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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 8 Recap

YoonHyungThe 8th episode closed My Beautiful Bride’s first circle as it reached its midway point and the second half of the drama is about to begin. As episodes pass by all these questions that were quite many start to lessen and the time for answers to gradually start coming to the surface has arrived. The drama’s foundations have been completed and we’re about to witness the whole structure reaching completion step by step, episode by episode.


Joo Young’s in front of the mirror recalling a wide variety of memories from the recent past. Now she knows he’s aware of everything and escapism felt like the only way out. Her blood fills the floor and she’s being urgently transferred to the hospital.


Yoon Mi and Do Hyung are back to Tae Gyu’s hideout even though it’s meaningless. He feels so lost for the first time and there’s no specific direction to follow. A surprise awaits for them, President Jo wakes up and wonders if they found his daughter. The answer is negative, but Yoon Mi tries to infuse hope in his heart by telling him they will find her soon as he wonders whether Do Hyung lost some dear to his heart as well.

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Joo Young’s still unconscious and the nurse and the cleaner realize that she’s a missing person and they inform her brother. Do Hyung receives a phone call from Joo Young’s brother and rushes to the hospital alongside Yoon Mi. Jin Sook’s at the hospital as well and she overhears the conversation between the nurse and the cleaner and they let her know that they called Joo Young’s brother on the phone. She gives them money in exchange for their silence.


By the time Jin Sook enters the room Joo Young had already left, she had overheard their conversation and she tries to escape. Yoon Mi and Do Hyung arrive at the hospital, Joo Young notices both of them and hides. Her brother’s already there searching for her and demands explanations, but a cat fight begins between the nurse and his wife! Do Hyung finds out Joo Young’s disappeared. Jin Sook finds Joo Young and helps her escape since this is her bittersweet intention. As she was leaving she noticed Do Hyung’s agony as he was searching around for her. Joo Young’s shattering and Do Hyung’s desolation are wonderfully painted throughout the scene.

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Do Hyung wants to see the CCTV footage, but they won’t let them due to patients’ privacy protection. They interrogate the nurse and all them have been left behind when it comes to Joo Young’s miscarriage, only Yoon Mi’s aware of it and once she verifies that the woman who was at the hospital was Joo Young she lets everyone know that Joo Young miscarried the day she went missing.


The world collapses underneath Do Hyung’s feet and the music alongside an emotionally grandiose rooftop scene take place. His muffled screams painted the palette of the night in the bleakest of colors. Yoon Mi’s apologetic for not letting him know earlier and Do Hyung wants to head towards the emergency room to find out Joo Young’s route. Yoon Mi already did that and the information isn’t helpful.

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Jin Sook informs Joo Young that even if she passed away this wouldn’t ease the burden of Do Hyung, he would see it to the very end one way or another until he joins her in death if that would had been the case. Yoon Mi intends to put the Joo Young posters up once again hoping someone will inform them on something useful. Yoon Mi points out that whoever brought Joo Young at the hospital made sure she would survive, so at least for now she’s not a part of the worst case scenario.


Do Hyung doesn’t care about such thoughts, all he can think about is the fact that Joo Young tried to end her life, but then again Yoon Mi relies upon statistics which prove that 90% of suicide attempts are never repeated since the pain right before death is horrific. She reassures him that Joo Young won’t follow again the path which leads to the point of no return, but these are just words in Do Hyung’s ears and perspectives. Do Hyung intends to leave as he urges her to stop talking nonsense, but Yoon Mi’s wrist-grabs him and points out he’s the one bubbling around and leaves first.

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Jin Sook emphasizes on the fact that Joo Young left so that Do Hyung wouldn’t get involved, but it had the opposite outcome, he intends to get involved all the way to the very end. She thinks that Joo Young should put an end to her past with her own hands and the easy way out is not an option this time.


Do Hyung can’t forgive the Shadows, even if she finds Joo Young he will be unable to stop. Yoon Mi fixed his door and after some time it feels awkward returning back home without Joo Young. The previous password was the day they moved inside this house. He uses the old password and the fact that it’s not working anymore finds him with bitter tears in his eyes. Do Hyung’s apologetic to their unborn baby in front of the crib as he emotionally collapses apart. Joo Young’s in front of the mirror and Do Hyung’s words echo once again in Yoon Mi’s mind and she’s got her own reasons.

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She finds a picture of her family inside her car. Her father was a loan shark and even at her parents’ funeral and at school they were talking behind her back. She tried to end her own life as well but she survived. She definitely knows what it means to feel the pain before death in the first place. She asked directly the culprit had her parents been that evil and his reaction was violent, but Hyeong Sik was the one to protect her, it was a mind-awakening moment in her life.

