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Episode 28 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

JoonJourneyOkay, it’s definitive, 14 weeks after its very beginning i should acclimate myself under the flow of events. It’s true, in a few days Heard It Through the Grapevine will be over and i still can’t believe that after 28 episodes i am still here writing about it. It’s not only the 28 hours i invested in watching it, there are also many hours i spent writing about it, screen-capping it and unveiling my thoughts throughout the drama. Did i regret it? Hell no; if i could turn back time, would i do the same? Definitely yes! I heard everything through the grapevine while watching this drama and all the rumors are about to reach an end since only two episodes remain until the curtains fall down declaring the end of the journey. At this very point, i deeply wish and hope the destination will be at least as awesome and rewarding as the journey was! Bring it on, Heard It Through the Grapevine, i can stand it!


bscap1368Seo Bom returns back home after leaving In Sang behind and she stands still for a while right after the humble house’s door to gather her internal pieces as much as possible. In the meantime In Sang messaged Jin Ae ahjumma letting her know that she just talked to Seo Bom and she’s asking her to kick Jin Young and her daughter out of the house, but she points out that even heartless people like In Sang’s parents wouldn’t do that while Hyeong Shik ahjussi tries to maintain his calm while looking thoughtful at the same time. Attorney Han arrives at Hansong and he doesn’t show his brightest mask in front of secretary Min. The daily report she left on his desk isn’t complete, if he wants to find out more she can give him the terms of exchange making his volcanic veins silently flow on the inside.

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bscap1371In Sang visits Je Hoon at president Song’s luxurious living room and he points out that nothing worked as planned. Je Hoon neither knows a way nor has the power to bring the oveareas account money back to South Korea, but even if he could he wouldn’t like a guy like In Sang get the inheritance at its current phase and find himself in trouble out of nowhere, plus he wouldn’t like to make a living out of helping In Sang under such circumstances, he wouldn’t have resigned from Hansong in the first place! Je Hoon’s plans are to find a job at a public law firm, but he doesn’t reply back and urges him to mind his own business once In Sang asks him whether Noo Ri is informed about this or not. In Sang must focus now on his own burning matter and asking from Seo Bom to sacrifice herself anew and follow him back to the almighty household is complete nonsense at this point and it doesn’t pay her the due respect as an option even though his love is real. President Song walks in and Je Hoon points out that both of them suffer because of Attorney Han. Je Hoon points out that f In Sang can prove that he can live under 2 million  per month he’ll become attorney Han’s masterpiece. Instead of insisting that he can’t do it, In Sang might as well start trying to achieve it!

bscap1377bscap1376bscap1375bscap1381bscap1382 bscap1383bscap1385 bscap1384

bscap1386With the latest resignations at Hansong attorney Han’s floor has empty offices that must be occupied by new personnel, but the ones he proposes are not that experienced according to secretary Yang, but attorney Han intends to teach them all the know-how secrets. Baek Dae Hyeon meets attorney Han and he doesn’t seem to agree on the candidate since there are many rumors around him and the people who left Hansong might not stand still, especially now that Supernova has come to the surface. A candidate from another group at this point feels like the only way out. Secretary Kim tries to understand what secretaries Yang & Min are saying in Japanese as secretary Yang urges her to prevent herself from moving on with her plan, but secretary Min thinks that attorney Han is the one who went too far using her brother’s weakness by force. If secretary Min gives up now she may gain something greater and her symbiosis with attorney Han will keep existing, but she intends to use him all the way to the end. As for eventually losing if she fights him, it’s too late for regrets at this very moment. Attorney Han’s doesn’t like losing utter control and the fact that the candidate he proposed wasn’t approved started pointing towards the direction that not everything may be going according to plan and his confusion is more than apparent as he stands in front of the automatic sliding doors leaving them to keep sliding and sliding.

bscap1389bscap1390 bscap1391

bscap1392Secretary Lee entered Jin Young’s room to check if his crib mobile was moving, but it wasn’t. Madame Choi is becoming a hallucinating lunatic or something, all this loneliness inside the almighty household must be devouring her! And she actually does care about Jin Young and how he’s doing and she tries to find more information in case secretary Lee talked with Seo Bom, but had she been in the same situation she wouldn’t even try to contact anyone towards the almighty household’s direction. It’s something that enrages madame Choi who orders her to send all the toys to the humble house, after all she intends to buy new ones once Jin Young returns to her embrace!


