but this is life. There’s an intense sense of remembrance as well and Hyeon Soo urges Hyun Bal to work at Seo Ryeong’s company, but it’s not something he would do even if he was drowning! Hyeon Soo wants Dong Gyu to call him right away when he gets married and he acknowledges all the burden he had to go through all this time!

bscap1904bscap1905 bscap1907bscap1906

bscap1908Eun Dong lets Jae Ho know that both her and Ra Il will be leaving since her mother-in-law acknowledged their presence there while he was unconscious. Eun Dong would never want him to do something like that again, even though things have reached that point she doesn’t want him to act like a coward. Hyeon Soo lets Seo Ryeong know that he’ll be leaving; alone. Seo Ryeong is curious if Hyeon Soo would have given his heart to her had Eun Dong never existed in this world. Hyeon Soo points out that if he was to be reborn, it would be a matter of fate that Eun Dong would automatically follow. If she never existed then he wouldn’t be here either. He’s not nervous for leaving Eun Dong behind since he’s pretty certain they will meet again. In ten years maybe?

bscap1909 bscap1912bscap1914bscap1915

bscap1917Hyeon Soo invites the reporters inside his house and a conversation begins! He takes all the blame on him and considers Eun Dong and Ra Il the most innocent victims of the whole situation. When it comes to the book, he thinks it was just him wasting time and fooling himself all these years. He states that Ra Il is Jae Ho’s son and takes all the blame on him in order to put an end to the whole incident for Ra Il and Eun Dong’s peace of mind.


bscap1920Dong Gyu informs Eun Dong that her pictures were taken down, but even so, there would still be people who would recognize her. He wants her to remain strong and lets her know that Hyeon Soo insisted on buying her a house after liquidating the company. She becomes aware that Hyeon Soo’s life isn’t at its finest due to company-oriented and other problems and she contacts him. She likes the house and she will contact him again once she moves in. Hyeon Soo intends to take care of everything and then they will meet. His tone becomes different and he definitely sounds like someone willing to say goodbye, it feels like he has so much to say, but his muffled voice points out he’s unable to do so.

bscap1921 bscap1922bscap1923 bscap1927bscap1926bscap1929

bscap1932He sold his whole fortune so that Eun Dong will be able to buy a house and he’s emotionally fortified as the house he was living in was built both for him and Eun Dong. The article’s out as well and Hyeon Soo feels at ease once he finds out that it’s going to be enough so that people will leave Eun Dong and Ra Il alone. Hyeon Soo will be going abroad he’s glad Dong Gyu didn’t say anything to Eun Dong about him leaving. His father’s words that he’s not a father yet still echo in his mind and through leaving maybe he will be able to become one someday. Before leaving there’s a place he still wants to visit. It’s no other than the road leading to her house where he saw Eun Dong before getting to know her better when they were in their 10s. Many things have changed since then, but it feels as if he could turn back time and talk to her, urging her to let her oppa know that everything will flow well. The plane points towards the direction that Hyeon Soo will no longer be there anymore.


bscap1940And here’s the next My Love Eun Dong letter, a new one based on the recent circumstances. Eun Dong’s in tears as she’s reading Hyeon Soo’s heartfelt lines, but he was in tears as well while he was writing down all of his thoughts with the most sincere ink within his heart as Eun Dong was gradually vanishing from his life along with the memories they recently treasured. He would never leave behind the sneakers Eun Dong bought for him and all these memory flashbacks are so heartrending turning the whole scene into a big bang of emotions through Sa Rang and Jin Mo’s recitations and revival of scenes. There’s nothing to write about that very scene, it’s something you simply let send shivers down your spine.


My love Eun Dong,

For giving birth to my son,
Raising him for 10 years
And for coming back into my life,
I’m so extremely grateful.
But right now,
We have no choice but to be separated like this.
For me, who waited for 10 years,
this short time will probably be nothing.
We will surely meet again because that is our fate.
Even if you and I were on Mars and Venus,
Separated on different planets,
We would be fated to meet again.
That’s why I am not scared of such things.
I will become a good father for Ra Il.
I really want to do that.
For giving me the blessing of loving only one woman my entire life,
I’m deeply moved by you.
That one thing alone makes me feel like I’ve had a successful life.
Eun Dong,
this time you must come and find me, okay?
But you know what, Eun Dong?
Even now, I miss you so much.
I love you.

