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School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 13 Recap

School2015ep13School 2015 is something i can’t explain, it’s more than addiction, it’s probably the drama afterlife where good drama addicts see the light at the end of the tunnel after a relentless dramarathon. At first it simply makes you just keep watching, before realizing it you have already been devoured and there is no way out. Needless to say that it possesses the art of cliffhangers! Now that Heard It Through the Grapevine reached a glorious end School 2015’s ratings grew even more, reaching 7.7% and standing at the second place behind Hwajung which achieved a more than welcome 10.2%. High Society started off pretty well and it’s right behind School 2015 with 7.3%, there’s going to be a battlefield on Tuesday’s episode and on the last two episodes the forthcoming week, but taking into consideration that it gradually reaches the end and we’re only 3 episodes before the curtains fall it’s going to at least maintain its second place, right? Everyone, raise your hands and pray to the ultimate gods of nerve-cracking makjang that School 2015 will reach the first place during its swansong week!


bscap0133Eun Bi’s inside her room acclimating herself in the new reality that unfolds before her very eyes while Mi Gyeong heads towards the door since someone rang the bell, someone who knew the electronic lock password too! Of course, it’s Eun Byul! Welcome back, girl! Mi Gyeong thinks that a ghost appeared and steps backwards as Eun Byul approaches her! Their eyes depict perfectly well the emotional charge of the moment and as unbelievable as it may seem the more she feels the contours of her face the more real it is. Eun Byul’s apologetic as her mother bursts into tears and the the emotional tension surrenders once Eun Byul tells her how much she missed her! Their heartfelt interaction instantly pauses as soon as Eun Bi witnesses them! The two sisters can’t stop staring at each other with their teary eyes! So many feels during the whole scene! My feel-o-meter reached stratospheric heights!

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bscap0170Eun Bi wonders where Eun Byul had been all this time and she says she went to the orphanage where she first met Mi Gyeong. The child her mother first met was Eun Bi and not Eun Byul and during the Tongyeong school trip Eun Byul was already aware of Eun Bi’s hardships. Even though she thought it was too late she desperately wanted to switch places with her to make things right or at least better for her sister. It was the only way for her to be able to keep on living and the reasons lie in the recent past. We get a flashback from the field trip where Eun Byul witnessed Eun Bi passing by her and followed her. She could she with her own eyes everything she was going through and it was only just a scene when So Young and her peasants were shamelessly bullying Eun Bi. Eun Byul lost the world underneath her feet and put the blame on her for Eun Bi’s hardships.


bscap0193This time she wouldn’t step back just like she did with Soo In, she wanted to help Eun Bi no matter what. When she witnessed Eun Bi jumping off the bridge she couldn’t stop her so she jumped after her and saved her since she was good at swimming. When she took her out of the water she tried to call for help and once Eun Bi was transferred to the hospital she overheard the nurses talking about her amnesiac state of mind. That’s when Eun Byul’s handkerchief found its way in Eun Bi’s possession. It was the only way for both of them to find some peace of mind, Eun Bi from her bullying martyrdom, Eun Byul from Soon In’s death since her life after Soo In passing away became a living hell for her. Eun Byul’s tears at this very moment feel like the warmest and most heartfelt tears in the world.

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bscap0199Checking the school’s homepage she realized that without taking out the thorn the scar wouldn’t heal and it could get infected anew. Mi Gyeong can finally be at ease from all the emotional burden she went through as a mother and at a personal level since she couldn’t stop accusing herself. Mi Gyeong’s apologetic as well, but Eun Byul’s the one who feels sorry towards her mother. Eun Bi still can’t believe the fact that she can be so close to Eun Byul and feelings are mutual. Eun Bi can’t help it but bring forth all these things she wanted to do with her sister and Eun Byul approves, one after the other they will accomplish everything! Eun Byul was afraid that her mother would scold her and Mi Gyeong’s all in for it, once she recovers she’ll be back at it! Of course she was just kidding and both Eun Bi and Eun Byul smile at her! Such relieving and heartfelt moments! Eun Byul and Eun Bi’s smiling faces in full emotional grandeur are a divine blessing!

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bscap0212Tae Gwang’s father is having a meeting with So Young’s father and the principal is thankful towards the prosecutor for silencing the case and congratulates him in advance concerning his forthcoming nomination! Tae Gwang with his new hairdo appears and witnesses both of them talking and he recalls that the man next to his father is So Young’s father! Tae Gwang’s father even though he’s thankful for receiving the prosecutor’s help he cannot forward political donations since the foundation’s money is not his own and the prosecutor doesn’t appear that pleased. The principal refers to the renowned rumor about So Young bullying one of her classmates and leading her to taking her own life. On top of that, he falsified the resident registration to move school districts and the principal urges him to forget the incident he silenced for him so that he will forget his own incident. The prosecutor hands him over some documents which have the real postmortem examination of Soo In’s body and it’s quite different from the official one! He leaves Tae Gwang’s father at loss for words and he wants him to think about it and contact him to deliver the news. Once both of them leave the room Tae Gwang takes in his hands the documents and takes pictures of them.