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All the useless police officers, except for Jung Yeon who’s got a sharp eye, are eating and Yoon Mi wants to know where Hyeong Sik is. Of course, he’s with Hye Jung who asks him if they should sleep together and eventually tries to seduce him, but it doesn’t work! Yoon Mi calls him on the phone but he won’t answer.

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Hyeong Sik directly refers to Jin Gi as the man in charge of the Shadows and Hye Jung tries to deny everything, but the photos don’t help her. He lets her know that these photos were in Jang Ho’s mobile phone and that he doesn’t intend to keep doing dirty business and that she should inform Jin Gi of everything before he lets everyone know the whole truth.


Hyeong Sik goes to meet Yoon Mi who doesn’t want to talk about the ongoing case for a while. Jin Gi burns the photos and his underlings will keep an eye on Tae Gyu and his girlfriend. He tries to find a way to escape, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Is that girl President Jo’s daughter?

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Yoon Mi imitates herself in the past and she wants Hyeong Sik to guess why she became a cop. He receives a phone call from Jin Gi who lets him know that he’s inside his apartment. He finds an excuse and he wants Yoon Mi to keep waiting for him. Hye Jung’s inside the car and Hyeong Sik finds out his door lock has been destroyed.


Jin Gi’s inside the living room and he hasn’t taken off his shoes, he always refers to Yoon Mi to make his presence more menacing to Hyeong Sik. He even has her underwear! He doesn’t want Hyeong Sik to be on his way as an enemy but as a “friend” and revealing the whole truth to Yoon Mi is his most powerful card, it’s something Hyeong Sik would never want to happen. And in fact, Hyeong Sik cooperated with Jin Gi three years ago in order to get Hak Soo. Jin Gi gives him money to fix his door and get Yoon Mi some expensive underwear!

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Do Hyung’s at Joo Young’s house and after a short conversation with her brother he goes inside her room. Joo Young’s brother is having a conversation with his wife who makes a variety of assumptions on whether she found another man or Do Hyung found out about her past. Do Hyung reclines on her bed and he can’t prevent his ears from falling.

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Yoon Mi wakes up and she’s in a playful and lovey mode as Hyeong Sik prepares breakfast and tells her that he changed the lock because it was too old by now. Do Hyung decides to appear at work after all this time and his friend tries to prevent the employees from talking about him. The bank director will give him a few weeks off in order to find his fiancée. Do Hyung wants his friend to help him once again with Seryo Construction and the Tae Gyu whose accounts must be investigated. Seryo Construction could be a ghost company and the loaned money could vanish overnight, along with the company.

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Jin Sook is interested in finding out who could be behind Hak Soo’s murder and Do Hyung’s kidnapping while constantly being after Joo Young who refers to a man Hak Soo used to call Redstart. He was the one who betrayed Hak Soo three years ago, but she doesn’t know his real name. Joo Young thinks Redstart’s bothered by the fact that she knows he betrayed Hak Soo, but Jin Sook points out there must be someone higher than Hak Soo in hierarchy who frightens Redstart. And here comes the President into play.

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Jin Sook wouldn’t like her to do housework in order not to overburden her health. She gives her a mobile phone in case of emergency and Joo Young reassures her that she won’t call Do Hyung. Jin Sook’s words echo in Joo Young’s mind and she calls Jung Hwa right away who informs her that she’s hiding for the time being. Joo Young’s apologetic and asks her if she found the recorder, but it wasn’t something she could do given the circumstances.


Joo Young decides to take the situation in her own hands while at the same time Do Hyung keeps giving posters to passers by. Joo Young calls home to find out whether Do Hyung is there or not and since nobody answers the phone she enters the apartment. Home is where the heart is, even if it is for a while. She finds her recorder and at that point she notices the crib and kneels in front of it unable to withstand the emotional charge of the moment as she cries her heart out.

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Do Hyung returns back home and finds out someone had taken care of his clothes. He receives a phone call by Joo Young and he can’t believe he hears her voice again. She’s on a building across the apartment staring at him and the emotional heat rises.


Thoughts: Joo Young’s constant escape from Do Hyung and her past which eventually haunted her present led to escapism and she tried to end her own life. It wasn’t lethal and she has another chance to make things right. She didn’t want to overburden Do Hyung’s life even further, or at least she thought that ending her own life would end Do Hyung’s emotional tension as well, but a suicidal attempt wasn’t the solution in the first place. 


It’s too late for Joo Young to take Do Hyung out of the whole picture for his own safety. He has already reached the point of no return and now that he’s already involved in the whole case he’s willing to see it to the very end whether he finds Joo Young or not. Even though she chose to not involve Do Hyung in her life anymore or at least for the time being, Joo Young has to proceed with a more active plan in the whole progress of the storyline if she really wants to put an end to her past at the present.


