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Here comes my confession, when it happens to have finished more than one drama at the same time I decide to take some days off and just watch some web dramas. Web dramas may not be masterpieces but they are entertaining cute easy going and most importantly they don’t make you worry about time.

This time after finishing “Ho Goo’s love” and wondering about wich drama to start next ( I still follow “Blood” but I’m gonna talk about it at an article about “Blood” alone ) I decided to continue “Love Cells” which is a web drama I had only watched it’s first two episodes an evening I had nothing to do.

Love Cells is about a young man Ma Dae Choong, who hasn’t dated for long and has lived a meaningless life for his 27 years. His love cell is about to die and escapes his body, his cat Ne bi eats it and she transforms into a young woman, that is his love cell. Ne bi tells Ma Dae Chong if he doesn’t get a date in one month she’ll die. His girlfriend aim becomes idol Seo Rin, who he loves.They get involved both with her and her idol friend/love interest Chun Ji Woon.

The drama was cute and very entertaining. Watching an unexperianced Ma Dae Choong getting into trouble as he tries to date or get near idol Seo Rin was pretty fun. Ne bi always getting involved in his dates as an underground spy had its interest.

This might sound weird but I shipped Ma Dae Choong with his cat Ne bi from the beginning, actually if you thing about it’s not his cat anymore, it’s his love cell. Seo Rin as an everyday girl and not a snob idol after having her life saved from Ma Dae Chong they become close and due to some photos creating a scandal, he becomes her manager to cover up the rumours. Ne bi feels like she is gonna be saved because their close to their aim but Chun Ji Woon and his love for Seo Rin gets in the way.

Ma Dae Choong gets confused when he realises he has feeling for Ne bi which might be stronger than the feeling he has for Seo Rin. In the last episode he has to choose between saving Seo Rin from Chun Ji Woon’s manager and anti,, or going to save En Bi from the King of Romance.

That’s when the drama becomes really weird not that a cat eating a love cell and becoming a human wasn’t weird enough. Ma Dae Choong has a flashback, when he and Ne bi get closed in an elevator, about his first love that it’s blurry. It seems like his first love had Ne bi’s human form. The flashback implies that Ma Dae Choong’s first love died. He informs Chun Ji Woon to go save Seo Rin and he goes to save Ne bi. The King of Romance turns En Bi back to her cat form and his first love human form disappears.

We get a one year letter, the tv says Seo Rin and Chun Ji Woon have confirmed their relationship and have gone on vacations. It’s Christmas and Ma Dae Chong seems to be back to his meaningless state he is on his rooftop where it’s snowing and his cat Ne bi is around the owner’s daughter send her to check if Ma Dae Chong is alive and give him some cake, she appears in front of him with his first love’s appearance, as Ne bi when she was human and introduces her self as Da Hye.

Trying to make sense of the ending of not the most usual story is difficult. But I think it has something to do with Ma Dae Chong’s first love dying and after that he wasn’t able to date and she appears in front of him so she can help him with his life. Maybe I’ll read the webtoon and understand the ending better.

The key point of the drama was the amazing guest roles. As the neighbor bothered appeared I was thinking he looks like Jang Hyuk and after searching about him OH MY GOD he was really Jang Hyuk. Many good actors like Jang Hyuk, Oh Kwang Rok, Ryu Seung Soo Kim Woo Bin and other played second roles and it was awesome. Their cute interviews with En Bi at the end of every episode was gold.

Park Joon Hyung from g.o.d as Doraejoon the salesman with the dating items and Hyun Jin Young as the fallen idol who works as a composer ( we all know the song “you inside my dim memory” or at least heard a cover of it) was the cherry on top.

I only found about Park Sun Ho because of Love Cells and read he used to be a member of Boyfriend (before debut I guess cause I like Boyfriend but don’t remember him even on their debut when I wasn’t so interested in them) but changed companies if I’m not mistaken, he did a decent job playing Ma Dae Chong. Kim Yoo Jung is an actress I’m so looking forward to, she has proved what potential she has and I really wish her the best, I hope she gets some rest too she is so young. She is so charismatic and I really can’t believe she is only 15 born in 1999. Nam Ji Hyun acting was decent but I don’t know even though I’m a fan of 4minute I don’t find Nam Ji Hyun interesting. Maybe their will be a role that she gains my attention but for now she just doesn’t do it for me. Baek Sung Hyun is an actor I run to for the first time he had a nice vibe I hope I can see more of his work in the future.

Love Cells were an enjoyable web drama that I give a 7/10

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  1. bmore
    April 16, 2015 at 9:59 pm — Reply

    it was cute and I too loved all the cameos!

  2. April 17, 2015 at 6:51 am — Reply

    Reblogged this on Stuck on Hyuk.

  3. April 17, 2015 at 8:15 pm — Reply

    I also like to watch web dramas ^^ but still didn’t see Love Cells, will make sure to check soon. Thanks for the review 🙂

    • April 18, 2015 at 1:31 pm — Reply

      Watch it and tell me your opinion : )

  4. D_Angel7
    May 7, 2015 at 11:19 pm — Reply

    I really enjoyed this web drama – it was cute, easy going and star-studded – I mean Kim Woo Bin, Jang Hyuk, 4Minute’s Nam Ji Hyun,.. lol
    I was shipping the Ma Dae and Ne Bi since the start, they were just so adorable together. Oh, and if you liked this web drama you may also like GOT7’s ‘Dream Knight’ 🙂

    • May 10, 2015 at 4:03 pm — Reply

      hmmmm I don’t usually watch dramas with idols that was an exception * snob face * ………………………….. just kidding hahahahahahahaha is Got7’s web drama good? I’m already watching ” Exo’s next door ” but I’m still on episode 5 because I’m short on time. I also want to watch Winner’s Nam Taehyun’s web drama and FT island’s Jonghoon’s and Jaejin’s and so many others, I’m already behind in the dramas dramas ( I mean not the one that are on web : P ) but maybe when exam’s period will be over I’ll find time. Webdramas are not that long so it’s easier to watch.

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