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Episode 6 Review: Kill Me Heal Me (2015)

bscap0028As i’m six episodes deep inside this drama’s world, i have to admit that it was the perfect way for 2015 to open up its drama curtains. Kill Me, Heal Me made a powerful entrance and ever since it only gets better to the point i have really no idea how much better it can get; and it will. Some generic plagiarism accusations are not enough to bring it down, especially when they incorporate a wrong target, an actor, Ji Sung to be more precise. What does an actor have to do with a script? Nothing. However, he can only enrich it in his own way and make it more vibrant and alive and Ji Sung pours his very soul and essence into his multifaceted role with unparalleled craftsmanship. And every single actress and actor partaking in this attempt is spot on when it comes to depicting his/her character. Kill Me, Heal Me has built tight bonds with its audience and it can only earn more enthusiasts around its manifold world because once you start it the only way to end it is going through its final episode. It’s a one-way road and the trust that was forged stands on tight foundations. It wasn’t a firework that once its light goes off it gets forgotten, it’s a lighthouse showing the way. Generic plagiarism  accusations can only bring us even closer to Kill Me, Heal Me for all the wonderful moments it offered us so far, for all the wonderful moments it holds for us in the future. And we’re not even halfway through. And we’re only at the dawn of the fourth personality’s arrival. And there are many interactions yet to unfold and/or change their course. And there’s a whole background waiting to come to the surface and how it will influence each and every figure partaking in this drama. And there are many feels and amounts of laughter. And… there’s nothing to prevent us from continuing this grandiose journey in a sea of personalities! Wednesdays-Thursdays have only one meaning and it’s called Kill Me, Heal Me. So, everyone involved in this drama, keep rewarding us in the special way only you know. And i started Kill Me, Heal Me because i consider Hwang Jung Eum a great actress, i never expected it to overwhelm me to that extent; and i’m glad it did. Rhythmic drumming, slow motion fists in the air and an extended fighting howl that soars into the sky!

bscap0298A strong double espresso is always welcome when you want to go all the way through a review/recap. Owl eyes, spider fingers, Standing Egg on the background and here we go! We’re there were the fifth episode left us, centimeters away before Do Hyun and Ri Jin’s lips entwine. The closeups at their eyes and lips were powerful, they depicted perfectly the intensity and cautious, nearly shy, longing of the moment. The slower the approach was becoming the more you would think that something might go wrong in the end and there are our feels lying chopped in half, but we got rewarded with a good amount of laughter during the post-almost-kissed moments!

 bscap0290bscap0288    bscap0002

bscap0003Do Hyun backs off and Ri Jin can’t believe what’s going on! Her explosively hysteric temperament takes charge of the overall situation. Do Hyun tries to get away by referring to his heart as a vehicle used by all of his personalities, something that doesn’t please her either. Alcohol has fueled her powerful reactions even more! Do Hyun wanted to confirm whose heart beats inside his chest at the moment,  but Ri Jin wants to confirm as well why her heart is beating at the same time! It’s something like an emotional confirmation. Jung Eum really does justice to Ri Jin’s non-stop railroad ramblings and another one takes place until they end up falling on the floor by the time she tries to force a kiss with Do Hyun! Ri On enters the basement and awkwardness’s grandeur is all over the place! And what a hilarious scene with Ri On shouting in fear “omma” whereas Ri Jin and Do Hyun try to cover their traces! Although Ri On’s imaginative mind received all the necessary sparkles for his novel! Daebak case!

bscap0006bscap0004 bscap0005bscap0007 bscap0008bscap0009 bscap0012

bscap0013Soon Young is an Oh-some ahjumma, it’s one of these moments that her cooking skills prepare something to keep your hunger away, just a little bit. Whenever she says something like that, automatically you know that she prepared more than enough and this time Do Hyun’s car trunk is not enough! By the time he leaves the synchronized goodbye waving of father, mother and son is priceless, they’re like the three musketeers in line! Once he gets out of sight their pleasant-seeming smiles and mood disappear. It’s time to deal with the drunkard Ri Jin! One after the other they throw their punchlines! The mother tells her that she should already know by now how a woman should play hard to get since she knew that the basement door was broken! The father unleashes his wisdom as well, he refers to her as an eolppa (a person who falls in love with someone who is good looking) and a geumsappa (a person who falls in love right away) at the same time! Ri On is more simplistic and points out her omnipresent embarrassment! One of a kind faces each one of them with one of Ri Jin’s explosions following shortly after they left!

bscap0014 bscap0015bscap0016 bscap0017bscap0018

bscap0198Do Hyun and Ri Jin are in like-minded awkward situations. In one hand Do Hyun’s lost in his own thoughts as he recalls the moments from the basement. On the other hand, Ri Jin’s embarrassment grows as time passes by, someone has to listen to her, someone has to believe her that she didn’t try to seduce Do Hyun at the basement! Poor dog, your nighttime tranquility was ruined along with your ears! They say dogs are a human’s best friends and this kindhearted fella eased Ri Jin’s tension!


