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It’s a tough period for UNI people, both for me and Kwon. This review might be the only one I write for this month, although I hope I can find some time for “My Unfortunate’s Boyfriend” finale.

Many people that heard EXO are going to do a web drama rushed to judge, one of them was me. But after watching “EXO Next Door” I admit I was wrong. I used to be a loyal EXO fan, but after the Kris drama, I have to admit I lost my passion. I keep a close eye to their performances but I’m not that into them anymore. Don’t be worried this review isn’t coming from a biased fangirl. “EXO Next Door” is a cute drama with decent performances.

contains spoilers

The story is about Chanyeol, Sehun, D.O, Baekhyun being on vacations and staying at Chanyeol’s grandfather’s place. Grandfather has passed away and Chanyeol seems to be overwhelmed with all the memories. Ji Yeon Hee (Moon Gan Young) is a girl who lives next door with her mother (Kim Hee Jung) and brother Kwang Soo (Jang Woon Sang), she is an EXO fan and she has to work as their housekeeper, but there are things that connect her to a certain member, things she doesn’t even remember.

The main theme is Chanyeol D.O and Yeon Hee’s love triangle. But Chanyeol’s and Yeon Hee’s bond comes from the past, it wasn’t a surprise they end up together, not clearly, I think writers left this open because they might have been afraid of the fans. I shipped Chanyeol and Yeonhee more, maybe because all the kdrama I’ve watched have made me tend to like cold bad boys. D.O was cute, but poor D.O didn’t have any luck with the good boy typical second lead. The romantic scenes were well made and the affection that Chan had towards Yeon Hee, because he remembered her from the past was well developed. The connection with pendants his grandfather has given to each of them made clear how the two were more connected.

D.O you just friendzoned yourslef there.

My favourite part of the drama had to be Sehun’s and Kwang Soo’s friendship. They both had these dorky weird characters I loved it. The chemistry was very good and they made everything more entertaining.

The guests from the other members were a good addition. But it was nice that they only had four members as the main cast, it would be really messy otherwise.They might have chosen the ones with the better acting. I could have some more Kai though.

The storyline in the last episodes, with Suho missing was it a message to the members that left? I wonder…

As I said my biggest worry, was the acting. D.O’s experience showed compared to the others members, but Chanyeol who had the main parts handled everything well. Sehunnie my one and only, did a great job, I’m so proud. Baekhyun’s easy going character was nice. Some might say they were playing themselves and what’s the difficulty in that, but it’s still acting and I think they still played different characters from what they are in real life, I can’t imagine Sehun being really like that. I did some search on Moon Gan Young and she has been in many movies dramas. Despite her young age. I haven’t seen her on anything but she did very well as Incheon gal, her scenes with D.O really seemed professional from both of them. Jang Woon Sang was hilarious.


Except form the last two episodes that seemed a bit rushed and the seldom times the acting was off “EXO Next Door” is a webdrama everyone did their best, from the actors the producers the writers and everyone else, they worked hard and it showed.

I have different rating when it comes to webdramas, a 7/10 for “EXO Next Door”.
Have you watched it?

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