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School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 8 Recap

school2015School 2015 has become a more than welcome mental asylum sheltering many of us belonging to the chaotic yet astonishing world of drama addicts and at this very point i am proud of be one of the inmates, willingly! The 8th episode completed School 2015’s midway structure and left us with a major emotional cliffhanger. Waiting for Monday to approach us graciously and deliver us the 9th episode is the only option i can think of. The ratings were even better this time and hopefully enough 6.7% is only the trigger of better numbers to come, after all School 2015 wholeheartedly deserves them!

bscap0669Eun Bi tries to find words that could actually turn to sound at that point, but Yi Ahn interrupts her saying she’s changed so much he can think of pretty much any possible scenario, unintentionally taking her out of this awkward situation. He wants to take her back home but she lets go of his hand and his love for her shines through him saying these are the moments she should get angry at him, not when he wants to help her when things get awry. Eun Bi’s volcanic eyes depict perfectly well her emotional struggle.

bscap0670bscap0671 bscap0673bscap0672bscap0676

bscap0679The night is kind of odd for both of them. Yi Ahn can’t sleep and he tries to avoid thoughts pointing towards the direction that Eun Byul actually couldn’t be Eun Byul. Mi Gyeong brings Eun Bi food and she opens up her heart, every time she returns back home she’s there for her and every time she goes to school there are friends waiting for her; at this point she can actually happy. But how about her mother? Is she happy with Eun Bi being there? Even though she may be devastated deep within, she is happy to have her by her side, but Eun Bi’s worried that every time she sees her a part of her heart, or all of it, might be shattering to pieces. Hurting someone in order to be happy herself is not an option and it never paced with Eun Bi’s code of ethics and beliefs. Her mother tells her not to worry and asks her if she wants to get transferred to another school if she’s having a hard time, she would fulfill her daughter’s wish anytime.

bscap0678bscap0677 bscap0681bscap0680

bscap0685Min Joon’s studying and his mother’s nearby. Min Joon’s more considerate of his mother than his mother is about him! She’s sitting nearby just to check on him that he’s studying and once she notices something that doesn’t flow with the pace he should be studying she orders him to focus even more so that he won’t lose 0.5 points the next time! 100% is the only way for him and failing at it is not an option, i wonder how much Min Joon will hang in there through all this disheartening ambiance.


bscap0688Tae Gwang intends to take the bus today and he’s so happy! Yi Ahn witnesses Eun Byul passing by and gets off the bus to reach her since she didn’t appear in the morning to exercise! He would like to see her tomorrow morning, it’s too boring exercising without her and asks her if she wants to watch a movie with him after his afternoon training and Tae Gwang who appears all of a sudden finds it a great idea! A scooter’s passing by and Yi Ahn protects Eun Byul whereas Tae Gwang gets angry at the inconsiderate driver and Yi Ahn supports him in a more heroic tone!

bscap0689bscap0690 bscap0691 bscap0693bscap0692

bscap0694It’s lunch time and Eun Byul sits next to Song Joo with So Young being on the other side of the table. Song Joo asks her what was that she just did and Eun Byul replies that she’s simply eating lunch with them; So Young doesn’t seem that pleased! Tae Gwang is happy to see the empty seat in front of Eun Bi and rushes to sit there, but Yi Ahn manages to get there first! He has no other option but sit next to So Young, he’s not pleased and she’s not either! Eun Bi asks Song Joo if she went to the audition, but the date has been postponed since So Young’s uncle is busy. Shortly after So Young calls her uncle and tells him that Song Joo’s face is pretty common, he can just pretend to audition her and 15 minutes would be just fine, if she doesn’t make it would be due to her lack of talent!

 bscap0697bscap0695 bscap0698bscap0700bscap0701 bscap0702bscap0703bscap0704bscap0705

bscap0706So Young notices that Eun Bi was eavesdropping her conversation! She’s horrified and rushes to end the phone call! She pretends to had been booking Song Joo’s audition and Eun Bi reminds her of her warning, if she hurts Song Joo she won’t let it slide. Instead, she should tell her the truth and cancel the “audition”. So Young says she gives her an opportunity, she never promised to get her in. Yi Ahn appears and So Young intends to use him to her advantage as Eun Bi is unaware of his presence. So Young tells her she looks and acts exactly like Eun Bi and leaves immediately after calling out Yi Ahn! He does look confused but he doesn’t say anything about what he just heard and reminds Eun Bi of their movie date later on.