The moment you realize a stroke is on its way.


After having a bath, Do Hyun recalls anew Ri Jin’s thoughts. It’s more than apparent that her emotional confusion overruns the majority of her thoughts and i liked the comparison with bugs crawling around in her head! I see what you did there, drama, judging from the angle of Do Hyun’s faces after Ri Jin’s thoughts’ remembrance reaches an end. The smiling face in the mirror and the rather confused face in front of the mirror. Although not quite sure, i conceived it as one of Se Gi and Do Hyun’s co-consciousness encounter. It can be the screenwriter’s mind trick as well, using both angles to confuse a bit the audience by showing Do Hyun’s excitement through the mirror and Do Hyun’s comeback to reality the next moment by taking the smile off his face. But i’ll support my arch assumption since the way the drama processes in the next scene feels related to it.


And later on that night Se Gi makes his appearance and along with him the characteristic finger tapping. He doesn’t look happy at all, he’s rather angry and the flames of hostility burn deep inside his eyes. Someone he knows really well stepped upon the thin red line.

bscap0027bscap0028 bscap0031bscap0032 bscap0033

bscap0034The next morning Do Hyun wakes up and a living nightmare takes place. Through the whole night Se Gi’s maniacal self and hurt ego were roaming all over the place. The whole apartment was quaked by his wrath. Remains of a large amount of cigarettes and alcohol are scattered inside his room whereas the living room is a total mess with vases, furniture and everything breakable lie on the ground. The good thing with multiple personalities is that they take away the hangover once they move to the background, or so it seems! The direct threat on the wall, written with red color, that Se Gi will kill Do Hyun, proves that things have gotten quite serious. It’s the last warning and this time the threat has a voice, a name and a face and Se Gi delivers his message through a recorded video. Se Gi is amused to find out that Do Hyun had turned the house into a controlled environment so as to keep the other personalities under supervision. He is enraged with the fact that Do Hyun appeared in the middle of the first kiss with his first love, ruining the magic of the moment. Referring to it as his happiest moment makes things more serious and dangerous. It’s a direct attack towards Do Hyun and the way he’s living his life by hiding, running away and avoiding all the problems that appeared on his path all this time. He simply can’t accept that he kissed the woman he loves and by that i think he refers to the indirect kiss once Do Hyun’s personality came to the surface and found his lips entwined with Ri Jin’s. It could also be a reference to his previous attempt to kiss Ri Jin at the basement. One thing is for certain, Se Gi doesn’t intend to stand still, this is the last time he lets Do Hyun slide away with it, if he gets close to Ri Jin he should expect Chae Yeon to be in danger. It’s a masterfully crafted scene depicting Do Hyun’s gradual mood swings from surprise to fear and from fury to realization of the seriousness of the overall situation. But also Se Gi’s feelings are quite representative on the video. His irritating and ironic attitude becomes a forceful wave of boiling rage, a silent threat waiting to awaken itself from slumber if Do Hyun won’t obey.

bscap0035 bscap0037bscap0038 bscap0036bscap0040 bscap0041bscap0042 bscap0043bscap0044 bscap0045bscap0046 bscap0047

bscap0048Chae Yeo and Ki Joon are sleeping, until her cellphone starts ringing. Her deep sleep mode won’t let her answer the phone and Ki Joon manages to do it since it’s Do Hyun the one who’s calling her. Do Hyun wants to make sure that Chae Yeon’s fine, he’s surprised though when he hears Ki Joon’s voice on the phone. Do Hyun’s really glad to know that they spent the night together, even though Chae Yeon is his first love. Making sure she’s safe is the most important parameter under Se Gi’s omnipresent threat. Ki Joon can’t really comprehend what’s going on and thinks it’s last night’s alcohol that talks on behalf of Do Hyun, but that doesn’t matter, Chae Yeon’s safe for the time being.