Jin Sook may not be as innocent as she appears to be, she’s definitely interested in a wide variety of information concerning the man behind Hak Soo’s murder and the figure on the top of the hierarchy. Is she fishing around to find what Joo Young knows in order to make sure very specific people in the hierarchy won’t be in danger or she’s interested in the whole case for her own reasons and profit? Or is it a matter of pride after the Shadows showed a glimpse of their forceful grandeur in her restaurant and she’s out for revenge while protecting Joo Young at the same time?


Do Hyung finding out Joo Young had miscarried shattered him within. His desperate howls haunted the night at the highly expressive rooftop scene and Kim Moo Yul poured heart and soul during the emotional climax of the scene. Yoon Mi wants to help him find Joo Young at all costs, she feels for both of them and she definitely understands Joo Young. She had walked in her shoes before and she knows how it feels to be overran by death’s cold caress.


Hyeong Sik was probably one of the reasons why Yoon Mi wanted to become a cop, but we’ve also witnessed that she’s not really after the loan sharks, but the problem solvers behind them, the Shadows. She probably wanted to find out the whole truth about the loan shark-problem solver hierarchy in order to find the truth about her father and cleanse her family’s name.


I simply can’t believe that Hyeong Sik was just a dirty cop and i still think that money wasn’t the most powerful reason why he helped Jin Gi back then when Hak Soo was arrested. But then again, if there aren’t any deeper reasons, there’s a high possibility of him being a dirty cop who wants to resign from his off-duty “duties,” but it’s too late now to leave it all behind and become a proper cop. Jin Gi holds him in the palm of his hand and his strongest card is Yoon Mi. She can find the whole truth about him anytime if Jin Gi decides to make a move, hence Hyeong Sik is bound to keep cooperating with the Shadows’ offshoot.


Apparently, Redstart is Jin Gi who’s the figure in the eye of the storm and moves behind the scenes to promote himself as the next big thing in the problem solver society. And the President Joo Young was referring to has to be President Kang, the one above Redstart and Hak Soo, the one Hak Soo respected and the one Jin Gi’s afraid of. Jin Gi vanished Jang Ho from the surface of the earth and his informant from President Kang’s camp is Secretary Kim. One after the other, people who are aware of anything connected to the recent past have to be kept closer or exterminated. That’s why he wants Hyeong Sik under his shadow and that’s why he’s after Joo Young, because they know things that could harm him.


At this point i think that Hye Jung is President Kang’s informant among the Shadows’ offshoot ranks . President Kang’s always aware of something going on but he doesn’t know the whole truth, probably because Jin Gi is cautious with the information he passes unto Hye Jung and at this point her main informant has to be Hyeong Sik. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was an multitasking undercover police officer waiting for the right moment to transfer all the top secret information she has gathered. Jin Sook steadily progresses towards a very specific part of the storyline which is actually true. She’s always spot on with the information she unearths from Joo Young and sometimes i’m curious if she already knows and forces that direction on her or tries to find out; always for her own reasons.


Do Hyung shed quite many tears during this episode. At the rooftop was his first emotional breakdown after he had found that Joo Young had miscarried and the next impact was when the lock was changed and for the first the password, which was no other than the date they entered the house, didn’t work. Step by step and through slight but palpable events he becomes aware of the fact that life isn’t flowing the way it should. However, the password remained the same and Joo Young had the chance to enter their apartment once again by the end of the episode.


Do Hyung crying at her bed was yet another fragile moment in his life as he was craving to feel her close to him once again. Mourning the loss of their unborn child in front of the crib was a part of the harsh reality both of them should embrace even though they would never pray for such a thing to happen. Both of them knelt in front of the crib and mutually wept for their loss when it comes to the child that would had blossomed inside their lives and make them more complete.


Joo Young taking care of his clothes was just a glimpse of her caring and affection towards Do Hyung’s face, a face she can’t stand to witness from a close distance, at least for the time being. Staring at each other from a distance the moment she called him on the phone was the presentation of the distance between them. It’s a distance being preserved by Joo Young, but the eye contact was there and it proves that no matter how far they may be they are always in each other’s mind.


Judging from the preview, Joo Young wants Do Hyung to stop searching around for her in order to find some peace of mind. Once again, Joo Young will be chased and Do Hyung will try to help. The loss of police files points towards Hyeong Sik’s direction and Yoon Mi becomes aware of the missing files, it’s something which proves that there’s a corrupted cop among them.


Jin Gi wants to use Tae Gyu as a scapegoat by presenting him as the man who killed Hak Soo and it’s Hyeong Sik’s turn to shine again in the mud by helping the Shadows’ offshoot by progressing that plan and making it an integral part of the whole investigation. Do Hyung will keep searching for Joo Young and he will find himself in trouble, in this journey Yoon Mi will be his greatest ally. Rejoice, the bicycle avenger is back!


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