bscap0709bscap0707 bscap0711bscap0712 bscap0713bscap0714

bscap0715Eun Bi notices that something is missing and she recalls Tae Gwang’s words on So Young knowing about her handwriting being different from Eun Byul’s. She asks if anyone saw her world history notebook, but everyone replies negatively and she stares at So Young who pretends to not feeling well and she’ll rest at the clinic. In the meantime the handwriting analysis has been completed and “Eun Byul” and Eun Bi’s handwriting styles are a 95% match. At the gym class there will be a course on safety education before the 119 crew arrives and they’ll get to know all the emergency procedures. Song Joo and Shi Jin have been distant since the night she witnessed Song Joo with So Young and Eun Bi wants both of them to start getting along well together once again. She also wants Song Joo to leave behind So Young’s audition proposal, but Song Joo’s not pleased at all and asks her if she has something going on with So Young or if they already know each other! As for the audition, not going is not an option.

bscap0716bscap0717 bscap0721 bscap0725bscap0724bscap0727

bscap0728Eun Bi’ lost in her own thoughts and Tae Gwang appears all of a sudden and takes a selca with her! He indicates that her facial expression should drastically change, her eyes need to be more fierce and she should lift her head up! “It’s nice to be caught in my lie, i don’t even have to try so hard in front of you”, it’s a deeper sense of sincerity and a bond that cannot crack that easily. Tae Gwang tries to make her smile with his grimaces and bright smile and he manages to achieve it!

bscap0729bscap0730 bscap0735bscap0734 bscap0736bscap0737 bscap0739bscap0738bscap0740bscap0741

bscap0743Inside the classroom a problem occurs, all teams must submit their English projects soon, but 3 very specific laptops seem to have a problem as they appear to have been reformatted; So Young’s, Min Joon’s and Hae Na’s. So Young was the only one missing from the gym class and her classmates start becoming suspicious of her who tries to protect herself saying she was at the clinic! Eun Bi and So Young exchange murderous stares as Tae Gwang observes the whole scenery keeping an eye on both of them!

 bscap0746bscap0744 bscap0745

bscap0749The English teacher doesn’t intend to step back even though there was a technical problem. Teacher Kim doesn’t believe they did it on purpose to buy more time since the teams consist of students who would work really hard and she agrees to give them another chance until tomorrow, but all of them will lose 5 marks. The whole situation must be investigated even further for the truth to shine. Yi Ahn is training and recalls memories with Eun Byul who had asked him what would he do had there been a person who looked exactly like her with all three of them hanging out together and going to the same school! It would be too confusing having to deal with two equally ugly and bad tempered girls and the ambiance becomes more playful as soon as he starts throwing water at her with her reply being a slipper attack!

bscap0747bscap0748 bscap0750

bscap0752There’s so much food getting cooked at Tae Gwang’s house and it’s a very important feast, his father invited the people from the foundation and wants his son to stay inside his room. Since he didn’t go to study abroad he took it as if he would live quietly from now on. It’s his last chance so he shouldn’t do anything rush. Eun Bi’s waiting for Yi Ahn to appear and his previous thoughts along with the conversation between Eun Byul and So Young must have confused him since he stands still for a while with a lost yet observant stare.

bscap0754bscap0755 bscap0757bscap0756

bscap0759They don’t seem to be having much fun at the movie as the night flows in quite an introvert and awkward way, even though she says the movie was fun enough. It’s time to to go for a walk and Yi Ahn wears an iron man mask, but stuffed bears catch Eun Bi’s attention. He recalls a moment when he got a stuffed dog for Eun Byul and she started coughing, saying she hates furry and dusty things!

  bscap0760bscap0761 bscap0762 bscap0764bscap0763 bscap0765bscap0766bscap0769

bscap0770Tae Gwang passes his night playing video games, but it’s not amusing. Such a big room, but so much loneliness within four walls! His selca with Eun Bi keeps him good company and makes him smile. He calls her on the phone but she doesn’t reply. “I really want to be alone today” always means “I really want to be with you right now, Eun Bi” as he goes through an emotional roller coaster recalling the scenes at the hospital where he saw Eun Bi for the first time after Eun Byul’s “reappearance” and the bridge scene pops up as well when he told her exactly the same line and she graced him with her precious smile.

