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Episode 13 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap1310Heard It Through the Grapevine’s 1st place on the 12th episode wasn’t just a bubble since on the 13th one, even though it earned the second place (11.3%), it was only 0.2% behind Shine or Go Crazy! It’s a drama that earns the trust and eventually the hearts of a wider part of the audience as episodes go by, having its very own effect under the influence of the great director-screenwriter duo and the exceptional acting from leading to secondary figures! It’s an ever-expanding world in all possible shades of gold and rust, strict careerism/manipulation and warm feelings/longing.

bscap1367Noo Ri leaves home to go to work early in the morning, she doesn’t intend to wear her previous old-fashioned heels which Jin Ae ahjumma attached since the gift card she received from Seo Bom and the Han family has already managed to do its wonders! Her mother and uncle can’t help but express their anxiety concerning Noo Ri’s gradual change as a person. At the same time, everyone has already awakened at the almighty household and In Sang and Seo Bom have come up with a plan since they want Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s business plan to go well. In Sang will meet president Song and his acquaintances in order to gather various opinions on the subject, as for Seo Bom, she’s the one to discuss it with attorney Han and madame Choi.


bscap1370Seo Bom’s grateful for the opportunity In Sang’s parents offered to her father and Noo Ri, however their amount of failures in the past doesn’t consist of a representative sample which could easily point towards a brand new step that could blossom in full force for both of them. It’s something that worries her and she lets In Sang’s parents know beforehand, it’s something they appreciate and applaud since she’s putting into indirect practice everything she’s learning by studying law. However, Seo Bom and In Sang shouldn’t worry about such matters and they should care only about studying in order to welcome success in their lives, attorney Han and his team will take care of the rest.

bscap1371bscap1372 bscap1374bscap1375 bscap1376bscap1377 bscap1378

bscap1373Secretary Lee still can’t digest the fact that Seo Bom reflected upon her all the necessary grandeur she possessed without even trying! She tries to find Seo Bom’s weaknesses and now she knows her weak spot, her caring and affectionate attitude towards her family! Everyone knows that and the housemaid’s priceless facial expression demotivated her instant happiness in a blink of an eye! It’s time for In Sang to leave and Seo Bom sees him out, since they’re on their own, with a fourfold kiss on the cheek since four smooch-sounds echoed! On the previous episode we had In Sang’s kiss on Seo Bom’s forehead, now we have a kiss attack on In Sang’s cheek, a kiss on the lips feels near, maybe of the 14th episode? I don’t know yet since i haven’t watched it before finishing the article on the 13th one! But it’s beautiful to watch this puppy couple twice as happy as it happened in the very few seconds of that very scene!

 bscap1380bscap1379 bscap1381bscap1382bscap1384 bscap1385

bscap1386It’s madame Choi’s turn to see attorney Han out and their discussion is insightful when it comes to Seo Bom’s overall approach on household’s matters through honesty under a defensive perspective. Attorney Han’s aware that Seo Bom the more time passes by the more she understands the world she found herself in and she uses it exceptionally well to pace with the flow, it’s a fair reciprocation that ensures and progresses the trust being built between both sides. In the meantime, at Noo Ri’s workplace her brain is already starting to get filled with bubbles, shiny ones, but based on a weak shell. As time passes by more people want to meet her and leave their phone numbers awaiting eagerly for a phone call! She should be more careful on the way she uses words, especially when it comes to her in-laws since people know and people talk and once they start talking the words can turn from a simple wind to a typhoon. However, it’s so pleasing to the eye witnessing Gong Seung Yeon’s beauty blooming in full force!

bscap1388bscap1389 bscap1390bscap1391 bscap1392

bscap1394Secretary Yang is having a conversation while secretaries Min and Kim are left behind at the multiple-desk office. Secretary Kim is not good at keeping secrets no matter how hard he tries! Attorney Han’s fully aware of secretary Min’s shady actions, but as they say, keep your friends close and but your enemies closer! He doesn’t intend to talk openly about it and walks straight on the civilized offensive route by assigning her another mission. Her thoughts though differ a bit and proposes another plan as she explains Noo Ri’s steady transformation and another way through which they could use Cheol Shik ahjussi. Secretary Yang concurs and attorney Han approves, secretary Min will stick to Cheol Shik ahjussi whose mission will be to keep an eye on Noo Ri in an attempt to restrain her butterfly wings. Shortly after, a small encounter with attorney Yoo takes place, she thinks secretary Min should work somewhere else, but secretary Min thinks otherwise since she’s still more than useful to Hansong. As for the plan on Noo Ri and Cheol Shik ahjussi? Secretary Kim should keep his mouth shut in front of Seo Bom’s parents and Seo Bom herself!


