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School 2015: Who Are You? ~ Episode 7 Recap

bscap0528And… School 2015’s 4th airing week is here and my personal addiction got quenched for the time being as i am highly anticipating the 8th episode of this feels factory that happened to catch my attention and imprison my interest in a blink of an eye! Just like it happened on the 6th episode, School 2015 strikes back with a more than welcome 6% and i deeply hope it will get better, come on ratings, i know you can reach greater peaks as we’re about to reach the halfway of the drama with its forthcoming 8th episode! School 2015 is not a grower, it’s a thief, once it breaks into your personal drama world there’s no turning back and you become its hostage until it decides to release you at its very end!

bscap0328Song Joo makes an announcement inside her classroom. She talked to So Young, the rumors are about the school next to the one she used to go and that she was transferred to a new school environment because of her father. She wants everyone to stop spreading fake rumors. Yi Ahn enters the classroom and he’s quite sad seeing Eun Byul’s seat empty. In the meantime, Tae Gwang and Eun Bi are sitting on a bench at the park and she asks him which is her real name, he doesn’t answer immediately and Eun Bi is ready to leave, but he prevents her and refers to her as Eun Byul. It’s about time she started acting like Eun Byul by leaving behind her passive take on everything going on around her. He doesn’t know why he cares, but he hates seeing her scared to death in front of So Young. It’s something that makes him keep worrying about her. If Eun Bi has to do something at this very moment it is to embrace the Eun Byul persona and crush So Young so that she won’t search her background and make things more difficult for her. Tae Gwang lets her know that So Young has already found out that Eun Byul and Eun Bi’s handwritings aren’t the same. He will stand by her side and help her live as Eun Byul.

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bscap0342Tae Gwang returns back at the classroom in the middle of the lesson and teacher Kim warns him for the last time! The results of the math assessment tests have come out and only one person managed to get 100%. If Tae Gwang doesn’t care once for the grades Yi Ahn doesn’t pay that much attention either and he focuses on Tae Gwang. So Young was the only one who got 100% and Min Joon is not happy at all! Eun Byul’s grades have dropped and So Young notices it! Eun Bi visits her mother at work and she’s surprised to see her there! She says she didn’t feel well and that’s why she left school earlier today, but her mother’s presence will make her feel better so she intends to stay there for a while. Soo In’s mother appears, she’s got a civilized yet sickening smile! She says she passed by to get a few things for her daughter, but hasn’t see passed away? And why does Mi Gyeong prevents her from touching Eun Bi? She heads back home since she wasn’t feeling well and there’s a weird ambiance blooming in the air as both mothers stare at each other!

bscap0344bscap0345bscap0347bscap0348bscap0350bscap0351 bscap0352 bscap0355bscap0354 bscap0356

bscap0358Yi Ahn intended to leave, but he won’t let it slide and wakes up Tae Gwang violently. He wants to find out where he was earlier and since he doesn’t reply Yi Ahn sends a warning signal! Eun Bi’s holding Yi Ahn’s medal and recalls his disappointed words after she told him there are things she can’t tell him and things he should never find out. At the same time, Yi Ahn wants to contact her, but her words’ remembrance prevent him from proceeding. She goes out and recalls the moment she found him at her doorstep and they went out for a walk and his words about forgetting everything they’ve been through together throughout the years echo all over the place. She waits for him in the middle of the road but he’s nowhere to be found. Later on he appears in front of her house and waits at her doorstep as she’s waiting for him out of the gym where he’s training; similar concerns, like-minded thoughts, different places.

bscap0361 bscap0360bscap0359 bscap0362bscap0363bscap0365bscap0366bscap0367 bscap0368

bscap0369The next morning she’s going bicycling and looks around for Yi Ahn who appears and ignores her once again by the time he passes by her. She follows him on foot and by the time he starts running faster her bike chain had already gotten off its position and she can’t follow him at this pace, she calls out his name and he stands still waiting for her. She can’t go to him and asks him if he can come to her, even if it’s for the bike chain which was a pretty good excuse as she cries her heart out because of the bike (not)!

bscap0370 bscap0371bscap0374 bscap0380bscap0381bscap0382 bscap0383bscap0384

bscap0385By the time he pats her gently on her head both smiles blossom upon their faces! They’re sitting on a bench and if she’s having a hard time about anything she should tell him without any second thoughts, after all that’s more like the Eun Byul he used to know! She wonders if she should talk to him about anything and at that point, would he understand? She’s glad to hear his positive response and it’s time to go to school, but Yi Ahn is jealous of her having skipped class with Tae Gwang and asks her to skip class with him, but she won’t proceed and leaves with her shining smile!

