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Episode 7 Review: The Lover (2015)

“It is possible to live without love, but without it life would be boring.
Love is often annoying and painful,
but having someone stay beside you for love makes our days not boring.”

bscap0368The 7th episode was an ode to interactions in their more palpable aspects, but also in dream world’s unrestrained  realms or through a phone call and/or meeting that never reached completion. It was also a continuation on the unexpected or expected visitor aspects and how our figures manage to deal with them and an ode to Joon Jae throughout the episode as well. Decisions made in the past and decisions at the present collide in the ongoing flow of time and pave the footsteps of the near or far future.


bscap0326Do Si’s trying to push a car that’s blocking his own car’s way out! It’s the 510 apartment’s car and asks for help from the perv building administrator to get the owner’s phone number! The voices on the phone point towards the direction that Hwan Jong and Seol Eun are doing the woof woof dance! Do Si kicking the other car with tact while waiting for its owner was quite hilarious! And there he is, Hwan Jong parked the car in front of Do Si’s because he thought parking his car in front of the car of someone he trusts would be better! He tries to explain himself but it doesn’t matter, Do Si has already forgiven him and understands that he was in the middle of something important, but then he reads the text Do Si sent him after they ended the phone call and the interaction becomes more awkward!


bscap0328Both of them are apologetic and they start talking about their working background out of nowhere and they keep talking about pretty much everything, their salaries, their cars, the hardships of life, etc! As for the belt? It’s the saddest and most dangerous accessory in the world! And the side-mirror? Of course, it’s the world’s most dangerous and saddest side mirror! That sad piano music playing along with the flow of the conversation was making it even more priceless as a scene! Setting aside the belt and side-mirror, the cup holder wasn’t the saddest and most dangerous cup holder in the world since Do Si started wondering whether Hwan Jong was making fun of him or not and gradually the conversation became tense!


bscap0332They are about to start punching and kicking one another, but Joon Jae appears and comes to Hwan Jong’s aid since he had helped them while moving the furniture. Joon Jae stands in front of Do Si like a wall, but the fight goes on making Joon Jae hold both of them from the head as they try to kick each other with Do Si and Hwan Jong proving themselves as promising acrobats! Joon Jae, Hwan Jong, Do Si and us eventually got trolled since the car was someone else’s, but it looked like Hwan Jong’s and Do Si had made a mistake with the number of the apartment!

bscap0334bscap0335 bscap0336bscap0337bscap0338bscap0339

“Did they say that manners determine the kind of person?
But manners are created by a person.
Depending on the person, everyone has different manners.”

bscap0340 bscap0341bscap0342bscap0343bscap0344

bscap0345Man Goo’s pushing with her feet a sack filled with rice towards the elevator and as it’s doors are about to close Joon Jae’s powerful hand holds the gates of the elevator which leads to the tenth sub-level of pleasures! She’s absorbed by his looks and she’s definitely more than thankful since Joon Jae’s willing to carry the sack for her! She stares at him from head to toe and she’s drunk at his looks forgetting even the fact that she has already reached her apartment’s floor!

bscap0346 bscap0349bscap0348 bscap0351 bscap0352bscap0353bscap0354bscap0355  bscap0359bscap0357 bscap0360

bscap0412Young Joon is on his way back to their apartment, but Joon Jae appears at the elevator as well! Young Joon examines Joon Jae with his perv yet observant stare! He’s underwhelmed by the fact that he was the one who helped Man Goo and appeared in her dream! He intends to use chemical warfare and right before exiting the elevator he unleashed a kamehameha fart anesthetizing the helpless Joon Jae!

bscap0415bscap0416 bscap0418bscap0419 bscap0421

“Sometimes there are moments when you can’t just laugh and move on.
There is one thing for certain. No matter who it is,
don’t interfere with other peoples’ business, not even in their dreams.

