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Episode 10 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

4Heard It Through the Grapevine’s 5th airing week was a blast, not only did it manage to achieve its best ratings so far, 10.7% on the 9th and 10.5% on the 10th episode, but both of them were double-digit ratings, something that establishes the drama even more in the eyes of the audience! Step by step, week by week, Heard It Through the Grapevine appears stronger and with the hand on the place where the heart lies, the 10th episode was one of the best of the drama so far and i am glad it became part of my drama self. This time i decided to keep my thoughts on the episode for the end of the article, it felt more natural since the ending was too minimal!

bscap0793And as expected, Seo Bom’s name wasn’t carved on the concert hall balcony’s nameplates! Seo Bom has to prove her worth as an honorary member of attorney Han and madame Choi’s family in order to treasure like-minded luxuries which have meaning only to the enlightened elite’s eyes only. Ji Young Ra doesn’t appear that concerned about her daughter’s condition. However, president Song has found the treatment concerning Hyeon Soo’s condition, all she has to do is find a brand new love and start dating. It’s all part of the game that we call love and pretty much everyone has been through all these early stages of emotional disappointment and renewal. Although Ji Young Ra doesn’t want Hyeon Soo to date just anyone, that possible brand new boyfriend must be someone favorable by madame Choi and attorney Han’s family. It’s something that eloquently enrages president Song, i have the belief that this man can never get seriously angered! Ji Young Ra doesn’t seem to care about president Song’s thoughts on whether she places her personal race against madame Choi on a higher position that her daughter’s condition or not and moves straight on topic. Her target is very specific, the valedictorian from the Judicial Training Center with whom attorney Han wanted to work together on the previous episode, Yoon Je Hoon.


bscap0797Jin Young’s 100th day celebration is over and the happy masks have fallen. Madame Choi and attorney Han can’t get over Seo Bom’s family and educational status, it simply doesn’t pace with the grandeur of the family. The almighty household’s air is overburdened and madame Choi’s thinking of going on an excursion to find some peace of mind; attorney Han intends to follow her. It’s a good timing since Seo Bom and In Sang will have their chance to pay back Seo Bom’s parents for being unable to attend Jin Young’s 100th day celebration. The young couple will spend one night at the humble house and In Sang, through his exquisitely forceful temperament, managed to gain a positive answer! Everyone’s so happy about it, you can sense it in Seo Bom’s smiling face, In Sang’s childlike playful attitude and Jin Ae ahjumma and Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s explosion of happiness!


bscap0804Everyone’s happy about it, except for His and Her majesty and In Sang chose the worst possible timing to talk to them since their thoughts echo like poison at the dining room. They’re not living on their own inside the household and they shouldn’t be talking so openly and carelessly about Seo Bom if they  want to preserve the fragile yet plastic peace inside the household’s corridors. And that peace was too fragile indeed and In Sang’s words made him choke on his own tea! Madame Choi starts hitting his back and eventually In Sang joins her in order to save his father! The real treatment behind this urgent situation made me burst into tears of laughter! I couldn’t stop laughing! And that music again! Attorney Han starts hitting In Sang over and over again with madame Choi hitting him occasionally too until attorney Han grabs him from the neck and throws him on the ground! Two grown up bullies finally showing their real face! In Sang tries to defend himself by covering his face, but SuperHan disarms him and starts punching him! The housemaid tries to interfere but butler Park holds her back, although Yi Ji runs in fear and informs Seo Bom about what’s going on!

bscap0805bscap0806 12SuperHan 3bscap0740bscap0746 bscap0747   567

bscap0808By the time Seo Bom appears downstairs the fight’s already over and In Sang receives treatment. And he’s so funny with the filled nostril! According to Seo Bom this is domestic violence, attorney Han thinks otherwise, it was a righteous punishment! In Sang’s line that he let his father beat him up made me cry so hard! This drama never ceases to amaze me! Seo Bom and In Sang try to support by law their marriage, something that enrages His and Her majesty! Madame Choi tries to prevent the young couple from talking nonsense and refers to attorney Han as the personification of Confucius whose constipated face was utterly priceless at that moment! Confucius considers he has the upper hand and announces his power to put an end to their marriage anytime he wants to, but the young couple keeps defending their righteous marriage since they haven’t done anything wrong! Attorney Han and madame Choi want them out of the house before they open up their eyes the following morning and a Jin Young adoption argument arises! Seo Bom and In Sang have already researched the very specific subject just in case and this is one of these cases! They try to defend their rights as a family but the discussion eventually reaches an end.

