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Episode 5 Review: The Lover (2015)

“Once you’ve lived with each other, there are a lot of things that you have to hide. In the beginning you hide many personal things, for example, your face right after you wake up. After that, you hide things that are a little bit dangerous, things like your past lover and your current anxieties. And after a long time passes you hide things like your stage of tedium. Since we’ve chosen to live with each other instead of getting married those are not the only things that we need to hide.”

bscap0165The 5th episode was mainly the mom episode, under different kind of meanings and… expressions! It all started during the 4th episode when Hwan Jong’s parents visited him and Seol Eun with his mother’s fragmented world tormenting Seol Eun’s harmony! This time we have Man Goo’s and Du Ri’s mothers making their grandiose entrance! And let’s not forget Young Joon’s world of dreams where anything can turn to life! As expected, the 5th episode dwells in the pragmatic side of life of couples who have been living together for a different time period under various circumstances and different backgrounds. The episode leans towards the direction when for no apparent reason tension and concerns may arise while the real reason always remains underneath the surface as the cause of the current conflict is a mere excuse. If all this sounded way too serious, don’t take it for granted, The Lover never sets aside its quirky and highly humorous tone as it always infuses its comical sketches among its sparse moments in times of domestic war, peace or celebration.

Apartment 610 – Young Joon (21) & Man Goo (33)

bscap0167The equinox of the gods was taking place inside Young Joon’s dream and eventually in his boxer. He rushes to the bathroom, but Man Goo wakes up too and prevents his advance for a while! But who was the figure inside his dream that caused his volcano to erupt? He tries to recall but the face is too blurry. Man Goo notices that something’s not right with his boxer and understands that he had a wet dream, but why wasn’t she a part of his dream? Who was it? Could she be a celebrity or an idol? She’s definitely not Man Goo since the figure had huge breasts! Man Goo is disappointed and leaves the living room while Young Joon starts watching the TV!

bscap0168 bscap0169bscap0170bscap0171 bscap0172bscap0173 bscap0174

bscap0176Some people say the word “mother” is the sweetest word in the world, but the more he listens to it as he keeps skipping channels the more frightened he gets and eventually the figure is more apparent than ever before! It was Man Goo’s mother who managed to haunt his erotic dreams and turn them into his worst nightmare! He throws his boxer in fear out of the window and the perv hipster building administrator finds it, smells it and makes it his secret keepsake!

bscap0177 bscap0183bscap0178 bscap0179bscap0185bscap0184

bscap0196Were they watching 50 Shades of Grey? Whichever movie that was, when the passionate scene appeared Young Joon’s eyes pointed towards the direction Man Goo and him should work on the sofa! The scenery’s ready for an explosion of love, but her phone rings while Young Joon has already taking off his clothes getting ready for his favorite part of the day which could happen anytime! Not this time! Her mother’s out of the door and he has to hide! At first he hides inside their room in the wardrobe! Man Goo works on a diversion after she notices his feet and he hides behind the sofa! Another diversion, but he can’t find his trousers to get out of the house! He hides in the bathroom while Man Goo’s mother is using the toilet, quite a horrifying scene!

bscap0195 bscap0198bscap0197bscap0199 bscap0201bscap0200bscap0202 bscap0203bscap0204bscap0205bscap0206 bscap0207

bscap0208Her mother has already monitored the whole house and she’s pretty much aware that she’s hiding a man! And… he’s not the one her mother would expect him to be with such an age difference! The key question is, will they get married? Man Goo and her mother await for his answer but no sound comes out of his mouth! The decision has been taken, Young Joon must leave the house and they must breakup as soon as possible, on top of that, Man Goo’s mother has in mind a proper future husband for her! After her mother leaves Young Joon returns back home to make things right, he didn’t know to react under the sudden turn of events and he almost says that her mother is his style, but he recalls his dream and says that she’s prettier in person. It was already awkward and it’s awkward still. Man Goo’s lost in her own thoughts.

bscap0209 bscap0210bscap0211 bscap0212

“Even though I didn’t expect anything, I can’t help but feel disappointed inside.
Can I believe and rely on this man?”

bscap0213bscap0214 bscap0216 bscap0218bscap0219 bscap0220

 “The appearance of somebody new can create some tension in our relationship.”

