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School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 16 Recap ~ END

school2015It neither appeared in the first place nor it managed to achieve double-digit ratings back home during its last airing week as i deeply desired, but School 2015 found shelter within the first place of many international fans and it was embraced with love regardless of the various shipping parameters and conflicts, or at least i want to believe so. Just for the history, School 2015 closed its curtains with its best ratings so far, 8.2%, which was a tie with High Society as Hwajung maintained its throne with 11%. School 2015 was a delightful and full of questions journey with the destination being an answer to each and every figures’ “who are you?” question whereas at the same time it was a sincere plea for love; to love and to be loved. It’s all about being 18 years old when you find yourself at the sunset of your adolescence right before the dawn of one’s adult life. School 2015: Who Are You? Myself. 감사합니다 to the whole School 2015 crew behind and in front of the cameras!


bscap1287So Young calls Eun Byul and lets her know of the event she prepared, but Eun Byul isn’t interested. Then So Young lets her know of the video involving Eun Bi she filmed in Tongyeong . Eun Byul rushes to school. In the meantime Eun Bi goes to the teacher’s stand while So Young eagerly awaits for Eun Byul’s appearance. Eun Bi is about to start her speech and at that moment Eun Byul enters the classroom leaving everyone with an open mouth except for Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang. It’s So Young’s time to make her move and informs everyone that apparently Eun Bi from Tongyeong isn’t dead.


bscap1288Eun Byul wants Eun Bi to not be afraid and finish what she was about to say and later on she will give further explanations. Eun Byul wants to talk to So Young somewhere else because she doesn’t want to pace with her flow. Eun Byul forces So Young to follow her and the whole situation inside the classroom has turned into an absurd circus with Eun Bi losing herself in her own thoughts.

 bscap1294bscap1293bscap1295bscap1296bscap1297bscap1298 bscap1299bscap1300

bscap1302Eun Byul wants So Young to hand over her cellphone. So Young refuses to let Eun Byul destroy the only copy of the video and she’s playing a dirty game saying that revealing the video won’t kill Eun Bi. The problem is that both Eun Bi and Eun Byul have the same face and many people will see it and they’ll start talking about them. Eun Byul wants to know if So Young was the one who filmed the video, but So Young avoids to answer for the time being.


bscap1305Eun Bi’s apologetic for lying all this time and introduces herself as Eun Bi making Shi Jin and Song Joo question the various changes they had witnessed upon Eun Byul through all this period. Yi Ahn admits he knew everything once he gets questioned by Song Joo and Eun Bi adds that she never intended to fool them in the first place. When she woke up she had already lost her memories and she came to Seoul thinking she was Eun Byul since she couldn’t remember anything. Then her memories returned. By that time it wasn’t easy to turn back time and reveal her real identity since things had already progressed with her as Eun Byul. Whatever her reasons were, it’s true that Eun Bi deceived them and they have every right to be mad at her, but at this point she can only be sorry for everything.


That’s my girl! Eun Byul’s pulling around So Young by the hair and shows her just a glimpse of her grandeur because she doesn’t seem to understand otherwise. Eun Byul had already recorded their conversation and plays the file in front of So Young who admits she was the one who filmed the video. If she shows the video to anyone she should start preparing herself for the worst. So Young tries to take the phone off Eun Byul’s hands, but Eun Byul pushes her by the window grabbing her tightly from the neck of her t-shirt; this is the last warning. As long as Eun Byul remembers everything the only way So Young can keep on living with some peace of mind is to stay out of her sight and don’t do a single thing that would upset her; if possible. Eun Byul’s stare was frightening and deadly serious through the whole process of the scene and So Young finally found her teacher with her seemingly impenetrable sand castle lying shattered on the ground. If these tears can change her or at least silence the beast within, so be it.

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bscap1330Eun Bi has finished her confession and Yi Ahn appears by her side. She believes in the power of her apology since she has done something wrong, it’s not something you express irresponsibly. Yi Ahn concurs stating that it’s more irresponsible to avoid apologizing and according to Eun Bi, being apologetic after you have caused harm you can’t really be certain whether people’s wounds have been healed or not and it’s like an excuse to find some peace of mind and make your heart be at ease. Yi Ahn feels the same way towards her, he didn’t want to be apologetic towards her all this time and Eun Bi strongly believes that one shouldn’t say things he doesn’t believe in and it would had been better if they didn’t have to hear things they didn’t want to as well. It’s Yi Ahn’s turn to lend his earbuds to Eun Bi as Tae Gwang’s watching them from a safe distance and decides to leave in order not to ruin the tranquility of the moment.

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bscap1342Eun Byul appears between Shi Jin and Song Joo making them question her who she is! Shi Jin thinks she shouldn’t have lied to them and Eun Byul agrees. Song Joo won’t let it flow so easily and she wants further explanations about everything that happened in the background all this time, but what she really wants to ask her is if everything’s fine by now and the answer is positive. Shi Jin has a point, the gentle Eun Byul was Eun Bi and this rude Eun Byul is the real Eun Byul they had always known! Song Joo and Shi Jin acknowledge that Eun Bi must have suffered in So Young’s hands and Eun Byul points out that she should be punished for everything she did. On top of that, Song Joo would like to see Eun Bi again, after all she has a lot of things to hear from her and Shi Jin would like all four of them to hang out together!

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bscap1348Gi Tae and Hae Na are having a quarrel about So Young and they acknowledge that she was right about the reformatted computers and the fact that Eun Byul was actually Eun Bi, but she doesn’t finish the flow of her thoughts once she notices So Young who urges her to keep talking. So Young points out that it’s a relief the truth has already been revealed by now. Now that everyone knows the whole truth, Song Joo tells So Young that she understands her even less and points out that everyone is colder to her than they are to Eun Bi who lied. So Young wants people to confirm that she’s the strongest and the best and that’s the reason why she makes friends. Song Joo would like her to stop living that way making Hae Na laugh and everyone concurs of her speech. So Young’s world has utterly collapsed.

