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Episode 24 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

UntitledIt was an exhausting day, i have to admit. And it’s probably one of these few times i had no idea what was going on during the episode, especially during the first half of it. Too much information gathered within just a few scenes, it’s not that it was way too complex, but there was information overload talking about this and then about that and how about we start talking about the other subject as well and so it went on. Roller coaster information can be misleading and my tired brain at that time was unable to focus, during the second watching process and after having taken a nap everything was more apparent, but still it felt like looking for a needle inside a haystack. School 2015 achieved its greatest ratings so far, 6%, as for the other two, there are no more 0.1% differences. This time we had a tie between Heard It Through the Grapevine and Hwajung, both of them hitting 10.1%, but to my eyes Heard It Through the Grapevine is the first one, even for 0.000…0001%, it’s the details, the details!


bscap0182Madam Choi’s talking to attorney Han on the phone and the inheritance matters move on, he took care of the ones he inherited from his late father and the ones from her late mother will be left to In Sang and Yi Ji. Under the new circumstances madame Choi states that the household looks like a camp site when the house personnel leaves when their shift is over and she feels like a refugee! However, she shouldn’t be talking that lightly about refugees and camp sites, she doesn’t even have the slightest clue of what a camp site looks like or how a refugee feels. It’s just her inner self fighting the senseless surface.

bscap0183Yi Ji’s playing with Jin Young and she’s glad she didn’t have to say goodbye to him when her parents wanted to kick Seo Bom out of the household! The young couple acknowledges the fact that she played a major role in keeping Seo Bom there and soon enough a playful brother-sister word fight begins! Attorney Han returns back home and he wants to talk to In Sang and Yi Ji without Seo Bom being around. Teacher Park has already left and In Sang pretends to be unaware of the test grades. It’s a minor subject that will see light of day the next morning, what’s important at this very moment is for In Sang to know why he is different and why he should be different. The reason is simple, he’s the rightful heir to their family’s throne. They can have everything, but attorney Han’s “everything” always walks hand in hand with ulterior motives. Seo Bom’s taking care of Jin Young inside the studying room unaware of what’s going on inside the living room.

bscap0184 bscap0185bscap0186 bscap0187bscap0188bscap0189 bscap0190 bscap0191bscap0192 bscap0193

bscap0195Yi Ji’s checking her own part of the inheritance and she seems to be liking the family’s chalet at Naesadong, a region northeast of Seoul. As for when will she get it, time shall tell and it always depends on her and in the way she will behave. It’s time for her to leave the living room, it’s In Sang’s turn as the eldest son of the family. Yi Ji returns to Seo Bom’s company and makes her aware that In Sang’s inheritance is vast. Seo Bom is sad, but not because she will get nothing, but because In Sang and her are not equal. Yi Ji asks her if she’d be happy had In Sang been as poor as her and soon she realizes that it slipped of her tongue, but Seo Bom would never misunderstand her, she knows that Yi Ji loves her.

bscap0196 bscap0198bscap0199 bscap0200bscap0201

bscap0202Attorney Han asking In Sang how does he feel felt quite rhetoric, but you know what, I have the answer! In Sang at that point was embracing the outskirts of heaven inside the eleventh sub-level of ethereal bliss. He’s cracking into zillions of pieces even though the conversation is still in its birth pangs, can’t you tell from your own son’s stare? Oops, i forgot, you don’t know what to do when it comes to domestic matters. They are not only giving him their asset, but also an opportunity and tools through responsibility. Attorney Han infuses all of his prowess in a lifetime’s lesson to shut In Sang’s eyes and place the same blinders he was wearing since birth upon his own son’s face. If he goes around giving everyone a portion of money then everyone will be happy, but it won’t last; miscalculated generosity, hasty idealism.