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bscap0392Eun Bi’s inside her room and she wields Eun Byul’s high school badge as she recalls So Young’s words about being more of a victim than Eun Bi and everything she went through passes by her mind. Tae Gwang was the one who told her to act like the good old Eun Byul and Yi Ahn is willing to listen to everything she has to say, feels like a plan is in the making! Hair down, decisive stare in the mirror and Eun Byul has been reborn! Tae Gwang’s the first one to witness the transformation and his smile concurs, i love their chemistry and the way they communicate through their bright smiles and meaningful stares! Eun Bi finds So Young at the toilet and So Young keeps asking her questions about the recent events, Eun Bi doesn’t reply back and by the time she starts talking she tells her to follow her!

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bscap0400Eun Bi asks her whether she is afraid of her or not and So Young refers to her as a loser who used to tremble in fear in front of her! However, she admits she’s grown up a bit since then! Eun Bi considers So Young unlucky to having been transferred to Sekang high school out of all the other schools! If she had never met her she could have started her life anew like nothing happened, but So Young thinks that Eun Bi is trying too hard and becomes ironic! Eun Bi asks her in a straight forward tone if she’s going to analyze her handwriting, but no matter what she says she can make sure nobody will believe her! What happened So Young? How does it feel being scared?

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bscap0404Does Eun Bi’s powerful smile vibrate your whole existence? Won’t it be way too painful to be forced out of a high school once again? It’s not transferring though, if what she did to Eun Bi gets revealed she won’t go to another school, but to another place that is not suited for students! So Young gets enraged and starts pushing Eun Bi away, but this time she won’t take it, she wrist-grabs her and lets her know that she’s not like her sister! So Young says they’ll eventually see who underestimated who, this is only the beginning! This didn’t feel like our kindhearted and gentle Eun Bi and it pains her acting this way. Her guardian angel Tae Gwang appears in her darkest hour to watch after her from a safe distance.

bscap0405 bscap0409bscap0410 bscap0413bscap0411 bscap0415bscap0414 bscap0417bscap0416

bscap0420So Young gets asked by her parents how does she find the new school, everything’s fine except from one thing, she refers to the girl who committed suicide and lets her parents know about the girl who looks exactly like her at the classroom. She’s her twin sister, but the handwriting proves that something is wrong! She shows both pages to her father in order to analyze them and tell her the results, but he tears them apart! He gave up way too many achievements and he threw it away to move to Seoul because of his own daughter! He urges her not to worry since Eun Bi was officially the assaulter and So Young the victim, it’s nice to have a prosecutor father, right? Justice is always blind, but she secretly stares at the direction which wields the power! At this point So Young should only focus on studying and if rumors pop up, they actually mean nothing! What happened So Young? Your ego started to crack? No more help from daddy? Does the air inside your room feel unfriendly? The rumors are a frightening thing indeed, but all she cares about are the “hardships” she had to go through after forcing Eun Bi to end her own life, but how about the real and unjust hardships Eun Bi had to go though because of her? Apparently they mean nothing to that miserable pathetic subhuman who’s wasting oxygen! Her father won’t let it slide so easily and gets the papers back from the trashcan.

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bscap0424Min Joon’s mother is not satisfied and she asked teacher Kim to review his test, but Min Joon already knows the slight mistake he made that prevented him from getting 100%. She asks him why he did a mistake! Because he’s a human and he’s got one brain filled with knowledge, he’s not a flawless machine!  He promises her he won’t fail again and she’s sure he won’t. As for So Young’s grade, Min Joon tells her he doesn’t know anything about it. Poor Min Joon! The next morning Gi Tae enters the bus, but he forgot his wallet and he can’t pay the ticket, but a young lady pays on his behalf. He’s thankful and asks her if he could get her number as he throws his cellphone at her to write it down and he’s more than happy!