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bscap1356Mi Gyeong is inside the vice principal’s room alongside teacher Choi and the vice principal and she demands explanations from So Young’s mother regarding her daughter’s actions and the fact that she shows no remorse. Her mother is raising her voice that the video is nowhere to be found and that it was just a joke between friends, but teacher Choi doesn’t want her to keep on referring to something as abhorrent as this as a joke. Whether it exists or not, a threat is a threat. Mi Gyeong points out that So Young’s actions and manners don’t pace with the ones of young people her age and now she can she from where her behavior derives from judging from her mother’s reactions. The vice principal points out that So Young’s disciplinary committee can’t be avoided since there is Eun Byul’s voice recording with So Young’s direct threats. On top of that, there are people willing to testify that So Young harassed Eun Bi many times. Mi Gyeong feels relieved while So Young’s mother wonders why does the punishment applies only to her daughter since Eun Bi appeared in Eun Byul’s place at school deceiving everyone.


bscap1359The disciplinary committee will take place and it concerns both So Young and Eun Byul. As for the new teacher, it’s Bae Soo Bin, oh well, teacher Kim Seul Young; from teacher Kim to teacher Kim! His introduction is quite strong since he intends to take care of everyone’s grades and he’s well aware of everything going on in this classroom. He doesn’t necessarily need nice students and he doesn’t mind students who cause trouble either, but he can’t accept students who doesn’t allow others to study. All they have to do is work hard on their duties as students and the class doesn’t feel that satisfied anymore!


bscap1360Teacher Kim has returned back to teaching and Tae Gwang attends his class, well, kind of! As usual, he’s asleep and teacher Kim can’t help it but laugh! Rooftop moments are rooftop moments and Tae Gwang lets him know that he’s like a living sleeping pill and praises him for this ability! The coach wants Yi Ahn to remain considerate for the time being, even if he’s recovering fast he’s not ready for a race yet, but he just wants to race like the good old days without having in mind a medal. The coach is careful since something like that could make Yi Ahn lose all of his confidence, but Yi Ahn still wants to give it a shot.

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bscap1371He wants to contact Eun Bi but he doesn’t really know what to send her and while writing that he wants to see her right now a co-athlete distracts him and Yi Ahn sends the message. He can’t believe what he just did and awkwardness floats all over the place, but he can’t change it! Eun Bi responds that she’s at the academy and rushes to find her! Tae Gwang was already there and lets her know that he’s attending a class there and he’s not present because he wanted to see her! Eun Bi can easily wonder why would he attend another class since he’s always sleeping at school! All Tae Gwang wants to know is if Eun Bi’s fine by now and of course she is since she doesn’t have to lie anymore!

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bscap1382Yi Ahn had been waiting for her and witnesses them together! He questions them why they are together and Tae Gwang tells him that he signed for a class there and it feels weird. Had it been anyone else it wouldn’t feel odd to attend a class at an academy, but for Tae Gwang it just doesn’t pace along with his flow! It’s Tae Gwang’s turn to ask him why he’s there and Yi Ahn points out that he intends to take Eun Bi back home. He wrist-grabs her and starts leaving, but a scene revival takes place as soon as Tae Gwang wrist-grabs her as well! Eun Bi trolls both of them and intends to go alone back home as Yi Ahn prevents Tae Gwang from proceeding as they exchange deadly stares!

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bscap1395The new teacher Kim enters the classroom and Gi Tae who was asleep catches instantly his attention! He grabs him from the ear and his painful lamentations echo throughout the whole school! He already received his first demerit point! Gi Tae grabs him from the hand and talks back to him which gets translated as three more demerit points! His next target is So Young who caused lots of trouble despite having such good grades, he can’t believe that the top two students of the class are already transferring and the class average is going to drop!

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bscap1396Mi Gyeong acknowledges that both of her daughters had a hard time and she intends to sell the store in order to move to another place while both of them will transfer and start anew. Eun Byul agrees and Eun Bi doesn’t mind either. Mi Gyeong will take care of everything so they shouldn’t worry about anything. Eun Byul wants Eun Bi to know something since both of them are together now and she unveils her dream to study abroad now that all of them are a family.


bscap1403Back at school, Eun Byul wants Tae Gwang to eat with them, he doesn’t quite want to but Eun Byul forces him to do so! She informs everyone that she’s going to transfer and go to the same school as Eun Bi and then she intends to go study abroad soon. Everyone’s surprised but Eun Byul wants everyone to be nice to her before leaving! Both Song Joo and Shi Jin would like to see Eun Bi before leaving, but Tae Gwang decides to leave as Eun Byul unfolds her slight smile.

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bscap1410He decides to meet Eun Bi and he would like her to see a movie with him this weekend, but she’s not in her usual bright mood. Tae Gwang lets her know that no matter how far she may be, he doesn’t care about it, all he wants to know is how she feels while being apart from him. Whenever she sees him, Eun Bi always feels grateful and sorry at the same time, she wanted to do things for him just like he did for her. He prevents her from unfolding her thoughts since he’s already listened to something like that countless times, he’s heard enough, but Eun Bi points out that he’s lying at this very moment. It’s carved all over his face that he hurts on the inside. It’s a straight forward flow of thoughts on Eun Bi’s behalf that she can’t feel about him the same way he feels about her, they look at each other with a different stare. Truth be told, she didn’t say anything knew to Tae Gwang, he’s told her countless times that he already knew everything.

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bscap1416So Young has transferred, but at her new school environment rumors have already started spreading around making things uncomfortable for her. They say what goes around comes around and it’s more than she can bear. The once powerful So Young is an unwelcome student and her tears are the most bitter remains of her past self and nothing more than the echo of her actions.

bscap1422Eun Byul and Yi Ahn are at the pool they’ve spent lots of time together and she lets him know that they’ll be moving first and then she will leave once they’re on vacation. Eun Byul wants Yi Ahn to become successful so that she will be able to show off about her friend while she’ll be abroad with Yi Ahn pointing out that he’d been bragging about her being his friend since he was eight! After the Soo In incident Eun Byul became quite thoughtful about herself and her friends, what others think isn’t really important, it’s her own heart that matters and wonders why she wasn’t aware of that beforehand. And that’s why she wants to spend more time chasing after her own dreams and Yi Ahn concurs. She’s well aware she was always making fun of his grades, but he’s the best when he’s swimming making Yi Ahn happy. He wants her to do well abroad and never forget he’s always cheering for her! Wishes are mutual and the subject becomes Eun Bi, but Yi Ahn doesn’t reply back once he gets questioned if he saw her lately making Eun Byul say that both of them are not her style! Yi Ahn starts throwing water at her and a playful fight just like the good old days is about to begin with Yi Ahn maintaining a safe distance because he knows his body is in danger!


bscap1429Didn’t expect that, but So Young’s father’s anger is all over the place and tells her that she should have remained silent. Since she chose to step on them she should had made sure they would get silenced once and for all, but she failed it at it and because of that he lost his nomination! It’s her last chance and if she does something stupid again even if she’s his daughter she will be on her own. Why do I feel for her at this very moment seeing her collapsing without any support? There’s no depth enough to gather her tears.