 bscap0810bscap0809 bscap0811 bscap0812bscap0813 bscap0814

bscap0815Inside Seo Bom’s room, at the humble house, remembrance reigns supreme. Jin Ae ahjumma and Hyeong Shik ahjussi are losing themselves at the beautiful memories of the past alongside their daughter, it feels so wonderful that they’ll see their own daughter at their own humble house. On the 101st day her presence will fill her absence and she won’t be alone, In Sang and Jin Young will be by her side and a triple celebration of utter joy will take place! Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s reaction to the fact that he’ll see his two daughters together again is priceless and utterly representative of the overall family’s craving for Seo Bom’s appearance! As for the donation to the Beautiful Foundation under Jin Young’s name, it’s a good thing nevertheless since Jin Young has already started unveiling his good deeds to the world under his grandparents’ wings!

bscap0816bscap0817 bscap0819bscap0820 bscap0769

bscap0823Ji Young Ra wants Hyeon Soo to start dating and have a proper life, she’s silently trying to pass her own plans through. Hyeon Soo doesn’t intend to cooperate and Ji Young Ra brings forth the fact that she and her husband are the ones that offer her money and other conveniences and that she should act like an adult! Although Hyeon Soo’s answer is representative of Ji Young Ra’s status, if Hyeon Soo isn’t an adult then her mother isn’t one either since President Jang is the money-making machine in the family along with Ji Young Ra’s parents! In the meantime, Seo Bom and In Sang are trying to find information on cases that resemble their own and eventually Seo Bom bursts into tears by blaming herself in case anything goes wrong! Always by her side, In Sang tries to calm her down and prevent the tears from flooding the riverbeds of her eyes! Rejoice, tomorrow is a day of relief, a day where the young couple and especially Seo Bom will feel comfortable once again after all this time! While they keep on searching for like-minded cases, a stalker’s nearby bearing witness of their actions! Attorney Han’s watchful stare’s always present, like a pervert moving in the shadows!

bscap0822bscap0821 bscap0824bscap0826 bscap0827bscap0828bscap0742

bscap0830Disappointment blossoms at the inner chambers of the almighty couple. Wishing for good resume points on Seo Bom’s behalf would be enough. Suddenly, an idea starts shining in Confucius’ braincells! In the meantime, Hyeong Shik ahjussi considers changing their business’ face in an attempt to live up to his in-laws’ expectations! His idea leans towards the area of LP record bars, but his brother puts an end to his daydreaming simply because they would be unable to afford the overall cost in the first place! Jin Ae ahjumma prepares their humble house to greet their precious daughter, their more than welcome son-in-law and the young deity Jin Young! The sun shines differently as it passes through the windows of the humble house!


bscap0833Seo Bom and In Sang are about to leave, but before leaving they have to pay their respects to the almighty couple! The first destination is always attorney Han and as soon as they get permission to leave he checks the paper Seo Bom prepared. His happiness is immense! The second destination is madame Choi whose approach is minimal on the subject, after breakfast the young couple can leave! Attorney Han arrives at Hansong and after beating up In Sang and reading the paper he’s like someone else, he’s not his usual self, he’s as happy as the happiest man on earth would be, what a vulgar display of power and manhood! Everyone’s wondering what’s going on and secretary Yang’s the one to find out! Seo Bom’s take on the paper was the most pleasant surprise he could receive early in the morning, “the third joy is to gain a genius and educate her”! His facial expressions is as if he just composed the most beautiful symphony and secretary Yang concurs! He considers her grandfather’s influence essential since he was in the stamp business, as for secretary Yang, she compares Seo Bom’s grandfather to an artist and attorney Han doesn’t miss his chance and agrees! Raising Seo Bom’s family’s status into something more elegant was what he must had thought last night, he just waited for Seo Bom’s paper to make the final choice! The time feels right and the preparation begins!

bscap0834bscap0835bscap0836bscap0837 bscap0839

bscap0842Seo Bom arrives at the humble house and the nanny will prepare the room in which Jin Young will spend the night. Calling Seo Bom ma’am leaves her parents speechless! In the meantime, at the almighty household the housemaid cleans up the young couple’s room as madame Choi spends sometime cherishing the young master’s toys and items! Jin Young steadily nurtures a more humane and brighter side and hopefully enough in the future we’ll cherish that side even more. Madame Choi and attorney Han’s mass hysteria has to reach an end, for everyone’s sake! Do your wonders, Jin Young!


