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Episode 3 Review: The Lover (2015)

bscap0077It’s not always fun and it’s not always bright while in a relationship. As time passes by all the seemingly small or insignificant things get magnified under the shade of other reasons that people are afraid to talk about because they don’t want to hurt one another’s feelings or ruin their mood. Sometimes avoiding a direct conversation and not staring face to face at the problem isn’t the solution, it may delay the forthcoming confrontation, but it eventually makes things worse and the blooming hurt within embraces a wider level once it emerges to the surface. The Lover’s 3rd episode possesses a more internal aura concerning the four couples’ lives as it looks further from their bed sheets and toilets without overlooking its renowned comical factor, focusing on the world of women in a narrative tone. Heartfelt and delirious, chances are high it will crack a piece of your heart without neglecting your jawline’s ruin from laughter!

Apartment 609 – Do Si (35) & Du Ri (31)

No lotion? No problem, saliva! But it smells like poop!

bscap0284bscap0285 bscap0286 bscap0287bscap0289

“They say that time wears love out,
but it seems the days we live together make our love a little more honest.”


Do Si can’t find the towels and finds something unknown at the clotheshorse! Trying to figure out its usage he tries pretty much everything, on his face, his hair, everywhere, but there’s no logical explanation! By the time Du Ri returns back home he finds out it’s a pantyliner and oh the awkwardness!


“Even though we started sharing many things through living our daily lives together,
at times like this, I start to realize that there are things that I wish that he doesn’t know.”

 bscap0011bscap0010 bscap0012

bscap0070Du Ri wants Do Si to accompany her to her friend’s forthcoming wedding, but Do Si doesn’t want to and tries to find various excuses from being busy to not having the appropriate dress code or the clothes to attend the wedding. Truth be told, he feels quite uneasy being among her friends and their husbands or boyfriends and Du Ri’s mood steadily gets ruined. Do Si doesn’t want to go under the same questions concerning why they haven’t gotten married yet, he would feel uncomfortable while undergoing the same questioning process over and over again, plus he feels inferior when it comes to his accomplishments in life, even though all of her friends like him. Shortly after he appears wearing more appropriate clothing and states that he intends to accompany Du Ri at the wedding, but the damage was already done.

bscap0071 bscap0073bscap0072 bscap0075

“We’re smiling like this now, but nothing has been solved.
And even in the future, it won’t be solved.
Living in one house, out of all the problems we face, there are minor ones as well.”

 bscap0076bscap0074  bscap0079bscap0078 bscap0081 bscap0082bscap0083

Du Ri wants to eat strawberry yoghurt and she tries to convince Do Si in various ways to go out and buy for her what she’s craving for! No matter how hard she tries, Do Si doesn’t intend to move from the bed, he doesn’t even open up his eyes.

bscap0132  bscap0135bscap0133

“At the start of a relationship, everyone does what’s best for the other person.
But when time passes and that relationship becomes comfortable, things can change.”


bscap0137Hours later and in the middle of the night, he returns back home with the yoghurt Du Ri wanted, he even walked far away in order to find it! He tries to wake her up, but since she’s under sleep’s deepest veil he surrenders, simply staring at her with affection, but also with an observant stare. He returns back to bed and they sleep together face to face and not turning their backs on each other.


“Life is full of choices. How many of those choices would I come to regret?
I’m not sure about anything else but one thing is for sure. We choose the path we walk on.
Even though we haven’t found the answers to all the questions in our choices.
But still, we aren’t alone. We are two.
The time we spend together now… is… nice.”


Apartment 610 – Young Joon (21) & Man Goo (33)

bscap0292Man Goo wonders why the cream she bought recently has almost reached the end and the bottom of the jar is more than visible! Young Joon tries to hide the truth, but he can’t lie in front of his beloved noona, the cream took good care of his thing which feels rejuvenated recently! He didn’t only use her cream, he also got some money from her without asking! Man Goo’s explosive temperament demands the money back and forces Young Joon’s apologetic mood to come to the surface! Of course, the money were hidden inside his underwear, at least that’s what i want to think! Eventually he starts rolling all over the floor like a human ball and becomes a human mop chasing after Man Goo’s fishing rod to catch the money!

 bscap0291bscap0290 bscap0293bscap0294 bscap0295bscap0296

“Living together might mean that our boundaries become unclear.
Without realizing it, we started sharing a lot of things.
But even though we’ve spent much time together,
 In the end, there are some things that can not be shared.”

