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Episode 29 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

InSeoSpiesI still can’t believe that Heard It Through the Grapevine ended, but i am lucky enough to not have watched yet the last episode since it would interfere with my thoughts on the 29th one, so practically for me nothing has ended yet! So far i managed to hide pretty well from unwelcome spoilers, but you can’t be sure until you watch the episode yourself! During its 29th episode Heard It Through the Grapevine returned where it belongs, after all it was its last airing week, it deserved it! Heard It Through the Grapevine claimed its throne with 11% and left Hwajung behind with 10.6%, paving the way for its grandiose exit among feels, laughter and hide & seek interactions!


bscap2038Madame Choi’s inside her room and soon enough she starts wandering around the almighty household which almost feels devoid of life. She meets butler Park on her way upstairs and everyone gets informed of madame Choi’s forthcoming arrival and they almost got caught! Yi Ji pretends to be searching for books whereas the housemaid was supposed to be gathering wintry clothing to send them to the laundry and secretary Lee was helping her! She doesn’t seem to have learned anything, history can only repeat itself when it comes to madame Choi and attorney Han! As a gracious mother of charity she wants them to donate In Sang’s clothes to their foundation. Even the sign at the studying room’s door is an obstacle to her sight and madame Choi urges butler Park to take it off!

 bscap2040bscap2039 bscap2041

bscap2042Seo Bom was bathing Jin Young and she’s so loving and playful with him! In Sang returned back home with Hyeon Soo and Min Jae; come in or not! The housemaid, secretary Lee and Yi Ji fraction had already managed to gather In Sang’s belongings and Hyeon Soo delivered everything successfully! Min Jae and Hyeon Soo’s observant stares examine the humble house as Seo Bom plays with Jin Young and In Sang wants to greet them properly by preparing something to treat them. In Sang didn’t want Seo Bom to worry so he didn’t inform her in advance. Hyeon Soo’s amazed to find out that Seo Bom’s humble house has everything required and she wonders how is it possible for them to have a sex life and Min Jae wonders in addition whether they play music or keep their mouths shut! I guess these were rhetoric questions since neither In Sang nor Seo Bom would ever give them a proper answer!


bscap2045Hyeon Soo brags about owning madame Choi in her own field, but In Sang points out that even though he was thankful for her telling the truth nothing’s over yet, after all it’s madame Choi they’re dealing with and she’s as ironclad as she should be for the time being. Everyone’s pretty much aware that attorney Han and madame Choi are eagerly waiting for In Sang to be unable to follow Seo Bom’s way of living inside her humble house and he eventually return back to the almighty household, but for the time being it’s not working out. All four of them are a great conspiring team, especially In Sang, Hyeon Soo and Seo Bom, but Min Jae serves his purpose well from time to time! All of them hope that attorney Han and madame Choi will eventually give up, but only time shall tell and the flow of events.


bscap2047Seo Bom’s pleased to find out that Yi Ji managed to include everything they needed, but In Sang is almost apologetic for bringing his daily stuff along and Hyeong Shik ahjussi has no problem, on top of that he would be most happy if he could afford buying them for him! “We can’t provide much for you in the way of money, but we can give you our hearts instead” and there you go, straight to the point from Jin Ae ahjumma profoundly! Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma are concerned about severing all ties with attorney Han and madame Choi, as for Jin Young and whether In Sang’s parents will be able to see him or not it’s all up to In Sang.


bscap2053Attorney Han returns back home and he wants madame Choi to not be concerned about In Sang’s absence, the colder she emerges the faster he’ll return back home! Yeah, sure! In Sang’s work shift is over and it’s Seo Bom’s turn to start working, the finger-kiss owned! She fooled him, she made him think that he made a mistake and rewarded him with a kiss! She doesn’t want him to get exhausted, not from the very beginning! On his way back home In Sang finds Noo Ri who was just leaving to get to work, he’s so considerate he already used the restroom so she shouldn’t worry about not having the time to get properly ready for work in the morning!