bscap1396President Song has started worrying since nobody from the hyena group appears anymore at his luxurious living room. He still doesn’t necessarily believe Je Hoon and he can’t share all the information he has received from madame Choi, but Je Hoon has the recorded version of their dialogue a few episodes ago. If president Song delivers him all the required information Je Hoon will delete it. Even though president Song won’t cooperate with Je Hoon and his team, he’s still not safe since attorney Han moves on with his own plan.


bscap1400The opposition team’s meeting has began and they have to show attorney Han that his efforts to use people in any way he wants to are not working anymore. Secretary Min’s brother’s and Seo Bom’s cases can share the same evidence since they have the same defendant and both substances were written in letters. Cheol Shik ahjussi can’t forget secretary Min’s mother’s reactions , all this life-draining struggle devours people even if they fight for a fair cause, but secretary Min takes the blame on her since she put all of her effort in making attorney Han pay for his wrongdoings and eventually forgot to encourage her mother. Noo Ri has arrived at Je Hoon’s new office and attorney Yoo wonders how she must feel since Je Hoon is no longer a Hansong attorney but a humble lawyer. Je Hoon points out her ideal views on a man concerning his own but also his family’s economical background making her feel playfully uneasy as she unveils her seemingly slight concerns.

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bscap1406Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s own struggle goes on as he finds himself in the middle of a dilemma, should he take the money or he shouldn’t? If he accepts the money he’s pretty certain it won’t be easy to keep Jin Young by Seo Bom’s side since things are not as innocent as they appear to be, but if he doesn’t, how will they be able to raise Jin Young properly? Jin Ae ahjumma acknowledges it must had been tough for him, but seeing them discussing about it without tension rising between them he had already decided to not accept the money. Seeing Seo Bom, Jin Young and the moneybag at the same time was such a burden, but before meeting Jin Young he didn’t have any expectations, all they wanted was for Seo Bom to deliver the baby safely. Hyeong Shik ahjussi finally realized how servile he had been all this time and it’s more than welcome seeing him in a more relaxed tone. Noo Ri’s been listening to their conversation and she can’t help her tears from falling. I guess it was a moment of silent clarity.


bscap1412Seo Bom’s at the convenience store and secretary Lee arrives to deliver Jin Young’s toys and both of them are awkwardly emotional after all this time. Secretary Lee would like to be able to see her from time to time and Seo Bom would never disagree. Calling her little Missus must have taken Seo Bom’s boss aback! In Sang keeps sleeping on the sofa and he wakes up by the time he receives a phone call from Seo Bom who’s not pleased with his tactics, but he ensures her it wasn’t him who sent secretary Lee to meet her. Secretary Lee informs madame Choi that Seo Bom looked quite calm and valiant at the same time, quite the opposite from what she’d like to hear! As expected, her day passes in loneliness. The housemaid is worried about Seo Bom and secretary Lee tells her that she misses them too and both of them agree that secretary Lee should have been more comfortable around Seo Bom by leaving behind her almighty household title. She was just wondering whether that tile would make her kind of nostalgic or not, but there’s nothing nostalgic about everything such a title preserves. The outcome of this meeting is that Seo Bom and Jin Young are excited with the toys’ arrival!

bscap1411  bscap1413bscap1415 bscap1416bscap1417 bscap1418

bscap1419In Sang’s court day has arrived and secretary Yang informs attorney Han on the details. Seo Bom claims she’ll represent herself, but she’s well aware that both Je Joon and attorney Yoo are her advising her and he points out that Hyeong Shik ahjussi lost to his own daughter stating that parents who don’t have much can never win over their kids. It’s called family and they’re called emotions, asshole, it’s not a battlefield where the most powerful wins. As for secretary Min, she doesn’t intend to step back either. Secretary Yang points out that Je Hoon and attorney Yoo are quite happy that they are able to use attorney Han’s moves as forcible threats, but they don’t have enough evidence. Attorney Han wonders whether secretary Yang has informed all related courts and local authorities or not and of course, their personal preferences lean towards attorney Han’s directions. It’s payback time for being nice to them in the past and attorney Han’s quite entertained they still acknowledge his generosity! Secretary Yang thinks it’s about time they informed president Song that they are aware of his wrongdoings and attorney Han moves on a few steps ahead, they will be leaking the name of their candidate! Once president Song becomes aware of who will be the one to take his father’s job he’ll notice the downbeat signs on the horizon. Attorney Han wants secretary Yang to arrange a meeting with the candidate and let Baek Dae Hyun know the time has arrived to leak the information. As for Han Trust’s management, they’ll discuss it after everything flows according to plan, letting her know indirectly that he’s well aware of her slush fund! Secretary Yang points out she will be the one to fight on attorney Han’s behalf and asks Secretary Min if she’s going to fight him on her own, but she neither wants to eat dinner with her nor answer to her questions.

