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Episode 11 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0104Heard It Through the Grapevine seems to have shyly established itself in the world of double-digit ratings, preserving its status with 10.3% during its sixth airing week’s 11th episode. I don’t know why i’m watching this drama, it’s a huge waste of time. The cinematography is one-dimensional and i don’t even know how they managed to accomplish it, the storyline is as boring as giving birth to a cockroach, the acting is as lifeless as a body lying in the morgue and the music sounds like a monotonous gong echoing among the centuries. Not even a single actor or actress pours life into his/her role, it feels as if they summoned the living dead to perform some of the most boring and useless roles that ever saw the light of day in the world of dramas. As for the interactions? Do they even know this word? Nah, they are as boring as talking to your boring self in front of a dirty broken mirror. Happy April Fool’s Day everyone, keep calm and support Heard It Through the Grapevine because it utterly deserves it for the laughter, the feels and the mystery it preserves in the chasm between classes and alienated morals!

bscap0119Once something falls into secretary Yang’s sphere of attention it immediately invades attorney Han’s reality who already knows about secretary Kim’s broken self and drunken messages towards secretary Min! No matter what, attorney Han wants him to remain hard a s rock and hide his intentions from now on, simply because he’s attorney Han’s confidant, his right hand, a part of his brain! And if that part stands in the middle of love’s abhorrent rays it won’t be functioning well! Once he leaves attorney Han’s office, secretary Kim receives more instructions from secretary Yang in the way he will have to deal with the overall subject. In the meantime, attorney Yoo and secretary Min are working on a Hansong subject ostensibly, in reality they progress their own plan in secrecy. By the time secretary Min returns back to the multiple desk office secretary Yang tries to unearth more answers and eventually fails at it since secretary Min masterfully avoids the conversation under an important phone call’s urgency!


bscap0123In Sang went to a fast food restaurant with Seo Bom’s father and he was amazed by the spicy taste of the food over there. The housemaid tried her best to perform an ultra spicy noodle dish, without all of the ingredients consisting of the one In Sang had tasted, but it definitely serves its purpose well in order to bring burning happiness to Seo Bom, In Sang and Yi Ji, but also to secretary Lee, who looks rejuvenated after her newborn relationship, and the jeet kune do teacher! As for attorney Han, he feels neglected because he was nearby and nobody called him over to taste the food that cracked his nostrils with its fragrance! Attorney Han, madame Choi and their jealous attitude move all the necessary procedures so as to taste the kitchen’s treasure! And there they are at the living room, ready to dive inside the mouth of the volcano whereas the children are already on fire!


bscap0126By that moment i already started laughing neurotically because i could sense a glorious scene approaching! Madame Choi and attorney Han start eating and eating and eating until the fire erupts inside their whole body! Secretary Lee’s unable to help and attorney Han’s reactions are priceless! He’s like exercising sumo in front of the table as he tries to evade the spiciness unsuccessfully! As for madame Choi, she’s dying nearby unable to bid the flame farewell! Call 911! That heroic voice and the renowned quirky music do even more justice to the overall scene! Brushing his teeth and his tongue? Nah! It would never work no matter how fiercely he performed it! Seriously, i thought i would die during that scene, i was out of breath, but still, i was keeping on laughing as if there was no tomorrow!

bscap0083bscap0084 bscap0085bscap0086 bscap0087bscap0093 bscap0094bscap0095 bscap0090bscap0127

bscap0128In Sang loved the neighborhood around Seo Bom’s house, although the teacher’s thoughts unveil the truth behind the amazement, he resembles In Sang to a tourist, something different from common citizens! Living in the almighty household chances are high this time was one of the rarely few he had the chance to witness a warm working class neighborhood, hence the amazement! Madame Choi arrives at the dining room to complain about the odd food they had the chance to taste and eventually almost left their final breath, but she stumbles upon the herb juice In Sang was drinking! She’s not satisfied with the fact that it comes from Seo Bom’s house, so much prejudice!