bscap0845Ji Young Ra has already started promoting her own plan! President Song had called over Yoon Je Hoon and Ji Young Ra appeared! After the necessary introduction the overall climate becomes more friendly and Ji Young Ra keeps praising Je Hoon’s achievements yet humble personality! She wants him under her business’ wings and into her daughter’s hands! However, attorney Han finds out about Je Hoon and president Song’s meeting and calls him right away! President Song’s approach is disarming and a contrast of characters between him and attorney Han who doesn’t care, all he wants is Yoon Je Hoon to remain unaffected by any other possible proposals, Hansong is his only destination! Ji Young Ra doesn’t let this opportunity pass by, she unfolds her thoughts on more convenient business time shifts and eventually unveils her intention to meet Je Hoon to her daughter! As long as his program permits it, attorney Han has finally decided to follow his wife on the overnight trip towards Yangpyeong! It will be a good chance to ease the tension between them. As for Seo Bom’s family’s status elevation, secretary Yang has already started the necessary procedures.

bscap0846bscap0847 bscap0848bscap0849bscap0853

bscap0852Since the almighty couple will be leaving, it’s party time at the household and secretary Yang invites secretary Min, but she has other plans. Nighttime arrives and the household breathes a different air! Madame Choi and attorney Han have already left and the grandiose feast is about to take place! Okay, i love all of them, they are so crazy! Especially secretaries Yang and Lee along with the housemaid! All these walking dance figures left me out of breath and i couldn’t stop laughing! Such occasions occur once or twice every year and they celebrate them to the utmost level! Secretary Kim’s drinking oceans of alcohol and cries his heart out simply because secretary Min didn’t come at the party! Secretary Lee and the jeet kune do teacher are treasuring their own romance as they dance passionately and they are such a beautiful couple actually! Butler Park dances around with secretary Yang as his wife enjoys the overall ambiance!  Eventually secretary Yang tries to comfort secretary Kim’s pain who keeps drinking as if tomorrow will never come and his words become less and less coherent as time passes by!

bscap0851bscap0850131211 bscap0858bscap0860 bscap0861bscap0862bscap0864bscap0863bscap0865bscap0869

bscap0866In the meantime, secretary Min and Seo Bom’s uncle practice at shooting! Secretary Min’s actually pretty good and it’s not her first time! The target’s center seems like her middle name, as for Cheol Shik ahjussi, he’s doing pretty well for the first time! They’re taking a walk and a discussion takes place as they recall the past. Secretary Min has a big plan in mind that’s related to Cheol Shik ahjussi and her brother, but under a different shape at the present. He doesn’t seem to cooperate and since he doesn’t believe in his own powers he doesn’t seem strong enough for whatever secretary Min has in mind. The message she received didn’t seem unrelated to Cheol Shik ahjussi. Practicing with guns, working at Hansong, reviving the past under new perspectives, what could she be up to? One thing is for certain, there must be a reason why she’s working for attorney Han and she doesn’t seem so fond of him to my eyes at this very moment. Chances are high something happened between them in the past and it involved her brother. What lies ahead? A big judicial fight against Hansong to shoot the company’s credibility right through the heart or… Could it be that moment when activism turns into an armed organization and she tries to find the right people? Questions, questions. It’s a South Korean drama, anything is possible!


bscap0871In Sang’s drinking for the first time in his life and he doesn’t intend to slow down the pace! It’s probably one of the happiest moments of his life since he never had the chance to cherish the very soul and essence of familial love. Seo Bom’s family has welcomed him with open arms, it’s something he deeply respects and tries to treasure even if he has to fight back his own parents. Noo Ri and Seo Bom spend some time together as sisters, along with Jin Young! But the time arrives for Jin Ae ahjumma to spend some time with her beloved grandson! As for the men of the family, they keep drinking together as if they were buddies for years!

