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School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 14 Recap

BiTaeAhnIt’s official, we are just a few days away before School 2015 reaches the end and with the hand placed there where the heart lies i can assure you that i am not ready for a journey’s end. It was such a heartfelt and exceptional ride so far it’s a shame we’re running out of fuel. I didn’t even notice when 14 episodes already passed and this sudden realization of the forthcoming completion makes it almost unbearable drama-wise that we’ll have to part ways with School 2015 so soon. Gradually all the pieces are being placed on the puzzle one after the other and in a few days we’ll get to witness the full canvas with the hope that the full sight of it will be utterly rewarding. School 2015 have already started its full scale attack on the way that leads towards the two-digit ratings and with 8.1% it feels more secure towards High Society’s 7% whereas at the same time Hwajung remains strong with 11%. “There’s only one way to make time go fast by me, being with you,” School 2015!


bscap0509Eun Byul wants to know if Eun Bi had a hard time there and So Young enters the conversation letting Eun Byul know that Yi Ahn got into an accident and gave up the tournament while returning back school to save Eun Bi. At that time he already knew that she was Eun Bi and not Eun Byul! So Young would like to know whether Yi Ahn likes Eun Bi or Eun Byul! I like it every time he refers to So Young as transfer student, the way Yi Ahn utters is deeply degrading and paces perfectly well with So Young’s essence! He’s definitive, he has no reason to let her know the answer to her question, it’s not something that has nothing to do with her. So Young throws the ball at Eun Byul trying to make her keep up from where her own thoughts ended, but it’s not working.


bscap0510So Young considers her a liar and thinks that she should take better care of her facial expressions while lying, it’s something that enrages Eun Byul who grabs her from her from the shirt’s neck and pushes her backwards because nobody messes with Eun Byul, especially when that someone almost killed her sister and is fooling around with Yi Ahn’s mind who’s been close to her more than anyone else for the last 10 years! So Young tries to hit Eun Byul once again, but for one more time our girl wrist-grabs her and lets her know that she doesn’t want to interfere with her hobby, but she should start searching for someone else while she’s still being nice to her. Eun Byul pushes her away and the message is delivered in case she doesn’t intend to follow Eun Byul’s advice. Yi Ahn didn’t have anything to say, Eun Byul took care of everything and left So Young behind boiling in her own dysfunctional torrent!

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bscap0523Yi Ahn is stunned by Eun Byul’s good old grandeur and she wants to know about his shoulder, but he was hurting way before the accident took place. Eun Byul’s curious about Tae Gwang’s attitude in general, she was surprised by the way he reacted when he found out that the girl in front of him was Eun Byul and not Eun Bi and all he wanted to know was her location and left right away to find her in Tongyeong and eventually slept there. She thinks that he went loonier while she was away and if he tries to come near her he won’t enjoy it! Yi Ahn’s lost in his own thoughts while taking into consideration Eun Byul’s information on Eun Bi and Tae Gwang.

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bscap0530Eun Bi wants Tae Gwang to leave for now, but he won’t return to class even if he leaves now! Her reaction points towards one direction, Tae Gwang leaving and he can’t act otherwise but accept her decision! Ra Jin and the other two musketeers will lead Tae Gwang towards the bus terminal on their way to school! Considering Ra Jin way more trustworthy than him points towards the direction that she sees him like a gigantic little kiddo at this very moment and she treats him likewise! Before leaving Tae Gwang wanted to know if she’ll return back to Seoul, but since she didn’t offer an answer he let her know that he’ll be waiting for her!

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bscap0539Min Joon informs everyone that it’s going to be a self-studying day. One of his classmates has some questions and since the teacher’s not there Min Joon’s willing to help him! Min Joon has applied to enter a sports club to learn badminton, his change for the better has already began and he’s also socializing instead of being enclosed in notebooks all the time! Hae Na wants Gi Tae to take off the buttons in order to boast about his T-shirt, but he’s resisting. However, Hae Na’s quirky and forceful reactions let their friends witness their couple T-shirts, the ones Gi Tae wanted to make a few episodes ago! Gi Tae’s losing himself in depths of awkwardness while Hae Na highly enjoys the moment urging him to smile, or else…! Teacher Kim has appeared in front of Min Joon’s father at the police station and it’s all about Soo In’s case. He wanted the school year to end first and then appear in front of justice, but he couldn’t hold back anymore.

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bscap0553Mi Gyeong informs Eun Bi over the phone that the correction for her social security number has been accomplished, it’s something that had to be done in order for Eun Bi to move on as Eun Bi and it was one of the first accomplished steps in their mother-daughter relationship with Eun Bi actually being Eun Bi. She doesn’t want her to worry about anything, she’s aware of her dream to become a teacher and urges her to study hard from now on. Mi Gyeong intends to file an adoption form, but Eun Bi’s at loss for words for a while and Mi Gyeong wonders whether she intends to return back to Seoul or not. Eun Bi needs some time to think and she’s apologetic, but Mi Gyeong is understanding . Ra Jin overheard their conversation and she will probably play her own part in Eun Bi returning back to Seoul and finally being a part of a loving family by changing Eun Bi’s probable decision of staying at the orphanage.

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bscap0561Eun Bi goes to the memorial that was supposed to be Eun Byul’s, but under her own name, it’s an emotional closure. She finds Oh Jung Ha, the girl Eun Bi protected and started getting bullied in her place. Whenever Jung Ha thought of her she was visiting the memorial, but she always thought it might not had been her and that’s why she’s not quite shocked seeing Eun Bi there. Until the day Eun Bi left school she hated herself for being unable to help and ever since she found out she went missing she went out to the beach daily. She was there when the body was found, at first she thought it was her, but even if it wasn’t she wanted to punish So Young who was showing no remorse about anything and she placed there Eun Bi’s name tag that she had found at the school’s yard. She can’t hold back her tears and Eun Bi tries to ease her burden, being bullied and how hard and scary it is; both of them know it really well and she can’t hold back her tears either. Jung Ha wanted to help Eun Bi countless times, but she couldn’t and she’s apologetic for everything. She’s crying her heart out and Eun Bi holds her in her embrace unable to hold back her own tears.

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bscap0568Eun Byul’s hanging around with Yi Ahn and Song Joo alongside Shi Jin join their company! Song Joo wonders whether they made up or not after fighting and they actually don’t know what to say, but Yi Ahn covers it up! Shi Jin thinks that nothing could ever go wrong between them, but Eun Byul disagress, she did something wrong to Yi Ahn, but she’s unable to utter words leaving them wondering where did Eun Byul’s suave side go, especially after she regained her memories and embraced anew her good old rude self!


bscap0571The coach would like Yi Ahn to be more cheerful, Yi Ahn was mentally prepared to face the accident’s impact on his body while swimming for the first time after all this time and he knew it wouldn’t be like before, but feeling it physically wasn’t the most welcome sensation! Yi Ahn lets his coach know that he doesn’t intend to step back once again, he’s made his decision. That’s the attitude he wants to see from Yi Ahn and the rest will flow according to plan! It’s time for him to rest, but his mind can’t for the time being, he’s wielding the medal Eun Bi gave him and her words echo once again in his mind, her unconditional caring had a big impact on him.

