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Episode 4 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

InBomIs it just me or Heard It Through the Grapevine’s episodes flow as fast and pleasantly as water? You start watching and before realizing it the episode’s already reaching its end, leaving you satisfied and hungry for more at the same time. Unacceptable! Now i have to wait until it’s Monday again! One thing one may notice by the end of the fourth episode is that Heard It Through the Grapevine’s not as predictable as one could presume. It’s pleasant and humorous without setting aside its vastly dark tinctures. Its fast pace proves that we’re only at the very beginning with the main core of the drama still shaping up. Hopefully enough brave amounts of depth await us in the future. The interactions between the characters reached a whole new level and i’m really glad Seo Bom’s beautiful family received more airing time; actually it was an episode almost dedicated to them!

bscap1570That dreadful morning, once attorney Han and madame Choi noticed that everyone was present during the Romeo & Juliet mutiny they left the room as if they had just attended a funeral! And thus the doctor brought the abhorrent news, the ones both of them expected yet there was a slight hope that it was just the worst nightmare of their lives. Jin Young is In Sang and Seo Bom’s son and it’s something that cannot be undone. It’s time for plan B.


bscap1573Plan B stands for plan B(itch) i suppose since hypocrisy reigns supreme! An army of lies parade in front of In Sang and Seo Bom’s eyes that made them react like little children anew, as if they were receiving presents for the first time in their lives! Attorney Han and madame Choi appear gentler and more understanding than ever before in front of the young couple! Knowing what kind of people they are, the mask they’re currently wearing makes them look hilarious! Both Yoo Ho Jung and Yoo Joon Sang pour themselves into their roles and depict perfectly well the proud owners of the vintage household! Their facial expressions are priceless, they could have had exploded anytime, but the highest cause kept everyone safe from their mutual wrath! I can easily imagine attorney Han chasing both In Sang and Seo Bom with the imperial cane. Had In Sang and/or Seo Bom told them that they are tomatoes left in the sun they would have had pretty much agreed, that’s the extent of their kindness for Plan B(itch)’s sake. Jokes aside, it’s a light scene that shows part of where attorney Han is willing to go in order to achieve his own plans, lowering his own pride in front of two 18 years old young people isn’t easy for a man of his status and the same applies to madame Choi. On the other side of the coin, In Sand and Seo Bom’s childish and pure at heart reactions prove their mutual longing to become a normal family; Seo Bom, In Sang and Jin Young. She can even breastfeed her own baby whereas In Sang’s parents state that they intend to visit Seo Bom’s family.

bscap1574bscap1575 bscap1576bscap1577 bscap1578bscap1579  bscap1581bscap1580bscap1582bscap1583

bscap1584Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma are getting informed on the forthcoming arrival of their majesty and they try to turn their humble house into a small palace in order to greet In Sang’s parents. In the meantime, Plan B(itch) starts taking shape. Attorney Han does a research on Seo Bom’s family’s background as he prepares a memorandum with the help of secretary Min and secretary Yang who received incognito advice from attorney Yoo! It sure is an odd complex in the vicious world of attorneys and secretaries, but it serves attorney Han’s purpose well! The amount of money in exchange for his son’s freedom once and for all has been set, 1.750.000.000 ₩, that’s how much Seo Bom and Jin Young’s souls are worth inside the chasm between two different worlds.

bscap1585bscap1586 bscap1587bscap1588 bscap1589

bscap1592Seo Bom lives inside a bubble, a fictional heaven. Unaware of the spider’s web that starts unfolding its dreadful texture around her, she offers wholeheartedly some useful advice concerning her parents’ house to… ommoni! The personnel understands Seo Bom’s kind intentions, however they know madame Choi’s character too. The more she tries to be nice the more she’s about to erupt and being called “ommoni” by Seo Bom doesn’t help at all! And since she can’t explode in front of Seo Bom, a sense of superiority and grandeur gets inflicted upon the housemaid and the manservant of the house for helping the young couple in the first place. As for secretary Lee, she received a harsh warning too and madame Choi set sail on her new expedition that differs from what Seo Bom has in mind! Seo Bom’s current freedom within the household is precious to her and she shares her thoughts with In Sang whose attitude has already managed to take with his side the photographic memory teacher. I kept two lines that depict their internal world perfectly well, one from Seo Bom and one from In Sang doing justice to both of them:

Seo Bom: I feel like bright lights are pouring in all of a sudden.

