K-dramaThe Girl Who Sees Smells

Week 7 Review ~ Episodes 13-14: The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)

bscap0451My condition had already started deteriorating after the previous week’s major cliffhanger, but now my drama health got worse, it’s as simple as that. Even though i don’t want The Girl Who Sees Scents to reach an end, the number of the episodes feels just right. Saying goodbye to a drama without the tiring factor having been implemented as an instrument of torment is more than welcome and The Girl Who Sees Scents didn’t manage to pull down the curtains of my interest just a few steps before the end. In one hand it won’t be easy saying goodbye to Cho Rim and Moo Gak as i highly ship this couple and their quirky chemistry, on the other hand chef Kwon is an enormous villainous figure with a highly interesting background and Nam Goong Min through his exceptional acting simply enriches the sickening aspects of such a character. All that remains is for the end to reward us and complete this Wednesday-Thursday journey in the most appropriate way, making The Girl Who Sees Scent’s departure a beautiful memory that was all worth it up to the very end.


bscap0414By the time the elevator’s doors opened up and chef Kwon unexpectedly appeared in front of Cho Rim the worst thoughts had already started passing by my mind, but she managed to maintain her calmness and remain faithful to her wallet-searching mission. Chef Kwon starts suspecting her and urges her to drink coffee with him and it’s more than apparent that something doesn’t feel right since her hands are shaking in fear. Moo Gak appears and wants her to leave so that he will talk to chef Kwon alone. Moo Gak hopes that Cho Rim hadn’t gotten the book with the hidden camera while chef Kwon was praying for the other version of the story. Gladly enough she didn’t complete her task and the book was at the same shelf she had left it. Moo Gak takes the initiative once again and tells chef Kwon that if he wants to live he will have to kill him, he’s directly provoking him to unearth the beast lying beneath the surface. Chef Kwon doesn’t maintain his calmness and grabs Moo Gak from the jacket, but their confrontation reaches an end without any further trouble.

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bscap0439At chef Kwon’s house Cho Rim noticed a very specific and distinctive scent that was on doctor Chun’s body as well, a scent chef Kwon has only inside his house. She wants to reveal the truth behind her scent-seeing eye to the detectives even though they would never believe her and she intends to go through a test that would preserve the truth in front of their very eyes. All of them hide their jackets inside different lockers and one after the other she finds them based on their characteristic scents. To a wider extent, she shows them her eye and makes them believe!

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bscap0330However, they have to keep it a secret at all costs! Suddenly, almost everyone has a special attribute from detective Kang who can hear people’s thoughts to detective Ye who can see the future! Their hallucinations reach an end by the time a robber escapes from the police station and everyone relies upon Cho Rim’s scent-seeing eye! She “smells” the jacket the criminal left behind and the mission begins, but he wasn’t that far away, he was in one of the police officers’ trunk! Of course, they can neither explain how they found him nor reveal Cho Rim’s secret, after all nobody would believe them!


bscap0467It takes around 30 minutes for chef Kwon to arrive back home from the restaurant. Chef Kwon gets that scent inside his house and chances are high doctor Chun was there too before passing away. Everything points towards the direction of a hidden place where he takes his victims, but the detectives can’t get a search warrant for his house anew. Moo Gak wants to volunteer for chef Kwon to kidnap him so he will be able to find himself inside chef Kwon’s sanctuary. Everyone considers this option way too dangerous and wherever there’s a will there’s a way. Detective Ye will bring chef Kwon’s house’s blueprint, detective Ki will report a violation of the fire code to the fire department and detective Kang will accompany him! In the meantime, Chef Kwon is aware that the police changed the picture inside his wallet, something that proves he had the right picture of Eun Seol in the first place, but it’s not only that. It means they are aware of his inability to recognize people’s faces and the only person who knows about this is Cho Rim. He enters the white room and starts reading Eun Seol’s mother’s book and finds out about the high school she went to and the name of her best friend, Yoon Mi Na.