bscap1399Secretary Lee cautiously approaches the studying room and informs Seo Bom that Eom So Jeong’s here and alongside madame Choi they’d like her to help them interpret a poem painted on a canvas. Before closing the door secretary Lee stares at the jeet kune do teacher, but Seo Bom doesn’t let her guard down and observes secretary Lee just in case. Secretary Lee wants to act as if she’s got the upper hand on the young lady as a humble act of revenge and informs Seo Bom of their knowledge and degree background and they are on a semi-professional level. It would be easy for Seo Bom to embarrass herself in front of madame Choi and Eom So Jeong, but secretary Lee didn’t count Seo Bom’s immense speed of learning and she emerges victorious as she reads through the lines and depicts the poetic sense of the meaning behind the words under different word perspectives. “I drape the green curtain in summer and i pick sweet black crystals in fall” and everyone’s so happy at the living room, So Jeong even boasts of Seo Bom’s abilities to Ji Young Ra over the phone! Seo Bom’s insight leads her on a secret tête-à-tête with madame Choi. She understands that the painting is a cherished keepsake and it would feel better for So Jeong to keep the painting and receive direct help from madame Choi instead of buying the canvas. That’s how it’s done and everyone’s happy, especially Seo Bom who silently establishes her humble dominance not one step at a time, she’s on a spree! As for secretary Lee, the housemaid informs her that she shouldn’t be playing with fire, a.k.a. Seo Bom, because she will be the one to get hurt in the end!

bscap1398bscap1400bscap1401bscap1402 bscap1403bscap1404bscap1406 bscap1407bscap1409

bscap1410Je Hoon is the cocktail-making machine alongside his new girlfriend, Hyeon Soo, and her friend Min Jae while In Sang’s discussing with president Song’s friends the art of starting a new yet effective business by avoiding various traps that would secure one’s demise in that merciless world! It’s time for In Sang to leave, but someone else is on her way there! In Sang and Noo Ri didn’t cross paths for less than a minute’s time and Noo Ri introduces herself in a different world shining on the outside but rotting shamelessly on the inside. Unaware of the fact that words can cause harm she shows off by referring haltingly to attorney Han and their relationship as in-laws. The first mistake has just happened and it’s only the beginning.

bscap1411bscap1412 bscap1413bscap1415 bscap1416bscap1417

bscap1420Back at the studying room, In Sang informs Seo Bom of the information he gathered at the meeting as an attempt to help Hyeong Shik ahjussi as much as as he can! The jeet kune do teacher’s reaction referring to him as a filial son-in-law was priceless! As for Seo Bom, she delivers the message, focusing on studying is the only way they should walk upon for the time being, as for the rest, everything’s being settled step by step! Attorney Han’s having a conversation on the phone and the time has come for Cheol Shik ahjussi to play his part as a pawn on the great general’s chessboard! By the time he enters the room he becomes a different person, a doting grandfather as he enters an electroshock penguin mode, but Jin Young’s nowhere to be found! Sleep time was one step ahead of the great general’s playful plans and Jin Young’s already on the stairs that lead towards the dreamland! Madame Choi’s impressed by Seo Bom’s radical progress and makes further plans for her in the future after the exam period reaches an end successfully and attorney Han concurs, adding that the divide and conquer plan between her and her family should move on.

bscap1418bscap1419bscap1421 bscap1422bscap1423

bscap1414Secretary Min and Cheol Shik ahjussi are moving according to plan in order to protect Noo Ri from high class nightlife’s traps, but it feels too late since she’s no longer at the luxurious living room of president Song which is like a chaebol love playground. Cheol Shik ahjussi returns back home, but Noo Ri’s still missing and he tries to hide his real intentions behind his overly caring attitude from her parents. Late at night, oh well, early in the morning, Noo Ri returns silently like a thief to find her mother sleeping in her room. Jin Ae ahjumma is insightful enough and her maternal instinct sends her signals that something’s just not right, but Noo Ri refuses to have a conversation with her and unveil her thoughts that seem to overburden her. The tissue time of tears approaches after the negative ambiance in the room reaches an end by the time Noo Ri sends her mother on exile.


bscap1429The morning arrives at the almighty household and everyone wears his/her bright smile! The weather feels nice for Jin Young’s first excursion at the garden later on! Jin Young’s the source of happiness in attorney Han and madame Choi’s oppressed lives and they never miss the chance to depict their playful self in front of the young master! In Sang informs Seo Bom that her mother’s been looking for her, but Seo Bom sticks to her distant yet protective plan towards her family. She intends to call her mother later on, but she informs Jin Ae ajhumma of her real intentions as she dives deeper in high class society’s world with careful steps without letting her guard down. It was good on behalf of Seo Bom to unveil the truth to her mother, even indirectly, and let her know that she’s still her precious daughter and that she shouldn’t worry over trivial matters. At the humble house Noo Ri’s crying face makes its appearance, she can’t hide from her mother that something’s not right no matter how hard she tries. Jin Ae ahjumma would like to have a serious conversation with her, but Noo Ri denies her mother’s help once again even though she’s willing to drive her at work in order to spend some time with her. In times of need, a solitary road isn’t always helpful, Noo Ri!