bscap0049bscap0050 bscap0051 bscap0052bscap0053

bscap0054Once the phone call ends Do Hyun thinks that everything’s fine by now. Se Gi had foreseen that Do Hyun would call Chae Yeon immediately and left a blank space on the video for a welcome amount of time! And there he is again doing justice to his arch judgement! If Do Hyun stays away from Ri Jin then Se Gi will stay away from Chae Yeon! Do Hyun can’t hold back and brings down the projector’s screen and at that point it’s quite frightening when you notice Se Gi’s eye being projected on Do Hyun’s jawline. Se Gi prevailed this time and Ahn Gook that had just entered the apartment tries to ease Do Hyun’s distress.

bscap0055bscap0056 bscap0057bscap0058

bscap0059Ri Jin wakes up and stares at the ceiling without moving. One after the other last night’s memories parade in front of her very eyes and embarrassment takes control of the situation! She squeals and hides underneath the quilt! That grimace was priceless! Doctor Park calls her on the phone and he’s quite pissed off with the fact that she’s absent from the hospital. He demands that she gets there immediately, like Usain Bolt the Jamaican sprinter, haha! And there she is and a special assignment awaits her. A VIP wants her to be his personal physician and for that she will have to sign a confidentiality agreement paper. By the time she notices the name of the VIP she doesn’t want to proceed. Becoming Shin Se Gi’s personal physician? Not even in her worst nightmare! She tries to convince doctor Park that she’s not good at keeping secrets, but she eventually ends up out of his office. The only thing she can do is visit Se Gi at his apartment!

bscap0060bscap0061 bscap0062  bscap0063bscap0064 bscap0065bscap0066

bscap0067Once she notices the renowned red car that gave birth to some of her finest screams she recalls all the moments she spent in there, along with the firework kiss at the park. She feels awkward, but she can’t do otherwise but enter the house that looks like a bombarded landscape on the inside. Ri Jin thinks it’s Se Gi the one standing in front of the window and starts talking and talking until she refers to the fact that Se Gi told her to put Do Hyun to sleep and asks if this is the reason he asked her to become his secret physician. That’s the moment Do Hyun tells her that she lied to him where in fact it’s a big misunderstanding Ri Jin clears right away. It’s something that happened after he asked her if Se Gi had asked her something like that. The other times they met, the first one was after the kiss with Se Gi and the second one she was drank, so she didn’t have the chance to tell Do Hyun. He also wanted to test whether she would go meet Se Gi or not after Do Hyun’s warnings to stay away from him, that’s why he used the name of Se Gi on the paper and once again he feels disappointed. For a while he thought that Se Gi and Ri Jin would work together to put Do Hyun to sleep, but that’s not the case here. He wants to keep her close as a secret physician. He’s using doctor Ho Pil’s tips to open up his heart to someone, someone he could see as a friend, something he never had all these years. Ri Jin doesn’t want to become Do Hyun’s secret physician and uses the fact that she’s not that experienced as an excuse. The fact that she can handle Se Gi because he listens to her is a strong weapon to Do Hyun since Se Gi has gotten out of control and the only one to tolerate his violent behavior is Ri Jin. Since she doesn’t want to cooperate with him a phone call puts her career to an end! It’s the first time the down to earth and considerate Do Hyun presents a usual first male lead behavior, but it’s the only way to get out of this mess.

bscap0068bscap0073 bscap0072bscap0074bscap0069

bscap0070In the meantime Chae Yeon’s exercising and Ki Joon’s words echo in her mind. The possibility of Do Hyun having found a girlfriend won’t let her at ease. Choose, girl, which one do you want? Ki Joon or Do Hyun? Is it that important that Ki Joon is the official son of a “noble” rich family and Do Hyun is the son of a mistress? Apparently, it’s something that torments you, but at the same time you don’t want Do Hyun to live his own life, even if it’s not clear whether he has a girlfriend or not and it’s just Ki Joon’s assumption. She decides to go at Do Hyun’s apartment, but at that point she notices Ri Jin leaving his place. Ri Jin’s too confused and lost in her thoughts to notice Chae Yeon’s presence.

