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Episode 9 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0533The 9th episode was a great one dare i say, no wonder it managed to achieve the best double-digit ratings of Heard It Through the Grapevine so far, 10.7%! It’s an episode dedicated to attorney Han’s reactions to various events and we get to see his ideals in (more) depth. We already know what ideals he preserves, but on this specific episode we witnessed them to a wider and more specific extent. As time passes by attorney Han creates more enemies and manipulates people that were supposed to be in his own camp, i am afraid all this impious attitude will return back at him sometime in the future. He’s playing with fire and just because he thinks he has absolute power it doesn’t mean that he’ll be wielding it forever, power is like a ball in the vicious world of manipulation, it can easily change hands.


bscap0604It’s also an episode that presents madame Choi’s world as it is strictly related to attorney Han. It’s her turn to be the calm force inside the household and while attorney Han has lost his mind madame Choi deals will all the important matters and keeps her civilized mask on. If one falls apart, the other one has to be there to accomplish their visions, if both of them collapse, it will be the end and Seo Bom and In Sang will do everything they want to! As a first-hand effect, we witness everyone else’s lives through their direct or indirect interactions with the almighty household’s elders. It’s the sense of reality that shines through the 9th episode’s world, a harsh reality that doesn’t prevent Seo Bom and In Sang from dreaming in one hand. On the other hand, no matter how serious it might get, the 9th episode never lacks in presenting brave amounts of humor to counterweight the cloudy factor and turn it into a black comedy heaven.

bscap0532The rest of the city is sleeping, the almighty household obeys a different, less flexible time shift! The alarm clock strikes like thunder, but i have to admit that it’s way better than madame Choi’s demented screams! The young couple wakes up through the electroshock interaction with the alarm clock and they prepare themselves for the early morning book reading process! This puppy couple never fails to amaze me, they have forged their own revolutionary fraction of sheer justice and they utter together their personal epitome of doubt, St. Augustine‘s “an unjust law is no law at all”! High five, a fast beverage, a short greeting to madame Choi and attorney Han’s ecstatic morning addiction takes place.


bscap0537Seo Bom keeps reciting excerpts from The Prince as attorney Han forges new empires in the sphere of imagination with closed eyes while In Sang silently applauds his wife’s reading journey! Attorney Han wants In Sang to deliver the greatest virtue of the book. Rather than virtue, he receives back the very essence which passes by as a silent riot, the theory that human beings are not equal so one should abandon any futile illusion and control them with power and strategy. Attorney Han’s pretty much aware that In Sang understands the meaning behind these lines, after all, he’s been living in this household since the day he was born, he surely knows! The point is, he doesn’t agree and of course he shouldn’t, it’s such an outdated belief and had he recited it outdoors among people chances are high he’d receive back tomatoes, potatoes, stones or anything that can be thrown! In Sang and Seo Bom back up each other as a revolutionary fraction and here’s when the general’s nodal point appears, of course people would throw back stones, that’s why those with power should infuse it strategically and silently to the public and eventually reign supreme. It’s all about attorney Han’s ideals concerning the authority of a chosen few over the vast majority of people, absolute control presented with the mask of democracy. Eventually a conflict of ideals erupts and attorney Han doesn’t want to keep it raging on simply because for him the young couple’s point of view is a utopia that would never blossom, henceforth it’s useless talking about science fiction. Truth be told, they drove him mad and he couldn’t afford this revolutionary fraction word-slapping him; Seo Bom deals with the theoretical part, In Sang is the armed guerilla unit. All that matters to attorney Han is for both of them to pass the exam next year; they’re called carbohydrates!

bscap0538bscap0539 bscap0540bscap0542bscap0543bscap0544 bscap0545bscap0546 bscap0548

bscap0549Madame Choi’s concerns of the “what if” factors in case Seo Bom passed the exam and In Sang failing at it still linger, it was the reason that kept the vampires awake the whole night! Secretary Lee is wise enough and uses attorney Han’s mother’s words, that she never saw her daughter-in-law as a competitor. Diagnosing early the symptoms prevents the sickness from expanding, it’s probably an attempt to cleanse herself for letting madame Choi know that In Sang was sleeping on the sofa, but her thoughts were insightful and sincere to say the least. If some sort of peace has arrived inside the household, they should try to preserve it at all costs and secretary Lee is one of the guardians of the new status.