bscap0872bscap0873 bscap0874

bscap0875In the meantime, at the almighty household the party keeps raging on and on and everyone goes crazy! Secretary Kim has managed to set aside his broken heart and he takes part in the massively grotesque ambiance! Ah, nothing lasts forever in there and butler Park’s heroic voice announces the end of the party simply because the almighty couple had a fight and the journey has reached an end! It’s an emergency situation and they have to make the house look as if nothing happened before attorney Han and madame Choi arrive! This is the easy part, the hard part is secretary Kim’s urgent condition who has crossed many times the thin red line between sanity and lunacy, swimming in oceans, rivers and lakes of alcohol! They hide him inside butler Park and his wife’s room! Respectively, secretary Yang follows attorney Han at his study and secretary Lee madame Choi at her room! Attorney Han’s afraid that menopause has started knocking madame Choi’s door and his nerves eventually! Attorney Han, your brain’s on menopause. As for the shaman’s remedy, madame Choi asks secretary Lee is she still has it! The sensual chemistry between attorney Han and madame Choi has long left the building and i’m afraid it will take lots of time to find it anew! Since the party’s over and the almighty couple has to find some peace, one after the other the playful satyrs leave the household carrying secretary Kim out since he can’t walk on his own!

bscap0877bscap0878 bscap0879bscap0880 bscap0881bscap0882

bscap0883Awkwardness, total awkwardness! Attorney Han pats his head with the comb whereas madame Choi tries to sleep! He finds the chance to sneak out and invade Jin Young’s room! It’s his turn to cherish the young master’s sleeping playground and eventually madame Choi joins him! The deepest reason behind the argument, i presume, is the fact that the young couple along with their son went to Hyong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma’s humble house. It’s something they can’t accept and they shouldn’t have approved it in the first place. Back at the humble house, Seo Bom and Noo Ri spend some time together and talk about the latest events. Seo Bom has recovered after giving birth to Jin Young and Noo Ri tries to acclimate herself in her new work environment, even if it’s difficult since people talk behind her back that she earned position due to attorney Han’s help, even if something like that didn’t happen.

bscap0884bscap0885 bscap0886bscap0887 bscap0888bscap0889 bscap0890bscap0891

bscap0892Seo Bom’s family wants In Sang to sing with them and he needs some courage! It’s Seo Bom’s turn to stand by his side and have fun together singing! In Sang’s in a good mood due to the alcohol and Seo Bom’s family’s great company! The fact that madame Choi and attorney Han returned earlier than expected isn’t a good sign and attorney Han calls Hyeong Shik ahjussi to inform him that a car is on its way to get them back home! Shortly after a verbal fight begins over the phone! Hyeong Shik ahjussi is drunk and explodes, but attorney Han is drunk too, drunk with power and he demands that In Sang, Seo Bom and Jin Young will return back home! The two male in-laws erupt in full force over the phone and Hyeong Shik ahjussi declares that he doesn’t intend to send them back as Jin Ae ahjumma concurs and backs him up! In Sang’s drunken reactions in the background are priceless as the two men fight over the phone!

bscap0893bscap0894 bscap0895bscap0898bscap0896bscap0899bscap0897

bscap0749The world collapses all over the place, but In Sang wants to drink and he keeps drinking soju! Rivers of soju! If soju came out of the faucet he’d plug in a hose to drink endlessly! Everyone’s worried, except for In Sang! The housemaid has already arrived, Hyeong Shik ahjussi is drunk too and he doesn’t intend to surrender to attorney Han’s orders! However, Seo Bom takes the brave decision to follow the housemaid along with Jin Young. In Sang will spend the night at her humble home, after all if attorney Han saw him in that condition, if he beat him up last night, he’d definitely kill him! Attorney Han is pleased to see Seo Bom and Jin Young back home and the moment for them to spend some time alone with Jin Young has arrived! And i cried tears of laughter once again, i can’t help it, this episode is so awesome! Attorney Han’s puffy-cheek face is priceless! He simply can’t stop playing with Jin Young as he pats non-stop his face with his tiny feet! And madame Choi’s enthusiasm is immense, we’re watching two different people and hopefully enough, the Jin Young effect will be the end of their inhumane side!