bscap0129Seo Bom understands madame Choi’s reaction to all the goodies that derive from her humble house, she wants to think of it as part of the diversity between people, but most and above all, it’s part of her very own mask, the one of the good and under approval daughter-in-law she has to wear so as to remain safe inside the almighty household. In case madame Choi wants to get rid of the herb juice, Seo Bom and the housemaid will take good care of it before disappearing from the surface of the earth! Although In Sang’s still confused about the fact that the jeet kune do considered him a tourist! Seo Bom’s words bring more insight to her beloved husband’s question since it was the first time he visited a bath house instead of a sports club sauna! However, In Sang is utterly happy, the more he gets to know Seo Bom’s family the more enthusiastic he becomes and eventually, step by step, he leaves behind his family’s values and wants to become more of a free spirit! Utterly loved their playful and lovey attitude at the end of the scene, so much cuteness and so many smiles! And that’s something that worries madame Choi, it worries her a lot! All this influence Seo Bom’s family has on In Sang is something they shouldn’t tolerate, but attorney Han’s attitude is propitiatory for the time being, he considers it an incognito journey in common people’s lives! If this keeps going on though he will have to legislate extra shady measures.

bscap0130bscap0131 bscap0132bscap0133bscap0134bscap0136

bscap0137And the video call scene between the young couple with Jin Young and Seo Bom’s parents was so cute! So many smiling faces from both sides and a tiny Jin Young lost in translation trying to read between the lines as he stares at the screen! So much cuteness overload is way too much for madame Choi who gets informed by the nanny when it comes to Jin Young’s honey-dripping room! The house personnel takes good care of everything Seo Bom’s mother brought via In Sang at the almighty household, it would be such a shame to be thrown away! They are people who can actually appreciate a humble house’s goodies and i’m really glad for that! As for the jeet kune do teacher and secretary Lee couple, i totally ship them! Both of them feel so rejuvenated ever since they got together and it’s such a pleasant sight to watch through their playful and passionate attitude!

bscap0138bscap0139 bscap0140bscap0142 bscap0141bscap0143 bscap0144bscap0146bscap0147bscap0145 bscap0148bscap0149bscap0150

bscap0151Noo Ri returns back from her part time job and finds Cheol Shik ahjussi whose guilty attitude nearly betrays him! He’s between helping secretary Min which means causing harm towards Seo Bom and the rest of the family or not, as for Noo Ri, she works really hard, both at the training phase of her new work and at her part time job to make some money in order to pace with the work’s dress code standards. Jin Ae ahjumma’s maternal instinct knows pretty well how hardworking Noo Ri is and tries to encourage her, even though she’d wish her daughter didn’t feel exhausted had she been under a more flexible time shift. Attorney Yoo and secretary Min are having a nightly meeting to progress their own plan. Hansong was behind shady business and was hiding pretty well under various subcontractors and enterprises that were working under Hansong’s instructions, always in secrecy. Secretary Min’s brother was the one to receive the blame once the scandal came to the surface and she wants to clear her brother’s name, as for attorney Yoo, her goals are different and we have yet to find out what she’s up to! As soon as the destination is common, their course will be common under different variables. And the evidential documents arrives, Cheol Shik ahjussi finally surrendered to secretary Min’s war of nerves, even though he tried to restrain himself for his niece’s sake. Secretary Min doesn’t intend to deliver all the received information to attorney Yoo in order to secure their common course and prevent herself from getting used and eventually being left behind as a war casualty.

bscap0152bscap0153 bscap0154bscap0155bscap0157bscap0156

bscap0158Madame Choi hasn’t forgotten about the extra spicy noodles and scolds the housemaid who will return back to the almighty household’s breakfast program. Ahem, secretary Lee didn’t sleep at her own place and madame Choi easily notices that she came back at work with the same clothes she was wearing the previous day. Secretary Lee diplomatically evades any further involvement in this uneasy conversation and shortly after madame Choi bears witness of Seo Bom and In Sang studying! Once again, Seo Bom wonders where does all this power come from and tries to set sail on a journey in In Sang’s family’s past and it seems like all these traditional values and strict behavior derives from the grandmother’s side. This small discussion sheds a bit of light in attorney Han and madame Choi’s background, if Yi Ji and In Sang were not polite madame Choi was the one to pay the price. Attorney Han grew up this way and eventually madame Choi became this way too, it’s the same formula they want to infuse to Seo Bom in order to become a proper member of the family, that’s how it was, that’s how it has to be and that’s how Jin Young has to grow up as a proper young master of the almighty Han family. I want the writer to invest more in these two figures’ past and their emotional world’s chains of restrain. Talking about the past somehow doesn’t excite In Sang, i guess he doesn’t want to recall all these circumstances, behaviors and orders that made his family the way it is, preventing him from being a common person among common people. This time the discussion doesn’t lead towards an argument and Seo Bom considers it essential they should keep studying, as for In Sang, he has eyes only for Seo Bom, his smile betrays it any time!

