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Episode 16 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0603During the 16th episode’s airing time, Heard It Through the Grapevine (11.7%) didn’t manage to keep the first place and it went back to the second seat after Hwajung (11.8%) that made a powerful entrance in the world of Monday-Tuesday dramas. It wasn’t a great difference, but well, it’s still the second place even for 0.1%. One thing is for certain, Heard It Through the Grapevine has anchored in the area of double digits with 11.7% being its second best rating so far as it found itself right in the middle of its airing period.

bscap0495Attorney Han’s first Ji Young Ra love mission begins and it has to remain top secret! He tells secretary Kim that he will be meeting with some people from the National Intelligence Security and nobody must follow him, it’s something he must do on his own because that’s how things work with the utmost source of information! Secretary Kim can’t do otherwise but obey! Attorney Han takes a taxi and hides below the glass by the time they pass by his own car! He can’t wait forever and secretary Kim returns back at the almighty household waiting for the general’s return, as for madame Choi, she’s playing with the young master unaware of attorney Han’s real intentions under the confidentiality veil! Inside the housemaid and butler Park’s room a conversation takes place concerning the latest events and top secret information, but secretary Lee eventually leaves as soon as the jeet kune do teacher starts partaking even more in the overall conversation!

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bscap0502Seo Bom applauds In Sang’s effort keeping all this dreadful information on the inside, but she’s also thankful for letting her know everything. In Sang would prefer to go through this alone in order not to sadden Seo Bom, but the burden was more than he could bear, alone. In Sang thought he knew his father, but everything he used to hear every now and then weren’t just rumors due to jealousy towards his father’s power and achievements, they were pretty much the truth and only the truth. Secretary Min’s thoughts made In Sang’s horizon more transparent and Seo Bom thinks that the most frightening aspect of the story is the fact that Hansong was behind everything and questioning attorney Han himself when the moment arrives feels essential by now.


bscap0514There’s no time for this since attorney Han’s passing the second phase of his adolescence, or maybe the first and only one since he probably never lived as an adolescent himself! And… he doesn’t actually how to react towards Ji Young Ra’s viciously playful attitude! His enthusiasm is so immense his rhetoric grandeur can’t blossom through words! Ji Young Ra creates an environment that brings forth memories of the past as she recalls various renowned aspects of attorney Han’s younger self and the compliments fall like heavy rain one after the other! Attorney Han enjoys each and every moment, even though he still doesn’t feel at ease, ah, adolescence is tough sometimes, ahjussi!

bscap0516bscap0517 bscap0518

bscap0520Secretary Kim’s fallen asleep and that means attorney Han hasn’t returned yet, but Seo Bom and In Sang are eagerly waiting for the great general’s arrival! And there he is, coming back home by taxi like a thief in the night, but his mood by the time he passes the gates of the almighty household feels different and ambiguously hyped already! The young man within has awakened from slumber for the first time! If In Sang can’t continue, it will be Seo Bom’s turn to keep up with their common thoughts and if Seo Bom starts stuttering it will be In Sang’s turn to back her up, but it’s not as easy as it seemed. By the time In Sang started unveiling his thoughts concerning the Daesan group case and the role Hansong played attorney Han took them inside the studying room and started lecturing about the role of a combative and insightful lawyer in the jungle of life since there are as many human ambitions as the number of the people in this world, an ever-expanding clash among parties with different goals. Not every single individual or group can be satisfied with the outcome and that’s why a lawyer should neither get drunk on false reputation nor invest in each and every case emotionally, he should remain as sharp as a blade and preserve the ambitions of the people he defends. It’s all about strict rationality, raw scheduling and relentless approach on the way to absolute success! And that’s the end of the lecture while secretary Kim finds out that he will be rewarded for his services and ignorance on the real turn of events! Attorney Han returns back to his room where madame Choi’s already fallen asleep and it’s the best timing since he doesn’t have to construct any excuses for the time being. As for our young couple, they didn’t even get to present their full thought process, as for answers, maybe next time!