bscap2050 bscap2052bscap2054 bscap2055

bscap2056In Sang wonders how could the owner of the convenience store make a profit if he has hired two part-timers but Hyeong Shik ahjussi points out that this is not the only store he owns, plus he’s the owner of the property so he doesn’t pay for rent. In addition, Cheol Shik ahjussi says that had that been his only store it would had been hard for the owner to make a living and that’s the reason why many convenience stores are closing. Making a living has become a problem In Sang has to face at this very moment and he’s gradually becoming aware of what it means in a more palpable way and not only through a book’s pages. According to Hyeong Shik ahjussi this isn’t the only problem of Seo Bom and In Sang, except for making a living they also have to keep studying for the bar exam, but In Sang lets them know that he applied for another part time job at his college and if things flow well Seo Bom will have her chance to rest a bit. A financial aid program from the government would be divine at that point and a system that would help raising children without worries would be needed and everyone pretty much agrees, but we all know that governments only care about the powerful and the wealthy so as to grow stronger. In Sang’s worried about Jin Ae ahjumma since the burden of Jin Young falls upon her shoulders since the young couple has to work, but even though he’s exhausting her it’s with love since he’s Jin Young! Seo Bom’s parents are more worried about In Sang’s parents since they don’t have the chance to see their beloved grandson and that’s one of their key diffrerences. In Sang’s parents didn’t want Seo Bom’s parents to see Jin Young but the humble family hasn’t lost its humane side! In Sang points out that he has no other choice but leave them out of his surrounding circle, at least for the time being.


bscap2058Madame Choi walks the line between attorney Han’s instructions and In Sang, Jin Young and Seo Bom’s united absence and I always keep wondering whether the tightrope will break apart or not. She’s cold enough just like attorney Han wanted her to be, but why In Sang doesn’t react as expected? She wants secretary Lee’s honest opinion. At first it was their attempt to secretly pay off Seo Bom’s family and then they secretly changed the divorce agreement. These were the major mistakes they made; among countless others. It was at least immoderate, if not vulgar. Suddenly, madame Choi wants secretary Lee to check her husband’s schedule.

bscap2059Seo Bom’s working at the convenience store and she receives a message from secretary Lee urging her to be careful in case the Hans use foul methods. Attorney Han’s at Hansong and he points out that the candidate’s false registration would have caused an uproar years ago, but it’s not such a serious problem nowadays. The latest era’s main characteristic is the 99% of a country’s population envying the unreachable 1% instead of going against it and it’s a big plus for the chosen few! “Enlighten them and put them into a deep slumber” is a saying attorney Han deeply cherishes and that’s what he does and that’s what happens. Attorney Han points out he’s not desperate, but secretary Min insists he finally feels pressured by her, it’s good to find out he’s become quite insensible and more arrogant than expected! She wonders what would be her perfect last gift to him, but attorney Han doesn’t want her to be in such a hurry, time shall tell whether he was right or wrong in his decisions!

bscap2060 bscap2062bscap2061 bscap2066

bscap2068Attorney Han alongside secretary Yang and another attorney are working inside the conference room and secretary Kim tries to have yet another conversation with secretary Min, but he’s stating the obvious, but sometimes, some rare times he can be helpful. Mentioning that attorney Han is overlooking secretary Yang’s slush fund in exchange for her widespread help was an interesting information! Inside the conference room nothing’s flowing quite well and the honorable candidate had been swimming in the murky waters of multifaceted corruption for way too long, he didn’t even manage to maintain some necessary standards! However, attorney Han intends to set aside his sorrow at this very moment for the greater cause, it’s a necessary sacrifice! Secretary Yang will keep an eye on the latest information and attorney Han will hold a meeting with Dae Hyun and the candidate, always at Hansong’s luxurious lounge! Secretary Yang returns back to her office and secretary Min acknowledges that she must be quite busy, after all it’s her last chance and she managed to make the candidate confess pretty much everything, but she didn’t need a network to accomplish her goal like secretary Min used to do in the past. Letting attorney Han know everything equals utter forgiveness no matter how great one’s wrongdoings had been, he’s like the Pope and his indulgence papers a few centuries ago I guess!