bscap1420 bscap1422bscap1423

bscap1424Yi Ji’s treating and serving secretary Min to food and she points out attorney Han and madame Choi would definitely faint if they could see them at that point! Actually, Yi Ji would enjoy such a sight, she wants her parents to pass out for a few days so that she’ll be able to find some peace of mind! Secretary Min advices Yi Ji to study abroad and even though she’d like to go with her it’s something her parents would never allow. Yi Ji’s aware that something has drastically changed and the good old days will never return, but her parents still using secretary Min must be because they definitely need her around. One way or another, secretary Min will eventually leave Hansong whether attorney Han fires her or she quits on her own. Yi Ji asking her directly if she’s going to get revenge from attorney Han points out that she’s become aware of a few things going on lately and she definitely knows more than expected. She’s well aware that her father forced secretary Min’s brother to “accept” money and secretary Min points out it was her mother who eventually accepted it, making it their evidence for the time being. Yi Ji points out that attorney Han’s greatest weakness is the way he thinks; that everyone is the same and has a price written on his/her forehead.

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bscap1429In Sang would like to stop studying for today, but teacher Park points out that rote memorization is the cure to his depression, but In Sang disagrees that he’s depressed. Secretary Lee delivers his lawyer’s message, until everything’s over if he has something to tell Seo Bom he should consult him first. In Sang is thankful towards secretary Lee and everyone consisting of the house personnel for their help all this time and teacher Park can’t help it but witness a change in the way he behaves. I’ll refer to his current state with a Greek work that depicts perfectly well the way he appeared in front of the screen during that scene: χαρμολύπη [harmolypi – from the words «χάρμα» (harma, meaning something beautiful) and «λύπη» (lypi – meaning sorrow)]. One could refer to it in English as “joyful mourning” or “sweet sorrow”, something deeper and more expressive than bittersweet. In Sang wants both of them to go home earlier today and leaves the studying room. Even the house personnel can’t conceive what’s going on with In Sang. Inside his room In Sang feels different, overwhelmed by his own thoughts. The house personnel wonders whether he’s thinking way too much or he’s about to explode after they leave, but even if it’s the second option, teacher Park points out it may be important for his mental health if he proceeds this way.

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bscap1442Baek Dae Hyun’s having a meeting with attorney Han at Hansong’s luxurious lounge and along with them is the candidate! He wasn’t even one of the renowned prosecutors that would root for this position anytime and he thought Dae Hyun would head towards that direction! It’s apparent that he doesn’t want to be related to Hansong when it comes to such a position! The time has arrived for the candidate to clean his surrounding environment from people who could be lethal in his attempt and attorney Han would like to know beforehand if there’s something they should be worrying about before a scandal erupts. Attorney Han has already done his research urging him to bring everything to the surface before it’s too late! Attorney Han’s not only a man of great wealth, power and influence, he’s also a kingmaker! Once he becomes the next prime minister attorney Han wants him to create a task force directly under his office focusing on lawsuits against the government on investment matters. As for Hansong? It will be his official outside legal counsel delivering all the necessary strategies for everyone’s well-being. Of course, they want him to silence the rumors about Supernova and everyone’s more than pleased!


bscap1445In Sang’s lost in his own thoughts as he tries to put them together in front of his laptop, but his mind’s not functioning well for the time being! Wandering around the almighty household everything feels so empty and being enclosed inside so many four walls isn’t helpful either, it can only worsen his overburdened state of mind. Attorney Han’s degrading thoughts on Seo Bom’s parents echo anew, it was the triggering event that made his thoughts flow like a raging river and there he goes again, not only through his thoughts.