bscap1438Eun Byul has set a special meeting for Song Joo, Shi Jin and Eun Bi to spend some time together! Even after they move, Eun Bi would like to be seeing both of them and they definitely agree! We also get to see Shi Jin’s little brother whose dream is to become a pilot after he attends the air force academy while Shi Jin seems disappointed that she still hasn’t found out her own dream.

bscap1432bscap1434 bscap1433 bscap1435bscap1436

bscap1439So Young messages Eun Bi and she wants to tell her one last thing. So Young has nowhere to go and there’s no one to meet, she’s in universal quarantine from humanity and not only. She’s definitely a shadow of herself, but still, she thinks Eun Bi’s stupid for defending any helpless person without thinking of the consequences and she recalls that Eun Bi was always feeling sorry for her ever since she met her. The truth is, So Young didn’t have a video since Eun Byul destroyed her phone and got rid of it and she’s grateful to her. So Young acknowledges that she had reached the point of no return and she was unable to know when to stop. Unexpected or expected, So Young doesn’t intend to apologize to Eun Bi and even if she forgives her nothing will change. Eun Bi deeply knows that So Young regrets everything she did and there’s only one thing she can say to console her and that thing is the fact that Eun Bi’s still alive. So Young can’t hold back her tears as Eun Bi continues telling her that when she realizes what she did wrong and there’s no one in the world left to receive her apology it will be pretty terrifying, something she can’t imagine. So later on if So Young sincerely has something to tell Eun Bi, she hopes that the fact that she’s still alive and well will console her a bit. Eun Bi starts leaving while trying not to let her tears fall, So Young calls out her name, but she’s unable to utter anything and she loses herself in tears.


bscap1454Teacher Kim’s class has reached an end for now and Tae Gwang isn’t in the mood for anything, it’s something teacher Kim easily notices since he wasn’t asleep during classroom! Tae Gwang would like to know what teacher Kim likes the most in the entire world and if he would be able to live without seeing it. The answer he receives is that he can live without it and gets questioned why he can’t see it since he likes it. It’s because she likes someone else in the world and not him and he doesn’t want to see her being sorry all the time. Teacher Kim points out that he can endure it without seeing her, but he can’t control his heart and stop liking someone. Teacher Kim wonders how can young kids feel that way nowadays bringing a bright smile upon Tae Gwang’s face. Enduring it and living his own life is achievable, but he won’t be happy if he maintains that status within his heart. In addition, teacher Kim’s quite happy that Tae Gwang has grown up and that he likes a girl, but he manages to escape as soon as he gets questioned on who she is since he had already started feeling awkward!

bscap1457 bscap1455bscap1456 bscap1459bscap1458 bscap1461

bscap1462Tae Gwang’s question kept floating all over the place and it’s more than apparent that teacher Kim can’t live without teaching while searching for open positions! Tae Gwang was waiting for Eun Bi to appear out of the academy and they are spending some time together at the playground. There’s still some time left before moving and Tae Gwang wonders if she’s going to avoid him until she leaves as he lets her know that he’s going to take care of his own feelings the way she wants him to. Trying to ease the burden of the moment, Tae Gwang tells her that she’s going to regret rejecting him like this! Eun Bi tries to speak but Tae Gwang doesn’t want to listen to everything she has to say, after all, he already knows everything! This time Eun Bi will return back home on her own and he urges her to leave, but he can’t hold still. He follows her and holds her from her shoulders letting her know that teacher Kim said he would be able to live without being liked back by the one he truly likes. Tae Gwang wanted to lie about intending to forget her, but he doesn’t want to. Eun Bi tries to turn around, but Tae Gwang prevents her and tells her he doesn’t know how he could ever be able to stop liking her. She doesn’t have to be sorry to him and she doesn’t have to do anything either all she must know is how he feels about her. Eun Bi can’t prevent her tears from flowing and since Tae Gwang said everything he wanted she can return back home now as he lets her go off her shoulders. That night Eun Bi walked away and didn’t look back.

 bscap1465bscap1464 bscap1466bscap1468bscap1469 bscap1471 bscap1474bscap1473 bscap1472bscap1478bscap1476 bscap1475bscap1481bscap1479 bscap1483

bscap1484Eun Bi’s holding her stuffed bear making Eun Byul feel quite uneasy at its presence! She questions Eun Bi if she likes Yi Ahn or not, it’s either yes or no, but she doesn’t offer an answer. The thing that made Eun Byul upset the most ever since she found out about her was why the mother she loved the most and the sister she longed for so much couldn’t be a family altogether. But at this very point she’s more than happy and she points out that Yi Ahn and her are great friends, but nothing more than that and whether she accepts his heart or not it’s her own choice.

bscap1485 bscap1488bscap1487 bscap1489

bscap1492The moment for Eun Bi to leave approaches and Yi Ahn can’t believe that she’s leaving already. Eun Bi won’t be able to appear at his swimming race since it’s the first day after she will have transferred to her new school environment. Yi Ahn wonders if she’s going to stop seeing him, but he receives a more than welcome and unexpected answer at that point! Eun Bi states that she likes him, but she doesn’t think this is the right moment to like someone. She must find herself first, it’s important for her to know that Yi Ahn and others love her for who she is (yeah, like Tae Gwang loved you for being alien or something). When she finds herself she will be able to accept Yi Ahn’s feelings and he intends to wait for her. Okay, the whole medal thing turned into a parody of something, but since it’s Yi Ahn’s special way of expressing his feelings I will just accept it since the drama is reaching the end. Once she finds herself and she will be finally able to accept his feelings, she can return the medal to him under one condition, that she will return it since it’s the one he treasures the most.

bscap1495bscap1494bscap1493 bscap1498 bscap1500bscap1497bscap1504

bscap1505Mi Gyeong’s taking Eun Bi to her new school and she feels quite lost actually, but checking the time points towards another direction! The race is about to begin and it’s Yi Ahn’s return to the world of pools after his injury. Everything was flowing well until his shoulder betrayed him making his father, his coach, his teammates and everyone anxious about his condition. But he’s not alone, Eun Bi managed to appear and he continues swimming using only his left hand unaware of her presence. It’s his personal struggle and he dealt with it with tremendous amounts of soul as his father, Eun Bi and everyone was cheering for him!