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bscap0573Eun Bi has returned back to the orphanage and he’s wielding her own swimming medal and Ra Jin immediately recognizes that it was the one that was next to her picture at the memorial. Even though it was a present she received back then, she intends to return it to its rightful owner. It’s Eun Bi’s flashback turn to dwell in the recent past and she recalls Yi Ahn’s message after she bid him farewell while leaving with the bus. Ra Jin wants to know if Eun Bi wants to go to Seoul, but even though she’s negative Ra Jin understands much more than Eun Bi thinks, she would like Eun Bi to be with her mother and her friends in Seoul, she’s not worried about her now that she’s alive. She’s well aware that Eun Bi must attend school and see her friends once again and she doesn’t have to stay at the orphanage because of Ra Jin and the rest of her little friends. However, she must promise that on their birthdays, during Children’s Day and Xmas period she will be paying them a visit. Ra Jin is a great kiddo and she deeply loves Eun Bi whom she urges to make a promise that will be crucial for her life.

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bscap0583Tae Gwang’s inside his big but so empty room and he’s reading anew the documents concerning Soo In’s death. Teacher Kim hands over his letter of resignation, but Tae Gwang’s father thinks it’s unnecessary since he will receive a light punishment and there won’t be an uproar. Teacher Kim emphasizes that he will receive punishment by law whereas Tae Gwang’s father disagrees since he considers it an accident and he didn’t leave her there alone on purpose. He didn’t cover it up for his personal gain, he had to do it for the school and the students, but for teacher Kim as well. Teacher Kim points out they hid the incident and even in death, Soo In remained forgotten just like she was being ignored while she was alive. Teacher Kim has violated the child welfare law, Soo In should had bee protected from the school no matter what, but this is not what happened. If Tae Gwang’s father is not willing to move on, Teacher Kim will be the one to put an end to it once and for all.

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bscap0590Tae Gwang’s eating and Yi Ahn goes to see him and while staring at him Tae Gwang wonders whether he’s so good-looking or not so that he can’t look away! Yi Ahn’s aware that Tae Gwang went to see Eun Bi and Tae Gwang let him know that he can’t get in touch with her because she changed her phone number. Tae Gwang wonders whether Yi Ahn is mad or envious because he went to see Eun Bi, but that’s not the case, all he wants to know is if she’s doing well and keeps asking him until he receives a positive answer.

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bscap0596So Young informs one of her peasants on the latest events over the phone and that she’s well aware that Eun Bi’s back to Tongyeong, but Eun Byul overhears her conversation, it’s not only So Young’s benefit! She wants her previous school subordinates to give a proper welcoming “party” to Eun Bi, the resurrected loser! Eun Byul takes the mobile phone off her hands and cracks in on the floor, crushing it with her foot! Eun Byul questions her if it hurts to have hers stepped on and she’s well aware that So Young would like to kill her at that very moment and of course the answer is positive. She asks So Young how was she supposed to feel when she steps on her sister and emphasizes on the fact that she’d like to kill her too over a useless phone. Did she ever think how Eun Byul might be feeling every time she stares at So Young? Apparently she’s at loss for words and wants her to remove her foot, but Eun Byul kicks away her mobile phone leaving her behind in tears of wrath.

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bscap0611Tae Gwang wants to meet Eun Byul and there she is, but she doesn’t understand the reason why since they never were in good terms. Tae Gwang asks her how much does she know about Soo In’s case and if she knows how much the principal is involved in it, but she’s unaware of the details. When the results of the autopsy came out her estimated time of death wasn’t the one everyone thought it would be whereas Soo In’s family believed she died during class time. Eun Byul points out there’s no proof, but she’s unaware of the information Tae Gwang possesses in his hands. They fabricated her time of death in order to make it look as if she died all alone later on that night and not earlier as expected.

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bscap0622Teacher Kim’s drinking soju all alone and Tae Gwang appears and wants to drink too, teacher Kim makes it look as if he’d pour him some soju and eventually hits him in the head with the bottle! Students are not supposed to drink, but he was so happy thinking that the teacher might have poured him some, even if that thought lasted for just a few seconds! Teacher Kim refers to the Soo in incident when he couldn’t protect her back then, if he gathers up his courage by saying the truth he will be taking away another student’s father from him. In order to take away one student’s pain he will end up hurting another student and he doesn’t want that, he can’t differentiate two students because he cares for them equally. Tae Gwang points out that it’s the father of the student who caused the problem, had he been teacher Kim he would say to the student to try to convince his father one last time before it’s too late.

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bscap0630Tae Gwang’s father is drinking all alone and his son goes to see him. He shows his father the documents he photographed and he gets pissed off while referring to Tae Gwang as a son who doesn’t know how to do anything. He thinks Tae Gwang uses these documents as his weakness to threaten him and wants to know what he wants him to do. He doesn’t know the answer, so he wants to know what his father intends to do. He hates his father and he thought that had he fallen into ruin he would be the happiest person on earth, but even with all this proof in his hands he wonders why he can’t do anything. He wants his father to give him an answer while he can barely hold his tears from falling. He leaves his phone there to make the choice on his own, whether he deletes them or acts otherwise it’s up to him, but that will be the answer to his question.

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bscap0643Eun Bi’s little friends have fallen asleep and she’s measuring the weight of her forthcoming decision while caressing Ra Jin’s hair, she’s dear to her heart. The day of the big decision has arrived and she’s returning back to Seoul, it’s time to bid farewell her little friends for now, but in 14 days she will get to see them again! The next morning Tae Gwang’s going to school and witnesses some police officers that just arrived, they are here for his father. Tae Gwang tried to reach him before them taking him away, but they exchanged stares while leaving and silence was more powerful than any words at that moment. Yi Ahn noticed Tae Gwang’s special interest towards the principal.

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bscap0652At the police station Tae Gwang’s father handed over the original document of Soo In’s autopsy and not the falsified ones used to cover up the incident. He intends to receive the whole punishment on his own since he was the one who tried to cover up the fact that she died during class time. The officer mentions that teacher Kim knows the truth about the whole incident as well since he was her homeroom teacher, so he can’t escape punishment for the crime of remaining silent. The principal states that teacher Kim didn’t remain silent and that he was the one to have stopped him with his power and authority every time he tried to reveal the whole truth and he wants the police force to leave him out of the case.


bscap0654Yi Ahn’s out with Eun Byul and she wants to know if his rehabilitation’s flowing well, Yi Ahn can only be positive about it! Eun Byul wonders how well Yi Ahn thinks he knows her. He thinks he knew everything when they were younger, but for now he can’t be sure. Before all these recent events came to the surface he didn’t even know about what she was going through. As for Eun Bi, he points out that she must be happy since she has a sister like Eun Byul who watches after her. Eun Byul points out that Eun Bi started getting bullied because she protected someone from getting bullied whereas Eun Byul was the other way around, she turned her back on a friend in need. She wants to know Yi Ahn’s opinion on who he thinks is the most unhappy out of the two, but his answer is diplomatic making Eun Byul question him if he’s disappointed in her, but he must have expectations in order to be disappointed! Eun Byul points out that she feels a lot better now that she’s come clean to Yi Ahn and smiles at him, but we can’t say the same for Yi Ahn who’s lost in his thoughts.