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bscap0473Dangerous times always require more caution and Cho Rim has become a part of the 24/7 witness protection program! You guessed correctly, Moo Gak’s the one to take care of her safety and he’s attached to her like a seashell on a rock! The police station has become like Cho Rim’s second home and instead of relaxing on the sofa she answers the phone! A detective meeting takes place, but Cho Rim’s memory recollection program wasn’t quite successful. Showing her the pictures of her deceased parents is not an option. Instead, hanging around with her high school friends could help her recall her memories! Taking into consideration everything she’s been through and being unable to recall in order to mourn for her parents’ loss is devastating the detective team.


bscap0479The fire department has ordered the inspection at chef Kwon’s house and Moo Gak informs him about the current investigation when it comes to the fire code violation report! The fire department officers start their inspection on the initial fire prevention system whereas Moo Gak would like to make sure he doesn’t have any illegal structures inside his basement. Moo Gak’s so passionate and provocative he throws books and everything that appears his way on the ground and even though he can’t find anything incriminating his suspicion doesn’t surrender! Chef Kwon is upset with Moo Gak’s behavior and Moo Gak wonders whether he kills people when he’s frustrated or not! Moo Gak wonders whether chef Kwon wants to kidnap him, lock him up for 6 days and then kill him and display him to the world on the 7th day! He almost begs him to kidnap him and through its overall seriousness it’s quite a hilarious scene! In the end there can be only one to keep breathing, either chef Kwon or Moo Gak.

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bscap0487Yeon Mi informs one of Cho Rim’s friends that she lost all of her memories and it starts making sense why she didn’t recognize her. Once the meeting takes place they shouldn’t mention anything about her parents’ deaths. Chef Kwon doesn’t stand still, he contacts the alumni association of Jeju Seonam high school under the moniker Park Seung Jin and finds Yoon Mi Na’s phone number who’s unaware of Eun Seol’s whereabouts or even if she’s still alive. She will inform him as soon as she finds more information. Cho Rim meets with Soo Mi and she’s apologetic for not remembering her. A reunion will take place for Cho Rim to meet anew all of her friends from the past.

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bscap0499Moo Gak wants to eat something, but Cho Rim has a different opinion since he has to guard her closely! He should be following her wherever she goes and makes good use of the protection program as he follows around and once in a while she checks on him! At some point he stops following her and the playful attitude goes on! There are no news from chef Kwon and they start eating until Moo Gak tastes the soup and it feels spicy! One after the other he starts referring to the way each and every dish tastes like to finally get revealed that he was fooling around by faking his sense of taste! Moo Gak points out his senses won’t return until her memory returns and outdoors activities take place! He wanted to buy her a hair pin, but the one he picked was for dogs, eventually he buys her a proper one and they start taking photos! Once again he wants to eat something and Cho Rim can’t say no to his complaining puppy face!

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bscap0505Ice cream vanilla flavor it is as he keeps taking pictures of her and then biking for two takes place for Cho Rim to find out she was the only one pedaling, no wonder she feels exhausted! Moo Gak has become a major troll, Yoo Chun pretty much owns and i can’t help it but fall for Se Kyung’s quirky cuteness! Cho Rim dropped her hair pin at the bench they were sitting while taking pictures to find out later on that it had gone missing. She intends to find it through her scent-seeing eye, but the rain silences the synesthesia effect. Moo Gak insists to buy her another one, but she’s already emotionally attached to it and she doesn’t intend to give up! Moo Gak finds it and hides it from her and points out that if they leave it will be more helpful! I guess i am not the only one to highly treasure this Cho Rim-Moo Gak lengthy scene!