bscap1506bscap1507 bscap1508bscap1509bscap1511 bscap1512bscap1513bscap1515bscap1516

bscap1518Six months have already passed and the other teacher Kim introduces a new student to the class making everyone wonder whether she is Eun Bi or Eun Byul! And this time she is Go Eun Bi making everyone happy about it! She could finally introduce herself properly! Tae Gwang receives a message urging him to appear at the rooftop and he’s quite happy about it! Acting as if she was Eun Byul fooled Tae Gwang, but also myself to be honest, i thought it could be yet another Eun-twin trick!

bscap1522 bscap1519bscap1520bscap1523bscap1525bscap1526bscap1528 bscap1533bscap1531 bscap1534bscap1535bscap1537bscap1541bscap1542 bscap1543bscap1544 bscap1549bscap1550 bscap1551

bscap1553The teacher Kim we all know teaches in a new school environment and Tae Gwang oriented nightmares have already started taking shape before his very eyes since he found yet another sleeping student! Min Joon’s learning how to play the guitar, Shi Jin’s by Song Joo’s side who’s moving on with her dream to become a model and Yi Ahn has recovered and he’s returned back to the first place. Gi Tae and Hae Na pretend to be A+ students as the English teacher tells them they’re going to break up once they enter university, it’s something that will happen even if they don’t get in! Tae Gwang welcomed his father back home and a brighter life lies ahead of them as their father-son relationship has already started taking flesh and blood in a more palpable way.

bscap1554 bscap1555bscap1556bscap1558bscap1559bscap1561bscap1562 bscap1563bscap1565

bscap1566Mi Gyeong and Eun Bi received a postcard from Eun Byul and both of them have missed her, but she will be coming back to Korea soon making them quite happy! It’s Eun Bi’s turn to notice Yi Ahn inside the bus and it’s her turn to sit right behind him reviving a scene from the past! She starts messaging him and he replies back, but he lies about the outcome of the race just like Eun Bi lied that she didn’t watch it! At that point the medal appears right in front of him and shortly after Eun Bi’s face as well! Eun Bi congratulates him and both of them are more than happy seeing each other! Song Joo, Shi Jin and Eun Bi have become great friends by now and life moves on! It’s great to be 18 years old, raise your hands if you’ve been there, done that!

bscap1567 bscap1568bscap1569 bscap1570bscap1571bscap1573 bscap1575bscap1578bscap1580 bscap1583bscap1582bscap1587bscap1584bscap1585 bscap1591

Thoughts: Truth be told, the ending had already started becoming kind of predictable since all of the signs were pointing towards that direction. My personal ship may have sank, but this didn’t prevent me from highly enjoying the drama up to very end. Both the journey and the destination were rewarding and i don’t regret a single second out of these 16 hours that School 2015 kept me gracious company. There were many steps i had to go through and everything began when i listened to Tiger JK’s “Reset”, it was the one and only reason i wanted to start School 2015 in the first place. Then my personal ship set sail in oceans of uncertainty and throughout the whole journey there were many feels alongside hateful moments, but there were laughter, plot twists, meaningful scenes and utter enjoyment alongside longing for the next episodes to come to the surface. Through its own little imperfections School 2015 became the perfect drama refuge to invest my time without regrets and eventually feel rewarded.

It wasn’t a ship, it was a bus.


In the end, everyone needed an answer; “who are you?” If you don’t know yourself then you can’t love yourself and if you don’t love you for who you are then you can’t offer your most heartfelt and unconditional feelings. Love doesn’t blossom only between lovers, love has a far greater meaning with different extensions depending on the circumstances and the relations that bound the people sharing it; or not.


You may choose the person you love, but you can’t choose the person that will love you back. Love is like Russian roulette and you can’t know whether the bullet chamber on the next round will strike you down in one shot or the sound of emptiness will leave you at ease for the time being. And when you are 18 years old love’s playground is even more unpredictable.


In School 2015 we witnessed various faces of love. There was the romantic aspect of love through its one-sided and mutual parameters, there was the love that blossoms between a parent and a child or between friends, there was also the love between a teacher and his students. Most and above all, there was the absence of love that had its own impact in everyone’s lives in the first place.


It’s a sense of absence that was filled with love one way or another or created a far greater void under the sudden realization of reality’s sharpened contours. There was also another kind of love, the one that even the dead crave for. Of course i’m referring to Soo In and that different kind of love is no other than remaining in the loving memory of people you always considered close to you.


Eun Bi apologized from the heart towards everyone. It was a one-way road for her after regaining her memories and it was too late to tell the truth back then, but it’s never too late to utter it even if some time has passed and the circumstances crave for it in order to move on. It may had been kind of forced due to So Young’s misbehavior, but this doesn’t counter the sincerity of Eun Bi’s words.


Eun Bi dealt with So Young’s case in a heartfelt way, she was well aware that So Young would like to apologize and she tried to leave her own impact upon her. So Young may had found herself at the bottom and even then it was too difficult for her to utter a sincere apology, but Eun Bi, even though she was her victim, offered her a moral life-jacket. Being apologetic and forgiving, depending on the occasion, is a big part of Eun Bi’s character, a character she was trying to redefine all this time in order to get out of Eun Byul’s shadow and be embraced for who she is; Eun Bi.


Eun Bi’s confession towards Yi Ahn was essential, she could neither keep her feelings for him on the inside nor she could leave him in a world of uncertainty. It may not had been the right moment to move forward with Yi Ahn, but she delivered all the necessary signals that when she meets herself to the fullest she will be back to embrace these feelings under new and more blooming circumstances in a more sincere and palpable way. Moving and transferring to start a new life that would no longer be an extension of the difficult past, but a clean stare towards the future was the only way to know her real self far away from the traumas of the past. Six months later and after having found herself, she could return and introduce herself with her own name under her new surname and embrace all the feelings and interactions she had left behind all this time.


Eun Byul, even though she mainly appeared during the last episodes, she was the determining factor of School 2015 and she played her own important part in the flow of the story. Whenever the occasion was asking for it, she was there to make the cogwheels of School 2015 keep turning and turning until everything fell into place. As a child she went through a lot and she was living mainly in regret for taking her sister’s position in the first place. As an adolescent she had to face her own demons that were deriving from Soo In’s death.


The fact that she turned a blind eye on a friend who was getting bullied and eventually didn’t approach her in her hour of need kept haunting her and the truth was more than she could bear once she found out that her own sister was going through constant bullying as well. If she turned her back on Soo In, she couldn’t do the same to Eun Bi. It was an ongoing journey to find some peace of mind in order to gather all the strength required to cleanse her own demons and restore at all costs all the justice that wasn’t served.