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bscap0220Eun Bi and Eun Byul are inside their room and Eun Bi can’t stop starring at her, it’s something that playfully annoys Eun Byul! None of them can believe how much alike they look and that mutual “chincha” owned! So cute, so playful and so funny together, Eun-twins own! Eun Bi’s thankful towards her sister for saving her, but she’s more thankful for coming back alive. Eun Bi wants Eun Byul to return back to school, as for her, she’s going to reclaim her name first since she has things to do as Eun Bi. She will let her know since she wouldn’t like Eun Byul to either worry or feel sorry about her anymore and Eun Byul won’t run away anymore since she has something to do as well before it’s too late. It’s always about Soo In, even though it won’t be easy. Caressing Eun Bi’s face is yet another heartfelt sense of affection between the newly reunited twins!

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bscap0238Yi Ahn has started training and he recalls the awakening moments he shared with Eun Bi as he keeps close to him the swimming medal. He intends to contact her but once he thinks of Eun Bi’s words that if he doesn’t want her to keep appearing in front of him then he should start exercising he prevents himself and keeps up with his training! Eun Byul’s back at school and she’s so glad to see Shi Jin and Song Joo once again! She’s so happy she can’t hide how much she missed them and they start thinking that she must have done something wrong to them for being so polite and caring! She’s back to where she belongs to and she’s so happy! Hae Na mentions that Eun Byul will be transferred tomorrow, but Song Joo doesn’t agree since she didn’t mention anything when they saw her earlier this morning. Hae Na points out that she overheard the head teacher informing teacher Kim about it, but Shi Jin can’t believe it. However, So Young has a different opinion and points out towards the transferring direction with a definitive countenance, today’s their last day with Eun Byul in the classroom and she has even prepared a farewell present!

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bscap0256She’s glad Eun Byul appeared right on time, but she’s not aware that it’s the Real Eun Byul standing in front of her! So Young refers to Eun Bi who was on the news and that she was still alive! Eun Byul’s slight smile is priceless! So Young points out that the person they believed to be Eun Byul is actually Eun Bi, but nobody believes her! Song Joo wants her to stop talking nonsense, but So Young moves on. She refers to Eun Bi as an orphan and an outcast who received an expulsion and she’s no other than the girl standing in front of them pretending to have lost her memory as Eun Byul. So Young points out towards the changes that were more than apparent in the way Eun Byul was behaving after the accident. Eun Byul has a different opinion and she’s neither transferring nor she’s Eun Bi! So Young asks her to bring proof, but Eun Byul questions her if she needs proof herself to prove that she’s So Young. So Young refers to all the evidence she has that she could never be Eun Byul, but Eun Byul’s eager to see all the evidence unafraid of anything! Eun Byul’s certainty constantly surprises So Young, but she moves on by bringing forth all the handwriting comparison results and urges Eun Byul to test go through a fingerprint as well! There’s no need for any of that since she recalled all of her memories!

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bscap0263It’s Eun Byul’s turn to question her about what she did to her younger sister. With every sentence she utters she pushes So Young away directly accusing her of constant verbal abuse, grabbing her hair anytime in front of everyone, covering her with dirt and filth and framing her for things she didn’t do. She’s having So Young against a desk directly accusing her of murder without remorse and So Young tries to hit Eun Byul, but she wrist-grabs her and she has the perfect chance to deliver a direct slap upon her coward face, but she restrains herself from proceeding because she wouldn’t like to become like her. Her volcanic and nearly teary eyes are a powerful sight on their own and there you go: “punishing violence with violence is low even for amateurs,” in your face, So Young. Tae Gwang appears and senses So Young’s immense fear while at the same time everyone notices his new hairstyle as Gi Tae receives a bag-slap! Eun Byul won’t even stare at him as he tries to translate the silence of the moment.

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bscap0280Eun Byul went to visit Tae Gwang’s father and he actually does have a problem with her appearing without any notice at the principal’s office, but it’s not a common visit since he’s directly involved in her transfer. She states that she won’t get transferred. If he wants to reopen the student disciplinary committee then he should proceed right away since she doesn’t have a reason to leave anymore. Everyone’s having lunch and Tae Gwang sits right next to Eun Byul, but it’s not the way he expected it to be! Song Joo points out that taking into consideration the way see currently treats Tae Gwang her memories must have really returned! Shi Jin’s presentation of Eun Byul’s counter attack towards So Young was priceless! Bam, bam, bam-bam, shhhhk! Eun Byul’s not bothered by So Young no matter how much her friends are concerned about her, whatever she may do in the future she’s not it doesn’t bother her! Tae Gwang’s left speechless and raising his left eyebrow was hilarious! He wants Eun Byul to follow him to the rooftop for one of their renowned talks but she never appeared no matter how hard he tried!