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bscap0665Eun Bi asks Mi Gyeong about her stuffed animal, Eun Byul had put it in her mother’s room since she sneezes a lot when there’s fur and dust! Mi Gyeong’s curious about who gave it to her and she says that it was a gift from a friend! Eun Bi passes by Yi Ahn’s training center and left something for him at the reception, but Yi Ahn appears! Both of them want to say something and Eun Bi lets him talk first and lets her know that he started rehabilitation, making Eun Bi quite happy who thinks he did it because Eun Byul returned back home. Even though Eun Bi thinks she wasn’t the one to have made him do it she’s still happy for him. She hands him over the box which has the medal he had given her in order to return it to its rightful owner, it’s a promise he made and he should keep it.


bscap0679She wants to know if it’s better now that he sees her face even though Eun Byul’s return doesn’t change the fact that she lied. Yi Ahn states that he really had a hard time because of her, but he changes the way he wants to present his thoughts. He admits he was confused and said harsh thing to her, but he would never want her to leave, it would relieve him. She’s thankful for that and points out she won’t be avoiding him anymore! Both of them are relieved and happy!

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bscap0685However, while Eun Bi was waiting at the bus stop she noticed the news on Tae Gwang’s father getting arrested and calls him right away on the phone, but he doesn’t answer and in fact he’s not sleeping, he’s in pain, physical pain. Eun Bi insists and he manages to answer the phone, but he faints and Eun Bi notices that something’s not right. Tae Gwang gets transferred to the hospital with Eun Bi being by his side. At that moment a phone call from his mother arrives.

bscap0686 bscap0690bscap0689

bscap0691Eun Byul’s at home and she found out the card-note Soo In’s ghost left for her that even if she pretends not to see her she’s still her best friend. Tae Gwang’s mother comes to see her son and shows part of her affection towards him, but she doesn’t stay long. On her way out Eun Bi was waiting for her and introduces herself. His mother’s aware that Eun Bi probably knows a lot about Tae Gwang since she’s not surprised to see her. She refers to Tae Gwang’s past and that he was such a bright and happy child. After they got a divorce Tae Gwang’s world collapsed and he went though a lot of heartache. Because of her job even, though she was aware of Tae Gwang’s pain and hardships, she couldn’t be there for him unaware of how much she would scar her child’s fragile soul. She says she doesn’t even have the right to be regretful, but on a day like today she’s glad that Tae Gwang has a friend by his side. She’s thankful towards Eun Bi and she wants her to give Tae Gwang something.

bscap0694bscap0692 bscap0697bscap0696bscap0701bscap0702

bscap0704Tae Gwang wakes up and finds Eun Bi by his side who was worrying about him, but he’s more than glad she came without him calling her. Even though she was so worried about him Tae Gwang states that she can’t even like him and how could she act like that. It’s something that makes Eun Bi question him if she should go, but the answer could only be negative from Tae Gwang who was thankful towards her and placed her hand in his, now he can be at ease and rest.

bscap0706 bscap0705bscap0707 bscap0708

bscap0713Eun Byul went to Soo In’s home to find teacher Jung there. She goes to her room where she spent lots of time with Soo In and by the time she sees pictures they got together were still there at the bedside table Teacher Jung lets her know that ever since Soo In left them she kept organizing her room, her blog, her journal and she would find Eun Byul’s name everywhere. The time Soo In spent with Eun Byul was filled with her happiest memories. We dive back in the past where we witness Soo In and Eun Byul listening music and singing together while having fun, Soo In had even recorded this happy moment!


bscap0718Eun Byul recalls some moments she turned her back on Soo In and she can’t hold back her tears as she goes through Soo In’s recorded thoughts. How many feels are hiding in that scene? These recordings were the reason why teacher Jung was being so stubborn about it because Soo In considered Eun Byul her only real friend. Had she approached her a little bit more things could had been different, that’s the only thing teacher Jung ever wanted. Eun Byul cries her heart out on her knees and teacher Jung takes her in her embrace recognizing that it must had been very hard for her as well. She’s apologetic towards Eun Byul who can’t stop crying.

bscap0721 bscap0723bscap0726bscap0728

bscap0732Yi Ahn’s medals possess lots of memories. He recalls the first time he wanted to give it to Eun Byul that night at the field trip and with the other medal he dives in the mind-awakening moment with Eun Bi when she unconditionally lifted his spirit up and didn’t let him look down on himself. It’s a tough crossroad for him and he places both medals in a row.

bscap0730bscap0731 bscap0729

bscap0733Tae Gwang’s back home, but he doesn’t feel like eating and calls Eun Bi pretending to be so sick he can’t even lift his chopsticks! They hang out together and they’re picking up the crabs they are about to eat and tells her that one of them looks like her, after the dumpling it’s the crab! Tae Gwang eats as if he hasn’t eaten for days making Eun Bi ask him if he really doesn’t have an appetite! Tae Gwang points out that it was probably because he couldn’t eat alone and back home he really didn’t have an appetite! If he faints this time she won’t come so he should better start taking care of himself now! Eun Bi wonders if he’s alone at home, but there’s still the housemaid that cooks and cleans, nobody else! She lets him know of his mother’s presence at the hospital and hands him over her present, he opens it up and sees a tie in it. He doesn’t seem that bright and urges Eun Bi to keep eating in order to avoid any further reference to his mother.

bscap0498bscap0734 bscap0500bscap0736 bscap0737bscap0738 bscap0740bscap0743

bscap0742Yi Ahn’s all alone lost in his thoughts, he picks up one of the medals and rushes to find the own whose memories are attached to it. Tae Gwang takes Eun Bi back home and she wants to tell him how to make time go by faster when he’s all alone, but Tae Gwang thinks that the only way to make the time go by fast for him is being with her. Tae Gwang approaches Eun Bi and kisses her on her cheek, it’s something Yi Ahn’s very soul and essence can’t handle as time stands still for both Tae Gwang and Eun Bi.

bscap0745bscap0744 bscap0746bscap0748bscap0752bscap0755bscap0754bscap0756bscap0759bscap0761 bscap0763bscap0764bscap0771bscap0773bscap0780bscap0775bscap0778bscap0784bscap0783bscap0782  bscap0785

Thoughts: The 14th one was yet another great episode in a row preserving the 13th one’s grandeur. I will refer to it one more time, the director is doing an exceptional work when it comes to closeups, but except for them i always take into consideration the distance factor which paces perfectly well with the characters and their interactions as if it was some sort of emotional mathematics. Everything’s well-conceived and well-executed. The distance always changes between interactions and we can easily witness how close or how far some characters may get during one scene.


One very characteristic example has to be Tae Gwang and Eun Bi’s affectionate interaction at the very end of the episode. At first they kept their distance from each other and then Tae Gwang minimized it to an emotional climax to let it flow anew backwards with a different and slower aura from both characters. And there’s always Yi Ahn’s presence whose distance is omnipresent from Tae Gwang and Eun Bi, a distance that emotionally lengthens as seconds pass by. The sense of distance and the way the screenwriter, the director and the characters maintain it is exceptional.


A very important aspect one may distinguish throughout the flow of the drama have to be the position, the tension, the softness and the interactions of characters’ hands as an extension of their personalities. As an example, we’ve witnessed Tae Gwang’s hand trying to hold Eun Bi, but restraining himself, then it was his hand wrist-grabbing her but eventually letting her go after taking into consideration her decision. Another example has to be Yi Ahn’s hands and the tension they possess every time his world collapses, but he always loosens them whenever he sees through his emotional blackout and searches for answers. Of course, they hold their own sense of affection whenever required. These were sparse examples throughout the drama, as for the 14th episode, we had plenty of them commemorating a sense of defensive surprise, discouragement, soothing longing and promise.


