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Week 6 Review ~ Episodes 11-12: The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)

moorimThe last two episodes progressed the storyline a bit too fast, but if you connect the pieces they make perfect sense in the end. At some point everything felt as if they were sparse pieces of a puzzle that gradually started making sense in a fast forward pace. As for the end of the 12th episode, they are called cliffhangers and no matter how hard we try to avoid them we secretly enjoy their very presence. It’s a gracious part of a drama addict’s dramasochism and it’s always welcome even though we can’t wait for the next airing week’s moment to arrive. And The Girl Who Sees Scents definitely knows what cliffhanger means and uses it according to plan.

bscap1567Cho Rim managed to evade chef Kwon pretty well inside his library referring to the paper she was wielding as the script and the books falling on the floor was a careless mistake due to her anxiety because she was concerned about the shooting! Shortly after the staff members come searching for them and any possible danger that could have occurred drowns in the shadows. At the same time, Moo Gak can’t accept the fact that he was kicked out of the investigation team and he’s causing a ruckus at the police station. The detectives take him away and Yeon Mi tells them half the truth when it comes to Moo Gak’s story, that his sister was murdered by the barcode serial killer and all of them are at loss for words. At least they do recognize his value as the most hard-working member of the team at this point.

 bscap1566bscap1565 bscap1571bscap1573 bscap1574bscap1575 bscap1570

bscap1576Cho Rim keeps reading doctor Chun’s letter and she tries to make a connection to the Choi Eun Seol parameter. She will need Moo Gak’s help and she visits him for her own reasons, but she finds out he was kicked out of the investigation team. He’s devastated and he can’t understand the reasons why since his sister’s death doesn’t technically belong to the barcode serial killer case. Having witnessed his own demons, Cho Rim decides that it’s not the right moment to ask him all the questions she wanted to and she decides to go see her father in search of answers.

bscap1580 bscap1579bscap1578 bscap1581

bscap1584Cho Rim asks Oh Jae Pyo directly whether she is Choi Eun Seol or not and he responds positively, there’s no point in hiding the truth at this point and we get more insight when it comes to Jae Pyo’s background. He was the detective in charge of the case 3 years ago and Cho Rim reminded him a lot of his own daughter who would had been her age had she been alive. She had gone missing when she was 5 and her body had been discovered a month later. Jae Pyo wanted to take care of her as if she was his own daughter and adopted her. Concerning her real parents, Jae Pyo pretends not to know anything, the fact that she found her real identity was enough of a burden for now. Both of them find themselves in tears and i was glad she still sees him as her father and a beautiful hug takes place. The father-daughter relationship moves on and even if she finds her real parents he will still be her father; if only she knew.

bscap1588 bscap1587bscap1585bscap1590

bscap1591The detectives are drinking and they called Moo Gak to have a manly talk with him letting him know that they heard about his background story. They can finally understand why he wanted so badly to become a member of the investigation team. They can’t do that much since Yeon Mi follows the rules strictly, but they do promise him they will catch the barcode serial killer. Moo Gak wants to catch him on his own, it’s a matter of redemption for him and he asks the detectives for their secret help and cooperation. Detectives Ki and Ye use a diversion and take Yeon Mi with them and Moo Gak has some time now to search her files and find out all the latest progress on the investigation. Detective Kang can’t come up with a great idea and the detectives try at all costs to make him say something that would keep Yeon Mi there! He says that he wants to become a profiler and he asks for Yeon Mi’s precious advice!

bscap1592 bscap1594bscap1593

bscap1597Moo Gak found that the profiler sketch Yeon Mi was working on was resembling the wife of the fisherman couple. Going through Cho Rim’s identity information and finding out that Oh Jae Pyo is her father everything makes perfect sense, Cho Rim is the one and only witness and the daughter of the fisherman couple. Yeon Mi would like to see Cho Rim and she visits her at her place. She’s curious about her lost memories that have started shyly coming back to the surface and she would like to help Cho Rim find more about her past. Cho Rim is afraid of diving in the past because her memories won’t possibly be as happy as she is at the present. Her mind is probably blocking all these memories because they are too painful and she wants everything to remain buried in the past for now, but she’s thankful towards Yeon Mi for her concern. Concerning Moo Gak, Yeon Mi doesn’t intend to bring him back to the investigation team no matter how hard Cho Rim may try.


