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Episode 6 Review: The Lover (2015)

bscap0291Guests, especially the unexpected ones, can become a real torment. You may have wanted to relax, you might had been busy, you may have wanted to do just anything with your significant other, yourself or a friend, but unexpected guests are there to trespass your harmony and eventually ruin your mood; or brighten it! The Lover’s 6th episode deals with all of our figures’ lives and how everything changed for better or for worse when people, expected or not, entered their daily lives for a short or a longer period of time! A guest, in the way he/she interferes with our figures’ lives, isn’t always a person and a parcel or a dog could hold pleasant or unpleasant surprises for the 4 apartments that shake our world with tremendous amounts of laughter and lurking feels!

“Living with somebody else is a process in which the line
you wished your partner would not cross becomes blurred.
But if an uninvited guest tries to come into that environment,
how will our cohabitation change?”

Apartment 610 – Young Joon (21) & Man Goo (33)

bscap0171Man Goo and Young Joon are watching a horror movie and she gets scared followed by Young Joon making fun of her while she tries to prove she never got scared! She wasn’t the only one who got scared, it was mainly Young Joon who got frightened as he was holding with pressure his arm with his nails leaving temporary marks! They change channel and they start watching a show! Man Goo starts laughing and hits Young Joon as she got electrified by laughter! Of course, he’s a man, he didn’t get scared before and it didn’t hurt now either! It’s Young Joon’s turn to start laughing and hit her on the shoulder! She grabs him from the hair and he starts hitting her with the pillar and it’s his turn to sense the pillar’s wrath!

bscap0172bscap0173 bscap0174 bscap0177bscap0176

“Living together shows both of your weaknesses.
 My woman’s malice which is stronger than my bluffs.
My woman’s obsession.”

bscap0183It’s rock papers scissors time and the loser gets hit on the wrist like on the show! At first it is fun and they’re so excited! Once they start finger-tapping each other on the forehead it’s not fun anymore! Man Goo’s attempt might had been hurtful, but Young Joon’s attempt bombarded her! Now it’s time for a word game, one of them says a word and the next player says a word beginning with the last syllable of the first word! Slaps may be fun for a while, but soon enough they started killing each other with punches and kicks turning the apartment into a ring! He’s got a weight tied to his hand and one of her teeth fell off as his leg feels quite hurt; they’re living in the dangerous side of life!

 bscap0184bscap0185 bscap0186 bscap0188bscap0187 bscap0190

“There is a possibility of something difficult for you, being an easy thing for other people.
At that time we always laughed together, like siblings.”

bscap0193bscap0192 bscap0194

bscap0302Man Goo worked hard and she needs so rest and Young Joon points out that his friends (two members of Dickpunks) will be arriving later on while she’ll be sleeping! The loud voices from the living room wake up Man Goo who’s listening to everything they say! Young Joon points out that he’s dating a noona because he can, after all she takes good care of him even though sometimes they understand each other, sometimes they don’t since she doesn’t get nowadays’ slang! Their laughter echoes inside Man Goo’s head who feels quite uneasy with the conversation going on. Young Joon points out he still likes Man Goo even though she’s older and she doesn’t bring up marriage like other older women do.

bscap0306bscap0305bscap0308 bscap0307bscap0309 bscap0310

bscap0311It’s not only Man Goo feeling uneasy, Young Joon doesn’t feel well with the overall conversation going on and he praises Man Goo in his very own way. It’s about her cooking , the fact that she has money as the CEO of her own business, she’s great and a C-cup too! One of his friends is mostly negative towards everything he has to say while Man Goo’s freaking out inside her room. Young Joon gets pissed off since they don’t know his noona and they shouldn’t come to any assumptions because his noona is the best! He eventually throws them out of the house and returns to bed where Man Goo’s all lovey and love blossoms between them!

bscap0314 bscap0312bscap0313 bscap0315bscap0316bscap0319 bscap0320

“The season has changed.
Spring has passed and the scent of summer is coming.
Naturally and obviously, it is flowing by.
Right now beside me, like the seasons,
I want someone to flow by with no fear of change and not being afraid of tomorrow.”