 bscap0205bscap0204 bscap0208bscap0207 bscap0206

bscap0209After a company-oriented example attorney Han presents another one based on real facts that is no other than Cheol Shik ahjussi’s case against Daesan Group. Attorney Yoo’s team would like everyone who was a victim of the accident get compensated for justice to be served and In Sang agrees. Attorney Han strictly disagrees, compensating Cheol Shik ahjussi will settle the case quietly, but compensating only him doesn’t set a good example according to In Sang. It’s all about leadership. A leader is not someone with a good personality, but the one who shows that he has a good personality. He refers to an 18th century palace rule, a leader shouldn’t let his people question him, he should make them believe by simply staring at him, that’s where real power comes from. Power is a state through which people could dare touch their leader while still being afraid of him. In Sang thinks that such old-fashioned beliefs don’t fit the current century and madame Choi decides to leave so that In Sang will focus only at his father’s presence, plus she won’t get enraged! Or maybe she’s afraid of something?

bscap0210bscap0213 bscap0212

bscap0211It’s time for yet another example which derives from Seo Bom’s family. Attorney Han has never visited her humble house, but he’s seen the documents! He refers to a probably small but cozy midsize home, but when it gets compared to the center of Seoul it feels old and rundown. In Sang had the happiest memories of his life inside Seo Bom’s humble house and he’s quite uncomfortable with this fragile topic. Attorney Han gets to his point, In Sang should watch out for such sentiment and sympathy, they are abhorrent states of mind, but attorney Han forgets the heart factor.

bscap0214bscap0215 bscap0216

bscap0217In Sang returns slowly back to their room and he doesn’t resemble a human being by now, his soul had been drained and a frail body returns back to its base. He tells Seo Bom that attorney Han was talking about his usual beliefs, but it’s more than apparent that Seo Bom’s observant stare could see through the lines. Jin Ae ajhumma is lost in her own thoughts and by the time Hyeong Shik ahjussi appears she pretends to be busy. He wants her to call Seo Bom, but Jin Ae ahjumma doesn’t comply, if Seo Bom wants to call she will call on her own. She’s curious too about how she is, but she won’t call. Hyeong Shik ahjussi doesn’t quite pay attention to everything Jin Ae ahjumma wants to convey and he’s worried about his in-laws because his family gave them the reason to roam across the land and this is it. Jin Ae ahjumma erupts, she wants him to stop thinking this way and what reason did they give them? Because they didn’t beg for their forgiveness or because in their eyes they didn’t raise Seo Bom well? If he wants to Jin Ae ahjumma can go to the almighty household and give them a real reason!

bscap0218bscap0219 bscap0220bscap0221 bscap0222 bscap0226bscap0225bscap0224

bscap0227It’s not only Hyeong Shik ahjussi who’s too blind to see the truth. At the luxurious living room and in front of president Song Noo Ri wants Je Hoon to decline her uncle’s case. According to Noo Ri, Je Hoon lives in the dangerous side of life and it’s something she doesn’t like! However, president Song indicates that she shouldn’t get anxious, especially when it’s not her life, but her sister’s. After all she shouldn’t forget the way they met in times when Je Hoon worked for Hansong and she was Seo Bom’s sister, she should have already passed that stage already. The point is, hadn’t she passed that stage they would have had already broken up even though she acts this way at this point. Superficial? Why not! Until Je Hoon goes to the US to continue his studies she hopes that nothing bad will happen, but he didn’t study to become like his father. He even wrote a paper on driver’s impact in one’s life reflecting the torture of listening to the Confucian ideology while eating breakfast and president Song concurs! Quite a brainstorming malnutrition dare i say, not for the ideology itself, but for the people deciphering it the way they want to. Noo Ri strikes back stating that his father got a promotion due to Je Hoon, so he’s following a like-minded path, but being too honest isn’t helpful since her sister helped her quite a lot as the young lady of the almighty household and an apology feels essential. It’s time for Je Hoon to leave before the conversation deepens even more. He will keep this very specific aspect of him while doing well in everything else and Noo Ri will do the same on her behalf!


