26 Feb 2015

Episode 2 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

Heard It Through the Grapevine’s second episode had pretty much everything. Even though it’s still too early to talk about episodes that deliver pretty much everything required, the second one was successful in that. It depicts a wide variety of emotions and a spherical view of pretty much everyone’s reactions

25 Feb 2015

Episode 1 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

To be honest, i was expecting Heard It Trough the Grapevine or Heard It As A Rumor for a long time now. Deciding to review and/or recap it after a short (yet long to my eyes) period of non-reviewing attempts due to pro&post-exam mental & physical exhaustion makes the urge

21 Feb 2015

Blood 2015 ep 1 & 2 reviews

Did you guys have enough of my shojo movies Marathon? Well it’s time to pause that and get back to some dramas. I missed a lot during my exams, but frankly there wasn’t a 2015 drama to excite me. I started “Healer” since I wanted to watch Ji Chang Wook’s

17 Feb 2015

Shojo Movies Marathon – The Liar and His Lover (Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru) 2013 review

“The Liar and His Lover ” or  the title I personally prefer “The Girl who loved lies”, is the live action film based on the manga “Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru” by Kotomi Aoki, published in 2009 by Cheese! magazine.(credits on Asian Wiki for this information) The title itself makes

16 Feb 2015

OSTrich Mondays #7

I love you too, ahjumma. My drama-writing cogwheels feel rusted after the writing and stu-dying experience of the previous weeks. All stress has left the building a.k.a. Kwon’s body and a hangover-like condition has taken charge of the overall situation. I passed one exam, i failed one, but i will

12 Feb 2015

Committee for the Sanctification of Cho Yong Pil #1

Cho Yong Pil (조용필) is a living legend and to my ears, through his utterly heartfelt and indescribably emotional interpretation, he’ll always be the ultimate and most distinctive voice of Korea. It was late 70s when he made his first appearance in the vicious world of discography and ever since

12 Feb 2015

Shojo Movies Marathon – Say “I love you” (Sukitte Ii nayo) 2014 review

The shojo movies marathon continues. Today’s post is about Say “I love you”. To be honest, there hasn’t been a Japanese movie, that I’ve considered hard to watch (except “Kamikazi Girls” I saw that one with my best friend it had some fun parts, but omg I should have watched

09 Feb 2015

OSTrich Mondays #6

I’m so dead and tired of this stu-dying factor. The last exam is on Thursday and even if i tried to write some reviews/recaps about Kill Me, Heal Me’s 9th and 10th episodes it was something i couldn’t accomplish. I’m left behind and it hurts! All of my braincells are

08 Feb 2015

Kara – Secret Love (2014) review / spoiler free

Hello Dramajjangers HanaKimi91 here. Exams period is finally, over and I feel so relived : ) Kwon has one more week , so I will be taking over for these days. Hope you won’t be too disappointed : P So during exam’s period, I would watch one episode before going to sleep,

03 Feb 2015

OSTrich Mondays #5

One exam is over, the next one is on Wednesday for another one to follow on Saturday. It’s a writing spree in the middle of a war between stress and positive vibes! As for tonight, after the stu-dying factor has fulfilled its cycle and right before falling asleep to wake