Your goof-off slacker,
Park Hyeon Soo.

bscap1951 bscap1942bscap1946 bscap1945bscap1950bscap1948 bscap1947

bscap1966Eun Dong bids Jae Ho farewell and all he wants is to be able to see Ra Il from time to time and resolve things with him step by step. He’s apologetic and states that he loved her, he always thought that if he loved her she would love him back at some point, something that never happened and he became resentful. He thinks he’s not done with the past yet, but Eun Dong points out that everything that’s in the past should remain in the past. Jae Ho craves for her forgiveness and she can wholeheartedly offer it at this point. She’s deeply thankful to him for raising up Ra Il in an exemplary and full of love and caring way. She will never forget this and there will always be a place for him as Ra Il’s father. However, as expected, the divorce papers will move on.

 bscap1969bscap1968 bscap1972

bscap1974Jae Ho’s inside the baseball stadium and gave a full scale interview referring to everything that happened ten years ago. Suddenly, the public sentiment changed to Hyeon Soo’s favor as the whole truth was revealed by Jae Ho. He was the only person both reporters and audience would believe when it comes to Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo whose book started selling like crazy once again!


bscap1982One year later Jae Ho’s health has gotten better and he can stand on his own feet with some help. He’s playing with Ra Il and both of them are so happy! Jae Ho’s proud to be Ra Il’s father, but he’s not one-dimensional, he refers to Hyeon Soo who’s Ra Il’s father as well. Love is differently expressed by each person and the situations one has to go through vary. He wants Ra Il to refer to Hyeon Soo as his father in case he sees him again and Ra Il’s affirmative since Jae Ho’s asking him to do so!

 bscap1978bscap1977 bscap1983

bscap1984Alright, it’s more than awesome that Eun Dong’s following her dream to become a writer, but not every writer wears glasses, at least not within a year’s time! She’s working with the neurotic screenwriter Hyeon Soo introduced her to and Eun Dong’s so hardworking she always seems to be one step ahead! Back at home, Hyun Ah, Mi Na, Ra Il and their grandparents are in a blissful mood! Hyeon Soo’s birthday approaches and Eun Dong left a message where she expresses how thankful she is to them for bringing Hyeon Soo to life! Dong Gyu and Hyun Bal have progressed as managers and they are auditioning new actors! Dong Gyu’s more friendly whereas Hyun Bal is the Hyun Bal we all know when Hyeon Soo’s not around, strict to say the least! And EH Entertainment is the name of the company, like Eun Ho who’s coming back tomorrow!

bscap1985bscap1986 bscap1988bscap1987 bscap1992bscap1991

bscap1993Hyeon Soo’s inside the plane and the air hostesses are in bliss, but the luckiest of all is the grandma sitting right next to him! Dong Gyu has picked him up and Hyeon Soo still can’t believe he was sitting in economy class, but he can’t complain anymore since he has retired as an actor and Dong Gyu’s not his manager anymore! Hyeon Soo’s back to his “good” old slightly neurotic and short-tempered self! All he needs is a bit of Eun Dong in his life to calm down!

bscap1994 bscap1997bscap1996 bscap1995

bscap1998The moment to meet Hyun Bal has arrived and he’s so energetic seeing him again! So, Australia it was, I thought Hyeon Soo had gone to the US! Hyun Bal wants Hyeon Soo to become an actor again under a writer’s script, but for production matters! Hyun Bal wants to make My Love Eun Dong a drama since the book was more than successful! Hyeon Soo’s not satisfied with the apartment Dong Gyu bought and his short-tempered self progresses as time passes by! He’s not satisfied with anything and in fact he misses his conveniences, it’s not like the house is small, but okay! Hyeon Soo definitely knows about attitude!

 bscap2002bscap2001 bscap2003bscap2007bscap2006bscap2008

bscap2009He’s lying on his bed and there’s always a picture of Eun Dong and Ra Il on his cellphone! Hyun Bal takes him to meet the writer who’s in Chuncheon! He’s waiting for her at the renowned by now spot where Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo used to spend some time in their 10s and there she is; Eun Dong! Both of them can’t hide their smiles and this time it was her turn to find him as he was unaware of her arrival! They’re walking hand in hand and she informs him that she will be writer Park’s co-writer! He’s more than glad that Eun Dong achieved her own dream. The story she wrote though is about a woman who loved a man for 20 years, a woman who loved that man even more and before he even started having feelings for her. Eun Dong would like him to play in the drama, but the writer told her that he usually refuses to play if the leading figure is a woman. This time he wants to talk about it and a lovely quarrel about who loved who the most begins! A debate’s on its way and a promise is a promise just like it was back then, just like it is right now and it will always be!


