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Episode 15 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0292Heard It Through the Grapevine gained the first place during the 15th episode’s airing time (11.6%). Hwajung made a strong entrance with right away double digit ratings (10.5%) and as expected it instantly became Heard It Through the Grapevine’s rival on the quest for Monday-Tuesday’s drama throne. It’s going to be a fierce battle. The 8th week’s Monday episode was less specific than its predecessors and it was a journey around pretty much everyone’s lives; restoring reputations, cancelling plans, testing some figure’s patience while creating the ideal background for the future episodes’ playground!

bscap0247Jin Young fills madame Choi’s life with happiness and bliss while attorney Han’s working with secretary Yang! The time has arrived for Seo Bom to meet attorney Yang and secretary Lee interrupts her studying process for a while in order for madame Choi to instruct Seo Bom right before meeting secretary Yang who deals with anything related to relatives and family matters, including Seo Bom’s parents as the almighty household’s in-laws. As for In Sang? He should never ask his teacher about his torn to pieces relationship with secretary Lee! Seo Bom has to know secretary Yang’s buttons in order to have the upper hand right from the start in order to accomplish all her future plans whenever time feels fertile and a cooperation with secretary Yang has to blossom once again. Seo Bom understands faster than madame Choi expected and the moment arrives. By the time they’re left alone, Seo Bom is thankful for her precious help concerning Noo Ri’s matter and looks forward to any possible future plans, she doesn’t lower herself and strengthens her image as the young lady even more in front of secretaries Yang and Lee who are bowing whereas Seo Bom noticeably indicates the difference between her and the secretaries; always with style and restrained avarice.

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bscap0252Seo Bom finds In Sang reading one of his favorite comic books and she’s relieved that everything went fine. At the same time, madame Choi remains astonished by Seo Bom’s overall attitude and approach whereas attorney Han concurs and places more depth in Seo Bom’s progress resembling her rapid grasp to the art of playing pool; direction of power, combined strength and absolute angle approach. Inside the housemaid and butler Park’s room the secretaries express their amazement and fear at the same time towards Seo Bom and her overall approach on each and every subject, emphasizing on the recent meeting! At Noo Ri’s workplace her fame grows stronger after she dumped Se Young and everyone wants to be around her, but she learned from her mistakes and she keeps her safe distance without looking aloof. Attorney Yoo and attorney Han keep working on a case and the time has arrived for Je Hoon to work on his first official Hansong assignment! It’s all part of the game on the vast highway of success and secretary Yang pays a visit to Je Hoon’s office in order to strengthen his ego and acclimate him even more in order to do his best as a renowned member of the valedictorian elite!

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bscap0261Ji Young Ra’s worried because Hyeon Soo doesn’t invest on a face to face date with Je Hoon, they’re always around a big company and Young Ra’s plans don’t seem to blossom towards the direction she wants to, something that always gets on Hyeon Soo’s nerves! Attorney Yang thanks president for his cooperation in Noo Ri’s matter and makes sure that Se Young won’t be around for some time, the real reason behind the phone call is to ensure Noo Ri’s presence at the luxurious living room in order to acclimate Seo Bom’s sister naturally in high society’s most cherished gardens among considerate people her age, implying Je Hoon. After the phone call reaches an end president Hong spends some time with the civilized hyenas, Ji Young Ra, madame Choi and Eom So Jeong as Noo Ri still remains the big thing in the world of rumors from the opposite side of the fence this time after she got rid of Se Young and the negativity surrounding her!

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bscap0266Madame Choi returns back home. Seo Bom along with Jin Young greet her and she’s so happy to see her grandson! Seo Bom’s spicy snacks don’t please her, but she can let it slide once in a while since Seo Bom’s more than a representative daughter-in-law! She informs Seo Bom that once things calm down a proper marriage partner should be found, as for Seo Bom, she’s not worried about Noo Ri that much since she learned her lesson and her promise already feels strong! Seo Bom keeps tasting the spicy snacks along with the jeet kune do teacher who makes a joke about capsaicin, an active component of chili peppers, and the way it affects trials, something that doesn’t apply to real life! Madame Choi considers taking Seo Bom with her essential by now, but since the exam time hasn’t come yet she postpones it in order not to ruin her studying progress! As for Seo Bom’s parents, madame Choi wants to make sure they eventually use the house renovation specialists she proposed! Secretary Lee visits the humble house along with the technicians who consider a full restoration important since the house is pretty old and it doesn’t consist of the most powerful structure. Jin Ae ahjumma finds herself in a tough situation as she kindly tries to decline the offer stating that Jin Young’s security inside the humble house is not a problem since they have already taken care of it because they love their grandson. Hyeong Shik ahjussi pays a visit to a consultant in order to make sure he won’t fail with his business plan, but the answers he receives aren’t the most positive and he’s not positive and vibrant himself either.