In Sang: I really think that people mature only after they fall in love.

bscap1590bscap1591 bscap1593bscap1594 bscap1595bscap1596 bscap1597bscap1598

bscap1604Of course, In Sang’s parents never intended to meet Seo Bom’s parents. Meeting working class people with an activist uncle in the family with all of them struggling to make a living? Nah, it’s so low in front of attorney Han and madame Choi’s eyes, but they’re the lowest of the low, no matter how many insuperable heights they might reach with their wealth and power. They sent secretary Yang to do the dirty business and deliver the message. The memorandum strikes like a rocket inside the humble house, instead of In Sang’s parents a paper appeared that makes them well aware of what kind of people they are if they can offer so much money all of a sudden.

bscap1599bscap1601 bscap1602bscap1603 bscap1605bscap1607 bscap1608bscap1609 bscap1610

bscap1611I thought it would take longer, but it was only one episode away the fact that Yi Ji’s pictures of Jin Young would start causing trouble to her own family, they are the sparkle that strengthens the flames of rumors. Ji Young Ra becomes aware of them through her daughter and the social talking in the vast fields of gossip takes place in the fellowship of “friends”! They try to bring their speculations together and the assumptions point towards attorney Han’s son born out of wedlock! President Song seems to know a few things about attorney Han’s background, but he doesn’t intend to open his mouth in front of the two vicious hyenas. We have yet to find out in the future what he knows about attorney Han’s life and whether they are just nightlife rumors or not! Madame Choi appears all of a sudden and the overall ambiance becomes “friendly”, leaving behind for the time being all the sickening speculations! As for attorney Han, he’s having another meeting with Baek Dae Hyeon and a mysterious conversation’s taking place when it comes to Hansong and a plan that moves in the background. The Hansong company is a playground upon which the screenwriter will probably step upon in the near or far future, there’s a whole world lying behind attorney Han’s influential figure and we’ve only witnessed slight parts of it like shadows of an incoherent picture for the time being.

bscap1613bscap1648 bscap1614bscap1615

bscap1616Attorney Han thought Seo Bom’s family wouldn’t find out that he’s In Sang’s father, but the memorandum in combination with the internet can be a deadly match! As for madame Choi, her world starts collapsing as soon as chairman Jang’s wife sends her flowers to congratulate her for the… boy! Secretary Lee calls her back in order to deliver madame Choi’s enraged message, but Ji Young Ra isn’t an easy opponent. Instead of believing secretary Lee’s words she advices secretary Lee that she should be offering her precious help to madame Choi instead of delivering fake messages! Attorney Han returns back home and under these circumstances and probably because of the rumors President Song was aware of, but didn’t mention before, a tension rises between them. The fact that attorney Han can’t refer to Jin Young as his grandson is a punishment he deserves according to madame Choi. They’re not that much of the perfect couple they appear to be and their background is not as simple as it seems, i presume we’re going to dive inside a labyrinth of rumors in the future and possible plot twists might arise when it comes to attorney Han, madame Choi, president Song, chairman Jang’s wife and the private doctor’s sister. Suddenly, the title of the drama adds a whole lot more mystery to the overall ambiance now that i relate it to the latest events.

bscap1617bscap1618 bscap1619

bscap1620As expected, the housemaid, even though she wants to help Seo Bom and In Sang, changed her attitude towards her, she doesn’t want to lose her job even though it pains her to leave Seo Bom’s questions unanswered. Yi Ji’s role as a deus ex machina figure informs Seo Bom that the climate in the house is different that the one that blossomed in the morning. Everything withered way too fast. Darkness takes over the sitting chamber of attorney Han and madame Choi, she can’t stand Seo Bom’s presence anymore. Attorney Han appears certain that her family will sign the papers, he’s pretty much aware of the difficult economical situation they’re in and if they don’t follow his orders creating (more) problems for Seo Bom’s family is the second part of plan B(itch).


 bscap1626At the humble Jang family house a serious discussion takes place. The father leans towards the amount of money proposed by attorney Han, the activist uncle’s thoughts are kind of similar because of the possible future mistreatment of Seo Bom, even if they do marry nobody can guarantee that they’ll live happily ever after. As for the mother, she’s the one who went through Seo Bom’s pregnancy by her side and she’s the sane voice of morals, she’s enraged, she almost doesn’t even want to listen to opinions that pace with attorney Han’s memorandum. Until Noo Ri returns back home devastated and brokenhearted. She didn’t make it and the comments she received tore her apart. Becoming an anchorwoman feels so distant and it’s something that shatters her mother on the inside.