bscap1602Moo Gak can’t believe that Cho Rim is the girl who had the same name as his sister while at the same time Cho Rim dives in her own thoughts. It certainly wasn’t the most pleasant night for both of them. Moo Gak meets Yeon Mi and asks her directly if she kicked him out of the team because Cho Rim is the woman he loves and has the same name as his sister who was killed in her place. Yeon Mi’s positive and she doesn’t want to talk about it any more, the decision has already been taken. Moo Gak tries to convince her that he has no feelings for Cho Rim and that he sees her as a witness, but faking his own feelings is not convincing enough and she can’t take for granted that his internal world wouldn’t affect the investigation negatively.

 bscap1603 bscap1605bscap1604

bscap1611Moo Gak must find Jae Pyo for more concrete information. On his way there Moo Gak and chef Kwon meet each other on a bridge. While they’re having a conversation every time Moo Gak’s cell phone receives a message chef Kwon’s mobile phone rings as well. Moo Gak starts suspecting a few things and finding chef Kwon at this very specific region wasn’t just a coincidence. Chef Kwon points out that he’s in search of good hidden restaurants whereas Moo Gak is in search of a witness and he emphasizes that they’re talking about different things that have different paths. However, one of them leads to death. Moo Gak knows by now how chef Kwon found about this place, but chef Kwon doesn’t quite understand and leaves smiling like an ecstatic coconut. Moo Gak recalls the moment when chef Kwon got his phone to “search” for his own and he had referred to Jae Pyo’s address only once, through the phone; spy application! By the time Moo Gak arrives at the restaurant Jae Pyo had already left.

bscap1609 bscap1610bscap1612 bscap1613

bscap1615Chef Kwon picks up Jae Pyo and things become complicated. Moo Gak’s eating with detective Ki and he’s got an idea, he calls the detective on his phone in order to deliver a message to chef Kwon; indirectly. He knows that he’ll listen to everything he has to say, that’s what happens and you can witness the hatred in chef Kwon’s stare; challenge accepted. The communication world of Moo Gak is safe by now since he reset his phone. Cho Rim’s waiting for Moo Gak to appear and sends him messages one after the other because he’s nowhere to be found. He’s on the opposite side of the road witnessing his loved one with nearly teary eyes. You can sense their contrast at this point, her unawareness of danger and his immense concern because he knows she’s in danger. He decides to enter the bus and head towards the opposite direction, he’s too burdened to see her right now and she’s heading towards the police station to find out he’s not there either.

 bscap1619bscap1616 bscap1618bscap1621bscap1622bscap1623

bscap1625Cho Rim overhears the detectives’ discussion about Moo Gak’s sister and Choi Eun Seol and she starts making all the necessary connections in her mind since the witness is alive. Doctor Chun pops up in the conversation and everything becomes clearer, Cho Rim is Eun Seol, the witness, the reason why Moo Gak’s sister passed away so violently. Feels overfill the ambiance and another uneasy night for our beloved couple has arrived, more oppressive than the previous one. Cho Rim’s all alone and it’s such heartrending witnessing her crying her heart out silently in front of such a great view while Moo Gak returns back to the aquarium. Later on he decides to wait for her outside of her house.


bscap1635It’s a very important day, it’s Moo Gak’s birthday and he wants to invest in all these beautiful moments with Cho Rim, the woman he loves, but she doesn’t look that excited. Moo Gak wonders, is it the expression of a girlfriend who’s too cool to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday or she’s too absentminded that she forgot it? In order to be forgiven she will have to sing out loud the happy birthday anthem! Wow, both of them are left-handed, that’s almost as rare as mutual love nowadays! There was a tradition at Moo Gak’s house during birthdays, they were preparing different dishes in groups of three! This time the three different teams have to be pancakes, vegetables and meat dishes and if she wants to get married to him she will have to learn all these small yet meaningful traditions! You have to love their contrasting emotions with Moo Gak trying his best to hide everything he’s going through and pay attention to his own feelings whereas Cho Rim is overburdened by the recent information overload.

