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Episode 4 Review: The Lover (2015)

“The expiration date of love is from 18 to 36 months the most. Of course, it’s from a scientific standpoint because the body doesn’t produce the hormones that made you fall in love in the first place, the feeling of love gets weaker. If two people are in a relationship in which they don’t have any responsibilities, why are they living together under such circumstances?”

bscap1281The Lover has left behind the entirely comical vibes of the first 2 episodes. It’s comical and it’s serious, it’s serious when it’s not comical, but it can get serious while still remaining comical and it can get comical while it is serious without neglecting the message it wants to deliver through its more serious layers. Amidst immense laughter-evoking scenes it traverses various circumstances that may occur within a couple’s life from unexpected guests to jealousy, from misunderstanding to internal disappointment and from explosions of bliss to simply whatever!

Apartment 709 – Joon Jae (in his early 20s) & Takuya (21)

bscap0130The episode opens up its curtain from Takuya and Joon Jae’s kabedon sequence and it’s Joon Jae’s turn to get closer to Takuya; face to face. It’s a truth or dare or playing around and Joon Jae points out that there are more nails on the wall! That was close and Takuya embraces the floor while Joon Jae inside his room does the same lost in thoughts, that strange electricity was only the beginning.


bscap1252Joon Jae tries to break walnuts with bare hands and from the pressure a fart pops up in the atmosphere like a nuclear cloud! Joon Jae keeps trying and he keeps farting while Takuya’s laughing at the TV show he’s watching whereas Joon Jae pretends to be laughing for the same reason and keeps farting! Once Takuya turns off the TV he witnesses Joon Jae with his legs in the air trying to send a hyper fart over him! Takuya keeps up from where Joon Jae stopped and prepares a grandiose weapon of mass destruction!

Chrysanthemums in bloom.

bscap1254 bscap1255bscap1256bscap1257bscap1259 bscap1260

bscap1261He encloses his fart inside the palm of his hand and unleashes it in Joon Jae’s surprised face; he passes out! He tries to wake him up, but nothing happens! Takuya tries to deliver all the required information for an ambulance to appear, but he doesn’t succeed. In the meantime Joon Jae wakes up, but another fart places the veil of sleep above him all over again! Takuya tries to help Joon Jae, but… was it his bad breath or the fart he inhaled and exhaled it for Takuya to inhale it anew!? Joon Jae wants an ambulance to appear immediately so as to inspect the fart-fainting conditions and bring Takuya back to reality! Now that was a fart symphony with a pompous instrumentation!

bscap1265 bscap1264bscap1263


bscap1266 bscap1262bscap1269bscap1270bscap1272bscap1273bscap1274 bscap1275

Apartment 609 – Do Si (35) & Du Ri (31)

“There’s something i hate more than awful smells; a kind of person who acts in any way he or she wants to is selfish and mean, but he or she is not scolded by other people.”

bscap1190And there he is, Du Ri’s nephew, Sang Go, and he’s one of these deeply annoying kiddos that stretch your nerves to the moon and back! Do Si is watching wrestling on TV, but neither Du Ri nor Sang Go approve, in addition, Sang Go wonders how could his aunt date someone like Do Si and to every answer he receives there’s always a question referring to the previous answer! What is love? What is chemistry? Why aren’t you married? What is this? What is that? Aish! Sang Go wants to watch Robo Couple and his wish is being fulfilled! After finishing his meal Du Ri goes out to buy some ice-cream for her nephew.

bscap1197bscap1194bscap1195 bscap1198

bscap1200Do Si and Sang Go are left all alone and it looks like Do Si can get the situation in his own hands, back to wrestling! Sang Go reacts by spilling Do Si’s water all over his T-shirt and then questions start popping up one after the other! Sang Go fills him with water anew and Do Si gets enraged and tries to set some rules inside the house, everything was flowing well until Du Ri returned. Sang Go had recorded a specific part of Do Si’s uproar which reflects the martyrdom he had to go through during his aunt’s absence. Do Si gets punished in the renowned South Korean way and embraces anew his school years, if he dares to lower his hands Sang Go automatically denounces him! Of course, questions start once again, what is this? What is that? Why is the earth round? Why do camels walk in the desert? Poor Do Si.

