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Episode 12 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0369It might had been the generous help of MBC postponing the 22nd episode of Shine or Go Crazy who was on the lead of Monday-Tuesday dramas due to a soccer game, but truth be told, Heard It Through the Grapevine definitely deserved higher ratings and why not, the first place! On the 12th episode the ratings paced accordingly reaching 12%, fair enough! Seeing Heard It Through the Grapevine establishing itself more and more in the world of double-digit ratings, by the time Shine or Go Crazy reaches the end next week it will have to compete with yet another sageuk drama, Hwajung. The horizon brightens and the signs are more than positive so that Heard It Through the Grapevine will steadily emerge towards the Monday-Tuesday drama throne permanently, even though Cha Seung Won will be a strong card for Hwajung.

bscap0329The episode opens up its curtains with Seo Bom’s first impressions at Hansong’s luxurious lounge, she’s a bit overwhelmed by the overall ambiance and a bit proud with the fact that everyone in there treated them as adults. Even though it’s not the best option, madame Choi can’t act otherwise but let Seo Bom take off the high heel that has been killing her for some time now. The discussion goes on with some generic information from the past as attorney Han tries to leave the best of impressions when it comes to Seo Bom’s family as he’s having a conversation with some people of high importance that dwell in his sphere of influence. Always with picky parts from Seo Bom’s genealogy tree and exaggerated speech he manages to set the basis and eventually succeed in presenting Seo Bom’s family as one with a noble background.

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bscap0336Hyeong Shik ahjussi is pleased to receive a call from his beloved son-in-law, In Sang, but the overall conversation starts breathing a more serious air once the dialogue takes place between attorney Han and Seo Bom’s father.  Attorney Han presents his intentions to meet Hyeong Shik ahjussi and madame Choi’s will to meet Jin Ae ahjumma as well. By the time the conversation reaches an end Seo Bom’s family starts diving deeper in the genealogy book fever in order to find the noblest of the noble in their family’s background!

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bscap0341The moment arrives for madame Choi to leave for her own part of Han family’s expedition when it comes to their in-laws and Seo Bom tries to inform her anew about the inconveniences within her humble house, something she had already done the previous time, the one she never went there. Secretary Lee tries to secretly remind her the past events so that madame Choi won’t say anything that would raise Seo Bom’s suspicions! Right away Seo Bom keeps up with her studies and the jeet kune do teacher still can’t digest the “prince and princess” part of the story, but Seo Bom doesn’t have any problem with him calling her with her own name!

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bscap0347Both Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma want to leave the best of impressions to their in-laws and a grandiose preparation takes place! Cheol Shik ahjussi’s remorse for his collaboration with secretary Min torments him and he partakes in the overall attempt in the least possible way. The place where attorney Han and Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s meeting will take place isn’t just another place, it’s the luxurious lounge of Hansong! Secretary Kim leads Hyeong Shik ahjussi there and the time has arrived for him to apologize towards attorney Han’s in-law for his behavior the day the tectonic plates were shaken inside the almighty household! Power, even if you’re just watching it from afar with the worst binoculars, corrupts and Hyeong Shik ahjussi acts hard to get, but eventually accepts secretary Kim’s apology!

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bscap0351The arch butler greets Hyeong Shik ahjussi with due respect and expresses his positive opinion about Seo Bom! Hyeong Shik ahjussi sets sail on a noble sea as he meets attorney Han who leads him to the private table area! Baek Dae Hyeon appears as well to greet Seo Bom’s father and Hyeong Shik ahjussi is overwhelmed by the fact that the past relates them! We can see ambitious sparkles of what future might hold for him and his family as well! In the meantime, madame Choi and secretary Lee have arrived at the humble house and they’re having a conversation with Jin Ae ahjumma. Once again, her prejudice won’t let her try Jin Ae ahjumma’s candies and she tries to remain as calm and lively as possible while Jin Ae ahjumma steadily unveils her friendly character. Madame Choi doesn’t seem to have paid that much attention to Seo Bom’s words and the intimidating flush managed to scare her to death! And that’s the right moment for madame Choi to unveil her own plan, the one with her seemingly unconditional caring towards Seo Bom’s family! Anytime they want to perform house repairs they should never hesitate calling the specialists the Han family proposes as a heartfelt charity of course!