bscap2071Attorney Han and Dae Hyun prepare the candidate for the process that will follow and they make him aware that it’s not going to be so easy due to the opposition party! They drink to their forthcoming success! Attorney Han will visit president Song’s father soon and Dae Hyun’s pretty much aware that he asked him to not harm his son, but attorney Han will think about it since president Song hasn’t left the country yet. He’s aware of the information he possesses and attorney Han intends to take care of him on his own, always in the shadows!

bscap2073Je Hoon, attorney Yoo, secretary Min and Cheol Shik ahjussi hold a meeting and secretary Min informs them that the candidate has made attorney Han aware of all his wrongdoings so that the team supporting him will be ready for all circumstances that may occur in the future. They’re trying to find a way in order to use all this information and the candidate’s aide used to be Je Hoon’s colleague! Secretary Kim delivers to secretary Yang attorney Han’s note telling her that the most important figures of the opposition party must be on their side. Je Hoon must meet his previous colleague before he meets secretary Yang and rushes to find him, but the food Noo ri prepared won’t get to waste since attorney Yoo appeared! She tells Noo Ri that meeting a man like Je Hoon was a huge mistake, as for making some trouble? It’s not an option!

bscap2074 bscap2075bscap2076 bscap2078

bscap2081Yi Ji had her chance to see Jin Young again and she’s taking pictures of him with Seo Bom, the house personnel would like to see pictures of them since they miss them! Secretary Lee contacted Jin Ae ahjumma letting her know that madame Choi would like to see Jin Young, but it’s not a decision she can make on her own, she will have to talk about it with Jin Young’s parents. Yi Ji, Seo Bom, Jin Ae ahjumma and Jin Young are having fun taking selcas! Yi Ji asks Seo Bom to come back to the almighty household, pretending to recognize her mistake would make her parents accept her anew, but she recognizes that nothing good would ever come from this and the young couple would fall in the same pit or an even deeper one. Seo Bom points out that what’s happening now is the solution to the overall problem, at least for the time being, and Yi Ji thinks that her parents will change their minds one day. Seo Bom shows her affection towards Yi Ji once again by hugging her and recognizing what a wonderful person see is seeing through the lines, unaffected by wealth’s blinding light!

bscap2079bscap2080bscap2082bscap2083 bscap2084bscap2085bscap2086

bscap2088Look who we’ve got here, it’s Jin Young’s undercover grandma commando, madame Choi! Yi Ji was leaving and notices both secretary Lee and madame Choi, but secretary Lee urges her to remain silent! Madame Choi must stare at Jin Young from a safe distance if she doesn’t want Seo Bom or Jin Ae ahjumma to notice her presence! Watching Jin Ae ahjumma playing with Jin Young she gets quite jealous and says that she can do it equally good! It’s all because of In Sang’s foolishness, but secretary Lee informs her that attorney Han and herself provided the cause to all this awkward situation. Madame Choi changes her subject and now it is Seo Bom’s fault!

bscap2087 bscap2090bscap2089

bscap2091As if madame Choi wasn’t enough, attorney Han appears as well accompanied by secretary Kim, Jin Ae ahjumma notices him and hides along with Jin Young, but madame Choi and secretary Lee are hiding as well! Seo Bom’s inside the restroom unaware of what’s going on! Madame Choi and secretary Lee are changing their hiding position and they find Jin Ae ahjumma! In the meantime, attorney Han’s curious whether Jin Young’s there or not and he meets Seo Bom at the corridor as she recalls secretary Lee’s cautious words! Seo Bom informs him that Jin Young is with his grandmother at this very moment and he wants to talk to her. Secretary Lee tries hard not to burst into laughter!