bscap1199bscap1201  bscap1203

“There is something that must get thrown away because it’s old and worn out. “

bscap1302Do Si intends to sell his car, a car filled with so many memories! In there lies the glove from the time when both of them were learning how to drive and… he still keeps the pack of the condom from a historical night they spent in the car! Now that’s a keepsake! It’s time for Do Si to leave, but he feels overburdened by all these memories; in a good manner of speaking. Du Ri is in a like-minded nostalgic mood as well. Once Do Si asks her to go on a ride together instead of selling the car she definitely agrees with utter enjoyment! It has its problems and needs a bit of pushing, but memories keep it roaming!

bscap1304bscap1305 bscap1308bscap1306

“We spent so many nights together in that car. You could see her real personality when she was driving, she pressed the excel and her two hands went outside the window. Even though we must throw it out, we that cannot even throw away our car, there are things that you want to keep, even if they are old and worn out.”

bscap1312bscap1310 bscap1313bscap1314

“A point in which women are disappointed by men is very petty.”

bscap1338Do Si wants to do the woof woof dance with Du Ri, but she’s reading a book! This doesn’t prevent him from trying harder and he’s willing to do just anything to make the horse start nickering with might! After the woof woof dance is over Du Ri asks Do Si to bring her some water, not this time! He has so many things to do instead of bringing her some water, like reading the lines for tomorrow’s dubbing and he suddenly metamorphoses himself into a Joseon scholar!

bscap1339bscap1341 bscap1342  bscap1344bscap1343 bscap1345

~HyunJa Time~


A state that often occurs in men; after intercourse their level of excitement significantly decreases.

Apartment 610 – Young Joon (21) & Man Goo (33)

bscap1205Man Goo was sleeping and when she woke up she found a message on her cell phone, Young Joon and his friends from the band will be arriving soon, she’s got only 5 minutes to get ready! She’s trying to wash the hair, get dressed and put on some makeup, everything in a rush on a quest to look younger, until one eyebrow looks purple, more purple than a lavender! Young Joon and his friends arrive and there she is with her hair hiding half her face. Acting all cute is a privilege, but as soon as Young Joon, amidst horrid screams, opens up the window the wind reveals her purple eyebrow! His friends wonder whether Young Joon hits women or not and Man Goo agrees! They start beating him up and right after they leave Man Goo takes care of poor Young Joon! She intends to buy him anything he wants to in order to ease his burden; an action figure it is since boys will be boys!

bscap1206 bscap1207bscap1208 bscap1209bscap1211 bscap1212 bscap1213bscap1214 bscap1215bscap1216 bscap1220bscap1219bscap1222bscap1225

“There is also something i cannot throw away without regrets, that the person who was always by my side might disappear one day.”

bscap1278Man Goo gets ready to go see her mother and Young Joon will be home alone! Young Joon calls a girl and asks her to pass by the house after the school academy, of course she shouldn’t skip wearing stockings! He has prepared a romantic ambiance with rose petals and lights the candles by placing the lighter on his thing pretending to be the Prometheus of love after a new cosmogony delivering the flame of passion! Young Joon is a real satyr, one of Pan’s real peasants! What frightens me the most is that i can see a part of my silly self in him sometimes!

 bscap1279bscap1277  bscap1282bscap1280bscap1283bscap1284 bscap1285 bscap1286bscap1288 bscap1289

bscap1290The student arrives and her shy self turns into a maelstrom of love, until Man Goo breaks into the house! And the student is an ahjumma (Kim Boo Sun)! A cat fight erupts between the noona and the ahjumma and Young Joon tries to separate them, but it’s inevitable! He has to decide, who’s the most appropriate for him? The noona or the ahjumma?! “Why are such young girls fighting?!” This caused Man Goo’s greatest explosion who managed to take care of both Young Joon and the ahjumma student (could it be an Angry Mom satire?) in one blow! Hallelujah! Man Goo wakes up and it was just a bad nightmare! She gets nervous over Young Joon’s comments on girls he sees on the magazine! The decision has been taken, she won’t visit her mother.

