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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 7 Recap

JooYoungDoHyungAlright, this 5-minute revision of the previous episodes wasn’t that necessary, not to that extent, but when it comes to recapping it can be considered as a temporary time life jacket. The 7th episode was dedicated to a wide variety of villainous excursions at the present and the way they are related to the past. It questions the sense of loyalty when pretty much everyone, one way or another, is buried in the mud and the one wielding more power can vanish you from the surface of the earth anytime. A sense of shattered pride, boiling tolerance and fragile balance between superiors and subordinates in a journey of face-off activities in the overall hierarchy between authenticity and an offshoot league is what’s being presented and the way it affects our main figures.


Do Hyung finds Jang Ho inside a car, but he gets hit on the head with a crowbar and falls unconscious. He gradually wakes up, but Jang Ho’s still unconscious as they are getting transferred to an unknown location. President Kang’s underling is behind the whole operation and he’s not pleased with the fact they brought Do Hyung as well. The Shadows don’t like to involve civilians in their plans and he wants his peasants to throw him away instead of neutralizing him.


Secretary Kim interrogates Jang Ho himself and wants to know who killed Hak Soo, but it’s not necessary since he already knows the answer and calls Jin Gi right away informing him that he caught Jang Ho. He’s watching Jin Gi’s back and he wants him to come right away with his underlings to take care of Jang Ho once and for all. Jang Ho tries to escape, but his condition won’t let him. Jin Gi gets informed about the area security so that the forthcoming assault will seem like an unknown team’s act.

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There’s a flashback scene with Jin Gi and Hak Soo. It seemed as if Hak Soo had the upper hand, but it was a trap set by Jin Gi and his main underling to silence Hak Soo once and for all and that’s what happened. Jang Ho was the only witness and he lets Secretary Kim know of the powerful man behind Hak Soo, probably meaning President Kang. If they keep moving on like this it will be the end of all of them. Secretary Kim’s arrogant mouth boasts all over the place and he doesn’t take into consideration Jang Ho’s words.

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Three years ago Hak Soo was with Secretary Kim who wasn’t pleased that he sat at President Kang’s seat, but Hak Soo wasn’t pleased either with his attitude and forced him to kneel in front of him and forced him to wipe off the dirt from his shoe with his tongue. He simply threw his ego in the deepest pits of hell.

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Jin Gi gets ready for the Jang Ho silencing operation. Hye Jung’s curious about what’s going on, but she doesn’t receive an answer from Jin Gi who leaves right away with his underlings. Do Hyung gets transferred with a bag on his head while at the same time Hyeong Sik gets informed by Yoon Mi about Jang Ho and Do Hyung’s kidnapping. She can understand Jang Ho disappearing as he was a target of the Shadows concerning Hak Soo’s murder. At this point more things make sense in her mind and she thinks that Joo Young knew about the other Shadows offshoot which eventually went after her.


Do Hyung’s reflexes and tactics easily take out of the picture both men that were guarding him. Yoon Mi tries to locate Do Hyung with Jung Yeon’s cooperation, but his mobile phone can’t be tracked down for the time being. Yoon Mi wants Hyeong Sik to investigate Jang Ho’s motel room and she will watch the CCTV footage.


Do Hyung took one of them as a hostage and they are heading towards Jang Ho’s location. Myeong Hwan points out they can’t recognize the culprits since they had their hats on. Yoon Mi’s aware that the Shadows want Jang Ho out of the picture, especially if he’s aware of Hak Soo’s murder and everything points towards the outskirts of Seoul. The mission starts taking shape and all of them will search around for Jang Ho and Do Hyung.


Do Hyung is back at the warehouse, but secretary Kim manages to escape with the help of his underling who regained consciousness and hit Do Hyung with the car. He tries to escape with Jang Ho and calls Yoon Mi right away who will come to his aid. Jang Ho guesses correctly that Do Hyung is the bank guy and points out they should be leaving as soon as possible since the caretakers are on their way.


Jang Ho can’t believe Do Hyung would ever help him and Do Hyung’s curious about how does he know about him. Jang Ho was the one to inform Hak Soo about Do Hyung and Joo Young’s relationship. Jang Ho tries to tell him about who killed Hak Soo, but he passed out. The caretakers arrive at the warehouse, but nobody’s there. Jin Gi receives a phone call from Secretary Kim and gets informed on the situation. They split in teams in order to find Jang Ho and Do Hyung.