bscap1633bscap1634 bscap1638bscap1636

Why are you so cute?!


bscap1640It’s time for the birthday cake and she has to sing loudly as promised and instead of his name he wants to refer to him as her darling! The birthday wish moment arrives and shortly after in the dark Cho Rim could see the scent of his mobile phone, now that’s something interesting! Cho Rim wonders whether he will hate her in the future once her memories pop up in full bloom, but all that matters is that she’s with him, right here, right now; the past is of no importance. Ten minutes remain until the day changes and Moo Gak’s birthday will be over and Cho Rim walks him back home holding hands.

bscap1644bscap1642 bscap1643 bscap1647bscap1646 bscap1650bscap1648

bscap1655By the time they arrive at his place Moo Gak intends to walk her back home, but she lets go of his hand and tells him that she wants to break up with him. She says that she doesn’t like him anymore and that he doesn’t have to understand, instead he can just put the blame on her for everything. She doesn’t intend to change her opinion while at the same time she’s trying hard not to break apart in front of him. Moo Gak sets sail on a journey filled with moments he passed alongside Cho Rim from the very first time they met and i have to admit that all the selected flashback scenes were heartfelt or hilarious scenes i loved. It was a beauteous ride after such a heartbreaking moment, thanks to you, noble idiocy.


bscap1661The next morning Cho Rim visits Yeon Mi and she wants to enter the memory recollection program. She sets aside her thought sideways and she becomes straight forward about being the witness. She’s definitely frightened, but she wants to know the truth. Cho Rim acknowledges that things will get harder for her once she remembers everything and drowns in her guilt for Moo Gak’s sister’s loss. Yeon Mi tells her that it’s the murderer’s fault and not hers that Eun Seol passed away. The reason behind the noble idiocy breakup was deeper, Cho Rim wants Moo Gak to return to the investigation team and it’s something Yeon Mi should keep as a secret from him. At this point Cho Rim becomes aware that Chef Kwon is the major suspect of the barcode serial killer case and she doesn’t intend to step back, she wants to be useful in the overall investigation when the occasion asks for it.


bscap1663Moo Gak’s a member of the investigation team once again and Yeon Mi wants to believe in his willpower. The detective faction is quite happy with Moo Gak’s return! Oh Jae Pyo has created an association of the victims’ families after the 3rd murder in Jeju island, it’s something that makes chef Kwon suspicious since people consider the fisherman couple murder as the barcode killer’s second murder. He wonders how could Jae Pyo ever know that the first murder (Hong Ji Yeon) was separate? Chef Kwon gave Jae Pyo 30 million ₩ as a donation to his association. Jae Pyo considers the police force useless when it comes to the case and the best consolation will come from catching the murderer. The association’s most powerful weapon is the witness and they intend to catch the murderer on their own. Chef Kwon tries to unearth more information declaring his fake admiration to Jae Pyo’s devotion to their cause even though he’s not a family member of any victim, but Jae Pyo doesn’t fall for it. By the time Jae Pyo refers to his daughter chef Kwon starts becoming suspicious after a memory recollection of one of his victims who was married to Jae Pyo. The first victim was Jae Pyo’s wife, that’s why he wants to solve the case so much.

bscap1664bscap1662 bscap1670bscap1669 bscap1672

bscap1674The memory restoration program has to do with hypnosis and Yeon Mi informs Cho Rim who’s worried about her father who hasn’t returned yet. Yeon Mi will look into it and later on she informs Moo Gak that Cho Rim knows she’s the witness and also knows about his sister whom the murderer mistook for her. He can’t hold back his tears and starts searching for Cho Rim. Cho Rim receives a message from her father and she goes to pick him up. The police located his phone and the message was sent from chef Kwon’s house. Since Yeon Mi can’t contact Cho Rim anew she informs Moo Gak and heads towards chef Kwon’s house.