bscap0159bscap0160bscap0161bscap0096 bscap0097bscap0162bscap0098bscap0099

bscap0163The breakfast is ready and attorney Han gives the OK for everyone to start eating! Seo Bom’s worried about attorney Han and madame Choi’s health after the spicy meal, as for In Sang?! He shakes and shakes and shakes his meal full of happiness as he is in an electroshock mode! The overall ambiance becomes awkward and eventually In Sang surrenders to the heroic “Han In Sang!” battle cry. Seo Bom indicates that In Sang shouldn’t be doing this in front of his parents, it’s something that disturbs the harmony of the almighty household and eventually puts the blame on Seo Bom’s parents with Seo Bom herself being the implement of expressed discomfort. In Sang leaves in a lively and playful attitude and Seo Bom follows him accordingly! I really love this couple when they are full of smiles! In the meantime, attorney Han and madame Choi are displeased with In Sang’s attitude, even though they want him to put on the pleasant mask whenever he meets people, even if they are Seo Bom’s family, he should never forget where he comes from and what ideals he should preserve! Crossing the line, something that happens quite often ever since he went to Seo Bom’s humble house, is something that must reach an end.

bscap0164bscap0165bscap0166bscap0171bscap0168 bscap0169bscap0100 bscap0103bscap0106bscap0101bscap0170bscap0102bscap0105bscap0172 bscap0173

bscap0108Yi Ji and In Sang leave the house, it’s school and college time respectively! But before leaving a special mission takes place, Seo Bom brings Jin Young to bid them farewell and a lively atmosphere blossoms inside the strict household! In Sang always surrenders in front of Jin Young, he looks like as if he was seeing him for the first time simply because the longing to be with his son always feels like the first time! A doting father to the fullest and a crazy youngster at the same time! Eventually Seo Bom meets madame Choi and takes charge of the overall situation. The more she stays inside the household the more she follows the role model they want her to follow in front of them and taking the initiative so as to prevent herself from being ambushed is the only way out! She asks madame Choi if she has recovered from the spicy assault, something In Sang never did, and feels apologetic on In Sang’s behalf for the way he was acting during breakfast! Madame Choi is at loss for words since Seo Bom summed up pretty well and in a polite manner everything she wanted to say, it’s something madame Choi has already realized!

bscap0110bscap0109bscap0174bscap0175 bscap0176bscap0177

bscap0178The jeet kune do teacher concurs Seo Bom’s approach on the overall subject, a good defense is always welcome! Wasting energy and tears are unnecessary for the time being, she has to remain strong in order to succeed at the exam and survive inside the household, remaining calm and studying to accomplish her goals is the only way she can walk upon for the time being, the rest of the possible pathways are carved with thorns, more thorns. The fellowship of gossip has gathered once again. Ji Young Ra hasn’t appeared yet and Eom So Jeong finds the opportunity to express openly her discomfort towards Ji Young Ra’s actions with madame Choi seconding her. President Song tries to calm them down and eventually Ji Young Ra appears. The climate isn’t helpful and tension rises by the time Ji Young Ra demands from So Jeong to give her back her money. Civilized yet vile characterizations take place and everything seems to be flowing well by the time madame Choi starts leaving, until… she stumbles upon Ji Young Ra and nearly falls to the ground. Ji Young Ra and Eom So Jeong are having an ahjumma fight with hair-grabbing techniques! Secretary Lee separates them and everyone leaves, except for president Song and Ji Young Ra who still can’t believe the fact that she lost Yoon Je Hoon from the palm of her hands to attorney Han’s plans!

bscap0181bscap0179 bscap0180  bscap0183bscap0182 bscap0186bscap0185bscap0117bscap0118 bscap0187 bscap0189bscap0188 bscap0190bscap0191bscap0192

bscap0112And the reasons are apparent, attorney Han managed to promote Je Hoon’s father and most and above all, it was his father’s decision that Je Hoon would work under attorney Han’s wings! Attorney Han’s inducements are more than powerful once the occasion asks for it and they’re being performed that way so that almost nobody can refuse, the acceptance of a situation under these circumstances is almost always omnipresent. In an attempt to resemble president Song’s approach on younger fellas, attorney Han has filled Je Hoon’s office with action figures! He’s always one step ahead and investing in his hobby was just one more way to make his image more user-friendly towards Je Hoon. As for secretary Min and attorney Yoo, they’ll be the ones to introduce the company’s world to Je Hoon! I’m really curious whether they’ll approach him in other ways in order to secure their very own shady plan!


