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Episode 7 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0287The seventh episode of Heard It Through the Grapevine was of high importance for the drama since it finally reached double digit ratings, 10.1%. The distance from Shine or Go Crazy has lessened and the battle for the first place feels more apparent than ever before. It can’t always be overly comical and the time for a more dreary yet without losing in humor ambiance arrived. Everything flows under the shadow of the recent events and nobody’s mood is at its finest with the past or the present, depending on the interactions, nurturing a chasm that already existed when it comes to madame Choi and attorney Han and a newborn one that started unfolding its wings, darkening the sky above In Sang and Seo Bom for the first time.

bscap0099Fake sympathy and kindness under the eye of a higher shady cause led the two sides in severe conflict. In Sang’s mutiny caused casualties and the peacemaking conditions haven’t been met. Hyeong Shik ahjussi is apologetic and leaves wounded the battlefield, accompanied by Jin Ae ahjumma who decides to drive the car on their way back home. Secretary Kim’s words, even though his intentions were pure, sparkle the tension anew once he considers that it was too bad they had to leave empty-handed even though attorney Han’s proposals were pretty generous, something that enrages Hyeong Shik ahjussi. They may be poor, but they are not beggars and it doesn’t matter at all if they left empty-handed. Well, the idiom “like father, like son” got a new variation, “like master, like servant”! The rest of the house personnel try to ease the tension and eventually Seo Bom’s parents leave the household with the hope that the housemaid will take care of their daughter.


bscap0102Inside her bedroom, madame Choi’s monologue echos! How dare Seo Bom’s parents refer to her precious son as their son-in-law? Especially in front of his parents! It’s something to wonder about, since he actually is their son-in-law, maybe she’d prefer it if they had referred to him as prince Han In Sang or something. But from the other room, the wounded general’s cries trespass even more madame Choi’s disharmony! His body is in a lumbago stasis, but his mind is in a reminiscent position too! Soon, his previous laments feel nothing compared to his pleas for help, brushing his hair at that very moment was a really bad timing! The almighty attorney Han instead of reviving his scalp, he’s losing even more hair instead! Something tells me that by the end of Heard It Through the Grapevine he will be bald if In Sang keeps up with his progressing attitude!

bscap0103bscap0104 bscap0105 bscap0106bscap0107

bscap0109In Sang and Seo Bom remain at the living room as In Sang wants her to remain calm and not worry. The housemaid informs them that In Sang’s parents are disappointed with him and that he should accept any possible punishment they have in mind in order to ease the tension. In the meantime, the house personnel tries to bring the household back to its normal condition as attorney Han prepares himself, by madame Choi’s side, to confront the young couple! How dare this peasant, Hyeong Shik ahjussi, touch his diving falling hair?! He can barely walk and he’s like as if he just pooped in his pants! Attorney Han is such a tormented human being, it’s the price to pay for acting like a commando. He declares his point of view on Seo Bom’s family, he considers them responsible for their own fate by not accepting the great opportunity he presented. In Sang tries to do justice and strike back with his grandfather’s poor background, but attorney Han differentiates poverty back then from present’s poverty. Indeed, attorney Han, poverty differs from one era to another, but you miss the point, poverty is always poverty no matter the circumstances and the era’s background. You miss the point simply because you were born on peafowl feathers, i never expected more from you anyway, at least for the time being. You deserve more hair loss and Jin Young’s poop aroma.

bscap0111bscap0112 bscap0113bscap0115bscap0116

bscap0117In Sang and Seo Bom find themselves in madame Choi and attorney Han’s crossfire. It’s about time both of them receive In Sang’s parents’ outburst for they held it inside for so long. According to attorney Han In Sang is a fool drunk on heroism as for Seo Bom, she’s the one that encouraged In Sang to act all along this way according to madame Choi. In Sang’s thoughts on the matter are that both families should start anew from ground zero on a road of equality, mutual love and understanding and Seo Bom supports him on this attempt by referring how touching In Sang’s words are. I like how they support each other, with fear, but also with passion. I’m so tired of this rationality factor that occupies most of attorney Han’s brain, let the young couple cherish their own dreamworld as part of reality!

