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Week 3 Review ~ Episodes 5-6: The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)

bscap1552Alright, i have to confess something, every week The Girl Who Sees Scents makes me think differently and it’s something that makes things more intriguing and interesting inside my personal drama world! However, as it’s going to reach its midway course during the forthcoming week, things have just started becoming more palpable and its basic core reaches completion in order to focus on the main parts of the puzzle that are getting closer together week by week. The plot twists are presented so naturally you start conceiving the truth only when more vivid proof comes to the surface, the writer deceives us pretty well, it makes the suspense factor even greater without pushing it to the edge!


bscap1407The 5th episode starts from the moment the 4th one reached an end, Cho Rim’s emotional misunderstanding in front of Moo Gak and Yeon Mi’s seemingly lively encounter! Cho Rim returns back home and tries to bury her sadness through food and entertaining TV shows, but Moo Gak is nearby and calls her on the phone! She doesn’t get out immediately since she becomes pretty for his eyes only. It’s something Moo Gak notices, but not the meaning behind it! It’s time to practice for the skit and it’s one more hilarious moment inside a restaurant that makes all the customers stare at them oddly; cheeeeeEEEEH! The theme of their skit was countryside-Seoul habitation oriented and made one of the customers pay for their meal, indicating that he should stay at the countryside!

bscap1408 bscap1410bscap1411bscap1412 bscap1414bscap1413

bscap1417The next day, under an emotionally overburdened and heavy atmosphere, detective Tak bids farewell his ex-colleagues and gets transferred behind bars to pay for his crime participation. The previous murder case has already been solved and since it was proven that it wasn’t part of the barcode serial murder case Yeon Mi has become part of the investigation for the barcode serial killer anew. The detectives are about to go out for lunch, but by the time they arrive at the restaurant an unpleasant surprise awaits them, a body falls from the rooftop on detective Ki’s precious car and it’s so saddening since Elena Vashililvashivanova hasn’t seen it yet! Chef Kwon who was seemingly the only one at the rooftop the moment of chef Hong’s death gets transferred to the police station for further investigation in order to prove that he was framed by the real culprit.

bscap1415bscap1416bscap1418bscap1419 bscap1422bscap1423

bscap1420Cho Rim who was there has already noticed that the scent on the victim’s neck was identical to another man’s scent who had just left the spot, but Moo Gak doesn’t believe her for the time being and a search warrant for chef Kwon’s place is to be executed the next morning. Cho Rim believes he’s innocent and wants to take care of Moongchi who’s left all alone at chef Kwon’s place, but she notices a scent similar to Joo Ma Ri’s. She doesn’t pay that much attention since she was chef Kwon’s girlfriend. On her way out, she finds doctor Chun who arrived to take care of some documents chef Kwon didn’t want to be found by the police. And Joo Ma Ri’s scent along with the documents point towards the fact that there were Ma Ri’s missing diaries! Things start getting more apparent, but the horizon still remains cloudy.

bscap1425bscap1424 bscap1427bscap1426bscap1430bscap1431bscap1433

bscap1434The search warrant takes place, but detective Kang and his minions who are amazed by chef Kwon’s mansion don’t find anything incriminating. At the same time, Cho Rim does her own investigation based on the culprit’s scent which was resembling Japanese mugwort! After a lengthy investigation the culprit passes by with his bicycle and she starts following him. As expected, he’s not an idiot and he has already noticed that someone was following him and things just started getting dangerous for Cho Rim! He doesn’t intend to let it slide so easily and chases after her. She hides inside a WC and sends a message to Moo Gak that she needs immediate help! He arrives the right moment and saves her, but he doesn’t manage to catch the criminal who put Cho Rim’s life in danger. Moo Gak urges Cho Rim to stop acting like a police officer on her own since it’s possible the next time he won’t arrive that fast and save her, exposing herself to danger so carelessly could be lethal. After her close encounter with the criminal she notices that her coat is filled with flowery scents and her target group becomes more specific, he must be a florist.