bscap0195More information arrive concerning secretary Min and her meeting with Cheol Shik ahjussi and secretary Yang rushes over to attorney Han’s office to inform him. Secretary Min and attorney Yoo’s battalion, along with Cheol Shik ahjussi’s cooperation, must be prevented. The plan starts taking shape, he calls over secretaries Min and Kim and eventually secretary Yang tries to cover up this sudden meeting by saying it was related to the drunken messages of secretary Kim by downgrading the incident into a potentially matchmaking office romance attempt that could blossom in the future. Attorney Han returns back home and he’s not in the mood for anything, In Sang and Seo Bom studying doesn’t satisfy him, but this is the first time Jin Young’s presence doesn’t make him act like an overly enthusiastic grandfather, he’s rather frightening in front of the baby! The situation has just become serious! He doesn’t want to listen to anything, all he has in mind is Seo Bom’s parents and their behavior, the uncle has just become part of his vast black list. Separating Seo Bom from her parents once and for all is the only way out and divide and conquer advances to a brand new level. Different classes are different classes and Seo Bom’s parents should learn by now that even though Seo Bom is their daughter, she belongs to another class at this very moment. Ancient Rome’s structure and grandeur has always been a strong background when it comes to nationalists, conservative visionaries and like-minded old-fashioned brains that remain in the past and attorney Han uses an example from that period to leave his own impact upon Seo Bom and In Sang. They are adults as of now, prince In Sang and princess Seo Bom and the awkwardness in the overall ambiance is omnipresent through the young couple’s reaction by simply staring at each other with puzzlement.

bscap0196bscap0197 bscap0201bscap0199  bscap0202bscap0200 bscap0203  bscap0207bscap0208bscap0209bscap0210 bscap0211bscap0212bscap0213 bscap0214bscap0215 bscap0116bscap0216bscap0217bscap0114bscap0115

bscap0218Attorney Han progresses his plan and secretary Yang will be his weapon. He wants to show secretary Min that it was a huge mistake to use Cheol Shik ahjussi. Secretary Yang will use Seo Bom’s family’s status elevation as a guise. In the meantime, attorney Yoo caught secretary Kim searching around the desks and shortly after she receives a message from secretary Min informing her that she should suspend the plan for the time being. Secretary Min has found herself in the eye of the storm, all these recent events can’t be random and she doesn’t fall for the overall atmosphere’s generous attitude. Seo Bom’s family has been informed about the forthcoming arrival of secretary Yang and they’re quite nervous about this sudden turn of events since they don’t know what to expect. Cheol Shik ahjussi must be apparent too and he’s the one that feels more uneasy than anyone because he knows what he has done. He’s the one to greet secretary Yang and secretary Min’s sudden appearance blocked his mind, it was more than apparent that he didn’t know how to react! Being aware of Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s father stamp carving workshop, secretary Yang tries to present Seo Bom’s grandfather as a renowned artist in the chronicles of stamp carving, something that simply doesn’t work since he wasn’t that… well-known! Secretary Yang plays the genealogy renewal card along with the respect In Sang’s family wants to show to Seo Bom and her parents. An awkward situation is awkward and Seo Bom’s parents and uncle simply don’t know how to react!

bscap0219  bscap0221bscap0220bscap0223bscap0222

bscap0229The big moment arrives, Seo Bom will show herself to the outside world in her first official appearance as part of the Han family. Secretary Lee prepares her when it comes to greeting people and presents her the degrees of bowing! 45 degrees when she sees the elders for the first time, 30 degrees when she sees someone who’s below her but older than her and 15 degrees when she replies! Now that’s the usage of geometry in the daily lives of the nobles! In the meantime, attorney Han prepares In Sang for the first grandiose appearance of the Han family, he doesn’t quite agree, but he has to do it anyway as the one and only son of the family! It’s that specific occasion that announces the unity and strength of the family and everything must flow according to plan!

bscap0225bscap0226 bscap0227bscap0228bscap0230bscap0231 bscap0232bscap0233

bscap0234The Hansong luxury lounge is the place and the personnel stands in line in order to greet the Han family! The way the family enters the lounge is very specific, attorney Han, madame Choi, In Sang, Seo Bom, secretary Lee and secretary Kim appear one after the other! Madame Choi and attorney Han offer their greetings according to plan and the testing time for In Sang and Seo Bom arrives! Seo Bom’s reaction and the secretaries’ stares to In Sang’s more humane approach on greeting the arch butler while he keeps on holding his hand for a long time prove that In Sang wasn’t that successful! As for Seo Bom, she was just perfect, even though she was a bit anxious! Time to meet a few people from the Hansong inner circle! Once again, attorney Han and madame Choi take the initiative with all the necessary flattery on both sides. Attorney Han refers to the young couple as the pillars of the country’s legal system! However Seo Bom feels quite uneasy as she inspects the lounge while the high heels seem to be killing her! Something just doesn’t feel right and i’m quite curious about what will happen during the 12th episode!

