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Episode 17 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0031Alright, i have to confess with the hand on the place where the heart lies that the 17th episode was a masterfully crafted piece of drama art, a multifaceted puzzle whose pieces made perfect sense and were pointing towards various directions at the same time. The 17th episode was Heard It Through the Grapevine’s most representative battering ram into its second half as the almighty household’s foundations start crumbling and the world around it is being shaken by rumors. I was expecting less, i received back a whole lot more and i have to admit that it’s one of the best episodes of the drama and one of the most intriguing so far. The 15th and 16th ones were indeed the stepping stones for such a powerful blow! Heard It Through the Grapevine is once again on the lead of Monday-Tuesday’s drama slot (11.6%), leaving behind Hwajung (10.9%) which remains a significant opponent. There are so many things i want to write about i am afraid i won’t be able to recall everything in the end, my braincells feel intoxicated after so much bliss!

bscap0015Awkwardness, non-existent danger awareness and palpable suspicion never felt so concrete before! Madame Choi, attorney Han, president Song and Eom So Jeong are eating all together at the luxurious living room and Ji Young Ra’s absence is all over the place and has occupied each and every braincell inside the almighty general’s mind. Madame Choi tries hard not to erupt and keeps on her civilized mask which portrays the smile of restrained discomfort accompanied by an utterly murderous stare as attorney Han unfolds his thoughts that point towards Ji Young Ra! His belated adolescence has imprisoned his strictly rational point of view and he acts as if the whole world if a vast playground where he can express his enthusiasm in front of everyone without any consequences!


bscap0018Madame Choi and attorney Han leave and the other two are left behind inside their gossiping bubble! Secretaries Kim and Lee didn’t know such an occasion would occur, but when both of them found about attorney Han’s intentions it was too late for precaution, the damage was already done. Madame Choi asks from secretary Lee to prevent herself from guessing what might have happened. President Song’s having a conversation with Ji Young Ra over the phone and she was the one behind the stock information and not the national intelligence service attorney Han was supposed to have met the previous days. She’s concerned whether madame Choi discovered everything or not, of course she has, she’s more observant than she appears to be!


bscap0027Madame Choi has already bought toys for the young master and she eases the tension within by Yi Ji’s side while playing with Jin Young! It’s rather interesting to see her trying to pause her mind for a while and actually being happy with her grandson instead of breaking apart inside her room. Inside the studying room, In Sang and Seo Bom have progressed their own investigation and they present their ideas to the jeet kune do teacher. They’ve already noticed some important connections between Hansong and the supreme court that led to the favorable outcome attorney Han and his team were craving for, connections that still breathe and expand themselves as time passes by. As for the union winning the appeal, it happened only because the judges were different. Waiting for the right moment and with more information as proof feels essential, as for the time being they should be cautious and the teacher will be watching from a safe distance.

bscap0022 bscap0023bscap0024 bscap0025bscap0026 bscap0028

bscap0029Secretary Lee doesn’t intend to leave yet because she wants to find out what will happen when attorney Han will return back home. Madame Choi is boiling on the inside and waits like an ancient curse for attorney Han to pass the gates of the almighty household and there he is, loud, happy and complimenting as never before! He states that she’s so radiant tonight, the sun that rises at night. Yes, she’s the full moon that will devour you, attorney Han! Everyone notices that something’s not right and they keep their distance as attorney Han remains hearty and madame Choi pushes him away in her very own way. She wants secretary Lee to keep everything a secret and she’s worried whether the children found out or not. As for attorney Han? He probably thinks he’s Pavarotti’s lost nephew and unveils his talent while having a shower! Before leaving, secretary Lee informs Seo Bom that she should pay attention to the almighty couple’s room, there’s a war coming!