bscap0521bscap0522bscap0523 bscap0524bscap0525 bscap0526bscap0527 bscap0528bscap0529bscap0530

bscap0531Noo Ri’s getting ready for work and after Jin Ae ahjumma’s affectionate breakfast and juice she’s leaving the humble house after an utterly hilarious toilet humor encounter with Hyeong Shik ahjussi! I would never see it coming and i got caught off guard, there must be a god somewhere, i can’t explain it otherwise since i am still alive after laughing so badly! No more taxis and unnecessary high heels before reaching her work place! She’s wearing her sneakers and takes her heels inside a bag! Jin Ae ahjumma’s glad they didn’t accept their in-laws’ offers and she’s happy to see her husband has already exited his upstart bubble and started living like a proper human once again, a healthy citizen!

Everyone goes to the toilet, but we’re not as happy as you, ahjussi!

bscap0532bscap0533 bscap0534

bscap0539Attorney Han returns to Hansong and his secretaries have already noticed that he’s different lately, especially today! In Sang contacts his father, but it’s not the right time to see him since attorney Han’s schedule is full, as for the time being, he’s waiting for counsel Baek Dae Hyeon and all the necessary preparations have already began! In Sang doesn’t stand still, he meets Hyeon Soo and Min Jae in search of answers and he finds out that Hyeon Soo’s father was pretending to be sick at the hospital under Hansong’s instructions! Counsel Baek informs attorney Han that chancellor Seo keeps asking about his in-laws and that he’d like to meet them! Well, everything started well with the overall attempt to upgrade their status through the genealogy tree, but eventually the Hans’ efforts didn’t blossom and attorney Han tries to bury the overall subject with his flow of speech for the time being since he can’t reveal the truth!

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bscap0542Attorney Han’s so excited he can’t stop calling Ji Young Ra, any time of the day is just the ideal moment to hear her voice or even better see her! Je Hoon comes to his office, but he’s not alone this time, Noo Ri’s with him and secretary Yang’s glad to see them together. Je Hoon uses his gentleman tactics and lets Noo Ri sit at his armchair whereas he sits at the client’s seat. Noo Ri wants to make a confession and wonders whether Je Hoon and Se Young are friends, but Je Hoon’s answer is disarming, they’re neither friends nor she has to tell him anything concerning her incident with Se Young! But it’s not only Noo Ri who is thankful, Je Hoon is thankful towards her as well, but he doesn’t think this is the right time to tell her the reason. But i am glad to see Noo Ri happy and the conversation between them goes on as Je Hoon explains to her how tough it can get a workday at Hansong and that the snacks he has at his office may be the only food he will have within a day if the case is tough! Haha, attorney Han covers sleeping employees with his jacket if they have fallen asleep like king Sejong used to cover his officials with his royal robe! He’s a Joseon soul trapped inside the modern body of an ahjussi embracing adolescence for the first time!


bscap0546Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s happy to be back to his good old self, but this comes with a cost, it will be tough seeing Jin Young from now on and both of them miss him. Jin Ae ahjumma almost proposed an idea, but she prevented herself from finishing loudly her thoughts, but maybe she wanted to propose a visit to the almighty household in order to see Jin Young. In Sang delivers the news that Hansong was behind Hyeon Soo’s father’s fake illness and Seo Bom still can’t believe how treacherous attorney Han’s mind can be! Even though he’s been his son for about 20 years, In Sang can’t possibly say that he knows his father after all the latest revelations. Living like a clock everyday under a very specific and always full schedule is utterly representative of attorney Han’s life and it’s the possible life In Sang would have followed if he hadn’t met Seo Bom. I mean, he still lives like that in a way, but he’s different than the In Sang he used to be before Seo Bom entered his life. Nobody disobeys him at work, why? Because he pays well and all lips have a price inside Hansong. The housemaid appears and informs Seo Bom that her mother would like to talk to her, but she doesn’t proceed with a phone call because she would burst into tears and this is not the right moment to show her weakness.