bscap1628Noo Ri finds out about the memorandum and as the night goes on almost everyone agrees to receive the money and solve their economical problems alongside Seo Bom and Jin Young. The mother disagrees, but she can’t utter a word anymore. Her silence is louder than the loudest of sounds, if only Noo Ri had succeeded it would had been easier for them to not accept the memorandum since at least one of them would make proper money. So many feels on that scene, due to the whole family, but mainly because of the mother who tries to contact Seo Bom, but the housemaid & manservant couple can’t help this time even if they want to. Madame Choi was too frightening earlier on the episode and they can’t afford to lose their job. I like how the episode places so many ethical dilemmas on such a few minutes with so many heavy feels breathing in the atmosphere. Aish, i was caught off guard! However, In Sang’s laptop helps Seo Bom communicate with the world. She contacts Noo Ri to ask her about the meeting with In Sang’s parents, but also In Sang to let him know of her thoughts, that nothing is just like it seems to be. Poor In Sang, trying to study with the photographic memory teacher by his side while feeling dizzy from all this studying and thinking of Seo Bom’s agonizing thoughts at the same time must be harsh!

bscap1629bscap1627bscap1631 bscap1632bscap1634 bscap1635bscap1636 bscap1637bscap1638

bscap1640The fact that Seo Bom was unaware of the memorandum and still believed that In Sang’s parents met her family enraged Jin Ae ahjumma even more. No matter how hard it may be for them, they won’t betray their beliefs for a large amount of money. Plan B(itch) starts crumbling as the mother heads towards In Sang’s household and the father along with the uncle will pay a visit at the Hansong Company. Attorney Han, did you say something about divide and conquer? That’s how it’s done and your smile during the playful discussion with attorney Yoo will be cut off soon! Sure, send her a veteran nanny, the one you stole in the first place even though there was a more than capable mother to take care of her own son! Attorney Han deals easily with the father and the uncle, the security won’t let them inside the building and eventually they’ll leave. It’s easy hiding in that money-making colossal building, but your fortress is kind of defenseless! Jin Ae ahjumma has broken the first line of defense and she’s already on the inside of the almighty household! Madame Choi tries to pretend that she’s a friend of the family that was already leaving, but Jin Ae ahjumma is boiling and can read behind her lies! And she explodes for the honor of her family, for the honor of Seo Bom, for all the reasons in the world because In Sang’s family can’t play with people’s lives! And she earns with her sword the right to see her daughter after all this time and bear witness of her grandson for the first time in her life! Such a beautiful scene! And i liked how Seo Bom differentiates In Sang from his family in front of her mother, she supports him because she knows his pure feelings and intentions and understands the difficult position he found himself!

bscap1639bscap1641 bscap1642 bscap1643bscap1645bscap1644bscap1646 bscap1647bscap1649 bscap1650bscap1651 bscap1652

bscap1656It’s always a pleasure watching attorney Han talking about justice, ethics and dirt even though he’s swimming in an ocean of immorality! He can be quite a frightening person when he wants to and that smile carved on his face while doing business in the shadows is as sharp as a razor! That mosquito ahjussi thought everything would flow well, but attorney Han had quite a few aces up his sleeve! That closed membership club no matter how shiny it may seem, it’s rotten to the core! And a few “grandiose” words from a “wise” man:

“Shake anyone and you’ll find some dirt on him.

Everyone’s values are tested because of his children.

Is there anyone without a fault?” (Attorney Han)

 bscap1655bscap1654  bscap1659bscap1660

bscap1661In Sang’s mission begins once he tears to pieces the memorandum. His inner demons won’t let him at ease and he has to visit Seo Bom’s parents. He’s full of shame when it comes to his parents’ actions, but so full of love for Seo Bom and Jin Young and he respects Seo Bom’s family, he’s on his own way to become a great son-in-law! Jin Ae ahjumma is pretty much aware of the difficult studying road that lies ahead of In Sang, the same road his grandfather and father walked upon during the previous generations, a family tradition that must be achieved anew. What his parents are unaware of is the fact that if Seo Bom and Jin Young won’t be by his side, In Sang intends to cause a major explosion upon their dreams! He can’t move forward without the two most treasured people in his life and he intends to follow them if Seo Bom and the baby leave his household even if they have to live in poverty. He’s determined to follow his heart through any possible scenario and the only way to do it is to class with his parents as soon as possible in the most forceful and straight forward way. Jin Ae ahjumma melts in front of In Sang’s sight through his heartfelt words. Calling her “ommoni” comes in strict opposition with madame Choi’s reaction when Seo Bom called her “ommoni”. They are called feels:

“Just trust me this time. I’m a fool who’s been living off of tutor instructions.
But I decided solely with my body and my heart that I love Bom.
For the first time in my life, I didn’t get a tutor instruction on that.” (In Sang)

bscap1662  bscap1664bscap1663 bscap1665bscap1666bscap1667bscap1669 bscap1670bscap1567

bscap1671In Sang’s parents intend to pay him a visit later on, but they don’t know that he’s going to pay them a visit first! A counter-surprise in the shape of a dream for In Sang, Jing Young, Seo Bom and her family, in the shape of a nightmare for In Sang’s parents! Plan B(itch) goes to hell! I like how In Sang’s righteous, mature and emotional decisions earn the trust of people around him, people who are not wearing blinders like his parents and the photographic memory teacher isn’t one of them! The legacy begins! And… In Sang enters his household in full force and he’s got a Choi Dae Han air! Everyone’s left speechless with his determined spirit and with every step he makes his intentions become more than apparent, he’s rock solid! There’s an idiom saying “If Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed” and it paces perfectly well with this occasion! He literally sets free Seo Bom from her earthly prison! Telling his mother to step aside because they’re getting married was a shot through the heart for madame Choi!

bscap1672bscap1673bscap1674bscap1675 bscap1676bscap1677bscap1678bscap1679bscap1681

bscap1680A whole operation is being set up! Secretary Min and secretary Yang must rush to catch up with In Sang and Seo Bom before the marriage has been confirmed! As for attorney Han and madame Choi, they’ll be on their way too! There’s no time for plan C, they have to pace with the unexpected flow of events! In Sang’s waiting in line for the papers while Seo Bom’s staring at him, she’s so hilariously touched i almost died laughing! Seo Bom’s parents arrive and they stand by their side as they write the papers, but the secretary Min & Yang combo arrives right before signing the papers! They earn enough time until the most heroic voice echoes all over the place: “Han In Sang”! I listened to it more than ten times in a row and i couldn’t stop laughing! Attorney Han’s here along with his wife and the other secretary combo,  Kim & Lee! A loud “Han In Sang” was enough to scare everyone, especially In Sang & Seo Bom, Seo Bom’s parents and secretaries Min & Yang, instantly they all looked like a world catastrophe had just happened! And that music! Attorney Han can’t utter lots of words, he tries to keep his smile as vivid as possible upon his face and he would never sign the papers with the typical seal, he’s got his own ink pen and even though with heavy heart, he signs the papers like a boss. Madame Choi’s face is lost in translation, but she tries to remain calm and look as positive as possible! As for in Sang and Seo Bom, their arch frightful surprise is turning into a silent bliss! An overall hilarious scene filled with awkwardness, everyone’s facial expressions did justice and wrote well on the camera! Before signing the papers, attorney Han’s stare at In Sang was like “you’re dead, dear son, you’re so dead”!

bscap1685bscap1683bscap1684  bscap1686bscap1687bscap1688 bscap1689bscap1690bscap1691 bscap1560bscap1692bscap1558 bscap1561bscap1562 bscap1563bscap1694 bscap1695bscap1693 bscap1701bscap1697 bscap1700bscap1699bscap1696bscap1566 bscap1564bscap1702

bscap1682The fourth episode managed to offer welcome amounts of laughter at times when you least expected it, but also waves of feels when you thought you’d still keep laughing! The wonderful screenwriter/director duo keeps on impressing complementing one another in perfect cooperation with the actresses/actors that consist of the cast and the musical background that never fails to adorn the overall scenery the way it asks for it. We’ve got a full package that managed to reach the drama’s highest score (8.7%) right after the lowest one (6.5%) in a row. This episode served its purpose well as a promise that it can only get better, like good old wine from the grapes of wrath served at the present!

“I loved her then and I still love her now.” (In Sang)



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Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. March 6, 2015 at 5:01 pm — Reply

    I was waiting fot this! thanks again for the awesome review!
    Excellent episode, this drama really surprises me with every episode, nothing that I had expected happen the way I expect it to. The PD and writer are doing a great Job with that amzing cast.
    No need to mention that very strong chemistry between IS and SB especially when the baby is arround, the sweetest scene ever!

    • March 6, 2015 at 5:16 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot once again for your generous words!
      This episode had the most surprises and at the same time it gave a few hints about the mysterious background of attorney Han and his company, i’m really curious what could come from this during the future episodes! IS and SB have some really strong chemistry indeed, both of them melt at the sight of the baby who “acts” really well too XD SB’s family owns, they’re both crazy and affectionate, i’m looking forward to more airing time from them 😀

      • March 6, 2015 at 7:23 pm — Reply

        you are welcome^^
        You are right, I don’t mind watching the sweet couple and their baby for the whole episode 😀
        For attorney Han, I think he is digging his own grave, using other people family’s dirt forgetting about his own, I’m just afraid that IS and SB will be hurt in the process

        • March 6, 2015 at 8:20 pm — Reply

          Haha! They deserve it, these three have some awesome chemistry together 😀
          Indeed, all these shady methods will come back at him at some point, it’s inevitable! Be it the media, be it rumors, be it madame Choi’s “friends”, etc, at some point i think too they’re going to get hurt. The most important part is how they’ll deal with it.

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