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Episode 8 Review: The Lover (2015)

bscap1603The Lover never ceases making my lungs explode from laughter and the 8th episode wasn’t an exception to this personal rule. It’s an episode filled with playful “revenge”, typical days and routine, defense mechanisms and sensitivities, understanding and faking misinterpretation, tact and affection, obscurities and unawareness, grudges and persuasion, explorations and lack of understanding, “accidents” and “pleasure”, feels and laughter. They are the couples you don’t see in front of the camera’s romanticizing aspects through a more comical sketch’s prism. And remember, neither all spices have a luscious taste nor everyone appreciates them the same way!

“A man and a woman living together isn’t as romantic as you’d imagine.
In movies, there are many scenes that are not included.
For example, things like this;
Things you end up seeing while spending your time with someone.
Things that are like the bare face of dating.”

Apartment 609 – Do Si (35) & Du Ri (31)

“Living under the same roof also means that it is hard to hide our inner self.”

bscap1561Du Ri bursts into laughter while recalling a selca they took sometime ago and she put in on SNS! Everyone refers to her in a positive tone while Do Si’s quirky grimace receives all the negativity! It’s a picture of the goddess and the beggar, it could be a drama title anytime, a sageuk one most preferably. The only one having fun is Du Ri and Do Si’s scheming his revenge! The evil laughter effect was definitely spot on as it was pacing perfectly well with Do Si’s unearthly plans! He was hiding inside the wardrobe while taking a video of Du Ri scratching her butt, but his loud thoughts betrayed him and Du Ri deleted it before it was too late! However, this is not the end, Do Si points out there are many opportunities to ruin the goddess’ portrait!

bscap1565bscap1563bscap1564 bscap1567 bscap1569bscap1568bscap1573 bscap1571bscap1572 bscap1574

bscap1575Du Ri’s watching a thriller on the TV and she’s getting scared! Calling out Do Si’s name feels essential, but he’s nowhere to be found! She’s nose-picking; huge mistake! A fast forward commando picture is being taken out of nowhere, but he doesn’t appear anywhere, Du Ri’s scared to death as Do Si’s taking off a block from the wall to take pictures of her and then puts it back in its place to conceal all suspicion while Du Ri’s getting more and more scared! And then he takes off two blocks and stares at her! The pictures of her picking her nose were priceless, but she managed to get his cellphone and delete them!

bscap1577 bscap1578bscap1580 bscap1579 bscap1583bscap1582bscap1584 bscap1585bscap1586

bscap1588Do Si’s mission hasn’t reached the end and as night goes on it keeps getting scarier! She’s searching all over the place to find him, but once again Do Si is a chameleon camouflaging himself perfectly well in the surrounding environment and he’s dressed in a red monk/ninja/whatever uniform and manages to get pictures of Du Ri’s scared reactions! He promises to stop.

bscap1591 bscap1589bscap1590bscap1592 bscap1594bscap1595

I would never believe him! He acts really cool and since Du Ri has fallen asleep he places cigarettes in her nose and ears and food in her mouth and takes photos of her! She’s like a quirky mummy in deep meditation, but once she opens up her eyes she blows the cigarettes out of her nostrils one after the other and throws the food out of her mouth! If he uploaded the pictures it means only one thing, there’s a war coming! Do Si’s inside the restroom, but he’s unaware of the camera filming him as Du Ri’s having fun uploading his videos online!

bscap1596bscap1597bscap1598 bscap1599bscap1600 bscap1603

“To old couples these kinds of things aren’t revenge, but a type of playing.
People who’ve been living together can have fun in various ways,
but others wouldn’t understand it.”

bscap1602 bscap1604bscap1605 bscap1606 bscap1607bscap1608

Do Si’s relaxing on the sofa watching the TV and Du Ri returns back home. It’s one of these typical days that are just flowing and flowing. No special interactions, just industrial void.


“If you spend a long time with someone there are many things that become a habit.
However, there’s a special sense that became a part of my instinct.
First of all, on typical days nothing is different from the usual.”


“On typical days there is nothing different.
Sometimes, on these days, this special sense wakes up.”

bscap1614Do Si’s fallen asleep on the sofa and the living room is untidy thanks to him! Du Ri returns back home and she’s not in the mood for anything, her editor yelled at her and she’s so pissed off she almost took off the door the electronic lock while pressing the password. It’s something that woke up Do Si immediately and he managed to hide a part of his untidy tasks in time in order not to piss her off even more! As for for how did he know her editor yelled at her, he just knew!


“On days when she is sensitive, my defense mechanism becomes sensitive with her.
It’s an evolution I went through to maintain peace.
And in life, there are also these days.”


