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My Love Eun Dong ~ Episode 7 Recap

EunDongahTighten your seat belts, My Love Eun Dong’s zones are gradually intensifying everything they preserve. The first and most important one is the chamber of feels and silent emotions craving to come to the surface as they blossom solely or in the crossroads of a steadily awakening conscience to eventually turn into mutual bliss. The second and most abhorrent one is the unofficial coalition of everyone trying to prevent the emotional big bang in the making from happening; for different reasons each and every one of them. Last but not least, we have all those walking on the thin red line between these two drama fractions and they are figures whose participation range varies from being neutral to leaning towards one of the two directions. The flow of events will point towards specific destinations as moral or sentimental dilemmas will appear along the way. One way or another, the past will inevitably force its very essence at the present, deciphering everyone’s reality into a nightmare or a dream. While the bestselling book “My Love Eun Dong” has been released inside the drama’s world and it preserves all the beauty and all the longing of the past, the drama itself already feels like another book in the making whose ending chapter will be written at the final episode.


bscap0060The kabedon interaction between Eun Ho and Jung Eun at the elevator made time stand still for a while. He takes her back home and starts playing their song inside his car. He’s not forceful with memories, he tries to awaken them from slumber one step at a time. Eun Ho can’t help it but recall their multifaceted interaction at the restaurant with Jung Eun denying his offer since she was just a ghostwriter following his emotional lead. It doesn’t feel right since the story belongs to Eun Ho and Eun Dong, but Eun Ho emphasizes on that being the most important reason why she should accept it. The moments inside his car are awkwardly soothing and distantly warm.

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bscap0066Jae Ho’s boiling in solitude back home and i am not quite sure whether all these crises are due to his paralysis or him pressuring himself in physical discomfort to make Jung Eun get closer to him now that Eun Ho has entered her life anew. Instead of Ra Il calling his mother, he wants him to call Hyun Ah. In the meantime, Eun Ho would like to be able seeing Jung Eun quite often, but she doesn’t reply back. Eun Ho tries to break the ice of awkwardness and wants her to tell him how does he look like, but it’s not helpful either. Their nighttime has reached an end, but Eun Ho’s mind keeps running and running, he can’t help it but imagine how it would feel to run after her and take her in his embrace. The urge to keep seeing her can only become more powerful and he restrains himself so that everything will fall into place step by step, memory by memory. Watching her leave is the only thing he can do for now.

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bscap0077Back home, Jung Eun dives into a torrent of recent and past memories, but she’s not the only one, Eun Ho’s losing himself in his own thoughts which are always being accompanied by a man’s best friend; beer. He knows it’s not going to be easy, but life has proven it was never easy in the first place. At least he found the very specific road he should walk upon instead of finding himself in endless crossroads. Hyun Ah’s on her way to the hospital and she delivers all the necessary information concerning Jae Ho’s condition until she arrives.


bscap0083Hyun Ah’s one of the greatest supports Jae Ho could ever have. Referring to him as superman is always reminiscent to his immense tries to walk again. Hyun Ah tries to comfort Ra Il’s emotional anxiety reassuring him that everything will be fine. Jae Ho, even though he can’t walk, he will always be the one and only superman Ra Il ever witnessed. Jae Ho’s mother has just arrived and we all know it’s not going to be easy for Jung Eun once she appears, but Jae Ho restrains her and unfolds an affectionate side towards Jung Eun who would like to take Ra Il back home. However, Hyun Ah reassures her that everything will be fine, especially now that Ra Il found a new friend, Mi Na, who stood by his side a while ago.

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bscap0097Dong Gyu was trying to buy the clothing store, but he wasn’t successful. Once Eun Ho appeared everything became so easy and soon enough they started signing all the necessary papers; it’s always easier when you are a celebrity! He would like the owner to keep it a secret from the workers and he intends to turn it into a part-timer’s heaven when it comes to salaries and working conditions for Jung Eun’s sake! Dong Gyu has already read the book and he’s deeply aware of what Eun Dong means to him. He wants him to focus on her and he will take care of everything else.