bscap1447 bscap1448bscap1449bscap1450bscap1451 bscap1452bscap1454bscap1453

bscap1455Han River has become like a silent outdoors confessions box for him! This time he’s not a coward, he’s moving forward willingly, what the hell?! Something dragged him inside or it got suddenly too deep?! Whatever that was it scared him to the utmost level and made him surrender from his stupid thoughts of ending his own life! And that music, it’s always turning a darkening moment into something more hilarious so that it won’t overburden the overall ambiance! In Sang’s heading towards Seo Bom’s humble house while Seo Bom can’t conceive how did he manage to get there while her parents are taking care of him since he’s soaked to the bone with Jin Ae ahjumma delivering a few awakening slaps on his back! In Sang wants them to accept him since he has nowhere else to go! It’s his turn for the utmost sacrifice, Seo Bom told him to come and there he is; empty-handed. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt time for a rewarding hug and feels arise!

bscap1456 bscap1458bscap1462bscap1464bscap1466

bscap1467Secretary Yang arrives at the almighty household to inform attorney Han and afterwards she will have a conversation with secretary Lee. Teacher Park has found an envelope inside the studying room, but he’s afraid to open it and secretary Lee asks the housemaid whether In Sang’s inside his room or not. Teacher Park decides to read it as everyone’s unaware of In Sang’s absence inside the household. Secretary Lee thought madame Choi was talking about In Sang whereas she meant secretary Yang’s appearance and at that point she gets worried after secretary Lee mentioned that In Sang might had left early to go to school.


I don’t want to judge my father anymore.
I don’t have any other grand reason.
I just don’t want to miss the opportunity.
Of course, me being with her won’t fix all the problems.
I’ll get into fights with her, I’ll make her cry…
I’ll hurt her again. But…
No; because of that I must be with her.
We can’t afford to experience all these separately.
It will be a burden for Seo Bom’s parents and Noo Ri for now,
But I’ll try my best to make something of myself.
I do feel bad for all the worry I caused to my parents until now.
I want to thank my parents for raising me.
And please tell my father that even though I may not be following his plan,
I won’t be a failure.

bscap1471bscap1472 bscap1473bscap1474

bscap1475In Sang’s narration flows as Seo Bom is close to him, holding within her palms In Sang’s hand, while her father and Noo Ri were joyful while preparing Jin Young’s food as Jin Ae ahjumma was playing playfully with him. Attorney Han read the letter and teacher Park supports the concrete flow of In Sang’s thoughts and wants to resign right away. Madame Choi wants to find out what In Sang did again, but attorney Han can’t even speak and urges her to remain silent as well. The house personnel was talking about the latest events and while secretary Yang’s attempts to remain close to them were failing attorney Han’s heroic lamentation echoed inside the almighty household; “I’m disowning him!” Madame Choi and Yi Ji are negatively surprised by the sudden turn of events, but attorney Han’s decisions is definitive. The reason is the greatest crime in the whole universe, In Sang went to his in-laws’ house! Madame Choi tries to be helpful, but attorney Han has made his decision, all she can do is persevere.

bscap1476 bscap1477bscap1479 bscap1478bscap1480

bscap1482Seo Bom wakes up In Sang with Jin Young’s foot and how cute and playful her voice is! It must be the first time he slept on a bed lately and waking up at her humble house felt like a dream! Playing with Jin Young and taking him in his hands feels essential! Noo Ri wants to see In Sang and everyone’s trying to find clothes that would fit him! Fashion terrorist, he definitely is one! He looks like a downfallen yet humble once noble young man! He’ll be wearing Cheol Shik ahjussi’s clothes for now! Despite the playful ambiance, Noo Ri finds the whole situation quite worrisome since attorney Han won’t probably stand still. Hyeong Shik ahjussi points out traces of reality in front of In Sang and making his own money feels essential. Living in such a small house will have its own annoyances as well since there are many people living there and everyone has his/her own needs and the food won’t be the same he used to eat at the almighty household. In Sang points out he’s getting scared, but Seo Bom considers it a good start! If he’s willing to abide to the new rules they will accept him, if he doesn’t he can just return back to the almighty household. In Sang will do just anything to prove himself worth of everyone’s expectations under his new reality.