bscap1673 bscap1678bscap1676 bscap1679bscap1681bscap1682 bscap1685

bscap1680The door’s open and Cho Rim wonders around the house until chef Kwon who has her father’s phone appears, but he doesn’t recognize her due to prosopagnosia, but he refers to her as Choi Eun Seol and asks her if she’s seen him before! She doesn’t utter a word and by the time electricity goes off she follows Moo Gak’s scent while the enraged chef Kwon can barely walk in the dark! The electricity is on and Moo Gak keeps Cho Rim safe and by the time the chef goes out of the house Moo Gak hits him in the head and leaves him unconscious on the ground. He points the gun at him, but Cho Rim restrains him from doing something rash, she doesn’t want Moo Gak to become a murderer like chef Kwon. Cho Rim goes back inside the house to find her father and Moo Gak follows her to do some further research, but Cho Rim’s feeling dizzy and passes out due to a possible memory shock. Detectives Ki and Ye will take care of the rest and Moo Gak takes Cho Rim to the hospital. Chef Kwon returns back to reality and states that Jae Pyo’s fallen asleep. He doesn’t let the detectives in and goes inside to bring Jae Pyo.

bscap1690bscap1686bscap1687 bscap1691 bscap1693bscap1694bscap1696bscap1697

bscap1697Chef Kwon deletes the message he sent from Jae Pyo’s phone and hides the syringes. By the time he gets out of the house Jae Pyo’s concerned about his daughter and states that he couldn’t get in touch with her. He returns back home and we witness chef Kwon that followed him in order to find out his residence. At the same time, Cho Rim feels better at the hospital and Moo Gak informs her that her father returned back home safe. Cho Rim tells Moo Gak that chef Kwon referred to her as Choi Eun Seol and asked her if she remembered him. She informs Moo Gak on chef Kwon’s prosopagnosia and that he didn’t recognize her because she didn’t say anything.

bscap1698bscap1699 bscap1700bscap1702bscap1703bscap1706bscap1704

bscap1709Both of them are aware that both of them know the truth about each other. Cho Rim can’t be with Moo Gak because she’s the witness Choi Eun Seol and she blames herself for his sister’s death as she finds herself in an apologetic mood. Moo Gak would never agree with her approach, it has nothing to do with her, it’s the murderer’s fault and he’s aware that she broke up with him for such a ridiculous reason by accusing herself. Moo Gak wants her to stop worrying about anything else, all she has to do is accept his love for her, but her guilt won’t let her embrace it.

bscap1707bscap1708bscap1710 bscap1714bscap1715

bscap1717Jae Pyo is at the police station and refers to the reasons why he kept Cho Rim’s identity a secret, he didn’t want her to be overburdened inside the police station struggling to remember the memories she doesn’t want to recall. He also wanted to catch the culprit himself by following the investigation’s progress through their chief. That’s why he approached chef Kwon in the first place, but apparently he failed. Chef Kwon knows that his daughter is the witness and they must be apart for the time being for her own safety. Jae Pyo will live in another apartment and he tells Cho Rim to trust the investigation team. It’s such a lovely father-daughter moment after all these hardships and moments of truth!

bscap1720bscap1719bscap1721bscap1723 bscap1722

bscap1724Moo Gak wants to accompany her back home, but she doesn’t want to, she will call him once she returns back home to tell him she’s safe. He was following her to make sure everything will be fine. By the time Cho Rim enters her house she finds the whole place torn apart! She starts screaming and Moo Gak gets inside to her aid. Moo Gak wants to find out whether this was done by chef Kwon or just a burglar, but the fact that only a photograph is missing points towards chef Kwon’s direction. He definitely didn’t recognize her and it will be dangerous to keep staying there until the case gets solved. Even through he has the picture, prosopagnosia prevents chef Kwon from staring at the face of the witness.

