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School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 15 Recap

TaeBiYiThe hardest thing to do while finding yourself between the 15th and the 16th episode of a drama reaching the end is to hide from spoilers. At this point i found myself in spoiler crossfire but i was rapid enough to turn a blind eye on them and kind of preserve the magic of the last episode. Monday’s episode found School 2015 in the third place with 7.5% while Hwajung was maintaining the first place with 10.7% and High Society rose to the second place with a humble yet strong enough 7.7%. South Korea and many international fans have already bid farewell School 2015, as for me, the last episode awaits for me to say goodbye to this wonderful drama in a proper way hoping it will reward me since the journey itself had been more than rewarding for the past 15 episodes.


bscap0778Tae Gwang takes Eun Bi back home and she wants to tell him how to make time go by faster when he’s all alone, but Tae Gwang thinks that the only way to make time go by fast for him is being with her. Tae Gwang approaches Eun Bi and kisses her on her cheek, it’s something Yi Ahn’s very soul and essence can’t handle as time stands still for both Tae Gwang and Eun Bi. Tae Gwang rolls his eyes and wheezes as he scratches his head, the beauty of the moment has reached an end and awkwardness has arrived!


bscap0976Eun Bi can’t believe what had just happened and Tae Gwang pretends being unable to listen to everything she has to say, if she’s going to hit him this is the right moment as he shuts his eyes and awaits for the forthcoming slap that never landed on his cheek! Eun Bi’s heading back home and Tae Gwang starts leaving since he can’t look at her at this very moment! Tae Gwang’s actually quite happy and his face is filled with bliss, but we can’t say the same thing for Eun Bi who looked as if she had just seen met an alien! While Tae Gwang was leaving we witnessed the ghost of Yi Ahn nearby lost in his own thoughts and wielding still the medal that almost fell from his hands a while ago.

bscap0973bscap0974bscap0978bscap0991bscap0987bscap0979bscap0981 bscap0986 bscap0989bscap0985 bscap0994bscap0996

bscap0997The next morning it’s roof time once again for Tae Gwang, but with Yi Ahn this time. Yi Ahn refers to his confused heart, but at this very moment he can answer Tae Gwang’s question on whether he likes Eun Bi or not. He doesn’t dislike Eun Bi to start with and he wasn’t angry because he disliked her either, he was angry because he liked her. Everything he’s witnessed with his own eyes and ears doesn’t matter to him and Tae Gwang’s opinion doesn’t matter either. Tae Gwang states that his feelings were real and very specific since the very beginning and besides Eun Bi nothing else mattered. Yi Ahn lives up to his words and states that he’s just getting started without taking into consideration how Tae Gwang feels about her.

bscap0998 bscap1002bscap0999

bscap1004The vice principal tries to convince teacher Kim to stay at school since Soo In’s incident has reached an end. However, teacher Kim insists that he doesn’t have the confidence to teach anymore and he’s apologetic for leaving during the middle of the semester. The vice principal urges him to wait until he can find a proper replacement and wants him to prepare his students so that they won’t be too disappointed in the end. Min Joon witnesses their conversation and it’s probably his turn to act. In the meantime, the new English assistant teacher arrives, Sam Hammington (cast member of Real Men and Australian comedian), who speaks proper Korean too! She presents him in front of the students who think he doesn’t know Korean, but he replies back at them in proper Korean taking them by surprise! The lesson seems fun for everyone, everyone except for Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang.

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bscap1013Tae Gwang’s photosynthesis moment takes place and Eun Byul trespasses his chlorophyll harmony! He looks disappointed to her eyes and his reactions point towards one direction, that he likes Eun Bi! Eun Byul’s not that pleased since someone like Tae Gwang’s following around her sister, she does know how he feels, but she keeps wondering about Eun Bi’s own feelings. In the meantime, Eun Bi’s working at the same store as her mother and she’s quite enthusiastic, making her mother praise her skills! Back in Tongyeong Eun Bi refers to herself as the queen of part-time jobs, but her mother, while still feeling proud about her, wonders whether they should start searching for her new school or not, she wouldn’t like her to fall behind. Eun Bi would like to attend an academy for now and her mother will help her to find a proper one!