bscap0298bscap0297bscap0299bscap0300bscap0301 bscap0302bscap0305 bscap0306

bscap0013Man Goo tries on her new dress, the one she bought without even putting it on to see if it fits her and apparently it’s a bit smaller than expected! Since she can’t wear it outside why not cherish it while cleaning the apartment?! As time passes by the way she cleans up feels more erotic to Young Joon’s eyes and he can’t concentrate on his comic, on the contrary the more he observes Man Goo the more arousing his heaven feels, especially when she cleans up using a back and forth move that resembles something in his ever-naughty stare! He’s got one of the most pervert stares i’ve seen around in South Korean entertainment; hilarious! All the necessary closeups depict perfectly well Young Joon’s interaction with Man Goo’s body! He’s in silent ecstasy until he can’t hold back anymore, the moment has arrived, but as soon as he pulls up her dress and notices his own underwear all the “romanticism” of the moment collapses! Man Goo’s cheerful reactions and squeaking voice every time something naughty is about to take place is so laughter-evoking!

bscap0014bscap0015 bscap0016bscap0018bscap0026 bscap0021bscap0024bscap0022

“However, there are things that can not be given up on easily.
Since my man seems to like it so much, I don’t think I can throw away this dress for the time being.
And for a man, there are some things that they need to throw away or let go,
 whether it is an item or an emotion.”

bscap0027bscap0025 bscap0030bscap0031bscap0032bscap0034 bscap0035bscap0036 bscap0037bscap0038bscap0039

bscap0051Man Goo discovers the searching conveniences of Facebook and starts searching about her first love and other men she liked at some point in her life, but also about one of her “friends” and she’s so amused with the fact she gained weight and her husband is not pretty to her eyes! After Young Joon got out of the toilet many surprises were waiting for him! Changing her hair and Young Joon stating she looks like a little kid, preparing Chinese kimchi and Young Joon’s enthusiasm exploding all over the place, wearing a flowery dress and pink lipstick and watching World War Z were all facts she found through his cellphone when it comes to his previous relationship. Curiosity killed the cat they say and the cat dies on the inside while she’s preparing her nails for an attack as soon as Young Joon starts enjoying the movie pretending to be a zombie! Man Goo slaps him on the head and leaves whereas Young Joon keeps zombifying himself!

I know, women i worship never age, like my astonishing Jeon Do Yeon noona.

bscap0153bscap0052bscap0053 bscap0056bscap0057bscap0058bscap0060

“There are things that are better off unknown.
The past… Just memories that must fade away.
Still, the things that are better left unknown come at times
when you don’t want them to and throw a hard problem at us.”

bscap0062 bscap0063bscap0064 bscap0065bscap0066 bscap0067bscap0068bscap0069

bscap0098Man Goo returns back home late at night and she’s drunk. She follows a dual road, in one hand she’s all lovey towards Young Joon, on the other hand she slaps him! She emphasizes on their age difference and points towards the fact that she wants them to be together. Placing “my” before his name every time she refers to him is highly representative of the war going on inside between her and her fears of losing him due to their differences. It’s a beautiful and emotionally charged scene somewhere between emotional confirmation, agony and sincerity. Joon Young’s left all alone with his thoughts, as for Man Goo, she’s not washing up, she’s celebrating for faking her drunken attitude and gaining all the answers she was craving to listen to, always with love!


“A 33 year old woman and a 21 year old man. I don’t know when our story will end,
But for now, I wish that he will be my side forever. Since there are so many times I’ve spent by myself,
I feel awkward thinking about how someone is right by me. We, who just started living with each other,
Are standing on the edge between joking around and being serious.”

 bscap0105bscap0104  bscap0103bscap0106bscap0107 bscap0108bscap0109bscap0110bscap0111 bscap0112


bscap0041It’s about time Du Ri and Do Si fluffed their quilt since the weather is nice and they enjoy the sound it makes! Everything was flowing well until Hwan Jong and Seol Eun appeared and what a sound, I broke into pieces from laughter! The overall echo soon turned into a vulgar display of quilt power between Do Si and Hwan Jong trying to prove their superior manhood one another almost dislocating the arms of their girlfriends! The playful attitude had already surrendered to this manhood race and I thought this was it, but a thunder stroke me as soon as Man Goo, a one man army, made the most powerful sound on her own while Do Si was trying with Du Ri and Hwan Jong with Seol Eun! Apocalypse now!

bscap0045bscap0044 bscap0049bscap0043

“Men obsess over their useless pride.
Even though they know it’s useless, they do it over and over again.”