bscap1435 bscap1436bscap1437 bscap1438bscap1440bscap1441 bscap1442bscap1443bscap1444

bscap1448It’s time for them to part ways and Cho Rim’s waiting for the bus, but Moo Gak arrives to offer her first aid medicine for her wounded knee! Cho Rim fantasizes that Moo Gak will take care of her wound; it was daydreaming in the end! Moo Gak doesn’t want her to be his investigative partner and apologizes in the first place for letting her believe so. Later on, Yeon Mi and Moo Gak’s thoughts on the barcode serial case point towards doctor Chun even more since he was a resident of Jeju island at the time of the fisherman couple’s case. On his way to further investigation Moo Gak gets electrified by memories as soon as he finds voice-copying bears and his precious sister suddenly is all over the place. Visiting her memorial feels essential and along with the flowers one of these bears will be adorning his sister’s remembrance. During further investigation Moo Gak finds out that doctor Chun was searching for Choi Eun Seol’s medical records and that makes him even more curious! Oddly enough, Choi Eun Seol’s birth date and medical records don’t match to the ones of his sister and he can’t comprehend what’s going on.

bscap1447bscap1449 bscap1450bscap1451

bscap1452At the same time, the detectives are searching for places that use lots of electricity around the area of the restaurant where chef Hong lost his life and once again Cho Rim’s synesthesia characteristic was right. The detectives are having an operation at a flower shop within the area and as expected, they are too scared to act like proper police officers and Moo Gak takes the situation in his own hands and arrests both of them! The culprits get accused of drug dealing, but Moo Gak unveils his thoughts on one of them and the reasons why he killed chef Hong, he can neither explain how he reached this conclusion nor unveil Cho Rim’s secret and he delivers all the glory on detective Kang’s… instinct!

bscap1453bscap1454 bscap1455bscap1456bscap1457bscap1459

bscap1469Chef Kwon gets released and wants to thank Cho Rim for believing in his innocence and taking care of Moongchi; they dine at his place. Meanwhile, Moo Gak and Yeon Mi talk about his most recent information concerning doctor Chun and since Moo Gak has access on murder case information he dives inside his sister’s file. Yeon Mi arrives and she forces Moo Gak to tell her what he was searching for and both of them are shocked to find out that his sister’s killer had mistook her for the other Choi Eun Seol, the one and only surviving witness to the barcode serial murder case.


I’ll try to kill you one day!


Peach please!


bscap1471Moo Gak can’t hold back his anger and rushes towards doctor Chun’s office and erupts in front of him, directly accusing him of his sister’s murder and mentioning that his sister wasn’t the witness. Yeon Mi appears shortly after and prevents Moo Gak from becoming more violent, she will let it pass this time, but she indicates that she won’t turn a blind eye on Moo Gak the next time he causes a ruckus that would put the whole operation and her position in danger. It was a tough day for Moo Gak and he wants to drink with Cho Rim who receives a present from him, one of these bears he left at his sister’s memorial. Moo Gak keeps drinking and drinking and a sweet encounter between them takes place, well, at least Cho Rim perceives it this way, but Moo Gak wonders how did the soup get to the top of her head and the romantic bubble bursts! Cho Rim wants to find out more about this moment and calls her friend pointing out each and every detail, but her enthusiasm can’t hide the fact that she’s with Moo Gak and her friend notices it! Cho Rim ends the phone call full of embarrassment to find out that Moo Gak isn’t lagging, but sleeping with his eyes wide open! At this point, she pressed the bear’s hidden button and listened to Moo Gak referring to his sister and shortly after she takes him out of the restaurant since he can’t fall asleep in there!

bscap1470 bscap1472bscap1473bscap1474bscap1475 bscap1476bscap1479bscap1477

I’m just taking a nap.

bscap1480 bscap1482bscap1481

bscap1484Alright, now that was one good hell of a cute scene that turned out quite hilarious! Amidst falling cherry blossoms, Cho Rim sits on the tiles with Moo Gak sleeping on her knees. Moo Gak wakes up and hugs Cho Rim who’s left all alone in a fantasizing monologue uttering that she likes him too until she comes back to reality finding out she was hugging the wind and Moo Gak was still sleeping! By the time he wakes up, it’s time to leave since the weather looks rainy and she can barely walk since Moo Gak was sleeping on her knees for too long! She enters the buss and sends signals to Moo Gak in order to check his hood where he found the bear and got on the bus as well to find the reason why she returned it to him. Cho Rim doesn’t intend to keep it and by the time she leaves the bus Moo Gak pressed the bear’s button to find out the reason on his own as soon as his voice echoed in the bus and in his mind once again.