bscap0230The house personnel is talking about inheritance matters, quite a scary subject! They’re referring to the Duke of Winsor who run away from it, but it’s not quite an easy decision! According to teacher Park the most important factor now is In Sang, will he listen to attorney Han or not? Especially now that Seo Bom is the thin red line between him and the inheritance, despite the fact that the Hans want the house personnel to keep referring to her as the young lady. Inside the luxurious living room madame Choi and the rest of the hyenas alongside president Song have gathered. They concur madame Choi and attorney Han’s decisions on the inheritance matter. Even though In Sang wasn’t familiar with it since he was little, something that prevented him from showing off like most of the high class society scions, it didn’t prevent him from doing a great mistake; having a child with a woman that doesn’t belong to the highest peak of the social pyramid. President Song’s interest leans towards the market price of recommended stocks which are on the rise since Hansong started the plan for the heir to the throne, including madame Choi’s brother’s company! President Song and Eom So Jeong see money everywhere and they are quite interested in that fact, but madame Choi points out that her brother’s company has nothing to do with it and they are not quite satisfied with her slight discomfort as she pretends to not know anything about attorney Han’s specific moves.

bscap0231bscap0232 bscap0233bscap0235

bscap0237Min Jae and In Sang are having a conversation on the latest news concerning the inheritance, rumors have already started moving in circles! Hyeon Soo appears and the conversation becomes more specific when in comes to clauses, it’s always a higher form of obedience towards the parents. About In Sang’s inheritance condition, he doesn’t even want to talk about it and Hyeon Soo points out that it could be the divorce factor. Unable to keep discussing such fragile matters In Sang leaves as Hyeon Soo alongside Min Jae keep wondering how could In Sang ever like such an alien persona. If Seo Bom is an alien then i am one too, ET go home, i found new company. She was too plain instead of a model and not someone who would fit In Sang’s family properly, these were Hyeon Soo’s first impressions and they still remain on the surface.

bscap0238bscap0240 bscap0239

bscap0241Seo Bom can finally see the difference between power and reality, but once you acknowledge it the pathway to power is a dead end. In Sang enters the studying room and he can’t really hide his anxiety, even though he tries hard to prevent anyone from reading through the lines he’s an open book. He recognizes his rash decisions while ignoring the source of power while still being aware of it at the same time. In Sang isn’t the only one feeling foolish at this very moment, Seo Bom lowered her head as well after having put her trust In Sang’s power which was no real power at that point and it still isn’t. The room inhales and exhales devastation, surrender and defeat.

bscap0242bscap0245 bscap0253bscap0251 bscap0255bscap0246

bscap0256Je Hoon meets attorney Han at the luxurious lounge of Hansong. The terms of the settlement in Cheol Shik ahjussi’s case are too confusing, the company would never accept revealing their overseas accounts’ wire transfers. “Trade secret” is the term attorney Han uses and Je Hoon finds himself under pressure since his goal was to settle before the trial and ask for Daesan Group’s apology and compensation. As for adding that very specific clause when it comes to the overseas accounts, it is to prove that the company didn’t pay the workers even though it had money, justifying even more Cheol Shik ahjussi’s demands. Attorney Han urges Je Hoon to find all the necessary information concerning the overseas accounts if he can, he’s not the only one searching around for them anyway and Daesan Group isn’t the only company receiving profit from them. Eventually he will lose the arch cause of the trial and without knowing it he will be forging a lie, something that would go against Je Hoon’s ideals. Attorney Han warns him to be careful not to get hit by the side wind!


bscap0260Je Hoon informs Cheol Shik ahjussi that attorney Han was releasing all this information intentionally to mislead them while creating confusion among their ranks. Secretary Min wants him to act as if they were on a date so that nobody will get suspicious of them, she was being followed before and she can’t be sure whether something like that will happen again or not, after all, there’s always the CCTV option. Even though it’s not so easy, they will have to discuss everything in a smiling tone no matter how overburdening this may be. Secretary Min’s quite trained, but Cheol Shik ahjussi finds it quite difficult and after shedding some light on the latest events with Seo Bom and the emotional impact it had on him they decide to leave like couples do!