bscap1725 bscap1727bscap1728 bscap1730

bscap1734Cho Rim will stay at Moo Gak’s place and he will stay at his colleague’s somewhere nearby. She will have to inform him about her moves and she shouldn’t let anyone know that she’s staying there. He always leaves and returns back! At first it was his phone, then some clothes and then she shouldn’t get close to the windows because someone could recognize her! Moo Gak’s face every time he returned back home was priceless! He’s spending the night inside his car to keep a close eye on the apartment and once she appears by the window he urges her to leave that spot! It’s not such a big problem for Moo Gak staying inside the car, he can stay sleepless all night by simply eating! Cho Rim’s watching the tiny jellyfish inside the aquarium and it’s actually the first time I paid attention to this very specific aspect of the aquarium! Cho Rim’s wearing one of Moo Gak’s sweatshirts and treasures his scent.

 bscap1732bscap1731 bscap1733bscap1735bscap1737 bscap1739bscap1741bscap1744 bscap1743bscap1745 bscap1746

bscap1747The next morning Moo Gak returns back home to wash up since his colleague won’t let him since he’s sensitive with water shortage, okay! Shortly after inside the elevator an ahjumma refers to them as two beautiful newlyweds and Moo Gak is more than thankful. Cho Rim tried to differentiate her opinion in the beginning, but she’s quite happy with everything Moo Gak said. I so ship this couple! Cho Rim lets Yeon Mi know that she wants to help in order to catch the murderer, even though it’s dangerous! They can’t arrest him since there’s no evidence, after all his alibi is pretty strong. They must get the picture before chef Kwon shows it to anyone else and today’s the right day since there will be a shooting at his place. It will be safe with all the staff members around and also Moo Gak will be nearby.

bscap1749bscap1750 bscap1751bscap1752bscap1753 bscap1754bscap1755 bscap1757bscap1756

bscap1758The detectives put a spy camera inside a book, Cho Rim will also have earpieces with her in order to communicate with Moo Gak and a priceless sound-making pendant in case she gets caught! Cho Rim acts pretty well as if nothing really happened and conceals any possible suspicion that could have occurred. Today’s program will consist of 5-minute cooking meals and that’s right, Cho Rim has exactly 5 minutes to proceed with the plan. The book spy-camera has be placed inside his library, but before the 5 minutes pass the director has a different plan and the time to shoot Cho Rim’s part has arrived, but she’s nowhere to be found. Chef Kwon searches around and she appears inside the elevator pretending to be fixing her pantyhose! Mission accomplished and everyone’s relieved, all that remains is to leave her wallet inside the bathroom so that she will have an excuse to go back and get the camera.

bscap1759 bscap1761bscap1760 bscap1765

Nice th-th-thigh!


But sorry, killing is my business and business is good.


bscap1768Moo Gak’s treating her to dinner and pork rind it is since it’s a tradition after she accomplished her first mission! It’s pork rind because it’s shrinking just like she shrank out of fear during the first field investigation! Once she eats it she won’t shrink the next time! Such a complicated life, he was supposed to be hanging out with fish inside the aquarium, but he’s a detective now whereas Cho Rim was supposed to be making everyone laugh on a stage, but she’s making dangerous investigations! Once this case is over Moo Gak will return to the aquarium and the seashores of Jeju and he wants Cho Rim to go with him. Even if she disagrees he will keep asking her until she replies positively! She can’t hold back her tears and asks him that whenever he will pay a visit to his sister she wants to go with him. Cho Rim’s such a beautiful soul! Moo Gak wipes out the tears from her face and promises to take her with him for Eun Seol to meet Eun Seol.

bscap1770bscap1769 bscap1772bscap1771bscap1778bscap1775 bscap1780bscap1779

bscap1782Chef kwon appears at the library and he’s staring at the picture. He calls someone to find information about Choi Eun Seol and he intends to give him the picture tomorrow. It’s recorded on camera. Moo Gak will spend another night at his colleague’s place, but eventually Cho Rim finds him inside his car! He will spend the night on the sofa along with his favorite stuffed sea lion! The police force has a digital version of the picture chef Kwon took and they retouch it so that he will never find Cho Rim if they manage to change the picture before he meets the secret investigator. Cho Rim’s glad that the face in the picture doesn’t exist in reality. At 4pm chef Kwon will meet the private investigator and he’ll leave the restaurant around 3pm, she will have to switch the pictures before he leaves. There are many people at the restaurant and chef Kwon will help the kitchen personnel to keep up with the orders. In the meantime Cho Rim managed to change the picture and later on she informs chef Kwon that she needs to take her wallet from his house. He entrusts her with his key and leaves to meet the investigator.