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bscap0515Detectives Ye and Ki are eating while keeping an eye on chef Kwon who doesn’t appear outdoors. He has cancelled pretty much everything when it comes to his shows and he doesn’t go the restaurant, but we have a major problem here. Detective Ki’s having problems with Elena who keeps nagging at him for their age difference, a new cold war has emerged to the surface and suddenly romance feels so distant! Chef Kwon gets informed about the meeting and he intends to arrange everything from the restaurant to the reservation of the room!


bscap0517Moo Gak holds his staffed sea lion and finally gives Cho Rim her hair pin by the time they return back home! She can’t believe he did something like that and hits him, did it actually hurt? Of course not, he was faking it, once again! The reunion meeting will take place at a Chinese restaurant tomorrow and both Yeon Mi and Moo Gak will take care of the security factor. Yeon Mi would like to see Cho Rim and they meet outdoors to buy her new clothes for this special occasion! It’s Cho Rim’s turn to sincerely return the favor and gives birth to a perfume that would pace perfectly well with Yeon Mi’s personality. It consists of the freesia scent she often uses mixed with the rose scent she likes accompanied by some ocean scent for uniqueness since summer arrives. The perfume’s being placed inside a heart-shaped pendant that will grace Yeon Mi’s neck from that moment and on.

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bscap0527Yeon Mi’s connections were helpful to the detective team since they managed to get chef Kwon’s file from America. He’s a Harvard medical school dropout with an introvert personality and he was working at a Japanese sushi restaurant. Excelling in anesthesia class and suffocation being the cause of death of his victims seem to be pacing hand in hand. Chef Kwon dropped the class right before the psychological test medical students go through in the US and he became a chef because it’s an occupation that allows him to kill living creatures righteously. Suppressing the urge to take one’s life was conflicted by the doctors’ life-saving nature and he was unable to follow the path he was already walking upon. In addition, he assigns a distinctive meaning to his murders since he kills after 6 days after having kidnapped the victims. These 6 days are the reason why he kills and they are eager to find out what happens during that period.


bscap0530It’s reunion time! Cho Rim is quite nervous but Yeon Mi reassures her that everything will be fine. Relaxing and meeting her old high school friends feels essential by now! Moo Gak parks the car and starts searching all the room one after the other, but chef Kwon’s there in a grandpa disguise! He’s not alone, he paid two homeless people to accompany him in order to get rid of any possible suspicion and the diversion worked quite well. Since he was the one to arrange pretty much everything he reserved the room next to the one where Eun Seol’s reunion meeting will take place and he’s got a seat with a view!

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bscap0538Detectives Ki and Ye inform Moo Gak and Yeon Mi that chef Kwon hasn’t moved out of the house. Cho Rim doesn’t remember anyone from her friends and the more she talks the more her voice sounds familiar to chef Kwon’s ears, but he can’t make a definite connection to a specific person for the time being. A new friend arrives and mentions that she had seen Cho Rim at Golden Recipe alongside chef Kwon and everything becomes perfectly clear at this point. Chef Kwon’s anger is immense, he can’t believe the witness was around him all this time!

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bscap0539Yeon Mi heads towards the car and Moo Gak keeps an eye on Cho Rim who bids farewell her friends, until he notices the two people who were at the room next to the one the reunion was taking place. He follows them and finds out everything about the clothes and the food and rushes back to the restaurant! Cho Rim’s alone for a while and starts heading towards the parking lot, chef Kwon follows her and anesthetizes after calling out her name; Choi Eun Seol. He leads her to the white room through a hidden entrance and prepares his typical two dishes now that he has “company” again. The wall behind him surrenders and he’s quite satisfied, but how should he call her? Choi Eun Seol or Oh Cho Rim? The figure behind the glass has a different opinion, Lieutenant Yeon Mi would suit her perfectly well and his world collapses! The truth is, Yeon Mi had bought the same clothes as the ones she got for Cho Rim without letting her know anything and right after Cho Rim started walking down the stairs she followed her and chef Kwon mistook her for Eun Seol.

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bscap0550Cho Rim gets informed about what happened and her world doesn’t feel the same, she doesn’t want Yeon Mi to get hurt whereas Moo Gak states he’s going to kill chef Kwon on the spot. He shoots the door and breaks into his house and hits him! While lying on the floor Moo Gak points his gun at him and applies it perfectly well on the right side of his head! The only reason he doesn’t pull the trigger is because he has to find out where he keeps Yeon Mi imprisoned as chef Kwon laughs at the sudden turn of events and reflects his most ravenous smiling face.