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bscap0356At the same time, attorney Han presents in a poetic yet realistic tone the common concerns both of them shared as adolescents that were eventually followed by the collapse of the middle class that affected most of them at the course towards the present, not attorney Han, but Hyeong Shik ahjussi and most men of their age. Attorney Han intends to help him in any possible way to reclaim the status Seo Bom’s family should preserve. Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s affirmative expression with a touched extension and attorney Han’s compassionate acquiescence in addition made me burst into tears of laughter! Back home, Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s brain is filled with bubbles, attorney Han’s lavish encouragement had the most welcome result! No matter how much Jin Ae ahjumma tries to calm him down his mind’s miles away and he has already started thinking the LP bar anew while Noo Ri wonders whether they talked favorably about her or not!

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bscap0366The young couple’s having a conversation right before going to sleep. In Sang’s full of affection whereas Seo Bom wonders if they’ll ever be able to wield the same power as attorney Han. It was quite a rhetoric question dare i say, but In Sang once again takes things lightly and doesn’t satisfy Seo Bom’s thirst for answers, her mind can’t be quenched.

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bscap0374Min Jae and Hyeon Soo are having a conversation concerning Seo Bom and the overall condition inside the almighty household. As for seeing each other more and more, it’s something that can’t be done for the time being since their mothers, Ji Young Ra and Eom So Jeong, are opposing one another on the noble battlefield! Seo Bom left In Sang’s side and since she can’t quench her thirst for answers, she can dwell in the world of bibimbap alongside the ever-hungry Yi Ji! It’s the first time they have such an open girly talk even though they’re living at the same house, the Han household doesn’t promote human relations! Yi Ji expresses her fondness towards Seo Bom’s face and Seo Bom is deeply thankful for standing by her side all this time in her very own way, even though Yi Ji doesn’t intend to let her know why she likes her so much! Eventually, In Sang wakes up and enters the room as a sleepyhead that turns into an eating and feeding machine at the same time, the eating part applies to him, the feeding one is to express his puppy love towards Seo Bom! The three youngsters keep cherishing the bibimbap delicacies as they treasure pictures of the young couple and Jin Young! And the next station of the young couple’s train is the young master’s chamber! Jin Young’s sleepy, but this doesn’t mean that his parents can’t lose themselves in the affection of the moment. Once again, In Sang can’t help but tease Jin Young with love and affection in an utterly playful attitude, always absorbed by his son’s very existence!


Cosmic Seoul, here comes the working class neighborhood tourist!

bscap0377bscap0379bscap0380 bscap0381bscap0382 bscap0383bscap0384bscap0385bscap0386 bscap0387bscap0388

We can’t go out for a walk as a couple, but we have this corridor!


bscap0390And… another college & school day arrives! In Sang is in his renowned playful attitude and farewells Jin Young full of love even though madame Choi can’t withstand so much affection and Yi Ji follows! Right before leaving In Sang can’t help it but kiss Seo Bom, well, on the forehead, it’s something! We want a real kiss, dear screenwriter! Like the passionate ones on the first episode or more lovey ones, they are called lips and sometimes we need to watch them in kiss scenes! Don’t take into consideration the slight negativity when it comes to the first episode’s kisses, bring on the kiss-rain, we won’t be holding an umbrella! As for the house personnel, they think this time everything’s going to flow well for Seo Bom’s family, after all attorney Han’s plan becomes more underground as time passes by.