bscap1783bscap1785 bscap1788bscap1787 bscap1790bscap1789bscap1793bscap1795bscap1796 bscap1798

bscap1800Before leaving the restaurant Cho Rim forgot her mobile phone and a sudden turn of events makes the overall ambiance threatening! The investigator informs chef Kwon that the place is full of cops and that he was probably exposed if the person he’s searching for is related to a murder. He checks the photo and notices that it doesn’t have the sign he had put on its back and rushes back home! Moo Gak notices him from the screen and shortly after Cho Rim appears inside the house but he can’t reach her on the phone! Chef Kwon’s searching around and finds a book he doesn’t recognize, “why are you so curious?” This reminded me of Joker’s “why so serious?” and chef Kwon’s face had the most frightening expression so far in the drama! Cho Rim has gotten the wallet and heads towards the library, by the time the elevator doors open Cho Rim finds herself face to face with chef Kwon while Moo Gak runs to her rescue!

bscap1802bscap1803 bscap1805 bscap1806bscap1808bscap1809bscap1810 bscap1816bscap1813bscap1818 bscap1822bscap1823 bscap1824bscap1825 bscap1826

Thoughts: And… noble idiocy made its appearance. It’s that moment you want to enter the screen, wrist-grab the female lead or grab from the shirt the male lead and while maintaining intense eye-contact you tell him/her that their way of thinking is wrong! However, no matter how pissed off i was when this abhorrent factor made its appearance it was to preserve a higher cause and shortly after it vanished from the surface of the earth. Of course i am referring to the scene that followed Moo Gak’s birthday after Cho Rim told him she wanted to breakup with him without presenting inarguable reasons yet blindly accepting all the blame Moo Gak could ever possibly put on her.


In one hand Cho Rim feels guilty for breathing the air Moo Gak’s sister should be breathing at this very moment without taking into consideration that her death was a mere coincidence of a psychopath’s dreadful legacy so that he could preserve his shady status. On the other hand, if someone deserves to catch the barcode serial killer then it is Moo Gak himself and she couldn’t stand still watching him losing his mind while remaining out of the investigation team. Hopefully enough, all this served its purpose well since it managed to crack my nerves through its noble idiocy characteristics whereas at the same time it progressed the storyline and deflated quite fast since emotional stability was been restored and everything came to the surface along with all the reasons behind it.


Cho Rim dealt with the overall subject as expected, there was a slight information overload that prevented her from thinking logically without getting overshadowed by ill-natured thoughts with part of her newly found memories trespassing the harmony of her present. The Girl Who Sees Scents could have easily turned into a makjang paradise had Moo Gak not belonged in the newly acquired faction of the return of the good guy trend in South Korean drama land. I could easily imagine him erupting in front of Cho Rim and accusing her in a straight forward way for his sister’s death while at the same time urging her to go find chef Kwon and declare her real identity in front of him so that Choi Eun Seol could finally rest in peace after three years of wandering in the dreadful plains between the deceased and the living like a shadow craving for delight.


Moo Gak dealt with the overall subject like a gentleman would, his feelings for Cho Rim are not breadcrumbs for the pigeons passing by. His whole existence is pounding with emotion at the sight of Cho Rim and you can witness it in his stare every time he looks at her, even though he’s still breaking apart due to his sister’s loss as the storyline progresses and he gets closer to the murderer without palpable proof yet. Cho Rim is his remedy and while he progresses overwhelmed by the intensity of his feelings his senses gradually embrace his body anew. He never surrendered and he never left her on her own no matter how hard she was pushing him away. It almost felt like a reversal of your average male and female lead with the male lead sticking like a gum on the female lead’s heels while the female lead was trying to get rid of it. Usually the female lead is like gum in the male lead’s sneakers while the male lead tries to brush it off on the grass. They always live happily ever after.