bscap1483 bscap1484bscap1485 bscap1486 bscap1489bscap1491 bscap1492 bscap1495bscap1494bscap1497 bscap1498bscap1499 bscap1500

bscap1501The house personnel can’t believe that the people inside the almighty household lessen in numbers and madame Choi’s loud voice awakened them. Madame Choi considers Seo Bom a terrible girl and she’s annoyed with the fact that she didn’t call even once! Is she secretly craving for her presence?! Hyeon Soo’s relationship with Ji Young Ra doesn’t flow well since the almighty household incident. Hyeon Soo informs Ji Young Ra that In Sang ran away from home, but Young Ra thinks that she’s the one who provoked him by being “ridiculous” in front of madame Choi. She’s still refusing to see the truth, but Hyeon Soo keeps pointing it out in front of her by urging her to stop trying to save her assets by uniting with In Sang’s family. Hyeon Soo would d prefer it if they stayed away from them and the only immature one here is Ji Young Ra who thinks that “a penniless divorcee must sell her charm”! She can’t be helped!

bscap1502 bscap1506bscap1505

bscap1510Ji Young Ra and Eom So Jeong have arrived at president Song’s luxurious living room and they’re waiting for madame Choi, but she won’t be appearing anytime soon as she follows attorney Han’s orders. Eom So Jeong’s brother is the Hans’ doctor so it’s more comfortable for her, but for Ji Young Ra everything’s tougher since things didn’t work out well due to Hyeon Soo’s retaliation and the connection wasn’t formed. President Song has to be out of the country for a year’s time to avoid finding himself behind bars. The investment clubs is falling apart!


bscap1512President Song accepted attorney Han’s side’s offer and he’s relieved that he won’t turn towards Je Hoon’s direction. Now that everything’s flowing well only Han Trust’s matter remains to be solved, there must be nothing that would look suspicious and secretary Yang can’t act otherwise but obey attorney Han’s orders. She needs to talk to secretary Min at the conference room and informs her that everyone below president Song, including Je Hoon and attorney Yoo, will be wiped out. She wants secretary Min and her team to exclude Han Trust from their plan. If secretary Min agrees attorney Han will forget secretary Yang’s wrongdoings, in case she doesn’t obey Secretary Yang points out that in the worst case scenario secretary Min might end up in prison for illegal surveillance. The money she received for her missions were coming from Hansong, but there’s no paper trail that would prove it. Secretary Min doesn’t intend to pace with her flow and secretary Yang wonders who will be the last one to laugh tomorrow! There’s an idiom saying “he who laughs last, laughs longest” and secretary Yang laughed way too early.


bscap1515In Sang already found a job and discusses the wage variations with Seo Bom and if everything flows well he would like Seo Bom to quit working, what a knight! Soon enough a message arrives at his cellphone indicating that his credit card has been suspended! Even though the first signs have already started appearing, they’re not the ones bothering him, but the fact that 500  extra per hour is quite significant! In Sang wants to kiss Seo Bom, but she points out that Jin Young is watching and it’s not that much of a problem! Soon, Jin Ae ahjumma’s voice echoes and Seo Bom pushes In Sang away! It’s Seo Bom’s time to go to work and In Sang will start working tomorrow! Jin Ae ahjumma noticed what was going on and urges In Sang to freely unveil his affection towards Seo Bom and Hyeong Shik ahjussi concurs by giving him a butt-slap! It’s happy hour for In Sang since it’s drinking time! He’s even in a rush to bring the glasses, it’s the moment he was secretly craving for to arrive!

bscap1517bscap1516 bscap1518

bscap1519Yi Ji’s in mourning, she’s left all alone and the housemaid comforts her. She wanted to be the first one to escape from the monster’s den, but she missed her chance. Silence, everlasting silence. Even attorney Han senses that the almighty household feels quite empty and it wasn’t just madame Choi’s lunatic hallucinations! They’re going to be on their own in the end, the couple of oblivion!