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bscap0553Secretary Lee leaves the almighty household and the jeet kune do teacher follows her! He doesn’t have much to say, he just kisses her straight away and if one slap wasn’t enough, double slap! Lacking dating sense is a huge minus in front of secretary Lee’s eyes since it’s pretty much the factor that determines the happiness of a country from politics and economics to society, culture and even military power! But why did he refer to her as Scully? Was it a reference to The X-Files?! Oh well, i don’t know who Seo Hye Jeong voice actress is, but she’s secretary Lee’s idol and referring to her as Scully doesn’t honor her as Lee Seon Sook. The jeet kune do teacher tries to explain that he’s in love with her and not her idol, but the damage was already done! They’ll get back together, i’m pretty certain, but secretary Lee will put him through many tests before their reunion shines! The housemaid thinks secretary should have just accepted his love, but there’s no “just” in her dictionary! She needs proof, palpable proof and actions, more actions before accepting him!

bscap0554bscap0555 bscap0557bscap0556 bscap0558bscap0559

bscap0560Attorney Han returns back home and finds madame Choi playing around with Jin Young and the way he reacts feels as if he did something wrong and tries to hide his guilt with an exaggerating attitude with his poetic speech and more playful attitude towards Jin Young! Except for his slight guilt, he’s overly excited and feels butterflies due to Ji Young Ra! Attorney Han tries to communicate with Ji Young Ra, but madame Choi appears and he starts talking nonsense about the news he was supposed to be reading at the newspaper and he was getting enraged over things he actually does since he uses the law in the most lawless way in the first place! Back at work, attorney Yoo and Je Hoon’s work progresses the case they’ve been working with attorney Han! Noo Ri exchanges messages with Je Hoon and happiness shines all over her face, it’s something her colleague easily notices and it’s time for some tea! Her colleague compliments her, but Noo Ri acknowledges that she’s been lucky after she found herself at the bottom of the pit, but she had the strength to fight back and reverse the outcome. She knows that the wings she has are not her own, Seo Bom offered her wings wholeheartedly, but Noo Ri’s moving them on her own and that’s important. Seo Bom’s having a conversation with the jeet kune do teacher on the way Hansong treats the law and the teacher presents various existing opinions about Hansong without taking sides. Seo Bom would like to hear his own opinion, but the teacher can’t answer since he’s working under attorney Han’s wings, if she’s willing to find the answers she should study harder and find them on her own! Tightly-knit connections rule the world, it’s natural they would rule over the law as well!

bscap0561 bscap0562bscap0563 bscap0564bscap0565bscap0566bscap0567 bscap0569bscap0568 bscap0571bscap0573bscap0575bscap0574

bscap0576Attorney Han’s having a conversation on the phone with Ji Young Ra, but a video call appears and he has to end the conversation for the time being! It’s madame Choi having fun with Jin Young, but attorney Han doesn’t seem that happy to have been disturbed while talking to his precious love! He eventually ends the video call and video calls Ji Young Ra who’s not willing to answer! President Song is at his luxurious living room along with madame Choi and Eom So Jeong, but Ji Young Ra’s nowhere to be found! She doesn’t even answer to the phone calls! They assume it’s one of these times she escapes from the outside world and they think it has something to do with chairman Jang! Attorney Han passes by the house he had met Ji Young Ra the previous time and left flowers on the bed for her to find them, but he can’t resist and sends her a picture of his precious love’s artifact! She can’t help it but change attorney Han’s name on her phone to “flower delivery” since things have just started getting serious and more dangerous in case her phone falls in the wrong hands!

bscap0577bscap0578 bscap0579bscap0581 bscap0583bscap0584 bscap0585bscap0586

bscap0588Madame Choi lets attorney Han know that she can’t reach Ji Young Ra lately and she indicates that she really tried to help her when she was separating from chairman Jang back in the days to eventually compliment her own marriage with attorney Han as an ideal couple! Not everyone has that kind of relationship; you can laugh here! Secretary Min visits Cheol Shik ahjussi again and wonders whether he heard anything new from Seo Bom or not since attorney Han acts mysteriously these days. It’s time for him to see Jin Ae ahjumma and recall everything Seo Bom had confessed in a message in order to deliver it to secretary Min in advance! Attorney Han to Seo Bom’s eyes looks like an alien who has the same house, family and work in a place that resembles the earth and keeps going back and forth, but she can’t guess where the real house is!