bscap0396Secretary Yang’s having a conversation with attorney Han on the latest events when it comes to secretary Min, attorney Yoo and Cheol Shik ahjussi. A plan is about to follow. Secretary Min informs attorney Yoo that they should halt their shady schedule for the time being whereas she threatens secretary Kim, indirectly, with her shooting skills! Back to Ji Young Ra, she wants to restore her relationship with her daughter and Hyeon Soo informs her on her intentions to finally meet Je Hoon and seduce him with her charms! And the meeting takes place at president Song’s playground! Shortly after the two youngsters switch to informal speech and they seem to be getting along as Ji Young Ra and president Song comment on the way Hyeon Soo deals with the overall matter! President Song seems to be enjoying the overall ambiance whereas Ji Young Ra simply can’t stand the way the conversation goes on, especially when Hyeon Soo resembled Je Hoon to a gay friend of hers! Well, i can’t say, she has her own techniques in familiarizing with people!

bscap0394bscap0397 bscap0398bscap0399  bscap0401bscap0402 bscap0403bscap0404 bscap0407bscap0408 bscap0410

bscap0411Madame Choi informs Seo Bom on her intentions to help her older sister, Noo Ri! But it’s not as easy as it seems, Seo Bom will have to treat her sister in a different manner so as to depict the… delicate boundary! Seo Bom won’t be alone in this attempt, secretary Lee will accompany her in order to make sure that everything will flow as planned in Seo Bom’s restrained communication skills towards Noo Ri. And indeed, Seo Bom’s reactions are restrained and measured, like a Han family young lady should behave! Noo Ri can’t be that bright at work either and she treats Seo Bom as a customer in one hand, on the other hand she’s happy to be seeing her beloved sister! After the order has been completed Seo Bom waits at car and Noo Ri joins her after her time shift is over. They’re not alone, secretary Lee joins the conversation in order to force it flow according to plan. Noo Ri gets informed on the gift card and the conveniences she will experience in order to be a proper young lady when it comes to her new work, but before talking like sisters the ten minutes are over and Noo Ri has to leave since the taxi has already arrived! It was a meeting that left both sisters full of thoughts and madame Choi pleased. Well, if secretary Lee wasn’t there Seo Bom would have acted differently with Noo Ri. I don’t think she’s having a fever as she drowns in the sparkling flames of power and ambition. She just obeys in order not to cause any further problems to her family.

 bscap0414bscap0413 bscap0415bscap0416bscap0418bscap0419bscap0420bscap0421 bscap0423bscap0422 bscap0424bscap0425 bscap0426bscap0427 bscap0428

bscap0429Inside the studying room the ambiance is awkward, In Sang and Yi Ji are eating whereas Seo Bom is focused on studying. She tries to get through the forced atmosphere at the meeting with Noo Ri and even though she tries to pretend that everything is fine, it’s not, it’s carved all over her face and it’s omnipresent on In Sang and Yi Ji’s faces that they’re worried about her! The house personnel has gathered to cherish the food Seo Bom brought back home and they’re having a discussion on Seo Bom’s attitude towards Noo Ri! Secretary Lee resembles her to attorney Han’s mother, madame Shin, whose attitude madame Choi would never reach, but Seo Bom steadily leans towards that direction! The conversation goes on with the jeet kune do teacher praising Seo Bom’s learning skills until a small beer accident unveils hints and tips of his love life with secretary Lee!

bscap0430bscap0432 bscap0431bscap0433 bscap0434bscap0435 bscap0436

bscap0438Noo Ri returns back home and she’s already received a call in order to arrange a makeup appointment! The gift card has already started doing wonders! As for Seo Bom, she keeps studying and studying and studying and the hours don’t pass, she’s dedicated to succeeding at the test and fulfilling the Han family’s bidding. Noo Ri reflects her happiness to Jin Ae ahjumma due to the gift card, but it doesn’t last long since she’s already noticed that Seo Bom’s attitude has changed and she’s not as warm and bright as she used to be. She’s another Seo Bom to her eyes, the one that has already started embracing a high society status. Noo Ri sends towards Seo Bom a few pictures of the clothing she tried and we witness Seo Bom’s mixed feelings, a restrained happiness as restrained as madame Choi would allow it to be. And the big day arrives, Noo Ri enters her home totally refreshed and leaves everyone speechless! Gong Seung Yeon is so beautiful, a shining young lady, such a pleasure to witness her in full beauteous grandeur!