bscap0553Attorney Han wants the teacher to plan the seeds of silent dominance and the logic of the conservative view so that it will bloom inside the young couple as a truthful and delicate system. In Sang and Seo Bom’s revolutionary and humanitarian views should be prevented from growing up and questioning things over and over again doesn’t help. Controlling their self contemplation is one of the things the jeet kune do teacher should do so that “review the past to learn the new, learn from the past to create anew” will flourish. Monkey self head-patting! Attorney Han uses words in a way that serve his purpose well and perceives things the way he wants to, it’s more like learn from the past to preserve the past at the present under the current parameters for old time’s sake. But he still can’t forget the moment he was locked inside the studying room, but controlling the daily lives of the young couple is essential and he silently agrees!

bscap0555bscap0557 bscap0556bscap0558

bscap0559Everyone’s leaving, In Sang and Yi Ji to keep up with their studies at college and school respectively and attorney Han’s heading towards Hansong! Like grandfather like father like son, the three men of the family farewell each other in their very own way, Jin Young through Seo Bom’s help, attorney Han with a restrained euphoria as a proud grandfather and In Sang in his renowned utterly playful tone! Seo Bom’s a ray of life and energy inside the household, even to attorney Han, especially when Jin Young comes into play! It’s something madame Choi can’t approve and secretary Lee tries to restrain her hateful arrows that always target Seo Bom!


bscap0565The nanny will take care of Jin Young, as for Seo Bom studying time has arrived! And the teacher doesn’t pace with attorney Han’s plan, he probably doesn’t believe in the general’s outdated ideals either and he tries to convince Seo Bom to pace with attorney Han’s flow in order to avoid further conflicts in the future. He’s noticed that both In Sang and Seo Bom being playful and acting so lively inside the household causes small earthquakes inside attorney Han’s and especially madame Choi’s marmalade brains. Attorney Han is the epitome of old traditions, something like the metempsychosis of Confucius at the current era, she should be staring at him as the source of ultimate knowledge, even if she has to pretend to the extent of seeming kind of ironic! Passing the legal civil service exam won’t be enough if her relations with attorney Han and madame Choi will be turbulent. It’s madame Choi’s time to talk to the teacher and she expresses her concerns whether his overly positive judgement is verified or not since Seo Bom doesn’t seem that qualified in the papers. As for why her parents left her like that, your jelly brain can’t think it over, madame Choi, right? There are oceans of money between you and Seo Bom’s parents, there was a pregnancy in between too, but the teacher’s sharp words prevented her from moving forward with this nonsense and returns back to the studying room.

bscap0564bscap0562 bscap0566bscap0567bscap0568bscap0569

bscap0571Attorney Han’s day at work isn’t going to be as convenient as expected! Attorney Yoo’s nanny got sick with H1N1, really? There are so many diseases to choose from and there’s no bout of H1N1 nowadays anyway! Oh well, i’ll consider it as a part of some sort of exaggerating black humor for Heard It Through the Grapevine’s sake. Attorney Yoo brought her baby at work since nobody can watch over her at home and her seniors at work aren’t pleased at all. Within a few minutes we witness various faces of discrimination against women and gender equality at workplaces that find their upright personification on attorney Han’s austere face. At first comes anger, then the realization of her dealing with top secret documents, then comes hypocrisy and ridicule right in front of attorney Yoo’s face that leads to a face to face confrontation that eventually becomes punishment and limitation of one’s duties at work.

bscap0572bscap0573 bscap0574bscap0575

bscap0576As a matter of fact, since the problem has been solved, Attorney Han and the other male figures of Hansong can continue without fear but with passion their conversation on the upcoming brand new generation of Hansong that should pace with their ruthless ideals, a generation of valedictorians to walk upon the enlightened elite’s footsteps. However, one of the valuable candidates when it comes to latest technology isn’t that positive on attorney Han’s proposition and returns back the more than generous presents attorney Han had offered to his parents. It wasn’t a definitive rejection of the arch offer, time shall tell whether they’ll cooperate or not and attorney Han as a grandiose diplomat manages to keep his smiling face. Attorney Yoo realizes that her password doesn’t work anymore and she can’t access her files. Secretaries Yang and Min must keep it a secret from her. However, secretary Min that rushes to her office in order to inspect the problem leaves behind a note that indicates the seriousness of attorney Yoo’s condition at the company.