 bscap0776bscap0771 bscap0773bscap0775bscap0684 bscap0780

bscap0781Yi Ahn couldn’t hold back and gets the stuffed bear as a gift for Eun Byul, but his calculations didn’t point towards the direction that Tae Gwang would appear! The bus arrives and Eun Bi tells Tae Gwang that she’ll see him tomorrow at school as Yi Ahn urges her to leave at this very moment and stays behind with Tae Gwang. He’s curious since when his interest towards Eun Byul started to grow, but Tae Gwang refers to the new Eun Byul who needs him more than she need Yi Ahn, as for the old one, she was someone who wouldn’t even look at him in the eye. Yi Ahn grabs him from the neck and demands further explanations concerning the new and the old Eun Byul, are they really two different persons? Tae Gwang tells him to stop acting like the old Tae Gwang, it doesn’t suit him and asks him to not pay that much attention to everything he says, after all he’s just a crazy idiot.

bscap0782bscap0783 bscap0784 bscap0793bscap0789bscap0795bscap0798bscap0801 bscap0804bscap0805

bscap0806Nobody’s pleased with the second chance since they will lose 5 marks even though they will have to work hard anew. Teacher Kim’s watching the camera footage and after Min Joon left So Young entered the classroom and stayed there. He questions her and she says she went to the clinic first and since there were no empty beds she went back to the classroom. She didn’t tell the truth to her classmates because she didn’t want to arouse suspicion, she had no reason to do such a thing since her team’s computer had been reformatted as well. When she returns back to the classroom her classmates stare at her oddly since they heard she was seen at the camera footage entering the classroom during gym class and on top of that she lied to them. Min Joon refers to Eun Byul’s missing history notebook and points towards So Young’s direction referring to the day he ran into her early in the morning. Even though she has the notebook she denies the computer reformatting accusations and everyone starts recalling the bullying article, but So Young says that all these are false accusations. Song Joo keeps her distance from the overall incident and Eun Bi appears with Tae Gwang by her side and stares at So Young who’s boiling on the inside.

bscap0808bscap0809bscap0811bscap0813 bscap0812bscap0817bscap0818

bscap0821Min Joon gets questioned by teacher Kim, but he’s not suspicious for the time being since his time in the classroom was limited. So Young was waiting for her and Eun Bi appears with her enigmatic smile and tranquil face asking her how does it feel to have everyone look at her in the same way she treated her sister and many other people too. She says it wasn’t such a big deal and that she didn’t even start shaking up in fear like someone they both know, implying Eun Bi! She insists she didn’t touch any of the computers, but it’s a good thing according to Eun Bi, it’s her chance to feel what it is like to get blamed for something she didn’t do, but no one will listen to what she says and won’t believe her! Kim So Hyun’s grandeur shines once again through her wet yet so straight forward stare! Eun Bi ignores her and leaves behind So Young who’s screaming as her ego lies shattered on the floor! How does it feel to be owned and then ignored, So Young?! At this point, it doesn’t matter whether she is Eun Bi or Eun Byul, all So Young wants is to kill her!

 bscap0824bscap0823 bscap0825 bscap0828bscap0827 bscap0830bscap0835bscap0836 bscap0837

bscap0841Teacher Kim and the sexy noona teacher, Min Young, are taking the laptops to a computer engineer to restore everything or simply tell them the exact time they were reformatted. Our lovely couple is drinking soju and they have a conversation on the technician’s information, one of the computers had a hardware problem and the other two had been reformatted and it would take around 5 minutes if it was done at the same time. Min Joon was there for 5 minutes and teacher Kim is lost in his thoughts, but Min Young brings him back to reality, the computer with the broken hardware probably belongs to the culprit. They keep drinking and drinking and he talks as if there were waves inside his mouth as Min Young lets him talk about his career dreams! That static tête-à-tête between them killed me, i highly ship them! Right before leaving, teacher Kim received a text from Soo In asking him if he’s happy now that she’s gone! Eun Bi receives the same message and suddenly her night has a new meaning.