Eun Byul is a soulful person forged with a tough shell and it was more than apparent through her interactions with other people. She was there to protect Eun Bi from So Young and one way or another she managed to take that abhorrent shadow off Eun Bi’s horizon. Seeing Yi Ahn as a friend and gradually reading through the lines that feelings do exist between them she played her one part in bringing them together.


She didn’t push them to meet each other, but she delivered all the necessary signs that if they like each other they should move forward without taking into consideration herself. After all Yi Ahn is only a great friend to her. On top of that, she played her own part in making Tae Gwang realize to a deeper extent that it wouldn’t work out with Eun Bi as the deeper emotional bond was one-sided just like one-sided was Yi Ahn’s love towards her for so many years and it didn’t breathe mutually. Being well aware that all three have become a family, she could finally chase after her dream to study abroad. Her mother wouldn’t be alone in her absence and Eun Byul wouldn’t be abroad forever either.


During her absence Mi Gyeong would have the chance to forge an even deeper bond with Eun Bi and there would always be the longing of them waiting for Eun Byul’s return. Eun Byul achieved her goals one after the other masterfully, even though her screen time was limited compared to other figures. Deus ex machina or not, she was always in the right place at the right time with the right angle through the prism from which she was filtering her own thoughts. Eun Byul was the secret soul of 2015 and lived up to my expectations to the fullest both as an ice princess and an undercover kiwi of love pounding underneath the surface.


Yi Ahn lived up to all of his personal expectations. He didn’t give up swimming and even though it would be tough and kind of disheartening to compete without having fully recovered was essential to him in order to feel the purity of when he first took place in a race back in the days. His shoulder didn’t let him earn a medal, but he didn’t give up and preserved to the fullest the dignity of the flame burning within, offering a lesson that one should never give up on his dreams even if the circumstances overshadow them. It was the event that forged his ironclad will in order to return back stronger and embrace anew the first place months later.


There are people who think that Yi Ahn wasn’t given that much attention by the writer, there were times i was thinking the same way. At the very end of the drama i think the approach on Yi Ahn was quite representative of a young boy coming from a one-parent working class family whose only dream was to keep on swimming, leaving behind the knowledge and studying factor. Yi Ahn as a young man with his own concerns when it comes to his father and his future  with his simplistic yet meaningful flow of thoughts was what Yi Ahn was supposed to be; straight forward, minimal, tactless, but also affectionate in his own caring way.


After ten years of one-sided love he was finally able to take off the shadow of Eun Byul and remain by her side sincerely as her everlasting good friend with whom she shared many memories and they went through all the anxieties of growing up together up to a wide extent. His love towards Eun Bi didn’t happen overnight and he didn’t subside his love towards Eun Byul in a blink of an eye. Interacting with Eun Bi was a more than welcome present in his life, a present he was pushing away in order to maintain the one-sided status towards Eun Byul. Who wants to remain in the one-sided barren soil of love forever? Nobody; and the more he was interacting with Eun Bi the more a whole new world of a different kind of affection was unfolding in front of his very eyes. He tried really hard to silence his own feelings, but it was inevitable from a moment and on.


A childhood promise is a childhood promise and he fulfilled it, but Eun Bi was the one to keep safe in her own hands and eventually her heart his most precious medal. With both of them having realized their feelings towards one another, the medal that had already become a repetitive motive throughout the drama, served its purpose well since he offered the most treasured one to the girl he cherishes the most in the world.


It’s not the amount of time you spend with someone, it’s the quality of the moments and Eun Bi with Yi Ahn went through a multifaceted ocean filled with waves and tranquility alongside all the intermediate steps. If everything started with a lie, it eventually became their own ultimate truth. You may choose who you love, but you can’t choose who will love you back. When the person you chose to offer your heart chose yours as well, then it’s that kind of bliss everyone’s craving for.


Tae Gwang was the epitome of the return of the good guy in the world of dramas. He was a traumatized and loveless figure growing up in emptiness and agony. The divorce of his parents cracked his world in a blink of an eye and Eun Bi was the only ray of light to ever appear in his life. He was her personal confession box where she could be herself and he was always there for her every time she needed him, even when she pretended she didn’t need his help. Except for a renowned Eun Bi detector differentiating her any time from Eun Byul, he was her personal profiler knowing how she was feeling every time he was interacting with her. Tae Gwang and Eun Bi could had been a great couple, but the circumstances left it in the one-sided corner of life.


Sticking to Eun Bi even though he knew she would never like him back and trying to move on while preserving still his one-sided love was the most blissful torture in his life. He never succumbed to false methods to bring her closer to him and he was always paying attention to her own decisions. In one hand he wanted to see her happy while still being able to express his own feelings, on the other hand he didn’t want to make her feel pressured every time he was confessing everything going on in his heart that was always Eun Bi related.


Unveiling his feelings one last time wasn’t because he had expectations on Eun Bi’s behalf. In addition, he didn’t want to hurt her even further with his constant confessions. That’s why he held her with love from her shoulders and never let her stare back at him. He was able to say everything he wanted without witnessing her tear-filled eyes and most and above all, he was able to see her leave with a bittersweet smile carved upon his face in order to keep on living without being able to see his most cherished treasure.


Tae Gwang was a gentleman all the way to the end and even though his love towards Eun Bi didn’t flourish mutually, the ending was rewarding for him. His father returned back home and now they have all the time required to build a proper father-son relationship under humane and more than desired parameters. Meeting Eun Bi at the rooftop after all these months was highly representative of the fact that they could move on as great friends and rebuild their relationship on new soil. He was able to live without seeing her and he was able to greet her anew with a bright smile and embrace her once again his life.


Although a major perpetrator, So Young was a victim of her own father who put all the blame on the monster he nurtured instead of raising a child. If he thinks she failed as a daughter then he failed as a parent countless times. So Young was already broken after seeing her world lying in pieces on the ground, at that very moment the pieces turned to sand and she’s all alone, but she worked hard to achieve utter solitude after all the massive discontent she forged on her own. She had her chances to move on, but she had reached the point of no return and the support she was receiving from her parents was pointing towards the direction of her own demise.


Seeing So Young devastated, i don’t know why, but i felt sympathy in the end. Being honest, i definitely wanted her to be punished for everything she did and i deeply hope the shattered mirrors in her eyes will be reformed into something more humane in the future. The only person who offered her some comfort in her hour of need was Eun Bi, her major victim. All in all, it was a lesson learned one way or another and So Young had to find the path that could lead her towards redemption through utter destruction.