bscap2092bscap2094 bscap2093 bscap2095bscap2096 bscap2098bscap2097

bscap2100Attorney Han points out that there’s something wrong with her maternal love and the first part of it is that as Jin Young’s biological mother she’s unaware of what she’s doing to him, she should have shown him Jin Young since they met like this! Seo Bom points out that he’s growing up without his grandparent by his side because attorney Han broke his promise, he can see Jin Young when Seo Bom and In Sang decide they can trust him again. Seo Bom doesn’t agree on attorney Han’s point that he can provide way much more than she can towards Jin Young and she considers getting raised with full support an exceptional luck. However, using power to forge a good system for children in poor environments to be raised well feels essential, not every child has rich grandparents, but attorney Han considers her delusional. Seo Bom points out that when people provide something to others they think of it as helping them, but it doesn’t feel that way if it becomes a system. She can’t hold back her tears as her words doesn’t seem to appeal to attorney Han who thinks that delusion can be more dangerous than an infectious disease, she should take care so that it won’t become too severe. Attorney Han points out he’ll be keeping an eye on her and secretary Lee alongside madame Choi manage to escape behind Seo Bom’s back!

bscap2101 bscap2102bscap2103 bscap2104

bscap2105Madame Choi can’t believe that Seo Bom hasn’t changed at all and wonders whether Jin Ae ahjumma will keep their presence as a secret! Setting a few rules so that they won’t be appearing anytime they want to feels essential to Jin Ae ahjumma, but it’s not something they can do since attorney Han is the one setting the real rules! Instead of talking to her about his own delusional world of wealth and power, had attorney Han told Seo Bom that he sincerely wanted to see Jin Young chances are high he might had been able to see him!


bscap2107Attorney Han is the only one who doesn’t know the whole truth behind everyone’s visits and he tries to keep his presence at Jin Young’s environment a secret, unaware of the fact that madame Choi already knows he was there! Yi Ji appears and tells her that she heard she went out this afternoon! She becomes more precise asking her where did she go, but madame Choi wants her to tell secretary Lee to get off work! Yi Ji, you gracious little devil! The house personnel enjoys watching the photos Yi Ji took and all of them are aware how terribly madame Choi and attorney Han must be missing Jin Young!


bscap2109Madame Choi wonders how is attorney Han’s case moving forward, but attorney Han lets her know that everything’s flowing well even though it seems quite controversial, it will quiet down since most of the people involved are birdbrains! Then, what about his brain since he tried to act cleverly but came back empty-handed?! I didn’t see that coming although I was waiting for a civilized explosion on madame Choi’s behalf! He pretends he doesn’t understand, he only understands when it suits him and he can’t hold back this time telling her that she shouldn’t had gone there and if she saw him she should had let him know! Covering and uncovering her with the coverlet was hilarious! Madame Choi lets him know that In Sang takes after his foolishness and falls back asleep!


bscap2112The employer set In Sang up since he applied for the job, but he can’t understand why attorney Han’s son who was studying for the bar exam under teacher Park’s care would like to work as a private tutor. In Sang doesn’t necessarily reply to his questions since he doesn’t want to reveal anything, all he cares about are the highest paying jobs around and he already found one worth trying to get hired! Of course the employer has done her research on In Sang’s background and she’s well aware that he’s a lawyer’s son, but he tries to hide specific information that would reveal the whole truth! Helping her son with the main lessons will be his task and he’ll start right away! His monthly salary won’t be that great, but In Sang desperately needs money to make a living for his family.


bscap2120It felt kind of strange and a bit scary since that woman reminded him of his mother and he’s trying to relax with Seo Bom and teacher Park who points out that students like him have turned expensive private lessons into a trend! Seo Bom wouldn’t like In Sang to be working as a tutor, it makes her feel uncomfortable and teacher Park concurs, he will never work as a tutor again. At first, he intends to register his marriage with secretary Lee who appears right away and everyone’s quite happy about it! It’s not only the marriage, but secretary Lee will quit working at the almighty household and both of them will work on something on their own. They want to know whether both of them or one of them will keep up with his/her studies and they have time to think about it before giving an answer! I can definitely see all of them working together under their own company!