“On days when her door-lock sounds have rhythm and sound cheerful…”

bscap1621Do Si wants to buy a few things, but they are expensive and his wallet can’t afford it! He wants Du Ri to buy them for him, but there she is pressing the password! He pays extra attention to the door-lock sound to unveil her mood! He wants her credit card since she’s happy and there it is! As for how could he know she got some money?! He just knows it and everyone’s happy! It’s all about the sound, but he doesn’t unveil his greatest secret!

bscap1622 bscap1623bscap1624

“She probably doesn’t realize it,
the things I learned to handle different situations.
Even without saying any words, I can comfort her.
Even if she doesn’t say anything, I can relate to her happiness.
This is how I know how she feels.”

 bscap1626bscap1627 bscap1625

“I don’t understand everything she means,
but I think I am figuring out the right answer in what she says bit by bit.”

bscap1649Du Ri’s parcel has arrived and she bought the same blouse in two different sizes because it’s pretty if it’s tight and it’s pretty if it’s loose! She doesn’t want to keep both of them, but both of them would work pretty well under different circumstances and occasions. Every time Do Si points out which one to keep she starts talking about the other one and vice versa. He starts pointing towards a very specific direction with unparalleled passion to convince her to keep one of them and eventually put an end to the conversation making Du Ri wonder whether she’s becoming burdensome or not, but Do Si tries to silence her suspicion to make her feel at ease.

 bscap1652bscap1650bscap1654 bscap1656bscap1655bscap1662

bscap1663This means only one thing, of course she would start talking about both blouses again and Do Si must look at them through a more critic perspective to help her choose! This one or that one? Du Ri seems to be enjoying it and it’s like a homemade equivalent of a very specific catwalk collection, but Do Si’s not quite pleased as this keeps going on! He chooses the small one, but for various reasons she doesn’t like his decision and she starts showing him both of them anew! Until it becomes even more pointless and tiresome he decides to buy both of them for her, because… both of them suit her since she’s model-like! Even if he doesn’t have any money it doesn’t really matter!

bscap1664bscap1665 bscap1667bscap1666

“But sometimes I understand what she’s saying, but pretend I don’t.”

 bscap1668 bscap1670bscap1669

“How far can a woman like a man’s appearance?”

bscap1697A reunion meeting’s taking place and Do Si takes care of his looks, he even made an appointment with the hairdresser even if he doesn’t usually do that! After 5 years he wants to leave a good impression without looking old! On his way back she bursts out laughing with his new looks! Now he definitely looks way older and not youthful like an idol! He thinks it’s the clothes that don’t suit with the new hair! He definitely doesn’t look like the idol in the picture, he’s like a natural disaster of a spy! Du Ri’s deeply disappointed in the way he looks like! The fashion police should lock him in jail forever! She starts taking pictures of him to make the moment eternal as she can’t stop laughing!

bscap1700 bscap1698bscap1699bscap1703 bscap1701bscap1702bscap1705

“People might be surprised at how stupid he looks.
But it’s okay, it only matters if I like him.
If you are with a person you like at the same place you get courage;
the desire to do things with my own hands for him.”

 bscap1707bscap1706 bscap1708 bscap1709bscap1712 bscap1713 bscap1711bscap1715

bscap1753Du Ri tries to seduce Do Si and tries to find new ways of approaching him, she’s kissing his shoulder but he yawned! Things are not flowing the way they should and Du Ri’s getting pissed off, but Do Si finds it logical since it’s late at night! Do Si urges him to remember their first time and how furious and passionate he used to be back then, but Do Si points out he’s still furious and praises her kissing methods! She asks him to unveil her soft spots and answers straight away; behind her neck, her left breast, her side and her tail bone! As for Do Si, it’s his right shoulder, his left nipple and his belly button! Do Si praises themselves for being a couple for 5 years and leans towards her for a kiss, but Du Ri points out that 5 years make problems greater and prevents him from advancing! Did he yawn because he was bored? Nope, because it was late at night! Du Ri points out they need to find new ways to make their nights more spicy!

bscap1754 bscap1755bscap1759bscap1761 bscap1763bscap1762

bscap1764She tries to find his new sensitive spot, where could it be?! And… she thinks it should be his feet since there are many nerves! Do Si finds his feet very dirty and Du Ri wants him to wash them right away in the middle of the night to test his potentially sensitive spot! She’s kissing/licking his feet and he can’t stand to watch! He can’t even pretend it’s sensational and he bursts out laughing! He says it feels like doctor fish, but she points out that it’s a good signal! He urges her to stop before going between the toes, but she doesn’t listen to him! After her feet examination has reached an end, Du Ri wants a kiss as Do Si tries to avoid her lips! She tries to force one and he pulls her away in any possible way while pretending he doesn’t really try to avoid her! Du Ri’s enraged and she can’t believe how could he refuse a kiss after kissing/licking his toes! Du Ri has fallen asleep and Do Si’s putting some cream between his toes wondering whether their previous “intercourse” would affect her mouth! She wakes up and starts scratching her mouth. Do Si puts some cream around her lips since she got infected and all passion turned into a paranormal activity!

bscap1765  bscap1767bscap1768bscap1769bscap1770 bscap1771

“Sometimes, old couples need a new stimulation.
There are better things than new things.
Things that are better left as they are.
Comfort than fluttering, things that are familiar than dangerous.
Even if it’s not beautiful, it’s normal and comfortable.
The history and days only belonging to us, I’m collecting them as I go.
I like it.”

bscap1773 bscap1774bscap1775bscap1778

Apartment 610 – Young Joon (21) & Man Goo (33)


Young Joon’s inside the toilet and Man Goo’s trying to film him, if she wants him to come out she should close the camera! And there he is performing a naked Pikachu commando operation managing to get the camera in his own hands and film her in her panties! She’s not that pleased, but it’s not a big deal, Man Goo can easily give him $10 in order to delete the video!