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bscap0315On his way downstairs he asks her the reason why she’s been avoiding him! He even loses his words in front of her! He finger-pushes her away to receive a slap on the head that made his brain rotate a few degrees to the right! The more he examines her reactions the more she feels like Eun Byul, but before he finishes his sentence everything starts making sense and Eun Byul’s smile alongside her thoughts confirm his assumptions! She’s aware that he was truly helpful towards Eun Bi. All he wants know is where he will find Eun Bi and runs towards her house! School never felt so pointless in a moment like that, all he can utter is her name, but she’s nowhere to be found. Eun Bi’s at the car with Mi Gyeong who almost refers to her as Eun Byul, but it’s fine for Eun Bi! She’s apologetic for not being able to call her by her name earlier, but starting from today things are going to change; one by one. Eun Bi’s so happy it feels like dreaming so she wouldn’t like seeing her mother like this. Mi Gyeong wants to live with both Eun Byul and Eun Bi a happy life, leaving behind the painful past.

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bscap0339The doctor’s relieved to find out that Yi Ahn has already started exercising anew and the good part of the story is that since he has a swimmer’s body he should move on with specific exercises while still remaining diligent and receiving further treatment for his shoulder. The vice principal wants to talk to teacher Jung and she would like to know if there’s any evidence that she was the one to post about Soo In’s incident. It was teacher Choi who revealed the truth about her being Soo In’s sister after witnessing teacher Kim’s investigation. Teacher Jung doesn’t reply back to anything he has to say unless there’s evidence, one thing is for certain, the vice principal doesn’t approve of her presence there and he would like her to leave silently. Teacher Kim follows her and she lets him know that she was messaging people to make sure they wouldn’t forget about her. Among many reasons, one of them why teacher Kim doesn’t approve of her methods is because she could end up hurting herself. Teacher Kim was the one to have posted about Soo In at the discussion board and he wants to help her remain at school. Teacher Jung’s getting kicked out of school because she’s Soo In’s sister and not because they think she’s the own who posted. Once again, teacher Kim’s apologetic and lets her know that he won’t give up trying to help her. It was yet another sincere moment between them.


bscap0352Eun Bi and her mother have arrived at the orphanage and she intends to pay a visit alone. She appears in front of all of her little friends and she can’t hold back her tears; instant injection of feels! Ra Jin sees her first and all of them rush to her embrace! “Noona” and “unnie” never sounded so cute and heartfelt at the same time! Young Ho’s wish has turned to life, he was writing a letter every day and he was leaving them at the garden’s wishing tree praying that Eun Bi would return back alive one day. Ra Jin cracks hearts and she states that both Young Ho and Seung Min don’t cause trouble anymore and she intends to help her a lot, she doesn’t want her to leave them! Eun Bi’s sincere tears as she’s hugging all of them while being apologetic made my feel-o-meter’s indicator emerge in circular moves like crazy like a broken compass!

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bscap0372Mi Gyeong had been waiting for her throughout the day and nighttime has arrived, but Eun Bi intends to stay there for a while to make things right. Her mother understands her intentions after she reassures her that she will eventually return. Once she receives the more than welcome answer from Eun Bi’s lips she can finally return back home. Why did it feel like goodbye once again like in the scene with Yi Ahn while she was inside the bus?

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bscap0377Tae Gwang’s the man and he’s already there leaving Eun Bi utterly surprised! Since things turned out this way she should have let him know beforehand! While talking to her he receives the attack of the little Eun Bi defendants, yelling at Eun Bi is not accepted, but she let’s them know that he’s not there to harm her! Tae Gwang, the mean oppa! At first he could hide behind Eun Bi, but at the table even though he’s eating he’s rather defenseless, the three musketeers are ogling him with vile intentions! Eun Bi wants him to eat and return back home, after all he has school tomorrow, but we all know that Tae Gwang is not the type of guy who enjoys going to school! Eun Bi gives her orders to the children while Tae Gwang can’t help it but lose himself in Eun Bi’s caring prowess!

 bscap0376bscap0375  bscap0379bscap0378 bscap0382bscap0381bscap0384bscap0385 bscap0386 bscap0388bscap0387 bscap0390bscap0389 bscap0391bscap0394bscap0392 bscap0395

bscap0396Tae Gwang has one more hour until he misses the last bus. She keeps him company while waiting for the bus and she lets him know that she’s glad that Eun Byul came back safe and sound, she likes it so much she actually can’t believe it. Tae Gwang points out that neither Eun Byul nor her bad-hand habit changed since he got hit by her! Tae Gwang would like to know what are Eun Bi’s plans and she states that even though her place is here at the orphanage she feels the need to return back to Seoul. Once thing is certain, her place is not being someone else, but herself; Eun Bi.


bscap0402Its time for Tae Gwang to leave, but Eun Bi thinks the time has arrived to talk to him about something she wanted to say for some time now. She’s thankful for everything, for being having to not lie in front of him, for being the first one to call her by her name and always make her smile. Also, she’s sorry for not being able to be the person who would like him back, but Tae Gwang doesn’t want her to keep saying all that. She moves towards his way and holds out her hand to bid him farewell; if I could buy a new LG the next moment I would have punched my screen! He slaps away her hand and lets her know that he missed the last bus with a huge smile carved on his face! Even though he’s aware of everything, he doesn’t intend to stop acting this way until she stops being apologetic! Since he can’t return back to Seoul Tae Gwang might as well brush his own teeth just like the kids!

