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Somewhere Only We Know (You yi ge di fang zhi you wo men zhi dao) 2015 review


I have to admit I wouldn’t know this movie if it wasn’t for Kris or else Wu Yi Fan. My guilty pleasure used to be EXO during “Wolf” and “Growl” era but after all the drama the group went through, I’m not very attached to them anymore. Still looking forward to their releases.

The movie wasn’t in my “plan to watch list”, but I saw it uploaded somewhere with English subs and decided to watch it.

Maybe it’s because I know Kris is still in the beginning of his acting career, I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece. I mean even if you are a genius actor, still you can’t be great from your first movie.

The story is about a girl  Jin Tian (Likun Wang) who moves to Prague to attend some months in a University there. She has been through losing her grandma and abandoned by her boyfriend on her wedding day. That’s why she needs a new start. She then meets Peng Zeyang (Yifan Wu) and at the same time she finds a lot about her grandma’s life, in the town she used to live which was Prague.

contains spoilers

The thing that made this movie interesting except from the usual a boy meets girls story, is the fact that it was like two movies in one. What I mean is that we watch the main couple’s Jin Tian and Peng Zeyang’s love story in real time, but we also get to see Jin Tian’s grandma Chen Lanxin’s (Jinglei Xu) life with Josef Novak (Gordon Alexander). The both stories almost get equal time in the movie, which didn’t bother me at all. Jin Tian’s main purpose in the beginning is to find her grandmother’s lover, since she reads the letter he once sent to her. Meeting Peng Zeyang happens randomly, when she goes wild at a night club. Then they develop a relationship and share their stories.

Jin Tian’s life seems to be somehow parallel to her grandmother’s. Chen Lanxin goes to Prague during war, she meets doctor Josef Novak who has lost his daughter and wife. They become closer and when he finds out that his wife is still alive, and despite the fact they have decided to live together in China, they become apart and loose traces of each other.

Peng Zeyang has a daughter he got with a foreign student there and Jin Tian always feels insecure that she might be left behind same thing that happened to her grandmother and to her last relationship. Her worries are not wrong, Peng Zeyang leaves her, because he has his personal family drama and he thinks he can’t provide a good life for her.

The parallel stories made the movie more interesting in some way. The love stories seemed realistic.

Jin Tian finds Josef Novak and shows him her grandmother’s sketchbook, at the same place they promised to meet no matter how many years pass. We previously have been informed that he has died, but the flashback of him meeting Jin Tian, makes us feel that he can now go in peace since he got to know what happened to Chen Lanxin and tell his story to the granddaughter.

The fact that she meets Josef Novak makes her think about Peng Zeyang. She texts him about the meeting she had, they used to search together for her grandmother’s lover and Peng Zeyang realizes through that old story he has to go after his love. He finds her at the same place all the meetings in this movie where promised, before she leaves for the airport and return to her hometown. They decide to live together kiss and happy ending.

This movie isn’t a bad one but it’s not a movie I would spent time watching again. It reminds me of the sweet romantic films I would watch on tv on Sundays while having lunch.

The acting wasn’t bad either. It was obvious the main actress Likun Wang had more experience than Kris. But if I didn’t know about the fact it was his first movie also if I didn’t know Wu Yi Fan as Kris the EXO member in the variety shows, I think I wouldn’t have noticed, that his acting was awkward sometimes. He has to work hard in the future though, since the character he played wasn’t very different from his real life personality. The two actors that played the couple in the past Jinglei Xu and Gordon Alexander, there is nothing I have to point out about them.

If I had to give this movie a rating, that would be 6,5/10

Looking forward to Wu Yi Fan’s/Kris’s improvement.

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