Apartment 609 – Do Si (35) & Du Ri (31)

bscap0197Sung Kyun will be arriving soon and Du Ri wants Do Si to remain calm and prevent himself from teasing her brother! There he is, but he’s not alone, he brought his girlfriend with him and he starts becoming offensive from the very first moment he opened up his mouth wondering whether Du Ri and Do Si are into some weird erotic relationship or not! He points out Hee Yoo is the girl he’s going to marry next month! His sister wants to talk to him in private as major awkwardness flows between Do Si and Hee Yoo! Du Ri wants to know all the details about their relationship! They’ve been dating for 3 months and she’s 20 years old. He doesn’t have anything, neither job nor money, he should think a bit more before getting married. He doesn’t quite agree since their marriage is love-oriented, he loves her so they will get married! Even their mother was really happy about his decision and he’s disappointed since Du Ri didn’t even congratulate him! Could it be that she’s jealous of him getting married before her and in such a short period of time?!


bscap0201Hee Yoo wants to drink something cold and refreshing, but Sung Kyun points out she might get a cold and it would be better to drink something warm; a couple quarrel starts taking place! Hee Yoo wonders if he’s going to kiss her or not if she gets a cold and he surrenders to her and the iced green tea. Do Si tries to tease them by wanting to drink something warm, but Du Ri urges him to remain calm. She wants to spit her gum out of her mouth and he holds out his hands for her to do so, then he places it on the table leaving Du Ri speechless and disgusted! The L.O.V.E. cups arrive and she points out that both Do Si and Du Ri are living here without having anything serious, even though it’s not normal she finds it fascinating, but both of them look so normal as they’re not poor like in the movies! Sung Kyun tries to take her side, but Du Ri pinches him asking him to stop before she tears him up in pieces!

bscap0202bscap0203 bscap0204

bscap0211Sung Kyun thinks that his sister doesn’t want to have sex with Do Si and that he’s the one forcing Du Ri in the world of pleasures! He always considered him a pervert and he wants to have an eye contact contest to prove whether he’s telling the truth or not! Sung Kyun tries hard while Do Si is pretty much relaxed and eventually wins without even trying! Sung Kyun asks Du Ri if they’re getting married or not and as a know-it-all fool he is he starts spitting out all these traditional know-how must-do beliefs and other nonsense about couples and marriage, even though he’s inexperienced even in dating!  Do Si was sitting quietly listening to her brother’s rambling all this time and it’s his turn to start talking. He asks Hee Yoo what’s the most important thing before the marriage ceremony! Of course, the wedding dress, but the one she likes is too short and Sung Kyun thinks she should wear something more polite! Du Ri wants to know if her brother treats her well since he never had dating experience and if they travel together. Sung Kyun points out that traveling is not an option since they’re not even married yet! They visit parks eating kimbap they make on their own and both Du Ri and Do Si can’t stop laughing!

bscap0209bscap0210 bscap0214bscap0213

bscap0216It’s food time, but Hee Yoo’s neither drinking alcohol nor tasting the food. She’s got all the morning sickness symptoms and Du Ri’s already in a rage mode and wants to know everything! She starts beating Sung Kyun up and by the time she starts hitting him with Hee Yoo’s bag some medicine come to the surface! The truth is, she drank too much last night and she’s in a hangover mode. She wanted to keep it a secret from Sung Kyun. Before another eruption starts taking place Do Si hands him over his money present and Sung Kyun shuts up like the previous time! After they leave Du Ri asks Do Si if they should get married if her mother gives them a house, but Do Si points out it doesn’t matter if they live inside a tent or a house or on bare ground as soon as they are together making the overall ambiance quite playful!

bscap0215 bscap0217bscap0218

“Just because you get married,
it doesn’t mean you’ll love each other more.
Just because you don’t get married,
it doesn’t mean you’ll love each other less.”

bscap0256Here’s a dog as a huge surprise to Do Si! He’s the dog the building administrator found and couldn’t keep and Du Ri’s taking care of the golden retriever for the time being! Do Si’s hungry and he wants to order something to eat but Du Ri points out they’re short of money this month so he shouldn’t, but Torrie’s eating 30$ dog food! On top of that Do Si stepped on dog pee! He eventually decides to eat black bean noodles and soon he notices that Torrie’s eating its poop nearby! Suddenly black bean noodles look like dog poop and  since he can’t finish his meal Torrie arrives to take care of it!

bscap0258bscap0257 bscap0260bscap0261

bscap0264Even when he’s peeing Torrie always returns trying to rape him as Do Si states! Du Ri’s sleeping with Torrie and his feet touch her breast making Do Si jealous! Things at work are not flowing as expected and Do Si’s thoughtful at the balcony. Torrie arrives to keep him company and he starts getting along with him! Not all good things last forever and the building administrator came to take Torrie since he found his owner. Torrie doesn’t want to leave and Do Si takes Torrie’s side and tries to protect him! Shortly after, Do Si starts barking like a whiny dog and grabs her breasts!