Thoughts: Eun Dong’s nightmares’ succession was symbolic. Losing Jae Ho would mean that see would lose Ra Il in addition as they are an integral part of one another. It was also her alerted maternal instinct that her child was in danger and she was more than spot on. Hyeon Soo’s anguish about Ra Il’s condition was sincere, but he’s too disheartened as to how he will be able to become a good father. He’s well aware of Ra Il’s feelings, he can neither change them nor redirect them towards him. Even though his father’s words keep echoing in his mind when it comes to being a father, Eun Dong keeps encouraging him that everything will be fine.


Jae Ho probably wasn’t satisfied with the fact that when he opened up his eyes he was still among the living instead of wandering somehwere in the afterlife. At least that’s how i conceived it, there was a sense of discouragement carved all over his face. However, witnessing the only reason to live for lying on a hospital’s bed right next to him fueled him to forge a core of strength that would help Ra Il regain consciousness just like Ra Il was by Jae Ho’s side in his hour of need.


Hyun Ah finally shows her full support to Hyeon Soo, especially now that Jae Ho has regained consciousness and his life’s not in danger anymore. It’s not like her support wasn’t there, she had already sided with Hyeon Soo ever since she found out Ra Il is her nephew and her brother’s son, but Jae Ho’s suicidal attempt paused her thoughts for a while for her patient’s sake. However, Hyeon Soo was preventing her from informing the reporters that Ra Il is his own son and that a site in our beloved dramaland shamelessly steals the bandwidth and recaps of sites and blogs, one of the victims being dramajjang too. It’s not like he didn’t really want her to do so, he was already trying to make a decision, a decision that wouldn’t inflict more pain upon Eun Dong and Ra Il’s lives.


And that decision was finalized once he stood by Ra Il’s side with his own son rejecting him as a paternal figure. Ra Il couldn’t see him as a father, but as someone who was willing to separate him from his father, Jae Ho. Under the burden of the circumstances, Hyeon Soo couldn’t force himself upon Ra Il’s feelings since something like that would traumatize even further a child’s fragile soul. The conversation between Hyeon Soo and Jae Ho was minimal yet spot on, both of them would step back for Eun Dong and Ra Il’s well-being, especially now that they have been victimized under the flow of events.


Seo Ryeong; was Kim Yoo Ri ever a second female lead during My Love Eun Dong? Well, sometimes yes, but as episodes were progressing she turned into a one-dimensional supportive role. More than one-dimensional you become non-existent and i am pretty certain her character could had been written in a more vibrant way, in The Master’s Sun she was exceptional for example. However, her one and only scene in the last episode was essential as it was Hyeon Soo’s grand declaration of love as he compared his reason of existence to Eun Dong’s very existence and that if one of them never existed then the other one wouldn’t exist either as a matter of fate.


On top of that, he probably wouldn’t have become a well-known actor if Eun Dong was never a part of his world. He would be another man, he may had possessed the same name, but he would be someone else. Hyeon Soo refers to the essence of both characters and how both of them progressed in each other’s presence and absence, but it was the arch presence which gave birth to everything and eventually absence followed by transforming itself into deep longing. Even if both of them existed in the same world but without meeting on that very specific crossroad their essence would be different and none of them would be the Hyeon Soo and Eun Dong we see today.


Hyeon Soo sold everything and liquidated the company as well, he didn’t want to leave without making life easier for Hyun Bal, Dong Gyu, Eun Dong and Ra Il. Right before leaving the urge to see all of them was stronger than ever before and that’s what he did with Hyun Bal and Dong Gyu who were real friends under very difficult circumstances. Dong Gyu unconditionally, Hyun Bal weighed both sides and eventually chose the one that would put him through hell, but he wouldn’t betray Hyeon Soo whom he knew for decades. Even though he bid farewell Dong Gyu and Hyun Bal, it wasn’t the same with Eun Dong.


He couldn’t say goodbye, neither face to face nor through the phone call. You could sense it in his cracking voice which was shattering him to pieces. It was the strength of keeping everything you have to say on the inside to postpone and avoid a face to face emotional confrontation because she would definitely seek for him in order to make him change his mind. It was the strength of keeping everything on the inside right before leaving, but also the devastation for exactly the same reason.