“In women, there is a common, incomprehensible and bizarre habit.
It’ full of stuff she won’t wear.
It’s certain she won’t ever wear them before she dies.
She is slowly driving me crazy.”

bscap1629Young Joon and Man Goo try to find out which clothes they don’t need anymore! Everything Young Joon points out from Man Goo’s belongings will never be the ones that could get thrown away, she can use each one of them under specific occasions in the future; when she buys the right shoes, when she’ll lose weight, when the right season enters, when the right moment occurs, when the planets will shine in a different universe and so it goes on! Even though apparently she will never wear them she will keep them! One pair of jeans is ripped off too much and she almost agrees to throw it away, but… Young Joon can try this on since he’s skinny enough! He tries to escape but Man Goo grabs him from his feet and Young Joon finds himself on the floor! She takes off his trousers and “helps” him wear her it! It’s so tight his thing is going to pop out! However, it won’t get to waste, she will cut off its lower parts to make it a pair of shorts! As for Young Joon? He can’t even take it off!

bscap1631 bscap1630bscap1633 bscap1632bscap1635 bscap1637

“I don’t know if I can understand what girls think or say.
And the things that she can’t throw away are a useless affection for things.

bscap1638 bscap1639bscap1640 bscap1642bscap1644bscap1645 bscap1646

“It’s really hard knowing what girls really think.”


Apartment  510 – Hwan Jong (32) & Seol Eun (28)

bscap1671Seol Eun is aware that Hwan Jong’s birthday will be arriving soon and she wants to know if there’s something specific he’d like to have, but he’s fine if he has her! He doesn’t want anything and she’s glad since she has something in mind! She wants to buy him a laser depilator! Hwan Jong’s aware that she wants to lure him into her trap! He doesn’t want that pink hot thing! It’s more than apparent it refers to women, but she says it’s unisex and tries to convince him that even though it says it’s for ladies, it’s for men as well! Since his skin is sensitive and his hair are thin he could possibly get it and use it! Hwan Jong points out that the present is not actually for him but for her! Since there’s no easy way out, eventually he surrenders pointing out that he really wants to use it and leaves eagerly waiting for Seol Eun’s birthday to arrive!

bscap1673 bscap1672bscap1674 bscap1679bscap1680bscap1682 bscap1684

“No matter how you look at it, it isn’t a gift.
It’s obvious that she wants it, but I decided to pretend that I fell for it.

 bscap1685 bscap1690bscap1691  bscap1693

“But I am a man who holds grudges.”


Apartment 709 – Joon Jae (in his early 20s) & Takuya (21)

“I saw that.
The thing that is stuck between the teeth of a person you like.”


Joon Jae has prepared Takuya’s favorite food, steamed kimchi and he’s so happy about it as he finds it delicious! And then it happened, a piece of food got stuck between his teeth, between the teeth of the person he likes! He tries to inform him, but he can’t say it, he can’t hurt Takuya’s soft heart so he goes through this torment alone! His thoughts are priceless!

 bscap1721bscap1720 bscap1723

“If I tell him, he’ll get hurt; the soft Takuya.
He looks so pretty, how could I tell him?”

bscap1722bscap1726 bscap1729

Joon Jae helps Takuya exercise with situps and tries to avoid direct eye contact with his teeth!


“It doesn’t bother me.
I don’t see it.
That’s right, I even love  this side of you.
But If it’s not there, won’t he be even more lovable?”

bscap1734 bscap1736bscap1735 bscap1737

He gives him some water, but it’s still there. Joon Jae shows him a different way to drink water, but it’s still there! He gives him a gum, but it’s still there haunting Joon Jae’s sight!

bscap1741 bscap1743bscap1744 bscap1742

Things that are easy to tell other people aren’t easy to tell the one you like.”


Every time Takuya laughs something deep inside Joon Jae dies! He keeps giving him gums and by the time Takuya spits his gum on the table Joon Jae was relieved to find out the piece of food had left Takuya alone!


“My love started and ended with consideration.
That’s what I love.
I want to protect him even from the slightest sense of pain he may feel.
That’s why it might be difficult.
I am more careful so that I won’t hurt Takuya’s heart in any way.
Even more carefully, I’ll approach him.”


“The and.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

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