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bscap1020Eun Bi receives a call from Tae Gwang and he’s waiting for her to arrive as he’s filled with anxiety to find out soon enough that Eun Bi had already sat by his side at the fountain! A moment of silence please, or two, or three and Eun Bi wants to know the reason why Tae Gwang asked her to meet him. He tries to refer to yesterday’s events, but Eun Bi interrupts him, she doesn’t know anything, so he shouldn’t ask her anything. Tae Gwang’s quite pleased with her point of view for the time being and since she’s not sorry about anything he won’t be sorry either. Eun Bi had started leaving and Tae Gwang followed her along with his butterflies letting her know that she looks a bit blushed! Of course, Eun Bi denied all these cute accusations making it more apparent that she did blush as Tae Gwang’s playful attitude rises to the surface!

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bscap1034It’s lunch time at school and So Young tries to find a place to sit, eventually she sits next to Hae Na and her company, but nobody seems pleased with her decision. Being bold and tough, it’s something Hae Na has heard many times about herself, but she’s nothing compared to So Young who doesn’t seem quite pleased. According to Gi Tae, Hae Na’s toughness is chic, as for So Young, she’s just a criminal. It’s so awkward she keeps eating and eating to eventually throw up. Eun Byul appears at the restroom and she washes her hands right next to So Young as if nothing happened!

bscap1035bscap1036 bscap1038

bscap1039So Young lets her know that she won’t just fall apart like this. She’s well aware that Eun Bi is alive and that both of them lied to everyone. She questions their safety, but Eun Byul would like her to take a look in the mirror and if she has the time, she should take a close look at her heart as well. Acting tough and being this way doesn’t mean that she can hide it, the feeling of being unable to withstand what she’s going through while wanting to erase the past and run away. So Young stares at the mirror, but the reflection is more than she can bear and eventually cracks it.


bscap1047Later on, she tries to approach her father, but he doesn’t seem to care a lot. As she tries to refer to a girl in her class her father replies with a Shakespearean phrase, “the weeds spread because the wind was too gentle” and being a poor caretaker means that she’s just creating weeds and growth. If So Young doesn’t want to be stepped on there is only one method, she must step on them first. So Young would like to just transfer, but this is not an option since his nomination is coming up, she’s already caused way too much trouble until now and he urges her to live quietly. It’s either that or stepping on others first and making them quiet.


bscap1048Yi Ahn meets Eun Bi and he writes down his number on her cellphone. Since both of them agreed to be comfortable around each other having each other’s phone number is essential! At that point she receives a message from Tae Gwang asking her if she slept well and if she looked into the academy and Yi Ahn wonders about the academy factor. She’s going to keep up with her studies until she transfers and she’s going to register later on. Yi Ahn asks her if she would like him to go with her, but the answer is more than negative making him wonder whether Tae Gwang is going to follow her footsteps or not! The answer is positive and he surpasses it easily moving on with the conversation urging her to take responsibility and stick to her world until he gets his gold medal after his rehabilitation has ended. He places on her hood and urges her to hurry up before they’re late!


bscap1057Inside the classroom everyone’s playful, except for Min Joon who doesn’t stand still and informs everyone that teacher Kim will be leaving school making the lethargic Tae Gwang Open up his eyes at the sudden turn of events. It’s one of these teacher Kim-Tae Gwang rooftop moments which starts with a butt-slap. Teacher Kim lets Tae Gwang know that it was his passionate father who made him want to become a teacher back in the days. His father wants teacher Kim to take good care of Tae Gwang, but he doesn’t feel like a good person or a proper teacher either. He’s quitting because he needs time to think, as for Tae Gwang he can always call teacher Kim every time he wants to! Teacher Kim acting like Tae Gwang and not gloomy at all at the end of the scene was priceless!