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bscap0004The detectives prevent Moo Gak from harming him even more and he tells them everything about Yeon Mi with Cho Rim supporting Moo Gak’s thoughts. He searches all over the place while Cho Rim bursts into tears urging him to reveal Yeon Mi’s location, but his code of silence remains strong pretending to not know anything as he expresses his disappointment because he believed they were friends. Moo Gak’s at the library and Yeon Mi notices him on the camera, but her cries for help never reached the outside world because of the soundproof white room. Back at the police station, detective Kang gets informed about Yeon Mi’s situation and they must turn the world upside down to find anything that will lead them to Yeon Mi who has only 6 days of life.

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bscap0017Yeon Mi tells chef Kwon that he did a huge mistake, but bringing her instead of Cho Rim is fine too according to his killer instinct! No one will ever find her and no one will ever hear from her, all she has to do is write down her whole life in these books; when she was born, what kind of people her parents were, all of her happy and sad memories alongside the reasons why she became a detective and pretty much everything about her life without omitting anything. If she pleas to be saved or if she tries to arouse pity her life will end immediately. The same will happen if she refuses to write the books. Leeching off the lives he never had and living vicariously through them are Yeon Mi’s first assumptions as she tries to profile chef Kwon.


bscap0025Yoon Mi Na, Cho Rim’s friend, informs Moo Gak about the man named Park Seung Jin who arranged pretty much everything at the reunion meeting. He visits the restaurant and shows at the employees a picture of chef Kwon, but they insist that the man who paid was older than chef Kwon. Through the surveillance video footage he manages to find him and takes him to chef Kwon’s restaurant, but he doesn’t recognize him since chef Kwon’s a young man and not an old one! That wig does wonders, unless the old man was paid in advance to keep his mouth shut just in case!


bscap0028Detectives Ki and Ye keep an eye on chef Kwon and they’ve already realized it’s going to take a while, they have to get ready for this lengthy war! Airy seat cushions and toe shocks will be their weapons! Cho Rim’s fallen asleep and Moo Gak stares at her and caresses her face. He unveils his thoughts about Yeon Mi in silence and agony. Yeon Mi has been missing for 3 days already and chef Kwon reads everything she wrote down so far, but he’s not that excited. He’d like to know more about her major decisions in life in full detail and hopes it will be ready by the time he returns back home. Υeon Mi opens her pendant and unveils its characteristic scent in case Cho Rim notices something and grabs his hand to deliver the scent. Chef Kwon giving her a clock is not an option, he’s the owner of her life’s kingdom and time doesn’t really matter at this point.


bscap0030The two detectives’ weapons have arrived and chef Kwon suddenly appears! He informs them that he’ll be back in about 4 hours after his book signing event reaches an end! Cho Rim appears at the book store and and says she’s Choi Eun Seul! Chef Kwon offers her a book as a gift along with his signature on it as she tells him not to hurt Yeon Mi. She’s willing to take Yeon Mi’s place and at that point she notices the characteristic perfume she created for Yeon Mi. Moo Gak appears and throws garbage right behind chef Kwon! The security guards prevent Moo Gak from proceeding and Moo Gak states that he’ll drag him out and stomp on him!

bscap0029bscap0032bscap0033 bscap0034

bscap0035Cho Rim and Moo Gak leave and she tells him about the scent, but he points out she shouldn’t gave gone there alone! Yeon Mi’s scent-message was delivered, but they are unable to do anything to help her for the time being and Cho Rim breaks to pieces, someone else is going to die because of her and she can’t stand it. Saying she won’t be able to live if Yeon Mi dies forces Moo Gak to ask her if she thinks he’ll be able to live if something happens to her. Her prior guilt of being responsible for his sister’s death comes back to the surface and she loses herself in Moo Gak’s embrace. A deeply heartfelt scene accompanied by the gracious and melancholic OST. Moo Gak reassures Cho Rim that he will definitely save Yeon Mi, but all of us can witness his uncertainty, easing Cho Rim’s tension was the only thing he could do at that point as their eyes can’t hold back the tears.