During the whole episode we went through Yi Ahn’s wide variety of emotional trials. He was eagerly waiting to find out where Eun Bi was and all he wanted to know was if she had been well all this time. Eun Bi’s presence during her absence from his life grows stronger as time passes by. Yi Ahn doesn’t miss Eun Bi because of her unconditional caring, he’s not an emotional beggar. He misses her because of her overall warmth and bright personality that gradually started shining differently upon him, especially in his darkest hour.


It was omnipresent during the scene when he placed the medals the one next to the other among his flashbacks that were highly representative of his feelings. Eun Bi was presenting the day that has dawned in his life anew, Eun Byul was the night lying in the past, presenting an emotional sunset. Eun Bi and Eun Byul have the same yet so different faces to his eyes and he can differentiate between them, it’s always about the temperature they evoke to his heart. He didn’t let Eun Bi know that she was the one who made him want to exercise and dream once again because at that point he didn’t want to progress his feelings and act rash. He also didn’t want to traumatize Eun Bi’s happiness due to her sister’s return by ruining Eun Bi’s idea that Eun Byul was the one that had that vibrant impact on him.


Eventually, it was inevitable for him to remain silent and all he could do was to go and find her, but he was taken aback by the sudden turn of events in front of his very eyes that made time stand still for him and not in the most favorable way. The end of the 14th episode left Yi Ahn wounded at the most crucial moment of his emotional life after having made his decision and it was apparent that he was moving towards that direction. His interactions with Eun Byul were typical ones and they didn’t possess the necessary magnetic vibes. Yi Ahn wasn’t absorbed by her since Eun Bi was always occupying both his mind and his heart.


Even though Eun Byul showed a slightly more considerate side towards Yi Ahn, it would never outweigh the impact Eun Bi had upon him and that’s why their interactions were neither moving nor exceptional and they were always pacing with the flow of events. However, Eun Byul managed to push back So Young’s harmful plans. At first there was a warning and then a more offensive approach since So Young didn’t manage to take into consideration Eun Byul’s words.


So Young is so shameless she only sheds tears over trivial things such as her remorseless ego being shattered like the screen of a useless mobile phone. In a symbolic tone, It was a screen that had to be shattered since it possessed So Young’s harshest assault towards Eun Bi behind the classroom curtains before deciding to end her own life. Eun Byul could have punished So Young physically countless times, but the mental slaps she delivered were even more powerful and delivered all the necessary messages. All that remains for So Young are some acts of desperation before her downbeat reign reaches an end once and for all, one way or another.


It’s all about forgiveness and redemption. Eun Byul faced her greatest fears and let Soo In’s ghost pass unto the other side with due respect, remembered and not forgotten. Eun Byul shed her most sincere tears and cleansed herself from the haunting horrors of the past. Teacher Jung is a shattered figure, she couldn’t stand all this time that even in death Soo In was forgotten just like she was being ignored while she was alive. Due to her insightful interactions with teacher Kim and after she found some peace of mind she was finally able to forgive Eun Byul and leave the past behind as both of them cried in each other’s arms. Soo In will never be alone again and the burden of her remembrance won’t be a burden anymore, but a loving memory.


Teacher Kim and Tae Gwang always had deeper interactions whenever the occasion was asking for it, it’s beyond a teacher-student relationship, one could refer to it as an insightful bromance in the darkest hour of the soul. Tae Gwang is teacher Kim’s personal deus ex machina when things get awry. Tae Gwang doesn’t really hate his father, even though he wanted to hate him with all of his powers for all the reasons in the world. He longs for paternal love and since he can’t have it he wanted to at least make him take the right decision without forcing him to do so.


It was one of these rare moments when he chose his son’s will over wealth, power and prestige, but he also followed teacher Kim’s lead and became once again the exemplary teacher he used to be. He acted like a responsible adult regardless of the consequences and took all the blame on him for the pain and suffering he cause through his deathlike silence. And why not, he acted as a father at least once after all these years, even indirectly. Teacher Kim’s sacrifice won’t be in vein and it was mind-awakening alongside Tae Gwang’s approach on the whole matter.


Eun Bi had probably decided to stay at Tongyeong alongside her little friends. They mourned her loss in the past and their very soul and essence got revived after their longing for Eun Bi to return shined brightly in front of their very eyes. Ra Jin loves Eun Bi and holds her in a dear place within her heart, even though she’s by their side she wouldn’t like her to sacrifice her dreams and her new life among loving people. After all, it’s not like they won’t see her again and inevitably everyone would grow up one day while paving their own way.


Keeping Eun Bi chained at the orphanage while a life she needed was blossoming in her absence is something neither Ra Jin nor the rest of the little musketeers would want. The bond is there and the promise has been given, nothing will separate them again, not even the distance. In addition, their interaction with Tae Gwang was priceless, both when they were protective towards Eun Bi and when Tae Gwang became yet another one of them by preserving his most innocent and playful side!


What one can easily notice is the fact that even though they want to see each other they try to push away one another. Eun Bi even though she would like to meet Yi Ahn she tried to prevent herself and tried to deliver the medal in an indirect way, but Yi Ahn appeared in front of her leading to an interesting conversation in more a soothing tone. It’s something both of them wanted, to see each other and both of them were relieved after this interaction, even if they probably didn’t refer to everything they’d want to. It was a scene that encrypted a silent emotional longing, you could sense it in their eyes and in the blooming tranquility of the moment.


Eun Bi appearing at the memorial that supposed to be Eun Byul’s under her own name was an aspect of the past that was craving for closure. She needed to bid farewell the devastating aspects of the recent events and finally be able to stare at the future with brand new eyes. Her interaction with her friend was essential not only story-wise but also on an emotional level. It also delivered the message that silence is never an option when it comes to bullying, it can only perpetuate this violent act. One solely cannot solve this matter either, the voices have to be many and united.


Tae Gwang’s pain was probably an immense stress aftereffect due to his father turning himself in, he may have taken the right decision, but this doesn’t mean that Tae Gwang wouldn’t feel hurt seeing his father being taken by the police. Tae Gwang is a highly emotional person and his supposed hate towards his father was the inverted mirror of his love towards him and the longing for him to be a father instead of a faceless stranger in his life. His love for his mother is strong as well, but that’s why he keeps his distance from her, he wants to remember her with the eyes of the child he used to be before this parents got a divorce. Had he interacted with her on a personal level their relationship could have possibly turned into the same void like his relation to his father. On top of that, he doesn’t want to ruin his mother’s life and marriage with his own presence. That’s why he had always been discreet and that’s why he’s not touched by his mother’s present either.


His mother is well aware of the scars she caused to Tae Gwang’s childhood soul, scars that never healed, but with Eun Bi’s presence in his life the bleeding has stopped and the wounds are gradually healing. Even though he’s aware that she won’t like him back the he wants her to be by his side, even holding her hand was a humble delight for him. He was deeply touched by the fact that she rushed to help him in a time when he most needed her and without asking her to come to his aid. Their bond of mutual caring cannot be torn apart and they have proven it many times, especially Tae Gwang.


Tae Gwang as an adolescent revives his childhood years to a brand new level, he feels like a child around her, she’s all over him, he’s the child he never had the chance to be and that’s why he’s playful and emotional, caring yet obedient, supportive and omnipresent. On top of that, by her side he matures and his everlasting love towards her face and the person she is burn twice as brightly every time he sees her and he constantly angles for his presence around her, not in a forceful way, but with longing and love.