Teacher Kim and Tae Gwang are one another’s awakening device and they possess a more of a brother to brother relationship while understanding each other to a whole new level. Teacher Kim was able to redeem himself for the silence of the past and embraced teaching anew. Song Joo and Shi Jin even though they felt betrayed they didn’t give up on Eun Byul and embraced Eun Bi as well in advance. Shi Jin seems to have found a path in her life and it probably has to do with jewelry or simply being Song Joo’s manager while Song Joo progresses her celebrity dream.


Mi Gyeong protected her daughters and lived up to the expectations of an exemplary mother putting herself on the line when it comes to her children. Min Joon started socializing and found his passion in learning how to play the guitar whereas Gi Tae and Hae Na keep preserving their love in their own quirky way! On a side note, Bae Soo Bin should become an urban legend or nighttime horror for all children who refuse to eat their food, he’s always more than welcome as a villainous figure and as an austere teacher he served his purpose well!


School 2015 was a heartfelt journey in the shape of a drama which managed to haunt beautifully my Mondays and Tuesdays. Now that both Heard It Through the Grapevine and School 2015 have reached an end i was wondering which drama i should start watching next, it would be such a shame for my Monday-Tuesday schedule to be empty. Remember You will probably be my next target and the reason can be only one; Jang Na Ra is divine. I will end my School 2015 review/recap expedition with the ending narration of the drama, after all it was highly representative of everything the drama preserved!


“18 years old.
It’s too early to achieve your dreams.
But, it’s a perfect age to start those dreams.
It’s painful when you fall.
It’s the perfect age to fall a hundred times and learn how to stand again.
The love you thought would last forever
It may be empty and end with the looming university entrance approaching.
Because we’re 18 years old
We live every day like it’s our last.
We were able to love passionately and hate passionately too.
It’s an awkward age when we are easily scarred.
Those years are the most painful
And we go through so many hardships.
Nevertheless, once time has passed
The reason why one can say that those were happy times is
The memory of someone’s warm hand that reached out to us when we fell.
Not any more or any less, but if just one person
Approaches a friend who’s crying and says this to them:
Both you and I
No matter what ordeal may come our way, we will get through it.
It’s okay if you’re hurt.
Because you’re 18 years old.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-


  1. Alexis
    June 17, 2015 at 8:35 pm — Reply

    Wow! You just wrote the most perfect recap/review ever! And I mean EVER! Thank you so much for that. You are one amazing critic!
    “It was a bus, not a ship” hillarious! I’m still laughing at that.

    • June 17, 2015 at 11:24 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thanks a lot for your words, they are deeply appreciated! 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed reading through my thoughts and you laughed with the bus/ship! XD It was the first thing i thought once the drama reached that point in comparison to the whole ship madness 😛

  2. anona
    June 17, 2015 at 10:43 pm — Reply

    beautifully written and i think u r so talented in this field. You have something with your words.. it is so addictive and nice to read. plus, eventho you have personal tendency u r always fair in writing ur recap.

    thank you for writing good things about yiahn.


    • June 17, 2015 at 11:37 pm — Reply

      You are very welcome and thanks a whole lot for your words!! They mean a lot! 🙂 At this point i consider Yi Ahn a misjudged figure, it could be powerful shipping Tae Gwang-Eun Bi vibes. Joo Hyuk did well, but he has a long way ahead in the acting factor and he has many things to learn. I think his not so expressive acting at times was pacing really well with a character like Yi Ahn. Everyone had classmates that were leaning towards sports rather than diving in books and without the intention to generalize they had a more unrefined approach in daily life, that was quite representative of Yi Ahn’s personality.

  3. June 18, 2015 at 8:50 am — Reply

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  4. June 18, 2015 at 12:53 pm — Reply

    Your reviews are always so positive and warm ^_^ I loved reading all of your reviewcaps for this drama, hopefully you’ll find another drama to capture your interest soon so I can read your wonderful words again!! XD you are rage and cuteness approved, fighting!

    • June 18, 2015 at 5:44 pm — Reply

      Gomawoyo R&C general! <3 It's always an honor being approved by the Rage and Cuteness most powerful champion! XD For now it will be My Love Eun Dong i guess and eventually i will dive in I Remember You for Jang Na Ra adoration and worship reasons ^-^

  5. dcdramafan
    June 19, 2015 at 1:10 am — Reply

    You have a lovely way of telling a scene and giving more thoughtful detail to what is behind all the main character’s inner self. More so I like the way you covered the weaknesses and faults with a lot lesser harsh tone. Thanks!

    • June 19, 2015 at 12:00 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for your words, they are very much appreciated! The ending Eun Bi’s narration made me very forgiving towards some aspects of the drama and there was no point in dwelling in the what-if factors. So i presented my own thoughts on what happened the way i saw it. You’re very welcome and thanks a lot once again! 🙂

  6. Wannie
    June 20, 2015 at 1:36 pm — Reply

    Oh I just realize that the school Mom said to transfer Eun Bi is the same school in School 2013, Seungri High School!!!!!!!!!!!

    • June 20, 2015 at 10:47 pm — Reply

      Aye, it’s Seungri High School! Noticed it today when i watched the first ep of School 2013, thanks for transmitting in like-minded signals! XD

      • Wannie
        June 21, 2015 at 5:43 am — Reply

        oh my are you rewatching the series? last night, I marathon till episode 7 hahahahah i also realized that School 2015 didnt really focus on a variety of teen problems like School 2013 did..

  7. June 21, 2015 at 4:22 pm — Reply

    Bookmarking this so I can read it later! I don’t think I can read it right away because I won’t be able to stop the tears. Haha. 🙂

    (Oh and I’m brbfangirrrling from twitter 😛 So glad to find your blog!)

    • June 21, 2015 at 4:25 pm — Reply

      Hahaha, take your time ^-^ It’s an article where i express my thoughts on why Eun Bi and Yi Ahn ended up together in a kind of more objective tone. But i also express my thoughts on Tae Gwang’s personality during the end of the drama XD My ship still remains TaeBi! 😀 Thanks a lot chingu ^-^ 😀 Keep the fangirling spirit alive! XD

      • June 21, 2015 at 4:29 pm — Reply

        Haha I guess we’ve always known that it will still be YiAn in the end, but these writers kept our hopes up and tried to tease us until the very end! Haha. My review for the finale is still in my drafts, I don’t even know what to say anymore HAHAHAHA.