bscap0263Min Jae and Hyeon Soo decide to visit In Sang and Seo Bom at the almighty household and president Song will give them a ride! And here they are and In Sang doesn’t seem quite pleased! Min Jae bows in front of Seo Bom and Hyeon Soo wonders why did he do such a thing! Min Jae states that they came to cheer her up due to almost getting kicked out of the almighty household and madame Choi appears. Of course it gets noisy sometimes so they shouldn’t bother that much, as for Seo Bom she will be the one to take care of the guests in the house personnel’s absence. In Sang follows Seo Bom and points out that they’re not here to cheer them up but spy on them! He becomes crystal clear in front of her, he neither called them over nor he wants to get close to them so she shouldn’t be bothered that much and deal with it naturally; a hug feels essential! Min Jae and Hyeon Soo’s playful yet observant tone goes on, but neither In Sang nor Seo Bom are in the mood for this, even though In Sang shows it while Seo Bom hides underneath a smiling mask. Yi Ji thinks that madame Choi used Hyeon Soo to torment Seo Bom even more, but this is not the case this time, or is it? Seo Bom doesn’t intend to stay for too long at the living room and eventually she leaves since she was already in the middle of something the moment they appeared. Min Jae and Hyeon Soo complete one another, something about Seo Bom is not like them and In Sang totally agrees!

bscap0267 bscap0265bscap0266 bscap0270bscap0268bscap0272bscap0273

bscap0277Hyeon Soo returns back home and Ji Young Ra wants to know about everything, but she doesn’t get through Hyeon Soo’s wall of silence! Hyeon Soo can be her only source of information on that and she doesn’t intend to give up, she prepares a juice and puts on her maternal mask to approach her once again, the only thing she can find out is something obvious, that madame Choi deeply hates Seo Bom and if Hyeon Soo still likes In Sang is something that should bother only her and her alone.


bscap0278In Sang’s confession time feels near and he mentions Seo Bom that attorney Han won’t just give the inheritance to him in an openhanded way. He wants her to remain calm in order to proceed with further information and since he doesn’t seem to do so Seo Bom intends to sum up what his father told him. In Sang and Seo Bom’s facial expressions feel different externally, but on the inside both of them are bleeding. In Sang is spending some time along with his own demons in his prison of mirrors while Seo Bom witnesses his desperation from the other side of the glass. The Hans will be sleeping at ease tonight, Seo Bom will eventually sense it all.

bscap0282bscap0279 bscap0285bscap0284bscap0287bscap0288 bscap0289bscap0290bscap0291

bscap0293Attorney Yoo and attorney Han are having a conversation; “even if everybody is our enemy, we should treat all like they are one of us”. Attorney Yoo’s grateful for having Je Hoon under her wings and she’s aware that attorney Han confused him quite a lot. Any possible information cannot be ignored, even if it’s apparent that it could be wrong confirmation’s always required just in case. Wasting time and getting drained was attorney Han’s plan from the very beginning, but he changes the subject of the conversation and moves towards her baby and her studies in America. Attorney Han thinks that it would be a great idea if she would update her studies at this point and she’s neither positive nor negative. It’s Je Hoon’s time to visit attorney Han and all the secretaries are aware that something’s going on since he called them separately.


bscap0296The house personnel is having another meeting and secretary Yang is the main subject of the conversation! They’ve left her waiting in agony without contacting her back, secretary Lee’s waiting for her to communicate with her in order to arrange a meeting once the ropes start thickening around her neck! It’s the punishment she receives for her slush fund behind everyone’s back, but they don’t intend to share all this dirty money either. It’s time to unite their powers in order to find out how they will get compensated after having scared to death secretary Yang! Since madame Choi isn’t at home and lunch time has arrived they intend to invite Seo Bom to eat with them, secretary Lee will inform her on pretty much everything. She’s thankful towards Seo Bom since she was of great help and everything will probably flow well for the house personnel. Secretary Lee was the first one to meet Seo Bom with her big belly getting out of the taxi and soon enough memories are all over the place in a playful tone for the first time after such a long time inside the almighty household!

bscap0297bscap0298 bscap0299

bscap0300The housemaid takes care of some ingredients since tomorrow’s a day off and butler Park’s revolutionary spirit doesn’t approve! The meeting with secretary Yang will take place tomorrow at secretary Lee’s place and since the major owner will change, meaning In Sang, everything must flow according to plan without rushing anything with the hope that everything will work out eventually. Secretary Lee informs madame Choi on everyone’s schedule beforehand, attorney Han will be playing golf in Jeju island, Yi Ji will be visiting her art studio and In Sang and Seo Bom alongside Jin Young will be going out for a walk with the baby. Madame Choi will be home alone, oh the frustration! Secretary Lee passes by the studying room but she finds out In Sang and Seo Bom are having a close conversation and she doesn’t want to disturb them.