bscap0589bscap0591bscap0590 bscap0592

bscap0593Attorney Han informs secretary Kim that he’s on another undercover mission and he will have to use public transportation! He enters a sports store and buys a whole row of clothes! As for changing? He finds himself inside a restroom which looks like civilized sewers or something! After a try-hard attempt he manages to change his clothes without getting hurt from the unfriendly environment! The moment he appears running towards her, Ji Young Ra doesn’t believe her eyes! No, it’s not Tablo, sweetheart, it’s athletic rapmeister Han! They’re having fun walking and talking and the moment arrives for attorney Han to become part of the most cliche yet always adorable South Korean drama pattern, piggyback amidst cherry blossoms! And of course the womanizer within starts unveiling his poetic aspects, “you’re my present tense forever; carpe diem”, okay! Even though Ji Young Ra can see through his grandiose words, she’s lovesick and enjoys the piggyback ride! And it’s more apparent while she arrived back home, she doesn’t talk much, all she wants to do is her daughter to arrange an appointment for both of them with her new psychiatrist to unveil the core of their souls!


Tablo? Is that you?


Call me Pablo, bonita, i just came back from España!

bscap0600bscap0601bscap0602bscap0604bscap0605bscap0606bscap0608 bscap0609

bscap0611Madame Choi finds once again attorney Han trying to contact someone on the phone and as time passes by he keeps trying and trying until someone answers! Hyeon Soo answers it and attorney Han considers it a wrong number and then calls back again to receive an answer from Hyeon Soo once again! Flower delivery, huh? His nerves are shaking and his Ji Young Ra addiction can’t be quenched! Attorney Han unearths some answers concerning the gatherings of his wife, Ji Young Ra and Eom So Jeong at president Song’s luxurious living room! It’s one of these days!

bscap0612bscap0613 bscap0615bscap0614 bscap0616bscap0617 bscap0618bscap0619

bscap0620The gathering takes place and Ji Young Ra’s nowhere to be found. A message falls like an atomic bomb on president Song’s cellphone indicating that attorney Han has fallen in love! He immediately hides his phone, it shouldn’t fall in the wrong hands and… look who appears all of a sudden! Attorney Han! His client was nearby and he thought of passing by president Song and greet everyone, but wait, where’s Ji Young Ra? Is she hiding?! Nope and president Song messages her not to appear because things will get worse! Suddenly, everything started making sense inside madame Choi’s mind and her stare betrays that attorney Han is not going to have a great time in the very near future!

bscap0621bscap0622 bscap0623bscap0624 bscap0630bscap0633

You will be eating only spicy noodles from now on.


Thoughts: So, what have we got here? It’s much less of a roller coaster one than the 15th episode, but a roller coaster episode still pointing towards attorney Han’s direction and the way his words and/or actions affect people’s lives in his sphere of direct or indirect influence. Even though it may seem like a second adolescence or a middle age crisis longing for the days of forgotten youth it pretty much is his one and only adolescence. Attorney Han since moment zero was born a successful ahjussi following his parents’ orders, breathing mechanically and forgetting to live in order to accomplish his family’s ambitions. He never had the chance to dream and act on his own and his belated adolescence is all over the place. He doesn’t know how to react and does goofy moves all the time whether he is with Ji Young Ra or not and when he’s not he always tries to contact her. All these are things you do with your first love or a great romance that stroke you like thunder in the middle of a vast field and they happened to attorney Han for the first time.


I guess he just discovered what a hat really is and wore it for the first time! Even when he was caressing the sheets on the bed it felt as if he was preparing himself for his first time and he was full of lovely angst and sweet fear of the unknown! He doesn’t necessarily listen to what others tell him and he doesn’t necessarily talk as coherently as before because his mind goes always towards Ji Young Ra in a one-way destination! His careless moves plant the seeds of suspicion in madame Choi’s mind but she can’t utterly notice what’s going on until the very end of the episode. He’s almost forgotten that he’s got a wife and two kids and that he recently became a grandfather and walks straight into the mouth of the abyss unaware of the rumors going round and round and his reactions betray him. Madame Choi completes the puzzle in her mind since each and every piece makes perfect sense and her civilized smile right before erupting and her liquid eyes scream only one thing, “you’re so dead, you son of a peach.”


