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Hana Kimi here, how hae you been? I know I’m late for Blood’s episodes 9 and 10 reviews, but I’ve been busy with classes. I’ll make sure to post my other reviews sooner, not on the day the new episode is airing 😛

Let’s get to the drama and what has happened in episodes 9 and 10. Doctor Jung Ji-Tae is working hard with Yoo Ri-Ta’s friend Choi Soo-Eun, on finding out what the other team has been doing to the hospital and figure out the files that Park Ji-Sang has been working on with his friend Joo Hyun-Woo. Is doctor Jung Ji-Tae and Choi Soo-Eun close to finding out about vampires? That would help them investigate better, what Lee Jae-Wook’s teams has been doing to the patients, it would be a sock too : P


The fight between the nice doctors and bad vampires doctors is not progressing a lot in this episode but Yoo Ri-Ta’s and Park Ji-Sang’s love line does. Yoo Ri-Ta gets a cold and is unable to go to the hospital, her friend Choi Soo-Eun is working late and can’t help her. Park Ji-Sang as another knight vampire goes to Yoo Ri-Ta’s house to take care of her. They have a more personal conversation, Yoo Ri-Ta asks more about his vampire nature and Park Ji-Sang tells her about her childhood story, that he was the boy that saved her. Yoo Ri-Ta is a bit confused with the medicine and her fever not helping and she falls asleep.

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She wakes up feeling better and she finds Park Ji-Sang sleeping on a chair next to her                      ( awwwwwwww the caring lovely korean leads ). They talk about what Park Ji-Sang has told her the night before and she realises it wasn’t a dream. They get closer but of course Choi Soo-Eun appears and ruins the mood. I wonder when the kissing is happening, it’s a 20 episodes drama so maybe episode 15.

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The episode ends with an important information for Park Ji-Sang, Joo Hyun-Woo sends him a mail with a picture, where his parents Lee Jae-Wook and another doctor are posing together.
In the beginning of ep 10 Park Ji-Sang is upset and wants explanations from Lee Jae-Wook, but Joo Hyun-Woo calms him down and advises him to pretend he doesn’t know, that would benefit him more. Hopefully he listens. Lee Jae-Wook shows the progress of the experiments to Yoo Seok-Joo. Yoo Seok-Joo is desperate to start the treatment but Lee Jae-Wook says they should wait a bit longer.

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Jung Ji-Tae tells Choi Soo-Eun that they should go take blood samples from the patients they are not allowed to examine. We get an intense scene where the nice doctors team, want their right to examine the patients but since the head of the hospital Yoo Seok-Joo is on the other team’s side, there is nothing they can do apart from giving the blood samples back, even the ones they have hidden.

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Park Ji-Sang finally sees his father face for the first time on the picture Joo Hyun-Woo found and sent him. Yoo Ri-Ta on the other hand, has been doing a serious investigation on vampires.

Do vampires transform while kissing?

She, Park Ji-Sang and some others plan an event for Park Ji-Sang’s patient and his little daughter. The patient’s daughter said that her father’s dream was to walk her down the aisle, Yoo Ri-Ta showing her kind self helped creating the event and gives away to the little girl the dress she used to wear when she was little. Park Ji-Sang stands as the groom to the end of the aisle after Yoo Ri-Ta makes him with just a glare. But the beautiful atmosphere ends when the patient gets worse.

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Choi Kyung-In has a nurse on her side and says she can find some blood samples for Jung Ji-Tae, although it’s hard to get them with the security being strict in the hospital. Seo Hye-Ri, Lee Jae-Wook’s sidekick, finds the patient’s wife and talks her into getting her husband to their experimenting team. What I like about Blood is that the, what I’ve been calling the “bad vampires team” are not bad without a reason, they actually think they can find a cure for the incurable diseases, although their ways may be cruel. Of course taking his patient, he much cares about, is the cherry on top for Park Ji-Sang, who can’t hold it in anymore and goes to find Lee Jae-Wook without the best intentions, yes we get a bad vampire fighting scene but it’s the only one in two episodes so I’m not complaining.

cc - Αντιγραφή (2) - Αντιγραφή - ΑντιγραφήI hope next week my reviews timing is better, until then what are your thoughts on these episodes guys?

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