Do Hyun will be mine because i have the… Eye of the Tiger!

bscap0071 bscap0076bscap0075

bscap0077Secretary Ahn wonders whether Do Hyun intends to use Ri Jin so as to get rid of Se Gi, but the real reason behind his proposal and his forceful attitude is one, to keep Ri Jin safe. Se Gi has become quite dangerous and he won’t tolerate staying away from Ri Jin because the more they’ll be apart the more his obsession will be growing. Do Hyun bscap0078keeping her close to him is the only way to protect her because Se Gi will eventually find her one way or another, wherever she is. It’s a protection triangle and it’s all about Ri Jin’s, Chae Yeon’s and his own safety. And that’s when Chae Yeon appears! Nobody opens the door and she calls Do Hyun. He tells her that he’s not at home, but she becomes hysteric once she mentions that she just saw a woman leaving his apartment! Calling the security to open the door for her is one option, my way or the highway!

bscap0080The other one is the easy way out and Do Hyun finally meets her. She mentions that she’s noticed a change in his behavior and wonders if he’s going through a tough period in his life. She presents her one and only strong card, she reveals the fact that she knows that she’s his first love. It’s the first time Do Hyun talks to her openly for his bscap0081feelings, but it’s the first time Chae Yeon unveils sparse moments of feelings only Do Hyun could provide her. It’s also a moment of truth and sincerity on Do Hyun’s behalf. Even though he tells her that he gave up on her after he found out that she has feelings for Ki Joon she appears quite confident that nothing’s over yet. Even though she’s not the nicest person on earth and has her own ambitions and grown ego, for some reason she convinces me about her feelings for Do Hyun. He’s essential to her, the way he treats her is something precious and dear to her. It’s her hurt ego for sure, but there are feeling for him too, she was playing with him for a long time but at the same time she was cherishing his caring attitude. She’s mean, but not evil, she’s partially sincere, but not good either. I kind of feel sympathy for Kim Yoo Ri’s figure as Chae Yeon. Do Hyun unveiled his harsh but sincere thoughts and he did it because he wants to protect her, under any other circumstances he would have kept all these thoughts inside and he would have proceeded with her even knowing that she was playing with him all this time. His question in the end was the most rhetorical he could present in front of Chae Yeon, whether she was willing to throw away Ki Joon and leave with him or not. The way i conceive it, her heart says yes, her careerist reality says no. Something cracked inside of her, the umbilical cord connecting love and logic. I suppose this was the turning point from which her heart will become colder and she’ll become a villainous second female lead on a journey to reclaim her hurt pride and probably Do Hyun too while at the same time Do Hyun’s feelings for Ri Jin are at their birth pangs. After he left, he stood still outside of the coffee shop staring at her, he was reluctant. By the moment he  turned his back it felt as if he started drawing the line his words depicted during the discussion.

bscap0082bscap0083 bscap0084bscap0086  bscap0088bscap0087 bscap0089

bscap0090Ri Jin’s having a discussion with doctor Ho Pil to make him aware of the overall situation and wonders whether Do Hyun is the son of a rich family or not! And she gets hit right in the face by the impact Do Hyun’s family has at their hospital and the position Do Hyun holds as the vice-president of ID Entertainment, he’s also the heir to Seung Jin Group’s inheritance. bscap0092Ho Pil wants to protect her, he’s pretty much aware of the dangers she might encounter if she stays here. Even though he’d like her to help Do Hyun, he doesn’t want her to become his secret physician. He will propose her to go study abroad for a few months to avoid herself getting caught in the storm that approaches for everyone around Do Hyun and Ri Jin will find herself right in the middle. On her way back home Ho Pil’s thoughts on Do Hyun along with moments she shared with him echo once again. She’s aware that Do Hyun is a really nice person who’s in a tough situation. He always takes responsibility for his actions, whether it was him or some other personality who did wrong. He cares about all the people around him and he wouldn’t like to see them hurt, that’s why he keeps his distance from them while keeping his condition a secret, it’s a solitary fight with only a few people by his side that are reduced to a number less than one hand’s fingers. And at this crucial point he needs someone he can trust, the only one that could help him is Ri Jin and Do Hyun’s question whether she will be his secret physician or not troubles her.


bscap0094We witness Ri On writing his novel. He appears to be ahead of the events in terms of storyline and he’s well aware that the girl in his story that resembles Ri Jin has found herself in this decision crossroad. Preparing to leave was above the secret physician offer. At first i wondered, how could he know all that since they happened a few hours ago? The most logical answer i could give, judging from the late of night, is that he had a discussion with the troubled Ri Jin before she went to sleep. The Pandora’s box that should not be opened, at least for the time being, are the common memories of Do Hyun and Ri Jin from the past. These memories will echo once again, but not in the near future. In the meantime, Ja Kyung and Young Pyo are having another discussion about the child of Min Seo Yeon. Ja Kyung’s worried about the sudden appearance of the child at some point if the rumor is true and if he/she will threaten Ki Joon’s plans in Seung Jin Group. It’s a scenario Young Pyo has already thought about it and he states that they should take him/her by their side at the company and make the currents flow their own way.