bscap1486bscap1487 bscap1488bscap1489bscap1490bscap1491 bscap1493 bscap1495bscap1496

bscap1500Doctor Chun will be leaving South Korea in a few days on a medical volunteering expedition in Senegal and he’s dealing with his remaining responsibilities, but the documents he took care of while chef Kwon was under investigation were mistaken to be his own by the packing agency and he’ll arrange things anew. At this point, he recalls his encounter with Moo Gak and realizes that Eun Seol is still alive under the name of Cho Rim! Cho Rim wants to earn her position inside the troupe on her own, but the chief doesn’t consider her strong enough. However, he’s willing to give her another chance, even though she won’t be doing a skit with officer Choi and shortly after she accepts chef Kwon’s proposal to work at his restaurant. The moment of truth arrives, doctor Chun wanted to kill Choi Eun Seol, but for a different reason. His wife needed a heart transplant and he was taking care of Eun Seol after the car accident. Her heart would save his wife and he didn’t only wish for Eun Seol to pass away, he tried to kill her, but he couldn’t do it. He wasn’t stalking her to complete the task he was supposed to had done back in the days, but to make sure she lives well and he’s apologetic for thinking this way about her back then. He doesn’t want to ruin her peace of mind since she can’t remember anything and he writes all of his thoughts in a letter form without recipient, but the letter got messed up inside Joo Ma Ri’s diaries.

bscap1501bscap1502 bscap1504bscap1503bscap1505bscap1506 bscap1507bscap1508bscap1509

bscap1510Moo Gak arrives at chef Kwon’s restaurant where Cho Rim’s working! Doctor Chun wants to meet Moo Gak one last time before leaving, but chef Kwon notices their conversation and now he’s one step ahead. Doctor Chun arrives at chef Kwon’s mansion to leave the parcel with his documents, but his discovery is much more frightening. Bleeding while opening the box was a big mistake since chef Kwon noticed his blood on Joo Ma Ri’s barcode memorial picture as part of his legacy and now he knows that the doctor has found out his real identity. Doctor Chun wants to protect Cho Rim at all costs and waits for Moo Gak to appear at the church were the meeting was supposed to take place. Instead of Moo Gak, chef Kwon appears and after the frightening praying silence he kidnaps doctor Chun. By the time Moo Gak arrives he’s nowhere to be found.

bscap1511 bscap1512bscap1513 bscap1515bscap1514 bscap1518bscap1520bscap1521bscap1522 bscap1525bscap1526 bscap1527bscap1529 bscap1530

bscap1531Detective Kang receives the necessary honors and money as a gift for bringing in front of justice the drug dealing cartel and his minions are happy! Moo Gak and Cho Rim congratulate him as well since she was there to get some police uniforms for her troupe, but a sudden incident unveiled the money he received from the police chief, the ones he was hiding from his colleagues! Inevitably, he has to treat everyone in his inner circle, including Cho Rim who was the one to uncover the money! They arrive at a chicken restaurant, but from the moment they get there something’s not right with all these ramen scents in the air, but Cho Rim doesn’t pay any further attention. They start playing a card game, but detective Kang keeps winning and winning and Moo Gak isn’t of great help to Cho Rim who works with him as a team! The price is finger-tapping on everyone’s forehead and detective Kang’s so happy, but since Moo Gak doesn’t feel any pain it’s not as entertaining as it used to be with the others! It’s Cho Rim’s turn to be on a winning spree and all men one after the other lose to her scent-seeing and gambling abilities! This time the price includes punches and Moo Gak is more than happy to deliver them! On a side-story note, Yeon Mi is such a dedicated police officer because her father had fallen on duty.

bscap1532bscap1533bscap1534bscap1535bscap1536 bscap1540bscap1537 bscap1538 bscap1542bscap1544 bscap1545bscap1546bscap1547 bscap1548bscap1549bscap1550

bscap1553Outside of the restaurant everyone’s having fun, but Cho Rim senses the scent of money! Moo Gak receives her vibes and points out that they will be needing backup soon since chances are high a secret gambling room exists inside the restaurant! And Cho Rim was right! She’s a crime-solving machine for sure and had see been a police officer she would be a one woman army! Once again, Moo Gak can’t explain how he reached this conclusion and presents his own story as it was seen through Cho Rim’s eyes and the glory goes to detective Kang once again who seems to be enjoying his crime-solving spree! In addition, his attitude towards Moo Gak seems to be changing since he’s of great help to his police force “achievements”! Moo Gak doesn’t want Cho Rim to partake in any investigation from this moment and on, but Cho Rim thinks differently, it’s the first time she can do something useful with her different eye that makes her look like a monster in front of other people. Protecting her during investigations is all she asks for and everything will be fine.