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bscap1073Someone had parked his car out of Yi Ahn’s father’s store and he’s wrongly getting accused of having damaged his car. Yi Ahn appears and grabs that man who tries to punch him and eventually punches his father. Yi Ahn won’t stand still and pays him back multiplying the price. Everyone got dragged to the police station and Yi Ahn’s father wants to come to an agreement with the man while Yi Ahn can barely maintain his rage. Tae Gwang had arrived at the police station and has a conversation with Min Joon’s father, but he didn’t have the power to meet his own father a while ago. He gets informed that his father is doing well so he shouldn’t be worrying as Yi Ahn completes the puzzle as memories from the recent past overrun him. Everything’s been solved and Yi Ahn leaves with his father, but at that point they notice Tae Gwang who gets invited by Yi Ahn’s father to eat with them.

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bscap1082So Young wants to restore the data from her broken phone in order to get a hold of her own bullying proof against Eun Bi to use it accordingly. It’s time for Yi Ahn, his father and Tae Gwang to eat and awkwardness reigns supreme! Witnessing Yi Ahn and his father acting like father and son makes Tae Gwang thoughtful as he gets a glimpse of what a father-son relationship could feel like. His reason for being at the police station this time wasn’t because he caused trouble as he usually does, but he doesn’t complete his flow of thoughts keeping his reason a secret. Before leaving, Yi Ahn wants to talk to Tae Gwang. Yi Ahn having been aware of what’s going on asks him if he’s fine. Since he’s just getting started with Eun Bi it wouldn’t be fun if he’s not in good shape! Yi Ahn wants Tae Gwang to remain strong.

bscap1085 bscap1086bscap1088bscap1093 bscap1091bscap1092 bscap1098bscap1097 bscap1099

bscap1100Tae Gwang’s inside his lonely room and goes through his background picture who is no other than his selca with Eun Bi. He changes his father’s contact information from legal guardian to father. Eun Bi returns back from the academy and informs her mother that everything went more than fine. Mi Gyeong has found Eun Bi’s new school and Seungri High School it is.


bscap1106Twin bed time arrives and Eun Bi questions Eun Byul if it’s uncomfortable sharing the bed with her, but it’s more than fine, gossiping with her in bed was one of the things Eun Byul was dreaming about. Eun Bi informs her on her new school, but Eun Byul would like her to attend the same high school as her, but she acknowledges that it would be tough for her. Before leaving Eun Bi would like to apologize properly to everyone. Eun Byul thinks it wouldn’t be that much of a problem to her and she concurs her sister’s decision. The day she chooses to appear at school will be a relaxing day for Eun Byul who’s apologetic for taking the stuffed bear out of the room without asking Eun Bi first. As for who gave it to her, Eun Bi lets her know that it was Yi Ahn before finding out she wasn’t Eun Byul. However, Eun Byul points out that had he know it was her he wouldn’t have given her the bear, she would have hit right away!


bscap111370% of the data has been restored and So Young is more than pleased with the outcome. She moves on with an extended plan targeting both Eun Bi and Eun Byul this time. That girl never learns. Gi Tae’s company is aware that the principal’s son is at the same high school, but that’s the only information they know. The principal’s name, Gong Jae Ho, points towards Gong Tae Gwang’s direction, but they would never consider Tae Gwang a principal’s son! Tae Gwang’s intentions don’t seem that friendly and Yi Ahn restrains him in his own way and nothing happened eventually. At the prison yard everyone’s having their own conversations or playing soccer, but Tae Gwang’s father sits all alone listening to the conversation of his inmates with one of them referring to his son who got the first place again and being proud of him. Tae Gwang’s words during their last conversation echo once again in his mind.

bscap1115 bscap1116bscap1117 bscap1119bscap1120bscap1122

bscap1126Yi Ahn finds Eun Byul at the library and asks her if she recalls the times when he would wait all day for her until she finished reading and of course she recalls every little detail. Eun Byul was being bothered and Yi Ahn was feeling bored and while she was telling him to leave he would just keep waiting because he didn’t want to leave. Yi Ahn was shorter than her and a bad student. Every time Eun Byul yelled at him he ended up crying, she wonders where could that Yi Ahn have gone. Both of them have grown up and many things have changed during the last ten years. Yi Ahn wants to tell her everything and she kind of expected it, but he restrains himself for now. Her slight smile at the end of the scene was a relieving one.