His kiss was the utmost visualization of his affection towards her and always in the vein of Tae Gwang. It was unexpected but elegant, observant yet sincere, necessary and charming. It was a kiss with due respect to a person he knows she won’t like him back, the most sincere “thank you” Tae Gwang could offer towards Eun Bi for being by his side at the hospital and spending the day with him. It could also be a heart-awakening moment for Eun Bi as well who was taken aback by the sudden infusion of brave amounts of love.


School 2015 is the proof that people don’t fall in love with a face, but the personality and the soul within. Just like Tae Gwang never liked Eun Byul, he was absorbed by Eun Bi who has the same face as her sister, but they are opposite characters. And just like Yi Ahn loved Eun Byul, but was craving for a different side of her eventually found that side in Eun Bi, they may have the same face, but it was her personality that attracted him not in the first, but in the second place, after interacting with her even though he didn’t quite want her around at some point in his life after the truth came to the surface. School 2015, i am looking forward to the last two episodes, but i will miss you. At this point all i want from you is a rewarding ending so that i will remember you in the most heartfelt way.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. be
    June 10, 2015 at 8:19 pm — Reply

    I haven’t watched the last 4 episodes since I want to watch all together with the ending next week but I can’t help but see all the spoilers since I’m so curious. I came here to read your thoughts not the whole recap cause I need to save it XD. This drama make me acting weird, like I don’t want to save it so I haven’t watched them but I’m so curious as well XD.

    Anyway, I have some questions. After ep 14, do you think Yian really like Eunbi instead of Eunbyul now or he still hasn’t figured that out yet? How about Eunbi? She like Yian and have no feeling for Taekwang or she still confused as well? OMG, this is so not ideal esp when Eunbyul’s back now and there’s a history of 10 years crush. Everyone seems to wish for TKxEB too. I wonder if from the beginning, the writer really plan for YAxEBi couple, will they change it after most ppl ship TKxEBi in almost every news article top comments.

    Will Taekwang be ok if EBi ended up with YA? She’s the only one he has. Can the drama ended up with no couple and open ended for everyone? YAx EBi is just too weird for me. Also I don’t think TK will be ok if EBi left her T-T. or Idk can they at least make everyone nice ended up happy and KSY go to hell HAHAHA.

    Oh btw how did they explain the dead body they thought was Eunbyul?Because I need that to have satisfying explanation. I saw the scene when Eunbyul confronted SY, I loveee that she’s so badass, she’s so cool. Who need the boys when Eunbi have her sister XD. Anyway thanks for the recap, sorry I’m rambling again haha

    • be
      June 10, 2015 at 8:37 pm — Reply

      One more question, I saw comments that Taekwang acting a bit like stalker and pushy since Eunbi has rejected him several times but he still followed her everywhere and even kissed her. Was it all unwelcome by Eunbi? Also I saw Eunbi tighten her grip of the bag after the kiss, what is it mean when a girl do that in kdrama world lol. Did she like or hate it?

      • June 10, 2015 at 8:42 pm — Reply

        Tae Gwang, at least to my eyes, never acted like a stalker, he was nearby because he was caring about her. Tae Gwang’s kiss was the most affectionate expression of his feelings, but also a way of being thankful towards her. Tightening the grip of the bag was a slight defense mechanism, but she neither pulled herself back nor push Tae Gwang back. For sure she didn’t hate it, i think she secretly liked it XD It could be that heart-awakening moment i talked about in my previous reply ^-^

    • June 10, 2015 at 8:40 pm — Reply

      Welcome back commando! And no, you’re not bothering me at all, you can ramble as much as you want to! 😀

      You’re patient in one hand, but impatient on the other hand! It’s a weird but awesome combo, at first you wait to watch all last eps together, then, you’re lurking around spoilers, but truth be told they are inevitable! 😀

      However, i will refer to everything you talked about since i think i got the okay to talk about it even though you haven’t seen the last two episodes! 😀

      After the end of the 14th episode Yi Ahn likes Eun Bi, it’s flowing towards that direction. Throughout the episode there were hints that were pointing towards Yi Ahn’s direction through Eun Bi’s eyes as well. But with the end of the 14th episode, i don’t know what will happen between Eun Bi and Tae Gwang, it may had been a heart-awakening moment for her.

      The reason behind Yi Ahn liking Eun Bi instead of Eun Byul is that he fell for her personality, she has the personality Eun Byul never had, it’s something he secretly craved for and was trying to bring to the surface.

      There are many people rooting for Tae Gwang-Eun Bi, i am one of them, but there are also people rooting for Yi Ahn-Eun Bi, i am secretly one of them. Don’t ask me how this is possible, i just love both side-stories XD

      If Eun Bi ends up with Yi Ahn, i don’t think Tae Gwang will be okay, but he will remain by her side as a friend since he loves her sincerely. He’s an adolescent who paces with the decisions the girl he loves makes.

      The drama could easily be a no-couple at the very end, it would be relieving for everyone and it wouldn’t ruin all these complex relationships. Hahahahaha! Same here, all i want is for everyone to be happy and So Young to go to hell! Hahahahaha!

      As for the dead body, do you remember the girl that was being bullied and Eun Bi helped her and became So Young’s outcast and victim from that moment and on? That girl, after finding out Eun Bi had committed suicide was going by the beach to see if her body had been found, a body was found, but she didn’t know if it was Eun Bi’s, but anyway she left Eun Bi’s name tag (the one she had thrown at the school yard after they kicked her out) on the dead body, which apparently wasn’t Eun Bi’s/Byul’s.

      Eun Byul is seriously bad ass and the real master! She made So Young feel like a defenseless kiwi! Aye, Yi Ahn didn’t have something to do during that scene, he was like, if i say something Eun Byul will punish me too XD
      You’re very welcome and i am thankful for sharing your thoughts!

  2. June 10, 2015 at 9:45 pm — Reply

    I love every interaction between So Young and Eun Byul, someone needed to put SY in her place! Eun Byul’s strong personality really makes me happy… you can see that she is kind/loyal under her tough exterior (unlike SY).
    Eun Byul is a person that can’t easily express her feelings, her hurt, her care – and this is why I really like her. I like Eun Bi who is sweet, kind and open, but I feel more close to Eun Byul. That’s also one of the reasons Yi An’s choice really upset me, It makes me feel bitter too – I don’t know how your feelings for someone could be swayed so easily – especially when you liked one for 10yrs!

    Your analysis brings a different perspective, but I dearly hope its not true.
    I can MAYBE understand why Yi Ahn’s feelings may have shifted (Eun Byul doesn’t really express her feelings, and Eun Bi is kind and open, so it touched him)… BUT STILL.. loving someone for 10 years doesn’t just disappear! When he thought Eun Bi was Eun Byul he was happy about how she changed because she showed him warmth (that she returns his feelings), that’s also why he was so hurt when he learned that it wasn’t Eun Byul. All his interactions with Eun Bi were based on his relationship and feelings for Eun Byul..

    But to be honest, I am more puzzled as to why Eun Bi got attached to Yi Ahn..
    Eun Bi and Tae Kwang’s interactions and grow were all them – the real them. Logically he should be the one she ends up with, because with him she has always been herself and not having to be compared to her sister, they have been honest with each other, shared their hurt and pain and has always been each other’s pillars of support!

    Ah, I am really disappointed in the whole ‘Soo In’ mystery! I think it could of been really well (better) integrated and tied with Eun Bi’s case of bullying.. but the whole story simply seems to scratch the surface – resolved too quickly, without more suspense, depth into the story – there was no impact about it at all! I still did enjoy the drama but the only hook left is who is going to end up with whom..