bscap0840 bscap0838bscap0839bscap0846bscap0842bscap0843 bscap0847bscap0849 bscap0850

bscap0851So Young’s father shows her the handwriting analysis, they are the same person’s. I can see why your daughter is like that, “don’t be made a fool of, be smart out there”, it doesn’t matter if she forced one of her classmates to take her own life, all that matters is to excel in everything. The next morning Yi Ahn sees Eun Byul inside the bus and rushes to get in, but he prevents himself from proceeding any further and stands still watching the bus leaving. Eun Bi noticed him as well and she started recalling the moment in the bus with him as she starts crying. Yi Ahn didn’t come to school and Eun Bi’s worried about his absence, but Tae Gwang is aware of her concern as well.

bscap0853 bscap0854bscap0856 bscap0855 bscap0860bscap0857

bscap0863So Young shows Eun Bi the analysis results and Eun Bi urges her to try anything she wants to. So Young knows that if she reveals her real identity it will be the end for both of them and Eun Bi has to choose. She can either quietly get transferred to another school or hurt her friends by both of them revealing the truth and eventually leaving. Eun Bi will be leaving this place anyway, but before that she’s willing to tell everyone the truth, once she gets rid of her she’ll be gone! Eun Bi throws the analysis papers on So Young’s face and leaves, but So Young doesn’t intend to stand still.

 bscap0866bscap0865bscap0867 bscap0869bscap0870bscap0873bscap0874 bscap0875

bscap0882Yi Ahn’s been swimming for hours the same route over and over again and the coach is angry, but he keeps swimming! By the time he gets out of the pool his coach points out that taking care of his physical body is also a skill and that he should be practicing instead of taking out his anger while violating his own body. Yi Ahn needs at least a medal to enter a good university and he has to do well during May’s tournament in order to get the funding secured. He’s got his coach’s trust, but he has to trust himself as well in order to emerge victorious. So Young sent to Yi Ahn the photo of Eun Bi from the orphanage, she’s playing quite a dirty game! Yi Ahn as expected loses the world underneath his feet as he can’t comprehend what’s going on. He recalls the moment when he was informed that Eun Byul had disappeared in comparison to Eun Byul’s thoughts about a twin.

 bscap0877bscap0876bscap0879 bscap0885bscap0883

bscap0886Eun Bi calls Yi Ahn on the phone but he doesn’t reply while Tae Gwang calls her as well and she’s not picking up either! Tae Gwang starts searching around for her starting from Yi Ahn’s training gym, but none of them is there. She’s alone sitting on a bench recalling moments she shared with Yi Ahn. She’s probably the only one he ever told about his hurt arm due to his immense exercising even in an indirect way. He was urging her to swim like she did in the past since she was pretty good at it and not like the last time that scared him to death! There’s always a reason why he gets on all these buses and takes the route by her house while jogging every morning; to be with her. She still owes him a wish, the one she granted him for promising her to help her remember. Bringing back to mind the moment he told her that sometimes he likes more the new Eun Byul the deadly combination of her wet eyes and slight smile makes its appearance, she literally kills me every time Kim So Hyun expresses herself this way!


bscap0893 Eun Bi has something to confess and these very specific eyes shine again! She confesses that it’s been a while since her memories came back again, it’s time to grant him a wish. It’s a simple question with an even more simple answer, she just has to say yes. “You’re Go Eun Byul, right?” but no answer comes to the surface, she can only be apologetic towards him who can’t accept the fact that she can’t be Eun Byul. He’s becoming more aggressive and Tae Gwang appears. He wants him to let her go and as both Yi Ahn and Tae Gwang have wrist-grabbed her with Eun Bi standing frail right in the middle.

bscap0902bscap0895 bscap0901bscap0905bscap0906bscap0912bscap0913 bscap0915 bscap0918bscap0919 bscap0921bscap0920bscap0928

Thoughts: There are times i wish i could stop thinking, but this drama is becoming a part of my braincells. School 2015 is an emotional volcano roaring before our very eyes and the more the signs point towards the eruption the more i am craving for it to turn to reality no matter how harmful and/or releasing it may be for our figures. I like the cinematography factor in combination with the flashback technique. We get to witness the characters’ loneliness whenever they are alone and among others, loneliness is not a “privilege” of those in concrete solitude, you may be among people and still be alone.