bscap0118bscap0119 bscap0120bscap0121 bscap0122bscap0123

bscap0124It’s not In Sang and Seo Bom’s words that are dreamy, it’s attorney Han and madame Choi’s visions that reflect themselves inside their crystal castle that has nothing to do with reality, but with a proud elite that influences the majority’s reality. Love, freedom and peace are not for everyone because people like you and your wife exist, attorney Han. They don’t require special skills, grandiose bank accounts, vast territories and degrees, you simply feel and cherish them. If someone’s lacking them, it’s you and your wife, neither In Sang and Seo Bom nor her family and if they do lack them to an extent, it’s because of you. Seo Bom asks them kindly to let her receive all the knowledge required so as to treasure all these skillful aspects only the chosen few have the chance to hold in the palm of their hands and eventually bursts into tears, unable to sustain her calmness on the surface. I highly enjoyed the way she replied, it held a sense of irony through an attempt to pace with the flow at the same time. And that’s when the jeet kune do photographic memory teacher comes into play. Attorney Han asks him to help the young couple get through the misty fields of confusion and infuse them a clear global perspective, the one attorney Han craves for. In Sang and Seo Bom eavesdropping their discussion was a hilarious part of the scene!

 bscap0126bscap0125 bscap0127 bscap0128bscap0130 bscap0132bscap0131bscap0133bscap0134 bscap0135bscap0136

bscap0137Seo Bom’s parents return back home and Hyeong Shik ahjussi is being carried over to the living room! That handrail, that goddamn handrail, the exterminator of profound generals (attorney Han) and valiant revolutionaries (Heyong Shik ahjussi)! Both families’ fathers’ laments of pain sound so much alike, like fallen heroes! Noo Ri and the uncle are not quite helpful with their thoughts, the only thing they achieve is strengthening the fire of injustice burning within Jin Ae ahjumma who’s already thinking of suing In Sang’s parents for defamation of character, threat by conciliation and  violation of human rights if they keep acting this way! Hansong’s at the center of controversy and it would be a good timing to strike back, however, we don’t really know what’s actually going on, it could be a fictional controversy in order for attorney Han to use his hidden cards.

bscap0139bscap0140 bscap0141bscap0142

bscap0144At the same time, attorney Han’s already spreading his offensive wings simply because the best defense is a good offense. He intends to teach Seo Bom’s parents a lesson and secretary Min will have to deal with this matter. Except for the pragmatic reasons behind his actions, another major one has to be the hair loss, he can’t conceive the fact that while he was one step ahead he suddenly found himself two steps back when it comes to his hair! Every time he explodes, he wants to refer to his hair so badly, but surrenders to the inner demon whispering him that nobody else should know about it! Referring to the probable inability of restoring one damaged part of his body, the secretaries realize what’s really going on and their cautious reactions are priceless! Secretary Yang will deal with the hair transplant part of the overall tragedy! Inside his office, as the renowned fairground music takes place, attorney Han checks his hair with a mirror and then takes photos of the back of his head to witness the problem’s territorial expansion! What’s more painful than hair loss is pain itself after the transplant and attorney Han’s woe grows!  Shortly after, the corridor witnesses attorney Han’s attempts to walk on his own where in fact he looks like a penguin! Even if it’s urgent, he wants to postpone the meeting with the doctor due to the pain factor.