bscap0439bscap0440 bscap0441bscap0442bscap0443 bscap0444bscap0445 bscap0446bscap0447

bscap0448Attorney Han’s having a meeting with one of his underlings and arranges an interview for Je Hoon! The interviewer will be Noo Ri and it’s a good chance for attorney Han to witness whether he should expand his influential web around her or just cut it off, it’s all up to Noo Ri’s skills and efforts at this very moment! Secretary Yang will keep an eye on her in order to inform attorney Han! Noo Ri welcomes Je Hoon at the interview office and she’s willing to greet attorney Han, something that can’t be done for the time being. In the meantime, In Sang can’t keep up with studying for the time being, as for Seo Bom, she never relaxes! Had the books been a pool, she’d be swimming inside them! Noo Ri informs her about the interview and that she intends to work hard in order not to cause problems to Seo Bom, but Seo Bom’s words remain restrained but truthful, she shouldn’t be doing this for Seo Bom, but for herself! One way or another, Seo Bom will cope with it, but Noo Ri won’t have such opportunities every day. It’s a strict sense of caring, full of truth though. Noo Ri isn’t pleased with Seo Bom’s words, but Jin Ae ajhumma understands what Seo Bom wants to convey and tries to ease Noo Ri’s tension. And Seo Bom keeps on studying as if nothing happened, but her mood isn’t at its finest.

bscap0449bscap0450 bscap0451 bscap0452bscap0453 bscap0455bscap0456bscap0457bscap0458 bscap0459bscap0460 bscap0461

bscap0462Hyeon Soo and Je Hoon are at the luxurious Hansong lounge, probablyto celebrate his interview! Attorney Han appears but Hyeon Soo doesn’t talk to him in order to show off that she’s dating the best of the best of his talent pool! She considers him a chatterbox and Je Hoon refers to him as the most… eloquent speaker in South Korea! Okay! Well, he’s passionate, i have to recognize this and he’s got a way with words! Attorney Han has arranged a meeting with attorney Yoo and he progresses his plans. He has upgraded and renewed her contract with the condition she doesn’t move on with her shady plan alongside secretary Min. Attorney Yoo confidentially informs secretary Min about the turn of events and that she’s left on her own for now. She’s got only one ally and she asks Cheol Shik ahjussi, who’s maneuvering between right or wrong and his family or secretary Min and her brother, whether he’ll keep helping her or not.

bscap0463bscap0466 bscap0465bscap0467

bscap0469The night seems silent, but Jin Ae ahjumma’s thoughts are running wild, her thoughts are with Seo Bom, she’s concerned about her and her silence echos louder than a holler for help. Secretary Lee invades the studying room and places inside the jeet kune do teacher’s bag a magic love potion! She doesn’t know though that once you shut the door from the inside you can’t open it, unless you know the password! She calls the jeet kune do teacher, but his mobile phone is inside the studying room! At the same time, madame Choi’s searching for her! The teacher and the young couple are heading towards the studying room, but Seo Bom notices secretary Lee! She prevents In Sang from noticing her and they’re having a secret conversation about what to do. In Sang enlightens Seo Bom that they should let them know up to what extent they know that they’re dating! And In Sang receives a compliment; smart in a subtle way!

bscap0468bscap0470 bscap0472bscap0473bscap0474bscap0475

bscap0477Seo Bom will deal with secretary Lee and she tells her that she shouldn’t have entered the studying room, it’s a place for very specific people inside the household. She also informs her in her very own way that she knows the dating status between her and the jeet kune do teacher, something she wouldn’t like to let madame Choi know, unless something out of tune happens! But madame Choi’s watching from distance and boasts internally for Seo Bom’s civilized grandeur! Secretary Lee visits the housemaid and unfolds her thoughts on the subject, she’s amazed in a frightened way that she had to go through such a once in a lifetime experience! Seo Bom passes the test one after the other successfully, but the last one appeared out of the blue, madame Choi would never keep it to herself and she shares her immense enthusiasm with attorney Han. The time has come, there’s no improvement from crossbreeding!