bscap0036Madame Choi follows the honor of silence and avoids attorney Han, but as soon as he started becoming more demanding a headbutt felt more than essential! Even his painful cries sound heroic! And the defensive weapons are here, some ice for madame Choi’s forehead and attorney Han’s nose! He asked for it countless times and he got what he deserved for the time being! The next morning both of them make sure that there are no bruises left on their imperial faces and the day begins with attorney Han sitting silently on his armchair whereas madame Choi’s lively character unveils its characteristics while playing with Jin Young, complimenting Yi Ji and completely ignoring attorney Han who feels like erupting! He rarely finds himself under such circumstances and the burden is more than he can bear! His facial expressions were priceless, he looked as if he was suffering from severe indigestion! The house personnel becomes aware that madame Choi took the initiative during last night’s instant conflict and everyone’s amazed! In Sang will be arranging a meeting with secretary Min, but this time Seo Bom will be present as well. In Sang and college are two opposite terms, the reason why In Sang will go there today is to find more information from Min Jae!

bscap0037 bscap0038bscap0040 bscap0041bscap0042 bscap0043

bscap0048At Hansong, attorney Han arranges a few more details concerning the case attorney Yoo and Je Hoon are working on and offers some advice in case Je Hoon’s mind blocks for a while. Not only he will have plenty of time to arrange his thoughts but chances are high he’ll uncover more information through the monologues he will listen to! Attorney Han’s having a private conversation with secretary Yang, he wants to make the ambiance inside the almighty household better and he asks her to buy flowers and presents for his wife and… chairman Jang’s wife. This man never learns, his mind has blacked out and his crystal clear point of view has surrendered to the misty horizon. All he cares about is Ji Young Ra and his insight has been exiled as he is unable to think and convey the signals that get transmitted from pretty much everywhere! Secretary Yang tries to restrain him in her very own way, but he doesn’t seem to listen, even though secretary Yang appears displeased with the fact that he didn’t inform her about what was going on in the background. And this is the moment we realize that this was the first time he acted on his own and failed miserably! Pretty much everyone knows that there’s another woman in attorney Han’s life and everyone’s searching for the answer, but secretary Yang keeps it a secret from secretaries Min and Kim, but also from attorney Yoo who was too eager to find out! Secretary Yang reminded her of their different positions. So, attorney Yoo hasn’t gone to a law school, but she’s an attorney! That’s even more shady, i would like to find out the reason why attorney Han keeps her close!

bscap0046bscap0047 bscap0049bscap0050bscap0051bscap0055bscap0052bscap0058bscap0059

bscap0061In Sang informs Jin Ae ahjumma that he might be stopping by their humble house later on that night, but she shouldn’t take it for granted for the time being. Something doesn’t feel right and she’s worried, but Hyeong Shik ahjussi appears more tranquil and he can’t wait to see his beloved son-in-law once again! However, Jin Ae ahjumma doesn’t intend to give In Sang alcohol this time, he almost passes out every time and she wouldn’t like him appearing once again in that condition in front of his parents! Hyeong Shik ahjussi thinks they have the upper hand now, the moral one, but his wife tries to restrain him from placing himself into another bubble, the one of utter righteousness! Hyeon Soo didn’t come to college and In Sang meets Min Jae who knows pretty much everything, he doesn’t really want to reveal the secret to In Sang, but he really wants so badly to say everything! Well, he didn’t reveal everything, but he made In Sang aware that a war is at its birth pangs inside the almighty household and informs him about the past concerning his father and Ji Young Ra who is at president Song’s luxurious living room for the time being. He doesn’t believe her that it was only attorney Han’s wrongdoing no matter how hard she tries to get rid of her own responsibilities, but her face betrays her. And that’s when we start noticing president Song’s part in the drama’s storyline, the investment club all of them started for fun has profit from attorney Han and madame Choi and if the war eventually erupts between them chances are high they will lose madame Choi’s favor and precious investing information.