    • June 10, 2015 at 10:08 pm — Reply

      I totally agree, So Young really needed someone to teacher her a few lessons and show her that she’s nothing more but a coward who finds pleasure upon hurting powerless people depending on the occasion.

      Totally agree, beyond her surface i think there lie feelings, but she can’t easily express them, sometimes that thick shell of ice surrounding her prevails and when she tries to get more emotional it simply doesn’t work. It probably felt safe being the rude and mean and cool Eun Byul rather than presenting her emotions. But she did lived up to all the expectations when she cried inside Soo In’s room.
      I’m not upset either way with everything Yi Ahn chooses to do. I can understand why he could leave behind all the hurt he went through in Eun Byul’s absence and return to her, but i can also understand why his feelings may be lying towards Eun Bi’s direction. If all of them will be happy in the end, i won’t mind either choice. However, it isn’t always a given that a love of ten years can withstand any obstacle, if that’s the case here and Yi Ahn is not just confused XD
      The odd thing is that i can ship him with both Eun Bi and Eun Byul, but my main ship is always Tae Gwang with Eun Bi, don’t ask me how i can handle all these ships together, maybe my mind has become a port XD
      Somehow, i hope my analysis at some points won’t be true, but these are the signs i received 😀
      He was happy while thinking she was Eun Byul, but when it turned out she was Eun Bi many hurtful factors popped up. He felt deceived, he thought Eun Byul was dead, he got into an accident (but that one was for Eun Bi’s sake), he went through a lot. And Eun Byul’s sudden presence confused him even more and a comparison was inevitable. Maybe he’s puzzled, maybe he’s not.
      All of his interactions with Eun Bi were indeed based on Eun Byul, but their most sincere post-accident ones were between Yi Ahn and Eun Bi herself, this may be the confusing factor in his brain or simply shifted.
      I can also think of the scenario that he went to give the medal to Eun Bi as farewell but he was surprised by what he witnessed XD The ultimate troll would be that he took the Eun Byul medal and he was like “what the hell?! let’s not interrupt them (while still being a bit confused)” XD
      Once thing is for certain, i want everyone happy in the end and So Young receiving punishment, whatever this may be xP

    • June 11, 2015 at 3:34 am — Reply

      I agree with you about Eun Byul, I really loved how much Yi Ahn doted on her and understood her past her barbed comments, except now he doesn’t? Because she took the time to heal herself and he found a better behaved version of her in the past few months? It feels so cheap and it makes me uncomfortable, this whole YiBi forcing thing does.

  3. Wannie
    June 10, 2015 at 11:06 pm — Reply

    wow we are getting near to the end of this lovely story! How time flies and I didn’t notice until last week.. Saying good bye to this character will be hard.. urgh it’s Misaeng all over again TT

    • June 10, 2015 at 11:10 pm — Reply

      Let’s hope that the end will be at least rewarding and it won’t cancel the whole journey! Time really passed by quite fast with School 2015 and i still haven’t found a strong new Monday-Tuesday drama companion!

    • June 10, 2015 at 11:21 pm — Reply

      Oh why did you have to mention ‘Misaeng’… I did recently marathon it and was having a strong withdrawn after it finished it… I had just started forgetting it .. xD
      I don’t think I will be having the same experience with ‘School 2015’ as it wasn’t so emotionally strong and impact-full, but it was sweet and I would miss it. Let’s just hope the writers end it well, as I don’t want to go though another ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’ experience!

      • June 10, 2015 at 11:25 pm — Reply

        God’s Gift – 14 days has become your nightmare, it has haunted you! XD Misaeng will be one of my next marathons and i’m already prepared for withdrawal syndrome since i haven’t found one person who didn’t go through it after finishing it!

      • Wannie
        June 10, 2015 at 11:31 pm — Reply

        Yeah Misaeng was hard to get over.. School 2015 also didnt have the same impact as Misaeng did on me but still… Im not good with separation… High society is Mon-Tue drama isnt it? I finished episode 1 but i dont have that much interest to watch episode 2.. Maybe later

        • June 10, 2015 at 11:35 pm — Reply

          Yup, High Society’s on Monday-Tuesday drama program, but it neither caught my attention in the first place nor i watched any of the first 2 eps, so Mondays-Tuesdays will be silent for me :/ Separations are tough, especially when you have already separated Heard It Through the Grapevine and 2 weeks later you have to say goodbye to School 2015 as well!

  4. bmore
    June 10, 2015 at 11:43 pm — Reply

    Throughout the show they have made a point of showing that Byul’s personality can be a bit harsh, yet she is genuinely LOVED by her friends, so her harshness is obviously leavened by a good deal of kindness and care for the ones she loves and they seem very aware of this and very forgiving…even teasing about this personality quirk of hers. It’s a quirk that could easily go the opposite direction and create enemies and loneliness, so there is a soft side that she brings out often enough to make her friends stick with her and see past it. She may be the kind of individual who, as time and years go on, if something does not check that harsh side of her, will develop an abrasiveness that people from the outside look upon as being mean. In reality, these kind of individuals use that as a cover for their strong sense of love and loyalty and protectiveness towards friends and family and as a cover for their own insecurities. Their hearts are actually very soft and they are very sensitive inside but use this a defensive mechanism to protect themselves and their family/friends. It’s called posturing in the animal world and I suspect Byul may be as sweet and fragile inside as Bi is.

    I have wondered how it is Byul has this personality trait when she has seemingly been brought up with all the love and protection and popularity that Bi was denied. What is it she is working so hard to conceal with this abrasive side of her? I think she has been dealing with the fact that she gained her place in life erroneously and knows it and has lived with it for a seeming long time. She found her sister and lived with the guilt of knowing her sister had been robbed by her of her rightful place and was being abused in her place and unable to protect herself. So, in reality, she was dealing with a great amount of guilt, regret and stress for a long time by herself with no one to talk to. And she is, after all, just a child who is carrying too much of a load alone. People have a tendency to take out their frustrations and fears on the ones they feel safest with…the ones they are absolutely sure will never abandon them, no matter what. For Byul, that is one person in particular, Yi Ahn. Her friends and mother too get the rough side of her tongue, but I’m betting Yi Ahn bore the brunt of it.

    What all this brings me to is that now there has been a quantum shift in Byul’s world. I’m not sure if she realizes or actually has romantic feelings for Yi Ahn ( I hope and pray she does), but I suspect that being faced with the possibility that he may think he is falling for Bi will lift some blinders for her and her true feelings for him will now come to the fore. If she does have feelings for him it may also mean a bit of a change in her personality and a warming and caring that Yi Ahn needs from her but that she has been too busy concentrating on her guilty feelings to pay attention to. I believe and hope she will always retain her strength and assuredness, but will also leaven that with a healthy helping of opening herself up to caring and loving more openly and feel safe doing so. It just seems wrong and inconsistent with the tone of this show that they bring these 2 sisters together after all these years to then put this wall between them. I am hoping it won’t go that way.

    All of these characters though are extremely young. I’m guessing most of us watching are some years older and projecting a need for romantic endings for our characters…because that is, after all, mostly why we watch these types of shows. However, these are 15-16 year old characters and they have years to go before reaching the maturity necessary or even desirable to commit to a lifetime relationship. Yet, even so, I have my vision for their futures firmly set in my mind….So it must be Yi Ahn and Byul and Bi and Tae Kwang…for me!