bscap0748bscap0900bscap0750bscap0901 bscap0902bscap0903bscap0904bscap0905 bscap0907bscap0908 bscap0909

bscap0910The morning has arrived and In Sang wanders around the humble house to eventually find himself in Seo Bom’s room! He’s overwhelmed by the place the woman he loves used to spend her time, it’s a small ceremony of awe for him and you can sense it carved all over his face as he talks to her on the phone, as if someone cast a spell on him! The call reaches an end as soon as Hyeong Shik ahjussi wakes up and searches for In Sang! You can sense how much he loves In Sang as a son-in-law by the way he looks at him, he has put his faith in In Sang’s hands when it comes to Seo Bom! It’s about time for another new experience for In Sang, they’ll visit the bathhouse and Hyeong Shik ahjussi will show him the neighborhood afterwards!

bscap0911bscap0912 bscap0913bscap0914bscap0915bscap0916bscap0918

bscap0921Of course, In Sang skipped his class and Hyeon Soo and Min Jae are gossiping over it! Hyeon Soo seems to know a bit more information, probably due to her contact with Yi Ji. If Seo Bom won’t pass the exam she will get kicked out of the house. Ji Young Ra wants Eom So Jeong to rely the words to madame Choi, it’s part of her plan to cause more confusion. However, So Jeong is tired of all this situation and finally realizes that Ji Young Ra is the one nurturing this ongoing nerve-wrecking ambiance. She doesn’t intend to keep pacing according to Young Ra’s plan and leaves disappointed.


bscap0922Secretary Yang has already noticed that secretary Min is too close to attorney Yoo who already knows everything by now. She plants the seeds of mystery in secretary Kim’s mind so as to keep a close eye on secretary Min who’s in contact with someone via messages, the story from the past moves on at the present. As for secretary Yang, she’s at attorney Han’s office and informs him on the overall situation. Attorney Yoo suddenly feels threatening, even if they have locked her entrance to all the interesting files. However, they can’t cancel her contract and that’s when secretary Kim’s passion for secretary Min comes into play, he will keep a close eye on her moves! This isn’t modern times, this is Joseon era under a modern perspective!

bscap0923bscap0924 bscap0925bscap0926 bscap0927bscap0928

bscap0790Everything reaches an end with our lovely Seo Bom studying hard! The 10th episode was a jungle within a zoo and a circus right in the heart of an amusement park. So much delight, so much happiness, so much humor, but so much ridicule of the more serious situations whenever the occasion asked for it. There were scenes that were craving for a bscap0791comical approach so as not to overburden the sight of the audience, scenes like attorney Han beating up In Sang and the fact that Seo Bom and Jin young had to eventually leave her humble house. There had to be humorous aspects in these scenes, in the first one was the music, on the second one it was In Sang’s drunkard attitude! And of course, it was an episode that regardless of the circumstances, it offered moments of chaste happiness to all of our figures, from attorney Han and madame Choi’s interaction with Jin Young to the moments Seo Bom, In Sang and Jin young spent at Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma’s humble house and from the grand party at the almighty household that was full of life to attorney Han’s 10th sub-level of pleasure while reading Seo Bom’s paper, from In Sang getting to know better Seo Bom’s family and having the chance to breathe the air inside her room to Ji Young Ra’s happiness when she had the chance to meet Yoon Je Hoon, etc! Various faces of happiness for different reasons under different perspectives, but happiness still, each to his/her own liking! The 10th episode had many distinctive scenes accompanied by laughter, but it also progressed the storyline in its very own way, without tiring, but keeping the interest at high levels. There are many mysteries going on and that’s when secretary Min, her brother probably, Cheol Shik ahjussi and attorney Yoo come into play, but also Ji Young Ra’s everlasting campaign to ruin madame Choi’s tranquility and/or marriage. The overall balance is too fragile and it could collapse anytime. Looking forward to the 6th week of Heard It Through the Grapevine that has already established its omnipotence. It’s still second in Monday-Tuesday’s drama ranking, but i simply don’t care! Come forth, 11th episode!

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            It’s impossibru! EEEHans and NUUOOHeans XD We’re the advanced breed, we have genes from both fractions XD

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    this episode was so so funny. the writing is just so great. Well, I’m saying that b/c it’s the the kind of humor I enjoy xD When you turn something very dramatic into something so absurd that you can’t help but laugh. The balance between the serious aspect and the dark humor aspect always amazes me.

    • June 18, 2015 at 5:35 pm — Reply

      Someone’s on a Grapevine ride and Kwon is happeh! 😀 Definitely, the writing owns and the humor makes you cry laughing through the whole absurdity while it was supposed to be dramatic! XD And you will have more experiences in that factor! 😀

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