bscap0581The fellowship of gossip is having another poisonous meeting! President Song constructs his precious figures piece by piece like a little child while Ji Young Ra and madame Choi try to hurt one another with words in a civilized way, like always! Ji Young Ra’s always one step ahead and always manages to give madame Choi a headache. She’s got two strong weapons, Seo Bom and attorney Han and the fact that she’ll be meeting him later on along with her husband is one strong reason for madame Choi, who pretends to be aware of the meeting, to try not to erupt! By the time Ji Young Ra leaves, Eom So Jeong proposes madame Choi some lectures to raise her… self-esteem with practices from ancient India. Once the sexual factor pops up madame Choi’s reactions are priceless! She has nothing to do with that abhorrent act! Now i’m pretty certain In Sang and Yi Ji were delivered to the almighty household by the stork!

bscap0582bscap0583 bscap0584bscap0585bscap0586

bscap0587At college, Min Ja and Hyeon Soo don’t quite understand the deep relationship and concerns of In Sang and Seo Bom. In Sang tries to protect everything he shares with Seo Bom at all costs. In Sang’s words are representative, if Min Ja hasn’t ever planned a lifetime with someone specific by his side he shouldn’t be talking about things he can’t understand. As for the young couple’s plan, it’s indeed awesome and they are such a cute puppy couple together as they dream of their common future together! It’s one of the most heartfelt and meaningful scenes of the young couple together. Seo Bom’s so happy to treasure pictures of places In Sang has been to, but also places she intends to visit with him and study together! Their mutual happiness and bright smiles present perfectly well the hope that all this will turn to life after they pass the exam since attorney Han’s course was like-minded. Their reactions are so lively and filled with emotion! It’s the first time we witness Seo Bom hugging In Sang the way In Sang usually hugs her, with arms like human pliers! Seo Bom’s craving for more freedom and a more humane and heartfelt life in a world where she’ll be able to see In Sang, her parents and Jin Young anytime she wants to has made her imagination run wild like a horse! By the time they pass their exams and finish their studies abroad, they’ll be more than capable to take their life in their own hands. However, if both of them pass the exam i think that attorney Han will try to send In Sang study abroad on his own and keep Seo Bom as a secretary or a trainee attorney at Hansong as a part of his silent divide and conquer campaign. I simply adore Lee Joon and Go Ah Sung’s chemistry, the more natural their interactions feel the more i worship them together. Both of them shine in their own way, as sole figures and as a core of expanding love; together.

bscap0588 bscap0589bscap0590 bscap0591bscap0592 bscap0593bscap0523bscap0594bscap0596bscap0597

bscap0598Ji Young Ra arrives at Hansong’s luxury salon, alone! Attorney Han’s world starts collapsing but it’s nothing compared to what’s about to follow! At the same time, secretary Kim informs secretary Lee about what’s going on and all the information goes directly to madame Choi! Sometimes i wonder who has the upper hand in that household! It’s not only Seo Bom’s parents who are under surveillance, it’s In Sang’s family itself by… the family itself! Secretary Lee tries to comfort madame Choi and prevent her from erupting anew and she succeeds in that since attorney Han’s meeting Ji Young Ra at Hansong’s lounge since it’s related to business! Ji Young Ra is a real artist at shaking madame Choi’s and attorney Han’s nerve system anytime! This time it’s attorney Han’s turn to pay the price for such a large fee they had to pay and the target is no other than attorney Han’s unattractiveness! The almighty general’s world collapsed, the fearless one-man army is running in fear as Ji Young Ra highly enjoys attorney Han’s helpless reactions! An overly hilarious scene that reaches completion with secretary Lee trying to keep madame Choi’s calm levels at a reasonable height! After all, “a man’s heart would be torn apart to hear those words, it’s the same as denial of his existence itself!”

bscap0600bscap0602 bscap0599bscap0601

bscap0619The times are dark and they crave for the shaman’s appearance once again! This time it’s not about Seo Bom and In Sang, it’s about the almighty couple and especially attorney Han’s collapsed manhood! It’s a sacred remedy made of poppy seeds and musk and it has to be hidden well inside their bedroom to secretly unveil its effects! Attorney Han returns back to his office and he’s enraged by Ji Young Ra’s words! Unattractive? Who? Attorney Han? The role model of conservative manhood? How could that be?! Ji Young Ra feels victorious and she’s having a conversation on the phone, but she notices her daughter’s phone and her messages towards In Sang; tension rises! The housemaid is at the living room too and mother and daughter have a fight in fluent English, i really like this drama, so many English parts and they sound so good too! Ji Young Ra starts spilling poison over In Sang, but she’s missing the whole point, her own daughter and her feelings. It’s a sincere and heartfelt outburst and a small ode towards In Sang as a person, but it also portrays Hyeon Soo’s internal fragile world. She seems to have lost the only person that treated her as a friend, as a human being and not as an outcast. Hyeon Soo gradually breaks apart, it was an intense scene and i really felt sorry for her.

