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Episode 25 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0542The airing period of Heard It Through the Grapevine’s 13th week is officially over and we find ourselves a few episodes before the end. I read that the episodes of the drama will be 30 instead of 32 which was the initial plan, i don’t mind this change a lot as soon as it doesn’t effect the progress and ending part of the magnificent storyline even to the slightest. This Monday’s 25th episode found Heard It Through the Grapevine in the second place (10.4%) with Hwajung leaving it behind by 0.2%.


bscap0533In Sang returns back to the almighty household and the first place to check is the studying room, but this time Seo Bom’s studying and loving figure is nowhere to be seen. His parents tell him that he shouldn’t be worrying about anything, they will be the ones to take care of the details. Yi Ji asks him why he doesn’t fight back, this attitude will make them think this really happened, but it really happened this time and In Sang returns to their room in mourning pace. He revives the scene from the first episodes when Seo Bom was breaking apart and her stare was louder than a thousand words, in silence. Pictures of them remind him everything they were and the “an unjust law is no law at all” reflects differently to his eyes. In Sang must ease the tension within somehow and he punches the frame shattering the glass covering it.

bscap0540bscap0536bscap0537 bscap0542

bscap0543Yi Ji’s taking care of his wounds and indicates she understands Seo Bom. At this very point he’s not In Sang, he’s attorney Han and madame Choi’s son, the one they wanted him to be since birth and their shadows are more than apparent above him as he’s a shadow of himself. Yi Ji understands Seo Bom being unable to stand by his side and love him at this point as In Sang finds the whole ambiance unfair and recalls Seo Bom’s words, it wasn’t the best possible first date since Jin Young’s birth. In Sang’s breaking apart on the sofa, the bed will never feel the same again, it’s empty.


bscap0549Jin Ae ahjumma’s playing with Jin Young as Seo Bom stands nearby in agony. One thing at the time, she should rest for now and then see things with a more insightful stare. Think and forget, one thing at a time. Seo Bom misses In Sang and states she shouldn’t have hugged him farewell, her feelings were locked upon their embrace before leaving. Jin Ae ahjumma asks her if she wants In Sang to move in their humble house, “the rich should come to the poor, that’s how love should be”. Seo Bom tells her mother not to worry, she’ll get herself together, after all she has to remain strong to take care of Jin Young.


bscap0553In Sang woke up on the sofa and his morning didn’t start well, it feels as if nothing changed since last night and he’s still a shadow of himself. Everyone’s waiting for his appearance to measure the weight of his burden. He’s having a meeting with his parents inside the living room, he doesn’t want them to interfere in his life anymore. Attorney Han concurs and points out he should take care of everything on his own, even though madame Choi didn’t quite agree in the first place. This time In Sang wants to use the car even though he doesn’t use it in general, but it will keep his mind occupied from Seo Bom’s omnipresence. After putting all of his efforts on her he finally returned back to them; the return of the prodigal son. In Sang’s words don’t matter, attorney Han will work on a post-processing plan to remain one step ahead of anything that may occur in the future. Post-processing is his mastery!

bscap0554 bscap0557bscap0556bscap0558 bscap0560bscap0561bscap0559

bscap0564Ha, secretary Kim has saved Ji Young Ra in his phone’s memory as Four Ball Billiards as an “ode” to the night she was playing at Hansong’s luxurious lounge before madame Choi erupted! He informs her about the 50/50 situation inside the almighty household, pessimism and optimism. Teacher Park points out that Seo Bom made the right decision, he should have understood her real intentions since it didn’t happen all of a sudden, she had it in her mind for quite some time now. Both the jeet kune do teacher and butler Park are pretty much aware by now that attorney Han used them as a part of his higher plan and they can’t help but notice that something’s just not right about secretary Kim who’s over his phone all the time. Secretary Lee and the housemaid try to talk to In Sang about Seo Bom and him but he prevents them from proceeding. All he wants them to do is to send her his residence registration card and stamp with a courier, not personally.


bscap0567Cheol Shik ahjussi has found out about Seo Bom having returned back home alongside Jin Young and he’s willing to withdraw the lawsuit if this will help her return back to the almighty household. Noo Ri and Hyeong Shik ahjussi keep interfering and consider Cheol Shik ahjussi’s decision right, but Seo Bom urges each and every one of them to stop dealing with her own problems as if they could understand even to the slightest premise everything she had to go through. Leaving the almighty household and breaking up with In Sang has nothing to do with her uncle’s lawsuit, they are separate aspects deriving from the same core. Only Jin Ae ahjumma understands what Seo Bom’s going through and can see through the details. She wants both of them to stop treating Seo Bom like a mindless child. Noo Ri getting enraged and leaving followed by Seo Bom at the humble house’s entrance while being apologetic was something i couldn’t withstand. If someone should be sorry and thankful at the same time it should be Noo Ri towards Seo Bom.