bscap0422 bscap0423bscap0425bscap0426bscap0429

Apartment 610 – Young Joon (21) & Man Goo (33)

bscap0364Young Joon’s searching for the ice cream without rushing to help Man Goo! Joon Jae’s image floats all over the place inside Man Goo’s mid while Young Joon is almost unable to carry the sack and drags it around like a worm! Man Goo states that the neighbor who helped her is pretty handsome and describes him in front of Young Joon , but he mostly cares about finding the ice cream without his antennas neglecting Man Goo’s signals! He will go buy some ice cream on his own since Man Goo didn’t bring it!

bscap0365bscap0366 bscap0367

bscap0369The bell rings and she thinks it’s Young Joon, but it’s Joon Jae breaking in with the ice cream! She had dropped it, but it’s not the only thing she dropped, she left behind her charm too! They get so close together, it’s almost a kiss and then he takes her in his arms, he throws her on her bed, he tears apart his shirt and she smells it! Joon Jae noticed everything and the fact that she was stealing glances from him made him not care if she has a boyfriend and if she’s older than him!

bscap0370bscap0371 bscap0373bscap0372bscap0375bscap0376 bscap0377bscap0378 bscap0381 bscap0380bscap0386bscap0387bscap0390bscap0391bscap0395bscap0397 bscap0398

bscap0399Of course, she was dreaming and fantasizing all this while Young Joon was eating his ice cream! Young Joon points out that while sleeping Man Goo was whispering that she liked it and wonders whether she was dreaming of another guy or not! She denies it, but Young Joon keeps asking her whether it was an idol, an actor or a singer! Or maybe the guy she saw earlier?! At this point she can only agree and says that it was just a dream and he appeared even though she saw him just for a while and nothing happened! She’s not very convincing but she evades Young Joon and heads towards the kitchen! Young Joon’s quite pissed off and he’s kicking and throwing away everything that appears in front of him in the living room, especially the rice sack even though it nearly destroyed his own foot!

bscap0400bscap0401 bscap0405bscap0406 bscap0407bscap0409 bscap0410

Apartment 609 – Do Si (35) & Du Ri (31)

“Sometimes, a person from the past awakens us in the present.”

bscap0437Do Si and Du Ri have dressed up properly to greet his ex-girlfriend and Du Ri managed to get pretty so as to defend her position! He’s not in a different vein either, he took good care of him as well! Holy villainous ahjummas of hell’s utmost level, what is this creature? She jumped inside the house like a kangaroo on hyena laughter drugs! Jo Shin is a lunatic for sure and Du Ri examines her! Both Do Si and Jo Shin are excited to see each other after so much time and it was essential for her to pass by instead of sending over a wedding invitation! They are crazy and playful together while Du Ri gets silently enraged as time passed by! Do Si isn’t helpful at all since he usually takes Jo Shin’s side as the conversation moves on form one subject to another from Du Ri’s dressing style to comfortable moments at home without bra that could possibly make her breasts saggy or the way she’s peeling the apple!

bscap0440bscap0431  bscap0435 bscap0438bscap0439bscap0436

bscap0441Jo Shin talks about her trips around Europe and oddly enough, even though she likes African men the man she’s marrying is neither African nor European! Of course, both of them agree that Do Si is more good looking than the man she’s going to marry! He sends Du Ri to buy some beers and the night arrives among empty beer cans and and ongoing beer-drinking process! The only ones having fun are Jo Shin and Do Si! Jo Shin points out that a wedding is carried out by the families and not by the relationship itself, all that matters is the couple and only the couple, married or not it doesn’t really matter. Since she’s Korean she has to get married, but she considers marriage a form of binding whereas love is the opposite of owning something! Du Ri remains silent with an ironic slight smile and imitates her arms’ movement as Jo Shin keeps talking! Do Si totally agrees in an ongoing burping way! Of course they keep ignoring Du Ri who’s not in the finest mood!