bscap0605bscap0606bscap0607bscap0609 bscap0610bscap0612

bscap0614In the meantime, Seo Bom and In Sang are playing with Jin Young and like always, In Sang’s so absorbed by the young master! Such a cute scene and it’s such a huge plus that Seo Bom, In Sang and Jin Young look like a real family in front of the cameras! Not all good things last forever inside the household and the couple’s time with the young master is over. Attorney Han returns back home and he has to unleash his wrath somewhere, noticing Seo Bom and In Sang coming out of Jin Young’s room at that hour feels like the right opportunity to explode! Madame Choi puts an end to his loud rambling and offers her calmer but still harsh advice. Ji Young Ra’s words still echo in attorney Han’s brain and he’s so nerve-wrecked! Madame Choi prepares an, ahem, romantic moment for her and her husband with wine and she takes off her jacket to look more, hm, sensual! Revisiting her womanhood? Maybe. Attorney Han responding? Definitely not! He wanders around the house unleashing his nerves’ tension upon simply anything!

bscap0615bscap0616 bscap0617bscap0618bscap0620bscap0621 bscap0622bscap0624 bscap0625bscap0626 bscap0628bscap0629 bscap0630bscap0631

bscap0632Secretary Lee senses the vibes in the atmosphere and prepares to leave. Madame Choi’s disheartened at the shaman’s remedy and hands it over to secretary Lee as a present of no use. The studying time is over and the insightful teacher advices the young couple to not worry about attorney Han’s outburst because they were not the reason, but the excuse, behind his eruption. Eventually, secretary Lee asks the teacher if he has a girlfriend, since the remedy will probably be more useful to him! Attorney Han and madame Choi serve their purpose well as vampires and it’s yet another sleepless night with the later one trying to remain calm and the first one trying to cope with Ji Young Ra’s relentless words!


bscap0637Inside the humble house of Seo Bom’s family Jin Ae ahjumma prepares red bean rice cake for Jin Young’s 100th day celebration, it’s the least she can do for him. Poor Noo Ri, she feels like an outcast! Hyeong Shik ahjussi can’t help it but feel grateful to attorney Han’s generous gesture whereas Jin Ae ahjumma’s thankful for helping their daughter, but she remains thoughtful. If Seo Bom doesn’t live up to their high expectations she’s afraid they would mistreat her. Yeah, right, as if they treat her like a princess as we speak. No matter how much or how far they think, attorney Han’s always at least one step ahead, so they have surrendered to the circumstances for the time being as they hope for their best.


bscap0639At the almighty household the young couple is being informed about Jin Young’s 100th day celebration and the preparations are about to begin. After the celebration a simple donation ceremony will take place and right away they’ll visit the concert hall that has special seats for the almighty household’s family, but this time another name will be added, Jin Young’s! I’m curious though, will there be a Seo Bom seat too? Because it didn’t seem like that judging from the fact that madame Choi was only referring to In Sang and didn’t look straight back at Seo Bom when she asked him if he has his own named carved at the concert hall’s balcony. As for Seo Bom’s parents, they won’t be present at the celebration and madame Choi’s glad that Seo Bom understands the reasons behind this decision.


bscap0644It’s about time Seo Bom tries some dresses for the celebration, of course she won’t choose the one she likes the most and she won’t choose from a wide variety. Everything has been selected by madame Choi’s personal tailor under madame Choi’s prim taste. Seo Bom tries the dresses one after the other and turns around for madame Choi to form an overall visual opinion on each and every dress. I was afraid she would pick that black dress that would make Seo Boom look like a spinster or a cosmic nun. Hopefully enough the one madame Choi chose looks a bit better on Seo Bom, but it still makes her look so much older than her actual age. Afterwards, manicure and pedicure take place at the household and Yi Ji thinks it would be better if they did it at a beauty salon. Madame Choi thinks otherwise since the right moment for Seo Bom to visit these places hasn’t arrived yet. Seo Bom’s smile was representative of the fact that she can’t actually express her opinion at times like these. I’m looking forward to the moment she’ll explode and from Seo Bom she will become Seo Boom!