bscap0571The nanny’s position starts shaking and she’s talking to secretary Yang on the phone and she informs her that madame Choi and attorney Han will bring Jin Young back so she shouldn’t worry, about her own demands, secretary Yang will transfer them to attorney Han. As a professional she’s not worried about unemployment, she has in mind the retroactive 50% salary increase secretary Yang had promised her for the strike to reach an end. The divorce procedure hasn’t progressed yet, but Je Hoon informs both secretaries that Cheol Shik ahjussi intends to withdraw the lawsuit for his niece’s sake. Secretary Min tries to maintain her calmness and doesn’t surrender to secretary Yang’s observant questions.


bscap0573Je Hoon meets attorney Han right away and states that he controlled Cheol Shik ahjussi’s steps indirectly, but attorney Han considers it a separate domestic matter; like you know about domestic matters. Je Hoon’s attitude this time is different and attorney Han relies upon his good background and the exemplary way he was raised, all he has to do is to fix his attitude towards the elders and his career will skyrocket. Je Hoon will move on with the case and he’ll form a defense counsel since Seo Bom’s matter had nothing to do with Cheol Shik ahjussi’s case. It feels like a war is in its birth pangs and Je Hoon will be in charge! It’s gotten quite personal and a matter of conscience!


bscap0577Je Hoon makes attorney Yoo and secretary Min aware of the latest events and now they can get on the offensive since all the misunderstandings between them have been solved and attorney Yoo won’t accept attorney Han’s offer to study abroad; “only unripe persimmons fall with the monsoon rains.” Secretary Min doesn’t pay attention to secretary Kim’s interest in the young couple’s divorce and by the time he leaves secretary Min reads a coded message from her flash disk. Je Hoon has found an association of the investors who sent money to a bogus company as a tax haven and with Hansong’s methodology Daesan was able to receive all the money required in its stock investment.


bscap0579Attorney Han lets secretary Yang know that he’s not in a rush with the divorce papers and parameters and it’s not because he has faith in In Sang resolving everything on his own. Attorney Han wants to observe Seo Bom and her family and strike back at the right time with the right amount of money making his offer more than welcome. Secretary Kim wants to find out what happened and secretary Yang wants to know about the house personnel’s reactions, he doesn’t apply to her demands, but the fact that she knows he’s informing Young Ra is an ace up her sleeve.


bscap0582Madame Choi doesn’t want anything that would remind her of Seo Bom inside the almighty household, she wants her belongings to get thrown away and her clothes to be donated to their foundation. She wants everything to change inside the room from the sheets to the drawers and the dressing table, it’s time for the room to enter the no Seo Bom era. However, wondering why did he have to hurt his hand as well since his heart was already wounded points towards the direction that she’s not that emotionless, there’s still a slight sense of hope if she can notice that her son’s hurt. As for the pendant she had offered to Seo Bom she tells secretary Lee to deal with it in any way she wants to.


bscap0585Jin Ae ahjumma’s aware that the nanny had been raising Jin young pretty well, the only thing she’s worried about is whether they’ll be able to provide him everything he’s been used to so far, that’s why Seo Bom brought only Jin Young oriented items from the almighty household in order to maintain his habits for the time being. Seo Bom intends to leave and talk to her father afterwards, but he has a different opinion. Hyeong Shik ahjussi wants her to remain patient and solve things with In Sang and get back together. Seo Bom’s apologetic to her parents for having been treated badly by In Sang’s parents because of her and invests into details to let him know how it felt like in the beginning when she entered the almighty household. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t easy at all. She couldn’t see her own son and she was being treated unjustly for no apparent reason, all she could do was to stay inside her room recovering from birth and eating. She wants her father to have faith in her and her decisions and everything will flow well for her and Jin Young. Alimony is not an option since Seo Bom doesn’t want to move on this way and legally she can’t have profit from In Sang, not that she’d proceed this way had it been possible, but okay. She wants to make things clear in front of her father in order to burst his nonsensical yet caring bubble.