 bscap1130bscap1127  bscap1125bscap1123bscap1133

bscap1134Eun Byul visits Soo In’s memorial and places their picture on the spot along with flowers. She can’t hold back her tears and sincerely apologizes for everything, she’s willing to keep seeing her while still being her friend. Teacher Jung and teacher Kim are there as well and she knows that he’s going to quit. She’s worried about him and teacher Kim has to work on becoming someone who truly belong in a place like that before becoming a teacher anew.

bscap1136 bscap1141bscap1139 bscap1142

bscap1151Teacher Kim is apologetic for leaving his students all of a sudden and for being unable to accompany them in this knowledge journey up to the end of the semester. His last lecture will be about the current status in their lives. He’s pretty certain there are times they may feel lonely when things get awry and they don’t know what to do, but it’s okay, they are just 18 years old. Minimal yet meaningful and spot on!. Min Joon urges everyone to bow to teacher Kim. While leaving he finds his car-screen filled with post-its from his students! So many feels from both sides as all of the students are filling his world with shouts of love from the classroom’s windows with teacher Kim being unable to hold back his tears and emotional charge.

 bscap1150bscap1144bscap1145 bscap1146bscap1147 bscap1148bscap1149bscap1152bscap1159bscap1157 bscap1160bscap1155bscap1158bscap1161 bscap1163

bscap1166Yi Ahn hands over the medal to Eun Byul keeping his promise and she’s impressed with him remembering that. It’s time for him to say goodbye. Not to her, but to his one-sided love of ten years and she says that if it’s one-sided he should be able to take care of it on his own by now. Even though it would sound childish to many people, ever since he was 8 years old he truly liked her. Eun Byul herself often wondered whether he’s just a friend or more and he’s well aware of that. Come on drama, don’t hit on one of my soft spots that actually have happened to me! Yi Ahn hoped and waited for a long time, but before one thinks about it with his mind, the heart’s already aware of everything and deeply knows the truth. Once time goes by Eun Byul might think that she actually liked him a lot and she may have regrets and even if one day she feels really sad for not having cherished everything she could with him while they still could, that will be her own burden to bear. Yi Ahn points out that he’s saying goodbye to his one-sided love, not their friendship and Eun Byul concurs. Soon enough they return back to their good old selves by Yi Ahn pinching her cheek as she hits him back at his shoulder, but trolling her that he was hit on the hurt one was just a part of his own playful attitude!

bscap1167bscap1168 bscap1170bscap1169 bscap1176bscap1174

bscap1177Tae Gwang becomes a young gentleman and puts on the tie his mother brought him at the hospital and he’s there to meet his father for the first time after he got imprisoned. They’re staring at each other and Tae Gwang breaks the silence and lets his father know that he’s not causing trouble anymore. His father’s well aware of his son’s capabilities and knows that he can be fine all alone by himself. He acknowledges he was the one putting him in a constant turmoil. Tae Gwang doesn’t want him to worry about him and his father notices his necktie that suits him pretty well. He lets him know that it was a present from his mother. Now that he’s not at home it suddenly feels so empty, but his father is ashamed of standing like this in front of his son. However, Tae Gwang used to be ashamed of his father before, not now. His father acknowledges that in the end there was only one thing he had to protect instead of everything else he was preserving in this world, Tae Gwang. Visit time is over and for the first time Tae Gwang would never want these three minutes to reach an end, but he intends to be back over and over again. A father-son relationship was born that day and Tae Gwang cries his heart out on his way back home while his father’s words echo anew.

bscap1179 bscap1180bscap1181 bscap1190bscap1188 bscap1191bscap1193bscap1192

bscap1194On his way back home Yi Ahn notices Eun Bi inside the bus and joins her company. He was waiting for her every morning even though she wouldn’t appear and he lets her know that he can wait longer too. Eun Bi thinks of getting off the bus, but Yi Ahn prevents her with a hang-grab. He would like to be with her either way and joins her in her musical journey by sharing her earbuds.