        • June 21, 2015 at 4:38 pm — Reply

          Aye, up to the end of the 14th episode there was still hope that things would get better for the TaeBi ship! But… XD

          Hahah, you’re at loss for words now but after the typhoon of School 2015’s ending has passed i guess your draft will turn to life soon ;D XD

  8. July 1, 2015 at 6:06 pm — Reply

    is it still wort commenting after all this time?:-x

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          But i could say: A sunny lady’s sunny comment is always welcome even if time has passed since S2015 reached the end, dramas may end, comments are timeless XD

          • July 1, 2015 at 6:13 pm

            you’re still taking exams??? when does your school year end?

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            Typically by the end of June, literally… once the exams end; up to the 10th of July xP

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    so my lazyness got the best of my determination to start my comment all over again. I will only ask one question: was it ever explained why there’s no Dad? Because if there’s no dad and Mom Go really raised Eun Byul all by herself, can we show even more appreciation since strong-minded moms aren’t often seen in a positive light in K-dramas?

    • July 1, 2015 at 10:36 pm — Reply

      There was never an explanation on a father’s absence. Once upon a time there was a mother who adopted a daughter and twice upon a time there was that mother who became twice a mother and the girls became two XD Aye, hardworking to make a living for her and her daughter and then her daughters and supportive mother all the way to the end against all odds!

      • July 1, 2015 at 10:41 pm — Reply

        i see, i see xD i will leave it at that. Talking about the ships would be pointless after such a long time. i just want to see Kim So Hyun in a rom com with Yeo Jin Goo when they’re in their 20’s. And that’s totally unrelated to School 2015… but I wanted to say it.

        • July 1, 2015 at 10:46 pm — Reply

          Aye, the ships have gotten old by now, the one sank and the other one was a bus xD Ah, that kiddo from Orange Marmalade, i just noticed that i have him on Sad Movie O.O

          • July 1, 2015 at 10:58 pm

            looool… well, a Titanic and a bus. The writers went all out.

            “that kiddo” * le gasp * he is an oppa! he’s been one ever since he turned 15 and he will be remain an oppa even when he’s married with kids. xD xD I swear only two actors make me want to say the word “oppa”. Song Joong Ki and Yeo Jin Goo. They’re just so oppa-like to me~ but in the meantime Yeo Jin Goo is so boyish… I want him to play with Yoo Seung Ho. (tonight is the night I establish my list of dream collabs. 2015 has been so kind to me. Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Soo Hyuk. Song Joong Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk. Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Ji Tae… Now I just want Kim Woo Bin back in a drama and my year will be complete)

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:12 pm

            Well, he’s a kiddo to me and apparently he will never be an oppa (to me) XD But if both of them are so oppa-like to you i concur of your oppa-dreams XD July 1st was the night you established your dream colabs, remember this day, dramaland! Woo Bin was really good in S2013! One of these days i will watch the last ep xD

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:18 pm

            how unfortunate. he should be an oppa to anyone, regardless of gender. * nods * i’d really like to a daily life of Kim Woo Bin b/c the 4 makes it sound like he’s such a well-mannered and quiet guy, but he’s so good at playing bad boys and charismatic guys or lame guys… this is a mystery that really intrigues me.

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:21 pm

            I should become Yo Na to call him oppa XD It’s the dramystery you have to solve sunny lady, Woo Bin’s box instead of Pandora’s box XD

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:27 pm

            oh my gaaaad! i need to watch kill me heal me. I only watched yona’s cuts XD XD ugh!! i need to rewrite my to-watch summer list… * pouts *

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:29 pm

            Yes you must watch it! You will highly enjoy it! XD So many feels *.* Still haven’t watched the last ep because i don’t want to say goodbye >.< *double-pouts*

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:32 pm

            ugh! i know the feeling! you love the drama so much that you just can’t bring yourself to watch the last episode b/c it means it’s over xD

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:33 pm

            Exactly that! It’s the tormenting moment you don’t wanna say goodbye but you still wanna know what happened, so i’m still keeping this drama in my hug unaware of the end XD

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:19 pm

            BUT that doesn’t mean kim woo bin makes me want to call him oppa xD

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            So he’s not oppa-like to you, but the kiddo is XD XD *hides*

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:26 pm

            i knoooow, RIGHT? yeo jin goo looks so mature. Kim Woo Bin just looks… either very scary, either very cute… but I don’t know, I think it’s because I haven’t seen him in a role (yet) in which he’s just charismatic good guy in a dignified way? (he had played roles like this, I’m just saying that I need more xD xD as much as my lil’ opinion matters)

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:28 pm

            If you help me with my thoughts part and the screencaps in the 10th reviewcap of My Love Eun Dong i will process the more-Woo-Bin demand to the highest headquarters of dramaland XD

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:33 pm

            i don’t know how much i can help when i don’t even watch the drama xD but “joo jin mo is awesome”, i’m sure.

          • July 2, 2015 at 8:35 pm

            Yes he is XD He’s worth of calling him my hyung XD His character is 1)a troll 2)love’s wounded pigeon ( XD ) 3)competitive XD

  10. July 3, 2015 at 8:22 am — Reply

    It took me time to finish this show because I didn’t want it to end, but more than that, I didn’t want to be disappointed by the ending. I was not. I was actually pleasantly surprised, even though as you stated many things were predictable.

    Beautiful review. Your writing style is admirable and easy to read. I think this is the best review I have read on School 2015, and your perspective challenged a lot of my initial thoughts. For instance, it’s not that I disliked Eun-Byul but I saw her as a bit more negative than positive, but it is true that she gave her blessings to Eun-Bi and Yi-An, protected her sister, even sent her gifts at the orphanage, etc. I do understand why you call her the soul of the show.

    I agree about So-Young. I think she was a product of her environment too, her parents – especially her dad – taught her to step on people, that’s the only way to behave she really knew. With such a verbally abusive dad and shady mom she was more likely to end up this way. It is beautiful to see that in the end she is full of remorse and guilt. She can’t say “I am sorry please forgive me” literally but Eun-Bi gets it and doesn’t demand much from her.

    Yi-An was probably my favorite character. He was more of an introvert (not completely), always had a harder time expressing his feelings, often times gave a blank stare when he wanted to say something but struggled to. Though many saw him as “boring” I saw strength in him. He was very protective of his father, wanted to succeed for him, and at the same time always available for Eun-Byul, who was many times abusive to him verbally and emotionally. I think I was more annoyed at the fact that he accepted all that nonsense but at the same time, she was his friend and main feminine presence in a sense, and taking disrespect or indifference from a lover happens a lot (though not always) to those who grow up without the parent of the opposite sex. Yi-An had no mother as a reference to what could be acceptable or not.