As for Ji Young Ra, even though she started it to torment madame Choi’s world she would have never expected that attorney Han would react so passionately and would want to contact her anytime! Before realizing it the situation got out of control and it’s not that she wasn’t enjoying the moments she spend with attorney Han, she did, especially during the trip at the cherry blossomed area. However, it’s a more than difficult situation, especially now that madame Choi has figured it out, even though Ji Young Ra was hiding from her, attorney Han’s goofy words and actions betrayed the romance in its birth pangs. We have yet to find out how madame Choi will react, especially towards attorney Han and Ji Young Ra, and how the whole situation will affect pretty much everyone’s lives.


Noo Ri owns the wings Seo Bom forged for her, but she’s the one setting their movement in full action. She’s happy to have met Je Hoon, but Je Hoon has a secret he will unveil later, a secret for which he’s thankful towards Noo Ri. Taking into consideration the moment he met Hyeon Soo and she said that he looked like a gay friend of hers, could it be that it wasn’t the first time they actually met and they acted as if they didn’t know each other? Of course, this is only an assumption, but he could be gay and he would unveil the truth to Noo Ri later on, being thankful to her for being his camouflage partner or something. It could be something else and i can’t think a lot at this moment since it’s late at night and i was working on this review/recap for hours, but i do hope Noo Ri will appreciate his sincerity whatever secret, for which he’s thankful, he might reveal later on. It could also be that he didn’t want to meet her in the first place, but he had to in order not to have any problems with attorney Han, but eventually he started embracing her lively character. I really can’t say what his secret could be, it’s a secret anyway and our writer can present just anything anytime as we’ve already witnessed countless times.


Secretary Min uses both Cheol Shik ahjussi and the young couple. Although Cheol Shik ahjussi is at fault as well since he keeps helping her despite his ongoing dilemma whether to help her or not for the sake of the young couple’s well-being and his own family’s tranquility now that both Jin Ae ahjumma and Hyeong Shik ahjussi have decided to remain pure mortals no matter how difficult reality may be. Everything flows according to plan and she’s already planted her most powerful seeds deep within the young couple’s souls and they have already started questioning attorney Han’s figure and Hansong’s credibility.


Seo Bom and In Sang set sail on journey to find out the utter truth behind attorney Han and Hansong, not only the part of truth that affects them as a couple and as parents, but also the whole truth surrounding this colossus named Hansong. Rumors that were going round and round appear to be portions of truth at the present and even though they try to set their questions on the table, attorney Han’s absent-minded condition won’t project back answers. Step by step they can see the light, but it’s too early to say they have reached a nodal point. At this point, i have to admit that i didn’t enjoy the last two episodes as much as i used to enjoy the drama up to the 14th episode. It could be the drama’s fault, it could be me, it could be my mood, it could be anything, but now that it reached its midway point it’s not that entertaining as it used to be, but it’s entertaining still.

Can i go to my in-laws on the next episode, please?


I still laugh and i still receive feels, the story progresses and that’s good, but i don’t laugh as much as i used to and the feels are not as electrifying as they used to send shivers down my spine. I understand that the drama consists of 32 episodes and it’s not that easy to remain equally powerful on each and every episode and all characters have to progress. I also understand that the first leading couple consists of attorney Han and madame Choi, but the second leading couple consisting of In Sang and Seo Bom tend to become supporting roles or something as episodes pass by. They do have their moments that progress their characters, but they have remained wait too much in the background, especially In Sang.