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They hadn’t gone that far away and Jin Gi wearing the mask pretends that the area is too dusty and he actually convinces Do Hyung who accepts his offer to give them a ride! Once Jin Gi finds out the cops are on their way everything becomes more apparent and Jin Gi attacks with a knife hurting Do Hyung and inflicting multiple traumas upon Jang Ho. A face to face combat begins with Jin Gi pushing his finger against Do Hyung’s wound. Once the cop sirens wail Jin Gi evacuates immediately.

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Yoon Mi arrives and Do Hyung points towards the culprit’s direction. The Shadows are leaving behind the car of the assault and a whole police operation is in its birth pangs. Yoon Mi finds the abandoned car and shortly after Myeong Hwan with another police officer arrive. Shut up, please, if Yoon Mi knew where the culprits were she wouldn’t be there.


Yoon Mi finds Do Hyung at the hospital and informs him on the latest events. She wonders if he’s okay, but Do Hyung’s always okay, even if they turned him into Korean BBQ he would still be alive and kicking! He informs her that Jang Ho didn’t make it. Alright, three useless cops inside a scene assuming whatever without thinking is just too much! I am so glad Yoon Mi took the situation in her own hands about writing the report!


Do Hyung’s nearby to find some peace of mind in beautiful or heartfelt memories and have I told you already how much I adore this drama’s musical background? And it’s always Do Hyung and Joo Young oriented! We get a glimpse of the scene when he bought for her the shoes she was wearing in Incheon. Even though chances were high she would run away taking into consideration the superstition factor he would always find her. Joo Young’s in a like-minded memory state of mind as she cries her heart out wielding her shoes. Do Hyung can’t hold back his tears either and Yoon Mi lets him cherish this emotionally fortified moment.

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Jin Sook’s back home and informs Joo Young that Do Hyung’s fine and she’s glad about it. However, she also lets her know that he desperately tries to find her. Jin Sook urges her to inform him that she’s safe for now, but doesn’t want to do so because he will be in danger. Jin Sook lets her know that Hak Soo is dead and his body was found inside Do Hyung’s car trunk. He was suspected in the first place, but he wasn’t the one behind the murder. At this point, he’s aware of the whole truth.

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Jin Gi informs Secretary Kim that Jang Ho is already dead. Jin Gi doesn’t worry that much about Do Hyung since he considers him a powerless bank guy. Dude, haven’t you seen already what he’s capable of as an undying exoskeleton in the form of a human being? The main target becomes Joo Young once again.


Secretary Kim disciplines the two men who lost Jang Ho in the first place and shortly after President Kang arrives. He can’t believe Secretary Kim lost Jang Ho even though he had informed him about his exact location. President Kang refers to Do Hyung and questions Secretary Yang if he lost Jang Ho because of the bank guy. Eventually he forces Secretary Kim’s face inside the bowl and I don’t know why, but I always thought President Kang liked mustard. He probably wants to make Secretary Kim a fan too. Secretary Kim won’t offer any further information and just like in the past he’s humiliated. President Kang orders him to find the truth and leaves like a boss.

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Yoon Mi receives a phone call from Jung Hwa who’s worried about Joo Young. Jung Hwa’s scared inside the police station and Yoon Mi orders a detective to find her a room to stay. Hyeong Sik searches around Jang Ho’s room and eventually he finds out his mobile phone and in there lies enough information concerning Jin Gi.

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Jin Gi’s happy because Jang Ho’s dead, now it’s Park Tae Gyu’s turn. Jin Gi is surprised once he receives a call from Jang Ho’s phone number and it only means one thing, more trouble he must take care of. One of the useless cops calls Hyeong Sik and informs him that Jang Ho passed away at the hospital and that useless cop, as always, suspects Do Hyung. Hyeong Sik wants to print all of the pictures inside Jang Ho’s phone.


Do Hyung wants to leave the hospital right away even though he’s not at his finest. He recalls the moment he knelt in front of the place she bled. Yoon Mi would like him to receive treatment, but he won’t obey. He informs Yoon Mi that they were wearing masks, he didn’t know who they were, but they knew who he was. At that point he makes a connection between the masked man who killed Jang Ho and the voice on the phone when he was with Park Tae Gyu and the moment he was left bloodstained in Incheon.


They need to find Park Tae Gyu in order to reach Jin Gi. They find his underlings who tell them he’s at his girlfriend’s place. Tae Gyu and his girlfriend are ready to leave, but somebody’s already there. Do Hyung and Yoon Mi arrive as well, but they are nowhere to be found.