bscap0145bscap0146 bscap0147bscap0148bscap0149bscap0150

bscap0152And the lesson of In Sang and Seo Bom by the photographic memory teacher begins. He presents an ostensibly easy example and both of them rush to present their very own point of view. Both of them are wrong and the moral of the story behind the clear global perspective is no different to attorney Han’s vicious world, it’s the logic of power, by power, for power. In Sang seems to be taking lightly the meaning behind the teacher’s words whereas in fact Seo Bom considers it of high importance and presents simple dilemmas to In Sang. The climate in the room feels tense and it’s the first time we witness clouds above the young couple. It’s not that Seo Bom is mad at In Sang, it’s the overall situation under the new circumstances that enrages her, it’s just that In Sang was the recipient of that instant outburst. Seo Bom’s in pain due to the breastfeeding, but it’s something she has to keep doing for the young master Jin Young. In Sang tries to relieve her pain with one of his renowned pincers hug, but it’s not the right time since her upper body’s in pain.

bscap0153bscap0154 bscap0156bscap0155 bscap0157bscap0158 bscap0159bscap0160bscap0161

Doctor In Sang, nipple inspector; eager to ease your dolor.

bscap0283bscap0284 bscap0164bscap0165

bscap0167It’s time for Seo Bom to breastfeed the young master. Madame Choi and Secretary Lee were patiently waiting for this moment and a new expedition takes place. In the meantime, In Sang’s having a conversation with the photographic memory teacher, he needs his help and his teacher is insightful towards In Sang. Even though he matures step by step and rebels against his parents’ injustice, life is not only about having fun. There’s a thin red line between the dream within reality and living inside a bubble and In Sang leans towards the second direction at times. Seo Bom’s the voice of logic that restrains In Sang from remaining inside the bubble for too long and In Sang is the voice of emotion, comforting Seo Bom’s burden and sense of reality. This time, In Sang’s thoughts have no sense of logic and the teacher can’t be of much help for the time being. He’s willing to help, not openly because his position could be at stake, but once In Sang brings forth coherent and palpable thoughts i’m pretty certain the teacher will be of great help, indirectly yet with meaning.


bscap0168Secretary Lee and madame Choi place new talismans inside Seo Bom’s room who appears while they’re doing the sacred dirty business! Panic! Secretary Lee tries to hide the proof whereas madame Choi tries to distract Seo Bom’s attention with some fake kindness and friendly touches, but the sore nipples don’t agree! Eventually Seo Bom notices some forgotten talismans and more excuses take place since… it’s a family tradition for their well-being. We believed you, madame Choi, you don’t value that much talismans, you superstitious, traditional, old-fashioned hyena. Seo Bom’s thoughts on letting them know before invading their room and the fact that she considers this family traditional not the best thing in the world enables secretary Lee’s reflexes and urgently takes madame Choi off the room before nasty things happen!


bscap0171Penguin Han’s still in immense pain after the acts of heroism at the meeting with Seo Bom’s parents. He’s on his way to the young master’s room from which In Sang was just leaving. Attorney Han’s not happy to see him and tries to avoid eye contact, but In Sang’s not helpful by asking him whether he washed his hands or not since it’s not good for the baby’s immune system, something that enrages his father who eventually goes to wash his hands like a zombie from Resident Evil. In Sang’s having a discussion with Seo Bom and her point of view is specific and crystal clear, she doesn’t abolish the idea of learning what attorney Han considers important, but she thinks it’s crucial that they shouldn’t wear blinders and follow this path without rejecting what doesn’t feel right. As for madame Choi, she doesn’t like the fact that In Sang nagged at his father for not washing his hands, crushing Seo Bom’s parents that raised such a child and turned their son into an anarchist feels like a good option to attorney Han!

bscap0172bscap0173bscap0174bscap0176 bscap0177

bscap0179Jin Ae ahjumma lets logic breathe and contacts via messages the almighty family. Inviting In Sang’s parents at their humble house is a welcome approach. However, madame Choi has a different opinion and lets secretary Lee do the dirty business for her with… all due respect, something that enrages Seo Bom’s parents. Jin Ae ahjumma relies all of her hopes on the young couple, but Hyeong Shik ahjussi intends to take the situation in his own hands, it’s not only Seo Bom and In Sang’s battle, it’s theirs too! Let the trumpets of war roar with might!