Right before leaving Hyeon Soo visited Chuncheon and from that point and on we have a ten-minute emotional masterpiece of a scene. Many things have changed for the past 20 years at the alleyway which was leading towards Eun Dong’s first house, but his feelings are still the same. Talking to the younger self of Eun Dong was the epitome of everything he would like to hear at that point, that everything will flow well and that he shouldn’t worry even if he had to leave that way. Eun Dong’s younger self was the reflection of his soul’s mirror and reassuring her that everything will be fine in the future, then everything will be fine for “that oppa,” Hyeon Soo.


I think that the letter scene which was yet another heartfelt and heartrending confession on Hyeon Soo’s behalf alongside with all these excessive memory flashbacks was the most precious gift this drama could off us at the swansong episode. It was an emotional big bang taking place before our very eyes blending past and present as the future was hiding in the shadows more than ever before, but everything they had lived was more than real, it was what was defining them as integral parts of one another. These were 10 minutes of emotional bliss which will always stand proud as a part of the reasons why we loved My Love Eun Dong’s journey.


Eun Dong and Jae Ho’s divorce progressed, it was inevitable, but they parted in a friendly tone with Jae Ho being apologetic for everything and Eun Dong offering forgiveness. Eun Dong couldn’t believe that Jae Ho was behind the site that steals recaps from dramajjang and many other sites and blogs of our community. To forgive is to forget and she chose to forget so fast because it wouldn’t help anyone, neither Jae Ho nor herself and most and above all, Ra Il. And that’s the reason why she left a door open so that Jae Ho won’t cease existing in Ra Il’s life. Jae Ho was the only person the reporters and the nation’s audience would believe and he did the right thing by shattering all lies and revealing the whole truth. It wasn’t only about doing the right thing, it was also a self-healing process that wouldn’t necessary make him free of guilt, but it was good as a start far away from self-pity and negativity.


One year later, Eun Dong became writer Park’s co-author and her dream’s journey had already began. Dong Gyu and Hyun Bal formed their own company and they progress their manager careers while Jae Ho’s doing better in terms of health, but also with Ra Il. This recap may also be taken away from dramajjang and presented as another site’s property. Jae Ho has progressed to a better direction and wants Ra Il to forge a deeper relationship with Hyeon Soo once he appears in his life anew. Hyeon Soo’s not only back in South Korea, he’s also back to his good old short-tempered self and everything makes him feel like he’s on constant indigestion! It was Eun Dong’s turn to find him this time and i deeply wanted it to rain at the present, not only through the memory flashback. The rain always possessed a twofold meaning between them and this time it wasn’t needed since we were left with the… Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

bscap1958I am rather confused now that My Love Eun Dong reached the end. I loved the journey for all the feels and that very specific quirky sense of humor, even the 15th episode was dynamic despite the fact that it was pointing towards an unwelcome direction. As much as i loved the journey, i cannot say that the destination was the most desired one even though we had a happy ending.


There’s something missing, actually there are many things missing and from a point and on it felt like a scrappy shadow of what My Love Eun Dong was supposed to be at the very end. It felt as if the drama wanted to climb up a ladder and they forced it to go through the elevator and electricity was shut down.


The art of apologizing and forgiving was well-conceived, but a bit rushed, everything happened so fast that one year later it felt as if nothing had happened in the past and i guess that Eun Dong’s mother was on vacation to my neighbors in Italy at that point. There were many people who were at fault, but they were either absent or presented in an epidermic tone during the last episode. To forgive is to forget, but everything Eun Dong, Hyeon Soo and Ra Il had to go through was forgotten way too fast and 1 year’s time isn’t that much drama-wise.


There was an over-simplifying sense of minimalism sacrificing any deeper meaning almost just for the sake of a happy ending. I am not referring to complexity, but depth. Minimalism is as expressive as complexity is if both of them are presented in an inspired way, but at the end of the day My Love Eun Dong was lacking the electrifying sense of depth and emotion it used to possess. Kim Sa Rang and Joo Jin Mo weren’t enough to forge a core of energy which would skyrocket the drama in its most important moment. They were not enough not because they didn’t pour heart and soul, they never lacked this highly essential factor and their chemistry was magnetizing one another making them an integral part of the drama. It was the rushed writing that lacked the dynamics to keep the core pounding up to the very end.


The ending was warm in one hand, it was a happy ending after all, it was something i wanted since the very beginning. On the other hand, everyone moved on so fast and it felt like cancelling My Love Eun Dong’s background up to an extent. All the intensity, whether it was deriving from bliss or negativity, was lost and everything was turning into a lighthearted festival to commemorate a shotgun wedding.