bscap2122 bscap2123bscap2124 bscap2126bscap2125

bscap2127In Sang and Seo Bom are working at the convenience store and at this point In Sang for the first time in his life wants to sincerely study and pass the bar exam in order to follow a totally different path from his father and Seo Bom lets him know that she said the same thing to attorney Han when they recently met at the daycare center and In Sang agrees with everything she said, everyone should be living happily! Seo Bom wants to study too and they try to find ways so that both of them will keep working but without neglecting their studying duties! Under these circumstances, Jin Ae ahjumma will have to take care of Jin Young and they don’t have enough time so that both of them would emerge victorious. If one of them studies In Sang considers Seo Bom’s chances of passing the bar exam greater than his! The mock exam can’t decide for them and rock-paper-scissors it is; in a parallel universe Ryu Tae Oh appears as a customer!


bscap2134Everyone at Hansong is listening to the candidate’s speech and he says that the rumors about Supernova are not true as he also tries to conceal all suspicion when it comes to his wrongdoings. Everything went according to attorney Han’s plans and it’s time for him and secretary Yang to shake hands for this success pointing out that she and her brother will be safe from now on when it comes to Han Trust. Secretary Min points out that she must be happy saving her own brother and not letting him become a scapegoat and indeed she is, it’s secretary Min’s turn to save her own as secretary Yang wants to find out who’s stronger, herself who secured her money or secretary Min struggling to save her brother? Challenge accepted and once again secretary Yang laughed way too early.

bscap2136 bscap2138bscap2137

bscap2139Attorney Yoo and Je Hoon are disheartened a bit from the latest turn of events since they couldn’t use any of their information to their advantage. Secretary Yang blackmailed the opposition party pretty well since they only care about their own slight wrongdoings compared to the leading party’s major scandals that lurk in the background. President Song called Je Hoon, but he’s not abroad, he’s still in South Korea and he avoided becoming the scapegoat by introducing attorney Han to the doctor who did president Song’s painless implant surgery! Eom So Jeong and Ji Young Ra are already there to celebrate with him as president Song lets him know that he will never win against him, he can’t even be his enemy to start with! Everyone would like to please Hansong’s sentiment since all the judges crave to work there before retiring.

bscap2141bscap2143 bscap2142

bscap2144President Song always managed to escape with his own wrongdoings and this time there was no exception, on top of that, Je Hoon was friendly with him since he could always acquire information on high officials and attorney Han’s background. President Song lets Eom So Jeong and Ji Young Ra know that the new scapegoat is secretary Yang’s brother, for now everything flows well but if anything goes wrong secretary Yang wouldn’t have a problem if he got arrested! President Song’s so relieved to remain in South Korea, the world’s greatest “playground!” Should they call madame Choi as well? Not for the time being and it’s not only about In Sang and Hyeon Soo, both madame Choi and Ji Young Ra were humiliated, but madame Choi a bit more!

bscap2145 bscap2146bscap2147

bscap2148Je Hoon points out it could had been worse, the opposite side will loosen their defense after their latest achievements and it will be the right moment to strike back throughout the entire battlefield; Daesan Group, Han Trust, everything. Teacher Park who’s no longer a teacher will be working with them as an office manager! In Sang told him the email to contact them in the first place! After all, an interview won’t be important at this very moment!


bscap2150In Sang’s fallen asleep and Jin Ae ahjumma is careful not to wake him up, even though he has lesson later on she can’t wake him up since he looks so tired, Seo Bom would like to wake him up but just this once will let it slide. In Sang wakes up and he can’t believe he missed his class, he can punish himself in one way only, returning back to under the coverlet! Someone contacted Hyeong Shik ahjussi and his brother and his company intends to buy the surrounding area and would like to know if they’d like to sell the house as well, something that is not quite an option! In Sang appears and working appears to be more exhaustive than he might had expected! In Sang leaves to go to college and Seo Bom just returned back home!

bscap2153 bscap2157bscap2156 bscap2158

bscap2159Secretary Yang and attorney Han are working on their last plan in an attempt to silence Je Hoon’s team. Secretary Yang points out that all they care about is being loud and bothersome, but that’s what causes them more trouble. They should avoid it at all costs so that it won’t bother them even more, but madame Choi interferes wanting to know what happened to teacher Park. In addition, if he keeps seeing In Sang attorney Han says he will banish him, who are you? A magician?!