At first it was the atomic bomb of Jin Young appearing all of a sudden inside the almighty household and the way it affected everyone’s lives. Then it was In Sang’s rebellion and realization that life is not a cogwheel inside a factory and then it was Seo Bom’s masterful approach of her title as the young lady and everything that derives from it. We also had episodes dedicated to Seo Bom’s family and the Hans as well. Now we have attorney Han’s adolescence in full bloom under an imaginary full moon that is about to turn madame Choi into a werewolf. Everything flows naturally, but i would like to see more of the young couple and especially In Sang who’s been in the background for way too many episodes, it feels a bit unfair. It’s true that i consider Lee Joon a young actor with boiling blood and great potential, but it’s a bit of a shame if we don’t witness his value in full grandeur in front of the screen for many weeks now.

At least one shot of soju with Hyeong Shik ahjussi?


I’ve read that we’ll witness his transformation and he will eventually shine once again as In Sang, so i will consider the last two episodes as the stepping stone of In Sang’s transformation since the righteous general’s romance with Ji Young Ra will boil even more In Sang’s anger towards a father he never met, a paternal figure he thought he knew but his real self was moving in the shadows. Attorney Han is the rumors he used to hear every now and then, not the preset as a clock figure inside the household. Seo Bom’s thoughts are utterly representative of attorney Han’s dual world, he looks like an alien who has the same house, family and work in a place that resembles the earth and keeps going back and forth! I conceive the last two episodes as the ones that will deepen the chasm between father and son and will make In Sang’s wings unfold. That’s all folks, have a great weekend and keep thinking that Monday’s not that far away. As we’re entering the second half of Heard It Through the Grapevine let’s hope that things can only get way more interesting!


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  1. April 16, 2015 at 8:59 pm — Reply

    I wouldn’t be surprised if our newbie lawyer were gay. And going out with Jae Won. I kinda hope he isn’t. Might be good if his secret is that he’s got his own revenge issue or might be Jae Won’s son or half-brother or some such thing. Cause really…what IS IT with Jae Won? Hanging around with stressful battling women? But I doubt the writers will do something so stereotypical as another revenge subplot. The writers here are pretty organic and real in their storytelling. We’re going into a different kind of suspense right now…perhaps more controversial and less “fun” ..so some readers will like the story advances and some won’t. For me, it’s hard to see adultery or a family breaking up especially over adultery. And I’m not conservative Korean. Or Korean period. So yeah… will be hard viewing. Thanks for the recap.

    • April 16, 2015 at 9:25 pm — Reply

      Haha, hadn’t thought about it with Jae Won! Both of them have similar hobbies, playing with miniatures, etc! But yes, i don’t think there is going to be an odd revenge sub-plot, it’s pretty organic storytelling as you said, so i guess Je Hoon and Jae Won live their love life inside one of the rooms around the luxurious living room when the gossip hyenas are not around? XD It’s the perfect camouflage, Je Hoon has Noo Ri now and Jae Won along with his friends at night are among many women, so both of them are hiding pretty well if that’s the case. Plus, Jae Won is the master of gossip, he knows everything before rumors go round XD “And I’m not conservative Korean. Or Korean period.” OK, that owned, haha! It’s going to be odd and i guess in the remaining 16 episodes writernim holds many aces! I think madame Choi will enslave attorney Han or something, in a comical yet serious way! None of them would bear a breakup, their family’s status is their prestige. You’re very welcome and thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts ! 🙂

  2. April 16, 2015 at 11:38 pm — Reply

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  3. April 17, 2015 at 3:51 pm — Reply

    I think Madam Choi’s Inner Seo Bom will be unleashed in the next two episodes and Attorney Han will not see the storm coming until he is well and truly cornered. We should look forward to some serious laughs next week. I can’t wait 🙂

    • April 17, 2015 at 3:53 pm — Reply

      Indeed, it’s going to be hell on earth by the time the moment is right for madame Choi to explode! And something tells me attorney Han beating up In Sang (not that it was fun, but it was presented in a comical tone) will be nothing compared to madame Choi’s reactions! XD

  4. Gloria Frimpong
    April 18, 2015 at 4:50 am — Reply

    For some reason I can’t stand secretary min joo young or young ra. I do get that In sang has to grow up at some point but she involvin the young couple is a no no in my books. Hanson may not be all that bad. True, every law firm no matter how pure it seems can’t please everyone at all times. I do see Bom and In sang handling Hanson in the future though. And I agree with the recapper that the young couple have been relegated to the background way too much.
    young ra for all she has started does not have the heart to go through to the end. There is no way she will divorce her husband, neither will attorney Han leave his wife. He can’t actively date her now that it’s in the open nor can he keep her as a mistress. This is very messy but if this is what will let his wife become more independent and strong, I support it. She is way too docile. I don’t think she will be too forgiving this time especially looking at how he embarrassed her in front of his friends. That was a no no.