bscap0062bscap0063 bscap0064bscap0065bscap0066bscap0067bscap0068  bscap0070bscap0071

bscap0073The presents and flowers arrive at the almighty household and madame Choi’s not pleased, on the contrary, she wants further investigation on the stores from which attorney Han’s complimenting goodies came from in order to find out if he bought more for… someone else. Before secretary Lee investigates a message arrives from secretary Yang and informs them that he did buy presents for Ji Young Ra. As expected, madame Choi’s nerves start shaking anew and she’s lost in her thoughts wandering around the house. Secretary Lee informs Seo Bom secretly about the latest events in a more specific tone. Attorney Han doesn’t intend to surrender and except for flowers and presents he informs Ji Young Ra that a journey in Singapore lies ahead for both of them and that’s the moment Hyeon Soo appears and all hell breaks loose! She already knows that something’s not right and grabs her mother’s phone and calls the… florist, yes, attorney Han! Hyeon Soo delivers the message that she knows everything, but attorney Han’s lost in his own euphoria and tries to cover unsuccessfully what can’t be covered anymore. On top of that, while Hyeon Soo keeps unveiling her raging thoughts he doesn’t give a damn and asks her to let him talk to Ji Young Ra! Attorney Han has become a parody of himself and puts all the blames of nowadays’ society on youngsters that ruin adult’s lives and efforts! Secretary Yang tries to awaken him by telling him that he doesn’t make much sense at this very moment, but all he wants is to be alone for a while and think; of Ji Young Ra.

Put these flowers on his grave.

bscap0074  bscap0076bscap0075bscap0077 bscap0078bscap0079bscap0080bscap0081 bscap0082bscap0083

bscap0084Je Hoon wants to meet attorney Han to inform him on the case, but secretary Yang won’t let him in since it’s a fragile moment for the general. He finds attorney Yoo and they have a short conversation on the general’s odd behavior and she advices him to get a friend among attorney Han’s secretaries, but this time the circumstances are not by his side. Secretary Yang will inform him when the time feels right to see attorney Han. At this point, secretary Yang indicates that there must be a reason for attorney Han keeping Je Hoon on this floor and it doesn’t skip secretary Min’s attention! Attorney Yoo sends a message to Je Hoon offering advice on a more personal level, secretary Yang should be the storefront and secretary Min the content. Could it be that attorney Yoo and secretary Min never ceased cooperating?


bscap0086It’s more than apparent that In Sang doesn’t know the whole truth and the hints Min Jae gave him were only the ones from the past. Or could he be pretending that he doesn’t know anything further like Seo Bom does in front of him? In Sang’s insightful enough to point out that since a war is on the horizon the young couple won’t suffer under the almighty couple’s divine intervention and the plan with secretary Min will move on. Madame Choi wants to see Seo Bom, but Seo Bom’s words are rushed and she’s not careful enough this time! However, she makes up for her mistake and supports madame Choi’s attempt indicating that she’ll be secretly cheering for her! Everyone has been ordered to evacuate immediately the almighty household, even Seo Bom, In Sang and Jin Young have her approval to visit her in-laws! The situation’s more than serious!

 bscap0089bscap0087  bscap0091bscap0090 bscap0093bscap0094

bscap0095Hyeon Soo, president Song, Je Hoon and Noo Ri are spending some time together at the luxurious living room as Hyeon Soo starts talking about attorney Han! She apologizes to Noo Ri and Je Hoon and shortly after everyone leaves as soon as Noo Ri gets informed that the young couple along with Jin Young have arrived. Noo Ri and Je Hoon will head towards her humble house and president Song will accompany Hyeon Soo back home since she doesn’t want to face her mother alone. Jin Ae ahjumma and Hyeong Shik ahjussi are left back home along with Jin Young and Seo Bom alongside In Sang set sail on a secret mission to uncover the truth! Madame Choi knows that she can rely on Seo Bom only, if things get awry madame Choi will call her to come to her rescue! Shortly after she wanders around the house in each and every room and gets ready for attorney Han to appear.

bscap0096 bscap0098bscap0099bscap0097bscap0102bscap0103

In Sang, we have only milk today!

bscap0104 bscap0105bscap0106 bscap0107bscap0108

bscap0113Secretary Min alongside Cheol Shik ahjussi are eating together with Seo Bom and In Sang and the conversation about Hansong and attorney Han goes on. They welcome the truth, that’s what people do, but not people like attorney Han who intentionally forget about the past in order to be always one step ahead in the future, but sometimes the past is unforgiving and comes back to the surface to haunt. This meeting must remain a secret, even from Seo Bom’s family. Noo Ri returns back home, but she’s not alone! She wants to introduce Je Hoon to her parents and Jin Ae ahjumma doesn’t want to keep him waiting outside and urges her to tell him to come inside!