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bscap0272Je Hoon and Noo Ri’s first official meeting takes place, but he won’t be alone, having by his side Hyeon Soo will make things flow more pleasantly and in a more friendly environment. Noo Ri’s eye is sharp though and asks whether Je Hoon and Hyeon Soo are a couple, something they deny and the sky becomes cloudless! Praising Noo Ri for her latest reflexes on countering the rumor and taking advantage of the overall situation was essential since it’s the latest big news in gossip’s paradise and the time has arrived for Noo Ri and Je Hoo to go out on her own, under president Song’s proposal who’s like a martyr of love or something! Inside the humble house, Hyeong Shik ahjussi takes care of the flush and fixes everything considered problematic, as for Jin Ae ahjumma, the time has come to call secretary Lee and inform her that they kindly reject the help the Han family offered in the first place since it’s not needed; after all they love their full of warmth and love house the way it is despite their daily concerns! Madame Choi receives the message and she can’t hold her loud voice in front of Jin Young who’s being taken away by the nanny! How could they reject such a grandiose offer?! Because they can, madame Choi, because they can! It’s Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s turn to step back from his business plans and secretary Yang didn’t expect this, but she can’t do anything for the time being since he doesn’t want to progress the overall plan. The only thing she can do is inform attorney Han who can’t comprehend how could he reject his help right before the most important step! It’s not easy to approach that family, even with well-shaped debt in the form of kindhearted charity!

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bscap0285Secretary Min hasn’t surrendered and she recalls the moments she passed with In Sang and Yi Ji when she was with them in the US as an excuse to meet In Sang once again! In Sang’s happy and overly expressive meeting her after all this time and a present pops up for her on In Sang and Yi Ji’s behalf! Soon remembrance of past events reaches an end and secretary Min moves on to the main topic, something she discusses with In Sang inside her car on their way to In Sang’s college.

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bscap0300Inside the almighty household, secretary Lee’s attitude towards the jeet kune do teacher remains relentless! It’s time for Seo Bom to exercise after all this studying and secretary Lee helps her work out as she informs her on the latest news concerning her sister! Back at Hansong, secretary Min remains sharp in front of secretary Kim whereas secretary Yang visits Je Hoon to get more information about him and Noo Ri and she’s relieved to find out they decided to give it a try and see how it flows! Noo Ri and Je Hoon really look good together and i can say i already ship them as my love for Gong Seung Yeon remains more than strong! They’re having fun together playing games loudly at a cafe and their chemistry starts to show its contours! And in the middle of a game Noo Ri asks him if he likes her to receive back a powerful answer, it hurt a bit, but it was positive! As for the customers, they’re disturbed by all this noise and the waitress informs the young couple!

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bscap0306Secretary Min visits Cheol Shik ahjussi at their workshop and after a conversation concerning their stamps and various artifacts she informs him about everything she said to In Sang in order to reach Seo Bom’s ears, something that doesn’t quite please Cheol Shik ahjussi. He thinks she shouldn’t had told In Sang about the way attorney Han treated Seo Bom’s family and his arch views on Seo Bom, the reasons why he eventually accepted her and the undercover paternity test. She considers attorney Han a hypocrite and wants to see him in pain after In Sang and Seo Bom use this information to secretary Min’s advantage ruining step by step his ideal ecosystem inside the seemingly unassailable but vulnerable household. Seo Bom’s studying and Yi Ji can’t wait to spend some time with her and sends her signals from the other side of the glass! It’s time for the teacher to question his two students and both of them present a correct answer! The Hans try to ease their tension and madame Choi sits on her armchair, as for attorney Han he’s spending his time with Jin Young and he doesn’t let Yi Ji play with him since he doesn’t want her to interrupt his healing process! Jin Young’s panacea for the Hans!


bscap0316In Sang tries to find an opportunity to talk to everyone, but his parents are inside their room and he shouldn’t disturb them at this point and Seo Bom’s listening to music with Yi Ji and it’s not the right time to ruin their mood. As for the Hans, they still can’t believe how could Seo Bom’s parents reject their offers one after the other! By the time Seo Bom returns back to the couple’s room, she finds In Sang sleeping. Of course he pretends to have fallen asleep and he bears all this burden on his shoulders for the time being. Seo Bom heads towards the studying room to keep up with her studies and contacts Noo Ri to congratulate her on the good news and inform her that even though she can’t contact often her family they are always in her heart.