Thoughts: It was an undercover episode dedicated to In Sang even though he wasn’t apparent throughout the whole duration of the episode he was always there through presence and absence. He had quite a journey and eventually reached his destination; Seo Bom. After ultimately failing to convince Seo Bom sacrificing herself anew and returning back to the almighty household, which was the easy way for him, he steadily realized that the only way to be together was to go against his father in the most humble way. No tension, no loud voices, no violence, nothing, just recognizing his father’s efforts in raising him and choosing to be with Seo Bom at all costs throughout the hardships of life that may lie ahead.


In Sang’s letter was neither poetic nor misleading, he was speaking the truth and only the truth after wandering around the almighty household and witnessing for the first time all the emptiness lurking in there in its purest form. All this clinical environment was bearable with Seo Bom around. He left in the most humble way without bringing anything with him, just himself and before moving towards the humble house he encountered his inner demons by cleansing himself at the Han river, a place of strategically emotional importance for In Sang.


With pure conscience and his mind at ease, In Sang left a world behind to embrace another one fully aware of the obstacles lying ahead. He doesn’t want to hide from responsibilities and he’s not being held back from forthcoming inconveniences. Nobody said it was going to be easy by embracing a new reality and Seo Bom being his safe heaven doesn’t mean that he would find a heavenly creation before his very eyes. In Sang already found a job and he’s more than ready to acclimate himself in his new environment with mutual love when it comes to the people he’ll be living with.

bscap0052 (2)

Seo Bom was pushing In Sang away while giving him hints along the way on how they could possibly get back together. In Sang followed the steps she paved for him under the awakening moments he treasured and Seo Bom could only accept him back in his new environment. Once she turned her back on the almighty household she wasn’t bluffing. She lived up to my expectations and remained strong as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a woman and a wife eventually after succeeding in helping In Sang see the truth.

bscap0058 (2)

Seo Bom’s parents were highly representative of the circumstances. At first, it was Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s change of heart as he eventually managed to see through the lines and make the right decisions for him and his family. He stopped being a hopeless servant and a pawn on attorney Han’s chessboard and put his family’s emotional intelligence over the devoid of emotion temporary and gloomy wealth. Having Jin Young inside the humble house was the major factor for a poor family’s emotional enlightenment that led to more powerful bonds. Even Noo Ri saw the truth, although she never spoke her heart out. Her moment of clarity was silent and engulfed in tears as she was gradually leaving behind the wealth bubble and paying more attention to the people around her from her family to Je Hoon. Seo Bom’s parents urging In Sang to show his affection towards Seo Bom anytime he feels like doing so was essential, it isn’t the ice kingdom there, it’s a warm house full of love despite all the struggles!

bscap0184 (2)

Yi Ji was taken aback when In Sang left the almighty household. She wanted to be the first one to leave, but suddenly she missed her chance and the whole place turned into an even lonelier prison. Madame Choi’s hallucinations that Jin Young’s toys were moving were pointing towards the direction that the overall ambiance inside the almighty household has become unbearable for her, after all she’s the only one from the whole family spending the most time in there. She’s deeply missing Jin Young and she’s secretly caring for Seo Bom and kind of misses her indirectly! She doesn’t like the fact that In Sang left the household and on top of that, she doesn’t quite agree with attorney Han’s decisions. Will she persevere?


Je Hoon had an intriguing part throughout the episode, he was the awakening sparkle of many people, starting from In Sang. If In Sang needed a more thoughtful and palpable motive, Je Hoon halted him from moving towards the pathway he was walking upon which was leading nowhere and presented reality the way it is. Then it was president Song, even though he didn’t necessarily believed Je Hoon, he became more cautious and it’s in his own hands whether he will leave the country or help Je Hoon put an end to Hansong’s reign. Last but not least, Noo Ri received all the necessary signals alongside Je Hoon. He was preparing her episode by episode for what was going to happen and entering his new office which had nothing to do with Hansong she became fully aware of the near future. Seeing her parents calm yet emotional at her humble house was the final blow to crack her delusional world.