bscap1430bscap1431 bscap1432bscap1433bscap1434 bscap1436bscap1435

bscap1439Ji Young Ra and Hyeon Soo are having a conversation about last night’s events and steadily they reach the conclusion that the girl who came at president Song’s luxurious living room yesterday was attorney Han’s in-law! Interesting news for Ji Young Ra! As for Noo Ri, people have already started talking at her workplace and the world starts crumbling even more once she receives the first negative cautionary signals in her work environment. Noo Ri still tries to contact president Song’s friend who had invited her last night, but he’s nowhere to be found. It’s a new day and the living room breathes a different air, Ji Young Ra’s already informed about last night’s events and she’s willing to tell everything in front of So Jeong and madame Choi, something that makes president Song regret the moment he told her everything up to the part of the story he knows. It’s too late for regrets and the story unfolds itself in front of madame Choi’s shocked eyes. Everyone knew about it, even So Jeong, and madame Choi returned back home with her nerve system breaking to pieces!

bscap1438bscap1440 bscap1441 bscap1442bscap1443bscap1444bscap1445 bscap1446bscap1447bscap1448

bscap1449A massage session takes place with secretary Lee being in the role of the masseur and the psychologist at the same time trying to help madame Choi’s quest for answers on what she should do. Secretary Lee’s empathy towards Seo Bom’s face is apparent and she proposes madame Choi to send her parents abroad since it’s a method that has worked in other occasions, but Seo Bom’s parents are a different occasion! Her empathic attitude towards Seo Bom continues at the living room in front of the housemaid and butler Park, but Seo Bom suddenly appears! Secretary Lee thought Seo Bom didn’t hear anything, but her stare towards her is highly representative, something between bitterness and a don’t eff with me attitude; i so love this girl! Secretary Lee received her paid answer that legal contracts in marriage are essential, but the most priceless part was that in case she gets married to the teacher she’d address her as Mrs. Park! Secretary Lee, next time think twice and thrice before badmouthing Seo Bom, she’s got more potential than you’d ever imagine. Seo Bom keeps studying and a message arrives at the jeet kune do teacher’s mobile phone! “Let’s get married” and by the time he reads it a sound of immense fear comes out of his mouth and the mobile phone gets launched far away!

bscap1450bscap1451 bscap1452bscap1453bscap1454bscap1455

bscap1456The preparations have began for Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s appearance at Hansong! Secretary Min states once again that secretary Kim should keep his mouth shut and the process goes on with secretary Yang who’s in charge of this operation! At the same time, a special team consisting of people Seo Bom’s father already knows is being forged in order to create a friendly environment towards Hyeong Shik ahjussi whereas attorney Han’s getting informed about the rumor concerning Noo Ri, that’s not good, not at all! Hyeong Shik ahjussi gets informed on various parameters concerning the overall cost of the business and the fact that the sum he’ll be receiving from sub-companies won’t be one-way towards his hands, but he’ll be receiving it divided in pieces. The background has been set and soon, everything will flow according to plan under attorney Han’s overly excited reactions and facial expressions!

bscap1457bscap1458 bscap1459bscap1460 bscap1461bscap1462 bscap1463bscap1464 bscap1465bscap1466 bscap1467

bscap1468And… a scene i was highly expecting! Another bromance encounter between in-laws with the bright and utterly happy In Sang and the concerned but emotional Hyeong Shik ahjussi! In Sang drinks somek (a mixture of beer and soju) for the first time and even though he doesn’t have to drink it all in one shot he proceeds anyway! He can never hide his happiness when he’s around his in-laws, especially Hyeong Shik ahjussi who’s his partner in crime when it comes to alcohol and other daily expeditions! Setting aside his concerns about the business world he’s about to enter after visiting Hansong, Hyeong Shik ahjussi wants to find out about Seo Bom and In Sang’s relationship background starting from the first moment they met! And In Sang’s all sincere about his feelings and how they developed! At first he approached her because she was weird and then he wanted to find out whether she’d handle being in a class of more qualified in papers students than her or not and secretly watch after her, but she shone through her own grandeur instead of being devastated! Sending texts to each other and watching films together was the beginning of the end of their lives as single adolescents! Lee Joon’s presenting an army of various facial expressions as he pours himself into In Sang’s world!