And that’s when longing comes to the surface, the craving to be with people you love or people who will understand you in your time of need. The interactions flow in a captivating or emotionally fortified tone with the distance factor being always distinctive between the figures partaking in the scene, a distance that always changes even during the same scene to pace with the flow of the storyline and the ongoing feelings of the figures partaking in it. The flashback technique is quite insightful and makes things clearer at key points as it connects both the figures and the audience at the present through the past and gradually, piece by piece, the puzzle of questions moves one, assumption by assumption, answer by answer.


Eun Bi has made her decisions, she’s willing to leave her high school after she has revealed the truth about her and So Young, making sure she will pay for her crimes and she won’t hurt anyone again. It’s a plan that progresses step by step, she can’t reveal everything in a blink of an eye, there are many people that would get hurt, especially in Eun Byul’s absence, many people would find themselves in mourning even though we still don’t know whether she’s alive or dead. Proceeding slowly and cautiously is the only way out. Her conscience shines brightly, she doesn’t want to be happy while making people around her desolate. It’s something she can’t always accomplish and she knows it really well, that’s why she receives a grandiose amount of suffering every time people she wouldn’t like to get hurt because of her actually get hurt.


Tae Gwang is the only person, except for her mother, who knows the truth about her and he’s the one helping her forge an Eun Byul stronghold that will eventually be unaffected by So Young’s constant assaults. And as we’ve already witnessed she’s doing pretty well every time she wears the determined mask that absorbs So Young’s hatred and reflects it back at her with ironclad righteousness. Acting this way finds her shattered within afterwards, she never was like this before, but if she wants to survive in this vicious world she will have to strengthen her shell while remaining the beautiful Eun Bi on the inside without forgetting to reflect all this kindness to all these people who care about her who are actually the people she loves; or at least she’s learning to through their interactions and succeeds in it.


Eun Bi finds herself struggling inside her two-fold world, the one she has to hide and make sure it remains a secret for the time being and the one she has to preserve on the surface for everyone’s well-being. Hiding it from Yi Ahn evokes the greatest struggle of all since she knows that he holds in his heart a decade of memories with Eun Byul and no matter how hard she can try to be Eun Byul to his eyes she can’t accomplish it, not because she can’t pretend, but because it cracks her to pieces playing with his feelings trying to preserve her secrecy. Even though she has the same face as Eun Byul their internal worlds differ and she could never be someone else except for herself.


“Thanks” to So Young, Yi Ahn was able to question Eun Byul’s world even more and eventually find enough evidence that would point towards the direction that the person in front of him may have the same face as Eun Byul but she could never be Eun Byul. During the last two episodes we’ve witnessed him going through any possible scenario and the worst case scenario seems to be coming to the surface for him and it’s more than her can bear at this very moment, even though he likes the new Eun Byul more than the old one at times. Every time he feels like someone else could take Eun Byul away from him, whether it is Tae Gwang or Eun Bi impersonating Eun Byul, he becomes quite aggressive and he can’t hold back his anger, it’s something that troubles me concerning his personality.


Tae Gwang is Eun Byul’s guardian angel and safe heaven, she can be herself with him and he’s always there when things get awry. She’s also his emotional support giving meaning to his very existence, for the first time after many years he can sense his heart’s valve getting overflown by feelings. Every time he utters “I really want to be alone today” it always means “I really want to be with you right now, Eun Bi” and he always manages to accomplish the highly important task to appear in front of her whether it means beautiful moments upon a bridge or just appearing in front of her knowing that it won’t possibly be the right timing.


Song Joo’s losing herself even more in So Young’s web refusing to see the signals which are quite many by now. Shi Jin sees in Song Joo’s face her best friend and like in the past Eun Byul was probably “stealing” her away from her, So Young manages to achieve it as well at the present. Min Joon can’t withstand another failure since he will have to face his mother and reformatting the best students’ computers was the only option to avoid his mother’s wrath after his computer’s hardware wasn’t functioning. The episode left us wounded with an enormous cliffhanger to wait for Monday’s next episode as Eun Bi has found herself among two storms. School 2015 is an alien drama, it comes from planet Feels obviously targeting the drama addicts of planet Earth. Fellow earthlings, we are under attack; and we like it!