bscap2160 bscap2161bscap2162

bscap2163Madame Choi asks secretary Lee directly whether teacher Park meets with her children or not and since things came out this way, secretary Lee hands her over her letter of resignation. Attorney Han wasn’t even aware they were dating! Yi Ji asks the housemaid to stay by her side until she lives to study abroad, then they can leave this place all together! Under the sudden turn of events secretary Kim thinks he should choose a side by now! Both madame Choi and attorney Han are enraged and leave the living room! Secretary Yang wants to talk to the house personnel, but talking to them from a higher ground doesn’t suit her! Madame Choi considers secretary Lee’s decision a betrayal; you’re going to stay on your own in there!

bscap2164 bscap2165bscap2166bscap2167bscap2168bscap2171

Thoughts: The 29th one was a multifaceted episode gradually gathering all that remains to be gathered for the grandiose ending. Many dramas during the last two episodes feel dragging a bit since almost everyone’s waiting for the last 20 minutes that will preserve the utmost end of the drama, hence most of the emphasis is being given right before the closing of the curtains. Unlike other dramas, Heard It Through the Grapevine managed to keep my interest at pretty high levels since it neither lost its pace nor set aside its renowned plot twists throughout the whole duration of the episode. One could say that the 29th episode was the perfect premonition for the 30th one that will bid us farewell from this drama’s exceptional world. 


The more time passes by the less people remain inside the almighty household and since Seo Bom left behind the recent past and got Jin Young and eventually In Sang with her attorney Han and madame Choi’s urge to see their grandson was growing! If they can’t get In Sang’s permission to see Jin Young they had to find a way in order to do so! Both madame Choi and attorney Han went to the daycare center undercover, madame Choi used her unsuccessful stealth tactics whereas attorney Han appeared with the generous cloak of a benefactor, but he was always pointing towards Jin Young’s direction. Unsuccessfully for him and due to his rational absurdity he wasn’t only unable to see him, but he also went through an unwelcome interaction with Seo Bom as well and got his ears polluted! Madame Choi’s slight mutiny was expected, during the previous episodes there were signs that she can’t keep up with attorney Han’s pace and decisions, but it was just a flare in the dark, she never learns. Oh well, there’s still the final episode!


The candidate served his purpose well and everything’s flowing according to plan. It was thanks to secretary Yang’s ironclad obedience to attorney Han’s face. At this point we get to see her real face as the mask has already subsided. She’s not only attorney Han’s everlasting slave, but she’s also a slave to her own wrongdoings and ambitions which are always related to attorney Han. Staying by his side she can be almost everything, leaving him behind the only door that would ever open up in front of her would a prison door. She managed to bring to the surface the candidate’s and the opposition party’s high-ranking members’ wrongdoings masterfully and remained in a favorable position. Han Trust can keep breathing for now, unless something goes wrong!


Secretary Min and the rest of her faction were taken aback with the latest flow of events, but they don’t intend to give up. Now that attorney Han’s major plan has been accomplished he will loosen his defenses and it will be the right moment to strike back, will they succeed in at least making some noise? President Song as the son of the previous prime minister and with the right doctor connections managed to stay in South Korea and proved himself worth of a spoiled little kiddo in the shape of a grownup man! Ji Young Ra’s sense of reality has preserved, of course she didn’t change, but she acknowledges she never really solved her problems with madame Choi.


Yi Ji prepares herself to go study abroad and after she leaves the house personnel will follow her out of this earthly prison, as for teacher Park and secretary Lee, they have already resigned and teacher Park will start working for secretary Min’s faction. Both secretary Lee and teacher Park, except for getting married, have something in mind and they will probably form a company altogether alongside Je Hoon, attorney Yoo and the others and the one who will keep up with his/her studies among Seo Bom and/or In Sang will probably follow them. As for secretary Kim? Apparently, he was seemingly a sly fox, but in the end he proved himself as the most naive person in Heard It Through the Grapevine and the events were always ahead of him!


