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Episode 7 Preview: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

bscap0193Kill Me, Heal Me never ceases impressing and the 6th episode was the natural continuation of the 5th one, leaving the best of impressions and tightening the ever-growing bonds with its audience. The moment Yo Sub appeared wasn’t random, in fact, it was the perfect moment. Do Hyun had found himself in a tough situation in which Se Gi’s threat grows stronger and the video he left behind is palpable evidence that he’s not joking around when it comes to Ri Jin. Do Hyun is in high pressure and the reasons are many.


bscap0197First and above all, Se Gi, then Ki Joon that keeps searching his background to find his faults and every now and then unleashes blows underneath the belt with his caustic assumptions. Then it’s the pressure from his grandmother, she expects too much from him whereas at the same time she’s trying to push him off the edge by wanting him to do everything she wants to; and “no” is not an answer she would accept. Drawing a line between him and Chae Yeon was essential. In order to protect her he had to be sincere with her, even if the truth hurts both of them. Apart from that, his feelings for Ri Jin are starting to shyly bloom underneath the surface. And we shouldn’t forget the fact that Ri Jin’s in danger due to Se Gi’s ever-growing obsession, especially after their first kiss.


bscap0178Do Hyun’s in a very stressful situation and the nightmare that turned into a dream was representative of his current condition. It’s more apparent than ever before that he’s in need of a friend. Someone he can open up his heart to, someone he can trust and ease the burden within. The person that suits this description is Ri Jin. The fact that she appeared at the end of the nightmare and turned it into a hopeful dream was definitely a reference to their common childhood fear, basements and fire. It can also be related to past memories that slightly awakened themselves in the subconscious world of dreams. After hey have shared moments together and since they have a common background when it comes to fear, this interaction can definitely help Do Hyun and pave the way for him to remember the past and finally heal it. Through all this stress and with Ri Jin being negative on becoming Do Hyun’s secret physician, that specific bliss of interaction could only happen in the dreamworld. Do Hyun woke up suddenly, realizing that it was only just a dream and Yo Sub took over his body for pessimism to reign supreme.


bscap0195He stands at the edge of a building opening up his arms that are reminiscent to wings, it’s his chance to fly and leave this world behind. His sharp and clear yet filled with tranquil sadness stare shows his determinism at that point, he waited for a long time to appear. Keeping his current position as a secret proves that he’s willing to progress according to his plan, but giving one hour to Ri Jin to find him depicts his belief even in the slightest of hopes longing for her return. The “kill me” dying message appears as a direct dispute to Se Gi’s threatening “kill you” message. Yo Sub sees suicide as something relieving that eventually leads to everlasting peace and freedom whereas Se Gi sees suicide as revenge and punishment over Do Hyun, even if something like that will mean Se Gi’s end as well. It paces well with the title of the drama as well, so it wouldn’t seem absurd at some point if we notice some of the remaining figures, especially Nana or Yo Na, leaving a “heal me” message. And i think it’s about Yo Na, my personal prediction is that she’s something like a cathartic self that recognizes the problem and sends her signals that help is required. Mr. X is too enigmatic and still under development for the time being, but we’ll witness characteristics of him through the progress of the drama that will do justice to him whenever he chooses to appear and many things will make sense according to his behavior at that future point. As for Nana, i consider her the childhood equivalent of Ri Jin during her absence, after she had to part ways with Do Hyun after the tragic fire incident that forged all this mystery around Ri Jin, Ri On and Do Hyun who have the same fears, basements and fire. And the Oh family along with Tae Im’s family are related to the past connecting the three children. My personal belief is that Ri On is the Min Seo Yeon’s child, even though part of the proof so far points towards Ri Jin as well. Ri On’s visit to the US wasn’t random, he must had accidentally overheard a conversation between his “parents” and went on a journey to find Do Hyun. Plus, Ri On’s resemblance to Do Hyun at the hospital after the explosion was immense to Ri Jin’s blurry stare. And many more i’ve already expressed throughout my reviews/recaps.


bscap0202At the beginning of the preview doctor Ho Pil talks to someone on the phone and informs him about Yo Sub’s suicide attempt, it could be secretary Ahn, but it also could be Ki Joon as well since they’re having a discussion later on. But that’s not a fact since Ki Joon could have paid him a visit on his own to find out why Do Hyun’s behaving in a weird way lately. Whether he will receive answers or not, we have yet to find out. One thing is for certain, this discussion will be crucial for Ki Joon’s future plans against Do Hyun. How does Chae Yeon intend to move after the dialogue she had with Do Hyun? Her hurt ego and the boiling sense of rejection must be tormenting her.


Who is the mysterious figure having a discussion with Ri On? Could he be his editor? And what’s so special about his appearance? How does his interaction with Ri On work on information matters? Or could he be someone beyond my fantasy? Could a part of Ri On’s role on Kill Me, Heal Me be reminiscent to a specific figure from Discovery of Romance when it comes to a writer?


Ri Jin will find him on the rooftop and the dialogue will be intense with Yo Sub trying to give a means to an end while Ri Jin will try to force him to fight back the desire to ends his own life. It’s going to be an emotionally fortified scene from both sides that could finally awaken Do Hyun at the crucial moment and restrain Yo Sub’s plans.

bscap0203bscap0204bscap0205bscap0209 bscap0208bscap0207bscap0218

What’s with that underwater suffocating scene? Could it be a nightmare? A memory? Or…?

bscap0213Will the secret offer work for Do Hyun and Ri Jin after the seemingly devastating and intense tête-à-tête on the rooftop that seems to have brought them closer together in emotional [not necessarily romantic] communication terms? Will Ri Jin leave? Or a sudden turn of events will make her change her mind at the airport?


Don’t you miss her already?


Plagiarism? Itch please! You mess with me you mess with the seven of us!


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