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  1. be
    May 20, 2015 at 10:22 pm — Reply

    Hello, thank you so much for the recap and your thoughts on this episodes. I’m new in your blog and here because of this new drugs called “School 2015” XD. I can’t wait for Monday so I constantly browsing for new fix around the web and here i am. I really love and appreciate how you give a very valuable insight and analysis on what drives each character to do what they do. It give more more understanding about their character and it make sense to me. I find your analysis deeper than most drama review I’ve read.

    About the drama, I didn’t have any expectation for this drama before it aired.But now i’m totally hooked. The rating start from 3 % and now almost 7% which is very good thing I hope it can reach double digit before it ends. What I love about this drama is, the mystery part is so compelling, the character are well thought and genuine, it gave balance focus on the mystery, friendship, family and romance. Even the supporting character got time to shine. I love every minute of it, even when the leads are not presence. I hope they won’t disappoint until the end.

    I’m hoping that Eunbyul still alive somewhere because it’s just too sad and I think it will benefit the drama if she is. Not only we can have a double happy couples but we can also see the twins reunite. For the romance, I’m always team Taekwang from the beginning but more so after this week episodes. I think it will be so wrong if Yian and Eunbi become a couple because who he loves is Eunbyul. Many thinks that when he said he like the “new side” of eunbyul it’s a green light but I think it will make him feel even more guilty after he knows the truth. I want Yian to protect Eunbi and become her friend in place of Eunbyul but not romantically. As in Taekwang, though i want them to end up together, I’ll be happy if she’ll end up with noone romantically but they all become friends.

    • May 21, 2015 at 12:12 am — Reply

      Welcome to our blog and wholeheartedly thanks for your words, they are deeply appreciated!! 🙂
      Same here, i thought it would be just another drama and never paid attention to it until i listened to Reset from JK Tiger, i am a huge fan of him, and i said, yes, i must check this drama as soon as possible and here i am losing my sleep and writing about it XD I hope for double digits as well, it totally deserves them! Probably after HITTG ends, it has 4 more episodes 😀
      I agree, it keeps a balance between all of its aspects and without straight forward romance for the time being, there’s a fragile balance between everything and i guess the more Eun Byul’s disappearance and Soo In’s ghost lurking around with the stalker (i seriously think the stalker is someone we know really well and that plot-twist is going to shake us for real) stories will be moving on the more the friendship, romance, family factors will get tested. I hope writernim will deal with all the questions lying in between for the time being pretty well and the plot twists will be immense. I’m all in for Eun Bi-Tae Gwang team, both of them were outcasts and suit each other really well. But i also hope that Eun Byul is alive and gets back at some point, then we’ll have the two couples everyone desires 😀 Saying that will definitely strike him back since he reacted this way finding out that Eun Byul is Eun Bi. But the biggest words he said was that Eun Byul can say to her anything she wants to and he won’t misunderstand, but he will always help 😛 Yi Ahn must protect Eun Bi, after all she’s the sister of the girl he likes, but in a friendly vibe. After he knows the whole truth about her and So Young he will be eager to help her. That’s a good scenario if they end up friends all together, unless Eun Byul returns and have the two couples 😀 I want the sexy noona teacher to end up with teacher Kim too lol i love her and ship them so badly XD

  2. May 20, 2015 at 11:10 pm — Reply

    As always I really like your analyse on the story and characters. ”Every time he feels like someone else could take Eun Byul away from him… he becomes quite aggressive and he can’t hold back his anger” – I agree completely, I think its because he almost lost her (when she disappeared) and is being kept in the dark so he is overprotective. Everyone like TK so they really dislike Yi An but I really like him and I think so far his actions are understandable – that of confusion when he feels something is terribly wrong so he is acting out on his emotions and anger. But as @be said ”I want Yi An to protect Eun Bi and become her friend in place of Eun Byul but not romantically.” .. because I really want Eun Byul to come back alive. So, no couple exchanges!

    Thank you for the recap and deep analyse.