    • April 18, 2015 at 6:41 pm — Reply

      Same here, secretary Min’s actions using people don’t justify her seemingly righteous cause to clean her brother’s name. Can’t stand Young Ra either, she finds pleasure in harming madame Choi, that’s a no no as well as secretary Min using the young couple! I think i will have to agree, IS and SB will probably handle Hansong in the future and throughout all the knowledge they will receive throughout the years they will add more soul to its strictly careerist status. A more humane law.
      She started a fire she couldn’t handle and she didn’t expect the young man inside attorney Han to pop up this way XD His enthusiast child attitude betrayed everything and there’s only one road, to stop doing what he’s been doing and receive madame Choi’s punishment and it’s not going to be a pleasant one 😛 But they won’t get a divorce, i think as well. Their image is more important, but she will become stronger through this as well. It’s a no no parade XD Really looking forward to the next eps and with a bit more of the young couple to the foreground! Thanks a lot for your time reading and sharing your thoughts, they are very much appreciated!! 🙂

  5. April 18, 2015 at 4:02 pm — Reply

    Well, this is fun. I happened across a site IFind Recaps K-Drama for the day) that listed me as the Blood recapper and you as the Heard it Through the Grapevine recapper. This is good news and I am glad you have taken on the long project. You are brave. I am such a Lee Joon fan, love him to bits. “…son of a peach” – what a great mispronunciation, better than the original! Keep up the good word, fighting!

    • April 18, 2015 at 6:34 pm — Reply

      That blog is a great attempt in gathering recaps etc! I wanted to watch Blood due to Goo Hye Sun because i loved her in Angel Eyes, but the vampire theme was that attractive to me :/ But i hope you’re enjoying the drama!! Although as i am midway in i start to get tired, not because of the drama, because of the number of recapping episodes, i’m either brave or a masochist, maybe a brave dramasochist or something 😛 Lee Joon owns, met him in Mr Back and some time ago while waiting for HITTG’s subs i started and marathoned Gap Dong. It’s great witnessing his rising potential from drama to drama! Thanks a lot for your words chingu, fighting!!! “Seo Bom fightiiiiiiiing” XD

  6. mdj101
    April 19, 2015 at 4:22 pm — Reply

    I really enjoy hearing your ideas here in the recaps. Love the pictures you paint with mere words, too. The light of a full moon shines so brightly on Jung Ho’s blossoming experience (or re-animation ?) of his “first love” from his adolescence, a natural stage of development stunted abruptly by his mother’s interference. And the same full moon bringing forth powerful changes in Yeon Hee, as well, turning her into a fearsome, powerful werewolf!

    I just love the comparison so much. I am old enough to be a fan from childhood of the original “Werewolf”, “Count Dracula”, and “Frankenstein” genres. And also like BLOOD and the other vampire themed dramas

    PS:….. I was SO VERY CURIOUS as to WHO was on the phone telling Hotel Director, “Jung Ho is falling in love”. Been wondering for days! Now, I think it had to be Sec. Yang. The “rumor mill” is so complex, but still things can always be traced somehow today!
    You have looked at Jung Ho’s behavior with such an open, non-judgemental attitude! I want to reconsider my own opinion now, too. I should keep in mind that “to err is human, to forgive is divine” and so on.
    The love between Beom and In Sang along with the “fruit of that love, Ji Young, were like the first “slippage of deep tectonic plate beneath the Han and Seo families and the entire Hansong culture. Tremors are being felt by everyone now, final earthquake, and then later a tsunami will occur over the second 32 episodes! WOW……what a ride it will be!