I guess the writer wanted to give more airing time to Dong Gyu and HyunBal to keep the suspense of Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo’s forthcoming meeting floating around. Instead of all this suspense, we witnessed Hyeon Soo’s middle-aged re-adolescence the way he was during the first quarter of the drama before he met Eun Dong anew. It’s not like he didn’t feel and act like a child around her, but dislocating his progress as a character in a blink of an eye after 1 year’s absence felt like these kind of scenes were there to fill in the void until Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo met again in the end.


Maybe they should had met 10 years later, in 2025, but the production team would have to make a more extraordinary scenery or a gas chamber of a planet, but taking into consideration Hyeon Soo’s 1 year of transformation i don’t even want to imagine how he would be like if he was away from Eun Dong for another ten years. He’d return as a villainous nearly-grandpa avenger willing to hunt down Jae Ho, he’d ruin Ra Il’s life for saying he hated him, he would lock Eun Dong in a golden cage and he would hang his father from a gigantic lavender pot.


No matter how much i try to take it off my mind I still think a scene between Ra Il and Hyeon Soo was essential 1 year later. At the end of the day My Love Eun Dong became a parody of itself and i was disappointed, but not enough to abort overnight the whole journey. My Love Eun Dong was a great old school drama with nowadays cinematography with a forced new school yet somewhat warm ending that didn’t live up to many expectations, but it left a positive vibe floating around.


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      Maybe i would have accepted more of an old school full-scale pain ending at this point instead of a rushed ending, but at least it was a warm one! XD But the rest of the drama pretty much owned! My straight 10 was ruined though and became a generous 8 😛

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      I still think the writer had submitted a fine 50-episode project to a network that was probably receiving tons of those after YS’s major hit ratings-wise (plus it’s a critically acclaimed drama that I adored). Perhaps it was a script about a woman who looses her memory after an accident (a.k.a.The Vow) and the story of her first love journey through time (a.k.a. The Notebook) and aaaall that wrapped and tied with a beautiful melodramatic k-dramaland ribbon.

      But handsome JJM doesn’t do projects in which the female lead is the actual leading role…hmmm, I wonder why? Did he have a traumatic experience in any previous project? 😉
      And the popular drama writer has an obsession with him as “if he’s the only korean actor”! I wonder who that writer is, hahaha!!

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        JJM starred in Empress Ki where the main lead was Ha Ji Won though? Is that what you’re talking about?

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      A huge war between fandoms that lead to JJM’s rushed death. That must have been such a weird phenomenon; especially, to an artist that usually acts in films. EK’s a bizarre case indeed…Even in terms of k-dramaland 🙂

  4. July 25, 2015 at 4:57 pm — Reply

    Another stellar recap! Love the *jabs* you inserted throughout recap, so funny and yet so necessary. Unlike many fans out there, I don’t mind the lead up to the ending since ultimately it was a happy one to see them reunited. Until that moment I was bracing myself hoping the writer did not make us sad or leave it open ended etc. I do agree with you that the ending was rushed. This seems to be a norm with most kdramas trying to pack in so much in the last two episodes. The “leaving the country for one year” trope is also often used which I can’t quite understand sometimes….at that point the antagonists are out of the picture, the path is clear albeit there’s the issue of Ra II but that can be worked out without leaving, right 🙂 The other example that comes to mind is Winter Sonata…at the end she had to leave for France and they only got back together after he became blind. Well, I guess it is what makes a kdrama a kdrama and we still love it for what it is 🙂

    • July 25, 2015 at 10:43 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for one more time Mitta! 🙂 I usually love happy endings, but this, i just couldn’t love it as much as i wanted to, but i could sense its warmth at the very very end! I was routing for an ultimate 10 for this drama, but i gave it a generous 8 due to the whole journey, it meant so much to me! I am so glad you saw it that way and you were eagerly waiting for the reunification of those two lovely souls, but for some reason once the writer Park factor popped up i was like, yeah, they will meet in the end and right now it’s useless time. XD But this ten-minute scene was truly a gift, all these feels were striking like thunder one after the other with the letter and the flashbacks. But i do agree with you on the norm aspect, but… for Eundongah i wanted it a bit more… how to say it, deeper? Something like that, something more electrifying! It’s used quite often, but they usually depart for 2-3 years or something, so the 1 year wasn’t enough for me, ALWAYS drama-wise XD If i tell you that the Endless Love quartet are among my favorite dramas will you believe me? 😀 Even though the cinematography (or the quality we can find these dramas that can’t always be 720p since they are old) wasn’t that good as nowadays (and it couldn’t be since these dramas were in the past), the sense of feels, pain, longing until ultimate devastation or painful bliss (she returned when he was bling in a vast house with great view by the sea, so it’s painful to one extent, but blissful that she returned) had a different impact on the viewer. Aish, i have drank a few beers and talked to a friend a lot about THAT site with rage, BUT i hope i made sense! 🙂