bscap0098It’s early in the morning and Ri On opens up his window to get scared to death by the tormented by thoughts Ri Jin! Walking inside the house isn’t helpful either, he senses an ominous aura around to nearly leave his last breath in this world once she suddenly appears in front of him! An overall priceless scene involving the two Oh-twins who are not twins! She opens up her thoughts to her parents, there are two paths, she will either study for 6 months abroad at John Hopkins University or she will have to become the secret physician of a chaebol! And that’s the reason she was wandering around like a virgin ghost so early in the morning! Virging ghost, haha, daddy Oh owns! She needs their wise advice to receive the caring answer that it’s her own life and that she should do what her heart tells her to do! Omma! Appa! Ri Oonah! And that’s just another precious happy moment for the Oh-some family! Yet, shortly after the “of course i respect your decision, but” second thoughts begin! The mother prefers the secret chaebol physician pathway, whereas the father prefers the John Hopkins studying part of the story! As for Ri Oonah? Once he appears she thinks he wants to tell her his own point of view where in fact since the weather is good he was thinking of going out for a walk with their dog, Rin! The name could be a mix of Ri On and Ri Jin?

bscap0099bscap0100 bscap0101bscap0102 bscap0103bscap0104 bscap0105bscap0106bscap0108bscap0107bscap0109 bscap0110bscap0111

bscap0112Ri Oonah tries to unearth some answers about the mysterious chaebol, but Ri Jin tries to keep her mouth shut! He’s aware who the chaebol is and even though he tries to abstract her attention with continuous questions and she nearly falls into his trap, she manages to keep the secrets hidden in the end. His point of view is that the chaebol needs a friend, not a professional, that’s why he asked for her and he’s quite spot on. Could it be that doctor Ho Pil is his informant? Even though he doesn’t tell her to help the chaebol, that’s what he’s up to indirectly since he doesn’t intend to leave behind all this mystery around Do Hyun and his family. One way or another, he’s proud of her and tries to give her courage no matter what decision she makes, after all “it’s the sneakers that make you want to run more, jump and fly”! A beautiful discussion between “brother” and “sister” and an even more beautiful playful scene at the beach with Rin running all over the place! Ri On’s thoughts are caring and sincere, he’ll stand by her side no matter how difficult it may be, no matter what decision she might make and if she wants to escape from the burden of her decision, this oppa will stand behind her with winged sneakers!

bscap0113bscap0114 bscap0115bscap0116

bscap0121Omega (Ri On) appears on ID Entertainment’s table of discussion in front of the board of directors. Ki Joon wants to work with him but nobody knows anything about him and they can’t find an editor that might had cooperated with him ever since he released his first novel. Who could his editor be and in which ways he helps Ri On regarding information? Omega and his editor are two ghost figures and they’re doing business in the shadows without anyone knowing their real identities. Α civilized conflict on assignments based on trust and skill issues takes place between Ki Joon and Do Hyun, who finally gets assigned to the ambitious plan to track down Omega. The discussion continues at one of the company’s corridors and Ki Joon throws a few punchlines about the Kanghan Hospital who’s renowned about its psychiatry department and some doctor named Seok (Ho Pil), leaving Do Hyun wondering whether Ki Joon knows something or not about his condition. A crisis is on its way, but this time he manages to get his medication in time, but he won’t find some peace of mind yet. His grandmother calls him over for a discussion. She wants him to get engaged to the daughter of another powerful family in the shadow of the forthcoming elections for the new president of Seung Jin Group, it’s a move that would help Do Hyun. Although Do Hyun doesn’t want to understand why do work and engagement have to walk hand in hand. Even if he doesn’t consider himself well-qualified for this woman, his grandmother considers that woman qualified enough for them and their ambitions! As for returning back to America? No way! He wants to return to the US to receive treatment, but he can’t refer to this parameter since he would be forced to reveal his condition. Tae Im won’t tolerate more embarrassment in the family, Hwa Ran is already too much for her to handle. And Hwa Ran i the meantime is drunk and roams all over the house to finally witness the teddy bear at the cellar and then the Nana writing on the floor. She gets terrified and starts cleaning it, she wonders in fear whether Do Hyun remembered something about “her”. Could “her” be Ri Jin?