Secretary Yang’s world is collapsing and she can’t act otherwise but blindly follow attorney Han’s orders. Secretary Min won’t pace with her flow and the house personnel lost every inch of trust in her, she’s on her own and if attorney Han won’t succeed in his massive assault she will find herself in great trouble. Ji Young Ra refuses to let her bubble burst into pieces, even now she can’t see the truth because she’s blinded by her assets and she can’t accept that a connection to attorney Han’s family can’t be achieved in any possible way. Every member of the high society partaking in this drama have finally realized that they are on their own and one way or another, it’s a solitary road for each and every one of them after their past decisions have come to haunt them at the present.

bscap0076 (2)

The 28th one was an episode which proves that nothing always goes as planned when it comes to attorney Han. Even though the candidate he proposed wasn’t the most suitable one, he regained his confidence once he started promoting the one Dae Hyun proposed. Considering that everything had started flowing according to plan he regained his lifeless sense of pleasure and proved why he was successful so far. He knows everything about the people working with him, he just lets them do wrongdoings behind his back to hold them tightly in the future, just like it happened with secretary Yang and he was fully aware of the candidate’s shady moves in order to establish his reign over him and silence the Supernova rumors. In Sang leaving the almighty household passed under his radar and that’s why he dealt with it in the worst possible way by disowning his son due to his ultimate rage.


Loneliness reigns supreme inside the almighty household. As time passes by the number of people inside it lessen and with every missing person it becomes more apparent, less bearable and more tormenting for everyone living or working in there. Jin Young, Seo Bom and In Sang were breathing life inside the almighty household, suddenly with their absence the air has gotten older and thicker to breathe. If even attorney Han managed to express his discomfort on the almighty household’s ever-expanding solitude then it must be gradually turning into a cemetery! Since it’s something we can’t avoid, let’s prepare ourselves for the end of Heard It Through the Grapevine, my most positive wishes flow towards a highly rewarding and deeply emotional, but also heartfelt and cheerful ending! Are you with me?!



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Kwon Sang Seung

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avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
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    I am so thankful for your recaps and insights of Heard It Through the Grapevine. Thank you so much for all of your time and hard work.!!

    I really felt that In Sang finally getting up the guts to jump into Han River was symbolic: becoming proactive leaving timidity and half assing/fence riding behind, cleansing himself from his old life, and being reborn.

    Can anyone tell me what it says on the front and back of In Sang’s military jacket. The one he’s wearing as he walks around the almighty house before finally leaving? I love that jacket! I really want to find it to buy.

    • May 30, 2015 at 11:52 am — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot for your words and thoughts!!! 🙂 Totally agree, it was some sort of baptism for him to take away the past and embrace his new life!
      Hmm, the front part is not that vivid, but on the back of the jacket the big words point towards FABULOUS, the lower part i’m not sure but it may be saying something like “don’t sweat” and underneath “small stuff”? And on top of the jacket there’s something “……. of all”? I can’t see it as a whole, but i guess the message it wants to convey it “above of all, don’t sweat on small stuff” because you’re fabulous XD Dunno if this was helpful at all and i’m not sure whether my eyes misguided me or not!

      • May 30, 2015 at 9:59 pm — Reply

        Thanks so much for all the jacket information! You’d think with all of that I would be able to find the jacket…argh!! If anyone figures out the brand or an online store that I could find it in to purchase, I would really appreciate a heads up. Oh, I live in the U.S.

        • May 30, 2015 at 10:06 pm — Reply

          I asked a Lee Joon chingu on tweet and if she has any information about it i will inform you! 😀

        • May 31, 2015 at 9:26 am — Reply

          She didn’t know about the jacket specifically :/ But she told me Lee Joon’s usually wearing System Homme clothing in HITTG! Hope it will be helpful! 🙂

  5. May 30, 2015 at 2:29 am — Reply

    Oops…sorry for the double comment. I didn’t think that the first one had gone through.

    • May 30, 2015 at 11:53 am — Reply

      That’s okay, not problem, it’s not a reason to be sorry about! 😀

  6. mdj101
    May 30, 2015 at 3:30 am — Reply

    Another satisfying and enlightening review. Thank you. And quite a neat overview of our experience of the entire 28 episodes of HITTG so far. I really can appreciate that you took a step back and looked at the “big picture” for me.
    Let me specially thank you for writing out InSang’s entire letter to Tutor Park. I loved having a chance to read it over for myself. Not poetic, true, but simple, clear, and honest, just as we know that young man himself to be.
    Also, thank you for highlighting how HUMBLY InSang made his move, renouncing his massive inheritance, and choosing his wife and his son, and a life with them based upon integrity and moral values more consistent with Confucianism than his parents. Han Jung Ho lived according to his own twisted understanding of traditional Joseon Era philosophy. Posturing, scheming, bending laws to expose every possible loophole, while tricking/enticing others to perform the actual dirty/illegal deeds, HJH proudly stated to young JeHoon that “I have never broken any law” (my paraphrase).
    Such a hypocrite is our HJH!
    But you reminded me of what JeHoon said to Director Song in the “lounge”:… “If InSang learns to live on a lawyer’s $2,000/month salary, he may become Han Jung Ho’s greatest Masterpiece!”