bscap0404 bscap0406bscap0405bscap0409 bscap0411bscap0410bscap0414 bscap0416bscap0412bscap0415

bscap0417Yi Ahn receives a phone call from Eun Byul and he’s quite happy about it since he thought he was talking to Eun Bi. Of course, Eun Byul appears at the meeting spot! He tells her that he finally started rehabilitation, it’s something he wanted to let her know but he was hesitating because she could misunderstand his intentions, but Eun Byul’s not aware of it. Eun Byul’s sharp and straight forward personality wonders why would she misunderstand him and he refers to Eun Bi’s words that she wouldn’t bother him anymore once he started rehabilitation. She wants to know how he got hurt since a swimmer’s shoulders are his most powerful weapons.

bscap0418 bscap0419bscap0420 bscap0423bscap0422 bscap0424

bscap0425Eun Byul goes back to the school trip and the moment after she separated with him, but he notices that something’s not right and grabs her from the shoulders since he can’t believe what’s going on right in front of his very eyes. He hurts her, but he hurts as well, it’s one of these Yi Ahn moments when he can’t control his internal struggle. She acknowledges that he has every right to be angry and she delivers all the Eun Byul signals so that he’ll understand who’s standing right in front of him. Yi Ahn points out he’s not in the mood to be fooling around, but Eun Byul will tell him everything and why she couldn’t let him know beforehand. But it’s not so easy as it seems if one takes into consideration everything Yi Ahn had to go through starting from the fact that he considered her dead and suddenly she appears in front of him alive. Eun Byul acknowledges she’s rude in general, but still she can’t comprehend the deeper struggles Yi Ahn had to go through and why he’s getting mad at her this very moment. He was so worried about her and so devastated finding out she had passed away and he’s thankful and happy she’s back safe and sound, but he’s sorry for being unable to comfortably smile at her right now. Yi Ahn leaves Eun Bi behind surrendering to her own thoughts.

bscap0427bscap0426 bscap0431bscap0430bscap0435bscap0434 bscap0439

bscap0440After the confrontation with So Young and Tae Gwang’s father it’s time for Eun Byul to talk to teacher Kim and she lets him know that she got her memories back. She neither intends to run away nor avoid the facts and she wants to apologize to Soo In. Before losing her memories she hated coming to school. Everything started when she touched Soo In’s lifeless shoulders and hands the night she passed away. Ever since Soo In never stopped following her, she was everywhere, at school, on the streets, even at home; she was omnipresent. Because her classmates could have treated her the same way they treated Soo In she kept her safe distance from her. Even though she regrets it and she won’t be able to turn back time she still wants to reveal the truth. Teacher Kim wants the same thing and he acknowledges his own merit of responsibility that had its own impact upon Eun Byul as well. Teacher Kim wants justice to shine right away and just like Eun Bi stared at the school yard before leaving it feels like yet another goodbye and he arrives at the police station.


bscap0451The morning has arrived and Tae Gwang wakes up Eun Bi! He’s been playing with the kids at the garden! The kiddo company is complete by now! He drags Eun Bi to play with them and everyone’s having so much fun and there are so many blissful feels throughout the whole duration of the scene! Yi Ahn’s lost in his own thoughts as Eun Bi’s words out of his room at the hospital echo anew in his mind and Eun Byul appears right away! She wonders for how long she should be careful around for him, but Yi Ahn knows more than anyone else that Eun Byul’s not that kind of person! She wants to know more information about his shoulder and all he lets her know is that he got involved in an accident and doesn’t invest in details. All he wants to know is where Eun Bi could be at this very moment. The moment she tells him that she’s at the Love House orphanage So Young appears and overhears their conversation.

bscap0452 bscap0454bscap0453bscap0455bscap0457 bscap0460bscap0459bscap0461bscap0462bscap0463

bscap0466She’s doesn’t know for how long Eun Bi intends to stay there, but both Eun Byul and her mother eagerly await for Eun Bi’s decision. If her memories here were good she will eventually return, if not, she’ll stay at Love House. Eun Byul wants to know if Eun Bi had a hard time there and So Young enters the conversation letting Eun Byul know that Yi Ahn got into an accident and gave up the tournament while returning back school to save Eun Bi. At that time he already knew that she was Eun Bi and not Eun Byul! So Young would like to know whether Yi Ahn likes Eun Bi or Eun Byul!

bscap0465bscap0467 bscap0468bscap0470bscap0472 bscap0473bscap0471bscap0478

Thoughts: Even though it was Monday’s episode and the one of Tuesday is not that far away we were left with an emotional and heart-wrenching cliffhanger filled with awkwardness and uncertainty for Yi Ahn and Eun Byul while the delicate (not) So Young is the only one enjoying the moment, at least for the time being! Seriously, what an episode was that? The writer in combination with the director want to exterminate us with all these infinite amounts of feels streaming straight from the feelsphere. The 13th one was an episode possessing the very soul and essence of School 2015 so far. Being utterly intense and emotionally charged but also filled with a great amount of insightful moments and interactions sending shivers down our spine it always managed to keep the interest at the highest levels.