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bscap0051Chef Kwon uses another passage from inside his house to enter the white room and offer Yeon Mi some coffee. She’s certain the coffee’s not poisoned since she hasn’t even finished writing her school time stories! He seems to be enjoying the whole scenery and he states that he’d like to bring more people there! He might think it’s like a holiday resort or something! A person he would like to bring there is definitely Moo Gak, as for his reasons why, not everything has a reason in this world. Yeon Mi wonders, chef Kwon has justified all of his murders so far, but there’s no reason behind them?


bscap0058Cho Rim goes to chef Kwon’s restaurant. She wants him to release Yeon Mi and that he shouldn’t underestimate her for being grateful to him without knowing who he really was. Cho Rim says that she’ll be quick, but chef Kwon states that she could be slow too! Moo Gak and chef Kwon are on a personal race to prove who’s the greatest troll or something! Cho Rim insists that he should take her instead of Yeon Mi and that she’s willing to die! She even volunteers to get captured by him if he releases Yeon Mi! Such a cold stare, but i wasn’t expecting anything less from such a lifeless persona. Chef Kwon says he has no idea of what she’s talking about. Later on he meets Yeon Mi anew and tells her that he’s willing to bring Cho Rim there too, but at such a small place? It doesn’t really matter, Yeon Mi has only 52 hours of life. He informs her that Cho Rim wanted to switch places with her and says that this must be what people call friendship, but Yeon Mi mentions that friendship is something he’ll never understand.

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bscap0061A meeting takes place at the police station and everyone’s aware that chef Kwon didn’t accept Cho Rim’s offer because something like that would mean he’s the one who has Yeon Mi. They have to find the entrance which leads to the secret place while they do know chef Kwon will eventually try to get Cho Rim at all costs. Chef Kwon’s reading Yeon Mi’s progress with a smile carved upon his face as she’s staring at him and unveils her thoughts. He enjoys possessing one’s life, he doesn’t just kill a person, he takes the person’s entire life. 48 hours. Chef Kwon thinks it’s impossible for Yeon Mi to profile him, but she points out that it’s not like he couldn’t recognize people’s faces since birth, it started once he got abused and became afraid of other people. And the point goes to Yeon Mi! His brain refuses to see people’s faces, it’s a second point! When he realized he had an innate desire to kill people he decided to see other people’s lives instead of their faces and it’s her third point! Yeon Mi thinks he’s mistaken, he never had those people’s lives and she thinks he’s less interesting than expected! Chef Kwon has a quiz for her, if she gets it right he’ll extend her life for three hours. If not, her life will be shortened by 3 hours. Does he really want to kill Cho Rim? Yeon Me replies negatively, but the right answer is yes, he really wants to kill her! Losing 3 hours of her precious life in less than 10 minutes! Now that’s a statement! 45 hours before Yeon Mi’s life ends.


bscap0073Cho Rim’s writing an email to Yeon Mi, she refers to her as the sister she never had in hope she’ll read it safe and sound soon. Chef Kwon contacts Cho Rim and tells her he approves the exchange plan. Of course, he messaged her from an unregistered number. She will have to meet him at Nambu subway station the next morning! The goal of this operation is to find the path which leads to the secret room and they must put a scent on chef Kwon so that Cho Rim will track down the path through her scent-seeing eye. Once they notice him at the meeting point they’ll signal Cho Rim to leave the site and once she disappears chef Kwon will give up and he’ll go back home using the secret path.


bscap0079Yeon Mi has 20 hours of life and she tells him she’ll give him 3 more hours if he answers her 3 questions! Why did he kill doctor Chun? Because he found out about his murders. Where are Joo Ma Ri’s diaries? Inside the living room, nobody could find them since he had left them with doctor Chun and that’s the reason why he died. Why does he draw barcodes on people’s hands? Once his victims write down their autobiography they become empty shells and they’re nothing more than the cover of their autobiography. She asks him if it’s because he doesn’t recognize people’s faces, but that’s a 4th question and he doesn’t reply, she has 17 hours and once again, she wasted another 3 hours of her life in less than 10 minutes!