    • May 30, 2015 at 12:02 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot once again for your words and for unveiling your thoughts 🙂
      Aye, the letter was highly representative of In Sang the way he progressed from the very beginning of the drama up to the moment he decided to leave behind this desolate household! Totally agree with you, In Sang focuses on the humanitarian aspects of Confucianism and the morals and virtues of a beautiful and filled with love life whereas as his father falls into the strict aspects of it and translates it in a way that would reflect his own ambitions, hence he’s not doing anything wrong because he follows the “enlightenment scriptures” where in fact he only follows his own ambitions in the way he was raised and he’s after (more) wealth and power and nothing more, no morals, no virtues, nothing. It’s the same way nationalists act pretending to be patriots and dressing the whole environment with a higher cause and a “delighted manifest” to hide their only pleasure; wealth, power, money, order.
      Indeed, he never directly broke the law and if there’s paper trail that connects the people working with him to money, it refers only to them and not attorney Han! He’s a major flatterer and hypocrite!
      Indeed, without knowing it, attorney Han will have created his greatest masterpiece if In Sang learns and achieves to live on with a welcome middle class month salary! The more i talk about HITTG the more i lean towards the direction that i don’t want it to end XD

  7. mdj101
    May 30, 2015 at 3:40 am — Reply

    talslife:… Great question. I would like to know what was written on that jacket, too. Hope someone can help us with this one!

    • May 30, 2015 at 11:53 am — Reply

      I’m pasting here the same thing i replied to talslife, hope it’s helpful o.O
      Hmm, the front part is not that vivid, but on the back of the jacket the big words point towards FABULOUS, the lower part i’m not sure but it may be saying something like “don’t sweat” and underneath “small stuff”? And on top of the jacket there’s something “……. of all”? I can’t see it as a whole, but i guess the message it wants to convey it “above of all, don’t sweat on small stuff” because you’re fabulous XD

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  9. Sparkerdelica
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    I am saddened that this show is ending and also I only just discovered your blog and recaps. Thank you for your wonderful insight and I will go back and read them all from the beginning. I look forward to reading other recaps here!

    • May 30, 2015 at 5:28 pm — Reply

      I am trying to convince myself that this drama is ending to make the end more welcome 😀 The first week after it has finished airing will be tough when Monday will arrive and there won’t be a new episode of HITTG :/ Thanks a lot for your words, they are pretty much appreciated!! 🙂

  10. pogo
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    I’m kicking myself for finding your blog so late, I love this drama so much and had nowhere but dramabeans open threads to discuss it! And it deserved better than that….

    I agree that this episode is all about In Sang, but I loved how he impacts everyone even in his absence or indirectly. (even Noo Ri, who up till now has been in denial and I can’t really hate her for that. I think it’s still cool that she does value relationships over materialism though, she didn’t break up with Je Hoon even when he was stirring trouble and now quit Hansong)

    • June 2, 2015 at 11:56 am — Reply

      *holds foot and prevents it for kicking* HITTG was a small drama revelation to the extent of becoming weirdly addictive!
      Indeed, In Sang had his own impact throughout the episode in a more palpable or indirect way, or even when he wasn’t around, he was there in his very own way! I am glad with Noo Ri finally seeing the light, even though she didn’t express herself openly, she finally managed to see beyond her falsified blinders that were distorting reality before her very eyes!

  11. Wfluhr
    September 17, 2015 at 4:24 am — Reply

    Enjoyed your recap. Helps to understand some of the nuisances that I was not sure about. Loved this drama so much, I have watched it three times. I found it fascinating.

    • September 18, 2015 at 1:28 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for your words, they are deeply appreciated! 🙂 Wow, you’re truly an HITTG commando, 3 times already! It must had been quite a journey with every watching process!

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