    • June 10, 2015 at 11:59 pm — Reply

      @bmore You have no idea how your comment filled my heart! I am tearing up.. it’s warming to know someone thinks the same as me and has managed to see in Eun Byul what I see. I feel like hugging you (for what you said)!

    • June 11, 2015 at 12:53 am — Reply

      Would never say it better and i agree with almost everything you said! Will try to comment tomorrow because i must sleep soon to stu-die tomorrow -.-

  5. bmore
    June 11, 2015 at 12:15 am — Reply

    Oh you are so sweet! What a dear you are! Here’s a *virtual hug* for you! I am a strong believer in the healing power of hugging! 🙂

  6. sirey
    June 11, 2015 at 12:27 am — Reply

    Thank you darling for your recap. I love everything you wrote here.
    So in whole YiAn fell for “EunByul” with a better personality version. Sorry but I feel it like a transfert. I think, EunByul disappearance is an example of “test of love” to prove if this or that person heart is really sincere and his/her feeling won’t budge. I am not in writer mind but this reference can be used in everyday life. Nowadays people “fall in love” and say “I love you” or “you are the most important person in my life” so easily that some event needs to really test the depth of this feeling. YiAn somehow failed at it. At the same time I understand him very well because he met someone with the face of the girl he “loved” and she has got qualities he has been looking for. I understand YiAn ! This is life. So, eventhough I am not for YiAn-EunBi couple -too awkward for me- I won’t be surprised if he ends with EunBi.

    I am confused about when and why EunBi fell for YiAn. She was too fascinated by the love YiAn displayed towards EunByul ? I suppose YiAn was the first boy to touch her so she was too enthralled by that ? Till now I still think I missed something.

    Taekwang I suppose is the second male lead. But sorry he is completely written as a first male lead. I don’t like it too cause it is misleading. Everyone fall for this character -me included- and I am dreading to see his ending. Contrary to YiAn -who sorry has become only a love triangle plot device- Taekwang character deals with and is an actor in everything surrounding the drama. Which is surprising when he is not first lead -only by the first case with the girl who left TK was too prominent there. He is fascinating. Every freaking one underestimate this boy even EunBi no matter how many times she saw how supportive, deep, observant he is -how does she manage to do that? Bleh . Maybe only teacher kim acknowledge him. But this boy still keeps going, working, acting for those same people around him -his mother when he attended her wedding, his father in episode 12, 13 and 14, Eunbi she ignored him at times but he is still by her side, even rude EunByul he still takes time to greet her through the window. I can imagine an episode of school 2015 without any character even EunBi -too mopey plain Jane- don’t get me started on swimmer boy -do nothing to me- except TK. He has become the life of the drama for me because he completely sucked me into his world, his influences, his insecurities, his heart, his love, his disappointments, his struggles, his courage to face difficulties -daddy is in jail now mommy is not there-, his courage to face the most hurtful thing which is not be loved by the only person he has got now, but there is the motto -keep going, keep working, keep acting. I worry a lot for him. Hopefully he will be at last at peace.

    • June 11, 2015 at 6:16 pm — Reply

      omg! yaaaas to how the writers are totally TK-biased to the point that Yi An doesn’t get to shine on his own and is just there for teen angst about that love square/triangle…

      I’m Team No One for what it’s worth, but if the ending is about characters getting together, no matter which pairing it is, I know I’ll have the feels just b/c, not b/c I feel like the drama convinced me that it was the way it was supposed to be. :/ :/

    • June 11, 2015 at 9:50 pm — Reply

      I have to agree with almost everything you wrote here. Tae Kwang is the second male lead as they said so but his character seems like the lead most of the time. I’m not sure if it was intentional from the start that his character was written this way or maybe because Sungjae did so well in acting out the character than Nam Joo Hyuk did as Yi An that the writers continued to develop a better story for Tae Kwang.

      So many love directed towards Tae Kwang’s character and I credit a huge part of it to Sungjae coz if not played right, his character is bordering irritating.

      • sirey
        June 11, 2015 at 10:18 pm — Reply

        Yeah only look back his acting during the fight against Kitae. SungJae was absolutely killig there. I have checked some Yook Sungjae offscreen activities on youtube and I see a hard working fela. Hopefully his group will get the success they have been waiting. I see they are talented and very hard workers and Sungjae desire to make his band more successful pushes him to give it all as a singer and actor. 🙂

  7. June 11, 2015 at 3:29 am — Reply

    Yi Ahn and Eun Bi have pretty much been strangled by the red string, it’s pretty clear that the writers are stubborn to put them together, even though they grew as characters who clearly do not make much sense together, especially with the quality of the er, “competition” (but it’s not much of a competition, just the writers wanting to force them together. I love Eun Byul, that girl really needs someone right now. I know Eun Bi faced a lot but she spent a year in turmoil feeling haunted. And I don’t like her being painted as the bad twin, or her being scorned for taking her time to sort her life out and heal on her own. Whatever happened to Yi Ahn’s undying feelings for her anyway? I’m so uncomfortable with Eun Bi having a romance like THAT, based on false pretenses and a boy who was sooo in love with her sister that he refused to back off despite her rude behavior… except apparently not, now.

    And the thing is? Even if Yi Ahn and Eun Bi “like” each other, can you imagine how unhealthy their way of “falling” for each other was? Most Yibi fans use the excuse that she likes him to ship them but it’s like, so what? Anyone can be written to like anyone. It’s not enjoyable, TaeBi was genuine and by all emans she had most reason to like him. Even in dramaland the romance must be engaging and make a little bit of sense to the viewer, otherwise viewers wouldn’t care. And EVERYONE likes TaeBi. I expected better form this drama was all. I loved Fool’s Love and The Master’s Sun for that, even DGCH, above things like Goong. I expected better from this drama.

    • June 11, 2015 at 3:31 am — Reply

      means* from*

  8. bmore
    June 11, 2015 at 3:35 am — Reply

    Has there been a good explanation from Byul about why she disappeared in the first place? I’m still up in the air about her reasoning for that. I may have missed that though. I had a lot of interruptions going on during that episode!

    And there seems to be a LOT of physical touching and attraction, no matter the problems between them, with Yi Ahn and Byul. There was a very strong boyfriend girlfriend dynamic (as well as long tme friends) between these 2 in the way Yi Ahn was behaving towards Bi/Byul prior to his discovery she was not Byul.. I am still a little at sea about how Bi feels about Yi Ahn. Whether it is romantic, or a friendship, or if she doesn’t really know either. One of the things we will see resolved next week. I think it would be very hard for a young girl who had been so abused and lonely to not become confused in her feelings towards a young man who so obviously adored her and protected her. He is a very strong and self-assured young man and that is such an attractive trait.

    Totally agree about Tae Kwang as The One all the attention is centered on. I’m not so sure that is not intentional. But that too will be made clear soon. He’s the one everyone is worrying about and the one alone. They can’t just leave him out in the cold. And. I’m sorry!! But a TIE??? WTH was that? What mom buys a son she hasn’t seen in how long, who has collapsed and is sick in the hospital a TIE??? Talk about an impersonal and careless gift. Surely she could have taken some time to come up with something more personal and meaningful? My heart just flipped over when he opened that. What a slap in the face. The best scene so far is how joyful and free he was while playing with the kids. If Bi makes her life there, I see TK showing up more and more and more until he becomes a permanent fixture. Pouring out, and getting back in bucket loads, all the love he missed out on for these growing up years. Eun Bi and Tae Kwang running the orphanage and teaching and caring for the kids together and filling up their lives and those children’s lives with the love and security they all need. That would be a sweet ending.