bscap0301bscap0302 bscap0304bscap0303

bscap0305In Sang informs Seo Bom that attorney Han hasn’t made an offer yet to Cheol Shik ahjussi and secretary Min’s family. Seo Bom’s pretty certain they will offer that much money in exchange for their confidentiality they won’t be able to refuse. It doesn’t feel right, but taking advantage of both family’s economical situation is essential to attorney Han to avoid any further problems. They’re not their usual lively and passionate selves when they are on their own and both of them notice that something’s just not right between them. Seo Bom finds attorney Han at the main corridor but he doesn’t intend to talk to her, neither In Sang nor her uncle’s matters concern her.

bscap0306bscap0307 bscap0308bscap0309bscap0312bscap0313bscap0315

bscap0316Jin Ae ahjumma gets ready and prepares some food for Jin Young and takes care of the table’s edges to protect him and here they are! She notices that they brought along many things and she states that it feels as if they were moving! Jin Ae ahjumma is quite happy seeing her grandson again, but the ambiance between In Sang and Seo Bom doesn’t shine at this point, they’ve become quite distant, they don’t even reply to Jin Ae ahjumma’s caring thoughts about them as a couple and when they do they are not reassuring, awkwardness is the least floating in the air.

bscap0317 bscap0322bscap0319

bscap0324In Sang loses himself in Seo Bom’s thoughts. She was pretty much aware that if In Sang wants to get the inheritance he will have to divorce Seo Bom. Holding the towel he doesn’t really want to let it go as memories from the recent past come to the surface, he’s way too attached to this humble house and the people living inside it. It’s time for the young couple to head outdoors! In the meantime, secretary Yang arrives at secretary Lee’s place. Soon enough the playful attitude surrenders to reality, secretary Lee doesn’t quite want to have half secretary Yang’s profit and points out that her life is way too exhausting. It was a plan to raise fear among secretary Yang’s ranks, secretary Lee wants everyone to become the rightful owners of Han Trust and divide the shares, but secretary Yang doesn’t quite agree. Secretary Lee points out that In Sang will become the owner of the company soon and since he’s an idealist it will be a big plus, however secretary Yang’s still not convinced and considers everyone of them delusional. The divorce paper is secretary Lee’s strongest card and if Seo Bom signs it In Sang will get the inheritance.

 bscap0327 bscap0329bscap0331 bscap0333bscap0332bscap0335 bscap0338bscap0336

bscap0339Seo Bom and In Sang arrive at the restaurant and it’s such a shame witnessing such a beautiful moment before the storm, for Jin Young’s poop’s sake, it’s the first time they get out on their own since Jin Young’s birth! In Sang’s loving attitude comes to the surface, but Seo Bom instantly puts an end to it as the dishes catch her attention intentionally. Out of all the Greek dishes, why did you pick octopus salad? I’d rather jump out of the window that eat octopus, but since it’s the Mediterranean style dish Haruki (Murakami?) liked, oh well. It’s an expensive restaurant and Seo Bom intends to drink a coffee, In Sang will buy her the most expensive one.

 bscap0341bscap0340  bscap0343bscap0342 bscap0344bscap0345bscap0346bscap0347 bscap0348bscap0352

bscap0357The overall ambiance is overburdening and In Sang points out that his father might had been right without meaning that he intends to break up with her. Seo Bom adds that if In Sang wants to take the inheritance and run it he shouldn’t be married to someone like her, but this isn’t entirely true points In Sang. Taking care of secretary Min’s brother’s and Cheol Shik ahjussi’s case is essential, but if their case works as an example to everyone else who was mistreated the company will go bankrupt. Seo Bom bursts into tears but she tries to prevent herself from crying, she can’t help it but feel disappointed in In Sang.

