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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 6 Recap

yoonmidohyungSince the 4th episode My Beautiful Bride keeps up its steady pace dividing itself in equal amounts of more than welcome action, mystery, suspense and feels. Even though we get to know more with every passing episode there’s a whole lot more lurking in the background waiting for the right moment to come to the surface. Even though its ratings weren’t as strong (0.686%) as the ones the previous two episodes received, the 6th one served its purpose well as a story-progressing episode which let its leading figures receive equally airing time. Not everything is the way it seems and we’ll have to go through a wide variety of storyline crossroads until the whole truth will be revealed.


Joo Young still hides and since someone’s approaching her she’s getting ready to defend herself. She tries to hit him, but he wrist-grabs her. He’s no other than Do Hyung who had just found her and time stands still only for them in the overall surrounding darkening ambiance. The emotional intensity of the moment is electrified.


Where did all these feels come from? He takes off his socks for her to wear them so that her feet will be at ease and returns her shoe as he can’t hold back his tears. Joo Young tries to utter her thoughts, but it’s not easy under the emotional charge of the moment. Do Hyung would like them to live somewhere faraway, somewhere nobody will know them, someplace where they will be strangers to everyone except for themselves.

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Yoon Mi’s inside the industrial area searching around for Do Hyung and Joo Young. Do Hyung piggybacks Joo Young as they try to escape, but Jin Gi’s underlings have already arrived. Do Hyung urges her to leave until she finds the police force and once again Do Hyung’s here to fight with them. Everyone of them is armed with crowbars, but Joo Young wields a rope with a metallic edge and crashes them one after the other. He’s outnumbered but he fights against all odds, all that matter to him is for Joo Young to escape.

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While fighting he fell on the ground and hit his head and Jin Gi’s underling was about to stab him with a knife, but Yoon Mi saved him. Joo Young keeps running and Hyeong Sik grabs her until she loses consciousness. Yoon Mi interrogates one of the Shadows, but he doesn’t have much to say, he’s the lowest part of the pyramid. Yoon Mi calls Hyeong Sik on the phone and he pretends he doesn’t know anything about Joo Young while she’s lying unconscious in front of him.


Blood’s coming out of Do Hyung’s mouth and he instantly becomes her priority. Hyeong Sik seems to know Jin G’s underling quite well, they may not be in a friendly relationship, but for some reason he helped them. The police force arrived but the Shadows managed to escape. Do Hyung’s getting transferred to the hospital and he recalls beautiful memories by Joo Young’s side on a picnic. Joo Young’s unconscious inside the car as well and she’s in a similar state of mind where happy memories blossom, always alongside Do Hyung.

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Do Hyung suffers from slight brain hemorrhage, but it will subside soon since the damage was not extended. Receiving treatment and resting for the time being feels essential. Hyeong Sik’s attitude towards him is negative and Yoon Mi takes Do Hyung’s side given the circumstances. She unveils their background love story to Hyeng Sik and she relates it to Joo Young’s background and how she wanted to protect Do Hyung from Hak Soo and the Shadows whereas at the same time Do Hyung was trying to protect her and keep her past a secret.

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That was the only reason Do Hyung lied during the whole investigation process even if he became the main suspect at some point. Hyeong Sik doesn’t want to believe in everything Yoon Mi presented and still considers the case as a man’s revenge on his girlfriend’s betrayal. Yoon Mi thinks Lee Jang Ho, Hak Soo’s right hand, is after Joo Young. One of her scenarios is that he killed Hak Soo and he’s after Joo Young. She thinks he wanted to take his position, but Hyeong Sik can’t relate Joo Young to this story even though she was Hak Soo’s girlfriend. He wants her to focus on Joo Young and he will look into Lee Jang Ho.

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He takes Yoon Mi to the hospital to take care of her hand and she thinks that Joo Young must had been suffocating all this time. Yoon Mi asks him if Hyeong Sik hides something from her and they become playful. Myeong Hwan, the useless cop, hadn’t noticed anything, but he never notices anything. On the contrary, Jung Yeon’s always one or even more steps ahead of him and she’s well aware that something’s going on between Hyeong Sik and Yoon Mi!

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Do Hyung’s still unconscious at the hospital and the Shadows are still transferring Joo Young. Jin Gi gets informed that she’s with them and he’s more than glad. At that point the car gets attacked by a passing motorcycle and another team kidnaps Joo Young. Hyeong Sik’s drinking alone and soon Hye Jung appears. He thinks it was them who killed Hak Soo and she reassures him that this isn’t true. He asks her about Jang Ho’s location and she sticks to the information we already know, that he’s in China. Even if Hyeong Sik relates them to the whole story he’s thinking of how he will be able to put the pieces together, but she thinks that even if he does there’s nothing he will be able to do. In case he finds out about Jang Ho’s whereabouts she would like him to inform her, but he already read through the lines and he’s aware that Jang Ho’s back in Korea.


