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Bride_of_the_Century-p1Hello Dramajjangers

During a tough period for Greece, let’s find hope through dramas, art and let’s keep writing, that way we would feel better.

One of the dramas I didn’t have on my “plan to watch” list is “Bride of the century”. I got aware of the drama when I was watching “My unfortunate boyfriend” and I was searching for Yang Ji Sung’s works. By the way is it only me or do you too, when you search about an actor/actress’s works you end up adding 10 more dramas to your “plan to watch” list? Anyway I got interested in Bride of the century and the fact that Lee Hongki was the male lead, made me decide to watch it. I love FTisland since their debut and Hongki is a good actor.

“Bride of the century” has a bit of melodrama, comedy, supernatural and romance. It starts interesting with an upcoming marriage between the daughter of a rich family and the son of another rich family. The marriage of course is going to happen for financial reasons. The interesting part begins when the side of the bride knows about the grudge the Choi family has. The grudge has to do with the first brides that get to the family, it is known that they die.

Ma Jae Ran (Shin Eun Jung) the mother of the bride can’t afford to not have the wedding, but she can’t lose her daughter either. She finds a solution through a doppelganger of her daughter, the girl from the village Na Doo Rim (Yang Jin Sung) who is the exactly opposite of Jang Yi Kyung (Yang Jin Sung).

She convinces the girl, who doesn’t know about the grudge, to become the bride of Choi Kang Joo (Lee Hongki) and everything gets complicated from there.

I know a drama is worth watching, when I lose my sleep because I want to know what happens next. Bride of the century is that kind of drama.

I don’t want to say more about the story, because I don’t want to reveal any other spoilers. But I have to say that this drama was a great pause from all the ongoing ones I watched that time.

The love story is very strong and you will find yourself begging from more scenes between the main couple.

The main leads are likeable, of course Na Doo Rim the bright and hard working girl is lovable, even the cold chaebol becomes likeable after some episodes.
The evil ones are the typical of the kdramas, but they have motives so they are not the annoying type who act bad with no reason.

The charm of the drama, is that although it has some cliches you never really know what is going to happen next. Things keep unfolding and many twists keep the drama going.

If it happens and you watch this drama come back and tell me your opinion^^
Have you already watched it? What are your thoughts on “Bride of the Century”?

p.s the drama has some serious eye candy


Sung Hyuk

little brother

Jung Hae In the handsome boy from “Blood”


Lee Hongki Sung Hyuk

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  1. July 31, 2015 at 9:52 pm — Reply

    Thanks for this post, Hana 🙂
    I have planned to watch this drama for quite sometime now but I didn’t have enough time. I so like Lee Hongki and hopefully start watching it in the upcoming weeks ^^

    • August 1, 2015 at 10:07 am — Reply

      You are very very very welocme. You should watch it and then come back and tell me your thoughts^^

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