They say he who perseveres eventually achieves his goal and in that case it was proven correct. Moo Gak’s purity of feeling without lack of logic surpassed all the obstacles that appeared his way and managed to restore Cho Rim’s emotional intelligence and free her of the unnecessary guilt up to a welcome extent. We witnessed both of them devastated as the two sides of the same coin and solitude worked differently for both of them, filling Cho Rim’s mind with mist and Moo Gak’s thoughts with clarity which eventually became the air that would blow away her clouds and brighten her horizon. Cho Rim deals with the overall subject with courage and even though the past will harm her current harmony and happiness she intends willingly to dive in the mud and find the truth, but also make chef Kwon pay for his crimes. Moo Gak stands by her side no matter what, supporting her with love but also with his physical presence since he’s pretty much aware that danger is always nearby.


Both of them follow roads different than the ones they would enjoy walking upon and the circumstances have brought them upon a crossroad craving for another crossroad, the one that will bring them back to their arch dreams and pathways right after the barcode serial killer case has reached an end, but at that point nothing will be able to keep them apart as their lives will be entwined and inseparable. In the previous weekly review/recap i said that Cho Rim and Moo Gak are driving two parallel yet interdependent lives at the present, connected through the past while staring at the future in the sphere of the unknown that starts taking shape. By the end of the 6th week’s episodes that future became more palpable like a desired glow in the dark and as episodes pass by they gradually witness the light at the end of the tunnel, all that remains is for the figure blocking the exit to face justice once and for all so that Moo Gak, Cho Rim, Jae Pyo and all the friends and families of the victims and the victims themselves will finally find peace of mind and peace respectively.

Even though i miss her scent-seeing eye, she’s divine with sunglasses.


Oh Jae Pyo in one hand appears like a kindhearted man who took under his wings Eun Seol and adopted her under her new name. On the other hand, he’s the founder of an association when it comes to the families of the victims of the barcode serial killer case and they intend to find the murderer on their own without the police force’s help. He’s probably one of the few, if not the only one, who clearly know that there’s another murder lying in the background and was chef Kwon’s first yet separate murder. That woman was his wife and since she was the first victim there must be a connection between chef Kwon, Jae Pyo and her. Serial killers usually begin from a very specific person under very specific reasons and they usually progress more randomly yet according to specific parameters under their newly found thirst for more since the overall matter reaches grandiose dimensions inside their illogical brain.


There’s always a weakness spot even in the most unreachable and methodical minds and chef Kwon’s arrogance and perfectionism were cracked by his own overgrown ego as the witness’ presence has started filling with gloom his horizon. The more his horizon darkens the more he loses his lucidity and the less concrete his actions become the more frightening he becomes. He feels the end is near and from now on he will use any possible method to at least take the witness down since things have almost reached the point of no return. Since he recognizes people only by the sound of their voice and peripheral memories and characteristics, how does he pick up the victims? And how did prosopagnosia occur in the first place? Was it there since birth or it occurred due to a trauma?


I really want to find out more about his background and the reasons why he became the cold and lifeless person he is without remorse but full of “artistic” passion for his legacy. He’s so emotionless he’s even faking his laughter and it’s so successful i always laugh! Nam Goong Min is a great actor and gives a new meaning to the sickening term, he secretly manages to steal the show from the main couple, even though i ship hard Moo Gak and Cho Rim and Yoo Chun and Se Kyung’s chemistry shines in the glade. The fact that he encloses the victims’ final lasting thoughts among the two sides of a chopped in half marble face gives me the impression that it has something to do with prosopagnosia. It feels as if he was finally able to feel the real contours of the victims’ faces through their thoughts as they were going through all the possible emotional phases inside his white room.


Concluding, i would like to give some slight emphasis on the jellyfish inside Moo Gak’s house. Of course, a small aquarium always reminds him of his life inside the aquarium and keeps his connection to the underwater world alive, but jellyfish wasn’t a random reference. Jellyfish rarely move on their own and their movement and survival depend on the ocean’s underwater flow and currents. It’s always about balance, it’s something Moo Gak lacks in his life ever since he lost his sister. Flowing with life in a balanced manner and not getting carried away by the currents is the two-fold world of Moo Gak. The scene with Cho Rim and the jellyfish wasn’t random, she’s the only one who can maintain the balance in his life and help him choose the pathway of balance by reclaiming himself far away from distortion.