bscap0180bscap0183 bscap0184bscap0185

bscap0186Madame Choi’s leaving the house to meet the inner circle of social talking and gossip and she needs some courage; fighting! Oh, what a classy woman, carbonated mint water! And what’s with Johannes Vermeer‘s Girl with a Pearl Earring painting lately in South Korean dramas? It’s in Heard It Through the Grapevine and it was on the art book Ahn Yo Sub from Kill Me, Heal Me was reading. And as expected, it’s a civilized battle with words between madame Choi and Ji Young Ra and the hair loss issue gets revealed, nothing remains a secret for long! As for secretary Lee, she has to teach Seo Bom all the secrets of table manners and meal program. She’s got the know-how on the proper way of holding your knife & fork, but also on the way you should be eating each and every food! Seo Bom has a long way to catch up with all this high society nonsense. Eating is not a torture, Seo Bom, grab that steak with bare hands if you want to, if anyone has a problem with that, tell them Know Kwon said it.

bscap0187bscap0188 bscap0189bscap0190

bscap0191Attorney Han is paying a visit to chairman Jang at the hospital and eventually Ji Young Ra arrives. Chairman Jang’s in a difficult position and if he wants attorney Han to be of great help he will have to hand him over all of the necessary information required. This means that all of Chairman Jang and his wife’s secrets will lie in attorney Han’s hands! Right before leaving, Ji Young Ra plants the seeds of discomfort in attorney Han’s mind by referring to his hair loss problem! Later that night, Ji Young Ra looks too distressed and confused to hide it and she’s having a small quarrel with her daughter, Hyeon Soo. Attorney Han receives all the documents required and the most careerist office in South Korea works hard to find a solution! Ji Young Ra can’t sit back and wait for the outcome and she pays a visit to attorney Han at the Hansong luxurious lounge. Twenty years ago… something lovey dovey related happened between attorney Han and Ji Young Ra and slowly we receive information about the background of the older figures’ background. It’s something that must remain as a secret from madame Choi and it’s one hidden card on Ji Young Ra’s hands who has to choose between two possible solutions, chairman Jang’s reprieve or a an additional fee for her father.

 bscap0193bscap0192bscap0194 bscap0195bscap0196 bscap0198bscap0199

bscap0200Τea-time isn’t that blissful at the almighty household. Madame Choi becomes aware of Ji Young Ra’s visit and the more the discussion progresses the more tense attorney Han becomes. Madame Choi’s the one that managed to earn attorney Han as her husband, something that Ji Young Ra apparently couldn’t achieve due to his mother. We have two Eves and one Adam who eventually received the apple from madame Choi, but the past is darker than it seems and attorney Han’s anger and negative attitude makes madame Choi’s suspicions more vivid and she leaves the room full of anger. Finding Seo Bom on her way out wasn’t the most pleasant surprise, from now on at times like these Seo Bom must avoid at all costs any interaction with In Sang’s parents. Attorney Han’s faster and faster and even fiercer monkey self head-patting indicates that he’ll definitely end bald by the end of this drama! He tries to wheedle madame Choi by bringing into play the young master Jin Young, it has the opposite outcome! He will be spending this night at the library! Madame Choi’s disarming calmness was representative of the seriousness of the situation, she evaded any further interaction like a boss, after all it’s a civilized battlefield!

bscap0201bscap0202 bscap0203bscap0205 bscap0206

bscap0207Ji Young Ra and Eom So Jeong are having a conversation about the sudden turn of events. Hyeon Soo returns back home, but her mother doesn’t have the grit for eye contact. The situation is tough, but it gets tougher once So Jeong proposes Young Ra to visit madame Choi at all costs. Hitting her chest proves how much her pride feels hurt by having to plea for help, not just anyone, but madame Choi specifically. Hyeong Soo calls In Sang to find more information, but he can’t help her since he doesn’t talk with his father about his cases. A discussion follows with Seo Bom who doesn’t quite like the fact that attorney Han stands by the side of a man like chairman Jang. In Sang tries to avoid talking about it and yells at her. The first official quarrel of our beloved couple turns to reality! The arch tension during the lessons adds up to the latest events and Seo Bom suddenly feels her intelligence unappreciated. It’s the night the ladies do the talking and take the final decisions inside the household, she declares the couch as his bed for tonight!