bscap0586 bscap0587bscap0588 bscap0589 bscap0592bscap0590

bscap0595The housemaid and secretary Lee meet and Seo Bom informs her that she received everything while being apologetic for not having the chance to say goodbye. The time has arrived for Seo Bom to change her residency address and staring at In Sang’s card makes the whole procedure tougher as his picture evokes memories. She can’t help it but cry while filling the paper information. Instead of receiving alimony she tries to find ways to claim childcare subsidy. In Sang is willing to visit her later on this evening in order to talk about the details, he’s willing to do anything she wants him to do.


bscap0597She doesn’t want him to come inside her humble house though, it would be tough for both of them and the environment would never be suitable for such a conversation, Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Noo Ri would definitely interfere. In Sang’s devastated and he’s sitting on a bench all alone until Min Jae and Hyeon Soo appear. And it’s true, they’re breaking up, but he doesn’t intend to talk about this anymore and leaves. Hyeon Soo states that siding with his parents and using the car make In Sang look like an old man. It’s kind of true, he’s like a deeply emotional younger version of attorney Han!


 bscap0602Ji Young Ra informs Eom So Jeong on the latest events inside the almighty household while at the same time president Song is having a conversation with Je Hoon on the phone and a very specific part of it will take place when they meet later on during the episode! The luxurious living room is the headquarters of gossip! Young Ra’s amused to find out Je Hoon is still dating Noo Ri, but that’s not the point here, president Song warns them to check their children’s bank accounts and pay the gift tax; or at least pretend to do so! A part of In Sang’s inheritance is related to Supernova and they should be extra cautious. Ji Young Ra doesn’t care that much since attorney Han will protect her, but she also wants to receive further information later on! She hasn’t thought though that if, just if, attorney Han will be unable to help himself he won’t be able to help anyone else.


bscap0605Noo Ri’s colleague feels sorry for what happened to her sister, but she says that Seo Bom was apologetic towards her for getting her hopes up. Doesn’t she talk way too much about fragile subjects though? She points out she’s still dating Je Hoon and that he doesn’t intend to step back from the forthcoming war against attorney Han even though chances are high Je Hoon won’t emerge victorious. Je Hoon wants to use President Song as a witness based on his own background and his father’s course in like-minded information to the one he’s willing to use in Cheol Shik ahjussi’s case, but he knew president Song wouldn’t agree to it and he recorded their conversation! His prize is a glass of water all over him, but Je Hoon’s willing to see it to the very end and even for his father’s sake he doesn’t intend to step back. Supernova feels like a devouring organization of pretty much every citizen’s money, even though everyone’s personal amount is not that much, when you sum it up the overall amount is tremendous!


bscap0609In Sang’s waiting for Seo Bom and when she appears the distance between them is distinctive, as for his hand he simply hides it and doesn’t refer to anything related. Even though In Sang wouldn’t like her to take care of the papers that fast it was essential for Seo Bom if she wants to profit from the local community center’s counseling services and classes for babies. She doesn’t want anything from In Sang even though he insists to help her in any way she wants to, she will apply for a subsidy for a single mother once everything’s done. In Sang hoped that her uncle’s case would get resolved as fast as possible and in a highly profitable way. He doesn’t want the whole inheritance, all he wants is just a tiny bit of it so that he’ll be able to live with her and Jin Young as a family.

bscap0611 bscap0612bscap0614

bscap0615Seo Bom refers to him by his name, but he doesn’t to hear it from her lips. She doesn’t blame his parents, she understands that they looked down on her because of the way she acted. Getting controlled by the slightest compliment is what hurts her the most. Staying like that she will be unable to study and love In Sang, she needs to recover for the time being and find some peace of mind. This feels worse than cheating on him since he was willing to do everything for her and Jin Young and tension rises between the young couple. In Sang wanted to live by her side until the day he dies thinking he would be different from his parents and Seo Bom adds he acts exactly like his parents and that he’s no different! In Sang wonders whether Seo Bom ever loved him and the answer could only be positive as both of them are shouting while breaking apart!

bscap0613 bscap0616bscap0617 bscap0618

bscap0619Someone from a nearby store tells them they disturb the neighborhood’s peace and tranquility blossoms for a little while. In Sang wants her to take the car back home, but her house is nearby and she doesn’t want to and In Sang erupts screaming that it’s dark! Seo Bom states that he acts just like the way he did in Han river, he would neither jump in nor get out, he only dipped his foot in and hesitated! Another shouting experience on In Sang’s behalf takes place as he’s acknowledging what a fool he is as Seo Bom leaves crying. On his way back home In Sang wants the driver to take him to the Han river park, but soon enough he changes his mind and heads back home devoured by his own bereaving thoughts.