bscap0080We find ourselves 6 hours before Yeon Mi leaving behind the world of the living and Cho Rim who’s at the meeting spot receives a message to find the key on top of the lockers. She finds a phone ringing and puts her mobile phone in the locker. Cho Rim pretends she’s not wearing an earpiece and she has 30 minutes to reach Sports Complex Station and wait for a call. If he notices she’s being followed by the police the exchange will reach an end. Detectives Ye and Ki must head to the station without getting caught. If they want to save Yeon Mi this is their only chance! Moo Gak goes undercover too by wearing… glasses and changing his outfit! Cho Rim arrives at the station and so do the detectives. A car stops in front of her and all three of them are frightened that something unexpected will happen and rush to help her, before crossing the road the car leaves and they are relieved to find out Cho Rim’s still there!


bscap0088She receives a call, she has 20 minutes to run to Happiness Park where she finds a handkerchief filled with anesthetic. She must anesthetize herself and he’ll pick her up after she will have fallen asleep. It has the same scent she had seen on doctor Chun, but she doesn’t breathe through the handkerchief, the more she delays the more the plan will reach an end and she eventually proceeds. Chef Kwon appears and Moo Gak gives signals the detectives to move on with the plan as he keeps an eye on her. The detectives enter his car and put perfume in front of the driver’s seat. Chef Kwon’s about to kidnap Cho Rim, but the police officer who was running appears and urges him to call an ambulance! Shortly after more people approach them and he can’t move on with the plan and eventually leaves the spot. Was he a part of the plan or he was a deus ex machina?! In that case, he was useful without even knowing it!

bscap0091bscap0093bscap0094bscap0095bscap0099bscap0101 bscap0100

bscap0102Chef Kwon returns to the white room which has fingerprint verification lock! He tells Yeon Mi that Cho Rim is an exemplary friend, she voluntarily inhaled the anesthetic gas to get kidnapped, but it was his fault picking the wrong crowded place! Less than 3 hours remain and Cho Rim’s inside the ambulance with Moo Gak by her side. The transmitter from chef Kwon’s car has found the region where the secret place may be and it’s not that far away from his house. As soon as Cho Rim wakes up they head there and she follows the deodorizer scent through chef Kwon’s footsteps. If i told you i knew it, would you believe me? Yes, it rained. And Cho Rim can’t see his footsteps anymore. It’s hard to see olfactory particles when it rains and even though she succumbs to despair she keeps trying to see the scent of his footsteps, but nothing positive happens.

bscap0104bscap0105 bscap0109bscap0107bscap0111bscap0113 bscap0114

bscap0115Chef Kwon acknowledges that she put the least amount of effort into her autobiography. She says she struggled to make up stories that are not real! He intends to give her more time if she puts more effort, but Yeon Mi presented movie stories and stories she heard from others, she struggled to write them down as if they were her own! Chef Kwon can’t believe she filled the books with lies, but what would make him think she’d voluntarily give up her inner secrets to someone like him? Chef Kwon believes that everyone else died after telling the truth at the end of their lives and Yeon Mi shatters his safe heaven. She refers to the shaman who was found dead on March 27, 2014 and asks him if she wrote she abandoned her child for a man she loved and that she got a divorce to become a better shaman!


bscap0125Chef Kwon failed to distinguish the difference between truth and lies! He believes that people are genuine when they face death, but she thinks he’s quite pitiful. She shouldn’t be pitying him because he owns her life and he killed everyone after completely owning their lives and she’s next in line. Reading them and feeling them was a way to get to own a part of their lives nobody else knew, but Yeon Mi has already noticed he realized everything by now and that he lost the game. Two hours remain and chef Kwon prepares Yeon Mi’s barcodes, she thinks it’s the most childish thing she’s ever seen, but he won’t lose his calmness even though she tries to provoke him.