bscap0209 bscap0210bscap0212 bscap0211bscap0213bscap0214bscap0215bscap0216 bscap0217bscap0218

bscap0219Min Jae and Hyeon Soo are having a short conversation, she is overly worried about her mother since she can’t reach her on the phone, but Min Jae informs her that she has gone to visit In Sang’s mother. And there she is with her pride lying on the floor apologizing for all her wrongdoings! At the same time, In Sang and Seo Bom continue their lesson with the second chapter, power and ethics. “Ethics is where power is”, i won’t even comment on that because my fingers will puke on the keyboard. These are not lessons, they are lines from attorney Han’s personal diary or something! In Sang wants to get out of there and the teacher senses the discomfort in the air asking them if they had a fight, he receives a negative answer and straight away Seo Bom tries to change the subject. It’s more than apparent that you had a fight, puppies! Apology’s continuation, Ji Young Ra eventually falls on madame Choi’s knees as the last resort of self pity without eye contact, it would be too harsh for her expressing her gratitude throughout the years by staring at madame Choi as a savior where in fact she is a tool at this very moment, her facial expression at the end was priceless!

 bscap0221bscap0220 bscap0222bscap0223 bscap0224bscap0226bscap0227 bscap0228bscap0229 bscap0231bscap0232

bscap0234Begging didn’t have a positive outcome and madame Choi’s decision is unchanging as she’s trying hard not to explode. At the same time, In Sang tries to support chairman Jang since it’s his right to be defended, ignoring social justice isn’t something that should be taken lightly according to Seo Bom and the quarrel when it comes to one’s power and money  as opposed to justice goes on! The house personnel, the secretaries and the teacher are having a humble party and they discuss the latest events about Ji Young Ra. What goes around, comes around! Well, attorney Han didn’t quite relieve madame Choi’s anger and it’s not three hits with one punch as the teacher indicates, but well, he used well his cards on chairman Jang’s case!

bscap0235 bscap0236bscap0237 bscap0238bscap0240bscap0241 bscap0243bscap0244

bscap0245Speak of the devil, as Seo Bom became part of the discussion, knock knock, who’s there? Seo Bom and In Sang are there and sudden fear goes away since it’s not madame Choi or attorney Han! Catching them with alcohol would be the worst crime inside our galaxy! Useless formalities… of course everyone should sit down and relax, it’s not a privilege of those with power! Wondering whether attorney Han should defend chairman Jang or not is the question and the house personnel tries to change the subject by referring to peripheral aspects of law studies! And from the question we pass to the outcome of their quarrel, the fact that In Sang will sleep on the couch! In Sang, you lost, hope the couch will be relaxing enough as your father will be sleeping at the library, like father like son!

bscap0249bscap0252 bscap0248bscap0250 bscap0286

bscap0255Secretary Kim enters the library and he’s frightened at the sight! Attorney Han sleeps in there and i’m pretty certain he’s having nightmares of the French Revolution and since his revolutionary views are renowned, there he lies, resembling one of the fallen at the bottom right of the Liberty Leading the People portrait. Madame Choi invades Seo Bom and In Sang’s room to find In Sang sleeping on the sofa, yeah, like you didn’t force your husband sleep at the library, is this how your parents taught you, madame Choi? I should put her voice as alarm tone, i’m sure In Sang and Seo Bom woke up pleasantly! However, attorney Han had the best sleep in his entire life as he woke up with a brand new neck (not) to the most melodious of tunes (not)!