 bscap1556bscap1559bscap1560 bscap1561bscap1562

bscap1563Moo Gak passes by doctor Chun’s office to find out that he will be leaving from South Korea! He was supposed to leave this morning, but he didn’t get on the plane. Paying a visit to chef Kwon wasn’t that helpful either and he goes to a signing event of CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin! Cho Rim’s overly excited and the fact that he can read Jung Shin’s autograph while turned upside down put him into thoughts and it actually makes sense!

bscap1566 bscap1567bscap1568bscap1569bscap1570 bscap1571bscap1573

Handcuff me, Se Kyung!


bscap1577When the barcodes are flipped horizontally they are describing book codes in South Korea and the order of the publication is matching the order of the murders. Chef Kwon thinks he’s an artist, a writer in his very own way, presenting his victims as books; sickening but impressive psychopath-wise! And there he is at his basement which looks like a luxurious library, placing his 6th “book”, the one of doctor Chun. The two half-figure statues surrounding the “books” added another more horrific tone to his legacy, as if he encloses his victims’ lives between his real life mask and the beast behind the social mask.

bscap1575bscap1576 bscap1578 bscap1400bscap1579

Thoughts: Cho Rim wasn’t in danger because of doctor Chun, but she will be in immense danger by the time chef Kwon notices the doctor’s letter among Joo Ma Ri’s diaries! He almost committed a crime by thinking of taking Cho Rim’s life in the past to save his own wife, but he didn’t proceed to such an abhorrent action. It’s to his honor that he didn’t betray his vows as a doctor and eventually made sure Cho Rim has the happy life she deserves after everything she’s been through all these years, hence the overall investigation and observant attitude that made him look guilty right from the start. His only mistake was that he wasn’t careful enough when he discovered chef Kwon’s real identity. Doctor Chun has been restored to our eyes as an emotionally broken figure and that pretty much explains his odd behavior, doctor Chun is dead, long live doctor Chun!


Back to the past, the way i see it, doctor Chun didn’t kill Moo Gak’s sister, he must had possibly went after her traces to find out how she was doing after she got transferred to another hospital. Once again it’s a name misunderstanding that brought him in the wrong place at the wrong time. But chef Kwon was there before him and killed Moo Gak’s sister mistaking her for the other Choi Eun Seol. By the time doctor Chun arrived he found out that Moo Gak’s sister was already dead and that was his first indirect encounter with Moo Gak back then. Now everything makes perfect sense, we have yet to find out how chef Kwon transferred Joo Ma Ri’s body on the spot she was left before the car accident since the cameras didn’t monitor the car passing by any possible direction.


We were deceived pretty well by the writer and Song Jong Ho’s interpreting, guilty reactions and facial expressions as doctor Chun! As for Nam Goong Min, the man behind chef Kwon, he’s really good, he’s a cosmic figure and a renowned chef reflecting perfectly well his beyond any suspicion mask, whereas behind the surface the stench of a psychopath blossoms and reigns supreme in secrecy. At some point i was thinking that chef Kwon would use Joo Ma Ri’s diaries and doctor Chun’s blood in order to frame the doctor, but he knew way too much to remain alive.


I’m looking forward to the interactions between Yeon Mi, Moo Gak and Cho Rim by the time Moo Gak will witness the face behind the one and only witness, Choi Eun Seol who is none other than Oh Cho Rim! Both Yeon Mi and Moo Gak are too close to cross information and find the truth behind Cho Rim’s amnesia and i’m curious how the writer will deal with this triple interaction in search for utter truth. Amnesia is Cho Rim’s comfort, eventually this wall that keeps her safe and calm from traumatic memories will turn to pieces in a blink of an eye.


I like how caring Moo Gak is towards Cho Rim and he would like her to stop investigating even though she’s more than helpful to him. Cho Rim is a case-solving machine and even if there’s no case around she can make a case appear and solve it right away if the scents deliver signals of guilt and that something’s just not right. Moo Gak doesn’t want to use her and cares about her being well and far away from danger, but Cho Rim feels useful for the first time. Instead of hiding the “monster” that is carved upon her iris, she can use her “monstrous” attribute to help people solve various crimes and she doesn’t do this to feel needed, she’s sincere and pure about her intentions. Plus, she can be next to Moo Gak for whom her feelings are strong and her scent-seeing even stronger since she can witness his forthcoming presence by his own scent!

Arrest me, now!