Apartment  510 – Hwan Jong (32) & Seol Eun (28)

bscap0084Seol Eun has a problem with her armpits, no matter how well she shaves them the hairy evil keeps coming back! She’s discussing this issue with one of her friends until Hwan Jong appears and she tries to hide her armpits as much as she can! No matter how hard she tries, she can’t prevent him from having the urge to get closer together! She’s holding her arms tightly around her waist keeping her armpits well hidden, but she can’t stay like that forever and since Hwan Jong wants something more she decides to let him tie her arms this time! Safe armpits plus experimentation, i guess it was a win-win situation, probably!

bscap0085 bscap0086bscap0087

“For now, there are more things we need to learn than what we know.
But, as people start to know more than they’re supposed to
The things they can’t tell each other come more often than usual.
Things that can’t be brought up easily… like us.”

bscap0090bscap0089bscap0091bscap0092 bscap0093

Apartment 709 – Joon Jae (in his early 20s) & Takuya (21)

bscap0114Takuya’s having fun watching the TV whereas Joon Jae tries to fix his necktie. Takuya offers himself to help him out, but Joon Jae doesn’t want to. Eventually he surrenders to Takuya’s good(?) intentions and while he’s fixing his necktie Joon Jae’s losing himself in his friend’s face. As soon as he tries to retaliate Takuya uses his kabedon tactics and they get closer together, referring to Joon Jae as a dull one now that’s looking at him closely. Takuya starts leaving, but Joon Jae wrist-grabs him and boom; kabedon! Joon Jae asks him directly whether he’s playing around with him or not and as they get closer anew the screen turns black.

bscap0115 bscap0116bscap0118bscap0119bscap0120 bscap0123bscap0124 bscap0125bscap0126 bscap0130

“I may not be the dull one. It may not be me.”

bscap0113bscap0145 bscap0141bscap0142

“The and.”




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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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autres et pareilles
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avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  2. Myra
    May 5, 2015 at 10:58 pm — Reply

    I like the serious parts more but the funny parts are cool, actually this balance IS cool 🙂 Too much silliness kills the silliness.

    As for the double kabedon, I felt uncomfortable, like poor them, they looked like teenagers. Hopefully their acting will improve ans they’ll be able to show more maturity and not just gross/ambiguous moments lol Seriously ep 4 was like “let’s fart until he notices it, oh let me put my hand in my ass so I can make you smell it”…>_> xD

    Anyway, I like this drama because it doesn’t have a sereous pretense or plot that would lead me on or make me have high expectations. With “the Lovet” I know what I can get and I know how to love it for what it is. It’s much shorter than the average drama and doesn’t make me roll my eyes out of boredom or irritation. This is the only “2015 Kdrama” I’m watching this year.

    • May 5, 2015 at 11:09 pm — Reply

      Totally agree! I like the turn the drama took with is more serious aspects so as to keep the balance between seriousness and hilariousness!
      The whole fart scene killed me! I couldn’t stop laughing! I thought my lungs would explode all over the place XD It was farting until you can’t fart anymore! And calling the ambulance OMG! Haven’t finished the 4th ep’s reviewcap yet because i’m waiting for the RAW version to come out and get screencaps without subs >.<
      Totally agree, it doesn't follow a specific motive and you don't expect anything, except for the unexpected! Loving it for what it preserves is the key part, once you fall for it The Lover will come after you xD Woo, you're strong and minimal, the only 2015 drama :O

      • Myra
        May 13, 2015 at 10:07 pm — Reply

        Yeah, I also watch Jdramas so I’m OK with just one Kdrama for now. But I actually gave in yesterday (Jdramas are translated very slowly)…I started watching Unkind Women. But I don’t think I’ll be hooked to it. In my opinion, 2015 is not a good year for dramas, well for now, I haven’t found my jam that gets me excited (besides my weekly crack “the Lover” lol)

        • May 18, 2015 at 5:08 pm — Reply

          It makes perfect sense now, jdramas are a good equivalent 😀 But they do have their negative aspects, like slow subs.. I’m still waiting for the subs of the last ep of Platonic for months now.. Unkind Women had pretty strong ratings, but i never invested in it! The Lover has its own magic XD

  3. Myra
    May 5, 2015 at 11:05 pm — Reply

    Oh, and while I’m at it…is it me or non-white foreign actors in Korea and Japan tend to have a certain type of role in dramas (not movies)? Like the criminal, the sexy one/pervert…

    • May 5, 2015 at 11:10 pm — Reply

      Their roles are very limited, the weirdo, the criminal, the sexy one, the pervert, they have to be one of these figures in a quirky or irritating tone lol

      • Myra
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        Oh, good to know it’s just not me imagining things! lol

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