bscap0443 bscap0444bscap0448bscap0446

bscap0450At some point Jo Shin throws beer on Du Ri’s skirt and Do Si goes to bring a towel. Jo Shin tells Du Ri that he had asked her to marry him a long time ago before he met her, it was such a desperate way of proposing she almost fell for it! More memories from the past pop up and they keep having fun while Du Ri’s getting lost inside her own thoughts. No more alcohol and it’s Do Si’s turn to get some! Jo Shin brings up the proposal matter back to the surface enraging Du Ri even more! The battle moves on to Do Si’s tie which Du Ri had tied loosely whereas Jo Shin kept tightening it! Poo Do Si, he found himself among too storms, but it’s not for too long since Jo Shin starts pushing Du Ri and eventually starts hitting her with the pillar! It’s time for Do Si to take the situation in his own hands and hits Jo Shin with a pillar leaving her unconscious! She’s sleeping and Do Si’s criticizing her looks and everything stating that the guy she’s going to marry her is definitely effed! Even though Do Si can’t ask Du Ri to marry him right away she’s a whole lot better than Jo Shin! She opened up her eyes and Du Ri hit her with the pillar anew! Jo Shin’s apologetic and they’ll call a taxi to pick her up!

bscap0453bscap0454 bscap0452bscap0455bscap0456 bscap0457

“Because of his past that I didn’t know until now,
I was actually able to check his feelings.

bscap0458bscap0459 bscap0460bscap0461 bscap0462 bscap0465bscap0464 bscap0466bscap0467

Apartment 709 – Joon Jae (in his early 20s) & Takuya (21)

“There’s someone I keep caring about.”

bscap0470Takuya’s relaxing on the sofa watching the TV and Joon Jae would like to know some good places to visit in Tokyo! Automatically Takuya gets enthusiastic and he’s eager to help him out! Takuya keeps talking to him about various places giving him further details about the Rainbow Bridge, restaurants, etc and Joon Jae is absorbed by Takuya’s passionate talking! Takuya’s been talking about okonomiyaki and Joon Jae’s eager to make it! He goes to check if they have the required ingredients and at that moment a message arrives at his cellphone with Takuya wondering if he had a girlfriend all this time! Takuya becomes curious and sieges Joon Jae to find out whether she’s pretty or not, etc! Takuya’s disappointed because Joon Jae would have to eat with his girlfriend and Joon Jae tells him to come along with them, but he’s not that kind of person who pops up on other people’s dates!

bscap0471bscap0472 bscap0473bscap0472bscap0479

bscap0481Another message arrives asking him if he forgot today’s date and Joon Jae replies that he’ll be seeing her soon, but he’s not that happy about it! Takuya’s eating his ramen and Joon Jae’s about to leave, but he intends to do the dishes before that! Takuya forces him out of the house as Joon Jae’s lost in Takuya oriented thoughts! Takuya takes care of Joon Jae from cleaning up his hands to helping him tie his shoe lashes making Joon Jae even more thoughtful! He even hands him over a condom, just in case! He asks Takuya if it’s okay for him if he goes out right now, but he will be fine, it’s not like he’s his wife, even without him he will be fine! Not exactly what Joon Jae would like to hear, but okay!

bscap0483bscap0484bscap0486bscap0487 bscap0492bscap0490bscap0493

bscap0495He tells Soo Jin over the phone that’s on his way to meet her, but when he receives a message from Takuya he starts running back home! Joon Jae had eaten Takuya’s ice cream and rushed back home to bring him another one without caring about his date! Truth be told, Takuya had already started getting bored without Joon Jae who measures his words trying hard not to reveal anything more specific about his feelings! He sets aside his cellphone ignoring Soo Jin and decides to stay with Takuya who’s happy with his ice cream!

 bscap0498bscap0497 bscap0501bscap0500bscap0502bscap0503bscap0505

“If he goes to Japan sometime in the future or straight away, I don’t know if I’ll regret my decision.
However, there is one thing I was certain of in this very moment.
I began to like Takuya. No. I like him.”

bscap0511 bscap0508bscap0507 bscap0510

Apartment  510 – Hwan Jong (32) & Seol Eun (28)


No airing time for apartment 510 on this week’s episode, but we know they did the woof woof dance in the morning without getting to finalize their techniques due to Do Si’s mistaken phone call, let’s hope they resumed from where Hwan Jong left Seol Eun without French phrases this time, but hopefully with eatable underwear; or not!


“The and.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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