In one hand, she wants to help him and be next to him, on the other hand she understands that his work requires lots of time and dedication in order to solve his cases. On top of that, she has already noticed that he’s doing a good work as a comedian and she doesn’t want to succeed through Moo Gak’s contribution, if she can achieve something she has to do it on her own, not under someone else’s wings. She’s not afraid to proceed on her own even if it will take her more time, all that matters to her is to receive recognition through her own skills and it’s a respectable option, even though she hides her intentions from Moo Gak. No noble idiocy spotted so far!


Of course, one thing to look forward to is Cho Rim and Moo Gak’s romance to start blossoming mutually! So far we have Cho Rim’s one-sided and ever-expanding love in real life but also while fantasizing beautiful moments with Moo Gak whose attitude remains caring towards her! The drama has many hilarious scenes and in most of them partake the useless police officers but comical figures of detective Kang and his minions. As for the cinematography, it keeps doing justice to each and every scene! One last thing, when flashback memories popup it’s to Yoo Chun’s remarkable acting that Moo Gak looks a whole lot more lively when he’s with his sister whereas now he’s more expressionless due to his loss of senses. He depicts perfectly well his life before and his life after his sister’s loss. As for Cho Rim, we have yet to find out how she will deal when the truth will get revealed, we’re currently witnessing her amnesiac brand new life and later on we’re bound to find out how she will cope with the past at the present once she finds out what she’s been through. Come forth, next week with the new episodes, as for reading this article…


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. April 19, 2015 at 9:25 pm — Reply

    Great rundown! I felt sooooo sad for the doctor!! I love that this drama kept me guessing. The writer is tricky, also the fact that the actor constantly plays psychos, we were a little fooled. I also thought the chef and Doctor were in cahoots together. And I wondered if he would’ve used his blood to frame him. I was actually hoping for that, at least he’d still be alive. But there may be hope…did u notice when the chef prepared 2 soup bowls? I’m hoping the doctor is in that wine cellar and can be saved.
    Doc is a big guy, I was also really hoping he could’ve overpowered this runty chef. But they made sure the viewers saw him shaking in his boots. Big doesn’t necessarily mean tough. He might’ve been drugged too, before he could react. Maybe we’ll get a flashback.
    And I couldn’t help but blame Moo Gak for repeating sensitive meeting info aloud in the restaurant and the chef heard. However, that confession note, could also be made to seem like a suicide note. Because the doc wrote that he wouldn’t have a chance to give it to Cho Rim.

    Excellent series! My favorite of this season so far.

    • April 20, 2015 at 11:17 am — Reply

      Gomawoyo chingu!! Same here, the more his story was moving on the more i could dive in his mind and it was a painful life led by a painful man and you could understand his odd behavior more and more. Yup, all these parameters fooled us pretty easily XD It’s what happens in the media, one is being dragged to the police station without found guilty yet, but the media most likely will find him guilty before the trial, that’s what happened here XD Yup, he was always preparing two bowls of food, he’s either a “civilized” psycho before the death of his victims or he had another reason for feeding him. Hope he can be saved as well, but the “book” he placed inside his “body” antic library felt ominous. The doc didn’t expect him and he pissed his pants indeed, a flashback feels essential to see their whole interaction in between, not just a barcoded wrist body somewhere in the open.
      Yup, Moo Gak is at fault here, but he wouldn’t expect that the chef is the serial killer and he was supposed to be friends with doctor Chun, so he didn’t pay the necessary attention, even though he should have. It felt like that, but then he found out that Cho Rim was the only surviving witness after he found out about chef’s identity and he probably changed his plans in an attempt to save her. Something like “if i couldn’t kill you to save my wife, at least let’s make sure you remain safe and happy, like you seem to be”. Unexpectedly, it’s becoming my favorite this season as well!

      • April 20, 2015 at 3:45 pm — Reply

        I would like to see a flashback of the church scene. I hope the poor doc wasn’t on the floor when Moo Gak arrived. That’s just too sad. And I think if the chef is smart, he wouldn’t turn the doc into a barcode victim. Because that will connect him even more to the crimes. He could’ve made it look like a suicide. He’s really smooth right now, can’t wait to see him unravel. I think the writers are making a statement about the power of celebrity. It’s interesting that nobody suspects this chef simply because he’s a celebrity. (Though Moo Gak did right away) It’s like that in real life, sometimes they get a free pass. But nobody can escape Cho Rim’s awesome eye!

