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My Beautiful Bride ~ Episode 5 Recap

MyLoveJooYoungAlright, with the 5th episode things have just started getting awesome in the world of My Beautiful Bride. Suspense, mystery, flashbacks, action and feels are here to make this criminal dystopia the right place to be for our eyes only. Everything that started pointing towards the desired direction during the 4th episode has become more palpable now and the drama starts paving its own way in a more coherent and captivating way. The 5th episode managed to achieve the drama’s 2nd best ratings to date (0.901%) after the 4th episode’s 1.008%, but let’s see what’s going on here.


We dive in the past and nobody was messing with Do Hyung, not even the school thugs and if anything unjust was happening he was seeing it to the very end. Joo Young was new at that school and everyone liked her, she was catching everyone’s attention except for Do Hyung who seemed to be in his own world. Her friends weren’t the best ones to start with and she didn’t want others to know about her mother being a street vendor either.

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Gradually she caught his attention and ever since she became a silent yet integral part of himself. She didn’t want him to spread rumors about her family environment and he listened to her, but he also let her know that she should me ashamed of her friends, not her mother and he tried to show the whole truth in front of her supposed friends making her life uncomfortable back then, but it was her own life that was uncomfortable in the first place.

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She wished nobody knew her so that she could start anew. Being ashamed of her mother was just a mirror, she was ashamed of herself and she was reflecting all that upon her mother. She confessed all of her fears to him and he stated that he’s someone who doesn’t know her, so there was nothing to be ashamed of in front of him.


Yoon Mi questions the man from the restaurant who was at the same school as Do Hyung. One day Joo Young was being bullied by him and his friends and Do Hyung rushed to save her, he locked her out of the room and tried to take care of all of them on his own. Yoon Mi connects the pieces in her mind and everything gradually starts making sense. Do Hyung never told her the truth about when and how he met Joo Young in order to protect her past.

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Joo Young and all of her “friends” were bound to leave school after that incident and only Do Hyung didn’t face the consequences due to his family’s power and connections. His mother took care of everything and it was more than apparent that she was always overstepping her son’s own life. Suddenly, Joo Young’s words about dealing with everything with his money started making sense in his mind. It was something that was making him feel ashamed of and he took the situation in his own hands for the first time and voluntarily got transferred to a new school environment.


Ever since Joo Young’s father passed away her family’s life became more difficult and she kept going to the bank to see the money flowing as she was always wishing they could be hers. She promised to make money and become someone Do Hyung would never recognize. It was something that would never abide to Do Hyung’s emotional instincts even though she nearly begged him to forget about her and never recognize her in case they crossed paths in the future.


There’s a revival of the scene the night he was drunk before joining the army, the night when time stood still between them for a while. Do Hyung was trying to keep her by his side for a bit more while she was trying to run away, something she eventually did. She wasn’t the only one to remember him, he recalled her as well and that night their story started progressing with shy steps in each other’s absence.


The day Joo Young was being bullied her thug classmates had taken the letter she wanted to give to Do Hyung. After fighting with them he had managed to take it back and it accompanied him throughout the years. Through her letter Joo Young was thankful towards Do Hyung for pretending he didn’t know about her life and that she was willing to start over with him in order for him to get to know her, all she ever wanted was for him to become her boyfriend. He never forgot her words and she never forgot about him. Back then he had given her a positive answer that would last forever, but that that point her transformation had already began.

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That was during the first part of the drama which was past-oriented. During the second half we arrive at the present with Joo Young being at the pier. She was regretting inflicting so much pain and suffering upon Do Hyung’s life. Do Hyung was on his way there, but the Shadows had already arrived and had started interrogating her friend, Lee Jin Sook. Their intentions were never friendly, violent is not even an adjective that would describe their whole attitude towards a woman and her working personnel. At the cost of Jin Sook getting severely harmed the Shadows eventually found about Joo Young’s possible location.

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Do Hyung arrived and started taking care of the remaining ones one after the other. The rest of the Shadows couldn’t find Joo Young and they headed towards the phone booth. Joo Young was already talking to Jung Hwa who was trying to warn her, but it was too late. The Shadows were there with not so friendly intentions. At that point Jung Hwa called Yoon Mi and let her know that the Shadows probably got Joo Young.


They were about to leave with her but Do Hyung managed to arrive and caused a ruckus. As expected, he started beating them up one after the other once again. Only a car followed by a crowbar blow could stop him at that point and that’s what happened. He’s lying bleeding on the ground and the Shadows’ subordinate puts him on the phone to talk to Jin Gi.

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Do Hyung asks him directly if he’s the problem solver behind the loan sharks, it’s something that enrages Jin Gi who urges Do Hyung to forget about her and start leading a silent and happy life. Jin Gi considers him harmless and tells his underling to let him live. Do Hyung grabs his foot and lets him know that if anything happens to Joo Young he will kill him with his own hands before losing his own life. He gets beaten up anew and eventually passes out.

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We dive back in the past three years ago when Joo Young was recording Hak Soo’s conversations to frame him for his crimes. Once she went back to take her recorder Jin Gi had already been there. He was aware of Yoon Mi’s investigation since he had followed Joo Young during the exchange of information with her. He wasn’t satisfied because his voice was a part of her recordings and he let her know that he would bring her the proper information. He probably wanted to get Hak Soo out of the way. Joo Young thought she would put an end to her past and then she would be able to rewrite her own path in life, apparently, it wasn’t that easy.


Do Hyung’s getting soaked by the rain as he’s lying wounded on the ground and the exceptional musical background makes the whole scene more heartrending. He gathers his remaining powers and reaches Joo Young’s shoe as he cries his heart out. He manages to reach the phone booth and he wants Yoon Mi to track his phone’s location since he placed it in Jin Gi’s underling’s pocket. The message gets delivered and the mission progresses with Yoon Mi finding Do Hyung bloodstained.

