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OSTrich Mondays #8

bscap0022“Green rose doesn’t exist here, but in heaven it does, it represents eternal love in heaven”. My OSTrich Mondays were disorganized by studying, exams, carnival, celebrations, birthdays and simply whatever in the process. As some of you may know, i’m on a Lee Da Hae marathon to cherish as much as i can when it comes to this everlasting beauty’s journey in front of the cameras. At first it was My Girl, then Miss Ripley, now it is Green Rose as the beginning of this article indicates and more will follow in the near future.

bscap0079There are three factors that separate current dramas from the old school ones. The first one has to be the cinematography factor, it may not be the best at the present since we’re talking about dramas 10, 15 or even 20 years ago, but it has a different air, an air you can breathe while watching an older drama since you already know what to expect in cinematography terms, henceforth you’re diving for the whole vibe. Secondly, there’s an ongoing tragedy in older dramas, it might seem cliché nowadays, but even now it doesn’t seem pretentious, there’s purity and a maelstrom of emotion surrounding these dramas; before realizing it you’re already a hostage of their ambiance and truth be told, you love it. Last but not least, most South Korean dramas nowadays lack a lot in terms of a powerful and highly memorable yet without losing in quality and emotion OST compositions and/or albums, it’s something old South Korean dramas have to the fullest. And since i was talking about Green Rose, here’s one of its most beautiful songs leaving me disarmed every time it makes its appearance, Blue Roses:

bscap0103Even if it’s not one of the dramas that set the basis and it belongs to the latest ones (2011), Miss Ripley has some songs that pace perfectly well with the OST vibes of older dramas. It’s a song i have related to Mi Ri, the hurt she had to suffer and the hurt she had to cause. It’s a fragile and floating composition, fragile like Glass, like Mi Ri’s self in the past, floating like the pieces the moment of the impact, like Mi Ri’s self over other people’s lives at the ongoing present:


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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  1. March 30, 2015 at 10:47 pm — Reply

    OMO, I opened this post just to enjoy this Monday with some of the songs you suggest and didn’t know that it is all about my girl and her dramas’ OSTs. I am happy dancing and listening to my lovely songs, thanks Chingu <3

    Many have complained about the instrumentals used in MR but I actually liked it but "Glass" is surely my favorite of the drama OST, SO Miri T_T

    • March 30, 2015 at 10:56 pm — Reply

      She has occupied my brain and it’s you fault XD And i’m thankful for that 😀 I would have written a bit more, but i thought of keeping a few thingies for the Miss Ripley binocular view 😛 “I am happy dancing and listening to my lovely songs, thanks Chingu” this means you’re doing the chincha dance now XD You’re welcome and i’m thankful too ^-^
      I think the instru-mentals (as i like to call them) were pacing really well with the drama, but i can see where the discomfort of some comes from, sometimes people prefer songs with lyrics, but once the no-vocal ones do a good job i don’t have a problem and i didn’t have one on Miss Ripley either! And yes, the song’s so Mi Ri >.>

      • March 30, 2015 at 11:05 pm — Reply

        Haha, I am proud of myself for that ^^

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