bscap0296And Man Goo’s best friend, Kim Pong, appears and Young Joon is not pleased, he’s not pleased at all! Every time they’re left on their own without Man Goo’s presence a silent tension always makes its appearance! Young Joon pays close attention to him, his wallet, his cellphone, his car keys his watch until Kim Pong starts talking to him! Young Joon tries to open a juice bottle, but he can’t, Kim Pong helps him out and opens it up instantly! Being aware of Young Joon’s age he tries to recall everything he used to do back in the days when he was his age! Of course, he saved up money and bought his own house in Gangnam and Man Goo still remembers the welcoming party!

bscap0297bscap0298bscap0299 bscap0300bscap0302bscap0304bscap0305bscap0306

bscap0308Kim Pong urges him to make lots of money, otherwise he’s going to steal Man Goo from him! Man Goo and Kim Pong start talking about his restaurants and how successful he is and Young Joon turns on the TV because he doesn’t want to partake in this conversation! Man Goo wants him to lower the volume and since he can’t do it he hits the remote control on the sofa right next to Kim Pong and startles him! Man Goo will be absent for a while and the two cowboys are left all alone and Young Joon doesn’t enjoy his company! The remote control becomes a subject of conflict as soon as both of them want to watch a different show! Kim Pong grabs it, Young Joon won’t let it go! Circular moves with one hand and then both hands and once Man Goo appears Young Joon lets it go and along with it Kim Pong gets rocketed at the other edge of the sofahurting his forehead on the control!

bscap0309bscap0310 bscap0311bscap0312 bscap0313bscap0314

bscap0315Kim Pong fights back by pushing Young Joon away after tasting the herbal tonic Man Goo brought him! It’s time for Kim Pong to leave, but as soon as Man Goo opens the door the perv hipster building administrator appears and refers to something smelling badly! Both Man Goo and Kim Pong stare at Young Joon and the perv hipster dude starts laughing! His real purpose is to collect the rent, but Man Goo doesn’t have enough money and Young Joon can’t help her either! It’s Kim Pong’s turn to make his move and pays the whole rent! Later that night Man Goo has already fallen asleep and Young Joon stands by her side and asks her in her sleep if she’s going to wait for him until he becomes successful and takes her in his arms as he’s losing himself in his own thoughts.

bscap0316 bscap0166bscap0317 bscap0319bscap0318 bscap0320bscap0322 bscap0323

Apartment 609 – Do Si (35) & Du Ri (31)

bscap0186Fried chicken! Everything good that starts with friend chicken chances are high it will have the opposite outcome in the world of dramas! The possibility of not being together in the future pops up! Suddenly, their property becomes a his & hers hot topic and a conflict begins as they try to find each and every thing’s real owner from the laptop to the TV and from the sofa to the batteries, even the lighter and the cigarettes! It goes on and on and since it’s Du Ri’s house Do Si finds himself sitting without clothes on the stairs out of the apartment and having with him two great companions, the TV and the laptop! Soon he notices that the door’s not locked and returns back to his safe heaven!

 bscap0188bscap0187 bscap0191bscap0189 bscap0190 bscap0192bscap0194

“Lovers that have dated a while have a different approach to dangerous situations.”

bscap0222Du Ri and Do Si are playing Monopoly and everything seems to be flowing quite well for him whereas she’s going to get bankrupt soon! Her mother calls her on the phone and points out she’ll be there in 30 seconds! They’re more than enough for such a trained couple to take care of everything before Du Ri’s mother’s appearance! They have a very specific plan to make the house look like a single woman’s apartment untouched by a man’s presence and they succeed; almost! As for the remains that would betray Do Si’s permanent presence in the apartment? There’s always a backup plan that strikes like a thunder in the open without leaving traces behind! Even if it is a manly hair, a man’s boxer in the laundry or a newly arrived parcel with Do Si being the recipient at Du Ri’s address!

bscap0221bscap0223 bscap0224 bscap0225bscap0226

bscap0228The key to success is easy, they start talking nonstop and the apartment turns into a combination of a lunatic asylum and a jungle as they talk about pretty much anything in the speed of light! The mother’s convinced that her daughter is living alone and the couple aknowledges each other’s effort! They have to perfect their techniques and take care of everything beforehand and take care of all the little details that could betray them anytime, like putting his underwear inside the washing machine and ordering under her name from now on! Time for Monopoly again and the playground passion starts raging on with Do Si having the upper hand and Du Ri trying to gather up her economical pieces!