bscap1196bscap1197 bscap1195 bscap1199bscap1198bscap1200bscap1202 bscap1201

bscap1204They’re going for a walk and Eun Bi lets him know that tomorrow will be her last farewell at school and then she’ll transfer. Tomorrow she’ll bid farewell her life as Eun Byul, but Yi Ahn doesn’t feel convenient with Eun Bi using the word “last” quite often in such a few sentences. However, he acknowledges that she needs to start anew. While Euyn Bi was living under her sister’s name she received a lot without making any effort; a mother, teachers, friends and lots of love just because her name was Eun Byul, even Yi Ahn liked her. Even though she remembers the place they are at this very moment it’s the first going there with her as Eun Bi. It’s all about the first meal he ate with Eun Bi and the first song he listened to with her and he wants to do all kinds things with her. He would like her to stay so that they’ll start over and the flashback scene pops up and it’s once again his time to minimize their distance. He hugs her and this time she doesn’t restrain herself like she did with Tae Gwang and holds him back in her own tender way.

 bscap1207bscap1206 bscap1209 bscap1210bscap1208 bscap1213bscap1215bscap1214 bscap1216bscap1218

bscap1220The next morning Eun Bi appears at school and Tae Gwang passes her by, but he senses that something’s not right or even better, that something’s right! He pats her with his finger and gets ready for a slap, but that doesn’t happen and his assumption that she was Eun Bi was right! She informs him of her intentions to say to goodbye to everyone! He hands her over his schoolbag and they’re heading towards the classroom! So Young noticed their conversation and shortly after Eun Bi is with Shi Jin and Song Joo who are preparing a trip and Eun Bi eventually agrees to join them.

bscap1221bscap1223 bscap1222 bscap1225bscap1224bscap1227 bscap1226bscap1229bscap1230

bscap1231So Young calls Eun Byul and lets her know of the event she prepared, but Eun Byul isn’t interested. Then So Young lets her know of the video involving Eun Bi she filmed in Tongyeong . Eun Byul rushes to school. In the meantime Eun Bi goes to the teacher’s stand while So Young eagerly awaits for Eun Byul’s appearance. Eun Bi is about to start her speech and at that moment Eun Byul enters the classroom leaving everyone with an open mouth except for Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang. It’s So Young’s time to make her move and informs everyone that apparently Eun Bi from Tongyeong isn’t dead.

bscap1234 bscap1237bscap1235bscap1238bscap1239 bscap1240 bscap1242bscap1241bscap1244bscap1245 bscap1246bscap1247bscap1248 bscap1250bscap1251bscap1253

Thoughts: You can’t always root for the perfect drama, after all perfection is subjective and reaches completion in one’s mind differently. School 2015 isn’t perfect, but it’s captivating and takes you on a journey you’re unable to decline. You simply partake in this massive flow of feels and events with the characters’ interactions and the director’s immense work covering all the little imperfections popping up here and there. Once again, the closeups, perspectives and angles built a surrounding environment around the characters’ world and maintained the ever-changing sense of distance between.


Undeniably, the hands’ position and movement emphasis was an important factor inside School 2015’s universe and once again they were the extension of the characters’ personalities in crucial moments throughout the episode. There was somber hesitation, there was rage that was soothed with love, there was closure and a start-up chime, but there was also affection infused with longing.


Tae Gwang is a new type of male lead, not quite second but some kind a of second leading figure while always maintaining a first lead grandeur. As an opposition to most of your second lead characters and even if he knows that Eun Bi won’t like him back the way he would like her to, he never wants to make her life difficult in an attempt to gain her love one way or another. Even if things don’t work out for him in the most desirable way he never loses his coolness and turns awkward situations into a personal playground that leads him to a bright smile filled with bliss.