bscap0257bscap0256 bscap0098bscap0092bscap0093 bscap0094bscap0096bscap0095

bscap0097The 7th episode left many of our figures wounded, physically or mentally, depending on the occasion. It was inevitable, the sickening ambiance of the ever-shining household is just a curtain that absorbs all life when things get serious. It’s not always a fairytale and it can’t be bereaving all the time, it’s the sense of reality that was infused into Heard It Through the Grapevine’s 7th episode, presenting a more serious face without losing in humor when it wasn’t supposed to be there and that’s thanks to the spot-on work of the screenwriter in combination with the cast’s meaningful and representative interpreting through Ahn Pan Seok’s darker prism. When things get gloomy, that’s when the sincerity of bonds is being tested. Come forth, episode 8!






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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. March 17, 2015 at 6:47 pm — Reply

    I love this drama so so so much. I’m just hoping the shaman’s talisman are there to help the newlyweds. I keep thinking the shamaness was a decent sort of spiritual person and probably would not do what Mom Chaebol would want her to do. Nothing evil, at least. Shamaness said she prayed after all. So am keeping my fingers crossed that if the spells aren’t useless, they are at least protection for our couple. Thanks for recapping this.

    • March 17, 2015 at 7:05 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot and indeed, this drama’s addictive! Same here, i have in the back of my brain a slight assumption that these talismans could be of negative power. But for the time being, just like you, i want to stick o the facts, that the shamaness prayed at the early morning for the well being of the baby and that she considered Jin Young a proper name even if madame Choi was negative to it in the beginning. I don’t think madame Choi would place negative talismans inside the room where her son is sleeping as well except for Seo Bom, but oh well, she’s capable of everything 😛 Time shall tell.

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  3. May 18, 2015 at 3:22 pm — Reply

    I am getting there, I am getting there. I find the dark comedy aspect so so SO spot on. I wish I could write like that. The timing is just right every time. It’s so tragic without being over the top and that’s what makes it so funny. My fav. characters so far are Seo Bom and In Sang’s dad. Go Ah Sung nails the “naive yet very aware of what’s going on poor girl” act and In Sang’s dad is just… I don’t know if it’s the actor who came up with all these small gestures, with the way he speaks or if if was all the director’s request… But dang, he’s such a comic relief while being the closest to the villain of the story. The house scares me… I feel so unwelcomed and like I’m in prison… Considering how 90% of the scenes take place in the house, I feel like I’m holding my breath for nearly an hour. lol

    • May 18, 2015 at 4:52 pm — Reply

      Hoohoo, the almighty household hides the sun from eyes sunny lady, aight? 😀 And that music! It always makes the scenery funnier when it shouldn’t be funny at all XD Aye, attorney Han is an exceptional figure and as much as well-written the character may be, i think it’s to the actor’s capacity to present such a quirky yet frightening character in such an exceptional way! *tickles to release the breath* XD

      • May 18, 2015 at 4:58 pm — Reply

        i knooooooooooooow. lol this house gives me such a suffocating feeling.

        • May 18, 2015 at 5:00 pm — Reply

          On the good side of things, the drama won’t be 32 but 30 eps, judging from something i read. You’ll be witnessing that house for 2 less episodes 😀

          • May 18, 2015 at 5:05 pm

            oh really? are they not satisfied with the ratings? and i haven’t even reached the half mark yet, so… lol we’ll see if I remain invested until the end. 😡

          • May 18, 2015 at 5:06 pm

            The average ratings of the drama per episode are a bit more than 10%, i think the channel wanted to rush its next drama attempt. I think the drama will make sure you keep watching 😀

          • May 18, 2015 at 5:40 pm

            ah i see… i still feel like it would have been better for a cable drama.And maybe broadcast it in fall-winter, not spring-summer… the dark mood doesn’t match.

          • May 18, 2015 at 5:42 pm

            I will have to agree on this one, its quality paces better with a cable channel, in a good manner of speaking. And i hadn’t thought about it, but kind of yes! With the wind and the rain outside it would had been even more awesome! You mood-maker sunny lady you XD

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