bscap0110bscap0111 bscap0112bscap0114

bscap0118Attorney Han returns back home and madame Choi orders secretary Kim to leave immediately! He had forgotten how powerful she is! Attorney Han feels lost, he can’t believe they’re all alone inside the almighty household and searches each and every room in fear! As lonely as the house drowns in silence, that’s the future she wants him to imagine, his future! As time passes by attorney Han gets frightened even more since he can’t conceive what’s going on! Everyone knows except for him who’s too blinded to see the truth! In the meantime, the house personnel alongside secretaries Lee and Yang are relaxing since it’s a day off and secretary Kim appears, but he’s not alone! This time secretary Lee will let the jeet kune do teacher enter her house, the ice between them starts melting, but very slowly! The conversation on attorney Han’s background is quite insightful, if his mother taught him everything about becoming successful and powerful, she failed to teach him about women and it’s more than apparent! His tutors were pretty college girls so that his mother would prevent him from watching porn! Even now, he still doesn’t know what it means to be a woman; but he’s about to find out through madame Choi, the other way around!

bscap0115bscap0116 bscap0119bscap0120bscap0121bscap0122

bscap0123In Sang and Seo Bom return back home and they’re having an insightful conversation. Secretary Min’s brother will probably never recover and Seo Bom’s uncle has a problem with his legs that prevent him from wearing shorts during summertime. In Sang realizes that he didn’t know the source of the money he’s been spending since birth, as for Seo Bom, now she knows that she’s not powerful enough yet. Living a double life feels essential, remaining the ones they are on the inside and being the ones his parents want them to be on the outside is the road they have to walk upon. Only Yi Ji knew they were dating, but he exchanged her silence by keeping secret her love for an idol group! And here it is! A powerful In Sang human pliers hug by Seo Bom profoundly! I love this couple at its brightest moments!

bscap0124bscap0125 bscap0126bscap0127

bscap0129Jin Ae ahjumma is thoughtful about Noo Ri and Je Hoon’s relationship since he’s working for Hansong and the future is always uncertain, but the young couple arrives at the right time! In Sang greets Je Hoon once again and they explain how they know each other, as for Seo Bom, this is the first time she meets him in person! Hyeong Shik ahjussi appears and Je Hoon gets introduced, he doesn’t seem that happy but he’s way calmer than the first time he met In Sang! Seo Bom and Noo Ri talk like sisters do inside her room, their parents don’t know everything about the recent events that overshadowed Noo Ri’s life and how she saw the light anew. Seo Bom wants her to keep it a secret, her real power hasn’t emerged yet. She’s thoughtful about Noo Ri’s relationship with Je Hoon, but she wishes for the best.

bscap0130bscap0131 bscap0133bscap0134 bscap0135bscap0139 bscap0138bscap0140 bscap0141bscap0142bscap0143bscap0144

Thoughts: I’m curious how i will be able to gather up my thoughts and most importantly, how i will be able to express them after the recap part has finished and my brain has turned into raspberry marmalade from all this grandeur the 17th episode possessed. Madame Choi leaves behind her passive attitude and starts her preparations for the full scale attack. She knows attorney Han’s wrongdoings and weaknesses and she would never act rash under these circumstances. She doesn’t fall for attorney Han’s compliments and presents and follows the honor of silence. Silence is gold sometimes and in this occasion it is essential in order to set the rules of the game. She doesn’t erupt and keeps her calm mask flowing in the surface pretty well; except for the headbutt. She’s not alone in this attempt, Jin Young and Seo Bom at this very point are her only courage. Jin Young because he’s her grandson and she loves him deeply, his joy is her joy. Seo Bom because she’s the only person she can trust and counts on her. Emptying the house was the right move, whatever will happen is only between her and her husband. Preventing any further rumors, at least for the time being, is of high importance.

Why doesn’t he just drown in the shower?