bscap0117bscap0118 bscap0119bscap0120bscap0122bscap0123 bscap0124bscap0125 bscap0126bscap0127bscap0128bscap0129 bscap0130bscap0132 bscap0133bscap0136

bscap0137Do Hyun’s having a discussion with secretary Ahn about some work responsibilities, they have to track down Omega and get in contact with his editor. He’s not in a good condition and decides to get some rest. A multifaceted nightmare that ends in a dreamy and courageous way overwhelms his sleep. Events that left an impact on him in the past, but also recent references related to Ri Jin, Chae Yeon and his grandmother arise in a multifaceted horrifying railroad of pictures in motion to finally find some comfort in Ri Jin’s presence in the overall chaos. They’re both at the basement of the house and their body stasis relates to one another, they’re both hiding in fear in the beginning and then they both raise their heads to feel better at each other’s presence. A collage of distress that brings in a sudden, but warm and familiar, relief. It’s definitely because Ri Jin is the person he needs at the present to fight back his worsening condition, but it could be the shadow of memories long lost that started lingering anew in the form of a dream chasing the nightmares away in the subconscious world. It could also be his mind’s play relating his own fears to another one’s making him feel comfortable with the fact that he’s not the only one with these fears.

 bscap0135bscap0134bscap0138bscap0145 bscap0140bscap0141bscap0148bscap0147bscap0146bscap0151 bscap0152bscap0153 bscap0154bscap0155  bscap0157bscap0158bscap0156bscap0159bscap0161 bscap0162bscap0163 bscap0165bscap0164  bscap0168bscap0167 bscap0169

bscap0171Yet, it’s not Do Hyun the one that has awakened from slumber, the eye color is different, sapphire green is a new one to the audience. Yo Sub is here and a pale clinical tranquility is painted all over his face. In the meantime, Ri Jin’s inside her car and informs Ho Pil that she decided to proceed forward with the studies. She contacts Do Hyun as well to inform him about her final decision, she’s thankful towards him for things they shared together in the recent past. It flows as a monologue, but once she asks him whether he’s listening or not a voice from the other line of the phone fills the air with mystery. Yo Sub, the 17 years old suicidal personality accuses her of leaving Do Hyun behind and moving on with her life. And what a figure Yo Sub is! His style is in the hipster geek vein with round glasses and big earphones! He’s quite representative of such a personality, even though we witness Yo Sub for a little while! He’s got the “i’m going to live as much as i want to, but when i decide the end has arrived, it won’t terrify me and i’ll embrace it without fear” attitude and feels compromised with the suicidal part. While talking to Ri Jin he’s leaving a suicidal message at the same time as he talks to her in a nihilistic nearly poetic manner, having romanticized the essence of suicide and harmonized it with the pure meaning of utter freedom. Se Gi’s “kill you” point of view turns into Yo Sub’s “kill me” plea. Ri Jin has one hour to find him and try to prevent him from committing the utmost act of self pity and bravery at the same time when it comes to one’s life. A graffiti of all the personalities hiding inside a single body adorns the pavement at the edge of the building and the renowned magnificent OST of Kill Me, Heal Me enriches the overall ambiance. He stands at the edge with the whole world unveiling itself in front of him, he’s not afraid to look straight in the eye of the abyss lying downwards, but he’s not afraid to stare at the horizon ahead. He’s playful with the meaning of the end and balances on one foot. The headphones are covering his ears, he cherishes the moment. The emptiness in his eyes but also the determined aura he exhales pace perfectly well with Sentenced’s lyrics from The End of The Road: “Sorrowful yet glorious somehow to be humming this one last ode. So calm and still… it wasn’t all that bad, or was it now? Fulfilled… it doesn’t only hurt to end it now.”

bscap0170bscap0173 bscap0175bscap0176bscap0177bscap0181 bscap0182bscap0179bscap0185bscap0180bscap0184bscap0186bscap0187bscap0188bscap0189bscap0192bscap0193 bscap0194bscap0195 bscap0197bscap0199 bscap0200

The more emotionally fortified it gets the way better it becomes! It has all the potential to become a heart-crushing portraiture of a multifaceted entity and Yo Sub emerged from the shadows like a sentimental hurricane! Ji Sung lives up to any expectation and we’re not even halfway through Kill Me, Heal Me! Wednesday you should fasten your pace, even though on Thursday i’m sitting for an exam, the first out of four…

You have to love the fact that only Do Hyun is filled with color as a graffiti figure whereas the other ones have their own representative facial expressions, but they are colorless. The 6th episode continued the grandeur of the 5th one and it served its purpose well both in terms of intensity/emotion and mystery. The story goes on and we’re waiting in awe for the next steps that lie ahead, even though the end feels just one step away.


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