In one hand he’s happy being around Eun Bi, on the other hand he would never want to make things emotionally difficult for her and chooses to “forget” in order to keep a balance between him and her. It’s a balance that keeps Eun Bi at ease while at the same time it restrains Tae Gwang himself without dwelling in the dark corridors of despair or silencing his own feelings. With the return of the good guy in dramaland Tae Gwang is the epitome of that good guy. On top of that, he is an accurate Eun Bi radar, he can spot her any time within his radius and he can instantly differentiate Eun Byul from Eun Bi anytime.


Yi Ahn’s emotional trials gradually reached an end and everything began when he witnessed the beautiful moment between Tae Gwang and Eun Bi outside of her house. He may had been hurt at that very moment, but he didn’t surrender, on the contrary, he forged an iron will to process his feelings towards every direction involved in his own path. The way things turned out, it was about time he started caring only about himself and preserving to the fullest his own feelings. At first, it was Tae Gwang and he let him know that he won’t go down in love’s history without an honorable fight. It doesn’t matter if Tae Gwang fell for her since the very beginning.


If Tae Gwang’s feelings was love at first sight, in Yi Ahn’s case it was love at first fright. They were the feelings he was trying to restrain and eventually deny in order to preserve his old one-sided love status, but one-sided love is not really love as soon as it doesn’t blossom in something mutual and as time passes by it becomes a mere obsession of the past. The way he was trying to push Eun Bi away was the easy way out in order to push his own feelings away. It was the fear of leaving the past behind and embracing the future under all these complex circumstances. Having feelings for the same girl didn’t prevent Yi Ahn to show a more caring side towards Tae Gwang later on in the episode after completing he puzzle in his mind.


Eun Byul is definitely aware of Tae Gwang’s feelings towards her sister and she’s probably aware that Eun Bi doesn’t like Tae Gwang back, not in the way he’d want to. Unfolding this question in front of him was probably to indirectly point towards that direction. They may never had the best relations, but he was by Eun Bi’s side all this time and it’s something she can’t erase. It was the least and the most she could do for Tae Gwang at the same time.


The definitive closure to Soo In’s case has finally arrived, not only Tae Gwang’s father is in jail for neglecting his duties and remaining silent all this time, but Eun Byul can finally visit Soo In’s memorial as a friend. Teacher Jung has found some peace of mind knowing that justice was served and the fact that Soo In will never be alone again could finally prevent her wounds from bleeding. Teacher Kim could finally silence the voices of regret in his mind and he moved on with his life. Teaching is his passion and it’s not something he would give up anytime, but under the circumstances it felt essential to set aside his dream in order to preserve it in the future in a more palpable way through the prism of the values that urged him to become a teacher in the first place.


Teacher Kim’s goodbye and the way his students bid him farewell was a deeply heartfelt scene. It’s in expressive times like these when students and teachers can unveil their hearts more openly with the students reflecting their gratitude towards a wonderful person like teacher Kim with him getting fueled to welcome the future with more open hands whatever it may hold for him. All these distant yet so close interactions within a single ongoing scene were just a glimpse of a relationship a teacher can forge with his students, a relationship that even in the moment of goodbye was able to bring forth teacher Kim’s most sincere smile adorned with all these tears flowing from within.


Teacher Kim and Tae Gwang’s rooftop interaction was yet another proof that they are more like brothers rather than in a simple student-teacher relationship. Teacher Kim taking care of Tae Gwang was probably due to his respect towards his father, but also because he could easily diagnose everything Tae Gwang was going through. The fact that teacher Kim followed this path in his life because of Tae Gwang’s father was the first heart-awakening moment for him. The most important aspect that made Tae Gwang breaks his own chains and finally be able to see his father was Yi Ahn’s interaction with his own father. Tae Gwang had the chance to cherish a sparkle of a father-son relationship, something he had been missing since he was little and at this point in his life he could finally change in his phone and in his heart the legal guardian label and sincerely feel the warmth the word “father” may possess.


Tae Gwang can finally feel proud of his father and have a conversation that was only just the beginning of the depths lying in front of them on a journey onwards to higher levels of communication and understanding. A father-son relationship was born and it will gradually learn how to walk, talk and move on no matter how hard the circumstances may be. And just like each birth gets embraced with crying, Tae Gwang’s pain for everything he’d been missing alongside his father all these years, but also under the burden of the current circumstances, he couldn’t hold back but unveil his most fragile self while holding tight his necktie. It was a symbolic presentation of the bonds that were buried by time and dust and gradually the blowing of the wind brings back to the surface.


