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Easter Holidays are finally here ( Christians Orthodoxs Easter is  one week later from the Catholic Christians, so our Easter will be on this Sunday ) but finally some free time from classes and studying.

I have been nominated by  for the LIEBSTER AWARD and I’m so thankful.


  • Thank and link the person who nominated you – Answer the questions given by the nominator
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers and link them.
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer – Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.

Blue’s questions

1.What is to you, the best drama of all times? And why?

Before watching “1 litre of tears” that would be a hard question to answer, but after this drama my answer comes easy. I love this drama because of the reasons Kwon has already said and because of the respect they showed to the true story and to the perfect human beingAya was. The irony is I was thinking about starting the drama in 2008 but I started it this autumn after Kwon telling me to. It is just beautiful if you haven’t watched this you have too, but be prepared for many tears.

credits on tumblr

2.Name three favorite actors and three favorite actresses of yours.

This answer is gonna take a while. Since I’m gonna write my favourite Japanese and Koreans actors actresses can I define the limit? Now that I think about it I’m gonna leave this question for last it’s a hard one *goes to answer the other questions* *comes back to this question*

My favourite korean actresses are. Goddess Yoon Eun Hye and I can’t think of any other Korean actress, I like a lot but I can’t say I have a favourite. Maybe I could also add Ji Yeon she is a hard working idol actress and I can always feel her pain. Maki Horikita Takei Emi Toda Erika ( although I wasn’t happy about her scandals ). I would include Sawajiri Erika because of her prefect performance in “1 litre of tears” but I’m not a fan either I’ve seen her other works.

I’m not gonna judge my favourite actors on their looks.

My favourite Korean actors are *opens a 10 metre long list*. I am not even attracted to Park Yoochun’s look but I’ve seen most of his works and he is a great actor. I am somehow new to Kang Ha Neul’s and Ji Chan Wook’s works but they have this vibe that can make you feel things, which for me is the most important thing when it comes to acting dramas and movies. I wish I had seen more of Lee Dong Gun. I have to stop here I like the ones Kwon mentioned too.

My favourite Japanese actors are *opens a 20 metre long list*

My one and only Haruma Miura, what can I say about Haruma Miura I’ve seen most of his work and he never dissapoints me, Haruma Miura is the actor. Oguri Shun, I loved all his cold cool character roles I want to see more of his work. Kamenashi Kazuya, because Kamenashi is my second one and only : P there is nothing Kamenashi can’t do sing dance act, I’m a fan since 2008 maybe before that and he is pure charisma. I don’t want to continue because it will be a long list but there are so many good Japanese actors even the idol ones, I don’t want to leave out or not mention Nishikido Ryo, Fujiki Naohito, Eita, Ikuta Toma,Yamapi and I’m sure I’m forgetting many more but I have to stop here.

Takei Emi and Haruma Miura credits on tumblr

3.Do you prefer the city or the countryside and why?

I prefer the countryside of the city. If that makes sense. I think wherever you are you can find beautiful places. I like some places of the city that are still pure and reminds you of the countryside. I f you think about it a city was once a countryside. But since me and Kwon were born between the mountains and the sea I love the view of both.

Saikou No Rikon credits on tumblr

4.If there was one thing you could change about your character overnight, what would it be?

I wish I was not worried.

Lee Jong Suk “I hear your voice” credits on tumblr

5.What is your favorite drama/movie genre?

I’m all about romance : P But when it’s not about romantic Korean and Japanese dramas/movies. I like western historical and adventure movies, they always have some meaning or movies that are placed in the past like “The Miserables” the old version. For example now that its holidays the tv is full of this kind of movies and I love it.

Yoona credits on tumblr

6.What is the most challenging thing about blogging?

TIMEEEEEE not only about blogging about watching dramas and movies too.

Saikou no rikon credits on tumblr

7.Finish this sentence: Life is worth living because ___________________

Life is worth living because you have to try your best.

credits on tumblr

8.You win 5 Million dollars, what is the first thing you buy?

I don’t know presents for family and friends and food definitely food. Charity also that’s a lot of money.

“Master’s sun” credits on tumblr

9.Share with us your top 3 pet peeves.

People who are not polite.
People who correct me with attitude.
People who pretend to care about other Peoples live but are only curious so that they can make themselves feel better.

credits on tumblr

credits on tumblr

10.If you knew you only had 2 days left to live, state three things you would do?

Spend time with my family and say the things that I want. Spend time with friends and say the  things that I want. Go on a romantic date with someone I would like to.

“Rich man poor woman” that wasn’t actually a date but it was cute credits on tumblr

11.Have you accomplished something that you’re really proud of? What is it?

I always feel that if I say I’m proud of something things are gonna change because I’ll sound greedy. But I almost lost two years of University life because of my stress issues. I didn’t want to give up, I tried my best and still trying and covered a lot of lost time in two exams periods. I can say I’m proud of that : P

Yoo Yeon Seok credits on tumblr

My questions

1. What was the first drama you watched and how you ended up watching it?
2. Was there a drama/movie you felt described your life or your situation the most, or a character of the drama/movie you felt he/she was a lot like you at a certain period of time?
3. What time of the day you enjoy watching dramas/movies the most?
5. Favourite food/sweets to eat while watching dramas/movies.
6. Did you change your fashion style after getting into Asian culture? If you did, how you changed?
7. Do you ever feel that drama/movies boyfriends makes it hard to choose a boyfriend in real life because of the perfection.
8. Choose a song that describes your life now.
9. What’s your favourite movie of all times and why?
10. Did you read as a kid, what books do you remember and why?

I will nominate the blogs I want, maybe some of them are the same with Kwon, if you have free time feel free to answer my questions of not answer Kwon’s only



Hope you had fun reading the post, bye bye Dramajangers

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  1. April 6, 2015 at 10:46 pm — Reply

    Hey the countryside of a city sounds good to me. I actually prefer the city, but i love parks so I guess we’re the same. Yoon Eun Hye is incredible. I think she has, hands down, the best crying skills I’ve ever seen. I agree with you and Kwon, time is challenging. People who are not polite? This is one of my biggest allergies, I don’t have much tolerance for that. LOL! Congrats on covering a lot of lost time in two exam periods, that’s brave and commendable. 😀

    • April 9, 2015 at 1:54 pm — Reply

      I first saw Yoon Eun Hye’s recent dramas and movies and then I saw “Coffe prince” and “Goong” I can see why she got popular from those two. “Goong” may be for teens but it had some emotional scenes. We have many things in common^^ Thank you for your support o/

  2. April 19, 2015 at 1:46 pm — Reply

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