        For a short time I also suspected Cho Rim’s adopted father, the ex cop. I wonder how he’ll play into the story later. It just felt so weird that he got into this arrangement. I can’t wait until she gets her memory back and Moo Gak finds out the truth. He could possibly look it up himself now that he has access. Unless he doesn’t cuz she’s in the witness protection program.

        • April 20, 2015 at 3:56 pm — Reply

          Same here, wanna find out what happened after the threatening wrist-grab! He’s already got a book ready for him though, making seem look a suicide victim would go against his ritual. It will be part of his arrogance i guess since he’s beyond any suspicion. But why not, he could break his “oath” and go against his personal stream and present him as a suicide, anything is possible! He’s a psychopath after all XD I agree on that, it’s some sort of a statement that celebrities can get away with something since nobody will suspect their public image right away. I love Cho Rim’s eye XD
          Haha, me too, have another drama with him in mind that made me go towards that direction 😛 Wanna find out as well why all of a sudden he felt the urge to have a daughter o.O An overly emotional ex-cop? XD I think doctor Chun’s letter will play its own part somehow in either Moo Gak or chef Kwon finding her real identity, but i’m looking forward to that moment 😀

  2. bmore
    April 19, 2015 at 9:48 pm — Reply

    I am confused. In the scene where the doctor writes his confession letter, the nurse comes in with a pile of books from someone named Director Im. (about 15:30)The doctor says to return them along with the books on the shelf. She then picks them back up (conveniently) including his confession letter and drops them into the books in the BOX. This is a cardboard box with a shipping label on it. Is this a subbing error….not shelf, but box? Anyway, the doctor also (conveniently) does not notice this? A letter of such importance is gone? Maybe a later scene will show him closing that box up with the letter and telling the nurse to put it in storage? Or not. Then at about 18:30 we see him greeting the guy from the shipping company with the box of diaries. This is not in a cardboard box, but just wrapped in bubble wrap with duct tape. The shipping guy slices it open and the bare wine box is then handed off to Chef Kwon when he shows up. So, the chef does not have the letter. I presume, sometime during the church conversation and probable ensuing struggle, the doctor lets the chef know the game is up when his confession letter finally shows up. I’m betting the doctor is somehow overpowered by Killer Kwon (having difficulty with that scenario actually), gets knocked out and they are probably lying there on the floor of the church while Moo Gak is sitting there waiting for the doctor, completely oblivious. Ergo, the doctor then kidnaps instead of kills the doctor (the 2 bowls of soup at the end) since he must find out where the letter is!

    On another note: NOT MY Nam Goong Min!! He could NEVER EVER be a serial killer! So wish he could someday get a lead part instead of always being the second lead or whatever. I like him so much and he is so darn sweet and cute! But, like Bae Soo Bin, boy does he do evil eye well! 🙂

    • April 20, 2015 at 11:26 am — Reply

      He didn’t care about the letter, he just wrote it to take all this out of his mind and he didn’t intend to give it to Cho Rim. But it’s a possible scenario the one you’re referring to, that the letter has gone to another box with a different recipient and not inside the one of chef Kwon with Joo Ma Ri’s diaries! In that occasion, after the doctor’s body will be found, director Im will either hand it over to doctor Chun’s “friend”, chef Kwon or he will hand it over to the police, including Moo Gak; then either the killer or Moo Gak will know her real identity! Both scenarios are interesting, the first one more terrifying, the second emotionally burdened.
      “Killer Kwon” made me feel amusingly uneasy XD The chef can’t possibly know about the letter’s existence if it wasn’t in the wine box, it might his “civilized” self concerning his victims before killing them, feeding them to be in “humane” condition before his final act before he doesn’t kill them instantly, he kills on the 6th day and then leaves their bodies somewhere, there’s a “ritual” behind his moves. But the doctor didn’t expect him at the church and he was overwhelmed by fear, it must had been easy for a “trained” and relentless killer to handle him.
      It’s the first time i’m seeing him in a drama, but he does a good work with his social mask and the beast underneath! Bae Soo Bin is a master of villainous roles 😀 He’s got the “crazy eye” indeed and then automatically says “chugulle?” but he means it each and every time XD

  3. April 23, 2015 at 3:00 am — Reply

    How do you screen-cap? They look like they come from HD vids!

    • April 23, 2015 at 5:47 am — Reply

      Greetings! I usually watch only 720p, unless there’s no such option (older dramas) 🙂

  4. April 27, 2015 at 7:08 am — Reply

    […] 07 & 08   Episode 05 & 06   Episode 03 & 04  Episode 01 & […]

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