All the threnody and all the bliss were encrypted within the lasting scene of Eun Byul’s return. You could sense everyone gradually cracking with love, but also with love all the pieces getting steadily recollected untouched and devoid of harm. It was as if life was blossoming on barren soil and the bound to perish seeds actually had their chance to flourish in various levels of internal beatitude which was more than apparent on everyone’s faces. Mi Gyeong, Eun Bi and Eun Byul had risen like the phoenix rises from its ashes and all of them embraced life anew under different parameters, tighter bonds and most and above all, sincere, unconditional and persevering love.


Eun Byul wanted to adorn Eun Bi’s life with everything she had been missing all this time and find some peace of mind for herself in order to get ready to fight her own demons that were devouring her life step by step every single day for a year’s time since Soo In’s death. It wasn’t redemption she was after since she hasn’t faced Soo In’s ghost yet, it was a new beginning for both of them to silence the past once and for all and prevent it from haunting them back anew. The moments Eun Bi and Eun Byul shared inside their room were heartfelt and it was the sense of sisterhood they never had the chance to treasure. Though all these seemingly lighthearted sisterly moments we got to witness each girl’s variations inside a torrent of emotion which was possessing its own tranquil yet ever-flowing grandeur.


The power struggle between Tae Gwang’s and So Young’s fathers wasn’t random, it wanted to convey that such people always watch their backs and they are devoid of emotion. It always depends on the best connections and the prosecutor definitely had better ones than the high school principal. Just because So Young’s father helped Tae Gwang’s father it never meant that they would be swimming in lakes of honey doing everything one another wanted to benefit from each other. Among other incidents, including Eun Byul’s direct confrontation with him, i really do hope Tae Gwang’s father will deal with the recent or far past in order to find his good old self, the one teacher Kim presented in previous episodes, infused with some brave doses of paternal love towards Tae Gwang, it’s never too late.


Eun Byul returned at the right moment to put So Young back where she belongs to, in silence and obscurity. So Young thought it was Eun Bi’s last day at school and she was prepared to cause a ruckus, a final lasting one that would sever most of the ties of Eun Bi in Sekang high school. She never took into consideration that Eun Byul could actually be alive and she would return one day to devastate her and eventually emerge victorious during a fighting stage of major importance both for Eun Bi and Eun Byul. So Young had all the necessary potential to ruin Eun Bi’s peaceful life anew, but she was held back while Eun Byul didn’t become someone like her by eventually maintaining her wrath.


So Young has proven to a wider extent what a coward she is once Eun Byul decided to show her straight forward grandeur. She never thought she would find herself in such a defenseless situation where anything she would try would feel so useless. There’s a huge difference between her new and her previous high school, in her previous environment she was controlling the masses and she could do just anything, here she’s all alone by herself trying to prove than even on her own she can turn to life the same or even greater “achievements” with her divide and conquer campaign which is none other than the cracks of a soon to shatter ego.


Eun Byul’s not afraid of So Young, but she’s not afraid of the principal either since she did nothing wrong and she was unjustly accused and forced to get transferred. Eun Byul’s ready to face her own demon, Soo In. The principal can’t afford to do so and it’s to Eun Byul’s advantage, not because she desperately wants to remain at Sekang high school, it’s because she wants to make things as right as possible even though she can’t make the clock go back to that sullen day when Soo In passed away. She can’t bring a life back, but she can restore Soo In’s memory and cleanse herself. A strong card she’s unaware of is the fact that Tae Gwang has all the documents So Young’s father left on his father’s desk.


Mi Gyeong loves both Eun Bi and Eun Byul and wants to start anew with both of them under her loving and caring wings. She intends to respect Eun Bi’s decision even though it may not be the one she would like to hear, but she keeps the faith burning that all three will live under the same roof. As a mother and as a woman she went through a lot and the fact that Eun Bi was the one she met first is a bond of its own, it’s like a seed she didn’t get to water but it was eagerly waiting for its thirst to get quenched and have its own chance to bloom. What once felt like an extreme sense of surprise eventually turned into a more than welcome and heartfelt reality since Eun Byul was more than alive and she was there once again, by her mother’s side.


Yi Ahn recalling Eun Bi without regrets, but with gratefulness and love through a different prism far away from the thin red line of friendship was quite apparent throughout the episode. Eun Bi approached him with love and caring throughout his most difficult phases of his life, even though she was involved in many of them. Her perseverance that was often being misinterpreted by him was proven to had been the panacea for his wounds. The night his world collapsed for one more time he was expecting to see Eun Bi and he was more than happy, but his expectations got ruined overnight due to Eun Byul’s unexpected appearance in Eun Bi’s place.


Eun Byul being alive was a heart-wrenching apocalypse that was supposed to be a more than happy event; and it was. He would never feel sad or disheartened finding out that Eun Byul was alive, on the contrary, he was grateful and happy about it. But he couldn’t present in front of her his most gracious smile after all the devastation he had to go through after he found out she had passed away whereas she was alive somewhere without informing him. Eun Byul’s sharp, straight forward and ice princess attitude alongside her inability to interpret his feelings and everything he went through nurtured even further the overall negativity.