bscap0358 bscap0359bscap0360 bscap0361bscap0362bscap0363

bscap0369Attorney Han returns back home, but madame Choi doesn’t know anything about the young couple’s destination, Yi Ji points out that In Sang will be returning home alone tonight. Madame Choi’s quite happy, even though it lasted longer than expected! The major confrontation between Seo Bom and In Sang takes place, she’s pretty certain he wouldn’t be able to live at her humble house if he had to and tension rises as Seo Bom bursts into tears and cries her heart out. The only reason she liked the almighty household was because she thought they were staring at the same direction as a couple, not because In Sang was rich, she didn’t know it in the first place until walking in there. However, she doesn’t deny that she was tempted a bit at some point. Noo Ri notices that something doesn’t feel right and informs her parents! In Sang wants to take Seo Bom back home and talk there, but it’s not the right place where she can think logically and bring her thoughts together.

bscap0365bscap0366 bscap0368 bscap0370bscap0372bscap0371bscap0373

bscap0374She acknowledges that she was raised by a monster and she could have turned into a monster too referring to attorney Han’s legacy. In Sang points out that if she thinks a little bit differently they can grow up well under attorney Han’s care, but she simply can’t agree with this alienation! Noo Ri and Hyeong Shik ahjussi enter the room and try to calm things down, but being a nobody inside In Sang’s house is way too much of a burden. If they think she won the lottery it simply doesn’t feel like that, it’s a curse she had to go through every freaking day all this time. Even though she tried hard to become the tiger that would eventually emerge victorious it wasn’t neither easy nor a lifetime’s dream for her.

bscap0377bscap0375bscap0378 bscap0381bscap0380

bscap0382Being around a pathetic monster like attorney Han just doesn’t feel right, it’s more than she can bear, In Sang should be returning back home alone as the most devastating hug in this 24-episode run of Heard It Through the Grapevine takes place with Seo Bom losing herself in tears and In Sang being unable to withstand the emotional charge of the moment; he’s empty. At the almighty household attorney Han’s not worried if Jin Young gets left behind they will find a way to bring him back. Attorney Han’s more than satisfied, his medicine seems to be working quite well, everything happened way faster than expected, but what confuses me is the fact that madame Choi’s doesn’t seem that pleased, she’s rather confused or even frightened dare i say.

 bscap0384bscap0383 bscap0385 bscap0386bscap0389 bscap0390

Thoughts: At this point In Sang feels like Peter Pan who lost his precious neverland right underneath his feet in a blink of an eye. Attorney Han doesn’t “force” his views while at the same time he enforces them indirectly. He elicits all the required information he wants to convey through In Sang’s differentiation and strikes in time with the appropriate values he preserves. Miscalculated generosity, hasty idealism, sentiment and sympathy are the greatest enemies on the pathway to leadership and he evades all these obstacles one after the other through In Sang’s indirect “help”. Through this forced conversation which in fact is an indirect monologue on attorney Han’s behalf he managed to convey all the required terms if In Sang wants to become the rightful heir to the throne.

Dance, my puppets!


Attorney Han dealt with Cheol Shik ahjussi’s case masterfully, he forced information that would never be helpful in the first place in order to distract, confuse and eventually exhaust the whole team working alongside Seo Bom’s side. At the same time, he sets aside Seo Bom and he barely talks to her, making her feel unwanted in his very own way. Steadily and step by step Seo Bom’s castles collapse one after the other and the only way out is leaving on her own while still getting kicked out in an indirect way. Attorney Han follows an indirect method on pretty much everything and it works since he infuses the medicine which pretty much is like poison on everyone around him and lets them do the talking for him whether they like it or not. Divide and conquer works just fine while everyone works on the dividing factor as attorney Han conquers.


Both In Sang and Seo Bom feeling foolish is just the embittered taste of a sudden surrender while they were marching onwards to a falsified victory due to miscalculation and simplification of the facts and the truth behind them. Seo Bom can’t withstand the ominous air inside the almighty household and staying at her humble house for the time being will help her recover and regain her peace of mind. She avoided the transformation and the monster hiding within has been silenced once and for all. Both heart and mind need to rest in order to start pounding and thinking respectively anew with emotion and meaning.