    • May 21, 2015 at 12:15 am — Reply

      Thanks a lot chinguya!! 🙂 Ah, hadn’t thought about this aspect, thanks a lot for pointing out! He nearly lost once, he can’t bear it twice. When he heard the news it even cost him a tournament and he was lost! I don’t dislike Yi Ahn, the only part of him i disliked was being aggressive towards Eun Bi at the end. Totally agree with @be on that, i want Eun Byul alive so that we’ll have both couples alive and kicking with love 😀 If Eun Byul isn’t dead, where could she be? I want Monday to come! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and enlightening more my School 2015 mind!! 😀

  3. May 21, 2015 at 4:27 am — Reply

    Planet Feels!!! How dare you attack us and leave out the eunkwang???!! Love that analogy! I can’t wait until Monday!!! Even tho Mondays are the worst XD I love reading your thoughts, you’re so funny! Maybe planet Mystery will come into sight soon, I want to know all the secrets!

    • May 21, 2015 at 5:25 am — Reply

      Aye! Planet Feels is our friend and our enemy! XD Mondays suck, but if they have School 2015 then it’s good 😀 Chincha gomawoyo very kamsa chingu!! 😀 Aye, planet Mystery needs to start appearing soon in School 2015’s night sky for us desolate fans! :E

  4. May 21, 2015 at 7:09 am — Reply

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  5. May 21, 2015 at 5:53 pm — Reply

    i discovered this blog by chance while looking for recaps&points of view from others who are watching. first of all thanks for your recap. while reading here and there i had different thoughts. do u think tae kwang is attracted to eun bi also because she reminds him a bit of himself, having to live a life where people don’t acknowledge them, he as his fathers son and she as eun bi not the sister eun byeol she is impersonating? both their identities are to be kept hidden from the world, they both have to live as if they don’t exist, like their existence doesn’t matter, breath but not live.
    he wants to be loved and cared for, and to be awknowledged in the open. i think he sees these desires in eun bi too and that’s why probably he wants to help her and thus a caring side of him is emerging and showing.
    i have been trying to understand why i have developed second lead syndrom (if he is second lead cause i see both first lead and second lead qualities in taw kwang).
    maybe it is because of the character and acting that i like tae kwang more. somehow he seems a conflicted persona as compared to yi an (even though he also has some problems of his own but they don’t seem to be so engaging.. the show is hinting he will have shoulder injury…i think also swimming became more a burden than a joy for him because of the expectations).
    in the end every character has their own problem. it’s nice how the drama is portraying a bit of everyone.
    i did not like the hand grabbing from tae kwang. first time it was to take her away from the school to confront about what he had discovered. the second time it was to take her away from a painful situation however i understand why he acted this way.
    i understand also yi an being upset about eun bi not being eun byeol, he has every right. i also get he wants to protect her from tae kwang because he is the known troublemaker but i am sure it’s equally about being threathened by tae kwang’s interest in the girl. although i understand his inner turmoil i was shocked at how he expressed his anger in the last episode.
    grabbing tae kwang by his throat is not something i would have expected from yi ahn because i never expected him to have anger outbursts like this. his character has always been shown in a positive, warm and kind way. i think this is also the reason why i, too, was troubled by how he kind of cornered her physically while confronting the truth about eun byeol being someone else, maybe it was a methaphorical way to show that eun bi had her back to the wall and finally had to tell him the truth but still it is a no no for me.
    how heartbreaking must it be for eun bi, for the second time being in this position. it will be like this with her other friends too.
    she is aware she is being loved and cared for because people think she is eun byeol but coming to terms with it everytime one will discover the truth will be too much. in the end she is being rejected by people as eun bi. just like when she lived in the countryside no one but the people at the orphanage loved her. at school she was rejected with no one by her side.
    this awful heartbreaking situation where for the time being she will be rejected for not being eun byeol in this second chance at life was created by the mother when she asked eun bi to live as her daughter eun byeol.
    even though eun bi accepted, she was not fully aware of what she would go through. she is a minor who was raised and grew up a hard life. she wanted to be cared for and loved, feeling guilty about her sister being dead, with no future prospect, if not to go back and have a worse fate. for me the mother took advantage of the vulnerability of a child who was a shattered soul. i also understand how terrible must have been for the mother and that she was not in her right mind when she set this thing in motion, she is caring and loving but still she caused great harm to eun bi first asking her to live like the daughter she lost and doing so denying her existance as eun bi.
    somehow the wrist grabbing from both males made me think of another drama i watched years ago (nurturing a love for the second lead who ended up with the girl)
    and then it made me think of a play where a despute between two mothers claming the same child is resolved by a judge who decides to put the child in a chalk circle and declares that the woman who can pull him from the circle will be granted custody. of course the mother who cares about the baby refuses to do so not wanting to harm the child and is given the child in the end.
    i dislike this wrist grabbing. i wish eun bi would hit both of them and run away lol.
    let’s see what will happen next episodes. i kind of think tae kwang will not let go of her hand this time (i saw a sigh when he said ”let’s go”) or he and yi an will have a fist contest for good..