Once again, he couldn’t maintain his anger and physical strength in yet another moment he felt he was losing the world underneath his feet, a world he built anew trying hard after his previous one collapsed, but at that moment even though at times he didn’t want to Eun Bi was by his side in a way Eun Byul would never be. At the end of the episode he doesn’t have a lot to say to Eun Byul and all he wants to know is Eun Bi’s location. It’s the crucial moment when So Young found yet another interesting playground while her previous one had surrendered in utter defeat. She dropped a megaton bomb concerning Yi Ahn’s feelings in front of Eun Byul and i am really curious how the writer will deal with this twofold cliffhanger through Yi Ahn and Eun Byul’s internal worlds.


Teacher Kim played an important part in the episode even though his airing time was limited. He didn’t only show his sincerely caring side towards teacher Jung whose identity was revealed, he’s eager to help her remain at the high school at all costs. On top of that, he was the one to have posted all this information concerning Soo In’s death, his regrets must had been far too great to remain silent. It’s all about chemistry, sincerity, justice and a painful past that connects teachers Kim & Jung. Eun Byul revealing her traumas due to Soo In’s death and everything she went through ever since was the turning point in his life willing to pay the price for Soo In’s death. Whether he’s willing to go down alone or not we have yet to find out, but if he decides to take all the blame i am pretty certain teacher Jung, Tae Gwang and Eun Byul won’t stand still.


Tae Gwang noticed the differences between Eun Bi and Eun Byul quite fast and he needed just a few seconds of a close and observant interaction with her to make sure the girl in front of him isn’t Eun Bi, but Eun Byul. At that point the only thing he wanted to do was to find Eun Bi and that’s what he did. Tae Gwang would never leave her alone and appearing at the orphanage was essential to him. The more he gets to know about Eun Bi the more entranced and enamored he feels by her very soul and essence, she’s resonating differently in front of his eyes and witnessing her interactions with her little friends was yet another aspect of her.


Time with her is precious and he doesn’t want her to keep being thankful and apologetic all the time towards him. He knows she doesn’t feel the same way about him, she neither has to remind him of this nor she must put herself under the same awkward conditions and emotional pressure every time they meet. Tae Gwang always maintained his coolness even though the deepest core of their feelings isn’t mutual. Playing with Eun Bi’s little friends and making her smile and eventually reclaim her playful attotide was enough of a remedy for both of them. This doesn’t mean that i wouldn’t like them to end up together, of course i do, i highly ship them like the ship wants to set sail! All the interactions at the orphanage in which Tae Gwang took part made it an even brighter place after Eun Bi’s arch resonance and if some people can play their own part in Eun Bi and Tae Gwang ending up together, then her little friends have the upper hand.


Setting aside Eun Bi and Tae Gwang’s conversation while he was waiting for the bus, the 13th episode was probably the happiest one for Eun Bi. She didn’t only get to meet her sister, but she also forged a deeper and more palpable bond with Mi Gyeong, even though her final decision will probably be to stay at the orphanage since the storyline has proven that once she says goodbye it doesn’t feel like it, it is goodbye. The heartfelt and heartwarming scene when she appeared in front of her little friends after all this time and made their hearts blossom was probably a turning point secretly craving for her presence there. This doesn’t mean that she will cut off ties with people she loves and love her back if she decides to stay there and there’s also the love factor that points towards Yi Ahn’s direction, but now with Eun Byul’s presence it would be too heartrending to blossom, unless many sides surrender unconditionally to love’s uncertain sanctuary.


The 13th episode was an ode to Kim So Hyun’s multifaceted and ever-expanding acting skills. Preserving to the fullest all the characteristics that differentiate Eun Bi and Eun Byul in such an astonishing and unerring way is yet another proof of why she shines so differently that others in such an exquisite manner at such a young age. Not only she’s stellar but she’s also an emotional chameleon being able to acclimate herself anytime anyplace in any possible and impossible way under every acting environment so as to bring to the surface feelings that could had been lurking in unfathomable depths. If someone can, then it has to be Kim So Hyun and if she can’t, then her eyes definitely can. Some say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, such elegant and emotionally flexible eyes are a prism to a wide variety of acting dimensions.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-


  1. wannie
    June 9, 2015 at 4:36 am — Reply

    I was cheering at my laptop when Eun Byul wrecked plan in revealing her identity. The look of so young’s face was priceless!
    Also, some people commented on eun byul’s casual/insensitive attitude when she met Yi an.. Hmmm.. What do you think?