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bscap0325At president Song’s luxurious living room another civilized fight takes place and Ji Young Ra never misses a chance to get on madame Choi’s nerves and she leaves immediately in order not to erupt any further! The Hans are having a conversation with Seo Bom and they express their discomfort because her parents didn’t embrace their offers, but Seo Bom tries to calm them down and informs them that everything’s flowing well inside her humble house. Being proud of her and due to the fact that the test is on its way, the Hans intend to hold back for the time being. The house personnel is having a conversation on the latest events when it comes to the declined offers, by the time the jeet kune do teacher appears secretary Lee leaves the room. As for the teacher, he should show his sincere love to secretary Lee if he wants to make things right! The second round takes place at president Song’s luxurious living room and this time madame Choi has the upper hand, Je Hoon and Noo Ri is her hidden card and Ji Young Ra rushes back home to demand explanations from her daughter! She still can’t believe that she sees Je Hoon as a friend and as an addition she can’t accept that she can’t get over In Sang who rejected her in the first place. Ji Young Ra doesn’t care about Hyeon Soo’s feelings, all that matters is the prestige of a proper relationship and Je Hoon was just perfect; not anymore!

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bscap0337Ji Young Ra doesn’t intent to step back and she has a secondary plan. If Je Hoon can’t be with her daughter she will have to perform a full scale attack in an attempt to seduce attorney Han! She recalls how much he was hurt the previous time they met and this time she intends to glorify his manhood and she succeeds! Suddenly, meeting together in private under different circumstances feels essential! Forget about attorney Han, Mr. Bombastic, Mr. Lova Lova is here! And back home he makes a grandiose entrance as he breathes a different air, the one of supreme manhood and his behavior is more vibrant! As for the reason why? Madame Choi doesn’t have to know, because nothing’s impossible when it comes to attorney Han!

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bscap0344In Sang can’t hold all this information on the inside, it’s too much of a burden and he hugs Seo Bom tightly right before making an attorney Han related confession that would hurt her. Inside the Han couple’s room Ji Young Ra’s words keep echoing and attorney Han can’t sleep, on the contrary, he’s more than amazed and his manhood keeps boiling! Fighting! Double monkey self head patting! Madame Choi’s worried and asks him if anything’s wrong and… he’s not sick, he is! The next day at work he receives a call from Ji Young Ra and everything’s being settled for their guilty rendezvous! Madame Choi’s unaware of what’s going on, as for Ji Young Ra she’s more than pleased and awaits for the moment she will meet attorney Han and make madame Choi bow in front of her; or better yet, explode!

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SuperHanThoughts: The 15th one was a roller coaster episode among pretty much everyone’s lives under a sudden turn of events. Seo Bom makes one more step ahead as the young lady of the almighty household by showing her intentions towards secretary Yang, unaware of the truths that were revealed to In Sang who is suffering alone under the burden of his parents’ wrongdoings. He can’t hold back no matter how hard he tries and the moment of truth for Seo Bom feels near. Secretary Min actually never surrendered, she had just put her plan in the ice for a while and the young couple was the most powerful weapon she could use for the time being and that’s what she did. Jin Ae ahjumma and Hyeong Shik ahjussi, one after the other rejected the Han family’s offers, something unexpected and inconceivable when it comes to attorney Han and madame Choi’s point of view. However, even though it breaks them on the inside, they don’t move on with another plan because the test’s time is near and they want Seo Bom and In Sang to emerge victorious. Noo Ri moves on by the time Je Hoon enters her life and everything seems to be flowing well for the young couple at its birth pangs, under the blessings of pretty much everyone around them. As for Ji Young Ra, she can’t believe that Hyeon Soo didn’t progress her friendship with Je Hoon into something more and on top of that, she still can’t forget In Sang; unacceptable! She’s got a hidden card and she uses it immediately in an attempt to seduce attorney Han’s instincts by restoring his manhood and placing medals anew on his jacket! And… he falls for it! We have yet to see how their excursion will flow and how Ji Young Ra will use it against attorney Han, madame Choi and pretty much everyone in his sphere of influence! On top of that, In Sang’s conversation with Seo Bom will be crucial about the way In Sang will develop himself and in the way Seo Bom will perceive all this information. An overly enjoyable episode progressing the storyline for big things that lie ahead!

Tablo? Is that you?


My name is Han, attorney Han.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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    I visited the link you gave to ” Mr. Bombastic, Mr. Lova Lova” video on you tube. I noticed a video by MR. BEAN dancing to the Lova Lova music! Exactly our Mr. Han. So funny, he danced the entire song! Thank you for sharing this image, How can I look at Jeong Ha without laughing now?

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      I don’t watch k-variety shows, i only know Tablo from Epik High 😀 Indeed, he’s priceless in pretty much every episode, Yoo Joon Sang does an immense job as attorney Han, everything is spot-on, even his body stasis, his moves, pretty much everything!

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    but waiiiiiiiiiit isn’t Je Hoon gay? And he just uses Noo Ri to help him hide that fact? If he wants to be powerful, he needs the wife and kids, so it’s not about love but more like what’s convenient for both of us?

    Anyway, Attorney Han kills me every time… Why so awesome? I can’t deal.I just can’t.

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      I will conceive your questions as rhetoric ones, because if i don’t seem them that way i will have to answer and spoil you XD
      “Why so awesome?” Because he is! XD A different type of swag xP

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