bscap0227bscap0229bscap0230 bscap0231bscap0232bscap0233

bscap0257Du Ri’s not cooking today and she should relax like a princess as Do Si will be preparing today’s lunch! Everything seems magical, but soon enough he starts asking Du Ri about where he could find the potato peeler, the pepper, the plastic gloves, the salt, etc and even though he follows her instructions he can’t find anything and every freaking time Du Ri has to get up and find them for him! Not quite the princess of the day, but okay! This is the least she should be worrying about though and by the time she acknowledges how hard working he is he puts his hands inside his boxers!

bscap0258bscap0259 bscap0260bscap0261 bscap0262 bscap0264bscap0265

bscap0267He picks up a carrot from the floor and puts it in the pot, he scratches his nose and slaps his butt underneath his trousers! Not quite a sight for Du Ri whose appetite seems to be flying far away! Do Si’s happy, but i can’t say the same about Du Ri who tries to avoid his food, but he intends to feed her and he does since her excuses don’t seem to work! Every morsel equals to a remembrance of Do Si’s cooking process that makes eating way too burdensome and frightening! Once he gets up from the table she lets the rivers of her mouth unleash their fury along with Do Si’s food!

 bscap0268 bscap0269bscap0266bscap0271

“If you’ve dated for a long time, you get to know each other well.”

bscap0273bscap0274 bscap0275bscap0276 bscap0277

Apartment 709 – Joon Jae (in his early 20s) & Takuya (21)

bscap0235Joon Jae’s eating ice-cream and Takuya is jealous, he wants some too and he’s losing himself in the slow motion world of luscious pleasures as Joon Jae nearby is overwhelmed by Takuya’s expressive way of cherishing the ice-cream! He tries to get rid of all these thoughts that make the whole scene look as if he was watching a sensual movie and starts searching for which earbuds to buy, but Takuya is curious about obscenity and Joon Jae enlightens him saying that people who don’t have provocative thoughts they don’t like people that do. Takuya has already finished the ice-cream and starts drinking milk as Joon Jae has already replied that he doesn’t have these provocative thoughts, but staring at Takuya drinking his milk makes him start melting at his very presence!

bscap0236bscap0239 bscap0240

bscap0241Takuya’s hungry and he wants to eat something with many eggs! Joon Jae starts using one egg right after the other as Takuya constructs something nearby that catches Joon Jae’s attention instantly! It’s a penis-shaped egg-shell tower that Joon Jae can’t stand Takuya throwing it away after his life was thrilled by its very existence, but all good things always end and it finds its way in the trashcan! Joon Jae keeps searching for which earbuds to buy and he notices Takuya who’s wielding a relaxing tool that looks like a dildo forged by lust and iron! Joon Jae’s drunk at Takuya’s sight wielding this seemingly weapon of passion and Takuya notices that he’s been staring at him and wants him to test this implement of relaxation to find out for himself how helpful it is! He tries not to and by the time he touches it his world explodes into sensual fireworks!

 bscap0242bscap0243bscap0244bscap0246bscap0163 bscap0250bscap0248bscap0249

“Everything is what we think of it.
What are we thinking about in our heads?”


Apartment  510 – Hwan Jong (32) & Seol Eun (28)

“Living in one house, there are some things you don’t want to admit.”

bscap0279Hwan Jong And Seol Eun are relaxing on their sofa watching the TV, but she’s not alone, she brought along many of her best friends, meaning all kinds of snacks! She starts eating and eating and Hwan Jong can’t help it but tell her about the amount of calories all these possess! He grabs her belly and notices that it’s slightly chubbier! Soon enough the demon of weight enters Seol Eun’s mind as she starts feeling uncomfortable with various parts of her body! She must weigh herself and the first impressions are not positive, but Hwan Jong’s foot was adding more kilos to the overall outcome! Once she notices him she’s relieved!

bscap0278bscap0280 bscap0281bscap0282bscap0283bscap0284

bscap0286Time for the next attempt! She’s 60.3 kilos and she thinks that Hwan Jong’s making fun of her again, but he’s nowhere to be found! Fear starts trespassing her harmony and she starts taking off some clothes until she’s left in her panties, weighing 60.1 kilos! No more panties and there she is, achievement unlocked, 59.9 and she can be a part of that specific world where people are always happy, until Hwan Jong appears and witnesses her naked! It feels like it’s time to do the woof woof dance while Seol Eun tries to avoid it!

bscap0287 bscap0288bscap0290bscap0289bscap0292bscap0294 bscap0165

“The and.”


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Kwon Sang Seung

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