bscap1291 bscap1292bscap1293 bscap1295bscap1294 bscap1296bscap1298 bscap1297bscap1300 bscap1299bscap1301

bscap1330Man Goo’s best friend (Kim Poong) arrives, but it will be continued later on! Man Goo and Young Joon start talking about their favorite celebrities and they try to imagine them under various circumstances and conditions and if they would choose them among others even if they were homeless, cheaters, 1.50cm tall, etc like Won Bin in Man Goo and Young Joon’s thoughts! Eventually she chooses the faithful Okdongja! It’s Young Joon’s turn to choose between Kim Tae Hee and Oh Na Mi and Kim Tae Hee always wins even though she always finds herself in hypothetical disadvantages! Kim Tae Hee or Man Goo? Kim Tae Hee! What?! Okay, okay, it’s Man Goo!

bscap1329 bscap1334bscap1331  bscap1335bscap1332 bscap1336 bscap1337bscap1333

Apartment  510 – Hwan Jong (32) & Seol Eun (28)

bscap1226Hwan Jong’s parents will be arriving in an hour’s time and along with Seol Eun they have started the preparations. The vibes aren’t positive and right before a couple quarrel begins Hwan Jong’s parents arrive way earlier than expected! The father-in-law doesn’t care about anything, he just sits on the sofa along with his son, as for the mother-in-law, as expected, she inspects everything, but her tone is disorienting! Everything she says sounds negative in the beginning, but the outcome is positive! Seol Eun went through many possible heart attacks!

Is it too obvious that i find her way too cute?

  bscap1230 bscap1231bscap1232bscap1229 bscap1233bscap1234

bscap1235Father and son don’t know what’s going on, but once the fridge becomes the subject of the conversation Hwan Jong doesn’t skip his chance and informs his mother, despite the fact that Seol Eun wouldn’t like this to happen! What a mama’s boy! Seol Eun goes through many possible heart-attacks anew once the mother-in-law finds out that all these vegetables in the absence of meat have made her son thinner, but mama’s boy will survive! The father has fallen asleep while the mother is watching a show on the TV, it’s one of these awkward moments when they try to force their presence inside the house by spending the night over there, but a rain of condoms prevents them!



You’re so effed after they leave, yeobo.

bscap1237 bscap1238bscap1239bscap1240bscap1241 bscap1242 bscap1243bscap1246 bscap1245


“Sometimes, just sometimes we need a new stimulus, even if that starts from misunderstandings.”

bscap1315Hwan Jong arrives at Jae Joon and Takuya’s apartment, their delivery arrived there by mistake! He sees opened packs that look like condom packs and he imagines erotic lamentations all over the place, these multiple ah-ah haunt his mind and his ears! Jae Joon and Takuya appear all sweaty and the ah-ah factor is louder every time he stares at them!

bscap1316bscap1317 bscap1318

bscap1324He should take their gracious offering, one from Takuya and one from Jae Joon, it tastes good and girls like it! Of course they do, they are vitamins, everyone likes them, everyone needs them, especially when they need to try different positions… while they are moving the furniture! Hwan Jong helps them and Seol Eun comes to find out what happened to her husband! Hwan Jong, Jae Joon and Takuya appear all sweaty! Seol Eun can’t believe her eyes and Hwan Jong isn’t helpful either, “those friends are really attractive, next time we should do it together at our place!” Wait, what?! They’re good at what?!

 bscap1321bscap1320 bscap1323 bscap1326bscap1328 bscap1327

“Everything depends on how you think; what kind of thoughts exist inside my head? Sometimes you see a new side of a person you thought you utterly knew. “


“The and.”

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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. May 7, 2015 at 8:10 pm — Reply

    I think you make the drama more entertaining than I would think it is if I really really watched it? lol and just to be sure it is a compliment. i’m all for the slice-of-life style, but only at some extent, I guess… so it’s a good thing that you recap it and give me another perspective because the show really leaves me puzzled.