“It’s already a given. There’s no way of knowing what a person is thinking.”

bscap0269bscap0268 bscap0272bscap0273 bscap0274 bscap0278bscap0279 bscap0281bscap0280bscap0282

bscap0296Du Ri has gathered with her friends and Do Si as well with his own! They want to know if everything’s flowing well with Du Ri and crave for details! Do Si doesn’t let them know anything that happens in their private bed lives! They think that girls talk about cosmetics, first kiss, etc! In fact they’re talking pretty much about everything and soon Du Ri’s friends find out about a part of the salt and pepper in Du Ri and Do Si’s lives! If they do it without washing up, Do Si gets more excited and soon more rounds take place at the veranda, the bathroom and pretty much everywhere!

bscap0297bscap0298 bscap0300 bscap0301bscap0299

“Just because we live together,
 the thought that you know everything about your significant other
might be a misunderstanding.”

Apartment 709 – Joon Jae (in his early 20s) & Takuya (21)

bscap0219Takuya’s Korean friend has arrived and Joon Jae comes out of the bathroom only with a towel around his waste and he starts screaming! Joon Jae is thoughtful and even jealous due to the fact that she’s a girl! Hae Ryong is excited with Joon Jae’s body, but he’s not that friendly since he’s quite jealous watching her touching Takuya and placing her head on his shoulder! He brings Takuya some juice and water for Hae Ryong pretending that there was no coffee , but Takuya is a knight and gives her the juice! Joon Jae’s left alone as they have gone inside their room! Her friends actually liked him and wants him to go on a blind date with any girl he likes!

bscap0220bscap0221 bscap0222bscap0223bscap0225 bscap0224 bscap0229bscap0230 bscap0228

bscap0234Takuya starts referring to his favorite style and Joon Jae comes closer to eavesdrop! Both of them become playful when she asks him if she’s the girl he likes based on the characteristics Takua mentioned and Joon Jae behind the door becomes even more jealous! He breaks into the room and brings her the caramel machiatto she wanted in the first place! They ignore Joon Jae and it’s time for beer! Time passes by and Joon Jae points out it’s too late, but it’s not a problem, she can call a taxi anytime and afterwards Takuya asks her if she wants to sleep there, of course she’d agree! Joon Jae called a friend too and he’s no other than the building administrator who’s a major troll! He even has a beer-carrying machine on his back and everyone laughs at his jokes, except for Hae Ryong of course! Oops, there’s something on her, could it be beauty?! Loveliness? It’s time for her to leave and Joon Jae is so entertained his mission was successful, but this doesn’t mean that his inner demons have been silenced!

bscap0233bscap0232 bscap0235 bscap0237bscap0238bscap0239bscap0240bscap0241bscap0242bscap0244bscap0245bscap0247 bscap0249bscap0248 bscap0250 bscap0251bscap0253bscap0255

“Seeing him smiling to someone other than me, it hurts.”

Apartment  510 – Hwan Jong (32) & Seol Eun (28)

bscap0289Something arrived from abroad for Seol Eun and it’s not jeans, it’s from Jean! She says that she lived in France for a while and Jean is a gay friend of hers who sent her underwear one can eat! It doesn’t matter how can he know her size, Seol Eun isn’t that convincing and Hwan Jong isn’t convinced either!  Time passes by and he’s eating her… underwear and not only that! She starts moaning while filling the room with French phrases! “C’est si bon! Oh mon Dieu! Oui c’est ça oui!” making Hwan Jong curious of what she meant, but she pretends she didn’t say anything! Inside the toilet Hwan Jong tries to find famous French phrases so he can relate them to what Seo Eul said and now he knows the real meaning behind her moaning leaving him devastated! Some things are better left unknown, Hwan Jong!

bscap0285bscap0284 bscap0286bscap0288 bscap0287bscap0292bscap0290 bscap0291

“There are things I don’t know about, but I want to pretend I do.
What I am seeing now is her in the present.
There’s no way of knowing that person’s past.”


“The and.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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