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“Death Note” is one of the most famous mangas and animes, that people know about . I personally haven’t read the manga and I’ve just watched some of the anime episodes. But I’ve seen the movies. I pretty much know some things, about everything that has to do with “Death Note”, but I’m no way close to the dedicated fans. That maybe the reason that I consider the drama decent so far.

For those who don’t know the story, Light Yagami a university student comes along a note book named Death Note. Through that notebook he decides he wants to fight the criminals and injustice, he becomes Kira. L a genius young man doesn’t agree with Kira motives and with the police they want to catch him.

From what I’ve read the drama is a bit different than the anime and the manga. It is different from the movies too. But I don’t think that’s a disadvantage. Wouldn’t it be boring to watch the same things or knowing what is gonna happen next?

I understand those who get disappointed by the changes. I got disappointed myself when I watched “Orange Marmalade”, not because it wasn’t the same as the webtoon, but because they could have made it better as a drama. The same goes for most of the mangas I’ve read and animes I’ve watched. I don’t care if they change things as long as they do it properly and “Death Note” is one of these cases.

The story develops fast, since there gonna be only 10 episodes. So until this point, the drama has my attention with the fast changes and the nice development. The Kira vs L game is interesting and I want to see what ways the writers of the drama, are gonna use to showcase the story.

The acting is very important when it comes to these kind of dramas. I’ve watched so many movies and dramas with Masataka Kubota being the second lead and I think it’s finally his time to shine. I knew that creepy look of his would make it to an important role. He fits perfectly as Light Yagami and he is already doing a great job.

Kento Yamazaki, I’ve only watched “L<3DK” the movie based on a shojo manga where he was lead. I couldn’t tell many things about his acting there. But for now as L he is doing a decent job. Is decent enough for a role as L’s though? the future will tell. Either way they have changed a bit L’s character in the drama and I don’t like to compare it’s unfair to the actors, but I remember falling in love with Kenichi Matsuyama as L in the movies. (I was very young.)

Many people complain about Hinako Sano as Misa Amane, but I don’t think she has showed as enough things for us to already complain. I like Yutaka Matsushige’s presence he fits perfectly the role of the detective and Light’s father.

Making a drama out of a manga/anime like Death Note is a big risk. It can easily look cheap and it needs a great effort. For example the shinigamies Ryuk and Rem aren’t done perfectly but I understand that’s a big cost and you can’t have the best special effects in a drama. But I can overlook that as long as the acting and story are delivered in the best way.

We are still in the beginning, but for now “Death Note” has my attention and I look forward to the next episodes.

What about you guys?

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  1. July 19, 2015 at 10:34 pm — Reply

    Orange Marmalade was a disaster. I got to read a bit from the manhwa and they just messed up the story. Yet Death Note production team is doing a pretty good job. We are still at the beginning so I’m not certain how things may end, but for now I liked the first two episodes. Hope they’ll continue and won’t mess things and especially the characters.

    • July 20, 2015 at 1:25 pm — Reply

      We have to see where it is going.

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