Hyeong Sik returned back home and he stood by Yoon Mi’s side who was sleeping on his bed. By the time Hye Jung returned back Jin Gi had already beaten up his underling for losing Joo Young. The overall climate isn’t bright. She becomes aware that President Kang is searching for Joo Young as well and she wonders if Jin Gi has yet another spy lurking in there for receiving such information. At this point Jin Gi regrets he didn’t vanish Joo young from the surface of the earth three years ago. President Kang’s already searching for her and he wants his underlings to be just a half step ahead of everyone. He wants to know what Joo Young knows.

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Lee Jang Ho has been spotted and president Kang wants to find him as well, I like this villainous boss, he’s always so tranquil but so menacing at the same time. Hye Jung lets Jin Gi know that Hyeong Sik wants to find Jang Ho and Jin Gi doesn’t like the fact that he’s too sensitive these days. They’re doing a background investigation on the man they arrested when Do Hyung was wounded and Lee Jin Sook is the next name on the list, the woman who tried to hide Joo Young in Incheon. Hyeong Sik doesn’t like the fact that Yoon Mi invests that much time in the whole case.


Do Hyung was having a nightmare and as soon as he woke up he struggled to get back on his feet and revive his personal duty. Yoon Mi arrives and informs him that they didn’t find Joo Young. Do Hyung’s well aware that Hak Soo was a problem solver and that they are also known as Shadows. He urges Yoon Mi to tell him who these Shadows are. She doesn’t know how he managed to find out about them, but this matter shouldn’t concern him since he isn’t a cop.

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He asks her directly how does she know Joo Young and her tongue runs faster than her mind and eventually she lets him know that she was her informant. She can’t tell him the whole truth for the reason why Joo Young cooperated with her in the first place. Do Hyung wants to be able to get Joo Young’s calls and he keeps ignoring Yoon Mi who feels helpless at this point since she won’t cooperate with her.


Do Hyung points out that these men were shadows, but she can’t believe it since they broke apart 3 years ago when Hak Soo was arrested, especially now that he’s dead. Yoon Mi has Jang Ho in mind and they go to the place where Park Tae Gyu and the loan sharks used to be. At that point he learns more about president Jo’s case who was at the verge of losing everything and he turned to loan sharks using her daughter as the guarantor who eventually went missing. If the Shadows are back then president Jo’s daughter’s case resembles the way they were acting back in the days.


She refers to a case in the past which was around organ selling and the victims were mostly missing people who used loan shark money but never paid back their debt. The loan shark investigation didn’t lead anywhere, but later on they found out about the problem solvers who were paying back the debt and they would take the debtors. All “good” things in the world were taking place, human trafficking, drugs, organ-selling, insurance fraud, everything that could make them money was a necessary method.


Through Joo Young’s help they were able to arrest Hak Soo and sadly enough it’s not over just like Yoon Mi used to believe. At this point she was honest to him and she wants Do Hyung to do the same with her. She doesn’t feel well especially now that guilt overruns her in Do Hyung’s presence and she mentions that Joo Young wanted to help her because she had found her first love, it was all about Do Hyung. Do Hyung says he met her three years ago and leaves as memories erupt on his way.


He did look for her back in the days, he had noticed her street vendor mother wasn’t there and he couldn’t see her at the bank anymore. His mother’s assistant told him that there wasn’t any information about her whereabouts and he urged Do Hyung to keep her as a memory and nothing more, but without letting his mother know. That’s the reason why he wanted to work at a bank, to feel her close since this was a place she used to visit. And when he joined the army he was always waiting for her at the bar he saw her for the last time. Yoon Mi’s words echo once again in his mind and she finds him letting him know that she knows everything and that he’s trying to protect her, but Do Hyung keeps acting the same way.


Joo Young wakes up inside a room and as she wanders around the house she notices she’s being guarded. Lee Jin Sook’s back into business! She intends to get the ones who are after her, suddenly Joo Young found an ally! President Kang’s eating all the time! Cooking is what will happen to the person who killed Hak Soo, but Jin Gi hasn’t found any information yet. Jin Gi’s worried about the process of the conversation and president Kang wants him to bring the one responsible for Hak Soo’s death alive in front of him. If he doesn’t keep his promise Jin Gi will become bloody soup as well!

bscap0267 bscap0268bscap0269bscap0270bscap0271bscap0275 bscap0273bscap0272 bscap0276

Jin Gi wants his underlings to find Jang Ho and bury him once and for all and then find a proper replacement for the one who was supposed to have killed Hak Soo. Jang Ho calls Yoon Mi, he wants her to help him survive and he’ll tell her who killed Hak Soo. Someone had already traced his location and Jang Ho manages to escape. Yoon Mi heads towards the meeting point and Do Hyung eventually follows her even though she told him to wait for her.