bscap0484And the carved names at the music hall’s balcony have become eight with the addition of Seo Bom. The first stage has been accomplished. The storyline still remains unpredictable since pretty much anything can change from one episode to another without becoming disturbing, not at all! On the contrary, it remains refreshing and lets the story progress in its very own way! The cinematography remains highly representative of the circumstances and depicts each and every place accordingly with all the necessary changes depending on the house, the room, the place, the status of the characters partaking in the scene, the emotional aspect of the characters, etc. Depending on the occasion the lighting factor moves towards brightness or gloominess and eventually stands somewhere in the middle.

Seo Bom; the more she dwells in the household’s code the more she wonders and the more she wonders the more she craves for answers. I wouldn’t translate it as thirst for utter power the way attorney Han and madame Choi treasure it, she loves her family and she’s concerned about them, once power stands by her side she’d like to make things easy for them in a humane and unconditional manner, just like their love towards her was unconditional. As for her behavior towards secretary Lee, Seo Bom sets an example that they shouldn’t be taking her lightly, after all she’s the young lady, the young master’s mother! Her internal world lies shattered, she can’t treasure In Sang’s love at the moment, she can’t present her love towards her family openly, all she can do is wear the mask of the young lady and pace with the flow. That’s the way i see it for the time being, in the future she might be blinded by the shiny aesthetic of gold, but for now i take it as a struggle between her defense mechanism that tries to keep all the people she loves, even In Sang’s carefree attitude, safe.

As for Noo Ri, we all witnessed the way she stared at Je Hoon! Could there be a romance in the making?! And how will attorney Han deal with it? Will he use it as a card against Ji Young Ra with Hyeon Soo being the innocent victim in between? In Sang in the last episodes has been set aside a bit, it’s a power struggle between the elders of the Han family and Seo Bom and in the way they interact with others, we witness their character growth as In Sang cherishes his plastic freedom and elastic happiness. I sense a big comeback of In Sang in the near future in terms of screen time, i just don’t know how the writer will use Lee Joon’s talent and under which perspectives he will explode. There could be a fight between Seo Bom’s crumbling world and In Sang’s realization that not everything is as it seems. And of course, there’s the test steadily approaching, Seo Bom passing it and In Sang failing at it is a predictable scenario and its parameters will affect In Sang in various ways.

These were a few of my humble thoughts after the 12th episode of Heard It Through the Grapevine reached an end. Everyone, remain strong, Monday’s not that far away! Was i the only one who got trolled by the end of the 12th episode? There  was at least half a minute until the episode would reach its end and i was so happy waiting for a preview! Instead of that, The Girl Who Can See Smells appeared. OK, SBS, i see what you did there, happy April Fool’s Day!



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    I love In Sang’s joy so much. Thanks for the recap.

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      Same here, but i think the harsh face of reality will come back at him. I want to see Lee Joon more on the screen, he’s been a bit disregarded in the last few eps after his retaliations during the first half of the drama so far. However no matter how many assumptions i make this screenwriter is always many steps ahead lol! You’re welcome and thanks a lot once again!

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    Ha! i see i’m not the only one whose gaydar was ticked off by Je Hoon.XD XD I like the mirror effect when the in-laws interact. Like Bom’s father being startled by the pop of the bottle of champagne and then Madam hoi being startled by the bathroom sound. I feel Bom’s struggle. Like you said she understood her only way out is to get power, but wat will be the cost?

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      Gaydar looool XD The mirror effect, especially on attorney Han, is vicious, it’s the perfect presentation of him and his many masks. Aye, both Cheol Shik ahjussi and madame Choi found themselves in brand new and unknown environments and every single detail startles them XD The cost will be… found by sunny lady on her HITTG sunny ride!

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