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bscap0431Min Joon and Shi Jin’s mothers are having a meeting and she finds out that So Young was the only one to get 100% at the test! Her confidence feels broken, but as soon as So Young’s mother appears she puts on her civilized mask! She brought So Young’s grades and they are pretty awesome as she comes first in every lesson! Min Joon’s mother states she shouldn’t make such a fuss about it as she carefully checks everything! She doesn’t want to accept her in the tutoring team and states there’s no more room for So Young while at the same time she prevents Shi Jin’s mother from ruining everything she has in mind! So Young’s mother gets straight to the point, could she really be afraid because So Young has better grades that Min Joon? Her pathetic laughter gets followed by another civilized offensive move, So Young’s mother states that mothers with kids with better grades want their children to be in teams with kids with lower grades, pointing her arrows indirectly towards Min Joon’s mother in a “i’m not referring to you, but it’s you, okay?” tone!

 bscap0432bscap0430 bscap0433

bscap0436The English assessment project is about making a brochure on Tongyeong and they’ll be in teams of 3 students! And the best team award goes to… Tae Gwang, Gi Tae and Yi Ahn, the wisest of the wise! The group name will be “no hope and no dream” according to Tae Gwang, but Gi Tae has a different opinion, “No Answer”! Gi Tae has the pictures from the school trip that will help them, but it would be better if they should pay a brochure company to do it and everyone’s in! Yi Ahn tells Tae Gwang to stop bothering Eun Byul and causing accidents that could hurt her and Tae Gwang tells him he won’t bother Eun Byul and he’ll never get her hurt either! The silent tension between the two students rises!

bscap0434 bscap0435bscap0437 bscap0438bscap0440bscap0441 bscap0442bscap0443

bscap0445Eun Bi’s in the same team with Hae Na and another girl who show her the picture in which she was absent since she had disappeared! But Eun Bi notices herself while she was leaving that day from her part time job! They are assigning the tasks but Eun Bi doesn’t pay attention to them as she’s lost in her own thoughts. She recalls Yi Ahn’s words that her neck was hurt and she’s searching for her phone call records! She’s searching the phone numbers one after the other and she finds a phone call that was made that night. Shi Jin’s taking a walk and notices So Young and Song Joo trying lipsticks in an utterly playful tone and she doesn’t seem that pleased. She’s in the same team with Song Joo and Min Joon, but Shi Jin is not happy with everything she witnessed. The picture without Eun Byul pops up again and Song Joo regrets not taking her with them from the restroom right before the photo was taken.


bscap0453Shi Jin was coming out of the restroom at that time and Min Joon asks her if she heard someone screaming after she came out of there and Song Joo wants to know what happened when she went back to get her makeup bag! She won’t offer a proper answer and she looks suspicious to Song Joo’s eyes since she didn’t say anything about her personal incident. The truth gets revealed, when she entered the restroom the lights went out and she noticed Eun Byul’s shoes and talked to her, but Eun Byul’s answers didn’t pace to Shi Jin’s questions and she left her on her own. She was so glad she could hang out only with Song Joo even for a little while, so she didn’t pay much attention, but she regretted it fiercely after Eun Byul disappeared.


bscap0459The girl on the phone was the one who told her about Soo In passing away. Eun Bi pretending to be Eun Byul asks Mi Joo if she called her on the day she left for the trip and they indeed met that night! When all the girls were inside their room she received a call from Mi Joo and went out to find her. It was all about the “just because it happened in the past, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” message. Mi Joo thought Eun Byul was the one to send it since she was suspicious of her having Soo In’s cellphone. Tension rises and Mi Joo pushes Eun Byul away who falls down and hurts her neck. It’s the moment of truth, Eun Byul pointed out she received the same text as well, but dead men tell no tales, so how is that possible for Soo In to send messages?! Eun Byul’s world had collapsed as she lost herself in tears having in thought Soo In’s omnipresence around her every day. Eun Byul felt apologetic towards Soo In, but the past isn’t something she can change. Eun Bi wants to know what happened, but Mi Joo doesn’t know the details, all she knows is that Soo In had passed away. The only thing we know for now is that both Mi Joo and Eun Byul disliked Soo In, Eun Byul a bit more.