Eun Byul’s words definitely had a big impact on So Young, an impact different and deeper than just smashing her ego just like So Young did smash the mirror by staring at herself. Willing to transfer was a silent act of slight remorse in order to start anew once and for all without feeling unwelcome or having that endless thirst to harm Eun Bi and eventually Eun Byul. It’s not that her urge would subside all of a sudden in a blink of an eye, but this could be just the beginning of So Young finding some peace of mind, without saying that she’s innocent or something. At that point she reached out her hand for help towards the main figure inside their household, her father, the man moving behind and in front of the scenes. Instead of listening to her he kept raising the monster he created and let her know that his career is the utmost level of existence for him. Remaining quiet for a while or stepping upon them in order to silence them in the first place was the crossroad she found herself. She would never remain silent and let Eun Bi and Eun Byul emerge victorious, proceeding with yet another plan felt essential to damage both sisters beyond repair.


It’s not that she’s free of charges to my eyes, but she’s following the footsteps her father paved for her and on top of that, she has his omnipresent support not because she’s just his daughter, but exactly because she is she has to become someone like him. He may be seeing it as an ongoing lesson, but it’s like nurturing a monster that will devour society one day, starting from high school at such a young age. So Young could have learned many things, but she never learns. Playing her final act and making Eun Byul appear at school in a rush in the exact same way she did to Yi Ahn back then was just a shocking tactic to leave everyone speechless in the first place and she succeeded in that. All that remains is to find out the way she will move upon her web, probably acting as a victim between the two sisters and eventually using the video back from Tongyeong; if it is within the 70% of the restored data.


The twin bed scene had a bliss of its own between the two sisters unveiling their thoughts. Both of them are happy about each other’s presence in their lives and it’s the first time Eun Bi referred to Yi Ahn openly in front of Eun Byul. It was probably the first time Eun Byul had palpable proof that something’s going on between them and her meeting with Yi Ahn at the library was rather insightful of what would happen in the future, something that turned to life after they met later on during the episode. Eun Byul was aware that the moment Yi Ahn gave Eun Bi the stuffed bear he knew he was giving it to someone else and not Eun Byul because he knew better than anyone else Eun Byul’s habits and he would have never proceeded to something like that towards Eun Byul.


Truth be told, we never witnessed a heartfelt and deeper approach of Eun Byul towards Yi Ahn. Eun Byul was just being Eun Byul who had always considered Yi Ahn as a really close friend to her for the last ten years. At this point i can’t really say Yi Ahn betrayed anyone since it was always one-sided love for him. Just like people come and go that’s how feelings come and go and definitely not in a blink of an eye. Everything Yi Ahn was trying to preserve through the years could easily and it did break apart as he witnessed the light shining through the cracks. Both of them changed throughout the years and they are not the children they used to be ten years ago.


Saying goodbye to his one-sided love and trying to embrace in a highly palpable way his new horizon was essential for Yi Ahn. It’s not like he would always remain in Eun Byul’s shadow just in case one day she would wake up and say that she can finally have deeper feelings towards Yi Ahn. Of course, he only bid farewell his feelings towards her, their friendship can remain strong and move on under a more powerful bond now that both of them know what they want from each other. It’s not like Eun Byul didn’t think that they could had been something more than just good friends, of course she did think of something like that. But before thinking about it, just like Yi Ahn said, the heart already knows the answers and if her heart hadn’t pounded differently up to that moment when it came to Yi Ahn it probably won’t and if she has to think about it then it will become more complicated and kind of forced.


There’s no point in pushing yourself towards a direction your heart’s compass never tried to approach that way. It’s not like they had something deeper than friendship in a mutual tone and it’s not like things don’t change within ten years. If things can change every day, then i don’t see why one’s feelings can’t change within a few months after ten years of self-struggle within the one-sided web of love. If Eun Byul sees Yi Ahn differently one day she will have to deal with it accordingly depending on the circumstances, just like Yi Ahn dealt with it throughout the years and was finally able to say goodbye.