bscap0134One hour is left and it’s still raining. Everyone’s devastated as they have found shelter from the rain. They can’t do anything and they can’t receive any help because there’s not enough evidence since nobody believes that she can see scents. A kid’s painting nearby and Moo Gak notices the way she paints, she was painting with white color and her grandma couldn’t see anything, but once she placed black color mixed with water the grandma saw the stars! They have nothing better to do but use the child’s method to make the scent more visible! Chef Kwon gets ready with his artistically crafted scalpels and he notices that she’s the first one to stare at him throughout the whole process. Yeon Mi’s about to leave this world soon, she often imagined how she would leave this world and she always told herself to forgive everyone and forget everything before she died, but she doesn’t think this way anymore, she can’t forgive chef Kwon. Not because he’s doing this to her, but because of what he’s done to human beings. He will never be forgiven whereas chef Kwon states she has only 30 minutes; he’s definitely soulless!


bscap0142Moo Gak’s team covers the soil with grinds and now Cho Rim can see anew the scent-trail! The hidden room lies underneath the blue cover. They call the headquarters while Cho Rim must hide until Moo Gak returns! Chef Kwon states he doesn’t like other people touching other people’s bodies and the room will be filled with anesthetic gas. It’s the same gas used for general anesthesia in hospitals, once she inhales the gas she won’t be able to breathe on her own. Once she falls asleep she will die painlessly because she won’t be able to breathe on her own. Then he’ll engrave the barcode on her wrist. The gas enters the room and Yeon Mi falls asleep. Moo Gak shoots at the door and they find Yeon Mi. But why won’t they faint?! Detective Ye takes Yeon Mi out whereas Moo Gak points the gun at Chef Kwon as he lowers his head towards that direction from the other side of the glass!


Thoughts: One could say the last two episodes were a bit rushed, i personally found the progress of the drama quite natural and both episodes were quite enlightening when it comes to chef Kwon’s background. I highly enjoy the course of The Girl Who Sees Scents, but scenario-wise it managed to get a bit predictable or even slightly nonsensical at some points. Don’t get me wrong, this drama has occupied a big part of my drama-brain and i will emphasize in three parts that felt either too predictable or well, okay, they could had been presented in a better way. However, the 14th episode left us with the final cliffhanger of the drama through Moo Gak’s raging attitude and chef Kwon’s sarcastic submission to the detective’s gun!


At first it was Cho Rim’s inability to trace the scents while raining, it happened too fast. At one point we get to know about it and a bit later at the most crucial point of the drama so far it makes its appearance. I could see it coming from kilometers away once they starting getting close to chef Kwon’s pathway, the pouring rain was the only thing i could think of and it happened! They should have made us aware of Cho Rim’s inability to witness scents a few episodes ago, it would had been more plot-twisting! All of a sudden, a child painting in a different way gave them the answer to proceed with their own plan! And then, instead of searching around the area to find a possible way that leads towards the white room they leave the spot to find shelter from the rain? Was it really more important not getting wet from the pouring rain than trying to save Yeon Mi at all costs in the last hour of her life?


Yeon Mi inhaled the anesthetic gas and fell asleep, the whole room was filled with it, but Moo Gak and detective Ye are more than fine while entering chef Kwon’s white room? These were the most intense presentation gaps i couldn’t set aside because they were way too apparent to turn a blind eye. But a drama isn’t only its negative aspects which are subjective, while one might not enjoy something, someone else might find it rewarding and The Girl Who Sees Scents is full of these rewarding moments that make you eager to find out more about the drama’s background when it comes to its figures. You have to admit that Yeon Mi pretending to be Cho Rim was an immense plot twist the moment it took place until it got revealed shortly after!


We have many strong combos and among then are Cho Rim and Moo Gak’s captivating chemistry, you have to love the way their relationship progresses and evolves according to the circumstances. Moo Gak is Cho Rim’s everlasting support and he’s turned into a comical figure teasing her quite a lot, always with love! Cho Rim’s quirky and playful and loves being around Moo Gak, they complete one another, but the moment of truth gradually arrives. If Moo Gak’s sister’s loss wasn’t enough of a burden for her, Yeon Mi getting kidnapped in her place turned to life her worst nightmare anew. Now that Yeon Mi has been found, hopefully safe and sound, all that remains is for Cho Rim to find out about her past and revive everything she’s been denying to recall for 3 years now which is no other than the murder of her beloved parents whom she never had the chance to mourn and bid farewell.