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bscap0106Jung Eun shows the photo of the Korean language class to her friend and both of them think that the girl in the photo looks exactly like her back in the days. Once Jung Eun lets Mi Soon know that the girl in the photo is Eun Dong she takes her friend by surprise as memories strike Jung Eun once again. We get a glimpse of the past when it comes to Jae Ho. Eun Dong may had playfully lied to Hyeon Soo that she had another boyfriend to make him get even closer to her, but Jae Ho appears to had been in the one-sided aspect of love since Eun Dong had clearly stated that she didn’t have feelings for him. Jae Ho was losing himself both in the whirlwind of memories and literally as well with his wheelchair until Ra Il brought some light into his life with his heartfelt affection. He’s happy to have found a new friend, Mi Na, but he’s even happier witnessing his father’s arms functioning anew after all this time. Jae Ho wants him to keep a secret from Jung Eun in order to surprise her once and for all in the future and Ra Il concurs.

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bscap0112Mi Soon and Jung Eun are watching Eun Ho’s new drama, I Have a Lover, but they aren’t the only ones. Seo Ryeong and Eun Ho are doing the same and Hyun Bal’s happy about the ratings and informs Eun Ho who doesn’t really seem to care. Eun Ho can’t help it but contact Jung Eun wondering whether she liked the drama or not. The answer could only be positive and he lets her know that Eun Dong would feel the same way about it since she always supported him even when nobody else was there for him. Even if ten years have passed since he last saw her, Eun Ho thinks that even if he’s aged a bit nothing would have changed in her heart and that she would still see him as the amazing Hyeon Soo. It was a statement that made Jung Eun lose herself in tears as she was reassuring him that Eun Dong would definitely feel the same. Stating that she could have missed him more and urging him to wait a bit more may have sounded a bit bitter at the present, but it beheld tremendous amounts of hope for the future. Jung Eun can’t stop staring at the Korean language class picture and it’s not an easy moment for Eun Ho either.

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bscap0127It’s golf time for Seo Ryeong and Hyun Bal accompanies her, but she doesn’t consider him the most essential person to listen to her emotional struggles. However, in one hand she unveils her shattered world due to her one-sided love, on the other hand it’s some sort of bliss for her every time she sees Eun Ho. Eun Ho’s parents are working at their own greenhouse and his mother lets her husband know that Eun Ho intends to buy them a second house over there to make their lives much easier. His mother’s always concerned because he’s not getting married, but his father would like his son to find Eun Dong anew! The book made him realize how deep Hyeon Soo’s love for her had been throughout the years and he can finally talk about his son with a bright smile carved upon his face. If he didn’t understand him back then, now he does. During his first high school year he caught him smoking, but it wasn’t enough to make him quit. He stopped smoking when he met Eun Dong. Ten years later, he would never iron his clothes when he was in the military, once again, when he met Eun Dong anew he changed this bad habit. Urging his wife to stop two-timing Christianity and Buddhism in order to offer heart and soul to one religion and pray wholeheartedly for her son to find Eun Dong was priceless! Once she tells him that Hyun Ah and Mi Na will be arriving tomorrow he can’t hide all these shivers down his spine, all he wants is to make everything perfect for their presence in his life for the first time after all these years!

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bscap0137Hyun Ah has already noticed that Jae Ho’s condition can only get better and praises his efforts, but he wonders whether he will be able to be functional as a man. She doesn’t offer him a direct answer, but she tries to strengthen him even more since he has already surpassed himself up to this moment and tells him that perfect love between a man and a woman doesn’t necessarily involve physical contact to be complete. The soul is the G-spot and i am the mayor of Wonderland. Her words had her own positive impact upon him and he lets her know that she should had been a psychologist instead of a therapist!


bscap0138Seo Ryeong already knows by now that Hyun Ah is Jae Ho’s doctor and she can’t believe that all roads point towards an Eun Dong-Hyeon Soo direction! Jung Eun’s with her mother and home is a better place when her father is not around. She knows that her mother won’t answer to her questions and she’s aware that she will present a different “truth” in front of her and that’s why she found some answers to her questions by paying attention to her mother’s reactions. Being thankful to her mother for bringing her to life with her mother telling her that she always loved rice cakes made Jung Eun wonder whether there were rice cakes in the US. Jung Eun’s in search of honest answers when it comes to her past before the accident took place and shows her mother the picture from the classroom, but her mother’s lips are sealed since she’s afraid the truth will hurt her. Jung Eun pointing out that she’s already hurt while living the life of a person she never was made her mother urge her to keep living this way. One after the other the room gets filled with lies. According to her mother Jung Eun wasn’t happier before the accident and there wasn’t another man in her life before Jae Ho. Questioning her if she’s the woman who gave birth to her made her mother apologetic for everything, but still she won’t reply positively on whether she knew Eun Ho back then. Jung Eun’s thankful for her mother’s honesty since in her own she received the answers she wanted and the replies she got always possessed the opposite meaning.