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Joo Young woke up inside the car and one of the Shadows was thirsty for some flesh. He thinks Joo Young’s playing along with him, but she was only following Do Hyung’s teachings. She broke his finger and grabbed the driver by the seat belt causing the car to crash on a wall. By the time the others arrive Joo Young had already left. Is she a phantom or what?! She entered the abandoned industrial scenery and hid herself.

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The Shadows are searching around and shortly after Yoon Mi and Do Hyung arrived. They also found Hyeong Sik on the spot and the investigation progresses. Do Hyung enters the place where Joo Young had hidden herself. At that point Hye Jung whispers something on Jin Gi’s ear and he calls immediately his underling letting him know that the cops traced his location due to Do Hyung’s phone.

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Do Hyung appears and starts knocking them down one after the other and this time he shows no mercy. Joo Young still hides and since someone’s approaching her she’s getting ready to defend herself. She tries to hit him, but he wrist-grabs her. He’s no other than Do Hyung who had just found her and time stands still only for them in the overall surrounding darkening ambiance.


Thoughts: My Beautiful Bride’s OST is astonishing so far. It paces perfectly well with the heart-wrenching ambiance and completes each and every scene it craves for its presence. It soothes the intensity and multiplies the emotional depth of the flowing foreground. The musical background is My Beautiful Bride’s hidden actor and serves its purpose in a highly representative way.


I loved the blending flashbacks during the first half of the 5th episode. They were well-conceived and well-executed as they were following an insightful path, especially when it comes to Do Hyung’s background since Joo Young’s one had already been presented up to an extent during the previous episodes. Do Hyung and Joo Young had found themselves on quite many crossroads throughout the passing of time, but the circumstances didn’t let their feelings blossom mutually in each other’s presence until Hak Soo was imprisoned.


She made him notice her in the first place, but once this happened she became a silent yet integral part of himself. It’s easily noticeable that Do Hyung was always running behind her all these years while she was always trying to run away from herself. Do Hyung worked as a mirror to herself in the first place and made her realize that the real reason she was feeling ashamed of was no other than herself.


The sudden realization was more than she could bear at that point, but Do Hyung really made her change and since he didn’t know much about her life he was willing to get to know her from point zero just like she wanted to start anew. That change didn’t last for long since life had other plans for her, but it was a good start that scarred her gently and made her want to make things right so as to be with him eventually.


Do Hyung is willing to give his own life in order to protect Joo Young. Holding her shoe in his own hands depicted all the longing to be with her in the most representative way as he was crying his heart out. The threnody of the moment was perfectly presented during that very specific part of the episode as he was soaked by the rained and bloodstained in solitude.


The thin red line between Do Hyung and his mother who was always interfering in his life in any way she wanted to was already being crossed by her during his high school years. At the present their relationship is colder than death and nothing can warm things up since he’s well aware she will never approve Joo Young in his life.


I like the green-oriented approach through the cinematography on Jin Gi, except for the color which presents life and florescence it’s also a color which could present some sort of decomposition. I like that glowing decomposition pacing with Jin Gi’s personality. I am also curious about Lee El’s character, Hye Jung. Something tells me she’s cooperating with the police force while she pretends to be delivering inside information to Jin Gi in order to be by his side and uncover his crimes. She’s either a devoted or venal officer, one thing is for certain, Lee El is extremely elegant.


Kim Moo Yul is doing an exceptional work and as episodes pass by he pours his soul even more into his role. The fight choreography was pretty strong and representative meeting my personal expectations. He’s a one man army for sure! It doesn’t matter if they’re armed, he can use anything as a weapon, even the car key, a fork or spoon (Man On High Heels anyone?). Things have just gotten more serious and i like the fueling action throughout the episode. Ko Sung Hee is distinctively better here and i am glad about it, it’s not that she’s unerring, but she appears better with the passing of the episodes. Even though i started this drama because of Lee Si Young, My Beautiful Bride seems to be Kim Moo Yul’s personal business and he’s already proving it. Alright, i guess it’s time for the 6th episode!


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  1. July 10, 2015 at 3:05 am — Reply

    go sung hee really improved here, i’m so happy for her.
    i think lee el is probably an undercover cop (this is the writer from heartless city), but after ep 6 i don’t know what she’s up to. I know that i only trust lee si young, because everyone else looks so suspicious.

  2. bmore
    July 10, 2015 at 3:28 am — Reply

    I agree these 2 episodes have explained and exposed much. I continue with my unadulterated fascination, despite having to suspend my incredulity at a head (and body) that can take that many blows and still maintain consciousness and fighting ability. The signs are and have been pointing strongly and became more solidified to me in this episode of the betrayer among the police force. It will be a devastating blow to our team if true.

  3. July 10, 2015 at 8:13 pm — Reply

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  4. July 11, 2015 at 10:49 pm — Reply

    OMG… The caption on that picture! “No matter how much you change, I’ll still recognize you.” Now I’ve got to check out this drama. Just popped over from your MLED recap to see what you were saying about this drama. Now I’m intrigued! Thank you!

    • July 12, 2015 at 12:01 am — Reply

      Had an Eun Dong touch, right? 😀 Hope you will enjoy My Beautiful Bride, but it seems that dramas which start with “My” are pretty good lately! XD I personally found the first 2 eps confusing, the 3rd one was my stepping stone and during the 4-5-6th episode it became quite awesome! I’m enjoying it a lot now and i really hope you will enjoy it as well if you manage to start it!

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