 bscap0623bscap0620bscap0622 bscap0624bscap0625bscap0628bscap0629 bscap0627

bscap0632Teacher Park is not in the mood to teach and In Sang told him to quit if that’s the case. Their conversation doesn’t seem to be flowing well and it’s quite different from their usual ones. His love and devotion to both of them is immense, but In Sang doesn’t like the fact he refers to both of them. The teacher tends to differ, he didn’t interact only with In Sang all this time but with both of them. In Sang’s attitude doesn’t give it a rest. Later on teacher Park leaves along with secretary Lee who intends to meet secretary Yang. Both of them are aware that she hasn’t let her guard down and she might as well start looking down on them.


bscap0637Madame Choi wonders why the household is so quiet and she’s worried a bit, if she thinks about it a bit more she will find out. Attorney Han wants butler Park to check the house once again, but In Sang’s nowhere to be found. He was sleeping inside Jin Young’s room, the bed inside their room feels like a forbidden place and sleep isn’t his best friend these days. Yi Ji points out that this one isn’t like a real house and i deeply agree! It’s a part of the aftereffects according to attorney Han who cancels secretary Yang’s visit, he will be the one to pick her up to go on a very specific mission.

bscap0636 bscap0639bscap0638bscap0641

bscap0643And there they are arriving at Seo Bom’s house! Cheol Shik ahjussi will be hiding for the time being and Seo Bom wants to do the same, but Noo Ri keeps thinking the same way telling her that this may be her last chance! Hyeong Shik ahjussi greets attorney Han even though they weren’t informed and the house isn’t prepared for his arrival.  “Seoul is less dreary because of neighborhoods like this”, come on, what does a flatterer like you know about neighborhoods like this?! Ha, he stumbled and almost fell! Secretary Yang takes care of his every step, he can’t even walk on his own outside of Hansong?! Even Jin Young will be able to walk in a better way than him soon enough!

 bscap0644 bscap0645bscap0646

bscap0647A common discussion takes place between attorney Han and Seo Bom and he doesn’t feel that comfortable inside the humble house, it’s way too… humble for his own tastes and he examines pretty much everything! Noo Ri finally got her chance to introduce herself! She’s grateful for his help and Hyeong Shik ahjussi too! Please, someone call the intelligence police, they’re not even thinking! Hyeong Shik ahjussi is thankful for the genealogy records, but attorney Han doesn’t remember anything, secretary Yang is his memory in such trivial matters! Such a hypocrite, he says they provided pretty much everything but things didn’t flow well with Seo Bom and In Sang, sadly! Hyeong Shik ahjussi wants to try and persuade them to get back together, but attorney Han states that him and his wife have decided to respect their decision. Attorney Han will inform Seo Bom’s parents later on and they’ll take them into consideration as much as possible.

bscap0650 bscap0651bscap0652 bscap0653

bscap0654Seo Bom’s playing with Jin Young and In Sang contacts her, he wants her to listen to him and not his father. Cheol Shik ahjussi can’t hold back and makes his appearance! He’s apologetic, he already told Je Hoon to dismiss the lawsuit and he wants everything to flow well for the young couple. Seo Bom can’t remain silent and withstand all this hypocrisy and states that if her uncle withdraws the lawsuit at this point when she still has a lot of things to settle down with In Sang then attorney Han will… Attorney Han interrupts her and prevents her from completing her flow of thoughts stating he considers her equal to In Sang. Her father wants her to stop behaving like this, but this must stop. In Sang and Seo Bom will take care of everything and if they make mistakes they’ll correct them on their own. Attorney Han says that he’s already doing this, but Seo Bom doesn’t agree and she’s straight forward about his intentions behind the lines. It’s time for Attorney Han to leave and Seo Bom lets her mother know that he’s lying!

bscap0655 bscap0657bscap0656 bscap0659bscap0658bscap0661 bscap0660bscap0662bscap0663

Thoughts: In the 25th episode everyone was moving like a satellite around In Sang and Seo Bom. Even when they’re not around there’s always something going on about them, directly or indirectly. They have become the center of Heard It Through the Grapevine’s universe, a universe that dilates and the more it dilates the greater the chasm between Seo Bom and In Sang becomes. There’s a void in between that devours them in a disproportionally greater rate as the distance between them grows step by step, gradually turning them into two strangers that used to know each other.