bscap0469Eun Byul goes through the letter Soo In “left” for her that even if she pretends not to see her she will still be her only friend. At the same time her mother goes through the photos of her daughter since she was a little girl. Eun Bi wants to sleep with her and her mother’s all in for the choice! Eun Byul wants to talk to her about something, but she changed her mind, all she wants is to sleep by her side since it will help her sleep at ease. The next day at school the English teacher is on a moral-spree and urges the two girls in the same team as Eun Byul to lower their skirts to prevent them from corrupting the world! And there she is, Min Young, the new teacher appears and she’s the one who payed for Gi Tae’s ticket on the bus! Now that’s a moral-corrupting enemy in the eyes of the English teacher! The students are ultra happy, especially the boys since the new teacher is a female one! She will be their math teacher for one month and Gi Tae loses the world underneath his feet! He wants her to pretend she doesn’t know him and even though he wants her to keep his distance from him it won’t be easy since she’s eager to help him with his studies!

bscap0471bscap0472 bscap0473 bscap0476bscap0475 bscap0477bscap0480bscap0481 bscap0482bscap0483bscap0485

bscap0486Eun Byul stands in front of Tae Gwang who’s relaxing under the sun and he’s going through the process of photosynthesis! He’s a new form of plant I guess! There’s a person she never wants to reveal her lie to and there’s also a person she wants to tell everything, but if they are the same person what happens then? Tae Gwang assumes the person she’s talking about must be Yi Ahn and tells her to not do anything. Action and reaction, the two different opinions concerning the same subject counter one another.

bscap0487 bscap0488bscap0489bscap0490bscap0491 bscap0492bscap0493

bscap0494So Young’s father goes to school to see his daughter and witnesses Eun Byul who looks exactly like Eun Bi, he’s quite shocked dare i say! Later on that night Eun Byul gets pretty as Yi Ahn waits for her outside her house pretending to have just finished his training! She tells him she’ll head towards the gym and he starts running like crazy to be ahead of her!


bscap0500It’s time to eat and he’s taking out the carrots since she doesn’t like them! She wants to know what she liked and disliked! She liked vanilla ice cream, latte coffee and strawberries, but she disliked carrots, broccoli and raisins! She points out he knows her better than she does herself and how couldn’t he? She’s the person he was seeing the most after his father! Even though she’s different from the Eun Byul he used to know she wants to know if they’re still good friends, but that’s not the matter here. The thing is, there are times he likes more the new Eun Byul, surprising her rather pleasantly dare i say and the overall ambiance becomes more playful as they wander around the city having fun! I love seeing Eun Bi happy, she deserves it after everything she had to go through.

bscap0499 bscap0501bscap0502 bscap0506bscap0505bscap0507

bscap0509Yi Ahn tries to teach her how to make the rocks jump on water, but she’s not a great student and she falls down! He notices a scar on her right arm that wasn’t supposed to be there. She starts saying that it happened when she was 10 while learning how to ride a bike, but she doesn’t finish her sentence, she pretty much understands she shouldn’t have rushed! Yi Ahn wonders if she recalled her memories, but it’s a false “memory” , he was the one to teach how to ride a bike in junior high school! Eun Bi is at loss for words and Yi Ahn becomes quite thoughtful. Moments they shared after Eun Byul’s disappearance and reappearance pass by his mind one after the other in an emotional roller coaster and he calls her by her name, but she doesn’t respond as the rivers within her eyes are about to overflow her face. Yi Ahn asks her directly whether she’s Eun Byul or not.

bscap0510bscap0514bscap0516bscap0517 bscap0518bscap0520bscap0521 bscap0522 bscap0528bscap0525 bscap0530bscap0529

Thoughts: Well, oh well, what an episode! It was intriguing and insightful, it was story-progressing and scenario-wise it was offering answers while at the same time bringing up more questions. It had feels, it had laughter and most and above all it had that distinctive aura School 2015 greeted me with in the first place, the same warmth i met during the first episode that was the sparkle that turns my drama world into gracious flames every time i press the play button for each and every episode. It’s always the answer to the question: Who Are You? School 2015! In addition, you have to love the sense of distance the director offers us between the characters, it’s always representative of their current feelings.


Tae Gwang intends to always stay by Eun Bi’s side who’s going to be Eun Byul from now on after he encouraged her for her own well-being, even though it might hurt him witnessing her leaving behind Eun Bi and embracing the world of Eun Byul with whom he didn’t have the best relations. The longing to be around Eun Bi burns twice as brightly and he’s putting her above himself. He’s always watching from a safe distance in case he has to intervene and makes things right. As for studying? He didn’t really change and photosynthesis is more essential, i just hope he won’t start producing chlorophyll and turn into a ( more obscure) green creature! His presence in the episode was more limited this time, but quite distinctive and highly important for the progress of the story! Hilarious? Yes! Worth to keep shipping his chemistry with Eun Bi? Absolutely!