Wandering around the empty house and paying attention to every single detail, especially inside Jin Young and the young couple’s room proves how lonely she feels deep inside with the lifestyle she was prepared to embrace and eventually followed. Knowing that her husband is a renowned attorney of immense power, a possible breakup would probably cost her a lot; and i’m not talking about money. The house would never feel the same again, with or without her. It felt as if she was measuring the weight of the actions she has chosen to perform. Her words are brief and specific but deeply meaningful, frightening the fearless general was only the first act and she succeeded in it. I’m really curious to find out how her tactics will unveil one after the other from this point and on. It’s fox hunting season, but the fox has become the hunter and the general the hunted.

Where there’s a whip, there’s a way.


Attorney Han has become a parody and a mere shadow of his once shining excellence. His belated adolescence has blinded him to the extent he can’t calculate anything. His strictly careerist and rational point of view have been surrounded by thick mist as he’s daydreaming in wonderland where in fact he’s inside a plastic heaven melting from the heat of his carelessness. He used to always be one step ahead of everything, now he is two steps back and he’s not the one forming the circumstances, the circumstances navigate him to his own doom. It’s not necessarily his fault since his mother played an important role in the way he was raised, but he must be responsible for his own actions, his mother played her own role in his life, but he’s the one leading this life, regardless of the past. He was taught how to become a leader, not a man. Embracing the world of women was always a forced interaction and he never tried to understand and respect them because the road he was walking upon had already been set since birth. His mother was probably keeping his penis safe and sound inside a cryogenic vase until he married madame Choi.

Fighting; not.


He doesn’t know what it means to interact with a woman in all levels of daily life, it’s a world he never bothered to understand and in earlier episodes Ji Young Ra was probably the first one to ever question his manhood and crack his safe zone. It’s something she restored in the previous two episodes, but it was too late for him to keep his sane mind in motion. His current reality paused and he entered the world of adolescence, a reality he should have lived in the past, but he never had the chance to do so. Way before his past as the head of Hansong will come back at him and haunt him through Seo Bom and In Sang, the past he never lived is already here urging the other ghost to awaken from slumber as the storyline goes on. He feels like Scrooge and the ghosts of his past will come and visit him one after the other. Will he see through his mistakes and change so as to atone for his wrongdoings? The lair won’t be keeping the tiger safe forever.



Ji Young Ra tries to keep a distance from the events, she never imagined that things would turn out this way. The current circumstances were far beyond her sense of schadenfreude calculations to harm madame Choi’s nerve system. Awakening the adolescent within attorney Han was a vast mistake that will have its impact on pretty much everyone one way or another and that’s why her supposed friends are trying to keep their distance. It’s apparent that she was wrong and pushed it way too far this time, but she doesn’t want to believe it. As for her feelings towards attorney Han, they do exist, but i don’t know up to what extent. She’s a manipulative woman and she would have handled it had attorney Han behaved in a like-minded way, but she didn’t measure well the weight of her actions and most importantly attorney Han’s chain reaction. We already knew that Eom So Jeong has her own profit by staying close to madame Choi since her husband is the Han family’s personal doctor. Now we get to know president Song’s part in the story. It’s all about the investment club, it might had started just for fun, but things have gotten serious and madame Choi is the one delivering all the needed information for the club’s well-being. If the war expands chances are high many people will lose their privileges.

If i kill him, will i able to hire Hansong lawyers?


This was the first time attorney Han acted on his own and he ruined everything, that’s why he always has people around him, he can’t control everything on his own, but with the right people his power grows and the more this power grows the more their pockets will grow as well. He’s got a whole think tank behind him and this was the first time he neglected them and we witnessed that secretary Yang wasn’t pleased with this. He might have ruined everything, but she felt useless because this was the first time he never asked for her insightful opinion. The outcome could had been different under that occasion, but acting without her made her feel that nobody’s irreplaceable in a way. Also, the more the mistakes attorney Han does the more dangerous the conditions for all the people working around him become.

Why there is no soju this time?