Jin Gi’s underling was faster and they are being transferred to an abandoned sight. Do Hyung’s in immense fear in case Jin Gi has caught Joo Young and he’s in a rush to start the investigation anew. Yoon Mi tries to bring him back to reality and ease his mind.


Joo Young’s in front of the mirror recalling beautiful memories she shared with Do Hyung. He always prevented her from referring to her past making her believe he didn’t know anything. Now she knows he’s aware of everything and decides to end her own life.

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Thoughts: President Kang is the head in the hierarchy and Hak Soo was his right hand. Hak Soo wasn’t a man of patience, but President Kang is. Jin Gi and Secretary Kim had suffered in their own way under Hak Soo’s villainous reign and took the situation in their own hands. We don’t know the exact reason why Jin Gi ended Hak Soo’s villainous crusade. I presume there’s something more than broken pride and Secretary Kim plays his own part except for being Jin Gi’s insider among President Kang’s ranks.


Even now, Secretary Kim honored his vow of silence when Jin Gi took care of Jang Ho, the one and only witness of Hak Soo’s murder, who took the secret to his grave. Probably both of them wanted more power in order to turn the tables and become the head of the hierarchy and Hak Soo was the first obstacle. President Kang’s probably the second and last one and he’s going to become a target sooner than expected since his patience faded away and expressed himself the noodle-bowl way upon Secretary Kim.


Hye Jung is quite curious about Jin Gi’s moves dare i say and at this point i could consider her an undercover police officer or she could be President Kang’s secret informant. As for Hyeong Sik, my thoughts point towards that direction as well, that’s he’s in an undercover mission and he doesn’t want to involve Yoon Mi because he doesn’t want her to dwell too much in the world of the Shadows. He may have some other reasons we can’t be aware of at this very moment, he exchanges information with Hye Jung but he’s not friendly with her/them either. I am curious about how he intends to use the photographs from Jang Ho’s phone.


I don’t think Lee Jin Sook is as innocent and caring as she appears to be, she doesn’t provide shelter to Joo Young out of her kind heart, there must be some future profit to her for having her under her wings. I may be wrong, but it’s only an assumption. The Shadows offshoot’s cleansing progresses and after Jang Ho the next target is Park Tae Gyu, he knows enough to get silenced or at least get extremely threatened. We have yet to find the more specific reasons why he got dragged in that abandoned place. The more President Kang penetrates Secretary Kim and Jin Gi’s pride kilometer by kilometer every time with his infinite sword the Shadows process their own plans in a faster pace.


Jin Gi still doesn’t think of Do Hyung as a threat, he’s a one man army dude! He ruined your plans countless times already and you always had to take extra measures, what else must happen in order to read through the lines? Or are you too drunk to see because of the silent hierarchy climbing? If you have to take care of someone though, please vanish all these useless cops from the surface of the earth, at first it was only Myeong Hwan, suddenly they grew in numbers like the plague!


Do Hyung obviously doesn’t care about his own health, only Joo Young matters, if he finds her he can die peacefully in her embrace and bid this world farewell. Yoon Mi tries to bring him back to reality and i hope she succeeds. But then again, Do Hyung doesn’t get hurt, he reflects pain into the outer space and every time he looks like hurting these are just mere body spasms as a natural reaction to the impact! I wonder when he will truly collapse, at the end of the episode he wasn’t at his finest, he’s been through way too much already as we’re gradually reaching the drama’s midway ground.


Do Hyung and Joo Young’s refuge are their memories. When things get awry and this happens pretty often the flashbacks revive the good old times before the past came to haunt them at the present. I like the flashback technique in My Beautiful Bride, especially when it’s about scenes we haven’t already seen. Sometimes it’s getting overused, but when the expressive soundtrack accompanies the scenes i surrender to the feels of the moment. Joo Young’s suicide attempt was just so sad, she’s always running away from herself and Do Hyung in addition. She’s too afraid of her past getting revealed and now that she found out Do Hyung knows about it escapism showed its most concrete fangs.


If she can’t accept and love herself despite the difficulties she had to go through she can’t ultimately cleanse herself from the past and love Do Hyung to the utmost level, that self-sacrificial aspect of love doesn’t help anyone of them. They’ve reached their most extreme form of emotional expression, Do Hyung has forgotten how it feels to care about himself and willingly puts himself in constant danger and Joo Young is in a like-minded condition putting her own self in danger from the other side of the fence thinking it would ease his burden. The ghost of Shakespeare in the form of an emotional bulldozer is here. Is it just me or this drama’s ambiance is so addictive?


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