Yi Ahn misses the good old days with Eun Byul, but he longs for more and brighter days around her, especially now that it’s pretty clear that her new self is more precious to his eyes. His relationship with Tae Gwang becomes more tense, but none of them erups for the time being. The signals have been given and time shall tell. It’s been some time since he had some great time with Eun Byul and the recent ice between them was cracked willingly by the bike chain. All the agony and the unaware longing deep within turned into craving for more, but the question still lingers, is she really Eun Byul?


And if she isn’t, then what? The promise to listen to her no matter what she has to say and that he will remain unaffected by the impact of her words has been renewed, will he be able to live up to any possible expectations on Eun Byul’s behalf? If the truth hurts he should be prepared for pain, but he shouldn’t set aside his promises and his current feelings towards the other Eun Byul whom he met after her amnesiac shock. He’s also willing to listen to everything bothering her and protect her. He’s the indirect angel by her side, but Tae Gwang is her direct guardian angel.


Shi Jin revealed more information about the moment before Eun Byul went missing and she regrets everything. She was the last person to hear her frightened voice, but her longing to be around Song Joo even for a little while as friends blinded her and she didn’t pay attention to Eun Byul’s nonsensical words that were actually a plea for help in her darkest hour. Song Joo has found a new precious friend in So Young’s face and it will probably turn against her in the future, we all know what kind of person So Young is and once one is no longer needed in her sphere of influence something negative may happen. If Song Joo won’t be by her side she pretty much can ruin her modelling dreams overnight with her family’s connections. But according to the preview, could she be hiding something? Something related to Eun Byul’s disappearance?


Min Joon is broken to pieces after finding himself second in the grade ratings behind So Young. His mother doesn’t care about his own feelings, she only cares about herself and her son’s success isn’t actually Min Joon’s success, it’s her very own. She hands her own insecurities over to her own son! How can she consult others to win if she has a son that loses? Her son is definitely losing, the life he deserves to be living as a young man his age, the only one winning here is his mother. Who would trust the mother of a son that fails? Who’s the failure here? Definitely not Min Joon, he’s successful at what he’s doing even though it’s not probably what he’d like to be doing. The failure of a mother here is Sung Min who’s not willing to stand still if he loses to So Young again, whatever this may mean.


So Young thought it was going to be easy, but Eun Bi managed to show her a glimpse of her Eun Byul side that in one hand managed to shatter her safe heaven, on the other hand it made her hate grow more powerful. I wonder how much deeper she will fall in the murk of all these negative emotions. Every time things don’t go her way she always pleas for her father’s help. She’s powerless and a coward, those who think they wield power without the power being their own are bound to fall and it will be more than they can withstand. However, before they fall, they always cause major harm. The greater the fall the greater the harm and she’s got all the potential in the world to turn it to life.


Both her mother and father are frightening people, her father with his position as a renowned prosecutor with connections and her mother as a manipulating and irritating seemingly civilized woman who’s strong enough to shatter even the most iron will. In the preview So Young says she’s going to kill Eun Byul. She killed her once, she’s going to kill her twice? I’m sorry, but there’s no salvation for you. I try in any possible way to see through the cracks that there could be a drop of soul lingering somewhere in this lifeless excuse of a body, but no, there’s no light in there, only pure gloating darkness, as thick as a hearse six feet under.


What really happened with Soo In and who sends these messages? Her mother is having a frightening tranquility and her smile beholds the shattered world of a mother probably seeking revenge. Why did Eun Byul hate Soo In? Was she like So Young in a manner of speaking but not as harsh as her since she was regretting everything that had happened and it was too late to turn back time? Mi Gyeong misses her as much as the barren soil craves for rain. She’s pretty much everywhere, in photos, in memories, in Eun Bi’s face. In the preview Eun Bi questions if she likes having her around. During this episode we’ve already witnessed a slight change on her face, its contours are not as strong as they used to be and she apparently misses Eun Byul. Will she be able to abolish the shadow of Eun Byul from Eun Bi’s face without forgetting Eun Byul at the same time?