    There is a lot to write about Tae-Gwang but I don’t have the strength. I know you were rooting for him to be with Eun-Bi, and understandably so, even if I was for Yi-An. TG was complex, and he was also strong because anyone would have gone crazy in his shoes. At some point in his life he had to live without BOTH parents, yet his father “abandonned” him to actually protect him and restore their relationship. Because Director Lee cared about how his son perceived him, he had no choice but to set an example for him, and be respectable in his eyes. I loved TG and thought he was very touching. He’s the one out of all the students who made me shed a few tears, after visiting his dad in jail.

    There have been so much harsh criticism about this drama, especially the comparison to School 2013, but just like you I enjoyed every bit of it. 😀

    • July 4, 2015 at 12:37 pm — Reply

      Thanks a whole lot for sharing your thoughts and for your kind words as well bluechingu!! 🙂 😀 I think School 2015 suffered from the Tae Gwang-Eun Bi ship too much and many people focused solely on that and eventually missed the magic of the drama. They got disappointed, but they also hurt part of the magic for the others who actually enjoyed the drama up to the very end. I personally wanted people to enjoy the drama because i think it deserved it, but the ship was stronger :/ I am glad to know that you actually enjoyed it up to the end and you didn’t want it to end, i think it was for the best to keep a distance from the ending of its airing period because you avoided the ship “wars”, so it worked positively for you and you were not affected that much! 😀 In the end i felt sorry for So Young, she was responsible for her actions, but it was the whole environment around her that kept nurturing this attitude to the fullest, in the end she was all alone, but i am glad Eun Bi worked on that silent apology. Yi Ahn, for reasons i mentioned in the beginning of my reply to you, was a highly misunderstood figure and the Tae Gwang-Eun Bi ship devoured him and he received lots of hate o.O There was a balance up to a moment, but once the ship started sailing in the open with due unawareness Yi Ahn became the victim of a wide part of the audience and there wasn’t much attention paid on his figure which was actually representative of how Yi Ahn should be. He was indeed an introvert up to an extent, keep his struggles to himself and i definitely agree that Eun Byul was the only female figure in his life in the absence of his mother, she was the archetype in his mind so he could at least take that much “sh*t” from her XD Tae Gwang was indeed a complex figure, he was swimming in an ocean of feels and he could take the audience by his side. I wanted him to end with Eun Bi, but i could see why Yi Ahn and Eun Bi would end up together as well.
      As i am on the 15th ep of School 2013 (will watch the last ep the next week) i can clearly see why it received so much love, much more than S2015, it’s easy for the audience to ship bromance without any other figure getting “harmed” by it, but Yi Ahn didn’t have that luck since it was about romance and the ship of TG-EB was stronger.. Of course, S2013 is a great drama so far and i’m loving it!

      • July 4, 2015 at 9:57 pm — Reply

        LOL. Now I guess I get why my review got not comment, I was on Yi-Bi team LOL!!!! The same happened with my review for The Legendary Witch, a few comments came really late, but most readers remained silent. I can’t blame anyone though, sometimes I just don’t reply when I disagree, so I understand.

        Ooooh I actually added School 2013 to my watch list but I am not sure I can watch it soon, unless I drop some of the dramas I’m planning to watch (namely I Order For You and Midnight Restaurant), but you make me want to give it a shot even sooner than I planned to, we shall see 🙂

        Yep I definitely avoided the ship “wars”, I’ve read some comments and was highly entertained, some arguments against Yi-An I didn’t get (I never understood girls who thought grounded, attentive and mature guys were “boring”, I can’t wrap my mind around this) but others for TG I did understand. But judging from the posters it was obvious who would win, but it was only after watching the end that I realized that we already KNEW who would win from the start. Most of us just didn’t pay attention, since TG was so popular.

        • July 4, 2015 at 10:18 pm — Reply

          Hahaha, that’s the reason probably XD My School 2015 views on the latest eps dropped a bit as well ever since i started analyzing Yi Ahn’s character and paying more attention to him and the reasons why. Even though i never neglected my own ship, paying attention to the bus was “harmful” enough, but at the end of the day i am proud of my thoughts and i would never surrender them XD Soon your review will have a comment, guess from who XD Once i finish the 11th ep recap part of Eun Dong i will pass by XD
          I think you will love School 2013 as well, i marathoned it during my breaks in exam period and kept the last ep for after my stress has passed XD Once you watch 1-2 eps you won’t be able to stop :O I’m planning to watch I Remember You, The Time We Were Not In Love, Of My Ghost, maybe Hidden Identity and i already started My Beautiful Bride, but i dunno if i will be able to write about all of them XD
          You did well by avoiding them, up to an extent it was fun and entertaining, but soon enough it became mind-“abusing” and didn’t keep following for my own peace of mind xD I don’t have a problem with fangirling, after all i fanboy myself too, but fanboying can’t get so intense since it doesn’t have many allies and once fangirling crosses a thin red line, well, it’s “dangerous” XD

  11. July 11, 2015 at 1:49 am — Reply

    I’m s saaaad… I never saw a drama or Anime where the girl picked the guy I would have picked…. D:… this one is another one of these occurences…. two others that come to my mind Hana Kimi and You’re Beautiful…

    *sigh* I’m thinking about stopping to watch drama altogether because I always end up heartbroken because of this, Thank you for your recap tho 🙂

    • July 12, 2015 at 12:04 am — Reply

      Something tells me you suffer from SLS quite often (Second Lead Syndrome) XD I was Tae Gwang-Eun Bi team as well and my ship sank as yours did as well, but i enjoyed the Yi Ahn-Eun Bi journey as well, so i really enjoyed the drama up to the very end. Although i had some thoughts of a special episode with Tae Gwang and Eun Bi ending up together, it would make everyone happy.
      Nuooooooh, don’t stop watching dramas :O I am pretty sure you will find the drama where your ship will reach the port! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and you are very welcome! 🙂

  12. Sammy
    May 8, 2016 at 1:10 pm — Reply

    I don’t like the ending 😭😭 why Go Eun Bi and Gong Tae Kwang like this .. they don’t become a couple at ending 😭😭 I though Eun bi and Tae kwang will love each other .. but wae ??! Tae kwang likes Eun bi .. Eun bi likes Yi ahn .. so unfairrrrrr 😭😭

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