    • wannie
      June 9, 2015 at 9:02 am — Reply

      Oh my just realise the first part of my comment doesnt make sense.. It should be ‘wrecked so young’s plan in revealing’…
      I was awake from 330am so that kinda explains the ridiculous sentence

      • June 9, 2015 at 3:36 pm — Reply

        Nah, it made perfect sense, could read through the lines! Hope my thoughts on the 13th episode made sense because i finished it at 7+am, pulled an all-nighter, but it appeared the episode had a whole lot more and my arch plan to finish it before 6am didn’t flourish XD

    • June 9, 2015 at 3:26 pm — Reply

      Same here, i was so happy when she was owning her step by step and before the time to ask her own questions arrived i definitely loved her slight smile! She was so sure that everything So Young was saying had no power over her!
      She was just being Eun Byul, the Eun Byul he had always known, but he had already started liking Eun Bi’s character and temperament. They may have the same face, but Eun Bi is probably the personality he would like Eun Byul to have behind that face, the personality he was always craving for, but nevertheless he certainly loved Eun Byul despite her overall approach on people. But after meeting Eun Bi and witnessing how different they are something has started to change. Had Eun Byul shown a more caring face with more understanding it could have flown in a better tone, but Yi Ahn went through a lot in her absence and even entered the mourning face, but he also realized that Eun Byul was Eun Bi, she could had been warmer on her approach, but she was just being Eun Byul, the girl he loved, the girl he probably doesn’t love anymore.

  2. June 9, 2015 at 6:13 am — Reply

    “Everyone, raise your hands and pray to the ultimate gods of nerve-cracking makjang that School 2015 will reach the first place during its swansong week!”

    It will be number 1 in my heart anyway. * bows *

    • June 9, 2015 at 3:27 pm — Reply

      Same here, in my heart it will be the one and only number 1 during the next week! We just need the help of writer-nim >.> xP Hope my thoughts on the 13th ep made sense, i finished it during 7 in the morning >.<

      • June 9, 2015 at 3:33 pm — Reply

        😮 oh em gee. it’s when i woke up! ah well, you’re young. enjoy those sleepless nights and still being able to function the next day while you can xD episode 14… killed meeeeee

        • June 9, 2015 at 3:44 pm — Reply

          I enjoy them up to an extent, but sometimes they become tormenting xD Young, not too young, but definitely not old, oppa style XD The 14th had more feels and thoughtful parts? :O Tonight i won’t be able to pull an all-nighter in a row (have to study too >.<), but i'll work to a welcome part of the 14th reviewcap! 😀

          • June 9, 2015 at 4:18 pm

            i’ll tell you two words: “wait” and “muah”. when you watch you will know. although those aren’t the most thoughtful scenes. I think the writers are very taekwang-biased… But dang, kim so hyun is just… i can’t with so much talent

          • June 9, 2015 at 4:20 pm

            *muah* Does it have ki-ssu-eh?! :O Don’t answer XD Oh well, answer XD They are Tae Gwang biased, but they torment us with his unconditional and hurt part XD So Hyun is one of these actresses the aliens would abduct to examine one’s acting potential in human terms XD

          • June 9, 2015 at 4:32 pm

            * whistle *

          • June 9, 2015 at 4:34 pm


          • June 11, 2015 at 2:14 pm

            by the way, Eun Byul is so badass… i can’t

      • June 11, 2015 at 2:11 pm — Reply


        https://dramajjang.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/bscap0388.jpg?w=300&h=169 <— perfect capture of the side-eye.

        Episode 13 was the best so far (we'll pretend I haven't watched episode 14 yet). Let me niptick first, the writers are really going deeper and deeper into that loophole when it comes to the reason how Eun Bi and Eun Byul got separated in the first place. It was NOT because 5-yar-old Eun Byul "lied" to the mom who had met Eun Bi first. It was because the writers didn't come up with an explanation of how it was possible to have young twins living in the same orphanage but not at the same time for the mom to be mistaken… So Eun Byul's self-hatred about how she stole her little sister's happiness and how she switched them back for Eun Bi's sake and for her to find a peace of mind just fell rather flat for me… Show put a big responsibility on a 5-year old girl to justify everything that happened. And then where was Eun Byul when people thought she was dead? She was living at her old orphanage b/c of course you just can come and go as you please? And I find this aspect even more unsatisfying because the writers proved that they were detailed about other stuff like all the layers of Tae Kwang's father despite him having little screen time or the whole Min Jun and his mom's storyline, Choong Joo's loyaulty despite everything…

        Okay, now on with the Eun Byul-Eun Bi. It was so cute to see them together. However,the writers made important discussions happen off screen one more time or at random moments. How can Eun Byul know about how Tae Kwang helped Eun Bi but not know about how her CHILDHOOD FRIEND Yi An found out about the switch? I'm not saying that Eun Bi had to give her the 411 on everything that had happened, but Yi An was an important part… And here we went again with that non-sense accident. 1) when Eun Byul reunite with Yi An (after an entire school day when she never asked about him) and it's the element that makes him realize he's talking with Eun Byul and not Eun Bi. 2) I guess you were happy to see how the writers used it to create the cliffhanger XD XD. For whom Yi An sacrificed himself (and maybe some of his team mates's future) for? I still maintain the accident didn't have to be for an important competition and I still don't like how it is used as a potential proof of love of Yi An toward Eun Bi when Yi An did the same exact same thing when Eun Byul went missing and he had even traveled all the way to Tongye the night before just to see her and it had ended with a fight. I'm not happy with how one-dimensional Yi An is portrayed (=always weak in front of Eun Byul in a way that makes HER nearly look like a bully) as well as being deprived of a sense of reality when he's actually the character who should be nothing but aware of reality since he comes from a low-income household and cares for his struggling father. Meanwhile Tae Kwang is written with so many subtle details that I just… * sigh * Anyway, Yook Sung Jae has some eyebrows acting skills.