What can i possibly say about Kim So Hyun? Her talent is soaring beyond stratosphere, she has reached immense heights before my eyes. She’s eloquent, heartfelt, multifaceted and highly expressive, simply stellar in her very own captivating way. She moves around her two characters’ psyches like a melody changing climaxes dressed for the occasion then changing anew to preserve her demanding role’s various aspects to the fullest. She doesn’t always smile in School 2015, but when she does the world stands still for these very few gracious seconds. She’s a magnet of emotions and at the same time a mirror, she absorbs everything she wants to express and then sends it back at us, the astonished audience.


Within less than an hour’s time she managed to go through many emotional phases and faces delivering acting lessons without even struggling or trying hard. Tae Gwang is Eun Bi’s personal Eun Byul renaissance and the figure strengthening her shell in order for her fragile core to be protected. So Young sensed a bit of Eun Byul’s grandeur and Kim So Hyun’s more frightening and straight forward face shone. Being strong as Eun Byul and shortly after breaking apart as Eun Bi was just a glimpse of the two-fold world Kim So Hyun’s dancing upon. Walking amidst two different lives on the thin red line that could lead her to harm anytime is not an easy task for a young girl like Eun Bi. She has so many things to convey as Eun Bi, but so many things to hide as well for the same reason, being Eun Bi. Yi Ahn feels like the person she never wants to reveal her lie to, but also a person she wants to tell everything. I’m not quite certain if it’s out of guilt for stealing all of his memories with Eun Byul and creating new ones as the Eun Bi who won’t probably be able to support in the future or because something starts blossoming deep within.


Has she really started liking Yi Ahn or she’s imprisoned in a world of mirrors with the one reflecting Eun Bi and the other one Eun Byul confusing her own reality with someone else’s? Will she be able to remain the person she is as she tries to dwell in the world of Eun Byul? Both pasts await for her in the corner to strike back in a menacing way, but as the preview states she can’t hurt others so that she can be happy. It’s a violent tango between herself and “herself”, will she be able to dance it to the very end without losing herself and condemning her sister’s, without implying she’s necessarily dead, memory at the same time?



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Kwon Sang Seung

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    I loved the episode. I feel like Soo In’s mom has a bigger role in this mystery (maybe the person behind it).. I love the interactions between the characters. I wish to see more of the three crazy ‘no hope no dreams’ guys, the scenes with them are always funny.
    I have the feeling that Yi An won’t find out the truth.. just yet,…
    ah, and I am still hoping the real Eun Byul is alive and will return….

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      Can’t wait for the subs of the 8th episode! In about 5 hours and 30 minutes they will be on ;D Patience is the key to drama world! Totally agree, behind all this kindness and calmness hides something bigger that has to do with her daughter’s loss. I want to see more of them as well, all 3 are crazy for different reasons! And that sexy noona teacher XD Am i the only one who thinks she has a perv aura? XD Yi Ahn has only received a few vibes and he will remain thoughtful for the time being, i guess. Eun Byul has to be alive and appear out of nowhere! I want both Euns to bully So Young hahaha!

  3. May 19, 2015 at 3:41 pm — Reply

    I have a bad feeling that the drama isn’t going to take out any of its precious time to explain exactly how the police found the two girls and why they assumed the dead one was Eun Bi. I mean, sure there probably is a big deal about how exactly Eun Byul died (or who does the dead ashes cremated belong to. Someone died, wether it was one of the twins or someone else) but they obviously found both bodies. There can only be two scenarios for the rescue. Police found both bodies together, doctors couldn’t save one. Police found two bodies in two places.
    Lastly: The mom said Eun bi wore Eun Byuls yellow scarf. Did Eun byul put it on her when she saved her and then proceeded to kill herself? Aaargh I’m SO CURIOUS!

    • May 19, 2015 at 4:34 pm — Reply

      Hope your bad feeling won’t turn to life because i want all of the questions to get an answer and if not all of them 99% of them! They found two people, one alive (Eun Bi who now impersonates Eun Byul) and one dead whom they presume is Eun Byul (but was considered to be Eun Bi). Whether the dead girl is Eun Byul or not, we have yet to find out, but my drama instinct points towards the direction that the deceased one isn’t Eun Byul and we’ll get trolled eventually with an apocalyptic revelation lol That yellow scarf is a huge mystery to date. How can Eun Bi have it since it was Eun Byul’s? If she found it lying on the pavement on her way to the bridge then i won’t know what to say 😛 But it’s a possible scenario that Eun Byul saved Eun Bi and put the scarf on her and then killed herself. I will have to agree with the “aaaaargh”! I wanted to write the same thing XD

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