    • May 7, 2015 at 10:17 pm — Reply

      This i can’t tell, but i’m really laughing my lungs out while watching it 😀 I know sunny lady and i’m thankful for that ^-^ And i like the way it gets serious through the narrations and collage of scenes about all the small things that do matter at some point, etc. It’s not to be taken seriously, but it’s not to be taken lightly either! I like it and the fact that it’s around 40-45 mins per ep it makes it more pleasant since it doesn’t manage to tire me 😀

    • hariaharia
      May 7, 2015 at 10:18 pm — Reply

      Really? Puzzled? In what way exactly? Because all I can see is this extravagant comedy alongside a few scattering of a-probably-serious study on human relationships, both romance and friendships. I think this drama is more than fun and who can say no to pure fun! But I really wonder whether I miss something here, miss Sunny…:))

      • May 7, 2015 at 10:24 pm — Reply

        “a-probably-serious study” liked that part, not all narrated lines are great, but when they are successful they are successful without diving in so much depth, i like the meaning through simplicity aspect of it! There are always at least 3 scenes in every ep that literally kill me XD

      • May 7, 2015 at 10:33 pm — Reply

        I meant puzzled as in I can’t tell if I like it or not. Not that the drama is hard to understand. And I agree with everything you both point out about the fun and serious aspects of every kind of relationship… which makes it even weirder for me that I still don’t feel like I enjoy it as much as the two of you seem to enjoy it. 🙂 I think I might not be in the right mindset and I’m not receptive enough right now. 🙂

        • May 7, 2015 at 10:36 pm — Reply

          It’s always a matter of timing, mood and preferences, this period it might not be working for you as much as you’d like it to or it is not totally your cup of tea 😀 *donchoo dare think i didn’t witness the Hwang Jung Eum interview, i will read it tomorrow because i think sleep is steadily striking me down with pillow-bombs*

          • May 7, 2015 at 10:44 pm

            lol so off you are to sleep * wave *

          • May 7, 2015 at 10:48 pm

            *dramatic overture* -stares at sunny lady- Au revoir!

  2. hariaharia
    May 7, 2015 at 11:15 pm — Reply

    Miss Sunny , I used to watch Modern Farmer so I guess I’m in shape and ready to dive in this kind of sport. Maybe all you need is a little training and everything will become easier and funnier. I totally recommend my little MF if you ever have the blues…you’ll be cheering up in no time. My personal perscription…XD! Nighty-night, chingus…

  3. May 8, 2015 at 6:21 am — Reply

    […] Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01 […]

  4. May 9, 2015 at 9:50 pm — Reply

    The fart scene was both simultaneously one of the funniest and one of the most uncomfortable kdrama scenes I’ve ever watched! xD (Still waiting for them to kiss…)

    • May 9, 2015 at 11:40 pm — Reply

      Totally agree! I literally couldn’t stop laughing! I would never expect it to go to that extent XD I was caught off guard! Maybe they will, maybe they won’t 😀

      • Myra
        May 13, 2015 at 10:37 pm — Reply

        Hmm the kiss…I don’t know if I’m waiting for this but I’m kinda enjoying this ambiguous bromance ^^ So they’re bi? xD Anyway, I’m sure Jae Joon’s ex-girlfriend will come over at his house soon, maybe it will be interesting or funny.

        I like how this show keeps “embarrassing” their parents…it’s like the protagonists are stronger than most Kdrama’s main characters lol I mean, when they face parental authority and interference in their private lives. OK, I’m not going to talk about ep 5 but I’m hopeful that our unnie will work it out ^^

        • May 18, 2015 at 5:11 pm — Reply

          It’s a pretty intriguing world in the room of Takuya and Jae Joon! Now that everyone’s mothers, ex-s etc appear i guess it’s about time she appears as well! The 5th episode was pretty awesome, it had various presentations of parents ,like Man Goo’s mother and the way Do Si and Du Ri dealt with her own mother like pros! Still hasn’t finished the reviewcap of the 5th episode! Hopefully enough it will be done today later on.

      • Myra
        May 13, 2015 at 10:44 pm — Reply

        OK, I am enjoying this, I’m honest xD Seriously though, I’m all for LGBT love in the mainstream media, but considering this is a cable TV channel and the drama airs at 11pm, I don’t know, there are many students who are up late till 1am so this show might have more viewers than I think. Which makes me think that cable or not this ain’t going to be that “scandalous”, I mean sharing an appartment with your lover is frowned upon in Korea so the writers won’t push it further with real gay stuff, just teasing.

        • May 18, 2015 at 5:12 pm — Reply

          I think they’ll keep it in the teasing factor, closer but still not close enough and in a comical tone through a bit more serious aspects like we’ve already witnessed with Joon Jae inside his room, etc.

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