In Sang is walking upon the least soulful pathway in his life, he’s no longer himself while he still remains himself to the fullest. He knows what he wants, but he found himself in the most violent crossroad having to choose between Seo Bom and his inheritance. Whichever option he chooses will never walk hand in hand with the other one and it’s not that he’s after wealth and power, but he will be unable to support his own family without the inheritance factor. In front of him lies a cliff and right behind him a vicious torrent and he keeps standing on the top of the hill unable to choose the path that will lead him to his own demise or salvation.


Being with Seo Bom and Jin Young is not a condemnation, but the condemnation relies upon how they will be able to survive without having anything. Choosing the inheritance will be blocking his way towards Seo Bom’s heart, as for Jin Young is not that much of a problem since the Hans will be able to get him back, what’s important here is the fact that Jin Young must get raised by both In Sang and Seo Bom, always with love and with the least possible heartache. In Sang’s time to shine to the fullest has arrived and the following episodes are bound to depict his pathway step by step. It’s time for In Sang to make the toughest decisions in his life, proving whether he learned to swim against the current or not. The most masterful the way the better the outcome, not only for him, but for everyone he loves and keeps close to his heart.


Noo Ri and Hyeong Shik ahjussi keep wanting to interfere in Seo Bom’s life setting aside Jin Ae ahjumma’s insightful thoughts. If it had been up to her she would had gone inside the almighty household to say everything she wants to, but it’s Seo Bom’s life under her own choices and she wants her to be responsible for everything that happens. She wouldn’t stand it had she advised Seo Bom to do something that would turn against her. She believes in her own daughter who’s already seen a lot to be able to fight back for herself. It’s to her honor that she didn’t interfere even when Seo Bom and In Sang were breaking to pieces inside her room.

Can i just poop?


One’s sadness might be another one’s happiness and of course i’m referring to the house personnel’s post-strike era, everything will probably flow well for them, especially if In Sang divorces Seo Bom. Secretary Yang is even more cornered by now and even though she might not agree, eventually she will probably have to surrender under the sudden turn of events. As the forthcoming episodes will be appearing before our very eyes everyone’s ambitions and sincerity will appear since every mask is bound to fall from the house personnel to teacher Park, the secretaries to the attorneys and from president Song’s fellowship to their sons and daughters.


Except for In Sang and Seo Bom, what concerns me the most at this point is madame Choi. She’s definitely happy with the turn of events, but all this loneliness inside the almighty household is killing her. Except for the fact that she feels powerless at this very point, something just doesn’t feel right, something she can neither conceive nor express at this very moment. Attorney Han hasn’t paid for his emotional crimes against her, Seo Bom is hated by her but still, she was the only one who stood by her side at difficult times; her personal puzzle lies in pieces now. While attorney Han was raving about his medicine at the very end of the episode it pretty much felt like poison to madame Choi, at least that’s how i conceived it. She didn’t share the same amount of pleasure with her husband and through the whole duration of the episode was like a shadow of herself.

“What I sometimes mistake for ecstasy is simply the absence of grief.” (Sarah Kane – Crave)


At this point i don’t quite know what to expect, but i am kind of certain things are not the way they seem to be, the writer has always been deceiving quite many times and i don’t see a reason why everything would be the way it appears to be at this very crucial point. Seo Bom and In Sang no matter how hard the circumstances may be they never were without a backup plan, there was always something lying in the background that would eventually help them rise back to the surface from the depths. However, the sudden turn of events is definitely trying their confidence and will to fight back. In Sang’s emotional trials have already began and all the burden has fallen upon his shoulders as Seo Bom can no longer withstand the sheer pain that keeps overrunning her.