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Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. May 10, 2015 at 10:22 am — Reply

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  2. lh39
    May 10, 2015 at 10:59 am — Reply

    hi – You are such a gifted writer. Thank you for your wonderful recaps especially for this drama and Grapevine which are my two current favorites.

    • May 10, 2015 at 12:40 pm — Reply

      Thanks a whole lot for your words, they are very much appreciated and i am really you enjoy the recaps!! 🙂

  3. May 10, 2015 at 1:35 pm — Reply

    I wasn’t bothered about noble idiocy in these eps because I was too busy getting frustrated at how bad the writing was this week. Firstly, when MG sees the chef in that are where Det Oh lives, he should have estimated that it might be because of him. He just went there and came back without finding anything.
    Secondly, CR didn’t show any shock on hearing that chef is the main killer, nor did det Yeom when she came to know that CR knows everything.
    Thirdly, set Oh went purposefully to chef’s but then instead of inquiring or investigating anything, he himself spilled beans and wasn’t careful enough.
    Fourthly, CR wasn’t surprised at all when she found out that her dad is in chef’s house( till then she was unaware of him being the killer)
    Then, when they wanted to retrieve that camera…as no one was in the house, couldn’t MG himself go and take that back.

    OK…this comment has become so big!! I ignored lots of flaws in previous weeks but this week simply checked my patience. Well, at least I got some cute and some thrills….that cliffhanger was really good.

    • May 10, 2015 at 1:38 pm — Reply


    • May 10, 2015 at 2:04 pm — Reply

      The first det i didn’t understand it, but from the second det i could finally go for detective XD Just like you focused on other aspects, i focused on the noble idiocy factor and the overall view XD
      I think Yeon Mi isn’t the person to get easily shocked by things she already knows, sooner or later Cho Rim would have found out something since more people around her started finding out. She’s twice a police officer and all that matters to her is to focus on her work in her father’s name and for catching the barcode killer, so it was an advantage to her that Cho Rim found out and wanted to cooperate eventually. That’s how i see it.
      But Cho Rim could had been at least a bit shocked when finding out that chef is the main suspect 😀 However, while reading the letter at his library took the most of her surprise to the surface and before evading the cliffhanger she was scared to death when chef Kwon appeared.
      Jae Pyo definitely spilled beans, but not all the beans, he didn’t refer that his wife was the separate yet first murder, but he said they do have the witness and that he has a daughter while knowing that chef Kwon is the main suspect. I think he wanted chef Kwon to enters the wolf’s mouth and fall inside a trap, but he didn’t take into consideration that he could hypnotize him any time XD Once again, i wasn’t that disturbed, my considerate self took over XD
      But i have to agree with Cho Rim not being surprised with her father being at chef Kwon’s house, she had shown a slightly minimum surprise, but that was it, i would had gone WAEEEEEEE?!
      As for Cho Rim going there, despite the fact that the camera was an illegal method in the first place, i think they wanted with the deeply legal way and put an end to the illegal method, Moo Gak had already broken into the house once again and Cho Rim has a reason to go and get her wallet legally with chef Kwon’s approval and along with it the camera. It could had been perfect had the change of plans not occurred. Again, i wasn’t too disturbed here XD
      Nah, i like big comments!! Get some jellyfish for patience and balance XD I will get some too, i was so impatient for the noble idiocy to reach an end! Yeah! There were definitely uber cute moments and thrills!! And the cliffhanger lived up to the expectations of the previous one, can’t even think of the next one before the last two eps!

      • May 10, 2015 at 4:20 pm — Reply

        Oh chingu….thanks for this comment….now I’m at ease somewhat…haha…thank goodness the noble idiocy didn’t last for more episodes…

        • May 10, 2015 at 4:27 pm — Reply

          Always at your service snowchingu!! 😀 Hope the last two eps, especially the last one, won’t ruin the ride >.<

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