In Sang decided to sacrifice a part of himself for Seo Bom and Jin Young’s well-being, believing that if Cheol Shik ahjussi’s case had gotten resolved in a fast-paced way and in secrecy it would ease the overall tension, giving the couple the chance to recover from their ongoing wounds inside the almighty household. Without realizing it, In Sang started rationalizing like his father, but with emotion remaining the center of his world, it’s something that torn Seo Bom apart and all of the plans they were making together. The “us” factor had been distorted into the communicative and eventually dislocated “me” and “you” with Jin Young being right in the middle.


Seo Bom wasn’t all alone inside the almighty household, her greatest support had always been In Sang and then Yi Ji. His seemingly sudden change of heart under attorney Han’s masterful pressure was the last thing she would ever expect from In Sang. The last vanguard of her tolerance inside that asphyxiating place became the rope around her neck that made the overall ambiance a place where she could no longer blossom among traces of hope through the whole disharmony. Both of them played with the great tiger and lost in unity and separately, profoundly proving that attorney Han’s moves were more invisible than expected.


It almost feels as if attorney Han was testing their patience and capabilities all this time and he was baiting them with seemingly achievable targets to eventually shatter them in one blow at the peak of their course. Both Seo Bom and In Sang have lost the world underneath their feet and they have become shadows of themselves. Many articles ago i had written that Seo Bom is In Sang’s flame that sets alight his character and In Sang is Seo Bom’s wind that strengthens her wings. The flame no longer wiggles and the wings lie scattered on the ground and at this point they appear like opposing forces pushing one another far away and the more they interact the more fierce the emotional struggle becomes because they both long to be together, but they can’t reach a common ground to start anew at this very point.


Smashing the frame of “an unjust law is no law at all” with his fist and striking right in the heart of it was a symbolism presenting his shattered world. He believed he could change the world alongside Seo Bom, but justice keeps walking hand in hand with injustice by preserving and interpreting the law in abhorrent ways and an unjust law appears to be the law itself. In Sang and Seo Bom fought the law and the law won. At this point they must get themselves together while still being apart and eventually get back together stronger than ever before after they have found some peace of mind to see things clearly in order to free their hearts and minds of all this gloom if they don’t want to see life passing by behind a glass regardless of its quality.


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    I feel like such a wuss; I’m just reading recaps now…because it’s just heartbreaking to watch. When they get back together, I’ll start watching again. Thanks so much for the recap. My heart and nerves thank you.

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      Woo, you’re watching HITTG through Kwon TV XD You’re very welcome and i’m thankful towards your heart and nerves as well and i deeply hope you’ll return to the watching process as soon as possible! Haven’t watched the 26th one yet so i can’t really say whether you should watch it or not 😀

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    I keep wondering why Attorney Han’s face keeps being shown in mirrors or other reflective surfaces and usually in split mode especially at the Hansong VIP lounge. I keep thinking it is the director’s way of shining a light on his many different faces and consequently his hypocrisy. Your thoughts? I am no great intellectual but his face on all those reflective surfaces has become hard to ignore 🙂

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      I will have to agree with you on that, the face you see is the face attorney Han wants the one in conversation with him to see while the reflected image of his face is the face working in the background. The Hansong VIP lounge is probably one of the dirtiest places in South Korea in this drama, it’s where the most important debates take place between a seemingly friendly vibe and a vibe working in shadows at the same time, hence the reflection of attorney Han’s face. He always manages to flatter people because he’s got a way with words and amidst all this flattery he embeds a part of what he wants to convey and most of the times it passes unnoticed from the one talking with him. He’s such an a$$ XD

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        I so feel you if any character in the show could get away with blowing him up,I would volunteer to be their Alibi without a second thought.

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      You’re very welcome and thanks a lot as well! 🙂 It’s one of these dramas always looking forward to each and every new ep! I can’t believe it steadily reaches the end! Aye, i’ll be looking forward to the cookies as a “Grapevine” pal! 😀

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    Just finished watching 25 and 26 back to back. My heart is heavy. While the thought of EVER having to leave this world is depressing me beyond all words, I am so anxious to find out what will happen…because anything can.

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      I’ve only watched the first 5 mins of ep 26 and can’t wait to finish it later on today after uni!! This drama has taught to be always get prepared for pretty much everything, so i have a backup of strength XD

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