If Hansong collapses all of them will fall along with the general. It’s not that they care about him, they have to preserve their current status and move in the shadows as well like she does with her slush fund. Secretaries Lee, Yang and Min have already noticed that the real power is in Seo Bom’s hands, it might not be complete, but it’s in the making. Being in her sphere of influence ensures their future. This is the reason secretaries Yang and Lee help her, even if they have to disobey madame Choi’s instructions. As for secretary Min, i started seeing her differently during this episode and Cheol Shik ahjussi has become a more favorable figure. There must had been an accident back then and Hansong worked for the ones responsible for it whereas her brother was wrongly accused.

Where did your parents hide soju?


Secretary Min’s brother will probably never recover and Cheol Shik ahjussi bears his own scars. Hansong’s fame grew, some innocent people’s lives were ruined, sometimes beyond repair. Keeping secretary Min closer was the only thing attorney Han could do to keep her in silence, but her will is stronger. She uses her enemy to her own benefit to bring him down and clear her brother’s name. Attorney Yoo, even though attorney Han prevented her from proceeding with secretary Min’s plan, it’s still uncertain whether she surrendered or kept moving in the shadows. She had her own reasons wanting to ruin Hansong, but we don’t know them yet. Je Hoon will probably be their next weapon and i’m curious how will this affect Noo Ri set aside Je Hoon’s secret.

Double human pliers hug!


In Sang probably doesn’t know the whole truth and if he does, he hides it pretty well. Knowing that he’s an emotional young man my personal assumption is that he doesn’t know yet about Ji Young Ra and his father at the present. He loves his father, but he doesn’t agree with everything he does and wants him to see the truth before it’s too late. No matter how hard it may be, In Sang and Seo Bom can’t stand still and watch this unjust empire grow by ruining innocent people’s lives. In Sang is definitely his father’s son and they share the same enthusiasm for things they meet for the first time with the difference that In Sang is still young and his father, well, is his father! They may be partaking in secretary Min’s plans, but it’s not something they don’t want to do on their own, one way or another they were already searching for the truth and this occasion serves their purpose well.

Puppiest puppies ever.


Their love remains strong and living two lives is important at this very point. Attorney Han’s demise is in progress and Seo Bom has already gained madame Choi’s further trust and respect. Now that the empire is divided In Sang and Seo Bom can do wonders and move on with their own mission. Under the mask of the obedient son and daughter-in-law they will keep preserving their own ideals by remaining themselves to the fullest. Everything we’ve witnessed so far is just a glimpse of Seo Bom’s dynamics and soon enough she will be able to get off the tiger’s back on her own without falling or being afraid to be devoured.  She’s waiting for the right time to control the tiger and her stare is highly representative of a tamer in the making at the very end of the episode! The information inside secretary Min’s documents will grant her more power, but i’m afraid they will harm In Sang’s internal world. His time to shine arrives, i guess. I am not certain whether i was able to write everything that passed by my mind or not, but my braincells are exhausted at this very point. Can’t wait for the 18th episode!

Peach please!


Attorney Han’s song.

bscap0039bscap0088 bscap0109bscap0145

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      Thanks a lot once again for your words!!! 🙂 This episode blew my brain, the 18th reviewcap was a bit more minimal compared to the 17th one, hope it turned out well XD

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    It was glorious! Madame Choi took over and it was glorious, indeed. Now I understand why Attorney Han knows nothing about women since his mother made sure his needs were covered without him doing anything for it. He has no idea of how to seduce someone and mostly he isn’t used to meet resistance. Hence his problem with the Seo in-laws too…He always lived in his world, by his rules… and he finally sees there are other ways of lives… Was the ending of this episode what will happen to Attorney Han in the last episode??? He will be left alone and no one to control? Aww Bom is so adorable when she gets all lovey-dovey with In Sang like “I love you so much I just can’t hold it in”.

    • June 20, 2015 at 10:55 pm — Reply

      Madame Choi is glorious every time she chooses instead of being a silent volcano! XD Aye, his mother took care of everything for him, what a major mama’s boy! He was always in the shadow of his mother and when his mother left this world her shadow remained upon him. I won’t answer to such questions, don’t tempt me to spoil the magic, je veux pas dέtruir ton voyage! Mais je peux dire que Seo Bom est trέs adorable, quelques fois ils sont bebes d’amour XD

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          Oui, avec In Sang, ils sont les bebes d’amour XD

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