bscap0645bscap0646 bscap0647bscap0643bscap0650bscap0651

bscap0652Eom So Jeong arrives at the household and Seo Bom greets her. Seo Jeong informs madame Choi about Hyeon Soo’s feelings for In Sang. It’s something madame Choi can neither comprehend nor accept and it enrages her since she’s Ji Young Ra’s daughter! Poor Hyeon Soo, she does nothing but playing games mechanically without eating and sleeping, something that eventually exhausts her and the housemaid along with her mother find her unconscious. I wonder how Ji Young Ra will use this incident and Hyeon Soo’s feelings to harm madame Choi’s tranquility! Hopefully enough, whatever plans she might use i hope they won’t affect our lovely puppy couple. Of course, this is only an assumption of mine.


bscap0656Seo Bom’s thankful towards her teacher, he always stands by her side and his words one way or another do justice to Seo Bom’s skills, he knows how to use the right words that will have the effect In Sang’s parents want to hear. Seo Bom’s afraid she might disappoint her teacher and prove him wrong in front of In Sang’s parents. If she wants to find out where all this power comes from in this family, an answer that even the teacher himself doesn’t know, she has to study harder and succeed in the exam! Chances are high through this process she’ll get as close as possible to the truth!


bscap0659Jin Ae ahjumma’s red bean rice cake is ready and she informs the housemaid that she left it outside of the house. On her way back home she’s having a heartfelt conversation on the phone with Seo Bom. I love these distant conversations between mother and daughter, they are so filled with emotion! Jin Ae ahjumma recognizes that they can’t be apparent at Jin Young’s 100th day celebration as the in-laws of trouble and Seo Bom bursts into tears and throws the pillar towards In Sang by the time he notices her tear-filled eyes! I love her 1-2 second outbursts that target In Sang when she’s on the phone!

bscap0660bscap0661 bscap0662

bscap0664Madame Choi’s not satisfied with the red bean rice cake present and especially with the fact that it’s like a tradition to take a little piece and touch the baby’s lips! She tries to hide her discomfort by leaving the dining room. Eventually, one after the other start appearing and chances are high all of the tasty red bean rice cake ceased existing within a few minutes! Everyone’s lost somewhere between Jin Young and the red bean rice cake, especially In Sang! Lee Joon’s simply great as a doting father, always absorbed by little Jin Young, now that is some sort of young father & young son bromance!

bscap0663bscap0665bscap0529bscap0671 bscap0670bscap0668 bscap0667bscap0530 bscap0531bscap0672

bscap0675The moment for the official celebration family photographs arrives! Something of high importance is Seo Bom’s facial expressions, she’s not happy during the photo shoot, it could be because her parents are not present, it could also be the fact that her father’s seal with the umbilical cord was neglected. The traditional symbolism on each and every stasis and positioning is apparent so as to preserve the ideals of a high society family that doesn’t pace with the flow, it delivers the flow the rest should follow as they keep depicting the elite’s aesthetics. The donation is officially complete as it got captured on photographs and the luxurious concert hall balcony awaits!

bscap0673bscap0674 bscap0676bscap0678bscap0679bscap0680

bscap0682Seeing seven nameplates, i presume two of them belong to attorney Han’s deceased parents, two others belong to attorney Han and madame Choi, the other two belong to In Sang and Yi Ji and the seventh one to Jin Young. As for Seo Bom, she’s probably not ready for such places yet, as madame Choi’s words indicated earlier during the manicure/pedicure session, let alone the fact that she doesn’t deserve yet a nameplate since she has a long road to walk upon in order to be considered a complete member of the almighty family.

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Kwon Sang Seung

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  2. March 30, 2015 at 5:38 pm — Reply

    I rarely watch modern day K-dramas but this one has become a must for me maybe because of the way the Han parents are so delusionally steeped in the Joseon Era. I love the way Attorney Han manages to be a complete yangban type jerk and also convey the absurdity of it all at the same time,really good acting in my opinion. How his son managed to evade that level of jerkiness in his genetic make up is a Miracle 🙂

    • March 30, 2015 at 11:08 pm — Reply

      It has its own magic and indeed, the Han parents are a divine torture instrument coming in pairs! 😀 A Joseon couple reincarnated at the present! Yup, attorney Han plays a major role in the overall drama attempt and his reactions, even his body stasis at times, are quite priceless, you can’t take him too seriously, but you can laugh your heart out almost any time! In Sang skipped two generations of genes, haha! And his sister, Yi Ji, is not made of the same materials as madame Choi and attorney Han, she’s even brighter as a person than In Sang, but still in the same house-prison.

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