bscap0235bscap0237bscap0238bscap0239 bscap0243bscap0241bscap0242bscap0244 bscap0245bscap0246 bscap0247bscap0248 bscap0249bscap0250 bscap0251

bscap0252The 11th episode had many parameters, it had immense fun in the beginning, but it also showed In Sang’s transformation, the more the time passes the more he wants to become like his in-laws, he wants to feel more alive and step by step with each one of his reactions he leans towards that direction. He wants a more carefree life, he wants to feel more human and live more lively. Even if some of his reactions seem childish and even though he doesn’t look that interested in studying or preserving his family’s status quo, he deeply loves Seo Bom and all he cares about is the “and they lived happily ever after” factor. He seems to be taking serious issues lightly and in fact he does, that’s why he retaliates in his own playful way, but what’s important to him is Seo Bom, Jin Young and his in-laws in its purest form. On the contrary, Seo Bom dives deeper in the world of the Han family and even though it’s tough for her, she invests more in the way she should be talking to her in-laws and in the way she should behave any time of the day so as to pace with the flow of the almighty household. She hasn’t lost her lively character, but she lets it blossom only when she’s with In Sang, Jin Young and Yi Ji, the rest of the day she’s studying hard to prove herself worth of the Han family’s name and by the end of the episode, even though she feels awkwardly at such a luxurious place, could there be a sense of feeling drunk at the sudden glow of power? At the same, the overall story with secretary Min and attorney Yoo’s conspiracy with the help of Cheol Shik ahjussi moves on, but attorney Han doesn’t intend to fall back and starts taking the initiative with his own plan throwing the burden upon Seo Bom’s family’s shoulders.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. March 31, 2015 at 9:27 pm — Reply

    I find myself thinking I want attorney Han to win in this game of legal intrigue with Min Young. Even if Hansong is guity and brother was wrongly-imprisoned. Han and his secretary are so good at playing this game…why should the lawyer win? I don’t trust lawyer and her co-conspirator. There’s something untrustworthy about both of them. Thanks for the recap.

    • March 31, 2015 at 9:34 pm — Reply

      I think somehow the same, secretary Min might want to clean her brother’s name and thinks this is the only way out, but i’m rather curious about attorney Yoo’s goals behind this united combo to frame attorney Han. I lean towards your point of view, but i’ll have a more clean opinion once i know her plans. Poor Seo Bom’s uncle, it’s going to be tough at least for him! You’re very welcome and thanks a lot! 🙂

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  3. June 18, 2015 at 3:25 pm — Reply

    i feel so proud whenever Bom does something right although her in-laws expected her to fail. I’m like “go, girl! yaaaas”. I loe how the directoing/writing is detailed about showing how different the two households are and how Jinyoung makes the Han household change… Don’t ask me why, I was sure the new young attorney was gay and that was totally irrelevant to the story, so that’s why I pictured him this way, maybe xD right now, I’m under the impression Attorney Yoon’s interest is to pay back Attorney Han for stealing the nanny and basically putting her own career in jeopardy because the system was created for men, so how dare women try to change it for them being able to maintain their high rankings and still spending time with their babies. Women are asked to choose between having a career and a family, but not men and that’s why I feel there’s more of a personal agenda in this storyline. We’ll see if I’m right xD

    • June 18, 2015 at 5:39 pm — Reply

      Bom is a queen in her own domain! For every obstacle that appears she surpasses one more lying ahead. For every one step forward In Sang’s parents seem to be she does her own magic and she’s two steps ahead. The director-writer combo is a killer one. “Women are asked to choose between having a career and a family” or my heart XD But i definitely agree with your presentation on the subject. If others are “men”, attorney Han is manmanman XD The personification of patriarchal society *punches attorney Han*

      • June 18, 2015 at 6:13 pm — Reply

        your heart can’t be for everyone, though.

        • June 18, 2015 at 6:16 pm — Reply

          Of course, it’s not a vast building complex XD Just wanted to say my whatever of the moment XD

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