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bscap0148Eun Ho’s task is to drive both Hyun Ah and Mi Na safe and sound for the first family gathering. Hyun Ah’s concerned on whether her mother will forgive her or not, but Eun Ho soothes her internal struggle and praises her strong character. The moment when her grandparents met Mi Na was a scene filled with feels and more feels approached us once Hyun Ah entered the room. Like father like son, just like Eun Ho was waiting for Eun Dong, his father was waiting for Hyun Ah. Hyun Ah’s apologetic and their hug was emotionally charged. Her mother was trying to hide her emotional intensity, but she can’t help it but unfold a part of her internal world and the fact that she should have come back home earlier all these years whenever she couldn’t take care of everything on her own. Eun Ho probably wanted to let them know that he found Eun Dong, but it wasn’t the right timing.

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bscap0154Jung Eun keeps dwelling in her Eun Dong files and she can’t stop listening to Eun Ho’s recordings as in her computer background lies a picture of her with Ra Il. Eun Ho was always afraid of Eun Dong riding a bicycle and he was worried if she got hurt while he was gone and that’s why she can’t contact him, he was always worried about everything and she recalls the words he told her before parting ways the night they ate at the restaurant. Now it makes more sense and such moment always end up in tears and silence.


bscap0155Eun Ho embraces the outskirts of solitude and his sister comes to his aid as she’s curious if Eun Dong appeared. He asks her about amnesia and if the person’s memories may feel more alive once she encounters old pictures or things that were part of her past. Hyun Ah asks him whether it is pathological or psychological amnesia and Eun Ho says it was a car accident. It can only point towards brain damage and Eun Ho lets her know that he met Eun Dong who is no other than his ghostwriter. Hyun Ah is thrilled as Eun Ho thinks that the gods envied everything they shared and made them a part of their violent playground. Eun Ho tells her that she’s married with a child and asks for her advice just like he did back in the days when he thought she had a boyfriend.

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bscap0161Jung Eun returns back to the playground and sits at the swing. Jae Ho’s staring at her through the window crying as he imagines how it would feel to be able to walk alongside Jung Eun. It’s something that shatters him to pieces and he cries his heart out. The next morning Jung Eun’s in front of the mirror and her past selves turn to life right in front of her very eyes as she recalls her hairpin. She does her own research and visits the university she attended. She depends on her resident registration and it appears that she attended the Korean literature class up to the first semester of 2005.

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bscap0171In front of the university she recalls memories that were always Eun Dong-Hyeon Soo related. She walks on the same places she used to walk with him and as his recordings keep echoing she gets overflown by flashbacks. With tears in her eyes she reads the book she wrote and it feels as if she can watch herself in the past. Inside the bus she keeps listening to Eun Ho’s recordings and the rivers of memories won’t cease flowing. At some point a rough maneuver makes her almost fall and she can finally see the face of Hyeon Soo in his 20s somewhere between memories and reality. Hyeon Soo’s at his own Bermuda Triangle were memories turn back to life as Jung Eun, Eun Dong, loses herself in tears inside the bus.

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Thoughts: I love the way memories erupt in Jung Eun’s mind as instant flashes in the night sky. There’s neither continuity nor duration, they are like distant pieces of the same puzzle coming together as her soulful core pulls them together like a magnet. What once had been scattered by the wind is gradually finding its way back home and what once was glowing like the sun is finding its forlorn sparkle through never-ceasing sparks. All arrows point towards the same blurry target, once the horizon becomes clearer the revelations will have their impact upon everyone, with Eun Dong finding herself right in the eye of the storm.