“Once you have perceived that life is very cruel, the only response is to live with as much humanity, humor and freedom as you can.” (Sarah Kane)


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avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-


  1. bmore
    May 15, 2015 at 7:43 pm — Reply

    How will Attorney Han face his future if he has no heir? If In Sang walked, leaving the almighty HH and the inheritance, what happens to Attorney Han’s carefully laid out future plan? Will he and that HH fall apart? One would think so. I’m sure he would say to just wait for In Sang to come crawling back and would then proceed to destroy any chance for him to support himself and his family, going after Seo Bom and her family at the same time. Will he go after his grandson to raise him as The Heir? Will the Korean courts support separating the child from both parents for money’s sake? Things have changed on that front in Korea, but this is dramaland and money is all powerful here. I was not prepared for how rapidly everything fell apart between In Sang and Seo Bom in these 2 episodes. I felt overwhelmed and confused at the end and still do. My mind and the questions going 90MPH. Attorney Han did not arrive at the place he is in his life by being the buffoon we see him as in his home. He is obviously an extremely shrewd man and he has used that to his advantage now in his dealings with his son. The damage he inflicted was rapid and ruthless….and realistic. My heart is breaking for In Sang…and shattered completely at the word ‘disappointed’ when it passed Seo Bom’s lips as she spoke to him. He was already in such a terrible position. But to have her verbalize that word….when he knew how his internal struggle and decision making process was going to affect her already but, I’m sure, desperately hoped she would understand, support, and help him find an impossible solution for…it must have crushed him. I know it completely demoralized me. Seo Bom’ breakdown broke me! This show. Every week it takes my breath away.

    • May 18, 2015 at 4:59 pm — Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, the last few days were a bit tough! Today i found out it’s going to be 30 episodes instead of 32! These are good questions, but attorney Han wouldn’t surrender that easily, even if In Sang had left the house he would prefer to leave him hanging out in the streets that go after him to bring him back! On the other hand, his prestige would get ruined by something like that 😀 Attorney Han indeed is far more powerful than he appears to be inside his household and when he gets serious he gets DEADLY serious! “The damage he inflicted was rapid and ruthless….and realistic.” Fast forward like a sudden snake bite with enough poison to paralyze, but not kill! Both of them were devastated at that point and both of them were craving for each other’s support, but in times like these it’s tough to keep supporting while breaking apart, i was hoping too that Seo Bom would stand by his side, but it was tough for her, both of them were collapsing and they couldn’t gather each other’s pieces respectively. Seo Bom needed a breakdown to release everything that has been tormenting her all this time! She was keeping everything inside or she was crying in secrecy. I guess of us are more than ready for the next two episodes! 😀

  2. mdj101
    May 15, 2015 at 7:51 pm — Reply

    Lost my comment, darn it!
    Your recap this week is beyond amazing. So much was happening in the drama. A sudden and unforeseen attack wage by Prince Han Jung Ho in defense of the “state” he rules.
    I’ll make just two comments,
    The “medicine like a poison” from HJH! Reminds me of the dish of poison ordered by the King or Queen to another person of royal/noble rank, a special honor as oppose to hanging, beheading, or being drawn and quartered alive like a (GASP) common slob.
    And I thank you for breaking down the horrible decisions facing our In Sang. You also picked up on the oddly confused look on Yeon Hee’s face. Has it started to dawn on her that she might have just made a very big mistake?

    • May 18, 2015 at 4:54 pm — Reply

      I read that it’s going to be 30 episodes instead of 32! Even so, i hope it will keep its grandeur up to the very end as a drama! I don’t want anything to be set aside during the sacrifice of 2 episodes! The preview of today’s episode felt quite ominous, hopefully enough it won’t sum up the air of the whole episode and there will be rays of light! Can’t wait for the subs! Sorry for the late reply, it was a bit tough from Thursday up to Sunday!

  3. May 18, 2015 at 8:08 pm — Reply

    TO: Kwon Sang Seung – Your review/recap was outstanding. It did clear up some questions in my mind. Information overload for sure in the episodes. I was interested in the quotes by Sarah Kane you inserted. I thought they were spot on to the situation at hand. I didn’t know who she was so I googled her name and bio. How sad that a person of such depth committed suicide. That changed my feelings about her quotes.

    • May 18, 2015 at 9:09 pm — Reply

      Thank you very much and i am really glad it was helpful!! 🙂 Sarah Kane was a great soul and she tried to get rid of her own demons, but apparently she didn’t manage to achieve it and she got them with her no matter how hard she tried :/

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