    • May 30, 2015 at 6:41 pm — Reply

      First of all i am sorry for the late reply!! As uni exams approach i am divided between uni and free time = writing reviewcaps! BUT the most important aspect is that i am thankful for your words and for sharing your thoughts!!! 🙂 The 8th episode is in the past now and the 9th/10th one have completed a bit more the puzzle, but still, i wanted to reply to your comment and i will enrich it with information we’ve acquired during the last two episodes while we’re waiting for the 11th one! Tae Gwang is an outcast figure at his school and Eun Bi was an outcast at her previous school environment, so there’s a deeper understanding between them making their bonds stronger. Eun Bi grew up without parents and so did Tae Gwang, even though he still lives with his father, he’s not really a paternal figure so they relate in many aspects. Eun Bi is Tae Gwang’s sparkle of emotion and Tae Gwang is Eun Bi’s support through everything that already connects them and through their ongoing interactions at the present.
      I personally see Tae Gwang and Yi Ahn as two co-lead male figures even though Yi Ahn’s airing time is a bit more. And swimming became an even higher burden at this point after the accident and the expanding problem on his shoulder. Yi Ahn’s world has collapsed in a multifaceted way, Eun Byul being Eun Bi, considering Eun Byul dead and now his accident. All characters have their own problems and as episodes pass by they become more apparent and through various interactions they become more comforting or more grandiose, always depending on the occasion, the circumstances and the interactions.
      Eun Bi is in the toughest position, for the first time in her life she feels loved and people around her care for her, but at the same time since she’s not Eun Byul she feels as if she’s stealing away their emotions and their memories with Eun Byul, so it makes it painful to be her at that very moment.
      Eun Byul’s mother is a broken figure as well, she didn’t have enough time to mourn for her daughter’s loss and she’s not aware that she’s eventually alive, but right after Eun Bi remembered everything she found herself with a girl she had just met a few times in the vast past and she actually wasn’t Eun Byul as she expected her to be, but eventually took care of her with all the struggles in between.
      Haha, that line with Eun Bi hitting both of them and running away was priceless XD Eventually, Yi Ahn loosened his wrist-grab and Tae Gwang let go of her hand at that scene! Can’t wait for the 11th episode, thanks a lot once again for sharing your thoughts and i’m sorry again for the late reply!!! 🙂

  6. BJ
    May 25, 2015 at 4:41 pm — Reply

    I have this weird but possible premonition about this drama.

    I think Go eun byul is still alive. NOt dead but abdducted.
    And eun bi still has some memories hidden( the ten days gap).
    and this soo in’s mom has got something to do with it. Coz she kept showing up haunting both the mother and eun byul(eun bi). saying that she’s buying something for her daughter!
    who is actually dead, so she might be saying that she’s buying something for YOUR DAUGHTER!.

    so after saving eunbi from jumping off the river, soo in’s mom got a hold of eunbyul. and since enbyul cant do anything about it she placed her “hanki” to eunbi so that she could live as eunbyul…probably telling her ” to find me when you wake up” (but since eunbi knocked her head she cant remember at all, thus explaining all those bruises and a forehead bump.)

    thus yi an can be with eunbyul then taekwang can be with eunbi.

    do i make sense? does anyone relate to this?

    • May 30, 2015 at 5:11 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for your comment and sharing your thoughts and i am sorry for not replying earlier, it was a tough week and my free time was invested in articles! 🙂 Eun Byul made her appearance at the end of the 10th episode and i’m highly curious to find out what will happen from now on! I liked your scenario when i read your comment before the 9th/10th episodes aired and i actually had started believing towards that direction and we both got trolled XD So Soo In’s mother was buying things for her other daughter, the sexy noona teacher XD I’m always all in for thoughts that move on the drama with possible pathways and yes, now that Eun Byul has made her appearance, let’s root for both couples to find themselves together at the end of the drama 😀

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