        So on with the ships. The bias toward Eun Bi is definitely showing even more now that Eun Byul is back. I do think it was necessary to create both distinct personalities for the twins, but like I mentioned previously, the writers chose not to SHOW why Eun Byul was so loved despite her being presented as an Ice Princess (if you want to put it nicely) or as b!tch (if you want to be blunt). So the writers spent so much time to make us care for Eun Bi that it makes sense to me that both Yi An and Taek Kwang are attracted to her, despite what people say about Yi An and Eun Byul having a 10-year relationship that can't be erased just like that. Yes it can when the writers only give a one-sided perspective and Yi An saying that he likes "Eun Byul"'s caring side more.. . That's why I feel the writers are unfair towards Eun Byul and Yi An's friendship. They just used the "10-year old friendship that should automatically turn into romance" trope without even trying to give it some substance to create a love square with the two sisters invovled. And so Yi An was ready to do anything for Eun Byul and I have yet gotten the impression that she would do the same for him, so that's a very unbalanced and unhealthy dynamic in my eyes… However, I get the impression that the writers wanted to make the whole guilt feeling about Soo In's death to be the reason why Eun Byul kept her distances with Yi An and why she gave him the cold shoulder for the past year… But unfortunately, the only thing I saw through Yi An's perspective was that Eun Byul has always treated him this way so why does he like her? Show gave me no reason but "they've known each other for 10 years."… But meanwhile the writers did spend a lot of time to make the Eun Bi-Tae Kwang ship sail. And does it sail nicely or what? Makes all my nipticking nearly worthless because FEEEEEELS.

  3. June 9, 2015 at 7:22 am — Reply

    […] Episode 13  Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08   Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  First impressions (up to episode 04) […]

  4. zealala
    June 9, 2015 at 9:18 am — Reply

    Team taekwang..go!!!!!

  5. June 9, 2015 at 2:17 pm — Reply

    as much as we all hate soyoung, she did ask a crucial question to Yi Ahn
    and i really do feel like Yi Ahn likes Eun Bi more…

    it doesn’t seem like a coincidence when they first swapped identities that Yi Ahn comments that he prefers Eun Bi’s warm cheerful demeanor over Eun Byul’s icy cold one
    and after all of the confrontation mess they went through, Eun Bi remained supportive to Yi Ahn

    even though Yi Ahn did grow up with Eun Byul, i think he realizes he enjoys Eun Bi’s company more as a romantic interest

    it may seem that if Yi Ahn chooses Eun Bi, it would be messy and Eun Bi might want to sacrifice her own love life for Eun Byul to be happy

    and Tae Gwang is gonna be sad forever 🙁 🙁 🙁 T_T ….but he might be the best wingman to make sure Eun Bi is happy

    • June 9, 2015 at 3:42 pm — Reply

      It was definitely a crucial question even though So Young used all the information she received while eavesdropping them to hurt both of them even more!
      Eun Byul and Eun Bi have the same physical presence, but Eun Bi’s personality through her brightest and more vivid colors that managed to earn Yi Ahn’s heart whereas Eun Byul was always an ice princess. Eun Bi was always by Yi Ahn’s side even when he didn’t want to be around her, she remained supportive all along the way and she was of great help so that he would never let himself down. Of course he was happy Eun Byul was alive, but her approach wasn’t helpful at all. He had mourned for her, he had mistook her for someone else, his world had cracked and was reformed by Eun Bi’s unconditional caring. Eun Bi’s personality probably was everything he was craving for from Eun Byul.
      Feels like emotional mess will pop up, but probably you’ve already watched the 14th ep so i won’t jump to assumptions! 😀 I’m waiting for the subs and i want all of them to be happy in the end 🙂 Tae Gwang has the greatest soul, he deserves happiness.-

  6. Alexis
    June 10, 2015 at 10:34 am — Reply

    OMG! This was the best recap of school 2015! The way you respect all the Yi Ahn shippers and Tae Gwang shippers is just wonderful. As one of the Yi Ahn shippers I’m so frustrated by all the other recappers who just write so disrespectfully about him…
    So millions of thank yous for this unbiased and amazing recap 🙂

    • June 10, 2015 at 10:50 am — Reply

      Thanks a whole lot for your words, they are deeply appreciated! 🙂 I lean towards the Tae Gwang-Eun Bi ship faction, BUT i secretly ship Yi Ahn-Eun Bi as well, i can’t neglect the vibes those two evoke, they had their own meaningful time together and just like Tae Gwang went through a lot, Yi Ahn went through a lot as well, under different perspectives, but i don’t want to measure their amount of pain. I can see where Yi Ahn’s gradual change of heart came from and it’s respectable, but i can see as well Tae Gwang finally finding a meaning in life through Eun Bi and it’s respectable too. In the end, i want all of them to be happy, i don’t know how, but that’s what i want! 😀 You are very welcome and thanks a lot once again! 🙂

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