Both In Sang and Seo Bom are working hard to make a living and especially In Sang who has started investing in real life’s struggles while finding out how exhaustive it is to work hard for your family and this is only the beginning. Except for the convenience store, working as a tutor is a necessary evil, neither him nor Seo Bom approve it since it reminds them of darkening aspects in the recent past, but since it brings him money it’s something he has to do for the time being. We witness him possessing the fiery passion to study for the first time, it’s not that he suddenly felt like becoming a Joseon scholar, it’s essential if he wants to stand on his own feet and live up to his personal expectations, but also prove to his father that it was all worth it. Of course there are still the concerns if both In Sang and Seo Bom can make it while studying and working at the same time, but time is not friendly on their shoulders. I deeply hope that both of them will find a way out! Something tells me that the almighty household will be devoid of human beings in the end and only the two skeletons will remain inside this vast closet in the lonely kingdom of ice. I think it’s time for the 30th episode!


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      Right before starting watching the 30th episode, it already feels like preparing myself to say goodby to a dear friend, like you awesomely referred to HITTG! I hoped so too for attorney Han, but sadly enough, i surrendered in believing in him 😛 He can’t be helped, i put one last hope to madame Choi, let’s see!

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        Ha ha! he does have that negative effect on viewers. The only nice thing I can say about him is that he wears his suits really well,if only that attribute was a qualifier for redemption 😀

        • June 3, 2015 at 8:55 pm — Reply

          Quirky negativity, but negativity still, if he wasn’t quirky i would have destroyed something, lol! He definitely has a way with suits and his whole body stasis, it’s overly representative xD I think i will watch Angry Painter when it comes out because i’m curious to see a different side of Yoo Joon Sang!

  7. Rhea
    June 4, 2015 at 4:13 am — Reply

    Can’t wait for the review of the final episode. I already finish watching it. The ending is better than I expected. I usually dreaded the ending of most of the drama i watched coz they tend to have ridiculous ending.

    • June 4, 2015 at 10:38 am — Reply

      Later on today or tomorrow it will be on and it’s good to know that the ending exceeded your expectations! The endings are one of the weakest spots of kdramas, they could possibly ruin everything anytime within the last 10-20 minutes while the rest of the episodes were creating a great ambiance. xP

  8. GZsofia
    June 4, 2015 at 10:54 am — Reply

    Great recap as usual… this episode is good but Ep. 30 gave me goosebumps.. It’s amazing! The ending indeed awesome!!! Can’t wait for your thoughts on the last episode of HITTG… 😀

    • June 4, 2015 at 11:12 am — Reply

      Thanks a lot once again!! 🙂 I’m right in the middle of the 30th episode and it’s powerful so far! Some seriously good events happen! Later on today or tomorrow the 30th ep reviecap will be on 🙂

  9. Lydia
    June 4, 2015 at 6:37 pm — Reply

    So sad that I have watched the last episode. I just want to thank you for your amazing recaps. I have enjoyed coming here. I just love your writing. I will continue to stop by to see what other drama recaps you have done.

    • June 5, 2015 at 3:24 pm — Reply

      Thanks a whole lot chincha much for your words! 🙂 Saying goodbye to HITTG has been tough and i hope you’ll enjoy your future visits here! 😀

  10. June 5, 2015 at 3:47 pm — Reply

    I almost didn’t want to watch episode 30. (If I pretend it’s not going to end–will it really NOT end–in some alternate universe?) I love this Drama. (Maybe even more so because I almost didn’t watch it at all.)

    • June 5, 2015 at 3:50 pm — Reply

      I TOTALLY understand what you mean and how you feel, i still haven’t watched the last episode of Kill Me, Heal Me because i don’t want it to end (and in some alternate universe it probably hasn’t ended)! Heard It Through the Grapevine was a great surprise of a drama!

  11. mdj101
    June 6, 2015 at 12:01 am — Reply

    I always your recaps/ funny captions, etc. Returned here after reading your #30 R&R. Drama already ended. I’m so glad to have had you with all of us viewers to help catching up with each episode . Being able to read about the actions and the dialogue is really helpful.

    • June 6, 2015 at 3:25 pm — Reply

      It’s the HITTG ending withdrawal syndrome! 😀 Thanks a lot once again and i was really glad that you people shared your thoughts and love throughout the reviewcaps 🙂

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