Jang Ho spots Yoon Mi and Do Hyung notices him since he’s aware that he will use a public phone. Once he called her some people kidnapped him right before Do Hyung arrived and talk to Yoon Mi over the phone. They start searching around for him and Do Hyung witnesses a woman screaming. Jang Ho’s inside the car and Do Hyung gets hit on the head by a crowbar at that point and falls unconscious. His head will turn in a volcano after all these hits!

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Thoughts: The scene when Do Hyung took off his socks to take care of her harmed feet and returned her shoe was of extreme beauty. If this isn’t unconditional, then what is? If this isn’t love, then what is? Joo Young’s struggle and Do Hyung’s traumatized smile as he was proposing her to start anew together in a faraway place where nobody would know them gave birth to unparalleled feels. Both Moo Yul and Sung Hee poured their souls into this scene, all the feels were alive and breathing before our very eyes turning the scene into an emotional masterpiece. The desire to be together under a new heaven while they were in hell was reaching perfection.


As episodes pass by Do Hyung lives up to any expectation as a one man army. He’s a killing machine that will do just anything to protect his loved one. The Terminator within was in slumber and was awakened by the threatening environment around Joo Young. She’s the only person close to him to an unconditional extent and he puts his life on the line so that she will be safe from harm.


He’s only getting beaten up badly because he’s one versus everyone and he can’t always have eyes on the back of his head, a head that has been tormented quite a lot. Even if a rocket explodes on Do Hyung’s head he will survive, i am pretty certain! If during the following episodes his skin gets torn apart and we witness the Terminator exoskeleton don’t be surprised because it will be the one and only truth.


Many people from the dark side of life are after Joo Young, she definitely knows something she shouldn’t and they want to either silence her once and for all or find out what she knows which is probably Hak Soo oriented and then get rid of her. I am really curious about what she’s aware of. Jin Gi’s definitely terrifying, especially when he gets enraged, but he’s nothing compared to president Kang. His tranquility is even more fearsome and we all know that once he erupts something really bad could happen.


Do Hyung rejects any help from the police force and Yoon Mi struggles to be close to him in order to help him because she deeply wants to protect Joo Young as well. She’s not just an informant from the past anymore, she feels for Joo Young’s broken background and she was more than glad she was able to find happiness in Do Hyung’s embrace after everything she had been through. She put her life in danger so that she could be with him.

bscap0257Even now that Yoon Mi exposed everything she knew about Joo Young and all of her assumptions about when Do Hyung first met her came to the surface he still protects her past and keeps it a secret. He doesn’t intend to break his personal vow of silence when it comes to the woman he loves. Even though he knows, he pretends he doesn’t know anything and declares that everything started three years ago. It’s the depth of his love that paces with Joo Young’s flow and he doesn’t want to harm her even further than she’s already been harmed in the past.


Do Hyung doesn’t want to get better before leaving the hospital in search of Joo Young anew. All that matters is her safety and his health is always a secondary matter compared to her. Yoon Mi opens up all of her cards so that Do Hyung will trust her, but it still isn’t enough to him. I was glad we got to see more of Lee Si Young, her highly expressive temperament through her facial expressions was utterly representative of her character during the 6th episode.


Hyeong Sik is not as innocent as he appeared to be. He was the one to get Joo Young while she was on her escape route when he could have easily helped her. It’s not that he’s friendly with the Shadows either. His stepping stone has to be Hye Jung who’s like a two-sided coin according to what suits her best depending on the occasion. Either both of them are together in the most undercover mission when it comes to the whole investigation as a part of a higher plan against the Shadows in which he doesn’t want to involve Yoon Mi or he probably wants to keep Yoon Mi safe and cooperates with them because she could had been a target of the Shadows ever since she caught Hak Soo. One thing is for sure for now, he becomes an obstacle in the whole investigation process for his own reasons.


I am really curious about why did Lee Jin Sook start helping Joo Young in a more palpable way even though she had retired. Is it unconditional or she entered the game for her own reasons? The Shadows probably killed Hak Soo under Jin Gi’s orders and Jang Ho is just a scapegoat running for his life. Jin Gi will go after Do Hyung even though he wanted to let him live in the first place since he considered him harmless and Joo Young will become aware that Do Hyung knows everything about her past. She will probably attempt to end her own life while Do Hyung will be fighting to remain alive in the danger zone. It only gets better!


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