bscap1469bscap1471 bscap1472bscap1473 bscap1474bscap1475 bscap1476bscap1477 bscap1478bscap1479 bscap1480bscap1481bscap1482bscap1483bscap1486bscap1487

bscap1488Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s so happy to hear In Sang’s sincere statement and enters an overly emotional state singing songs that incorporated Seo Bom’s name with Bom standing for spring! And she was indeed springtime in In Sang’s heart and very life with her intriguing temperament! The bromance in-laws sing together and it’s In Sang’s turn to feel emotional and enter the depths of remembrance on a course from the moment he entered Seo Bom’s house for the first time to the freezing Han River quirky suicide attempt and from the kiss scene at the taxi with the troll taxi driver to Seo Bom’s introduction to his family and him helping her give birth to young master Jin Young and everything they went through in order to become a married couple officially! Definitely, one of the best scenes in the drama so far with great chemistry and interactions, but also an utterly emotionally fortified one in its very own way. Seo Bom’s studying while Noo Ri’s thoughtful. In Sang’s arrival at the humble house won’t help her stay there since she intends to handle her problem on her own and eventually leaves after In Sang sees her out playfully in his renowned drunkard attitude! You can’t help but love the fact that In Sang’s always so happy to be inside Seo Bom’s humble house with his beloved in-laws!


Seo Bom fighting!

bscap1502 bscap1494bscap1495 bscap1496bscap1497bscap1498bscap1499 bscap1501

Thoughts: The 13th one wasn’t just an episode progressing the storyline, even though Seo Bom and In Sang as a couple were not that apparent they left their very own impact both together but solely as well. The main core of the episode was centered around Seo Bom’s family and the way attorney Han’s side moves on according to the way they progress, but also trying to remain one step ahead of the events as well. Noo Ri’s overshadowed by the ever-shining external factor of high class society and blinded as she is, she mistakes falling stars for gold and doesn’t stare at people and circumstances through a thoughtful perspective. Causing trouble to herself, but also to Seo Bom and her own family, feels inevitable. The hardest part is the fact that she doesn’t intend to receive help by anyone, especially from her mother who’s the one that stood by Seo Bom’s side and intends to do the same for her other daughter as well. The rumor that spreads around doesn’t leave Cheol Shik ahjussi unaffected and he has to partake in the overall plan in order to secure Noo Ri’s footsteps in the dark.


Secretary Min and members of Seo Bom’s family steadily realize that “forgiveness” and “cooperation” have a different meaning when they come straight from attorney Han’s mouth; and an even greater cost dare i say, it’s not an open-handed charity. One way or another, Seo Bom’s family is being “framed” one after the other and step by step by attorney Han whether it depends on his sphere of influence or due to Seo Bom’s family’s members’ wrong decisions. One way or another, they serve attorney Han’s purpose and plans pretty well. According to Hyeong Shik ahjussi, the bubble starts to burst and in one hand he intends to move on, on the other hand it’s not as easy as it seemed in the first place since the progress will move on step by step, according to attorney Han’s decisions.


The great general weaves a web and the flies fall one after the other under his influence as an exceptional puppeteer. He’s not the spider, he’s the one moving the pawns, the spider is Seo Bom that effectively tries to establish herself in the web he created, but her role is different, she’s doesn’t intend to devour the flies who are members of her family, she’s the one trying to keep them safe in her very own way by becoming a proper daughter-in-law and a distant yet caring daughter at the same time. It’s something that both attorney Han and madame Choi applaud and they feel amazed at times by Seo Bom’s sparkling grandeur in the making and even though they are aware of her capabilities, they can’t precisely read her mind, it’s something frightening in one hand, but more than welcome since it’s one of attorney Han’s virtues and he can’t help but feel excited about his daughter-in-law.


A special reference goes to In Sang, he loves being around Seo Bom’s family, they are part of some of the few but meaningful moments he can be overly expressive and emotional and in a way he treasures each and every second being around them. Somehow it feels like he’s discovering how it feels to be a part of a caring and loving family and not a programmed since birth machine to accomplish his parents’ plans one after the other until the day he leaves his final automatic breath. He doesn’t want to breathe passively, he wants to cherish each and every breath in this world lively, full of passion while being around people that despite being simplistic and poor at pocket, they are rich heart-wise and welcome every day soulfully no matter how hard it may be.


And that’s a secret conflict in the making, it’s possible that the more In Sang dwells in Seo Bom’s family’s playground the more he cancels the plans Seo Bom’s making cautiously while trying hard. At the same time, he creates a greater chasm as he ruins the already traumatized relationship with his parents with unpredicted reactions and/or measures lying ahead, not only for him, but for everyone he loves. Alright, it’s time for the 14th episode to unveil its world in front of my very eyes!


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Kwon Sang Seung

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