  9. June 11, 2015 at 7:27 am — Reply

    […] Episode 14  Episode 13  Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08   Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  First impressions (up to episode 04) […]

  10. zealala
    June 11, 2015 at 8:49 am — Reply

    I really want to know the ending…..but somehow i just don’t want this to end..hehe..no matter how much i am a taegwang stan..i really wish yi ahn could set his heart for once and end all of the confusion by himself..only he has the answer for all the question about his heart towards the twins..is it eun byul or eun bi?? well..the writer-nim might break my heart if taegwang’s kiss will be a good bye kiss..i just think that it could be a farewell kiss declaring that he will let her go..oh no..but whatever it is i ship the eun twins the most…gogogo …fighting!!

  11. June 11, 2015 at 6:06 pm — Reply

    Episode 14 was a bit more specific about the Eun Byul-Yi An dynamic… I want to say, “it was about that time”. They just feel like 2 friends (although Eun Bi’s rudeness is a bit off-putting for me since it’s never balanced with genuine gestures when it comes to Yi An, but okay, the writers decided he didn’t need that from her). I think it would be nice that Yi An and Eun Byul keep their friendship but remain single. Same goes for Eun Bi and Tae Kwang b/c Tae Kwang isn’t mentally stable. And while we can be all “awwwwww” about his puppy attitude toward Eun Bi, it is not healthy to make your own happiness depends of someone else. That’s why I’m one of those who find his attitude stalker-ish in a typical K-drama way like in episode 13. If you tell someone that you are NOT interested and this person shows up at your door at,night, in another city and does everything to spend the night over (btw it shows once again the amazing parenting with no one caring that he didn’t sleep at home), I don’t find it nor romantic or even cute. It just triggers the feel-o-meter, but objectively speaking it doesn’t make me swoon at all. “That’s you’ll come back, right? I’ll wait” was so swoon-worthy, though.

    As for Soo In’s case. It kinda felt a bit anticlimatic. I don’t get why Teacher Kim’s scene was in this episode and not in episode 13… It made it look like he spent the night in prison and only then he was asked why he was here… unless he didn’t walk in the police station in the previous episode and came back in episode 14. The chronology didn’t make sense to me, but * shrug * Anyway, I really hope the last episodes will give Tae Kwang the opportunity to start a true relationship with his father who just sees him as a good-for-nothing. And I’m glad Teacher Kim acknowledges the fact that Tae Kwang is the director’s son. I was under the impression that Eun Bi knows it too (?). I don’t remember him ever telling Eun Bi about it, but since we see her watching the news and then she calls Tae Kwang, it made it look like she knew? * shrugh * details are just details.

    I was so happy for Min Jun. I was like “yaaaas yaaaaas!! socialize! thank you nameless student”. I really like how Eun Bi really got to be herself for the first time in a very long time. The magic of dramaland where there’s an orphanage with no adult around. * nods * uh uh… But anyway, Ra Jin and Eun Bi were adorbs. And last but not least, EUN BYUL IS SO BADASS… Make So Young tremble in fear…. Without even doing much.

    • June 12, 2015 at 4:55 pm — Reply

      Yeah not digging the “traumatized people don’t deserve love ableism”.

      It’d be far healthier than yibi anyday anyway.

  12. ella
    June 11, 2015 at 11:43 pm — Reply

    I feel like EunBi and Han YiAn will end up together. In my experience with kdramas, the more complicated relationships always win. Plus the love triangle math fits for the YiBi couple.
    Yian didn’t like her at first –> falls in love with her = happily ever after
    TaeGwang liked her from the get go –> ends up heartbroken with his story open ended leaving room for fangirls to fill in the blanks for themselves (probably imagining themselves filling in those blanks if you get me LoL)

  13. Cben10
    June 12, 2015 at 11:13 am — Reply

    School I really been a hectic journey for me first I have to wait for Mondays and Tuesdays then I have to wait for the subtitles to come then I keep checking for reviews and then again back to waiting. Over all it has been a good show even though I feel some things were just not r8 or could have been better but given the fact that I come from a country where shows r stupid enough that I don’t wanna watch them I feel I should be happy that I gave this a chance.

    When I started watching this I was such a die hard shipper of YIBI that I did not even care abt TK’s scenes that worked for almost 3 episodes bcoz by 4th episode I had already changed ships even though I had no hope that this ship would sail.

    After the end of 12th episode I said to myself it’s ok if TK is not gonna get EUN BI bcoz I just wanted a good ending 4 him since he was so hurt coz of his parents I thought if thy reunite him wid his mom it would be ok for me (not all that okay actually 😉) this worked until episode 14 where I am back to being a hard taebi shipper . Even though I have a strong feeling that this may not happen😢💔.

    Now I am back waiting 4 Monday and consoling myself .

    I loved how u reviewed the episode it was awesome thanks a lot . I loved the way u interpreted the hands I did not focus too much on that.

    BTW y all the good shows had to be in april and may as I was preparing 4 my exams but could not stop myself from watching them I know I am gonna curse myself if I don’t get good marks.

  14. June 12, 2015 at 5:46 pm — Reply

    wait! woah woah woah! so han yi ahn ….instead of being happy his girlfriend who he thought was dead came back to life….has fallen for her twin sister now….i just feel thats cheap & hurtful….

    • June 16, 2015 at 2:49 am — Reply

      His girlfriend obviously wanted to break up with him, this is why they were arguing the day before she disappeared. And let’s not forget that when she comes back, she still treats him like crap. I am not sure Eun-Byul loves him, she may “like” him, but she doesn’t truly love him. I think they’re probably not meant to be. It’s only awkward because the girl he likes is her sister, but Yi-Han needs another girl.

  15. June 16, 2015 at 2:46 am — Reply

    I cried a few times watching this episode and I didn’t expect to. First off, seeing Tae-Gwang lose his father after losing his mother is terrible, and as wonderful as Eun-Bi is, she can’t force herself to love him. Her honesty and sincere friendship is definitely commendable. But Tae-Gwang is left with nothing. I thought I wouldn’t mind the “bad guy” being left with nothing but both dudes are actually nice. Tae-Gwang is just more emotional and spontaneous, and often misunderstood. But he is protective and kind to Eun-Bi.

    Yi-Han will be misunderstood by many, he will be seen as a terrible guy who falls for his girlfriend’s sister. But we must keep in mind the shock that he went through when he thought Eun-Byul was dead, then when she “came back”, then when he realized he was lied to. Then when the real Eun-Byul comes back she treats him like crap yet again when he just got out of the hospital. I understand why he needs Eun-Bi, they actual complement and reflect each other. The guy is laid back, and needs to be encouraged and supported, what guy doesn’t need that kind of love and help from his girl? Especially a guy who grew up without a mother, he will need that female attention even more. At the end of the day, Eun-Byul and him were just not meant to be, or were just meant to be friends.

    What touched me most was the story of Soo-In. I understood her sister’s anger although she went too far. I understood her indignation. I couldn’t help but to cry when Eun-Byul went to her house. Soo-In died because of her classmates indifference and teacher’s negligence, nobody cared. Yet and still, she was clinging to Eun-Byul. And while Eun-Byul and the teacher look like “cowards” to many we’ve all been indifferent to that “invisible” classmate or person at some point. Nobody can really point fingers. When she found out her sister was being bullied, she didn’t hesitate. Obviously it was to make up for ignoring Soo-In being bullied. I find her brave in her own way. And the teacher too.

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