Eun Bi intends to move on and attend an academy before transferring to a new school environment. Before proceeding this way she has to bid farewell everyone that stood by her side inside the classroom and filled her with beautiful memories she would have never had in the first place. Abiding to his decisions, Yi Ahn started gradually approaching Eun Bi more and more to establish a new connection between them in order to leave the past behind. He doesn’t intend to step away from Eun Bi and he gently enforces his presence in her life until he unfolds his heart in front of her very eyes. That night the distance between them was minimized to a heartfelt hug  that was welcomed by Eun Bi. It was a hug filled with love and affection when it comes to Yi Ahn and it was also reflecting Eun Bi’s timid yet silently desired acceptance.


I personally ship Eun Bi and Tae Gwang and they will always be my main ship when it comes to School 2015, but i can’t help it but secretly ship Eun Bi and Yi Ahn for everything they were nurturing step by step throughout the whole duration of the drama so far. Even though everything started from a lie, it became palpable reality for both of them. Ships aside, at this very moment i won’t mind if School 2015 points towards a no-couple direction during the final episode and i am almost prepared for everything. One thing is for certain, i definitely want Eun Bi, Eun Byul, Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang to be happy the moment School 2015 closes its curtains because this drama was much more than shipping to me and everything started pointing towards that direction during the final episodes. Time to watch the 16th episode and i hope the ending will reward me in the most representative way, it’s time for So Young to get taught a few lessons once and for all.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. Wannie
    June 16, 2015 at 11:46 pm — Reply

    Tae Kwang’s crying scene TT…

  2. Cben10
    June 17, 2015 at 4:17 am — Reply

    Even though I shiped taebi hard like really really hard after watching 15th episode I understood that I was ok if thy don’t end up 2gether. I just wanted TK to be happy with or without eunbi and I am really happy that even though he won’t get the girl he loves he got his father whom he longed for and a teacher or brother as these were the ties that were absent from his life and most importantly a family.
    After watching 15th episode I came to realize that for TK getting eunbi would not solve all his problems.
    I am at loss of words so I don’t know what to write anymore .

    • June 17, 2015 at 7:49 pm — Reply

      Same here, our ship didn’t work out but it was fine seeing Eun Bi and Yi Ahn together at the end of the drama and eventually everyone being quite happy. Tae Gwang definitely deserve happiness and he found it in his father’s return. Having teacher Kim by his side was a strong card since their relationship was strong. I agree, his love with Eun Bi wouldn’t be enough to grow stronger, he needed the presence of a parental figure in his life and that’s what he got. I didn’t want this drama to end!

  3. June 17, 2015 at 7:27 am — Reply

    “but one-sided love is not really love as soon as it doesn’t blossom in something mutual and as time passes by it becomes a mere obsession of the past”

    You perfectly put in words what I wanted to say about Yi-an. Thank you 🙂 I have always liked your recaps on this one better than the others because you don’t get carried away by your ship.

    • June 17, 2015 at 7:50 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot for your words and for sharing your thoughts, they are very much appreciated! 🙂

  4. sudimulya
    June 17, 2015 at 9:01 am — Reply

    One thing I like the most about your recaps is that you always write objectively not blinded by your ship. Many posters at s**mpi especially are really subjective and really quick to put other character down just because the storyline doesn’t end as the way they wanted to be, and continuously denying the obvious storyline, very delusional. I am waiting your recaps for ep 16. For me, it was a good ending. Obviously, TK gets hurt but other than that I am quiet satisfied with the ending.

    • June 17, 2015 at 7:53 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for your words, they are very much appreciated!! 🙂 I was satisfied with the ending as well, Tae Gwang might had gotten hurt in the romantic side of love, but he earned a love he had missing since he was a little child and in the meantime, alongside teacher Kim, he had the chance to remain strong without being able to see Eun Bi.

  5. June 18, 2015 at 8:50 am — Reply

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