The last two episodes were an ode to Yeon Mi as one of the four main figures and Yoon Jin Seo was highly representative of such an introvert and focused on duty figure. She’s willing to protect Cho Rim even when she has to put her life on the line hoping that her colleagues will find her before death’s cold embrace. Even though she was highly provoking in front of chef Kwon’s abhorrent figure, fear of death never left her side and it was apparent in her most introvert moments. Trying to crack the murderer’s confidence and shatter his malevolent dreams of owning people’s lives and proving that he could had been living in a lie all this time was rather successful as she was trying to profile him.


Even at the cost of lowering even further her life’s candle that was gradually burning faster, Yeon Mi remained a dedicated lieutenant of the police force whose life is always related to her work, but she’s human too and in times that didn’t seem so important we got to know more about herself and see behind her shell. Even though she eventually embraced the thought of dying, who really wants to pass away? Between fear of death and the call of duty she chose the second option in the shadow of the first one and hopefully enough it won’t be too late for her now that her colleagues found her.


But the previous week’s episodes were also an ode to chef Kwon’s psyche and background throughout his expressionless and very specific great mood swings. At this point Eun Seol isn’t a threat to him since she can’t remember, she’s an obsession leaving incomplete his third chapter. And that’s the reason why his moves were more irresponsible while methodical still. The thought of capturing the witness was blurring his mind and he was proceeding carelessly in order to fulfill his one and only cause. Finding out that Eun Seol is no other than Cho Rim angered him even more and progressed his plan to get her like a rush of blood to the head, but Yeon Mi managed to ruin his plans, something that didn’t bother him a lot since she was interesting enough to find herself in the white room where one’s life turns into books and the more the pages get filled the more the end feels nearer.


He wasn’t born with prosopagnosia, it’s something that appeared willingly in fear of people. He was abused and his fragile self decided to avoid reality and the distinctive characteristics each and every person possesses. He refused to see the world the way it is and drowned inside an amorphous sea of faces that made no difference, anyone could be his victim. In the previous week’s episodes review/recap i had written: “the fact that he encloses the victims’ final lasting thoughts among the two sides of a chopped in half marble face gives me the impression that it has something to do with prosopagnosia, it feels as if he was finally able to feel the real contours of the victims’ faces through their thoughts as they were going through all the possible emotional phases inside his white room.”


In a way it feels true since he becomes the owner of the people’s lives once their life reaches the end after they made a final lasting lifetime’s confession within the pages with their body becoming just an empty shell of everything they’d been so far. The barcodes on their wrists is to identify them as once existing human beings since he can’t see their faces. As for the 6 days’s period we still haven’t found out the deeper meaning behind this time period. In Christian cosmogony God created the world in 6 days, meaning different chronological periods, and on the seventh one he rest since he witnessed the whole creation.


Could it be that he sees himself as some sort of God on earth? Or it has to do with the way he was abused? Could it be that he was being held captive for 6 days and on the 7th day he managed to escape or got released just like he releases his victims from the world of the living in such a “harmless” way by anesthetizing them and not getting in physical contact with them due to his abuse traumas? It feels as if the moment his abuse reached an end, suddenly, the world of the living reached an end to him and he became an empty shell devoid of human feelings and interactions urging him to fill the void within with other people’s memories, feelings and “faces” in his very own way.


Chef Kwon’s world lies cracked in the midst of lies and reality since his legacy might not be everything it seemed to preserve before his encounter with Yeon Mi. His victims could have written pretty much anything that would never resemble reality, a reality that comes back to haunt him as the law has every right to make him pay for his crimes at this very point. We have two episodes waiting for us, will he be able to escape and try to reach Cho Rim as a last keepsake of his legacy even though he’ll eventually end up in prison or dead? How will Cho Rim embrace her memory’s return and will Moo Gak’s senses start reappearing in a more palpable tone at that point? Questions, questions. Wednesday’s not so far way and i can’t wait for the drama’s rewarding(?) ending, until then i’ll keep seeing scents!



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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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