Eun Ho’s emotional struggle is immense, but it’s blissful in its own way by now. He has found the latest star at its birth pangs, all that remains is for it to start shining; the brightest. He could easily reveal the whole truth in front of Eun Dong anytime, but he restrains himself because he can’t afford to lose her at this very moment. His attempts to help her recall are elegant and not forceful even though he would like her to know the whole truth in a blink of an eye. The fact that he wanted to take her in his arms and actually imagining how the moment would be is just a glimpse of everything he might had thought throughout the years had Eun Dong been a part of his life.


Hyun Ah finally managed to do one grandiose step ahead by meeting her parents after all these years and the moments were more than heartfelt. Even her austere mother was softened at her very presence even though she was trying to hide it. Eun Ho is definitely his father’s son and the father proves it at the present, especially now that he got to utterly understand his son through the book. Both Hyun Ah and Eun Ho got their mother’s tenacity and their father’s more poetic vibes which are being presented through Eun Ho’s constant longing and infinite love and through Hyun Ah’s utterly humane side.


At this point i don’t think Jae Ho picked Hyun Ah as his doctor randomly, could it be that he wanted a missing link between his condition and a forthcoming revival or Eun Ho and Eun Dong’s romance? Someone from the “inside” that would eventually take his side once the grandiose revelation would take place. So many coincidences can’t be coincidences, but we all know how this factor works in the world of dramas. There are also some different and kind of affectionate vibes between them, i may be wrong, but i see a slight longing between them which could had been forged steadily throughout the years, but it could also be a patient-doctor relationship that approached a more friendly tone with the passing of years.


Jae Ho is probably the most controversial figure of My Love Eun Dong and he’s in my personal drama quarantine. He irritates me at times, quite a lot dare i say, but he always manages to leave the irritating camp and find a warmer place in my heart. Every time he takes advantage of his paralysis and pressures himself to the extent of causing himself major physical discomfort due to the whole anxiety of Eun Dong coming gradually to the surface i can’t help it but get angered. It’s the utmost level of self-pity alongside the fact that he intends to keep his improvement a secret. But then again, trying so hard to reclaim his physical strength and actually succeeding in it step by step is a moving achievement. Every time he cries alone or he is happy around Ra Il i can always forgive him because he’s not devoid of his humane side, on the contrary.


My Love Eun Dong gets filtered through two very different windows. It’s poetry in motion, but it’s also reality’s distortion. Sometimes it’s tough trying to differentiate between the host and the parasite because they breathe the same air. One thing is for certain, crystal clear or soon to be awakened memories shine in heartfelt tones no matter how heartrending it may be. The barren present is about to blossom as the seeds from the past had been kept pretty well and the rain that had always been a part of Eun Dong and Hyeon Soo will soon become a part of their lives anew.


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    Hey Kwon! I already watched ep7 but still came here to read your recap. Haha! What I loved most in this episode is the reunion of Hyun Ah and her family. I am glad this is now done and it was so heartwarming….just the right level of emotions no excessive crying etc. You make an interesting point about Jae Ho picking Hyun Ah as his doctor? An ulterior motive there? Not a coincidence? Either way I wouldn’t be surprised. It is kdrama after all 🙂 I also sense there’s a love line coming between the two? Definitely more feels there than your regular doctor/patient interaction. I also think Jae Ho’s not the ultimate badass here. His story is the most pitiful one imho. I can’t wait to find out the truth behind Ra II. Whose child is this? Please unravel this mystery soon!

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      Soon i’ll start watching the 8th one! XD Thanks for stopping by ^-^ Indeed! They didn’t turn the house into an aquarium from the so many tears, everything was to a welcome and natural extent! They could have easily turned the whole scene into a 5-minute funeral, but i am glad they didn’t XD The reunion was powerful and the figure i liked the most before and during the reunion was definitely the father, he’s crazy in his own way XD Definitely, either way it would make sense, it’s kdrama, haha! So glad someone else sees something more than just a doctor-patient relationship! 😀 That’s why i can’t really hate him, but when he does pressure himself with an ulterior motive i just can’t help it >.< Maybe Eun Ho and Eun Dong had a a closer interaction at that time and Ra Il is their son, but i can't really be certain! Ra Il is a mystery yet to be revealed xP

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        Oh No! If Ra II is Eun Ho’s son then I feel even worse for Jae Ho; not only will he lose a wife but also a son. Don’t want to see him turn into a spiteful person. :_(

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