    • April 20, 2015 at 11:09 am — Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, but after two articles my brain was filled with bubbles yesterday 😀 Thanks a lot for another time for your words chingu!! Would it feel repetitive if i said that they are very much appreciated? Yup, the original werewolf, Dracula and Frankenstein themes are pretty cool, they have the right ambiance and they have their origins in older times that adds a lot to their mystery! And oddly enough, newest movies don’t catch that vibe easily. If i recall well, when the message was being recited in president Song’s mind for us to listen to it to it had “hyung” inside as well, but i’m not sure at this moment, if this is correct i think it was the new doctor of Ji Young Ra since president Song knows many people 😀
      I can’t judge him that much, he was born in an oppressed environment, especially from his mother, and he didn’t have the chance In Sang has now to retaliate, so he had his small chance to do something “on his own”, but he didn’t have the experience to progress it. In a way, i understand him, even though in general he’s quite an opposite personality from me.
      Tremors are indeed pretty much everywhere and the household will have to prove if its foundations are really tight or if it was only the rest of the structure that seemed strong. Indeed, earthquakes lie ahead and the tsunami will occur, good thing with earthquakes and HITTG is that we can’t possibly know the epicenter of the earthquake until it occurs 😀

  7. mdj101
    April 19, 2015 at 4:27 pm — Reply

    EDIT: ….. I meant to say “the next 16 episodes”. Sorr

  8. […] Daddy Han looks like a Kpop star or rapper (Tablo is mentioned here–I am not too familiar with K-pop or rap, so I am behind the curve on this one.) BTW, about […]

  9. June 19, 2015 at 9:23 pm — Reply

    I didn’t think Jae Won was gay. I thought he was too in love with Madame Choi who chose to marry another man that he decided to remain a bachelor b/c he had no family duty to have an heir, to take over his father’s company etc and any reason these people get married without necessarily being in love?

    But clearly, Jae Won is like the gossip king and knows evryone’s little secrets… which is a bit scary actually. It’s a good thing that he doesn’t seem to be cruel… Feels more like he’s using his knowledge to manipulate people into forcing them not to start a war within their chaebol world. He’s maintaining the balance in their universe of childness and pettiness.

    ANYWAY, who would have thought that the forever moderate and self-disciplined Attorney Han would let go of any sense of rational thoughts to get caught so easily about his non-affair… What kind of man would he have become if he had married Ji Young Ra or at least someone he truly loves? On that aspect, In Sang did the opposite thing and Seo Bom is a gentle oerson with the brain to destroy anyone who hurts her or a family… You’re better off being her friend than her enemy. That’s for sure… Right, Secretary Lee? XD I’m glad she slapped the teacher who had no right to kiss her. The woman proposed to him and he ran away from her and she’s supposed to welcome him back with opening arms and a kiss? No, sir. How about you try to apologize first and explain exactly what it is you want from her when she already said she was ready for marriage and you humiliated her in front of everybody? On that aspect, I wished she had at least one person to tell her she has the right to stand by her feelings… Secretary Yang would have probably agreed with her since she said to Secretary Kim that it’s not b/c he likes Secretary Min that she should owe him something. Even the ajumeonie is all “you’re playing hard to get. Just forgive him and move on.” I see the Scully-ness, tbqh xD

    • June 20, 2015 at 11:02 pm — Reply

      Ah, as for president Song, i recently found the the actor behind him, Jang Ho Il, was a member of the well known band 015B and later on he formed another one named EZEN! Wasn’t aware of that while the drama was airing O.o Aye, president Song is the solo commando as a martyr of love, gossip king and keeping everyone close XD Some people say that men that gossip are far worse than women who gossip and president Song is the personification of this XD
      Aye, father and son are different, attorney Han found everything ready, including “love” and marriage, In Sang found love on his own without implementing his own status and kept it a secret until Seo Bom entered the household.
      Secretary must keep Seo Bom as a friend, every time she tries to do something against her it’s not successful XD But ye, her attitude towards the jeet kune do teacher was spot on! A ki-su-eh isn’t enough! Scully-ness XD

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