      • July 25, 2015 at 10:54 pm — Reply

        LMHO! Yes you are still making sense not that drunk I guess 🙂

        • July 25, 2015 at 11:01 pm — Reply

          Yush, i am still a human being since i make sense! XD

  5. July 25, 2015 at 10:09 pm — Reply

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  6. hariaharia
    July 26, 2015 at 12:32 pm — Reply

    Thank you for the finale recap, :-)! You did a fantastic job and you hung on in there! BRAVO!! It must have been difficult but it’s worth finding your usual adorable self back in recaps. Wise (and mysterious!) personal thoughts on a drama that obviously was a completely different idea to begin with.
    Anyway, EunDongaaaaahhhh Team rocks till the very end! Loved the encoded messages, they gave me a Mission Impossible flair.
    Have a wild week-end and go to beach, pronto! 😉 Sun stimulates Vit. D and that usually helps our mood a lot! (Buuuut no alcohol under the hot sun, young man…hahaha!)

    • July 26, 2015 at 8:46 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for one more time haria*2-ssi! 🙂 It was as there were still negative vibes in my mind since the recent events. But Eundongah’s recap and last night’s beers made me more energetic to catch up with My Love Joo Young; My Beautiful Bride 😀
      They definitely rock! If i had to pick two scenes from the last episode it would be the ten-minute scene of ultra feels and the very ending at the renowned meadow! 🙂 Soon i will have to visit a beach or winter will be tough lol! Yush! I am aware of vitamin D and its blissful aftereffects! 😀 No alcohol under the sun is a difficult decision though, specially when i’m at an island, beer flows throughout the day; on the beach too! xP

  7. Newbie
    July 27, 2015 at 11:17 am — Reply

    Thank you for your recaps. 🙂

    Before I watched the last episode I couldn’t ignore the many very negative comments on it and I feared for the worst. But I liked the finale (although I admit all the points you made are valid). I liked it, because of the way they handled the Ra Il matter. Somehow this became more important to me than the happy ending of our lovers (because I never doubted they’d end up togehter- it’s fate after all).
    The writer really knows what a child in such a situation is going through and that it is simply not possible to transfer feelings from the person you knew all your life to an alien person within a few days. This boy loved his ‘father’, he is still too young to understand what this man did. Many viewers screemed for revenge and didn’t understand, how Jae Ho could stay in contact with Ra Il. But Jae Ho loved him in a way Hyeon Soo still has to learn. (Hyeon Soo’s father said some very wise words about being a parent. The fishing scene is among the best of the show.)

    My Love Eun Dong was a romantic show that got a good dose of reality towards the end and therefore it is one of the few Kdramas, that really carried its theme over the finishing line. No rainbow pooping unicorns, just some people tangled up in a difficult situation, handling their emotions and looking for a solution while respecting the feelings of a young child.

    • July 30, 2015 at 4:16 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thank you so much for presenting your own flow of thoughts in the way you conceived the ending, it makes sense! On top of that, i am glad that you enjoyed it so much! My only complaint was that Hyeon Soo would become a great father if he had the chance to not get separated from Eun Dong back in the days, so his life with Ra Il and her was stolen. So i felt his father’s words presenting a utopia and a highly idealistic environment, but i do understand your point of view and it makes perfect sense. It would never be easy for Jae Ho to get separated from Ra Il overnight, but i do think his suicidal attempt kind of forced the flow of events, even though this wasn’t really his intention, he wanted to put an end in order to set Ra Il free, or that’s how he conceived it. “No rainbow pooping unicorns” XD That was hilarious! XD I loved your ending paragraph! Thanks a lot once again for sharing your thoughts and sorry for the late reply!

  8. Kimberly
    February 3, 2016 at 2:36 pm — Reply

    Will there be a season 2?; or is this it? I was so engaged in watching all episodes I literally neglected my studies and stayed up until late hours because this is all I could think about! Great film, characters and amazing story line!!!

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